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Postcard of Massachusetts Agricultural College

Postcard, Massachusetts Agricultural College, ca. 1914. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Special Collections and Archives, University photographs collection.

This list does not represent all of the collections held by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Contact the archives for more information.
University of Massachusetts Amherst Finding Aids
ACWA Journeyman Tailors Union Local 115
ACWA Journeyman Tailors Union Local 115 Records
Abbe, Edward H.
Edward H. Abbe Papers
Activism of the 1980s Collection
Aczel, Olga Gyarmati
Olga Gyarmati Aczel Collection
Adams, Leonard
Leonard Adams Papers, 1976-2008
Adams, William A.
William A. Adams Daybook
Africa America Institute
Africa America Institute Records
Akin, Benjamin
Benjamin Akin Ledger, 1737-1764
Akin, Ebenezer, Jr.
Ebenezer Akin, Jr., Account Books, 1842-1869
Albertson, Dean, 1920-, collector
Dean Albertson's History 384 Oral History Collection, 1975-1977
Aldrich, Mark Bartlett
Aldrich Family Papers
Allen, Dwight William, 1931-.
Dwight William Allen Papers
Allen, Frances.
Frances and Mary Allen Collection of Photographs of Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1900-1910
Allis Family
Allis Family Collection
Allman, Timothy
Timothy Allman Central America Collection, 1976-1983
Alspach, Russell K. (Russell King), 1901-
Russel K. Alspach Papers
Alternative Energy Coalition.
Alternative Energy Coalition Records
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Boston Joint Board
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Boston Joint Board Records, 1926-1979
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Local 125
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Local 125 Records, 1928-1984
Ambellan, Harold
Harold Ambellan Memoir
Amelia Earhart's Underground Flying Society
Amelia Earhart's Underground Flying Society Records
American Express Company (Florence, Mass.)
American Express Company, Florence Office Records, 1867-1890
American Federation of Teachers. Local 1359 (Amherst, Mass.)
American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO, University of Massachusetts Faculty Records, 1963-1964
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee Records
American Friends Service Committee. Southern Negro Student Project
Francis W. Holmes Southern Student Project Collection
American History Workshop
American History Workshop Records
American Morgan Horse Association
American Morgan Horse Association Registry Records
American Watch Company. Band.
American Watch Company Band Engagement Book, 1878-1883
American Writing Paper Company
American Writing Paper Company Records, 1851-1960
Amherst Community Association (Amherst, Mass.)
Amherst Community Association Records, 1939-1978
Amherst Disarmament Coalition (Amherst, Mass.)
Amherst Disarmament Coalition Collection, 1979-1987
Amherst Growth Study Committee
Amherst Growth Study Committee Records
Amherst Study Circles: Dialogues on Race and Class
Amherst Study Circles: Dialogues on Race and Class Records
Ancient Order of United Workmen. Deerfield Valley Lodge No. 150
Ancient Order of United Workmen. Deerfield Valley Lodge No. 15. Records, 1880-1920
Angelo, William J.
William J. Angelo Papers, 1973-1990 (bulk 1986-1990)
Antinuclear Collection
Antislavery Pamphlet Collection
Archambault, Richard, 1945-
Richard Archambault: Ashfield Oral Histories Collection, 1968-1969
Argentine Political Ephemera Collection
Aronson, James, collector
James Aronson - W.E.B. Du Bois Collection, 1946-1983
Artwork Collection
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Barbara Parker Collection
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Associated Industries of Massachusetts Collection
Association for Gravestone Studies
Association for Gravestone Studies Printed Materials Collection
Association for Gravestone Studies.
Association for Gravestone Studies Book Collection
Association for Gravestone Studies.
Association for Gravestone Studies Cemetery Inscriptions Collection
Association for Gravestone Studies.
Association for Gravestone Studies Ephemera Collection
Austin, Samuel
Samuel Austin Collection
Azzola, Friedrich Karl.
Friedrich Karl Azzola Collection
Bailey, Ebenezer
Ebenezer Bailey Papers, 1852-1882
Bajgier Family
Bajgier Family Papers
Baker, Hugh P. (Hugh Potter), 1878-1950
Hugh P. Baker Papers, 1919-1951
Baker, James
James Baker Free Spirit Press Collection
Banks, Katherine Bell
Katherine Bell Banks Papers, 1926-1960
Banks, William S. M.
William S. M. Banks, From beginnings in the Sip
Barbara Rotundo
Barbara Rotundo Photograph Collection
Barfield, Vivian M.
Vivian M. Barfield Papers, 1972-1977
Barghoorn, Elso S. (Elso Sterrenberg), 1915-1984
Elso S. Barghoorn Journals
Barkin, Solomon, 1902-
Solomon Barkin Papers, 1930-1989
Barnard, Ellsworth, 1907-1993
Ellsworth Barnard Papers
Bartlett, Simeon
Simeon Bartlett Account Books, 1792-1832 and 1816-1867
Barton, George W.
George W. Barton Papers
Barton, George W.
George W. Barton Papers, 1889-1984 (bulk 1914-1920)
Barton, Thomas.
Thomas Barton Papers
Baschard, David.
David Baschard Account Book
Bascom, Eric
Eric Bascom Collection of Jazz Recordings
Bates Family
Marcia Grover Church Bates Family Papers, 1712-1999
Battey, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Battey Papers
Beach, Samuel
Samuel and Harriett Beach Papers
Beato, Felice, b. ca. 1825
Felice Beato Photograph Collection
Behrendt, Tom
Tom Behrendt Papers
Belanger, J. William, 1907-1986
J. William Belanger Papers, 1932-1986
Belcher Family
Belcher Family Accounts, 1847-1858
Belchertown State School Friends Association
Belchertown State School Friends Association Records
Bennett, John W., collector
John W. Bennett Labor Collection
Bent, Arthur Cleveland, 1866-1954
Arthur Cleveland Bent Papers, 1880-1942
Berke, David M.
David M. Berke Collection of Nuremberg Trials Depositions
Berlin, Bolton, & Feltonville Stage Coach Line
Berlin, Bolton, Feltonville Stage Coach Line Ledger, 1854-1867
Bernardi, Anna
Anna Bernardi Collection
Bestor, Charles
Bullard Family Scrapbook
Bestor, Charles
Charles Bestor Papers, 1971-2002
Bestor, Charles
Massachusetts Association of Extension Home Economists Records
Bezanson, Philip T., 1916-1975
Philip T. Bezanson Papers, 1946-1980
Bigelow, Lambert
Lambert Bigelow Daybook
Binet, Maurice Emmanuel Hippolyte, 1877- .
Maurice Emmanuel Hippolyte Binet Collection
Binet, Maurice Emmanuel Hippolyte, 1877- .
Irwin Hasen: A Legacy Portfolio
Binet, Maurice Emmanuel Hippolyte, 1877- .
L. Sidney Eslinger Collection
Black, Joseph Laurence, 1962-
Joseph Laurence Black History of the Book Collection
Blackington, Alton H.
Alton H. Blackington Photograph Collection
Blake, Ella Dot Martin
Ella Dot Martin Blake Collection
Blanchard family
Blanchard-Means Family Papers
Bleyman, Lea K.
Lea K. Bleyman Papers
Boarding House Register, 1850
Bond, Horace Mann, 1904-1972
Horace Mann Bond Papers, 1830-1979
Book of Hours (Use of Rome)
Borchers, Kathy
Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene Collection
Borchers, Kathy
Kathy Borchers Photojournalism Collection
Borden Family
Cook Borden and Company Account Books, 1863-1914
Borkowski, Edward A.
Edward A. Borkowski Autobiographical Manuscript, ca. 1980
Boschen, Allan C.
Allan C. Boschen Esperanto Collection
Boston AIDS Consortium
Boston AIDS Consortium Records
Boston and Albany Railroad. Engineering Department
Boston and Albany Railroad Map Collection
Bowman, Mitzi
Mitzi Bowman Papers
Brackett and Shuff.
Brackett and Shuff Ledger
Brann, Clinton.
Clinton T. Brann Papers
Breck, John
John Breck Account Book
Bridgewater (Mass.) Merchant's Daybook
Briggs, Benjamin, 1760-1834
Benjamin Briggs Accounts, 1805-1820
Brinley family
Brinley Family Papers, 1643-2005
Brinsfield, Mark
Mark Brinsfield Poster Collection
Brière, Eloise A.
Eloise A. Brière Franco-American Oral History Collection
Broadside (Mass.) Collection
Broadside Press Collection
Broadside and Poster Collection
Brookfield (Mass.). Selectmen
Brookfield (Mass.) Records
Brooks Experimental Farm (Amherst, Mass.).
Summer Scenes, Brooke Farm, Amherst, Massachusetts
Brooks, Burt V.
Burt V. Brooks Photograph Collection
Brooks, William Penn, 1851-1938
William Penn Brooks Papers, 1860-2005 (bulk 1863-1896)
Brown, Alfred Alexander, 1908- .
Alfred Alexander Brown Papers
Brown, Harry
Brown and Brothers Account Book, 1862-1873
Brown, Moses, 1738-1836
Moses Brown Papers
Brown, Robert E.
Robert E. Brown Southbridge (Mass.) Collection
Brush, Robert
Robert Brush Account Book
Bruskin, Gene
Gene Bruskin Papers
Bucklin, Thomas, 1771-1843
Thomas Bucklin Daybook, 1841-1843
Buczko, Judge Thaddeus
Judge Thaddeus Buczko Photographs, ca. 1960-1980
Buffington, Zephaniah
Zephaniah Buffington Accounts, 1803-1808
Buffington, Elisha L.
Elisha L. Buffington Diaries
Burgett family
Burgett-Irey Family Papers
Burnett, Bela
Bela Burnett Accounts, 1801-1842
Bush, Carroll H.
Carroll H. Bush Papers
Butler, Mills, Smith, and Barker
Butler, Mills, Smith, and Barker Daybook, 1837-1845
Butterfield, Kenyon Leech, 1868-1935
Kenyon L. Butterfield Papers, 1889-1945
CIA on Trial Project
CIA on Trial Project Records
Callaghan, Melancton B.
M.B. Callaghan Daybook, 1844-1860
Cambridge Central Labor Union
Cambridge Central Labor Union Minute Book
Campano, Anthony
Anthony Campano Papers
Campbell, Sadie
Sadie Campbell Papers, 1812-2002 (bulk 1880-1930)
Cance, Alexander E.
Alexander E. Cance Papers, 1911-1958
Cannabis Reform Coalition
Cannabis Reform Coalition Records
Canning, Josiah D. (Josiah Dean), 1816-1892
Josiah D. Canning, The Shad-Fishers Manuscript
Carroll, Lucius W.
Lucius W. Carroll Ledger, 1841-1862
Center for Community Access Television (Amherst, Mass.)
Center for Community Access Television (CCATV) Records, 1973-1989
Center for Popular Economics
Center for Popular Economics Records
Chamberlin, Judi, 1944-2010
Judi Chamberlin Papers
Champion and Stebbins Families
Champion and Stebbins Family Account Books, 1753-1865
Chandler, John S.
John S. Chandler Ledger
Chapin, Samuel, 1841-1883
Samuel Chapin and William R. Sessions Civil War Diaries
Charles W. and Joseph F. Hodges
Charles W. & Joseph F. Hodges Account Books
Chase, Lot
Lot Chase Account Books, 1837, 1848
Chickering family
Chickering Family Papers, 1813-1873
Chigas, George
George Chigas Collection
Children's Aid and Family Service
Children's Aid and Family Service Records, 1910-1981
Chrisman, Miriam Usher.
Miriam Usher Chrisman Papers
Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. Hampshire-Franklin County Chapter
Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts Hampshire-Franklin County Chapter Records, 1947-1973
Civilian Conservation Corps
Civilian Conservation Corps in Massachusetts Photograph Collection, 1930s
Civilian Public Service Camp Newsletter Collection
Clagg, Charles F.
Charles F. Clagg Photograph Collection
Clamshell Alliance
Clamshell Sun Quilt Collection
Clapp, Charles Wellington
Charles Wellington Clapp Papers
Clapp, Lyman
Lyman Clapp Diary
Clark Family.
Clark Family Papers
Clark, Clarence Carroll
Clarence Carroll Clark Papers
Clark, Gloria Xifaras, 1942-
Gloria Xifaras Clark Papers
Clark, Henry James, 1826-1873
Henry James Clark Papers
Clark, John G.
John G. Clark Papers
Clark, William Smith, 1826-1886
William Smith Clark Papers, 1814-2003 (bulk 1844-1886, 1956-1976)
Coburn, Andrew.
Andrew Coburn Papers
Coffin, Robert L.
Robert L. Coffin Ornithological Journal
Coggeshall, D. H. (David Hoyt), 1847-1912
D. H. Coggeshall Papers
Colburn, Paul
Paul and Olive Colburn Collection
Colman, William
William Colman Accounts, 1802-1822
Communist Party of the United States of America (Mass.)
Communist Party of Massachusetts Collection
Comstock, Perry Green
Perry Green Comstock Account Book
Connecticut Valley Breeders Association
Connecticut Valley Breeders Association Records
Conor, V.
V. Conor Account book
Constitutionalism in American Life Conference
Constitutionalism in American Life Conference, Papers Delivered, 1986
Conte, Silvio O. (Silvio Ottavio), 1921-1991
Silvio O. Conte Papers
Cooley, Bertha Strong
Bertha Strong Cooley Scrapbooks
Coon, John H.
John H. Coon Ledger, 1862-1873
Copeland, Thomas Wellsted, 1907-1979
Thomas W. Copeland Papers
Country Store Daybook, 1825-1827
Craig, Edward Gordon, 1872-1966
Edward Gordon Craig Collection
Crouch, Rebecca.
Rebecca Crouch Papers
Culver, Asa, b. 1793
Asa Culver-Asa Culver Jr. Account Book, 1820-1876
Currier, W. A.
W.A. Currier Daybooks, 1865-1869
Cushing, David F.
David F. Cushing Daybook, 1860
Cushing, Job, 1785-1867
Job Cushing Accounts, 1826-1863
Cushing, Timothy.
Timothy Cushing Account Books
Cutter, Frederick A.
Frederick A. Cutter Papers
Czaja, Josephine
Josephine Czaja Collection
D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1863-1938
Gabriele D'Annunzio Collection
Dall family
Dall Family Papers, 1810-1843
Dalsimer, Susan.
Susan Dalsimer Papers
Dan Hyde Memorandum Book
David and Marshall Calkins
David and Marshall Calkins Account Books, 1848-1855
Davis, Bobby
Bobby Davis Photograph Collection
Dean, Stephen A.
Stephen A. Dean Collection
Deary, Tom
Tom Deary Papers
Delevingne, Lionel
Lionel Delevingne Photograph Collection
Dennis (Mass.)
Port of Dennis Enrollment Bonds Collection, 1889-1894
Denslow, William Wallace, 1826-1868
William Wallace Denslow Botanical Collection, 1864-1868
Dickinson, Walter Mason
Walter Mason Dickinson Papers
Dillon, Robert E.
Robert E. Dillon Papers
Donahue, Maurice A.
Maurice A. Donahue Papers, 1960-1971
Double Edge Theatre
Double Edge Theatre Records
Drucker, Jeffrey I.
Jeffrey Drucker Photograph Collection
Drury, Luke, 1737-1811
Luke Drury Papers, 1746-1831
Du Bois, W. E. B., 1868-1963
W.E.B. Du Bois Papers, 1803-1999
Duckert, Audrey R.
Audrey R. Duckert Quabbin Valley Oral History Collection
Duesing, Bill
Bill Duesing Collection
Dunham, Benjamin W.
Benjamin W. Dunham Papers
Early Children's Literature Collection
Easthampton Community Chest (Easthampton, Mass.)
Easthampton Community Chest Records, 1943-1969
Easton (Mass.) Physicians's Daybook, 1831-1833
Ebert, Siegfried
Siegfried Ebert Collection
Economic Research and Action Project
Economic Research and Action Project (New Haven, Conn.) Records
Ege, Otto F., 1888-1951
Otto F. Ege Medieval Manuscripts Collection
Emery, George
George Emery Papers
Emmons, Marcus A.
Marcus A. Emmons Papers
Entin, David Hudson
David Entin Papers
Environmental Center for Our Schools
Environmental Center for Our Schools Records
Eshbach, Charles E., 1914-.
Charles E. and M. Sybil Hartley Eshbach Papers
Estey, Joseph W.
Joseph W. Estey Account Book, 1809-1827
European Field Studies Program Records
European Field Studies Program
Faber, William A.
William A. Faber Ledger, 1848-1853
Fall River Loom-Fixers' Association
Loom Fixers Association Records, 1895-1917
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Reports
Fernald, Charles Henry
Charles Henry Fernald Papers, 1869-1963
Fernald, Henry Torsey, 1866-1952
Henry Torsey Fernald Papers, 1881-1955
Ferre, Marie
Marie Ferre Collection
Field, William Franklin, 1922-
William F. Field Papers, 1948-1986
Fifth Massachusetts Turnpike
Fifth Massachusetts Turnpike Records
Finestone, Roy.
Roy Finestone Photograph Collection
Finkelstein, Sidney Walter, 1909-1974
Sidney Finkelstein Papers, 1914-1974
First Universalist Church
First Universalist Church (North Dana, Mass.) Vesper Service Programs, 1934-1936
Fischer, Britta
U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association Photograph Collection
Fitchburg Railroad
Fitchburg Railroad Ledger
Fitzgerald, John J., 1941-
John J. Fitzgerald Collection
Flint Family
Flint and Lawrence Family Papers, 1642-1798
Florence Porter Lyman?
Florence Porter Lyman Papers
Folk New England
Folk New England Ephemera Collection
Foote, Caleb, 1917-2006
Caleb Foote Papers
Forman, Sylvia Helen, 1944 or 1945-1992
Sylvia Forman Collection
Foster, Nancy E.
Nancy E. Foster Papers
Foucher, Lynette E.
Lynnette E. Foucher Cookbook Collection
Fowler, Robert
Robert Fowler Diary
Francis, Robert, 1901-1987
Robert Francis Papers, 1891-1986
Freedman, Jacob
Jacob Freedman Collection
Freeman, Watson, collector
Watson Freeman 1860 Census Collection, 1859-1863
Freeman, William H.
William H. Freeman Collection
Fried, Lewis, collector
Lewis Fried Collection of Jack Conroy, 1931-1981
Friends of Tully Lake
Friends of Tully Lake Records
Frizzell, Charles, 1941-2004
Charles Frizzell Collection
Gale, Amory, 1800-1873
Amory Gale Account books, 1840-1872
Gallond, Mira A.
Myra A. Gallond Autograph Album
Garside, Kenneth G.
Kenneth G. Garside Papers
Gay, Merrick, 1802-1866
Merrick Gay Daybooks, 1844-1849
George Cooley & Co.
George Cooley & Co. Ledger, 1843-1851
George H. Gilbert Co.
George H. Gilbert Co. Records, 1842-1931
George R. Coffin Journal
George and Kent
George and Kent Records
German Military Personnel Photograph Collection
Gibson, W. Walker.
Walker Gibson Papers
Gillett, Chauncey S.
Chauncey S. Gillett Daybook
Giordano, Al, 1957-
Al Giordano Collection
Girls Club of Greenfield
Girls Club of Greenfield Records, 1895-1995
Glass Container Association
Glass Container Association Records
Glow, Lewis L.
Lewis L. Glow Photograph Album
Goessmann, Charles Anthony, 1827-1910
Charles Anthony Goessmann Papers, 1850-1917
Goldberg, Felix, ca. 1866-1948
Felix Goldberg Yiddish Manuscript, ca.1930-
Goldberg, Maxwell H.
Maxwell H. Goldberg Papers, 1888-1986
Goldfarb, Theodore D., 1935-
Theodore D. Goldfarb Collection
Goldspinner, Jay
Jay Goldspinner Periodicals Collection
Goodale, Hubert Dana, 1879-1968
Hubert Dana Goodale Papers
Goodwin, M. H.
M. H. Goodwin Scrapbook
Gould, Thomas
Thomas Gould, A list of the names of publick Friends, who have visited New England, in the service of the gospel
Gourreau de La Proustière, Philippe, 1611-1694
Gourreau de la Proustière, "Conclave d'Alexandre vii"
Grace, Frank
Frank Grace Papers
Granite Cutters' International Association of America
Granite Cutters International Association Records
Granite Cutters' International Association of America. Tool Sharpeners Local 1
Granite Cutters International Association. Tool Sharpeners Local 1 Records
Granville Airplane Company
Granville Airplane Company Oral History Collection
Graphic Communications International Union. Local 48B.
Graphic Communications International Union Local 48B Records, 1952-1985
Gray Panthers of the Pioneer Valley
Gray Panthers of the Pioneer Valley Records, 1979-1994
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888
Asa Gray, "A pilgrimage to Torreya"
Great Barrington and Alford Turnpike Corporation
Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce. Total Community Development Committee
Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, Total Community Development Committee Records
Green, Josiah
Josiah Green and Co. Records
Green, Sybil C.
Sybil C. Green Scrapbook
Greenbie, Barrie B.
Barrie B. Greenbie Papers
Greenfield Peace Center
Greenfield Peace Center Papers
Grillo, Jean Bergantini
Jean Bergantini Grillo Collection
Grocer's Daybook, 1888-1890
Grout, Aldin
Aldin Grout Papers
Gwin, Lucy
Lucy Gwin Papers
Haigis, John W., 1881-1960
John W. Haigis Sr. Papers, 1903-1936; 1974
Hall, Madeline
Madeline and Winthrop Goddard Hall Papers
Halley, Anne
Anne Halley Papers
Halpern, Carl
Carl Halpern Papers
Halpern, Joel M.
Southeast Asia Collection
Halpern, Joel M. (Joel Martin), 1929-
Cambodian New Year Celebration Collection
Halpern, Joel Martin
Joel Martin Halpern Papers
Hamilton, Tom Sherman, 1923- .
Tom S. Hamilton Papers
Hampshire Community Action Commission
Hampshire Community Action Commission Records, 1965-1984
Hampshire Community United Way (Hampshire County, Mass.)
Hampshire Community United Way Records, 1968-1985
Hampshire Council of Governments
Hamsphire Council of Governments Records
Hampshire Regional YMCA (Northampton, Mass.)
Hampshire Regional YMCA Records, 1891-1978
Hapgood, Beth.
Beth Hapgood Papers, 1818-2005 (bulk 1967-2005)
Harris, Carl C.
Carl C. Harris Papers
Haymarket People's Fund
Haymarket People's Fund, Western Massachusetts Records, 1975-1983
Healy, Mary F.
Mary F. Healy Photograph album
Heath, Gordon, 1918-1991
Gordon Heath Papers, 1913-1992
Hefner, William K.
William K. Hefner Papers
Heiligmann, Carlos
Massachusetts Chicken and Turkey Broiler Test, Inc., Records
Heiligmann, Carlos
Carlos Heiligmann Collection
Hemenway, Phinehas.
Phinehas Hemenway Daybook
Henderson, Elizabeth, 1943-
Elizabeth Henderson Papers
Henry, Diana Mara
Diana Mara Henry Collection (20th Century Photographer)
Henry, Samuel, 19th cent.
Samuel Henry Accounts, 1813-1881
Hertzbach, Stanley S.
Stanley S. Hertzbach Papers
Heywood, Benjamin, 1746-1816
Benjamin Heywood Daybooks, 1784-1807
Hicks, Adeline E., 1888-1976
Adeline E. Hicks Papers, 1936-1976
Higgins, Lyman
Lyman Higgins Account Book, 1851-1886
Hill, Aurin F.
Aurin F. Hill Papers
Hill, David W.
David W. Hill Diaries
Holden, Nathan
Nathan Holden Daybook, 1852-1887
Holland, W. L. (William Lancelot), 1907-
W. L. Holland Papers
Hollister, Leonard D.
Leonard D. Hollister Collection
Hood, Otis A. (Otis Archer)
Otis A. Hood Papers
Horsch, Annie C.
Annie C. Horsch Cookbook
Howe Family
Howe Family Papers, 1730-1955
Howes, Alvah
Howes Brothers Photographic Collection, ca. 1882-1907
Howland Family
Howland Family Papers
Hubbard and Lyman
Hubbard and Lyman Daybook, 1844-1847
Hubbard, Ashley
Ashley Hubbard Memorandum Book
Hudson Family
Hudson Family Papers
Hunt, W. W.
W. W. Hunt Account Book
Illustrated Sheet Music Collection
Incipiunt interpretationes nominum hebraycorum
Indusco Bailie School Collection, 1940-1952
Inglis, David Rittenhouse, 1905-
David R. Inglis Papers
Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage
Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage Records
International Brotherhood of Paper Makers. Local 1 (Eagle Lodge : Holyoke, Mass.)
International Brotherhood of Paper Makers. Local 1 (Eagle Lodge : Holyoke, Mass.) Records
International Center for the Disabled
International Center for the Disabled Records
International Oil Working Group
International Oil Working Group Collection, 1957-1987
International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. Local 206 (Springfield, Mass.)
International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Local 206 Records, 1936-1986
International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. Local 278
International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. Local 278 Records, 1942-1984
International Women's Year Conference
International Women's Year Conference Collection
Ireland Lyceum
Ireland Lyceum Records
Jackson, Charles E.
Charles E. Jackson Papers
Jaffe, Bernard
Bernard Jaffe Papers
Jamaica Plain Gazette
Jamaica Plain Gazette Photograph Collection
James R. Powell
James R. Powell Collection
Japan Occupation Collection
Jones, Ellen M.
Ellen M. Jones Diary
Jones, Gerald Denison
Gerald Denison Jones Papers
Joseph D. and Leonard Norton
Joseph D. Norton and Son Account Book, 1851-1881
Josephs, Stephen.
Stephen Josephs Photograph Collection
José A. Soler.
José A. Soler Papers
Judice, Edward.
Edward Judice Photograph Collection
Justice for Woody
Justice for Woody Records, 1998-2005
Katzman, Lillian Hyman
Lillian Hyman Katzman Papers
Kehler, Randy
Randy Kehler Papers, 1978-1997
Keim, Sharon
Sharon Keim Collection
Keith, Bill, 1939-2017
Bill Keith Collection
Kelley, Larry
Larry Kelley Papers
Kellogg, Rufus
Rufus Kellogg Ledger
Kerslake, Fred
Fred and Mary Kerslake Scrapbooks
Ketcham, Robert, b. 1796?
Robert and Henry Ketcham Account Book, 1829-1875
Keystone View Company
World War Through the Stereoscope Collection
Killgrove, Ethel A.
Ethel A. Killgrove Papers
Killgrove, Ethel A.
Regional Dairy Marketing Program Records
Killgrove, Ethel A.
Montague Nuclear Power Station Environmental Report
Kingsbury Family
Kingsbury Family Papers, 1862-2006 (bulk 1881-1902)
Kinsley, Edward W. (Edward Wilkinson), 1829-1891
Edward W. Kinsley Papers
Kislo, Michael Z., 1896-1978
Michael Z. Kislo Notebooks, 1954-1974
Kleckner, Susan.
Susan Kleckner Papers
Klekowski, Edward J.
Ed and Libby Klekowski World War I Postcard Collection
Knowlton Brothers.
Mill River Flood Stereographs
Kramer, Susan
Kramer-Mathews-Gyorgy Collection
Kramsh, Samuel
A List of Plants Found in Pennsylvania and North-Carolina : manuscript notebook, 1787-1789
Kraus, Karl, 1874-1936
Karl Kraus Collection
Lajoie, Coralie Guertin
Coralie Guertin Lajoie Collection
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834
Rocco and Barbara Verrilli Collection of Charles Lamb
Lambert, Roger Newton
Roger Newton Lambert Account book
Landon, Mary G.
Mary G. and Edward R. Landon Papers
Langland, Joseph
Joseph Langland Papers
Lapolice, Aubrey D.
Aubrey D. Lapolice Collection
Lauman, Mary W.
Mary W. Lauman Papers, 1944-1945
Laymen's Academy for Oecumenical Studies (L.A.O.S.) (Amherst, Mass.)
Laymen's Academy for Oecumenical Studies (L.A.O.S.) Records, 1956-1976
Le, Van Khoa
Le Van Khoa Collection
League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters of Amherst, Massachusetts Records, 1939-2002
League of Women Voters of Central Berkshire
League of Women Voters of Central Berkshire Records
Lederer, Regina Berger, 1895-1988, interviewee
Regina Lederer Oral History Transcript, 1984
Lederer, William J.
William J. Lederer Papers
Lederle, John W.
John W. Lederle Papers, 1947-1983 (bulk 1960-1970)
Lederle, John William, 1912-
Ray Ethan Torrey Papers
Leland, James
James Leland Store Journal, 1854-1855
Lenville, Bill
Bill Lenville American Contract Bridge League Collection
Leonard, Samuel B., b. 1807
Samuel B. Leonard Account Book, 1833-1845
Lesinski family
Lesinski-Rusin Family Collection
Levasseur, Raymond Luc
Raymond Luc Levasseur Papers
Levasseur, Raymond Luc
Raymond Luc Levasseur Trial Transcripts
Levy, Donald
Donald Levy Papers
Lewin, Julie
Julie Lewin Papers
Lewis, David L., 1936-
David Levering Lewis Papers
Lewis, Edward M., 1872-1936
Edward M. Lewis Papers, 1910-1936
Lewis, Gertrude M.
Gertrude M. Lewis Papers
Lewis, J. Roy
J. Roy Lewis Collection
Lewis, Patricia Lee, 1937-
Partricia Lee Lewis Photograph Collection
Libera, John
John Libera Collection
Liberation News Service
Liberation News Service Records
Liberation News Service (New York, N.Y.)
Liberation News Service (New York, N.Y.) Records
Lillydahl, Sandy
Sandy Lillydahl Venceremos Brigade Photograph Collection
Lincoln, Abisha, 1800-1863
Abisha Lincoln Daybooks, 1861-1867
Linguistic Atlas of New England
Linguistic Atlas of New England Records, 1931-1972
Lipshires, Sidney
Sidney Lipshires Papers
Lipski Family
Lipski Family Collection
Literary Society of the University of Massachusetts
Literary Society of the University of Massachusetts Collection
Lithuanian Revolution Collection
Lloyd, Richard E., b. 1834
Richard E. Lloyd Daybooks, 1859-1865
Locke, Samuel A.
Samuel A. Locke Account Book, 1821-1829
Loomis Communities
Loomis Communities Records
Loomis, Lyman.
Lyman Loomis Daybook
Lyman family
Lyman Family Papers
Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920
Benjamin Smith Lyman Japanese Book Collection
Lyman, Benjamin Smith, 1835-1920
Benjamin Smith Lyman Papers, 1831-1921
Lyman, Frank, 1908-1992
Frank Lyman Papers
Lyons family
Lyons Family Papers, 1859-1895
Lyons, Louis Martin, 1897- .
Louis M. Lyons Papers, 1918-1980
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-
Archibald MacLeish Papers, 1938-1982
Macedonian Students' Scrapbook
Machmer, William L.
William L. Machmer Papers
Maki, John M. (John McGilvrey), 1909-
John Maki Papers
Maland, Jeanine
Jeanine Maland Papers
Manchester, William Raymond, 1922-
William Manchester Papers, 1941-1988 (bulk 1943-1945)
Manfredi, John, 1920- .
John Manfredi Papers
Mange, Arthur P.
Arthur P. Mange Photograph Collection
Marcus, Joseph S.
Joseph Marcus Papers
Marino, Michella M.
Michella M. Marino Collection
Marshall, Perry
Perry Marshall Papers, 1902-1929
Massachusetts Indian Association
Massachusetts Indian Association. Stockbridge Auxiliary Records, 1886-1909
Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Massachusetts AFL-CIO Records, 1902-1995
Massachusetts Agricultural Fairs Posters Collection, 1852-1860
Massachusetts Bay Warrants Collection
Massachusetts Commission on Collective Bargaining Records
Massachusetts Constitution Revision Collection
Massachusetts Constitution Revision Colelction
Massachusetts Governmental Activities Exposition.
Massachusetts Governmental Activities Exposition Photograph Album
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Records
Massachusetts Public Information Research Group
Massachusetts Public Information Research Group Records
Massachusetts Review
Massachusetts Review Records
Massachusetts State Employees' Association (MSEA). University of Massachusetts Chapter
Massachusetts State Employees' Association (MSEA). University of Massachusetts Chapter Records, 1955-1978
Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans' Memorial (Worcester, Mass.)
Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans' Memorial (Worcester, Mass.) Collection
Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education
Massachusetts Women in Public Higher Education Records
Massachusetts. Metropolitan District Water Supply Commission.
Quabbin Reservoir Maps of Proposed Site Collection, 1926, 1933
Mather, Jean Paul
Jean Paul Mather Papers
McCarthy, Harold T.
Harold T. McCarthy Papers, 1958-1989
McKie, Neil
Neil McKie Daybook, 1844
McQueen, Madge
Madge McQueen Papers
McVeigh, Kevin.
Kevin McVeigh Papers
Meier, August, 1923-2003
August Meier Collection
Mercantile House
Mercantile House Ledger, 1792-1804
Metcalf, Frank
Frank Metcalf Letters
Meyer, Richard E., 1939-
Richard E. Meyer Collection
Miller Family
Miller Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1880-1980
Miller, Cynthia
Cynthia Miller Papers
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
Montague, Holland
Holland Montague Diary
Morehouse, Ward, 1929-
Ward Morehouse Papers
Morley, Cathrin
Cathrin Morley Poetry Album, 1832-1837
Morris, William, 1834-1896.
William Morris Manuscript
Morton, Cyrus
Cyrus Morton Account Book, 1828-1838
Mosely, Luther, b. 1807
Luther Mosely Daybook, 1842-1846
Mountain House (South Deerfield, Mass.)
Mountain House Photograph Collection
Mungo, Raymond, 1946- .
Raymond Mungo Papers
Murdock, Charles N., 1835-1904
Charles N. Murdock Ledger, 1866-1869
Murray, Samuel E., 1906-1989
Samuel E. Murray Papers
Myers, Wallace Haslett
Wallace Haslett Myers Papers
NOFA Connecticut
Nahan, Ken
Ken and Sherri Nahan Collection
Nanney, David Ledbetter, 1925-
David Ledbetter Nanney Papers
Nash family
Nash-Scott Family Papers
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Portsmouth Branch (Portsmouth, N.H.)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Portsmouth Branch (Portsmouth, N.H.) Records
National Debate Tournament
National Debate Tournament Records
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts Collection
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (U.S.)
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (U.S.) Records
New England Association of Teachers of English
New England Association of Teachers of English Records
New England Federation of Agricultural Students
New England Federation of Agricultural Students Records, 1907-1915
New England Historical Association
New England Historical Association Records
New England Homestead
New England Homestead Farm Accounts Contest Entries, 1883-1884
New England Intercollegiate Lacrosse League
New England Intercollegiate Lacrosse League Records, 1893-1977
New England Labor and Community Network
New England Labor and Community Newsletters, 1979-1984
New England Post-War Marketing Plans Collection, 1937-1950
New England Regional Planning Commission
New England Regional Planning Commission Collection
New England Research Council on Marketing and Food Supply
New England Research Council on Marketing and Food Supply Records
New England Telephone Workers
New England Telephone Workers Strike Bulletins Records, 1989
New England Telephone and Telegraph Company
Western Massachusetts Ice Storm Photographs Collection, 1942
New England Yearly Meeting of Friends
New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Records
New England Yearly Meeting of Friends
New England Yearly Meeting Quaker History Collection
New Salem Academy (New Salem, Mass.)
New Salem Academy Collection
New Victoria Publishers.
New Victoria Publishers Records
New WORLD Theater
New York City Draft Riot Letter, 1863
New York Farm Bureau
New York Farm Bureau Photographs Collection
Newhall, James R. (James Robinson), 1809-1893
James Robinson Newhall Account Book, 1851-1883
Newland, Jacob
Jacob and John E. Newland Account Book
Newth, Frank F. (Frank Forrest)
Frank F. Newth Papers
Newton, Levi
Levi Newton Diary
Nichols, Ambrose, 1760-1833
Ambrose Nichols Account Book, 1809-1830
Nichols, Reuben
Reuben Nichols, The adventures and ramblings of a sailor
Nina Keller
Nina Keller Papers
North Bridgewater (Mass.) Treasurer Records
North Center School District (Hatfield, Mass.)
North Center School District Records, 1818-1833
Northampton Area Mental health Services
Northampton Area Mental Health Services
Northampton Community Chest Association (Northampton, Mass.)
Northampton Community Chest Records, 1922-1969
Northampton Cutlery Company
Northampton Cutlery Company Records, 1869-1987
Northampton Domestic Partnership Coalition
Northampton Domestic Partnership Coalition Collection
Northampton Labor Council (Northampton, Mass.)
Northampton Labor Council (AFL-CIO) Minutes, 1933-1985
Northeast Organic Farming Association
Northeast Organic Farming Association Records
Norton (Mass.) Merchant's Daybook
Norwegian Information Service
Norwegian Information Service Photograph Collection
Norwich (Conn.) Iron Monger's Account Book
Noyes, Helen Haskell
Helen Haskell Noyes Diary
Nye, Thomas
Thomas Nye Cashbook, 1830-1842
Obear, Clark H.
Clark H. Obear Diaires
Ogden, Don.
Don Ogden Collection, 1972-2000
Oglesby, Carl, 1935-2011
Carl Oglesby Papers
Oldham Camp
Oldham Camp Records
Olevsky, Julian, 1926-1985, collector
Julian Olevsky Score Collection, 1898-1966
Otis Company
Otis Company Records, 1846-1847
Ozer Family
Ozer Family Papers
Palmieri, Nancy
Nancy Palmieri Collection
Parker, Alfred A.
Alfred A. Parker Daybooks, 1877-1889
Parker, Amos
Amos Parker Accounts, 1827-1863
Parker, George A.
George A. Parker Photograph Album
Passin, Herbert
Herbert Passin Collection, 1944-1955
Patterson, Charles H.
Charles H. Patterson Papers
Peace Development Fund
Peace Development Fund Records
Peasley, Alonzo
Alonzo A. Peasley Diaries
Peck-Sisson-White Family
Peck-Sisson-White Family Papers
Pelczynski, Walter, 1916-2000
Father Walter Pelczynski Memoirs, 1983
People For Economic Survival
People For Economic Survival Records, 1974-1978
People's Institute (Northampton, Mass.)
People's Institute Records, 1896-1970
Perreault, Alida
Alida Perreault Papers
Perry, Cynthia Shepard
Cynthia Shepard Perry Papers
Perske, Robert.
Robert and Martha Perske Papers
Phillips, Marie, 1954-
Marie Phillips Collection
Picoult, Jodi, 1966-.
Jodi Picoult Papers
Pictou, Louis, collector
Louis Pictou Mi'kmaq Manuscript
Pierce, Horace, 1804-1883
Horace Pierce and Son Ledger
Pierrefeu, Yann de
Yann de Pierrefeu Diaries
Pike, Phillip N. (Newman), 1895-1953
Phillip N. Pike Papers
Pine Beach Association
Pine Beach Association Collection
Pines Hotel (South Hadley, Mass.)
The Pines Hotel (South Hadley, Mass.) Register
Planning Services Group
Planning Services Group Records, 1956-1986
Plata, Jakob
Jakob Plata Memoir
Playgoers Club
Playgoers Club Records
Plenzdorf, Ulrich, 1934-2007
Ulrich Plenzdorf Collection
Polish Jubilee Collection, 1906-1988
Polish Women's Club of Three Rivers (Palmer, Mass.)
Polish Women's Club of Three River Records, 1924-1994
Politella Family
Politella Family Papers
Pope, Ebenezer
Ebenezer Pope Ledger, 1810-1821
Porter, William
Dr. William and Eleanor Porter Tax Records and Accounts, 1800-1809
Post War World Council
Post War World Council Collection
Potash, Robert
Patagonian Rebellion Collection, 1921-1965
Prescott (Mass.)
Prescott (Mass.) Collection
Primus, Pearl
Pearl Primus Collection
Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Local 215 (Boston Tower)
Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Local 215 (Boston Tower PATCO) Records
Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave Trade
Providence Society for Abolishing the Slave Trade Minute book
Psychiana Collection
Putnam, William
William Putnam Papers
Quabbin Broadsides Collection
Quabbin Clippings Collection
Quabbin Towns Annual Reports
Quint, Howard H., 1917-1981
Howard H. Quint Papers, 1940-1981
Radcliffe family
John Fenwick Collection of Radcliffiana
Radical Right Collection
Radical Student Union (RSU)
Radical Student Union (RSU) Records, 1975-2006
Rainford, Sheila
Sheila Rainford Collection
Rand, Frank Prentice, 1889-1971
Frank Prentice Rand Papers, 1905-1976
Ray family
Ray Family Papers, 1898-1953 (bulk 1911-1944)
Regional Geometry Institute
Regional Geometry Institute Collection
Reinsch, Henry Gustave
Henry Gustave Reinsch Papers
Richards Family
Richards Family Collection
Richardson, Charley
Charley Richardson Papers
Riggs, Maida L.
Maida L. Riggs Papers
Ring, Hans Joachim
Hans Joachim Ring Collection
Roche, John P.
John P. Roche Collection
Rodney Hunt Company
Rodney Hunt Company Records
Rooney, Jim, 1938-
Jim Rooney Papers
Rowinska, Leokadia
Leokadia Rowinska Papers, 1917-1988
Roxbury Action Program
Roxbury Action Program Collection
Rundlett, Samuel H.
Samuel H. Rundlett Daybooks
Rural Massachusetts Imprints Collection
Sagendorph Woolen Company
Sagendorph Woolen Company Daybook, 1885-1887
Saint Stanislaus Society (Turners Falls, Mass.)
Salah-El, Tiyo Attallah
Tiyo Attallah Salah-El Papers
Saltonstall, Stephen L.
Stephen L. Saltonstall Photograph Collection
Samizdat Collection, 1955-1983
Sampson Perkins & Co.
Sampson Perkins & Co. Account Book, 1866-1873
Sanders, Paul S., 1918-1972
Paul S. Sanders Papers, 1937-1972
Santerre, Richard
Richard Santerre Franco-American Collection
Sargent (Sargeant), Orlando
Deacon Orlando Sargent (Sargeant) Account Book, 1753-1808
Savas, Tina
Athena Savas Cookery Collection
Sawin-Young Family Papers
Schrum, Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne Schrum Papers
Schultze, Waldemar
Robert and Waldemar Schultze Papers
Science Fiction Society
Science Fiction Society Collection
Science Fiction Society
Science Fiction Society Records
Science for the People.
Science for the People Records
Sear Roebuck Catalog Collection
Seneca Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice
Seneca Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice Collection
Shapiro, Leon
Leon Shapiro Papers, 1939-1984
Sharpe, Wayne G., 1915-1991
Wayne G. Sharpe Papers, 1943-1944
Shattuck, Louise F.
Louise Shattuck Papers
Shaw, Carolyn Martin, 1944-
Carolyn Martin Shaw Papers
Shearer, James.
James Shearer Daybook
Shreve and Earl
Shreve and Earl Account Book
Shultis, Newton
Newton Shultis Papers Papers
Shutesbury (Mass.)
Shutesbury (Mass.) 250th Anniversary Collection
Siteman, Stephen
Democratic Socialist Conference Papers Collection, 1984-1991
Siteman, Stephen
Stephen Siteman Collection
Skinner, Kenneth G.
Kenneth G. Skinner Collection
Slade family
Slade Family Papers
Slonecker, Blake, 1981-
Blake Slonecker Oral History Collection
Smith & Wesson Company
Smith and Wesson Company Records, 1920-1973
Smith, Gilbert and Gilbert Jr.
Gilbert Smith and Gilbert Smith, Jr. Accounts, 1798-1846
Smith, Lewis
Lewis Smith Account Book
Smith, Nelson
Nelson Smith Account Book
Smith, W. R.
W.R. Smith Papers, 1914-1947
Snow, Ephraim
Ephraim Snow Daybook
Social Change Collection
Social Change Periodicals Collection
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing (SHARP) Recrods
Solander, Arvo A.
Arvo A. Solander Papers
Spaulding, Mary Patricia
Mary Patricia Spaulding Scrapbook
Spragens, John
John Spragens Collection
Sroka Family
Sroka Family Papers, 1842-1980s
Stagebridge Records
Stamper, G. Clifford (George Clifford), 1912-2005
G. Clifford Stamper Papers, 1943-1955
Steindl-Rast, David
Brother David Steindl-Rast
Stetson, William B.
William B. Stetson Account book
Stevens, Wallace, 1979-1955
Wallace Stevens Papers
Stinson, Mary B.
Mary B. Stinson Collection
Stock Certificates Collection
Stockbridge, Levi, 1820-1904
Levi Stockbridge Papers, 1841-1978
Stocking, George.
George Stocking Account Book
Stokes, Daniel.
Daniel and Joyce Stokes Papers
Stone, George Edward, 1860-1941
George Edward Stone Papers, 1890-1957
Stone, John
John Stone Ledger
Stonewall Center
Stonewall Center Records
Storrsville Lyceum Debating Society
Storrsville Lyceum Debating Society Minutes, 1842-1846
Strong, Noah Lyman, 1807-1893
Noah Lyman Strong Account Book, 1849-1893
Sunderland (Mass.) Town Records
Swados, Harvey, 1920-1972
Harvey Swados Papers, 1933-1983 (bulk 1936-1972)
Swift, Jane, 1965-
Jane Swift Papers
Swift, Sarah J.
Sarah J. Swift Papers
Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts
Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts Initiative Collection
Taylor, Charles (compiler)
Great Barrington Historical Documents Collection, 1731-1904
Taylor, Katya Sabaroff
Katya Sabaroff Taylor Papers
Taylor, Levi E. (Levi Ely), 1795-1858
Carriage Maker's (Longmeadow, Mass.) Daybook
Tenney, Thomas W.
Thomas W. Tenney Photograph Collection
Textile Workers of America New Bedford Joint Board
Textile Workers Union of America New Bedford Joint Board Records, 1942-1981
Thacher family
Thacher-Channing Family Papers
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfrid, 1872-1933
Roscoe W. Thatcher Papers
Thayer family
Thayer Family Industries Ledger, 1847-1855
Thomes, John B.
John B. Thomes Contract Bridge Collection
Thompson, William
William Thompson Account book
Thomson, J. (John), 1837-1921
John Thomson Photograph Collection
Thresholds to Life (Organization)
Thresholds to Life Records, 1978-1990
Thurber, George, and Woolson, George Clark, compilers
Thurber-Woolson Botanical Collection, 1803-1918
Tillis, Frederick, 1930-
Frederick Tillis Papers
Tilton, Hannah
Hannah Tilton Daybook
Topol, Sidney
Sidney Topol Papers
Toppan, C. S.
C.S. Toppan Account Book, 1845-1861
Totman, Conrad D.
Conrad Totman Papers, 1800-2005 (bulk 1948-2005)
Totman, Ruth J.
Ruth J. Totman Papers
Traprock Peace Center
Traprock Peace Center Records, 1979-2008
Travel Brochures Collection
Trehub, Arnold
Arnold Trehub Papers
Trent family
Lloyd A. Trent, Jr. Family Papers, 1850-1996
Tucker, Mary E.
Mary E. Tucker Journal and Receipt Book
Turk, Thomas L.
Thomas L. Turk Papers
Turner, Abel.
Abel Turner, The Life and Travels of Abel Turner
Twiss, Thomas D.
Thomas D. Twiss Account Book
Tyler, Philemon L.
Philemon L. Tyler Daybooks, 1841-1852
UMass Peacemakers
Peacemakers Records
UMass Student Publications Collection
Undertaker and Home Furnishings Dealer Account Book, 1881
Undertaker's Daybook
United Auto Workers. District 65
United Auto Workers District 65, Boston University Local Collection, 1980s
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Massachusetts State Council.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Massachusetts State Council Records
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Springfield District Council
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Springfield District Council Records
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Local 1459
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Local 1459 Records
United States Information Service
United States Information Service Laotian Photograph Collection, 1961-1969
United States Works Progress Administration of Massachusetts
United States Works Progress Administration of Massachusetts Water Pollution Survey Collection
United States. Dept. of Agriculture.
Connecticut River Watershed Survey Report, 1950
University Anti-Intervention, Disarmament and Conversion Project Resource Guide
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst Faculty and Staff Collection
University of Massachusetts Amherst
UMass Oral History Collection
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Massachusetts Agricultural Surveys Collection, 1910-1965
University of Massachusetts Amherst Sound Recordings Collection
University of Massachusetts Amherst. Alumnus Magazine
Alumnus Magazine Photograph Collection
University of Massachusetts Amherst. Arts Extension Service
University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Arts Extension Service Records
Uno, Roberta, collector
Roberta Uno Asian American Women Playwrights Scripts Collection
Unzicker, Rae, 1948-2001
Rae Unzicker Papers
Upholsterers International Union. Local 58.
Upholsterers International Union. Local 58
Urban League of Springfield
Urban League of Springfield Collection
Valley Peace Center (Amherst, Mass.)
Valley Peace Center Records, 1967-1973
Valley Women's History Collaborative
Valley Women's History Collaborative Records
Valley Women's Union
Valley Women's Union Records, 1974-1976
Van Dusen, J.M.
J.M. Van Dusen Ledgers, 1865-1910
Vega, Carlos
Carlos Vega Collection
Vietnamese Students Association (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Vietnamese Students Association New Year's Day Celebration Collection, 1985
Vinal, William Gould, 1881- .
William Gould Vinal Papers
Volbach, Walther R.
Walther R. Volbach Papers
WFCR (Radio station : Amherst, Mass.).
WFCR Radio Collection
Wallace, Karl R.
Karl R. Wallace Papers, 1898-1976
Walsh, Lloyd.
Lloyd Walsh Papers
Walz, Carl A. (Carl Adolph)
Carl Walz v. Albert E. Clark et al.
Ware, Ellen
Ellen and Mary E. Ware Papers, 1862-1893
Watchmakers Account Book (Springfield, Mass.)
Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1896-1943
Frank A. Waugh Papers
Weatherby, William
William Weatherby Personal Accounts, 1835-1837
Weiner, Tom M.
Tom Weiner Oral History Collection
Wells, Samuel
Samuel Wells Collection
Wells, William
William Wells Papers
Wendell (Mass.) Treasurer Records
Wendell Post
Wendell Post Collection
Wentworth, Mary L.
Mary L. Wentworth Papers
West Springfield Airport, Inc., Records
Western Massachusetts Library Club
Western Massachusetts Library Club Records
Western New England Poetry Collection, 1977-2009
Westhampton (Mass.) Town Records
Westhampton Congregational Church (Westhampton, Mass.)
Westhampton Congregational Church (Westhampton, Mass.) Records
Wetherbee, David Kenneth
David Kenneth Wetherbee New Salem Collection
Whately (Mass.) Town Records
Wheeler, C. H.
C. H. Wheeler Scrapbook
Wheeler, Truman
Norfolk Prison Colony Collection
Wheeler, Truman
Flora A.M. Holden Cookbook
Wheeler, Truman
Truman Wheeler, Jr., Account Book
Wheeler, Truman
Artemas Cushman Accoutn Book
Wheeler, Truman
Laura M. Ross Papers
Wheeler, Truman.
Truman Wheeler Account Book
Wheeler, William.
William Wheeler Papers, 1876-1930
Whipple, Charles L.
Charles L. Whipple Papers
White Light Communications
White Light Communications Collection
White, Cyrus
Cyrus White Daybook
White, Willis H.
Willis H. White Papers
Whitmore, Martha R.
Martha R. Whitmore Diaries
Whittemore, Amos, 1759-1828
Amos Whittemore Daybook, 1817-1819
Wilder, Marshall P. (Marshall Pinckney), 1798-1886
Marshall P. Wilder Collection, 1848-1887
Wilder, Robert W.
Robert W. Wilder Papers
William Carlos Williams, 1883-1963
William Carlos Williams Letters
Williams, Roger
Roger Williams Daybook
Wing, Paul, 1792-1822
Paul Wing Accounts, 1805-1824
Winston, Robert.
Robert Winston Papers
Wood, Josiah
Josiah Wood Papers
Wood, Robert Coldwell, 1923-2005
Robert Coldwell Wood Papers
Woodbury House
Woodbury Boarding House Register, 1804, 1863-1920
Woodbury, Walter B. (Walter Bentley), 1834-1885
Walter B. Woodbury Photograph Collection
Woodward, John
John Woodward Account Book
Worthington (Mass.) Tavern Account book
Wright, John
John Wright Account Books, 1818-1859
Wyman, Eunice P.
Eunice P. Wyman and Porter Kimball Account Book, 1814-1840 (bulk 1820-1840)
Yamashita, Yoshiaki
Yoshiaki Yamashita Photograph Album, ca.1904
Yankee Publishing Incorporated
Yankee Publishing Records
Yantshev, Theodore
Theodore Yantshev Papers
Yarn Finishers Union (Fall River, Mass.)
Yarn Finishers Union Records
Yeomans, Lawrence D.
Lawrence D. Yeomans Papers
Young Women's City Club (Northampton, Mass.)
Young Women's City Club Records, 1939-1981
Zickler family
Zickler Family Scrapbook

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