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Five College Archives and Manuscript Collections

On Friday, December 15, 1967 the College Trustees dined at Patterson's house on Station Road and afterwards he introduced to them his proposed candidate for dean of the college, Richard C. Lyon, explaining inter alia that he had been making a special study of George Santayana. Amid the chit-chat I injected that Santayana was the author of the line "It is not wisdom to be only wise," and suggested that it contained the germ of a motto for the college. Elting Morison recited from memory some of the lines following it in Santayana's sonnet. A general hospitable interest in a motto of that gist was evinced and Charlie Cole urged that it be put into Latin. I was informally asked to elaborate further on the matter for the next trustees' meeting.

(Genesis of the Hampshire College motto, Non satis scire, in Toby Dakin's handwriting)

Transcript of handwritten note by Winthrop S. (Toby) Dakin. Hampshire College Archives.