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John G. Clark Papers, 1874-1987 1941-1970
4 boxes 5.25 linear ft.
Collection number: MS 499

With a lifelong interest in politics, John G. Clark of Easthampton, Massachusetts worked on a number of campaigns before running for office himself. He ran for state senator in 1958, but lost in the Democratic primary. Two years later he ran again, this time for state representative of the 3rd Hampshire District, and won. Clark served in the State House of Representative for eight years until he was appointed clerk of the district court in Northampton and chose not to run for reelection.

While this collection is small, it is packed with campaign materials, letters, position statements, speeches, and press releases that together offer a good sense of the political climate in Massachusetts during the 1960s, especially issues of local concern for Hampshire County. Letters from four young neighbors written while serving in Vietnam provide a personal account of the war.

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Special Collections and University Archives, W.E.B. Du Bois Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Scope and contents of the collection

The collection is divided into three series: Political, Personal and Biographical, and Photographs. The political information ranges from ca. 1960 to 1968 and contains correspondence, campaign materials, newspaper clippings and articles and bills, along with material relating to the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. The personal and biographical content ranges from ca. 1942 to 1982. The material includes letters and documents from a couple of Clark's employers such as H.P. Hood and Sons Milk Company and The Springfield Armory. All the material relating to John P. Clark's education, which includes; report cards, reading lists, speeches, graduation bulletins and all of the correspondence and rules for the Invitation to College radio contest Jack Jr. took part in. All of the correspondence during Jack's time in the air force between him and his parents from the years 1953 to 1955, along with postcards, foreign currency, certificates, memorandums, inventories and travel records are located within this series. The financial records, animal inventories and blue relating to the dairy farm, as well as the family's deed to purchase their house and the rest of their financial records can be found in series two. Many of the extended family members' obituaries, and Jack Jr.'s account of his family history are located here as well. The photographs in the third series are varied. They include snapshots, taken ca. 1953 to 1955, of different military bases as well as shorts of Okinawa, Japan. Photos of the dairy farm, the family home, as well as random family snapshots can be found within this series.

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Terms of Access and Use
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The collection is open for research.

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History of the Collection

Acquired from Adrienne Clark, 2003; addition in 2010.

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Processed by Amy Hindle, 2012.

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Series Descriptions

Series one contains information pertaining to John G. Clark's eight-year career as Massachusetts State representative. The bulk of this series consists of correspondence between Clark and other politicians and public officials, as well as between he and his constituents. Notable letters include those written by Silvio Conte and James Lawton. Clark appeared to assist Lawton during his run for State Attorney General. In addition to several folders of correspondence, there is a folder of Clark's campaign materials, which includes fliers, postcards and bumper stickers. The letters to and from Vietnam soldiers are also located within this series. The letters, ranging from March 1966 to December 1966, are from local boys who were looking for any news from back home in Easthampton. There are also letters and newspaper clippings reflecting Clark's relationship with Wampanoag Chief Lorenzo Jeffers. Within that same folder is Clark's circulatory letter iterating how he came to be involved in the issues concerning the Wampanoag tribe. One folder contains the booklets and pamphlets from the Massachusetts General Court from the years 1961 to 1968. The booklets list the different committees within the general court and the respective senators and representatives who were part of them, while the membership pamphlets simply list the senators and representatives for each county in Massachusetts. Some of this material reflects historic moments of the 1960s; pamphlets, newspapers and invitations during the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies are located in this series. There are also several folders that hold large amounts of newspaper clippings from the years ca. 1960 to 1968. All of the clippings portray either Clark's involvement in his districts or the goings-on within the state.

1874-1987 (bulk 1936-1987)

Series two contains all of the material related to Clark's personal life outside of the political sphere. In 1942, Jack Jr. was in the hospital for an undisclosed reason for a couple of weeks; during this period John was unable to join Ruth at the hospital with Jack Jr. as he needed to stay on the farm. In this series, there is a folder containing the letters exchanged between John and Ruth, and John and Jack Jr. during that time apart. All of the blueprints for their family home and the dairy farm are contained in box two. Additionally, there is a folder containing receipts for cattle, as well as a separate folder which holds records of all the livestock and tools used on the farm. All of the financial records for the farm, house and any additional family expenses have also been preserved within this series. As John held a variety of jobs before being elected as state representative, this series also houses letters, handbooks and other papers from the Springfield Armory and H.P. Hood & Sons Milk Company. John P. Clark's (Jack Jr.) education material from grade school through college. There are letters, report cards, speeches, reading lists, along with notices regarding extra-curricular activities from the following schools: Easthampton High School, Williston Academy, American International College, and Clark University. Jack Jr. was also involved in the academic contest called the Invitation to College Contest in 1947, which was broadcast over the radio. The letters Jack received regarding the contest, as well as booklets containing the contest's instructions are saved and are in box two of this collection. A significant portion of this series is the correspondence between Jack Jr. and his parents while he was in the U.S. Air force during the Korean War. There are approximately 50 folders containing correspondence from February 1952 to June 1955. Six of these letters are sound recordings, or "talking letters"? in which John and Ruth could listen to Jack speak to them via these tapes. Other folders contain correspondence and letters from various family members and friends. Jack Jr. also started a handwritten account of his family history entitled "The Clark Chronicles"?, which can be found with other material related to the Clark family history.

1895, 1941-1970

The third and final series houses all of this collection's photographs. The bulk of this series is snapshots of various air force bases across the U.S. and Okinawa, Japan. There are also four folders that hold pictures of the Clark family through the years, including one of John G. Clark's father, James taken during his track and field days. Many of these photographs are of the family home at 79 Holyoke Street and the dairy farm; some of the livestock found their way into the pictures. A few of the photos are of John while he was in office- the most notable being of Clark dressed up for the St. Patrick's Day Parade as he was a member of that committee. However, the photo that stands out is of a group of Hood milk men and the trucks, all lined up on a road before heading out for the day's deliveries.

Contents List
Series 1. Political Career

American Polonia Reporter

Box 1:1
Awards and certificates

Box 1:2
Bay Stater
1963 June

Box 1:3
Bills passed

Box 1:4
Boston Sunday Herald: political cartoons

Box 1:5
Business and membership cards

Box 1:6
Campaign materials

Box 1:7
Campaign poster
ca. 1960

Box 4
Cardinal Cushing statement

Box 1:8
Ceremonies attended

Box 1:9
Certificates: honorary citizen (Quincy, Mass.)

Box 4
Certificates: state representative

Box 3
Committee materials

Box 1:10

Box 1:11

Includes circulary letters, letters to the editor.

Correspondence: constituents

Box 1:12
Correspondence: politicians, public officials

Box 1:13
Correspondence: Ruth Clark

Box 1:14
Correspondence: Vietnam soldiers

Box 1:15
Inauguration: President Johnson

Box 1:16

Box 1:17
Jeffers, Lorenzo

Box 1:18
Kennedy presidency

Box 1:19
Kennedy presidency: All New England States Dinner
1963 Oct

Box 1:20
Kennedy memorials

Box 1:21
Lions Club

Box 1:22
Massachusetts election candidates

Box 1:23
Massachusetts General Court

Box 1:24
Massachusetts Legislature Association: window decal
ca. 1969

Box 1:25
Miscellaneous, political

Box 1:26
National Civic Review

Box 1:27
Newspaper articles: Daily Hampshire Gazette

Box 1:28
Newspaper articles: Holyoke Telegram

Box 1:29
Newspaper clippings: election results

Box 1:30
Newspaper clippings: historic headlines

Box 1:31
Newspaper clippings: historic headlines

Box 1:32
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:33
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:34
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:35
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:36
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:37
Newspaper clippings

Box 1:38
UMass Medical School

Box 1:39
Voter registration

Box 1:40
Series 2. Biographical and Personal
1874, 1936-1987

Air Force: Air Force Aid Society

Box 1:41
Air Force: Air Reserve records center

Box 1:42
Air Force: American Express checking

Box 1:43
Air Force: currency, Japanese ration card
ca. 1945

Box 1:44
Air Force: currency, Japanese military

Box 1:45
Air Force: Japanese 10 yen note
ca. 1945

Box 1:46

U.S. propaganda counterfeit.

Air Force: emergency record data
1954 Oct

Box 1:47
Air Force: Expedition of an American Squadron to China Seas and Japan

Box 1:48
Air Force: Hellington, Texas base

Box 1:49
Air Force: honorable discharge certificate
1959 July

Box 1:50
Air Force: Texas base, negatives

Box 1:51
Air Force: Texas base, theater pamphlets

Box 1:52
Air Force: insurance application
1954 Jan

Box 1:53
Air Force: letter, Department of the Air Force
1953 June

Box 1:54
Air Force: letter, West Point Military Academy
1959 Jan

Box 1:55
Air Force: meal car and liberty pass

Box 1:56
Air Force: medical papers
1953 Sept

Box 1:57
Air Force: memorandums

Box 1:58
Air Force: newspaper clippings

Box 1:59
Air Force: Okinawa, Japan
ca. 1952

Box 1:60
Air Force: personal property inventory

Box 1:61
Air Force: pins, patches
ca. 1954

Box 3
Air Force: postcards
ca. 1952

Box 1:62
Air Force: radiograms

Box 1:63
Air Force: recreation
ca. 1952

Box 1:64
Air Force: reports and orders

Box 1:65
Air Force: Rice Owls football fliers, roster

Box 1:66
Air Force: roster
ca. 1952

Box 1:68
Air Force: Samson Base, Geneva, N.Y.
1951 Aug

Box 1:68
Air Force: San Francisco, Buena Vista Cafe
ca. 1952

Box 1:69
Air Force: San Francisco headquarters
1953 Dec

Box 1:70
Air Force: sewing kit
ca. 1954

Box 3
Air Force: Talking letters
ca. 1952

Box 3
Air Force: travel

Box 1:71
Air Force: travel orders and leave requests
1954 June

Box 1:72
Air Force: U.S. Armed Forces Institute, Japan
1952 Aug

Box 1:73
Air Force: Western Union Telegraph Co.

Box 1:74
American International College Newspaper

Box 1:75
American International College Vetrans Association

Box 1:76
Awards: Invitation to College
ca. 1948

Box 3
Birth certificate: Clark, John G.
1941, 1961

Box 1:77
Board of Appeal: motor vehicle

Box 1:78
CARE program for Japan

Box 1:79
Circular letters: Clark, John P.

Box 1:80
Clark family history: "Clark Chronicles

Box 1:81
Clark family history: Eulogy for Ruth Clark

Box 1:82
Clark family history: "The Great Depression"

Box 1:83

John P. Clark memoir.

Clark family history: graduation and teacher's certificate

Box 1:84
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)

Box 1:85
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1953 Dec

Box 1:86
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1954 Mar

Box 1:87
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1954 Apr-May

Box 1:88
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1954 June

Box 1:89
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1954 Nov

Box 1:90
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1954 Dec

Box 1:91
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 Jan

Box 1:92
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 Feb

Box 1:93
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 Mar

Box 1:94
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 Apr

Box 1:95
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 May

Box 2:1
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1955 June

Box 2:2
Clark, John G., Correspondence: Clark, John P. (Jack)
1961 June

Box 2:3
Clark, John G., Correspondence: general

Box 2:4
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Jan

Box 2:5
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Feb

Box 2:6
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Mar

Box 2:7
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Apr

Box 2:8
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 May

Box 2:9
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents.
1952 June

Box 2:10
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 July

Box 2:11
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Aug

Box 2:12
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Sept

Box 2:13
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Oct

Box 2:14
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Nov

Box 2:15
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1952 Dec

Box 2:16
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Jan

Box 2:17
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Feb

Box 2:18
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Mar

Box 2:19
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Apr

Box 2:20
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 May

Box 2:21
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 June

Box 2:22
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 July

Box 2:23
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Aug

Box 2:24
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Sept

Box 2:25
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Oct

Box 2:26
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Nov

Box 2:27
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1953 Dec

Box 2:28
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1954 Aug

Box 2:29
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1954 Sept

Box 2:30
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1954 Oct

Box 2:31
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1954 Nov

Box 2:32
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1954 Dec

Box 2:33
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 Jan

Box 2:34
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 Feb

Box 2:35
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 Mar

Box 2:36
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 Apr

Box 2:37
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 May

Box 2:38
Clark, John P., Correspondence: parents
1955 June, 1958

Box 2:39
Clark, John P., Correspondence: various

Box 2:40
Correspondence: Clark, Ruth
1942, 1953-1978

Box 2:41
Correspondence: dairy farm

Box 2:42
Correspondence: envelopes

Box 2:43
Currency: U.S. fractional note

Box 2:44
Dairy farm: Artificial Breed Association receipts

Box 2:45
Dairy farm: blueprints

Box 2:46
Dairy farm: cow inventory

Box 2:47
Dairy farm: deed to purchase farm and receipt

Box 2:48
Dairy farm: expense record

Box 2:49
Dairy farm: inventory

Box 2:50
Dairy farm: Farmers' Production Credit Association of Western Massachusetts

Box 2:51
Dairy farm: livestock receipts, reports

Box 2:52
Dairy farm: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Box 2:53
Easthampton High School

Box 2:54
Easthampton High School: event programs

Box 2:55

Box 2:56
Father Kevin: letters

Box 2:57
Father Kevin: "Mission News"

Box 2:58
Finance: automobile loans, receipts

Box 2:59
Finance: Bureau of Old Age Assistance

Box 2:60
Finance: check receipts

Box 2:61
Finance: dairy farm product receipts

Box 2:62
Finance: Hampshire County retirement system tax deducations

Box 2:63
Finance: Homeowners Loan Corporation

Box 2:64
Finance: miscellaneous notes

Box 2:65
Finance: miscellaneous receipts, statements

Box 2:66
Finance: mortgage, Northampton Institute for Ssavings

Box 2:67
Finance: record of family finance

Box 2:68
Finance: R.M.V. receipts

Box 2:69
Finance: state street tax property
1954 Oct

Box 2:70
Finance: town of Easthampton

Box 2:71
Holyoke Junior College: academic papers

Box 2:72
Holyoke Junior College: letters

Box 2:73
Holyoke Junior College: newspaper

Box 2:74
H.P. Hood Mill Co.: employment/retirement plans

Box 2:75
H.P. Hood Mill Co.: licenses

Box 2:76
H.P. Hood Mill Co.: occasion letter

Box 2:77
H.P. Hood Mill Co.: truck accident correspondence

Box 2:78
H.P. Hood Mill Co.: trick accident medical records

Box 2:79
Invitation: college contest

Box 2:80
Land survey plan, appraisal report

Box 2:81
Memorial tribute: Clark, John G.

Box 2:82
Miller family history

Box 2:83
Newspaper clippings
1947, 1957-1959

Box 2:84
Obituaries: Clark family
1955, 1972, undated

Box 2:85
Obituaries: Miller family

Box 2:86
Occasion cards: Clark, John P.
ca. 1947

Box 2:87
Occasion cards: Clark, Ruth

Box 2:88
Rules and Reform Initiative: letters

Box 2:89
Rules and Reform Initiative: newspaper articles

Box 2:90
Rules and Reform Initiative: population and petition

Box 2:91
Rules and Reform Initiative: ROAR update

Box 2:92
Selective Service System: notice of classification

Box 2:93
Selective Service System: registration certificate

Box 2:94
South Hadley Police: pin

Box 3
Springfield Armory: civil service commission

Box 2:95
Springfield Armory: correspondence

Box 2:96
Springfield Armory: financial statements

Box 2:97
Springfield Armory: employee manual
ca. 1940

Box 2:98
Springfield Armory: identification card
1945 June

Box 2:99
Springfield Armory: letters

Box 2:100
Springfield Armory: office memoranda

Box 2:101
Springfield Armory: report pf field personnek action

Box 2:102
Stroke account
ca. 1969

Box 2:103
Veterans administration

Box 2:104
Will and testament: Clark, John P.

Box 2:105
Williston Academy: academic material

Box 2:106
Williston Academy: graduation
1949 May

Box 2:107
Williston Academy: letters

Box 2:108
Williston Academy: letters

Box 2:108
Williston Academy: letters and statements

Box 2:109
Williston Academy: newspaper articles

Box 2:110
Williston Academy: report cards, notes

Box 2:111
Vocation profile test

Box 2:112
Series 3. Photographs
1895, 1941-1970

Air Force, Okinawa

Box 2:113
Air Force bases
ca. 1954

Box 2:114
Clark family

Box 2:115
Clark, James
ca. 1895

Box 2:116
Clark, John and Ruth
ca. 1968

Box 2:117
Clark, John P.: childhood
ca. 1941

Box 2:118
Clark, Ruth

Box 2:119
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House of Representatives

Box 4
Dairy farm

Box 2:120
Father Kevin
ca. 1954

Box 2:121
Home life, family vacations

Box 2:122
Hopkinds Academy
ca. 1960

Box 2:123
H.P. Hood Milk trucks and drivers
ca. 1940

Box 2:124
ca. 1955

Box 2:125
Jeffers, Lorenzo
ca. 1960

Box 2:126
John G. Clark and political associates
ca. 1960

Box 2:127
ca. 1954

Box 2:128
Political engagements
ca. 1968

Box 2:129

Includes a photo with Senator Edward Kennedy.

St. Patrick's Day parade committee
ca. 1965

Box 2:130
ca. 1968

Box 3
Wampanoag tribe

Box 2:131

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