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National Congress of Neighborhood Women records, 1974-1999
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Feminist grassroots network. The primary goal of this organization was to empower poor and working-class women to become community leaders. The collection offers valuable source material for the study of working-class feminist organizing; urban studies; and women in community development. Also documented are the inner workings of grassroots organizing, with all of the personal and political dynamics that come with incorporating a feminist consciousness into an organization, where issues of class, race and ethnicity are acknowledged and openly discussed. Material includes correspondence, publications, funding proposals, photographs and audiovisual material.

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The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the records of NCNW. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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Biographical Note

The National Congress of Neighborhood Women (NCNW) is a support network for grassroots women's organizations and community leaders dedicated to empowering, and providing a voice for, poor and working-class women working to improve their communities and their own status in low-income urban and rural areas on local, national, and international levels. The history of NCNW begins with the remarkable vision and energy of Jan Peterson, co-founder and long-time director of NCNW, as well as the spirit and commitment of the neighborhood women in the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, New York.

Jan Peterson had recently arrived in New York City in 1969 when she joined the Conselyea Street Block Association with neighborhood women of Williamsburg-Greenpoint, a predominantly working-class and mixed ethnic (Italian, Polish, Irish, Hispanic, and African American) area of Brooklyn. Inspired by the community activists of the civil rights movement she had worked with as a volunteer for CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) in Harlem, as well as the burgeoning anti-poverty and feminist movements, she had a vision of creating an inter-racial, multi-ethnic community organization within a poor and working-class neighborhood, similar to the one in which she'd grown up in Wisconsin.

In 1973, at a meeting sponsored by the National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs, Jan Peterson got together with other grassroots leaders and professional women to plan a national conference of working-class women in Washington D.C. for 1974. It was at their second conference in 1975, that "the first national federation of blue collar, neighborhood women" (National Committee letter, 1977) was founded, with an office established in Williamsburg-Greenpoint. The Brooklyn office would administer both national and local programs in Williamsburg-Greenpoint, serving as a "laboratory" and model for other community organizations. Their primary goal was to empower poor and working-class women to become community leaders -- to give them a voice, and to raise their consciousness of their own power so they would be better able to define and solve problems facing their communities. They aimed to accomplish this through education, as well as job skills and leadership training, always with an emphasis on preserving family and community cohesiveness. In addition, NCNW had a vision of developing a national network of grassroots women to share resources, experiences, and knowledge.

NCNW's flagship program was their community-based higher education program, begun in 1975. Developed in collaboration with local community colleges and with input from the students, courses were designed especially for mature women, most already active in their communities, who had a desire to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective community leaders. Closely tied to NCNW's first employment program, Project Open Doors, courses were supplemented by apprenticeship experience in women's and community organizations throughout New York City. In the 1980s, NCNW expanded its education program to include pre-College adult education courses in literacy, math, English as a second language, and preparation for the high school equivalency degree (G.E.D.). In 1986, NCNW opened the "You Can" Community School, an alternative education, pre-employment and leadership training program for youth.

Another one of NCNW's core programs is the Leadership Training and Support Program, of which an integral part is the Leadership Support Process (LSP) developed by Lisel Burns. Begun as part of the College Program, leadership training and support groups were soon offered as workshops in regional and national conferences, and incorporated into affiliated organizations across the country. The support groups include consciousness-raising to allow neighborhood women to develop an awareness of how oppression based on class, ethnicity, race or gender might impede their sense of empowerment as leaders. For more information on NCNW's programs, see "Series Descriptions" below.

In the early and mid-1980s, NCNW underwent restructuring of its organization in order to expand its national program and lend more support to grassroots women leaders around the country. In 1986, the Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint (NWWG), an independent but affiliated organization was created to administer the local programs including the education programs, employment training, leadership support, and public housing tenant training and organizing. The national office continued to network with, and offer training and technical support to, other grassroots women's organizations ("affiliates") across the country, in urban as well as rural areas, including Appalachia, the Pacific Northwest, and the Dakota Nation. Members exchange information and experiences including tenant organizing, the formation of rural land trusts, reforming public schools, and creating leadership support groups.

In 1985, NCNW members attended the UN Third World Conference on Women in Kenya, where they noticed a lack of involvement by poor and working-class women. With other grassroots women from developed and developing countries, they created a network called GROOTS International (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood). NCNW is the North American representative. GROOTS was successful at bringing grassroots women's representation to the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. NCNW also has gained consultative status with the United Nations and has opened an office there, enabling them to more easily disseminate information and resources to policy makers and grassroots community leaders and to ensure that low-income women have a voice in community development policies around the world.

Scope and contents of the collection

The National Congress of Neighborhood Women Records consist of 58 linear feet, dating from 1974-1999, and document the early history of the organization, the growth of its local and national programs, and the development of a national and international network of poor and working-class grassroots women over a 20 year period.

Types of material include correspondence, memoranda, records of the administrative boards and committees, annual reports, material from national conferences and planning meetings, funding proposals, program descriptions and reports, writings on the history and programs of NCNW, publications, articles, research papers, files on affiliated organizations, printed material, photographs, and audiovisual materials.

Since this is a continuing collection of an existing organization, it is necessarily incomplete, with many gaps in the records, particularly those documenting programs still active. The bulk of the material in this processed portion dates from 1975 to 1990. Focusing on the years before the split between the national and local administrations, these records document the formation of core programs in education, employment, and leadership support, as well as the development of a national community development agenda. Also well represented are local housing and tenant programs of the 1980s, the Resource Center, and networking and involvement in the early years of the international women and development movement. In SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION, there is only a small amount of documentation of NCNW's local affiliate, the Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint. However, their involvement in local programs from 1986 to the early 1990s is represented within SERIES II. PROGRAMS.

It offers a rich source of material on the formation of a successful national organization based on feminist principles and with a grassroots, working-class base. It also offers a fascinating view of its inner workings, with all of the personal and political dynamics that come with incorporating a feminist consciousness into an organization, and where issues of class, race and ethnicity are acknowledged and openly discussed. Through personal stories, shared in workshops, support groups, conferences, meetings, and writings, we are offered a unique perspective on the women's movement.

In addition, there is a treasure trove of subject files on women's issues, grassroots organizing, and community development. Included are numerous published and unpublished writings by NCNW members and others on topics such as class, working-class feminism, ethnicity, female poverty, and women and community development. There are also files on women's and community activist organizations, many in the New York City area, as well as NCNW affiliates nationwide, and international organizations.

Note on Arrangement of the Collection:

The inter-relatedness and continuing evolution of the NCNW programs creates a challenge in attempting to organize the records in our typical hierarchical arrangement. The programs of NCNW are best viewed as a web, not distinct projects. The community and economic development vision/agenda of NCNW, for example, influenced projects in many program areas, including leadership and employment training, housing projects, and of course, international programs in community development. Identifying where one project ends and another begins can be problematic, changes in funding often affected the name of the project, as well as its staffing and scope. Wherever possible, the original organization of records has been retained. For example, in SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION, the Central Chronological File and the Development files have been kept intact. But for the most part, records were received in various states of order, in which case the archivist imposed an organization that seemed to be consistent with the original provenance of the records.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized into five series:

  • I. Administration
  • II. Programs
  • III. Organizations
  • IV. Photographs
  • V. Audiovisual Material

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The processed portion of the records is open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection, with the following restriction: Researchers must sign an Access Agreement Form agreeing to not identify individuals who are still living without their written permission.

Unprocessed accessions are closed.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the records of NCNW. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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Selections from the National Congress of Neighborhood Women Records can be viewed in the Web exhibit Agents of Social Change: New Resources on 20th-century Women's Activism .

Many of the videotapes from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.

History of the Collection

The National Congress of Neighborhood Women began donating its records to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1986.

Recent additions to this collection are unprocessed and are not reflected in the finding aid.


Periodic additions to collection are expected and are not reflected in this record.

Processing Information

Processed by Margaret Jessup, 2000.

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A number of articles have been published on the history of NCNW and its programs and many are included in this collection. Below are a few of the more comprehensive articles:

Belenky, Mary F., "The National Congress of Neighborhood Women," in A Tradition That Has No Name (NY: BasicBooks, 1997)

Haywoode, Terry L., "Neighborhood Women Keeping it Together," City Limits, April 1985

Haywoode, Terry L. and Laura Polla Scanlon, "World of Our Mothers: College for Neighborhood Women," Women's Studies Quarterly 1993: 3&4, pp. 133-141.

Encoding funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Series Descriptions
24 linear ft.


This series is arranged in 16 subseries: General; Corporate Board of Directors; National Advisory Board; National Steering Committee; Task forces; National meetings and conferences; National meetings and conferences; Local; Staff; Individuals; Buildings; Public relations; Membership; Central chronological file; General correspondence; Subject files; and Development.

Scope and content:

This series documents the founding and early planning of NCNW; funding of its programs; as well as the inner workings and interpersonal relations within the organization. Since its founding in 1975, the national programs have been administered by NCNW's Corporate Board of Directors and National Advisory Board; later the National Steering Committee (which replaced the NAB in 1982). These bodies are made up of members representing affiliated organizations across the country. Jan Peterson has been Executive Director of the National office in Brooklyn since the founding, except from October 1977 to January 1980 when Christine Noschese took over, and from 1983 to 1985 when Alice Quinn and Jan Peterson served as co-Directors. A Local Advisory Board and Local Director administer the Brooklyn programs (under the Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint since 1986).

The General files include official documents; records documenting the NCNW's organizational structure, including the re-structuring in 1982, and the separation of local and national operations in 1985-86; and annual reports, circa 1975-84. For additional reports, see the Executive Directors' reports under Individuals; Corporate Board of Directors; and reports on programs in SERIES II. The records of these national administrative bodies (the Corporate Board of Directors; National Advisory Board; and the National Steering Committee) include correspondence; meeting minutes; biographical information on members; reports; and committee files. These records offer valuable insight into the founding, planning, and development of NCNW. Notable Board members and Steering Committee members represented here include Maryland Congresswoman Barbara Mikulski; St. Louis Housing activist, Bertha Gilkey [see also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing and tenants]; Eleanor Holmes Norton; Crystal Lee Sutton (the "real Norma Rae"); author Nancy Seifer; Rona Feit, founder of the National Women's Political Caucus; and Marie Cirillo, founder of the Woodland Community Trust in Tennessee. For more information on these and other members, see Individuals. The National meetings and conferences subseries includes the first planning meetings held in Washington, 1974-75, as well as NCNW-sponsored national conferences and conventions held thereafter. These files include additional material on several Board and Steering Committee meetings that took place at the national conferences. Types of material include correspondence, programs, agendas, minutes, membership information, notes, and printed material [see also SERIES. IV. PHOTOGRAPHS, and SERIES V. AUDIOVISUAL]. For other conferences sponsored by NCNW, see SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Miscellaneous projects and events; and conferences under specific programs. With the restructuring of operations in 1986, the local affiliate, Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint, was created to administer the programs in Brooklyn. The subseries Local - NWW/G includes documentation of the early planning before the split [see also General-Restructuring]; administrative correspondence; the Local Advisory Board records; and funding material. Of particular interest is a detailed interview of NWW/G staff by author Mary Belenky done in 1992. These are administrative records only. Records on specific local programs are filed in SERIES II.

The Staff subseries includes staff logs, meetings, files on training, office procedures, personnel policies, and other documents related to the inner workings of the Brooklyn office. Sensitive personnel material such as evaluations and salary information has been removed and is closed to research. The Individuals subseries contains files on staff, administrators, members, and others affiliated with NCNW. These include biographical information as well as working files on a variety of projects and topics. Types of material include correspondence, reports, papers, drafts, notes, clippings and printed material. There is a substantial amount of material for each of the Executive Directors (Jan Peterson, Christine Noschese, and Alice Quinn) as well as for Lisel Burns, Leadership coordinator. Additional working files for individuals are filed under specific programs in SERIES II. PROGRAMS. Additional biographical information can be found in this series under Membership, National Corporate Board, National Advisory Board, and National Steering Committee.

Public relations includes administrative files of the PR coordinator; press releases, clippings, and other publicity by and about NCNW; files related to the production of NCNW's newsletter, and other publications; and general descriptions of NCNW, primarily untitled excerpts that were probably used for funding proposals and reports. [See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Resource Center which includes records on outreach and networking efforts through "Project Interchange."] For more writings about NCNW and its programs, see Development-Proposals; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-publicity, reports, papers, and proposals under each program. Additional documentation of NCNW's networking can be found in the Membership subseries which includes lists and completed membership forms of NCNW affiliates, providing interesting background information on community activists and organizations. Additional material on NCNW affiliates can be found in SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS.

The Central chronological file dates from 1973 to 1989 and include most of the outgoing correspondence, publicity, minutes, agendas, internal memoranda, reports, and papers, produced by the NCNW national office during that period. Much of the material here is duplicated elsewhere in the collection, but this file provides the most comprehensive overview of the organization and its day-to-day administration. Of particular interest is the internal memoranda which reveal the inner workings of the NCNW office, the interpersonal relations, as well as the infinite challenges and constraints involved in running a grassroots organization. The General correspondence contains incoming correspondence, dating from 1976 to 1985. Additional administrative correspondence can be found in the Subject files that include administrative correspondence, minutes, draft reports, printed material, and notes. Topics include local, state, and national political contacts; meetings with local community leaders; and legal matters. Additional administrative files can be found under Individuals and in SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS.

The Development subseries documents the history of funding efforts for NCNW and includes administrative files, proposals for general operational funding; and files on funding agencies arranged alphabetically. This section includes important material on many of NCNW's programs. Additional funding information for specific projects can be found in SERIES II. PROGRAMS, but since funds from one source were often shared by more than one project, those files are found here under the funding agency. For instance, under New York City-Department of Employment, is material related to CETA (Comprehensive Employment Training Act) funding for several of NCNW's employment programs. Included are records on the legal battle which ensued when the city tried to cut the programs' funding. [See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Employment - Project Open Doors; and SERIES IV. PHOTOGRAPHS.] Files related to the funding for curriculum development for the education program as well as for leadership training are under the Women's Education Equity Act Program (WEEA).

28 linear ft.

These series documents local, national and international programs administered by NCNW. It is arranged alphabetically (after Support services) by program area, as defined by NCNW for the most part, although some projects are filed together under areas created by the archivist (such as the Community and economic development, International, and Youth). Under each program area, individual projects are arranged chronologically from date of inception. Many NCNW projects are interrelated as changes in funding often required shifting program parameters and staffing. These relationships are explained in the descriptions below, and cross-references appear throughout the folder list. Types of material include program descriptions and publicity; administrative records such as correspondence, reports, proposals, minutes, and funding information [see also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Development]; surveys; training materials; conference materials; resource files including articles and papers by NCNW members; and files on participating organizations and individuals. Some Program participants' files containing sensitive personal information have been removed and are currently closed to research. These include counselors' intake forms; applications; questionnaires; student evaluations, and some personal correspondence.

The Support services subseries includes administrative records on the childcare, counseling and referral services which NCNW offered to participants in most of their local programs. Although sensitive material has been removed, there are interesting discussions on counseling sessions in the counselor's meeting minutes and social work interns' reports where the subjects are not named. Related counseling material can be found in under Education-College program, and in the job counseling files under Employment-Job development. There is also related material on support groups and the Leadership Support Process (LSP) filed under Leadership. Related material on childcare services can be found under Employment-World of Work-Childcare training and Youth programs which offered childcare instruction and services for teenage mothers.

The Community and economic development subseries documents NCNW projects which aimed to create a network with other grassroots leaders to research and dialogue on issues of female poverty and community development, and to formulate a cohesive strategy to influence public policy at state and national levels. The projects documented here are central to the principles and vision of NCNW and overarch of most other programs. Material related to a survey conducted for the Women in Neighborhoods Project (1979-80), NCNW's first project with a national scope, is included in this section. Its survey of thirty neighborhood organizations was an effort to analyze the role of women in community activism. Results showed that although neighborhood women initiated many community development projects, once funding was received, women were usually excluded from the planning and execution of the programs. The survey solicited important information from a geographically, racially, and ethnically diverse population of low-income women. The records include the published report of the project, Neighborhood Women: Putting it Together.

Other projects documented here include the Women in Poverty Project (1980-82) which identified community resources benefiting impoverished women through a series of questionnaires, and conducted leadership training sessions held throughout the region [see also Leadership]; the National Resource and Policy Analysis Center in Washington, D.C. (1981-82) which aimed to collect information on federal programs and policies affecting poor and working-class women and to disseminate that information to women leaders and organizations. The Dialogues on Community Development and Female Poverty (1983-) as well as NCNW's annual Community Development Institute (1990-) have served to bring together a diverse group of grassroots activists and scholars for networking and strategizing. The 1986 conference on "Women in Community Development: Forging a National Alliance with International Linkages," co-sponsored by the Overseas Education Fund, reflects NCNW's beginnings in the growing international Women and Development Movement [see also International]. The Subject files at end of this subseries include articles and papers that outline NCNW's community and economic development agenda.

The Education subseries documents its flagship projects, the community-based College Program, as well as its adult education program. The College Program (1975- ), originally funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, was started to provide "interdisciplinary course work augmented with apprenticeship in the community" for women in Williamsburg-Greenpoint. In collaboration with area community colleges, courses leading toward an Associates degree focused on neighborhood studies and community development and gave students the necessary knowledge and skills to become more effective leaders in their communities. In 1982, a Bachelor's degree program was added. As the first program of its kind, the College program has served as model for similar programs elsewhere in the country. Materials included here document the administrative and planning of the program, and curriculum development. Also included are papers written by students, publicity, and conference material.

Recognizing that many single mothers and other low-income women lacked sufficient education to enter their College program and job training programs, NCNW, in conjunction with New York City's Board of Education, introduced pre-College adult education courses in the 1980s. These include classes in literacy, math, English as a second language, and preparation for the high school equivalency degree (G.E.D.). Classes were also offered for women at public housing sites, in conjunction with employment and leadership training [see also Housing and tenants], and in 1986, NCNW opened the "You Can" Community School, an alternative program for young high school dropouts. [See also Youth.]

The Employment subseries documents NCNW's local projects that provide job skills training, job development, counseling and job placement for low-income women. After the General administrative files, the projects are arranged chronologically from the date of inception. The first, Project Open Doors (P.O.D.) was started by the Women's Funding Coalition of over thirty community and women's organizations in New York City, and funded by New York's Department of Employment under the Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA). [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Development.] NCNW was the administrator of the project and provided support services through its Job Development program. Hundreds of low-income women were placed in apprenticeship positions with the participating organizations which included women's shelters, health clinics, rape crisis centers, and other community agencies. [For additional files on these organizations, including the Women's Funding Coalition, see SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS]. The Job Development Program, concurrent with P.O.D., offered career counseling, skills assessment and referrals to jobs and remedial education courses. [See also Education program.] In addition, NCNW offered workshops in resume preparation, job searching, networking, and work place issues such as stress management, sexual harassment, childcare, and unions. Included here are questionnaires and a report from a neighborhood "job analysis" done by NCNW. Based on this employment needs assessment NCNW developed a more intensive Employment and Training program in 1982, offering job skills training in computer repair, programming, and word processing. Beginning in 1985, NCNW also offered an employment orientation course, "World of Work," with workshops on interviewing techniques, resume writing, and job search skills. Additional material on World of Work and job training can be found under Women's Public Works, Housing and tenants, and Youth.

The Housing and tenant subseries is arranged in two sections: the first focuses on grassroots efforts to create affordable housing for women on local, national and international levels; and second documents NCNW's training and support programs for public housing tenants in the New York City area. The Housing section includes a project of the Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation (GREC), co-founded by NCNW, to convert an abandoned hospital complex into affordable inter-generational housing designed by a feminist architectural firm in the 1980s. [See also SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS-St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corporation; and the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board.] This section also includes material on the international conference, "Housing Options for Women" organized by NCNW and U.N. HABITAT, as part of the United Nations International Year of the Shelter for the Homeless (IYSH) in 1987. At the end of the Housing section are subject files that include writings by NCNW members and others on women and housing.

NCNW's comprehensive education and employment training program for public housing tenants provided job orientation, skills training and job placement, leadership training, and adult education. It also offered support and technical assistance to newly formed tenant associations. Once established, the tenant associations joined the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Federation of Public Housing Developments, coordinated by NCNW's local affiliate, Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint. Records of the public housing tenant program include general administration files of the New York City Housing Authority and the Community Service Society, which provided both funding and administrative assistance to the tenant training program [see also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Development]; and the files of Bertha Gilkey, NCNW National Steering Committee member who helped develop NCNW's tenant program, based on her highly successful work organizing tenants at Cochran Gardens, a public housing development in St. Louis. Also included are the administrative files of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint Federation of Public Housing Developments; and files on various tenant associations the New York City area.

The International subseries documents NCNW's participation in the international Women and Community Development movement. In 1985, NCNW and other grassroots women leaders formed the international grassroots network, GROOTS (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood), for which NCNW is the North American representative. The section on GROOTS in this subseries includes correspondence, minutes, conference material and publicity for the the early organizing of GROOTS, as well as their efforts to ensure grassroots women's participation in several international women's conferences, including the U.N.'s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. In the late 1980s, NCNW achieved consultative status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council (UNESCO). As an official Non-governmental organization (NGO), NCNW recently opened an office at the United Nations where it works to provide practical assistance and advocates for low-income women around the world who are working to improve their communities. The United Nations files document NCNW's and GROOTS' participation in the international conferences on women sponsored by the U.N. Other organizations and projects represented in this subseries include HABITAT International [see also Housing and tenants], the Overseas Education Fund, which funds economic development projects for poor women (Jan Peterson was elected to serve on Board of O.E.F. in 1985); and the German Marshall Fund, a supporter of research projects on community women's leadership. [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Development.]

The Leadership program is another core program of NCNW that aims to develop and support leadership qualities among women active in their communities. IT offers leadership training at national and regional conferences, and in conjunction with its local Employment, Education, and Tenant training programs. Support groups are integral to the Leadership Program and include consciousness-raising sessions to allow neighborhood women to develop an awareness of how oppression based on class, ethnicity, race or gender might impede their sense of empowerment as leaders. This sub-series is divided into five sections: Administration, Local training, Support groups, National training, and Subject files. For related material, see SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Individuals-Lisel Burns (Leadership coordinator).

NCNW's Resource Center, located at the Brooklyn office, serves as an information and referral center for individuals and grassroots organizations. The Resource Center has provided, at various times, technical assistance, education and training materials, a Speaker's Bureau, and workshops on a variety of topics. [See also Miscellaneous projects, and conferences or events.] In the late 1970's, the Resource Center was part of "Proje-ct Interchange," a program designed to encompass all of NCNW's outreach and networking activities, as well as administering research and documentation projects in the community. Eventually the public relations, networking, and membership activities were allocated to other administrative areas. [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Membership; and Public relations.] This subseries includes administrative files of the Resource Center, such as project descriptions, proposals, meeting minutes, correspondence, and reports, as well as documentation on the early planning and implementation of Project Interchange. Also included here are files on NCNW's documentation projects, the Cultural Exchange Project, which involved oral histories of poor and working-class women of Williamsburg-Greenpoint in community leadership roles, and the production of the film "Metropolitan Avenue: Community Women in a Changing Urban Neighborhood," which documented NCNW's activities in Brooklyn. Both projects were administered by Christine Noschese. [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Individuals-Christine Noschese; SERIES IV. PHOTOGRAPHS; and SERIES V. AUDIOVISUAL.]

Finally, the Resource Center library includes directories of local services, bulletin board notices, and subject files. The subject files include unpublished papers, many written by NCNW members, as well as articles, pamphlets, clippings, and other printed material. Topics include class, ethnicity, women's health, local history, grassroots organizing, women's rights, and NCNW itself. Note that the subject files were reconstructed by the archivist and may include files not originally from the Resource Center. There may also by files located in other series that were part of the Resource Center such as papers and articles on specific NCNW programs that can be found under those programs and files on organizations that are under SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS.

The Women's Public Works (WPW) project was also referred to as the Neighborhood Women's Mother Self-help Program, or the Minority Female Single Parent Program. A five-year program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, WPW targeted low-income minority women heads of household, many of whom were receiving welfare benefits. Eligible women participated in NCNW's World of Work job orientation program then, depending on their education and job training needs, were referred to the education and/or employment training programs. These records include administrative files for the most part, such as publicity, proposals, reports, funding files, and correspondence. Since the participants took part in various NCNW programs, including Employment, Education, Leadership, and Support services, related material can be found under each of those programs.

Women's Survival Space (also called the Center for the Elimination of Violence in the Family) was a joint project of NCNW, the Mayor's Task Force on Rape, and the Brooklyn YWCA to provide shelter to abused women and their children, as well as to conduct research and provide community education on the issue of violence in the family. Opened in 1976, it was the first battered women's shelter in New York State and became a national prototype for developing safe space for women. The shelter was soon operating independently of NCNW, although NCNW program participants helped staff the shelter as interns. The records include early planning meetings, correspondence, funding files, project descriptions, reports, and resource files.

The Youth subseries includes records of NCNW's "You Can Stand on Your Own Two Feet" Community School which opened in 1986. Still in existence, the school offers an education and job-training alternative for high school dropouts, ages 16 to 21. The comprehensive program offers a basic curriculum leading towards a high school equivalency degree (G.E.D.), job preparation (through the "World of Work" course), job skills training, and personal development including leadership training, individual and peer counseling, and theater workshop. The "Four-Step Program" is a component of the school for young women, which includes pregnancy prevention education and childcare training. Other projects represented here include a Summer Youth Program of the mid-1970s that combined recreation and employment opportunities.

The subseries on Miscellaneous projects, conferences, and events include a few projects unrelated to any of the above programs. There is a small amount of material on the Brooklyn "Legal project" of the 1970s, which proposed a Neighborhood Law Center to fill gaps in existing legal services, including a law library, and workshops for community women on legal issues. It is not clear from the records whether this project was ever funded and implemented. There is material related to local women-run businesses sponsored by NCNW such as "The Corner Store" and the Cooperative for the Production of Hand-Woven Fabrics. Conferences sponsored by NCNW but not directly related to any program are also filed here. [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-National meetings and conferences; and conferences under specific programs.] Conferences not sponsored by NCNW are in SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS. There is documentation of workshops on topics such as classism, self-improvement, and anti-rape. Some or all of these may have been workshops offered through the Resource Center. The miscellaneous events include fundraisers, film showings, "Neighborhood speak-outs," awards nights, and NCNW's open house and tenth anniversary.

4.5 linear ft.


The series is arranged alphabetically by name of organization or conference.

Scope and content:

This series consists of records of NCNW affiliates and resource files on many other local and national community and grassroots organizations. Files on conferences sponsored by other organizations are also included. There is a substantial amount of material on organizations with which NCNW worked closely or to which it belonged, such as the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board, the National Association of Neighborhoods, and the St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Project. The material on the Community Planning Board, a branch of the New York City's Area Policy Boards, documents neighborhood development projects such as the Williamsburg Coalition for Quality Housing, an innovative solution to deal the city's lack of affordable housing and severe homeless problem.

Numerous women's grassroots organizations represented in this series document the women's movement, including the planning committee for International Women's Year, the Summer Institute in Women's History, the Brooklyn College Women's Center, the Women's Action Alliance, the New York Women's Funding Coalition, Women of Many Voices, and Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Women.

Related material:

Additional material on affiliated organizations can be found under SERIES II. PROGRAMS, in particular the organizations which participated in Project Open Doors filed under Employment; and tenant associations filed under Housing and tenants. Some international organizations are filed under SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International. For lists of NCNW affiliates, see SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Membership.


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]

circa 1970s-1990s
.75 linear ft.

Scope and content:

This series contains photographic prints, color photocopies of images, contact sheets, negatives, and slides documenting local, national and international NCNW events, conferences, and workshops, as well as neighborhood scenes, individuals and groups. Included are many images used in NCNW publications and in publicity for programs.

Related material:

[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Public relations] There are also photographs of the women's march on New York's City Hall to protest cuts in CETA funding in 1980. [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION - Development.]

circa 1976-1990s
1 linear ft.

Scope and content:

Audiotapes include oral history interviews, discussion groups, and meetings of NCNW members. Most are recorded interviews and planning meetings for the Ethnic Heritage Film Project produced by Christine Noschese, circa 1979 [see also SERIES II. PROGRAMS--Resource Center] and are a unique source of raw material, including discussions on topics such as ethnicity, class, women's leadership, Brooklyn history, and early NCNW history.

Videotapes document NCNW activities and the stories of women in affiliated organizations in East Harlem, New York and in the Northwest, including footage for a documentary on NCNW produced by Christine Noschese, Metropolitan Avenue: Community Women in a Changing Urban Neighborhood.

Related material:

Many of the videotapes from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.


[For more information on NCNW film projects, see SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Resource Center-Documentation projects. See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Individuals-Christine Noschese.]

Contents List


Documents: By-laws, Certificate of incorporation,
1974-79, undated

Box 1: folder 1-2
Organization structure and planning


[See also Local-Planning; and National meetings]

Organization charts,
1979-80, undated

Box 1: folder 3
Structure outlines,

Box 1: folder 4-6
Goals, "Objectives and principles,"

Box 1: folder 7-8
1980, undated

Box 1: folder 9

Membership and Structure Committee: report,

Box 1: folder 10
Task Force on Structure,

Box 1: folder 11-13
Staff meeting on structure,

Box 1: folder 14

Board decision and letter of agreement,

Box 1: folder 15
National meetings,

Box 1: folder 16
Structure Committee,

Box 1: folder 17
Transition Task Force: report,

Box 1: folder 18
Unit heads: meeting and questionnaire,

Box 1: folder 19
1975-84, undated

Box 1: folder 20-28

[See also National Corporate Board; Individuals; and reports under individual PROGRAMS]

National Corporate Board of Directors


Box 2: folder 1

Box 2: folder 2-5
1975-87, 1992

Box 2: folder 6-18

[See also National meetings; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Leadership development-National]

Members: biographical information and lists,
1976, 1992

Box 3: folder 1-4

Box 3: folder 5-7

[See also General; Individuals (Directors); and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-projects]


Box 3
"Dialogue on the organization, goals, and needs of the NCNW" (interview of Director, Christine Noschese, by Board members): transcript,

Box 3: folder 8
Unidentified drafts and notes,

Box 3: folder 9
National Advisory Board

General: organization and resolutions,

Box 3: folder 10-11

Box 3: folder 12
Meetings: minutes, agendas, notes, and printed material,

Box 3: folder 13-14
Members: lists,

Box 3: folder 15
Task forces

General: list,

Box 3: folder 16

Box 3: folder 17
Economic development

Box 3: folder 18
National Steering Committee


Box 3: folder 19-23
Meetings: minutes, agendas, notes, and printed material,
1974-87, undated

Box 4: folder 1-10

Budgets in pending proposals: memorandum,

Box 4: folder 11
"Monthly check-in" form,

Box 4: folder 12
Personnel and salaries: printed material,
1979, undated

Box 4: folder 13-14

[See also Staff-Personnel]

Miscellaneous: notes and printed material,
1980, undated

Box 4: folder 15
National committee: memoranda, minutes, reports, and printed material,

Box 4: folder 16-18
Miscellaneous task forces: list,

Box 4: folder 19
National meetings and conferences


[See also Corporate Board; National Steering Committee, National Planning Committee; SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Leadership-National Training]

Planning meeting (founding),

Box 4: folder 20

[See also SERIES V. AUDIOVISUAL - videotapes]

"Neighborhood Women: A Call to Action,"

Box 4: folder 21
"NCNW: A Working Conference,"

Box 4: folder 22
National planning conferences,

Box 5: folder 1
National convention,

Box 5: folder 2
Regional conference, Las Vegas,

Box 5: folder 3
National planning conference,

Box 5: folder 4
National planning meetings,

Box 5: folder 5
Local - Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg/Greenpoint (NWWG)

General: brochure, and letterhead, letter of agreement with NCNW,
1986, undated

Box 5: folder 6
Chronological files


Box 5: folder 7-13

Box 6: folder 1-2
Board of Directors

1989-94, undated

Box 6: folder 3
Minutes and agendas,
1991, 1994

Box 6: folder 4
By-laws: drafts and final version,
1988, undated

Box 6: folder 5

Community Resource Exchange,

Box 6: folder 6
Jan Peterson,
1990-91, undated

Box 6: folder 7
Contract contacts: lists and correspondence,

Box 6: folder 8
1989-95, undated

Box 6: folder 9
Mailing lists,
1988-94, undated

Box 6: folder 10
Local Advisory Board

1981-87, undated

Box 6: folder 11-13
Membership list,

Box 6: folder 14
Task Forces,
1983-85, undated

Box 6: folder 15-17
Local Planning Committee,
1986, undated

Box 7: folder 1
Neighborhood Women's Renaissance,
1990-93, undated

Box 7: folder 2-3

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Housing and tenants]

Policies and procedures,
1983, undated

Box 7: folder 4
Publicity contacts,
1986, 1993, undated

Box 7: folder 5
circa 1986-92, undated

Box 7: folder 6
Training, Institute of Cultural Affairs,
1984, undated

Box 7: folder 7



1989-94, undated

Box 7: folder 8
Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Program,

Box 7: folder 9-14
WEEA: application,

Box 7: folder 15
Resources: lists,
1986-92, undated

Box 8: folder 1

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Resource Center]

1983-93, undated

Incoming correspondence and printed material,
1984-94, undated

Box 8: folder 2-3
Interviews with NWWG staff by Mary Belenky: transcript,

Box 8: folder 4
Unidentified notes,
1983-94, undated

Box 8: folder 5

Lists and biographical profiles

Box 8: folder 6-9
Correspondence and memoranda: general,
1978-88 undated

Box 8: folder 10

[See also General chronological file]

Logs and reports,

Box 8: folder 11-19

1977-87, undated

Box 9: folder 1-5

Box 9: folder 6-7
General assembly,

Box 9: folder 8
Staff meetings,
1975-88, undated

Box 9: folder 9-17
Staff retreats,

Box 9: folder 18-22

Box 9: folder 23
Office procedures,

Box 9: folder 24

Job descriptions

Box 10: folder 1
Personnel policies: minutes, memoranda, drafts, notes, and printed material

Box 10: folder 2-11

[See also National Steering Committee]

Salaries and benefits

Box 10: folder 12-15
Staff newsletter

Box 11: folder 1
Staff support group

Box 11: folder 2

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Leadership-Support groups]

Training and development workshops

Box 11: folder 3-7

Amigo, Lanny

Box 11: folder 8
Austermiller, Judy

Box 11: folder 9
Belenky, Mary

Box 11: folder 10

[See also Local-Miscellaneous for Interviews with NWWG staff by Mary Belenky]

Burns, Lisel (Leadership Coordinator)

Subject files

Baltimore consultation

Box 11: folder 11
"Bringing HABITAT Home" campaign

Box 11: folder 12
Cambridge, MA

Box 11: folder 13
Chicago WES (Women for Economic Security) Conference

Box 11: folder 14
Cirillo, Marie

Box 11: folder 15
Citiworks meeting

Box 11: folder 16
Dissertation proposal

Box 11: folder 17
ECCO-Training resources

Box 11: folder 18

Box 11: folder 19
Ford project,

Box 11: folder 20
Forums Set 1 1989-National Report

Box 11: folder 21

Box 11: folder 22

Box 11: folder 23
HERG overview

Box 11: folder 24

Box 11: folder 25
Housing Options for Women (conference)

Box 11: folder 26-27

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing]

Institute for Living Democracy

Box 11: folder 28


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]

Brooklyn Women's Speakout

Box 12: folder 1
Forging a National Alliance with International Linkages

Box 12: folder 2
Grameen Bank-USA-"Reciprocal Responsibility"

Box 12: folder 3

Box 12: folder 4
In Another Way

Box 12: folder 5
ICA materials

Box 12: folder 6
ICA Portugal trip-

Box 12: folder 7
Ied Guinee

Box 12: folder 8

Box 12: folder 9
Yolaine Armand-Haiti

Box 12: folder 10

Box 12: folder 11
Leadership training


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Leadership]

General: correspondence, meetings, and notes

Box 12: folder 12-16
Training materials

Box 12: folder 17-23
Training sessions,

Box 13: folder 1-8
Regional forums

Box 13: folder 9-18
Learning Alliance Forum

Box 14: folder 1
McLaughlin, Peggy

Box 14: folder 2
Martin, Terrence

Box 14: folder 3

Box 14: folder 4-6
Ms. Foundation

Box 14: folder 7


Box 14: folder 8
National Planning Committee

Box 14: folder 9
Strategic plan

Box 14: folder 10

Box 14: folder 11

Box 14: folder 12
Staff meeting

Box 14: folder 13
Statistics USA,

Box 14: folder 14
Stoneman, Dorothy

Box 14: folder 15
Stony Pt. Institute Planning Retreat,

Box 14: folder 16
Unitarian Universalism Partners

Box 14: folder 17
Washington Delegates Meeting,

Box 14: folder 18
Woman/Housing Conference

Box 14: folder 19
Women for Economic Security

Box 14: folder 20
Women's Community Development Institute

Box 14: folder 21
Women's International Day Platform

Box 14: folder 22
Woodland County Land Trust

Box 14: folder 23
Youthbuild Coalition

Box 14: folder 24
Charlop, Simone

Box 15: folder 1
Cincotta, Gail

Box 15: folder 2
Cirillo, Marie

Box 15: folder 3-7
Cooper, Lois

Box 15: folder 8
Edwards, Rita Morgan

Box 15: folder 9
Fava, Maria

Box 15: folder 10
Feit, Rona

Box 15: folder 11
Fisher, Sally

Box 15: folder 12-16
Frazier, Louise

Box 15: folder 17
Gilkey, Bertha

Box 15: folder 18-20

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing and tenants]

Giordano, Ann

Box 15: folder 21-24
Grey, Linda

Box 16: folder 1-2
Haywoode, Terry

Box 16: folder 3
Jonda, Judy

Box 16: folder 4

Box 16: folder 5
Lowe, Sandy

Box 16: folder 6
Morelli, Gina

Box 16: folder 7
Moresco, Ginger

Box 16: folder 8
Mufson, Susan

Box 16: folder 9
Noschese, Christine, Executive Director,


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Resource Center-Documentaries]



Oct 1974 - June 1978

Box 16: folder 10-19
July 1978 - May 1980

Box 17: folder 1-13

Box 17: folder 14-15
Subject files

Channel 13

Box 18: folder 1

"Ethnicity and the Media" by C. Noschese

Box 18: folder 2
Conference on the Educational and Occupational Needs of White Ethnic Women

Box 18: folder 3
Ethnic Studies Program

Box 18: folder 4

Box 18: folder 5
Family Protection Agenda

Box 18: folder 6
"Goat Story" by C. Noschese

Box 18: folder 7
Interview with C. Noschese: transcript,

Box 18: folder 8
Italian-American Conference

Box 18: folder 9
Neighborhood Foundation

Box 18: folder 10

Box 18: folder 11
Miscellaneous: notes

Box 18: folder 12-14
Pennington, Ashley

Box 18: folder 15
Peterson, Jan, Executive Director,
1975-77; 1980-

Biographical information

Box 18: folder 16
Chronological file


[See also Central chronological file and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]

1976 - Dec 1980

Box 18: folder 17-21
(circa 1980) - Sep 1981

Box 19: folder 1-8
undated 1982
(circa 1981)-

Box 20: folder 1-9
Jan 1983-14 Aug 1983

Box 21: folder 1-9
15 Aug 1983-18 Jan 1987

Box 22: folder 1-8
19 Jan 1987 - Oct 1990

Box 23: folder 1-9

(Jul 1987 - May 1989 missing)


Box 24: folder 1-4

[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-General and National Corporate Board-Reports]





Box 24: folder 5
Agenda for Dialogues

Box 24: folder 6
Battered women

Box 24: folder 7
Big Business Coalition

Box 24: folder 8
Bills - Vienna

Box 24: folder 9
Board and NSC

Box 24: folder 10

Box 24: folder 11
Co-host - National Conference on Women and Housing

Box 24: folder 12
Columbia University

Box 24: folder 13
Community Gospel Church

Box 24: folder 14
Conselyea St. Block Association

Box 24: folder 15

Box 24: folder 16
Emergency work

Box 24: folder 17

Box 24: folder 18
Greenpoint Hospital

Box 24: folder 19
Group dynamics course

Box 24: folder 20
Human Resources Administration (H.R.A.)

Box 24: folder 21-22

Box 24: folder 23

Box 25: folder 1-4
N.Y.C. Housing Authority

Box 25: folder 5
N.Y. State - Gail Shaffer

Box 25: folder 6
Needs assessments

Box 25: folder 7

Box 25: folder 8-9
Policy Advisory Council

Box 25: folder 10
Program goals - National

Box 25: folder 11
Program planning

Box 25: folder 12

Box 25: folder 13

Box 25: folder 14
Reports of staff

Box 25: folder 15
Speaking engagements,

Box 25: folder 16
Testimony - J.P. legal correspondence

Box 25: folder 17
Travel arrangements

Box 25: folder 18
U.S. Department of Labor

Box 25: folder 19
Warwick Retreat

Box 25: folder 20
"Women on the Move in Neighborhoods"

Box 25: folder 21
Quinn, Alice, co-Executive Director,

Chronological file

1977 - Apr 1983

Box 25: folder 22-24
May 1983 - Jul 1984

Box 26: folder 1-3

Box 26: folder 4
Reed, Rosemarie

Box 26: folder 5
Scanlon, Laura

Box 26: folder 6
Schilen, Sandy

Box 26: folder 7-9
Springer, Edith

Box 26: folder 10
Staton, Rebecca

Box 26: folder 11
Strickland, Sharon

Box 26: folder 12
Sutton, Crystal Lee

Box 26: folder 13
Williams, Dorothy

Box 26: folder 14
Wooten, Wanda

Box 27: folder 1-5


Box 27: folder 6
Engineer's report,

Box 27: folder 7
NY State Division of Housing and Urban Renewal,

Box 27: folder 8
Heat policy/controversy,

Box 27: folder 9-11
1978-79, 1986

Box 27: folder 12
Energy grants,

Box 27: folder 13-14
Energy grants, (continued)

Box 28: folder 1-5
Public relations


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Resource Center and publicity under specific programs]

Administration: correspondence and report,

Box 28: folder 6-9

Brochures and flyers

Box 28: folder 10-11

Box 28: folder 12

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Resource Center - NCNW; also subject files under specific programs; and OVERSIZED MATERIAL]

Press releases

Box 28: folder 13

Box 28: folder 14
General descriptions of NCNW,
1975-88, undated

Box 28: folder 15-19

Newsletters (incomplete run)



General: correspondence, meetings, proposals, and reports,

Box 29: folder 1-3
National Congress of Neighborhood Women Quarterly,

Box 29: folder 4
Neighborhood Woman,

Box 29: folder 5
Neighborhood Women,

Box 29: folder 6
Neighborhood Women Network News,

Box 29: folder 7-9
National Congress of Neighborhood Women Newsletter,
1983, 1985-86

Box 29: folder 10
Neighborhood Woman,
1990-91, 1995

Box 29: folder 11
Miscellaneous material for newsletters: clippings, artwork, drafts, and notes

Box 29: folder 12-17
Miscellaneous publications

Holiday letter,

Box 29: folder 18
"Remember Williamsburg-Greenpoint"

Box 29: folder 19
Training Sourcebook: flyer

Box 29: folder 20
Mailing lists

Box 29: folder 21-30




Box 30: folder 1
Information packet and blank membership forms

Box 30: folder 2

Box 30: folder 3-5
Membership forms, completed

Box 30: folder 6-17
Miscellaneous: notes and receipts

Box 30: folder 18
Central chronological file


[See also Local; Individuals; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]

1973 - Jun 1980

Box 30: folder 31
Jun 1980 - Jan 1984

Box 30: folder 32
Feb - Oct 1984

Box 30: folder 33
Nov 1984-11 Apr 1986

Box 30: folder 34
18 Apr - Aug 1986

Box 30: folder 35
Sep - Nov 1986

Box 30: folder 36
Dec 1986-19 Feb 1987

Box 30: folder 37
20 Feb-8 Mar 1987

Box 30: folder 38
9 Apr - May 1987

Box 30: folder 39
Jun 1987 - May 1989

Box 30: folder 40
Jun - Jul 1989, undated

Box 41: folder 1-2
General correspondence,
1975-87, 1992

Box 41: folder 3-12


Box 42: folder 1

Box 42: folder 2-3
Board of Education

Box 42: folder 4
Breakfast meetings

Box 42: folder 5-6
Brooklyn Legal Services

Box 42: folder 7
Brooklyn Union Gas Company

Box 42: folder 8
Bulk mailing

Box 42: folder 9

Box 42: folder 10

Box 42: folder 11

Box 42: folder 12
Church women luncheon

Box 42: folder 13-16
Community creativity

Box 42: folder 17
Community organizations

Box 42: folder 18

Box 42: folder 19
Corporation proposal

Box 42: folder 20
Directions to NCNW

Box 42: folder 21

Box 42: folder 22
Domestic/family violence

Box 42: folder 23-25
Eastern district

Box 42: folder 26
"ERA and Beyond"

Box 42: folder 27
Form letters

Box 42: folder 28-29
Greenpoint YMCA

Box 42: folder 30
Information requests

Box 42: folder 31

Box 42: folder 32
Italian-American Civil Rights League

Box 42: folder 33
J.P. Stevens

Box 42: folder 34
Koch goals

Box 42: folder 35
Local community issues

Box 42: folder 36
Local politicians

Box 42: folder 37

Box 42: folder 38-40
Miscellaneous meetings

Box 42: folder 41

Box 42: folder 42
National conference: Women organizers' discussion group,

Box 43: folder 1
National Italian-American Foundation

Box 43: folder 2
National organizing letters

Box 43: folder 3
National women leaders

Box 43: folder 4
Needs assessment questionnaire

Box 43: folder 5
Neighborhood development

Box 43: folder 6
New York City

Box 43: folder 7
New York State

Box 43: folder 8-18
"Next Step" awards

Box 43: folder 19
"Outstationed letters"

Box 43: folder 20
Policy Plus decision making

Box 43: folder 21

Box 43: folder 22-25
Politician's letters

Box 43: folder 26
Regional offices

Box 43: folder 27
Rutgers University

Box 43: folder 28
School Board Election

Box 44: folder 1
School Settlement Association

Box 44: folder 2
Small business development

Box 44: folder 3
Smith College (Archives list)

Box 44: folder 4

Box 44: folder 5
Thank you letters

Box 44: folder 6
U.S. Department of Labor

Box 44: folder 7
U.S. Department of Labor - National Women's Bureau

Box 44: folder 8
United States Mission to the United Nations

Box 44: folder 9
White House

Box 44: folder 10-11
Williamsburg/Greenpoint: statistics and information

Box 44: folder 12
Williamsburg/Greenpoint Planning Committee

Box 44: folder 13
Women in Politics (L.A.B. Task Force)

Box 44: folder 14
Women torture victims

Box 44: folder 15
Women's delegation

Box 44: folder 16


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS for funding of specific projects]


Correspondence and memoranda

Box 45: folder 1-4

Box 45: folder 5-8
circa 1977-86

Box 45: folder 9
Funding history: lists of funding sources,

Box 45: folder 10-14
Funding resources: lists and printed material

Box 45: folder 15


Box 45: folder 16
Profiles for rejected proposals

Box 45: folder 17-18
General funding proposals


Box 45: folder 19-21

Box 46: folder 1-19
1982-86, undated

Box 47: folder 1-10
Attachments for proposals: organization and program descriptions, histories, reports, publicity, and statistics

Box 47: folder 11-18

[See also Public relations- General descriptions of NCNW]

Funding agencies


Box 47: folder 19-21

Box 48: folder 1

[See also Housing Conference and NY DOE - CETA]

Apple Computer, Inc.

Box 48: folder 2
Aspen Institute

Box 48: folder 3
Association for Community Based Education

Box 48: folder 4

Box 48: folder 5

Box 48: folder 6
Board of Global Ministries

Box 48: folder 7
Campaign for Human Development

Box 48: folder 8-13
Carnegie Foundation

Box 48: folder 14
CHAKRA Systems

Box 48: folder 15
Chemical Bank

Box 48: folder 16
Church Women United

Box 48: folder 17
City Project

Box 48: folder 18
Community Service Society

Box 48: folder 19-25

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing]

Consumer Farmers Foundation

Box 48: folder 26
Control Data Corporation

Box 48: folder 27
Coro Foundation

Box 48: folder 28
Dorf and Stanton Foundation

Box 48: folder 29
Eastman Foundation

Box 48: folder 30
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

Box 48: folder 31
Eisenhower Foundation for the Prevention of Violence

Box 48: folder 32
Enterprise Foundation

Box 48: folder 33
Equitable Foundation

Box 48: folder 34
Environmental Education Project

Box 49: folder 1
Film Fund

Box 49: folder 2
Ford Foundation

Box 49: folder 3-4
Foundation Center

Box 49: folder 5-6
Fund for Human Dignity

Box 49: folder 7
Fund for the City of New York

Box 49: folder 8
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)

Box 49: folder 9-14
Fund for the Improvement (continued)

Box 50: folder 1-4
Gannett Foundation

Box 50: folder 5
German Marshall Fund

Box 50: folder 6

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]

Guggenheim Foundation

Box 50: folder 7
Hearst Foundation

Box 50: folder 8
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Box 50: folder 9-11
Irvine Foundation

Box 50: folder 12
J.M. Kaplan Foundation

Box 50: folder 13
Johnson Foundation

Box 50: folder 14
Joint Foundation

Box 50: folder 15
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation

Box 50: folder 16
Levi Strauss

Box 50: folder 17-18
Lillia Babbitt Hyde Foundation

Box 50: folder 19
Metropolitan Life

Box 50: folder 20
Miller, Maya

Box 50: folder 21
Morris Goldseker Foundation of Maryland, Inc.

Box 50: folder 22
Ms. Foundation for Women

Box 50: folder 23
National Child Labor Committee

Box 50: folder 24
National Community Funds

Box 50: folder 25
National Endowment for the Humanities

Box 51: folder 1
National Women's Education Fund

Box 51: folder 2
New Jersey

Box 51: folder 3
New York City-Community Development Agency

Box 51: folder 4-23

[See also SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS-Williamsburg/Greenpoint Community Planning Board]

New York City-Community Services Administration

Box 52: folder 1-16

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and economic development; Resource Center; and SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS-Center for Community Change]

New York City-Department of Employment-Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA)


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment]




Box 52: folder 17-19
1982-83, undated

Box 53: folder 1

Box 53: folder 2
Proposals and applications

Box 53: folder 3-7

Box 53: folder 8

Community Council of Greater New York: correspondence, meetings, notes, and printed material,
1977-82, undated

Box 53: folder 9-10
NCNW task force on CETA legislation: memorandum,

Box 53: folder 11
Task Force on CETA-CBO Coalition Building,

Box 53: folder 12
Conference on CBO's and CETA,

Box 53: folder 13

Box 53: folder 13-14

Box 54: folder 1-7
Legal cases

New York City Unemployment and Welfare Council v. The NCNW and Project Open Doors,

Box 54: folder 8
NCNW v. City of New York,


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-Project Open Doors]


Box 54: folder 9-10
Court documents,

Box 55: folder 1-8

Box 55: folder 9-10
1975-80, undated

Box 55: folder 11
Letters requesting support,

Box 55: folder 12
Demonstration: memoranda, notes, flyers, and songs,

Box 55: folder 13


Project Open Doors subcontractors: meetings, program descriptions, and correspondence,
1980, undated

Box 55: folder 14-15
Miscellaneous: printed material,
1979-80, undated

Box 55: folder 16-17
Job Training Partnership Act (JPTA)

General: correspondence, meetings, and contracts, (including material re: transition from CETA)

Box 56: folder 1-4
Legal case: correspondence, publicity, and petition,

Box 56: folder 5-6

Information Exchange workshop,

Box 56: folder 7
Conference on Welfare Reform,

Box 56: folder 8
Discretionary funds,

Box 56: folder 9-10
New York Community Trust

Box 56: folder 11
New York Council for the Humanities

Box 56: folder 12
New York State Community Action Program (CAP)

Box 56: folder 13
New York State Council for the Arts

Box 56: folder 14
New York State CSBG

Box 56: folder 15
New York State-Department of Social Services (DSS)

Box 56: folder 16-18
New York State-DSS

Box 57: folder 1-3
New York Times Foundation

Box 57: folder 4
Norman Foundation

Box 57: folder 5
North Star

Box 57: folder 6
Office of Economic Opportunity

Box 57: folder 7
Pfizer Foundation

Box 57: folder 8
Playboy Foundation

Box 57: folder 9
Presbyterian Church

Box 57: folder 10
Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Box 57: folder 11
Rockefeller Foundation

Box 57: folder 12


Satellite Program Development Fund

Box 57: folder 13
Scherman Foundation

Box 57: folder 14
Scientists' Institute for Public Information

Box 57: folder 15
Skaggs Foundation

Box 57: folder 16
Stern Foundation

Box 57: folder 17
United States Department of Labor

Box 57: folder 18
United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Program (FEMA)

Box 57: folder 19-26
Urban Crime Prevention Program

Box 57: folder 27
Vincent Astor Foundation

Box 58: folder 1

Box 58: folder 2
Volunteer Urban Consulting Group, Inc.

Box 58: folder 3
Volunteer Demonstration Program

Box 58: folder 4
Windum Fund

Box 58: folder 5
Women's Education Equity Act Program (WEEA), US Dept of HEW

Box 58: folder 6-14

Support services

General: proposal,

Box 59: folder 1


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Education; Employment-Employment and Training Program- Family Child Care Provider Training; Youth programs-"You Can Community School"]

General: correspondence, lists, and printed material,
1980-87, undated

Box 59: folder 2
Proposal (Neighborhood Child Care Network),

Box 59: folder 3
Edu-Care Center: correspondence, regulations, and form,

Box 59: folder 4
Tot lot,

Box 59: folder 5

NCNW Resource and Directory Guide,

Box 59: folder 6
Childcare providers: lists

Box 59: folder 7
Child development and safety

Box 59: folder 8
Child abuse

Box 59: folder 9
Non-Sexist Child Development Project (Women's Action Alliance project)

Box 59: folder 10
Play Streets

Box 59: folder 11
Counseling and referral


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Education-College Program; Employment-Job Development; and Leadership]

General: descriptions, and proposal,

Box 59: folder 12-13
Correspondence and memoranda,

Box 59: folder 14

Box 59: folder 15

Box 59: folder 16

Box 59: folder 17-19
Social Work interns


Box 59: folder 20
Columbia University

Box 59: folder 21

Box 59: folder 22
Hunter College

Box 59: folder 23
New York University

Box 59: folder 24-26
Stony Brook (SUNY)

Box 59: folder 27-29
Counselor training,

Box 59: folder 30
Community and economic development

Women in Neighborhoods Project

General: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, proposals, and printed material,

Box 60: folder 1-2

Correspondence and notes

Box 60: folder 3
Questionnaires, forms, form letters, and project descriptions

Box 60: folder 4
List of survey participants

Box 60: folder 5
Conference, Washington, D.C.,


Box 60: folder 6-9
Conference packet: program, memoranda, brochures, and printed material

Box 60: folder 10
Conference papers

Box 60: folder 11-13
Report ("Neighborhood Women: Putting It Together"): published report, brochure, summary, drafts, notes, and printed material,

Box 60: folder 14-22
Women in Poverty Project


General: proposals, brochure, project summaries, reports, timelines, and budget,

Box 61: folder 1-5
Job descriptions

Box 61: folder 6
1980-82, undated

Box 61: folder 7
Dutchess County primary contact list,

Box 61: folder 8
Meetings: minutes,
1980-82, undated

Box 61: folder 9
Advisory board

Box 61: folder 10-11
Area policy board

Box 61: folder 12-13
Newspaper clippings,

Box 61: folder 14

Box 61: folder 15

Box 61: folder 16
Miscellaneous printed material

Box 61: folder 17
Unidentified notes,

Box 61: folder 18
Planning conferences: agendas, correspondence, publicity, and notes,

Box 61: folder 19-21
Dutchess County Exit Audit Conference: minutes,

Box 61: folder 22
Phase I (Information gathering)


Community Action Agencies (CAA): correspondence, drafts, and research material

Box 61: folder 23
Community Action Programs (C.A.P.): lists, correspondence, and responses

Box 61: folder 24-26
Training manual

Box 61: folder 27-28
Phase II (Training)

General: conference summaries, planning, registration, and financial,

Box 62: folder 1-4
Conferences: agendas, correspondence, invitations, contacts, registration, financial, lists, and notes,

South Bronx

Box 62: folder 5-14
Rockland County

Box 62: folder 15-19
S.C.O.P.E., Glasboro College, N.J.

Box 62: folder 20-27
P.E.A.C.E., Syracuse

Box 62: folder 28
Essex County

Box 62: folder 29-32
Puerto Rico

Box 62: folder 33-34
Virgin Islands

Box 62: folder 35
National Resource and Policy Analysis Center, Washington, D.C.



General: histories, descriptions, and lease,

Box 63: folder 1
Correspondence and memoranda,

Box 63: folder 2-3
Planning: correspondence, meetings, notes, and miscellaneous,
1979-80, undated

Box 63: folder 4-15
Proposals, applications, and correspondence,

Box 63: folder 16-19

Box 64: folder 1
Staff logs,

Box 64: folder 4
Workshop: flyer

Box 64: folder 5

Box 64: folder 6-8

Beacon College

Box 64: folder 9
Housing Task Force: Memoranda and report,

Box 64: folder 10
Resources: A Neighborhood Compendium,

Box 64: folder 11

Box 64: folder 12-14
Community Development Institute

First Institute (Planning for "Dialogue")

Box 64: folder 15-24
Annual Institute proposal and drafts,
1990, undated

Box 65: folder 1-3
Annual Summer Institutes on Women and Community Development, Grailville, Ohio,

Box 65: folder 4-12
Subject files: articles and printed material

Box 65: folder 13
Dialogues on Community Development and Female Poverty

General: proposals, summaries, correspondence, printed material, and notes,
1983-84, undated

Box 65: folder 14-21
New York State Dialogues

Pawling: program, forms, background, and follow-up correspondence,

Box 66: folder 1-3
Syracuse: agenda, correspondence, publicity, and background,
1984-88, undated

Box 66: folder 4-5
Planning meetings,

Box 66: folder 6
Local programs (demonstration district): correspondence, lists, and community objectives,
1985, undated

Box 66: folder 7
Community Services Block Grant Program,

Box 66: folder 8
Feminization of Poverty Hearings,


[See also Leadership - National training - Syracuse]

General: publicity, schedules, registration material, correspondence, and minutes,

Box 66: folder 11-13
Hearings: transcripts,

Box 66: folder 14-16

Writings by NCNW,
1983-84, undated

Box 66: folder 17
NY State: reports and statistics,
1984, undated

Box 66: folder 18-19
National: reports and statistics,
1981-84, undated

Box 66: folder 20
Legislation pertaining to women,
1978, 1983-84

Box 66: folder 21
General : papers, reports, articles, clippings, printed material, and notes

Box 66: folder 22-25
Conference: "Women in Community Development: Forging a National Alliance with International Linkages" (co-sponsored by Overseas Education Fund),


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-International]


Box 67: folder 1
Planning: meetings and notes

Box 67: folder 2-3
Invitations: correspondence and mailing lists

Box 67: folder 4
Conference packet

Box 67: folder 5

Box 67: folder 6
Subject files

Community development

General: printed material

Box 67: folder 7
Women in community development: printed material

Box 67: folder 8
Articles and papers

"Community Development: Visions and Strategies," by Susan Saegert

Box 67: folder 9
"The Emerging Women-in-Development Movement," by Rona F. Feit

Box 67: folder 10
"Factors Which Enhance the Participation of Women in Urban Neighborhood Social Life," by Sandra Schoenberg and Irene Dabrowski

Box 67: folder 11
"Mapping Community Capacity," by John. L. McKnight

Box 67: folder 12
"Organizing Women: Gender, Class and Community Organizations," by Susana T. Fried

Box 67: folder 13
"A Report of the Monitors: A Citizen's Panel Looks at HUD's Community Development Strategies Evaluation"

Box 67: folder 14
"Research Needs and Guidelines on Women's Issues: Planning, Housing and Community Development," by Jacqueline Leavitt

Box 67: folder 15
Economic development

General: printed material

Box 67: folder 16

"Economic Development as if Women Mattered," by Sara Gould

Box 67: folder 17
"The Economic Justice Issue: The Community Development Position of the NCNW"

Box 67: folder 18
"The Impact of the World Economic Crisis On Women in the U.S. Discussion Paper: The Social-Cultural Sector," by Rona F. Feit

Box 67: folder 19
"Neighborhood Women's Agenda for Economic Development in New York State," by Ronnie Feit

Box 67: folder 20
"Problems Poor and Working Class Women Have with 'Economic Development," by Ronnie Feit

Box 67: folder 21
"Recommendations for a Research Design to Study the Underground Economic Activities of Women in Williamsburg/Greenpoint," by Rachel B. Pfeffer

Box 67: folder 22
"Sustainable Human Development and Economic Growth," by Denis Benn

Box 67: folder 23
"Women and Enterprise," by June A. Sekera

Box 67: folder 24
"Women: The Fifth World," by Elise Boulding

Box 67: folder 25
Female poverty


"The Social Change Issue of Women and Poverty," by Karen Vanderborgh

Box 67: folder 26
"Welfare and Self-Employment," by Kathryn Keeley

Box 67: folder 27
"Welfare Mothers Earn Their Way," by Theresa Funiciello

Box 67: folder 28
"Women, Faith, and Economic Justice," edited by Jackie M. Smith

Box 67: folder 29
"Women in Poverty: A Challenge To CED," by Sara Gould

Box 67: folder 30


Publicity: flyers, articles, and descriptions

Box 68: folder 1
1978-88, undated

Box 68: folder 2-4
Education committee: correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, and agenda materials,
1977-79, undated

Box 68: folder 5-8
Education Project Board: correspondence, minutes, and notes,

Box 68: folder 9
1980-84, undated

Box 68: folder 10-11

Box 68: folder 12-14
Funding: correspondence, proposals, and budget,

Box 68: folder 15-25
Job descriptions and resumes

Box 69: folder 1-2
Miscellaneous: notes and printed material

Box 69: folder 3
Curriculum development: correspondence, proposals, papers, minutes, schedules, course descriptions, and resources,
1975-87, undated

Box 69: folder 4-13
Course materials: syllabi, study guides, reading lists, and handouts,
1974-77, undated

Box 69: folder 14-17
Course evaluations,
1985-87, undated

Box 69: folder 18
College Program


Publicity: flyers, articles, newsletter, and miscellaneous descriptions,
1975-84, undated

Box 69: folder 19-22

"College for Neighborhood Women," by Terry Haywoode,

Box 69: folder 23
"College Model," by Jan Peterson,

Box 69: folder 24
"College Program," by Laura Scanlon,

Box 69: folder 25
"Planning to Meet the Needs of Women...," by Haywoode & Scanlon,

Box 69: folder 26
"Knowledge, Skill & Power:...," by Staton, Haywoode, Giordana, and Peterson,

Box 69: folder 27

Box 69: folder 28

Box 69: folder 29
Schools and programs

Carroll Gardens College Program: publicity, description, and questionnaire; correspondence, meetings, reports, contract, schedules, and notes,
1978-81, undated

Box 70: folder 1-11


Ridgewood/Bushwick: correspondence and description,
1979-86, undated

Box 70: folder 12-13
Pittsburgh Sister School,

Box 70: folder 14
Williamsburg-Greenpoint-Northside Colloquium: proposals and descriptions,

Box 70: folder 15
Women Studies College,

Box 70: folder 16
Empire State College: correspondence, and program descriptions

Box 70: folder 17
Hunter College,

Box 70: folder 18

[See also Counseling-Social Work interns]

LaGuardia Community College program

General: program descriptions and printed material,

Box 70: folder 19

Box 70: folder 20

Box 70: folder 21
Policies "battle": correspondence, statements, and publicity,

Box 70: folder 22
Meetings with coordinators of Off-Campus Programs: minutes and course proposal,

Box 70: folder 23
Brooklyn Public Library: survey, report, and correspondence,

Box 70: folder 24
Old Westbury (SUNY)

Box 70: folder 25
Association for Community Based Education (ACBE): correspondence and conference material,

Box 70: folder 26-27
Students: commencements, reunion, student organizations, statistics, and lists,

Box 71: folder 1-12
Adult Education


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-World of Work; Housing and tenants-Public housing tenants training; and Youth-You Can School]

General: schedule,

Box 71: folder 13
Board of Education: correspondence and printed material,

Box 71: folder 14

Adult literacy,
1986-87, undated

Box 71: folder 15
ESL students,
1988-89, undated

Box 71: folder 16

Box 71: folder 17
Community Education Resource Center (CERC): correspondence and printed material,

Box 71: folder 18-19

"Knowledge for Whom? Education as Culture Shock,"

Box 71: folder 20
National Training Institute

Correspondence and programs,

Box 71: folder 21-22
Publicity, proposals, reports, lists, financial, and planning materials,

Box 72: folder 1-16
Resources and subject files

Area colleges

Box 72: folder 17
Community Education Project

Box 72: folder 18

Box 72: folder 19
Miscellaneous education resources

Box 73: folder 1

Box 73: folder 2
Training materials, general

Box 73: folder 3-8
Women in education

Box 73: folder 9


Meetings (early planning): minutes, notes, (includes Employment, Leadership, Counseling, and Education planning)

Box 74: folder 1

Community Job Assistance Project,

Box 74: folder 2
Comprehensive Employment Opportunity Support Center,
circa 1988

Box 74: folder 3
Women in Apprenticeship,
circa 1977

Box 74: folder 4

Box 74: folder 5
School Settlement Association: correspondence, reports, subcontractors, personnel practices, and notes,
1976-79, undated

Box 74: folder 6-14
Project Open Doors


[See also SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS-Women's Funding Coalition; and SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Development-NYC-CETA]

General: contract, correspondence, and financial,

Box 74: folder 15-21
General (continued): meetings, reports, staff, and procedures,
1978-81, undated

Box 75: folder 1-19
Publicity and publications: correspondence, press statements, descriptions,brochure, articles, newsletters, and manuscript ("Those Women")

Box 75: folder 20-26
Participating organizations (subcontractors)



General: lists, evaluations, field representatives, and form

Box 76: folder 1-6
Asian American Women's Communication Network

Box 76: folder 7
Bronx Household Technicians

Box 76: folder 8
Brooklyn in Touch

Box 76: folder 9
Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts

Box 76: folder 10
Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Women

Box 76: folder 11

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Education]

Committee to Aid Women in Crisis

Box 76: folder 12
Community Cable Center of Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill

Box 76: folder 13-15
The Council of Asian American Women

Box 76: folder 16
Creative Women's Collective

Box 76: folder 17
Downtown Welfare Advocacy Center

Box 76: folder 18
Feminist Health Works

Box 77: folder 1-2
The Foundation for the Community of Artists

Box 77: folder 3-6
Graphic Help Project

Box 77: folder 7-8
Health Right

Box 77: folder 9
Hope for Youth

Box 77: folder 10
Jane Addams Center

Box 77: folder 11
Midmarch Associates

Box 77: folder 12

Box 77: folder 13
National Gay Task Force

Box 77: folder 14
National Organization for Women

Box 77: folder 15-19
New York Feminist Federal Credit Union

Box 78: folder 1
New York Women Against Rape

Box 78: folder 2
Project Greenhope

Box 78: folder 3-6

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment and Training Program]

Publishing Training Institute for Women (Majority Report)

Box 78: folder 7

Box 78: folder 8
Thirteenth Moon

Box 78: folder 9
Union Center for Women

Box 78: folder 10
Village Visiting Center

Box 78: folder 11
Women in the Trades

Box 78: folder 12
Women Make Movies

Box 78: folder 13
Women Office Workers

Box 78: folder 14
Women's Action Alliance

Box 78: folder 15
Women's Center, Brooklyn College

Box 78: folder 16
Women's Experimental Theatre

Box 78: folder 17
Women's Interart Center

Box 78: folder 18
Women's Liberation Center of New York

Box 78: folder 19
Women's Martial Arts Center

Box 78: folder 20
Women's Martial Arts Union

Box 78: folder 21
Women's Survival Space

Box 79: folder 1

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Women's Survival Space]

Youth Action Program

Box 79: folder 2
Workshops and events

Alternatives for Women conference: agenda, publicity, correspondence, and evaluations,

Box 79: folder 3-5
Job Assistance workshop: publicity,

Box 79: folder 6
Job Fair: agenda and publicity,

Box 79: folder 7
Women's Funding Course: descriptions, proposal, correspondence, registration, budget, questionnaires, evaluations, and course material,

Box 79: folder 8-17

[See also SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS-Women's Funding Coalition]

World of Work conference: agenda, publicity, correspondence, and planning materials,

Box 79: folder 18-21
World of Work conference (continued): questionnaires, registration, publicity, budget, handouts, and miscellaneous,

Box 80: folder 1-5
P.O.D Reunion: publicity, budget, planning materials,

Box 80: folder 6
Miscellaneous: certificates of appreciation,

Box 80: folder 7
Job Development Program



Box 80: folder 8-10

[See also Project Open Doors]

CETA contract

Box 80: folder 11
Financial: budget and expenses

Box 80: folder 12

Box 80: folder 13

Box 80: folder 14-15
Publicity: articles, statement, drafts for brochure and newsletter, business cards

Box 81: folder 1

Box 81: folder 2-3
Staff: lists, manual, and activity logs,

Box 81: folder 4-23
Resources: forms, form letters, referrals, and printed material

Box 81: folder 24-29
Projects and services

Job clubs (Self-initiative employment project): proposals, correspondence, report, notes, and article,
circa 1980-81

Box 81: folder 30-34
Non-traditional Employment for Women (Women's Action Alliance program): proposal, correspondence, newsletter, printed material, workshop material, and resources,
1979-82, undated

Box 82: folder 1-9
VISTA Volunteers Recruitment Plan,

Box 10

Neighborhood analysis: correspondence, memoranda, notes, publicity, report, questionnaires, and background,
1978-80, undated

Box 82: folder 11-14
Job Market analysis: report, notes, and statistics,
circa 1979-85

Box 82: folder 15-16
Workshops and courses

General: questionnaire

Box 83: folder 1
Career planning course ("How to get the Job of your Dreams"),

Box 83: folder 2
Census takers (recruitment and hiring),

Box 83: folder 3-5
Fundraising workshop, Bank Street College,

Box 83: folder 6
Fundraising workshop,

Box 83: folder 7
Job factory

Box 83: folder 8
Job Finding and Holding workshop,

Box 83: folder 9
Job Search workshop: correspondence, questionnaire, evaluation form, course outlines, handouts, forms, and notes,

Box 83: folder 10-20
Postal workers training,

Box 83: folder 21
Video workshop,

Box 83: folder 22
Employment and Training Program

General: descriptions, correspondence, meetings, planning material, funding material, and reports,
1981-83, undated

Box 84: folder 1-14

[See also Job Development-General]

Publicity: flyers

Box 84: folder 15
Bus Shelters (Project Greenhope): correspondence and proposals,

Box 84: folder 16-19

[See also Project Open Doors-Subcontractors]

Training programs

Childcare provider training: correspondence, proposals, notes, and course materials

Box 85: folder 1-4

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Support services]

Control Data Institute: correspondence, contract, proposal, policies, and printed material

Box 85: folder 5-8
Taylor Business Institute: correspondence, contract, policies, and printed material

Box 85: folder 9-10
World of Work

Box 85

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Women's Public Works; and Public Housing Tenants Training]

General: publicity, descriptions, correspondence, reports, staff, and miscellaneous drafts and notes,
1985-87, undated

Box 85: folder 11-16
Course materials: agendas, forms, and handouts,

Box 85: folder 17-18

Bank Street School,

Box 85: folder 19-25
Public Housing districts,

Box 85: folder 26-28

[See also Housing and tenants-Public housing tenants training]



[See also Resource Center]

Job Club

Box 86: folder 1
Job development

Box 86: folder 2-4

Box 86: folder 5
The Nuts and Bolts of N.T.O [ Non-Traditional Occupations]

Box 86: folder 6
N.Y.S. Department of Commerce

Box 86: folder 7
Recruitment and Training Program (RTP)

Box 86: folder 8

Box 86: folder 9
TAP Centers (testing and placement)

Box 86: folder 10
Training programs

Box 86: folder 11-12
United Neighborhood Houses - Job Development Program

Box 86: folder 13
Women's employment programs

Box 86: folder 14
WomanSpace-Career Counseling

Box 86: folder 15
Work in America Institute

Box 86: folder 16

Box 87: folder 1-7
Training materials and manuals

Box 87: folder 8-10
Housing and tenants


Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation-Neighborhood Women's Inter-generational Housing Project


[See also ORGANIZATIONS-St. Nicholas Preservation and Housing Rehabiliatation Corp.; and Williamsburg/Greenpoint Community Planning Board]


Box 88: folder 1
Administration: proposals, reports, by-laws, contracts, finances, fundraising, regulations,
1984-1993, undated

Box 88: folder 2-17
Planning: correspondence, meetings, petitions, architects, construction, homeless, miscellaneous notes and drafts,
1983-91, undated

Box 88: folder 18-25


Resources and miscellaneous,
1983-90, undated

Box 88: folder 26
Habitat for Humanity: printed material, report, correspondence, meeting, and miscellaneous,
1985-86, undated

Box 88: folder 27-32

[See also International]


Housing as a Tool for Economic Development, St. Louis,

Box 89: folder 1

[See also Tenants-Bertha Gilkey]

Housing Options for Women (H.O.W.), Camden, NJ,


[See also International-HABITAT; SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-National Planning Conference, 1986; and SERIES IV. PHOTOGRAPHS]


General: articles, reports, printed material, and correspondence,

Box 89: folder 2-3
National Planning Committee: correspondence, meetings, finances, and miscellaneous,

Box 89: folder 4-16
Conference Advisory Boards,

Box 90: folder 1-2
International Planning Committee, correspondence, and meetings

Box 90: folder 3

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): correspondence, proposal, grant, and report

Box 90: folder 4-5
United Nations Center for Human Settlements (Habitat) - HOW

Box 90: folder 6
Camden Urban Women's Center

Box 90: folder 7
N. J. State Department of Community Affairs Women's Division

Box 90: folder 8
Meetings by Design - Linda Brouard

Box 90: folder 9
Participants: correspondence, application, lists, and miscellaneous information

Box 90: folder 10-12
Pre-conference mailing to participants

Box 90: folder 13
Publicity: goals, brochure, letterhead, and press releases

Box 90: folder 14-18
Publicity (continued): film plans, and PR consultant

Box 91: folder 1-2
Co-Sponsors : correspondence and application responses

Box 91: folder 3-5
Mailings: brochure, bio request, and forms

Box 91: folder 6-8
Local arrangements

Box 91: folder 9-10

Box 91: folder 11-13

Conference packet

Box 91: folder 14
Keynote speakers

Box 91: folder 15
Entertainment: Sweet Honey in the Rock

Box 91: folder 16
Registration cards

Box 92: folder 1-2

General: correspondence, meetings, mailings, reports, and drafts,

Box 92: folder 3-9
"Count me in" mailings: replies and summary

Box 92: folder 10

Box 92: folder 11
GROOTS: printed material and report,

Box 92: folder 12-13
Film Documentary with Susan Hamoritch

Box 92: folder 14

[See also Publicity]


Box 92: folder 15
Financial: correspondence, receipts, budgets, contributions, bills, and account information

Box 92: folder 16-22
Subject files

Papers (by NCNW staff and others)

"The Administration and the Older Tenant in Continued Occupancy," by Melvin Stepman

Box 93: folder 1
"At Home in the USA: Why Housing is Every Woman's Issue," by Leslie Kanes Weisman

Box 93: folder 2
"Background Paper on Single Parent Family Proposal," by Sharon Lauer

Box 93: folder 3
"Housing Displacement and Women," by Jean Peterman

Box 93: folder 4
"Housing, Business and Women's Organizations," by Joan Forrester Sprague

Box 93: folder 5
"Neighborhood Women Look at Housing," by Ronnie Feit and Jan Peterson

Box 93: folder 6
"Neighborhood Women's Agenda for Housing in New York State," by Ronnie Feit

Box 93: folder 7
"Neighborhood Women's Agenda for Economic Development in New York State," by Ronnie Feit

Box 93: folder 7
"Public Housing: What is Happening in Public Housing in the United States Today," author unknown

Box 93: folder 8
"Time for Action to Meet Women's Shelter Needs," by Ied Guinee

Box 93: folder 9
"Woman-Made America: The Case of Early Public Housing Policy," by Eugenie Ladder Birch

Box 93: folder 10
Brochure: "Our Practices: Women, Homes, and Community Super Coalition" (photocopy)

Box 93: folder 11
McAuley Institute: correspondence and printed material

Box 93: folder 12
Report: "Building and Dwelling on Women's Terms"

Box 93: folder 13
Report: "Problems of Homeless Women"

Box 93: folder 14
Summary: "Women and Housing: A Training Programme"

Box 93: folder 15
Testimony: "Women and Housing"

Box 93: folder 16

Box 93: folder 17
Miscellaneous: printed material, and statistics

Box 93: folder 18-20
Public housing tenant programs


Community Service Society: organization, NCNW partnership, papers, printed material, proposals, contracts, and reports,
1984-88, undated

Box 94: folder 1-17
Community Service Society (continued): correspondence, meetings, finances, technical assistance, resources, and miscellaneous,
1985-89, undated

Box 95: folder 1-20
New York City Housing Authority

General: history, status of projects, report, NCNW agreement, proposal, reports, correspondence, and financial,
1984-87, undated

Box 96: folder 1-10
Procedures and regulations,
1980-86, undated

Box 96: folder 11-15
Tenants and management: individual cases, tenant patrol, and tenant participation training manual
1983-87, undated

Box 96: folder 16-19
1986-87, undated

Box 96: folder 20
Employment specialist, Jesus Lorenzo: correspondence, memoranda, notes, publicity, and miscellaneous,
1986-87, undated

Box 96: folder 21-22
Public housing reports,

Box 96: folder 23
Tenant training and organizing


[See also Employment and Women's Public Works]

General: concept proposal, report,
1986, undated

Box 97: folder 1-2
Bertha Gilkey

General: correspondence and proposals,
1984-88, undated

Box 97: folder 3-5
Training model,
1985-86, undated

Box 97: folder 6
Model communities

Cochran Gardens (St. Louis),
1985, undated

Box 97: folder 7
Clarksdale (Louisville, Kentucky),
1985, undated

Box 97: folder 8
Lakeview Terrace (Ohio),
1984-85, undated

Box 97: folder 9
Miscellaneous notes,

Box 97: folder 10
Training schedules,

Box 97: folder 11
Meetings: agendas, attendance, minutes, publicity, tenant association elections, training sessions, leases, survey, evaluations, and miscellaneous,
1984-85, undated

Box 97: folder 12-20
Public Housing Training Conference (Wash D.C.),

Box 97: folder 21
Resources: printed material,
1986, undated

Box 97: folder 22
1984-86, undated

Box 97: folder 23
Mildred Johnson (?): miscellaneous materials,
1983-85, undated

Box 98: folder 1
Education and job training (Education and Employment Readiness Training program and (Jobs for the Future),
1985-86, undated

Box 98: folder 2-4
Other trainings,
1984-86, undated

Box 98: folder 5-9
Williamsburg/Greenpoint Federation of Public Housing Developments

General: correspondence, report, funding application, and by-laws, consultant, job descriptions, and memoranda,
1985-88, undated

Box 98: folder 10-16
Steering committee,

Box 98: folder 17
Board of Directors,

Box 98: folder 18
Melanie Beale (Coordinator): correspondence, contact lists, forms, newsletter, publicity, and notes,
1986-88, undated

Box 98: folder 19-24
Melanie Beale (continued): reports, students' work, time sheets and schedules, subject files, and miscellaneous,
1983-89, undated

Box 99: folder 1-15
1985-88, undated

Box 99: folder 16

Awards Dinner,

Box 99: folder 17
"Voices of Wisdom" Celebration and History of Five Black Women Leaders,

Box 99: folder 18

Box 99: folder 19
1986-88, undated

Box 99: folder 20
1985-88, undated

Box 100: folder 1-4

Area Policy Board elections,

Box 100: folder 5
Getting involved politically,

Box 100: folder 6

Box 100: folder 7
Voter registration: correspondence, lists, minutes, and Board of Elections registrations,

Box 100: folder 8-9
Tenant screening and NYCHA work requests,
1986-87, undated

Box 100: folder 10-11
Tenant associations

Borinquen Plaza correspondence, lists, minutes, notes, and petitions,
1982-88, undated

Box 101: folder 1-4

Box 101: folder 5
Cooper Park

Box 101
General: map, newsletter, and clippings,
1986-87, undated

Box 101: folder 6-8
Administration: proposal, constitution, contracts, Executive Board, Advisory Committee, and finances,
1985-87, undated

Box 101: folder 9-14
Community Center,
1988, undated

Box 101: folder 15
1983-88, undated

Box 101: folder 16
circa 1984

Box 101: folder 17

Box 101: folder 18
Maintenance requests,

Box 101: folder 19

Box 101: folder 20

Box 101: folder 21
Tenant Patrol and Welcome Wagon Committee,
1988, undated

Box 101: folder 22


Box 101: folder 23
Crack and Parents on Crack,

Box 101: folder 24

Box 101: folder 25
Independence House,

Box 101: folder 26
Williamsburg Houses,

Box 101: folder 27
East Harlem



East River,
1985, undated

Box 101: folder 28
James Weldon Johnson,
1984-86, undated

Box 101: folder 29
Wagner House,

Box 101: folder 30
Tenants Association Organization of East Harlem

General: project summary, applications, proposals, correspondence, and meetings,
1993-96, undated

Box 101: folder 31-39
Recognition awards night,
circa 1996

Box 101: folder 40
Subject files

Community Outreach Partnership program,

Box 102: folder 1
Contacts and organizations,

Box 102: folder 2
Day Care,

Box 102: folder 3
Earned Income Disregards,

Box 102: folder 4
Form letters,

Box 102: folder 5

Box 102: folder 6
Housing court,
1986, undated

Box 102: folder 7
Housing unit staff initiatives,

Box 102: folder 8
1978, 1995, undated

Box 102: folder 9-11
Institution for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Box 102: folder 12
Newspaper clippings,

Box 102: folder 13
Office of Employment Services,

Box 102: folder 14
Ownership transfer project,

Box 102: folder 15
Proprietary lease,

Box 102: folder 16
Rent control,

Box 102: folder 17
Tenants rights,

Box 102: folder 18
1983-93, undated

Box 102: folder 19-20

General: descriptions, publicity, and correspondence,
1982-87, undated

Box 102: folder 21-22
GROOTS (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood)

Chronological file: correspondence, memoranda, agendas, minutes, and notes,

Box 102: folder 23-24
Publicity: newsletter, articles, flyers, and memorabilia,
1989-96, undated

Box 102: folder 25-26

Box 102: folder 27
Planning Committee,

Box 102: folder 28

[See also Madras, India conference, below]

GROOTS Task Force International (GTFI) (includes International Planning Committee for Madras conference)

Meetings: agendas and minutes,

Box 102: folder 29
Outreach: correspondence, questionnaires, and mailing lists,

Box 103: folder 1-2
International Women's Conference, Madras, India: publicity, report, correspondence, and planning committee,

Box 103: folder 3-6
GROOTS "local country forums": reports, publicity, drafts


Box 103: folder 7
South Asia and South Pacific

Box 103: folder 8
Latin America

Box 103: folder 9

Box 103: folder 10
Planning for Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China,

Box 103

[See also United Nations]

"Search for university"

Box 103: folder 11
"Platform for Action-USA GROOTS" (Caroline Pezzulo),

Box 103: folder 12
"Women, Homes, and Community Building" (workshop),

Box 103: folder 13
"Alt2-WID Meeting,"

Box 103: folder 14
"Economic Reform and Gender Analysis" (panel paper): correspondence, drafts, printed material,

Box 103: folder 15-16
"TCDC proposal,"

Box 103: folder 17
Unidentified papers and drafts

Box 103: folder 18
United Nations


Chronological file: correspondence, memoranda, and printed material,
1982-91, undated

Box 104: folder 1-2
Application for consultative status,

Box 104: folder 3-5
UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

Box 104: folder 6-7
UN Decade for Women

World Conference on the UN Decade for Women,

Box 104: folder 8
New York Regional Conference for Women,

Box 104: folder 9
New York City Symposium on Women and Development, Hunter College: program, background, proposal, goals, correspondence, meetings, registration and invitations, mailing lists, and printed material,

Box 104: folder 10-20
UN Decade for Women Conference, Nairobi, Kenya,

Pre-Nairobi Strategy Conference,

Box 105: folder 1
Pre-Conference Consultation on the 1985 Conference: reports, and correspondence,

Box 105: folder 2-3
Preparation materials,
1975, 1984-85, undated

Box 105: folder 4-5
Nairobi Forum: reports, applications, publicity, applications, and miscellaneous,

Box 105: folder 6-8
Conference follow-up

Beyond Nairobi (National Women's Conference Committee),

Box 105: folder 9
NCNW follow-up,

Box 105: folder 10
Equity 2000: Meeting the Nairobi Challenge,

Box 105: folder 11

"International Women's Decade and Beyond (meeting): printed material, notes, and correspondence,

Box 105: folder 12
UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women: printed material

Box 105: folder 13
Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China,


Box 105: folder 14-15
NGO Planning Committee,

Box 105: folder 16
Preparation materials,

Box 105: folder 17-18
GROOTS and NCNW planning: general, task force, report, tent, and miscellaneous,
1994-95, undated

Box 105: folder 19-23

[See also GROOTS]

HABITAT International


[See also Housing-Conferences]

General: correspondence, reports, and publicity,

Box 106: folder 1-2
"Bringing HABITAT Home" campaign

Box 106: folder 3
HABITAT II: report, and printed material,
circa 1995

Box 106: folder 4-6
International Year of the Shelter for the Homeless,

Box 106: folder 7
Miscellaneous meetings and conferences

Women and Power (5th National Women in Crisis Conference),

Box 106: folder 8
Women and Shelter conference, Vienna,

Box 106: folder 9-10
Women in Development meeting: notes, and printed material,

Box 106: folder 11
Miscellaneous printed material

Box 106: folder 12


Box 106: folder 13
Boulding, Elise: article

Box 106: folder 14
European study trips (Italy, Poland, Germany),

Box 106: folder 15-17
German Marshall Fund

Box 107: folder 1-3

[See also Netherlands-Ied Guinee]

Grassroots Initiatives and Strategies (GRIS) conference,

Box 107: folder 4
India (includes Working Women's Forum)

Box 107: folder 5-6

Box 107: folder 7-8

Box 107: folder 9
Latin America

Box 107: folder 10
Mobility International

Box 107: folder 11
National Conference on Women, The Economy and Public Policy,

Box 107: folder 12
Netherlands (includes Ied Guinee)

Box 107: folder 13-16

Box 107: folder 17
Operation Crossroads

Box 107: folder 18
Overseas Education Fund (OEF)

Box 107: folder 19
Percy Amendment

Box 107: folder 20

Box 107: folder 21

Box 107: folder 22

[See Oversized material]


Box 107: folder 23
Tree Project,

Box 107: folder 24
Trickle Up Program, Inc.,

Box 107: folder 25

Box 107: folder 26
"Women in the City" (OECD conference),

Box 107: folder 27
World Bank/IMF ("Fifty Years is Enough"),

Box 107: folder 28




Goals and objectives,
1983-84, undated

Box 108: folder 1
Interview with Jan Peterson and Bertha Gilkey,

Box 108: folder 2
Publicity: printed material, drafts, and notes,
1981-83, undated

Box 108: folder 3

Project abstracts and proposals,
1980-84, undated

Box 108: folder 4-13

Box 108: folder 14-22
Staff: job descriptions, profiles, meetings, work plans, lists, memoranda, notes, and questionnaires,

Box 109: folder 1-9
Affiliate leaders,
1980-84, undated

Box 109: folder 10
1981-83, undated

Box 109: folder 11
Training materials: models, manual, guidelines, handouts, charts, drafts, printed material, and notes,
1983-93, undated

Box 109: folder 12-18

[See also Support groups]

Local training

Leadership Training Course, New York City,

General: correspondence, minutes, and memoranda

Box 110: folder 1

Box 110: folder 2-10

Box 110: folder 11-13
"Be Yourself and More" video project: draft script, budget, and release forms

Box 110: folder 14-16


Miscellaneous: printed material and drafts,
1979, undated

Box 110: folder 17-18
Leadership Training, New York City,

General: descriptive correspondence, meetings, applications (completed), and participant lists

Box 110: folder 19-21
Trainings: agendas, notes, handouts, and lists

Box 110: folder 23-26
City-wide leadership support group/network

Box 110: folder 27-28
Leadership Skills Training Series,

Box 110: folder 29
Williamsburg-Greenpoint Neighborhood Women's annual leadership retreats


Box 111: folder 1-24

Box 112: folder 1-7
Neighborhood Women Spring Leadership Training Day,

Box 112: folder 8
Miscellaneous: notes, drafts, and printed material,
1981-84, undated

Box 112: folder 9
National training

General: description and meetings,
1981, undated

Box 112: folder 10-11
National Leadership Training Conference,

Box 112: folder 12
National Leadership training and support group,

Box 112: folder 13-22
Network/Leadership program, Rapid City, SD,

Box 112: folder 23
National Leadership Conference, Washington, DC,

Box 112: folder 24
Leadership training, Harlingen, TX,

Box 112: folder 25
National Leadership Training Forum, Douglaston, NY,

Box 112: folder 26-32
National Leadership Training Forum, Douglaston, NY (continued),

Box 113: folder 1-16
Regional conferences,

Box 113: folder 17
New York State Neighborhood Women's Leadership Training, Albany,

Box 113: folder 18-26
New York State Neighborhood Women's Leadership Training, Albany (continued),

Box 114: folder 1-15
Minneapolis training: agenda,

Box 114: folder 16
Women Reshaping Communities conference, Syracuse,

Box 114: folder 17-23

[See also Community and economic development]

National Leadership Training, Brooklyn,

Box 114: folder 24-28
National Leadership Training, Brooklyn, NY (continued),

Box 115: folder 1-5
Leadership Training Seminar, Vermont,

Box 115: folder 6
International Leadership training: Institute,

Box 115: folder 7
Leadership support groups

1981, undated

Box 115: folder 8-11
Manuals and guidelines,
1981, undated

Box 115: folder 12-14

Box 115: folder 15
Mentor circles questionnaire,

Box 115: folder 16
Williamsburg-Greenpoint Support Group,

Box 115: folder 17-19

Box 115: folder 20
Subject files

1976-84, undated

Box 115: folder 21-25
Workshops given by other organizations,

Box 115: folder 26-27
Resource Center

General: publicity, descriptions, guide, brochures, lists, and proposals,
circa 1978, undated

Box 116: folder 1-5
Administration: correspondence, meetings, reports, job descriptions, schedule, budget, and miscellaneous notes,
circa 1978-81, undated

Box 116: folder 6-12
Documentation projects


[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION -Development-WEEA; Leadership video (funded by WEEA); and SERIES V. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS]

Douglass St. Productions (NCNW orientation tape): correspondence and budget,

Box 116: folder 13
"Ethnic Women as Community Leaders" (Ethnic Heritage Project/Cultural Exchange Project): proposals, description, meetings, report, background, and notes,
1977-80, undated

Box 116: folder 14-20
"Metropolitan Avenue" film project: proposal, agreement, correspondence and flyer,

Box 116: folder 21-23
"Working Class Women Changing Their World": description,

Box 116: folder 24
Networking: affiliates form,

Box 116: folder 25

[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Membership; and Public relations]

Speakers bureau: publicity,

Box 116: folder 26


[See also "Resources" under other programs]

Audiovisual material: list, guidelines, and resources

Box 116: folder 27-29



Box 116: folder 30
Bulletin board: flyers and posters

Box 117: folder 1-3
Community service directories (local)

Box 117: folder 4-5
Resources and subject files: clippings, articles, printed material, and unpublished papers

"Baby M" case (surrogate motherhood)

Box 117: folder 6
Battered women

Box 117: folder 7-10

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Women's Survival Space]

Black History Month

Box 117: folder 11
Brooklyn: facts, figures, local history, and maps

Box 117: folder 12-14
Budgeting (workshop)

Box 117: folder 15
Business Management


Box 117: folder 16-18
"Your Community as Marketplace¼" by NCNW

Box 117: folder 19

Box 118: folder 1-2

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Support services]



[See also NCNW]

"Expanding Working Class Participation in Women's Conferences" by Shelley Messing

Box 118: folder 3
"Women Against Women: Middle-Class Bias in Feminist Literature" by Terry L. Haywoode

Box 118: folder 4
Untitled by Maria Giordano

Box 118: folder 5
Community development

Box 118

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and Economic development-Subjects]

Disability: "A Few Words on Being Blind" by Charlotte Singer

Box 118: folder 6

Dialogue on Diversity: A New Agenda for American Women,

Box 118: folder 7
"Women in Planning: Do the Numbers Really Matter?" by Jacqueline Leavitt

Box 118: folder 8
Economic development

Box 118

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and economic development-Subjects]


Box 118

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Education-Resources]


Box 118: folder 9-15

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-Resources and subject files]


"Changing Needs of Ethnic Women in Higher Education," by Laura Polla Scanlon

Box 118: folder 16
"Dancing the Giglio: An Italian- American Tradition Viewed by Two Generations of Women"

Box 118: folder 17
"Ethnic Women and the Media," by Christine Noschese

Box 118: folder 18
"Irish, Italian, and Jewish Women at the Grassroots Level: An Historical and Sociological Perspective," by Kathleen McCourt

Box 118: folder 19
"Moving Out While Staying Put: Poor Irish Women's Perspectives on Personal Change and Transformation," by Anne T. Rath

Box 118: folder 20
Family: articles by Elise Boulding and others

Box 118: folder 21
Grassroots fundraising

Box 118: folder 22-24
Grassroots organizing

"Direct Action Organizing: A Handbook for Women"

Box 118: folder 25
"A Guide on Networking and Interchange for Grassroots Women," by Barbara B. Stern

Box 118: folder 26
"How to Include Women Effectively in Your Efforts To Revitalize Neighborhoods," flyer by NCNW

Box 118: folder 27

Box 119: folder 1
Homemakers: "The Martha Movement"

Box 119: folder 2

Box 119

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing and tenants--Subject files]


Box 119: folder 3

Box 119

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Leadership-Resources and Subject files]

Legal rights

Box 119: folder 4

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Miscellaneous projects-Legal project]

Library manuals

Box 119: folder 5-6

Clippings and flyers

Box 119: folder 7
"Paper: untitled," by Ied Guinee

Box 119: folder 8
"The Systems," a story by Darlene McCullough

Box 119: folder 9
Mothers and daughters: "The Parable of the Mothers and Daughters," by Florence Rush

Box 119: folder 10
NCNW [See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Public relations; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and economic development-Subjects]

"The Development of Working-Class Feminism as a Social Movement as Exemplified by the National Congress of Neighborhood Women"

Box 119: folder 11
The Economic Justice Issue, The Community Development Position of the NCNW

Box 119: folder 12

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and Economic development- Subject files]

"I Fight for Everything I Get, And Everything I Get I Fight For...," by Catherine Herman and Marie Leanza

Box 119: folder 13
"National Congress of Neighborhood Women: Community Uplift Through the Emerging Voice of Women in Poverty," by Janice Peterson and Anne E. Hunter

Box 119: folder 14
"Women and Neighborhoods: A Case History," by Maria Fava

Box 119: folder 15
"The Women of Williamsburg: A Report on the National Congress of Neighborhood Women," by Carol Brightman

Box 119: folder 16
New York City: clipping and report

Box 119: folder 17-18
New York State


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Community and economic development-Dialogues; and Hearings]

General: printed material

Box 120: folder 1
Economic development

Box 120: folder 2
State Assembly Task Force on Women's Issues

Box 120: folder 3
NYS Division for Women

Box 120: folder 4
Women's Issues Task Force, United Way

Box 120: folder 5

General: printed material

Box 120: folder 6
NYC politics: clippings

Box 120: folder 7
"Women's Politics: A Wholistic View"

Box 120: folder 8
"The Women's Vote Project: An Evaluation," by Ethel Klein

Box 120: folder 9
Poverty and welfare


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS - Community and Economic development-Subject files]

General: clippings

Box 120: folder 10
"Building Bridges: Women and Economic Justice" (conference)

Box 120: folder 11
"Public assistance notes"

Box 120: folder 12
Senior citizens information booklet by NCNW

Box 120: folder 13
Sexual assault: "Research and Public Hearings Report," NYS Assembly,

Box 120: folder 14

Box 120: folder 15
Statistics on women

Box 120: folder 16

Box 120

[See SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing and tenants--Subject files]


Box 120: folder 17
Women and philanthropy

Box 120: folder 18
Women's Fair: "Fact Sheets" on women's resources

Box 120: folder 19
Women's rights

General: clippings and printed material

Box 120: folder 20
"ERA and Beyond," flyer by NCNW

Box 120: folder 21
National Women's Conference, Houston,

Box 120: folder 22
"National Women's and Women's Rights Organizations," by US Commission on Civil Rights

Box 120: folder 23
"An Overview of the Women's Movement," by Gloria Steinem

Box 120: folder 24
"The Women's Movement Must Reclaim the Lost Terrain of Life," by Rasa Gustaitis

Box 120: folder 25
"Women's Movements and Social Transformations in the Twentieth Century," by Elise Boulding

Box 120: folder 26
Working class women

Box 120

[See Class issues]

Women's Public Works


Publicity: newsletter,

Box 121: folder 1
Background and goals,

Box 121: folder 2-3
1985, undated

Box 121: folder 4

Box 121: folder 5-9
Abt Associates: correspondence, meetings, and miscellaneous,

Box 121: folder 10-14
Management Information Services (MIS): correspondence and printed material

Box 121: folder 15-16
Forms, form letters, instructions, and flyers

Box 122: folder 1-6

Box 122: folder 7-8
Proposals and background material

Box 122: folder 9-16
Work plan and revised budget,

Box 122: folder 17

NCNW to Rockefeller Foundation,

Box 123: folder 1-8
Management Information Systems (Abt Associates),

Box 123: folder 9-13
Management Information Systems (continued): form count and monthly status reports, and miscellaneous,
1984-86, undated

Box 124: folder 1-3

Box 124: folder 4
Consultant (Simone Charlop)

Box 124: folder 5
Staff: job descriptions

Box 124: folder 6

Box 124: folder 7
Women's Survival Space (Center for the Elimination of Violence in the Family)

General and miscellaneous,
1977-79, undated

Box 125: folder 1

Box 125: folder 2
Board: correspondence, meetings, and lists,
1977-79, undated

Box 125: folder 3
Early planning/Mayor's Task Forces,

Box 125: folder 4

Box 125: folder 5
Policies and procedures,
1979, undated

Box 125: folder 6
1977-78, undated

Box 125: folder 7

Box 125: folder 8

Box 125: folder 9
1977, undated

Box 125: folder 10
New York State Dept. of Social Services: application for state approval,

Box 125: folder 11
1977, undated

Box 125: folder 12
Youth Programs

Multi-cultural Youth Action program: paper,

Box 126: folder 1
North Brooklyn Consortium for Adolescent Services,

Box 126: folder 2-4
"Raising Children is a Community Thing," Lisel Burns,

Box 126: folder 5
Summer Youth programs

Summer Youth Fun,

Box 126: folder 6-8
Summer Youth Employment Program (Youth Corps)

Box 126: folder 9-10
Teen Pregnancy program (PRIMA): proposals,

Box 126: folder 11-12

[See also You Can School]

You Can Stand on Your Own Two Feet Community School,



General: publicity, and newspaper clippings

Box 126: folder 13

Box 126: folder 14

Box 126: folder 15

Box 126: folder 16
Curriculum planning and schedules

Box 126: folder 17

Starting Fresh with the Environmental Education,

Box 126: folder 18
Teen pregnancy prevention,

Box 126: folder 19
Theatre Company,

Box 126: folder 20
Database project,

Box 126: folder 21
Four Step Program (S.T.E.P.: Summer Training and Education Program)

Box 126: folder 23-25
Resources: articles on youth employment

Box 126: folder 26
Miscellaneous projects

The Corner Store: report, correspondence, forms, and miscellaneous,

Box 127: folder 1
Displaced homemakers project,

Box 127: folder 2-5
Legal Project,

Box 127: folder 6-12
Worker-owned Cooperative for the Production of Hand-woven Fabrics: proposals, correspondence, printed material, and notes,

Box 127: folder 13
Miscellaneous conferences


[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Annual meetings and conferences; conferences under specific PROGRAMS; and [SERIES III. ORGANIZATIONS]

General: conference and workshop schedule,

Box 127: folder 14
Community-Based Alternatives and Women in the Eighties (with Women's School of Planning and Architecture),

Box 127: folder 15
Educational and Occupational Concerns of White Ethnic Women,

Box 127: folder 16
Housework Conference,

Box 127: folder 17
Neighborhood Platform Conference for Community Women,

Box 127: folder 18
Neighborhood "Speakout": Women's Changing Roles in the Family and Community,

Box 127: folder 19
Women's Empowerment: Creating Economic Opportunities for Low-Income Women, Chicago,

Box 127: folder 20
Women's Organizing Conference,

Box 127: folder 21
Miscellaneous workshops

Anti-rape workshop,

Box 127: folder 22
Business and marketing course,

Box 127: folder 23

Box 127: folder 24
1982, undated

Box 127: folder 25
1975, undated

Box 127: folder 26
Miscellaneous: flyers,
1980-82, undated

Box 127: folder 27
Miscellaneous events

Bicentennial celebration,

Box 128: folder 1
Dinner dance awards nights,
1977, 1979

Box 128: folder 2-4
Film screenings,
1980-82, undated

Box 128: folder 5
Housewarming party,

Box 128: folder 6
Labor Theatre,

Box 128: folder 7

[See also Oversized material]

New York Stars basketball game,

Box 128: folder 8
Open House: guestbook,

Box 128: folder 9
10th Anniversary: "Resolution¼," by NY State Legislature,

Box 128: folder 10
General: event planning information and flyers,

Box 128: folder 11-12

Ad Hoc Coalition on Neighborhoods: printed material,

Box 129: folder 1
Alternatives for Women: printed material,

Box 129: folder 2
American Association of University Women, Families and Work Project: journal, memo, and printed material,

Box 129: folder 3
American Friends Service Committee ("Women in the Work Force"): printed material, and newsletter,

Box 129: folder 4
American Planning Association: correspondence, newsletters, clippings, and pamphlets,

Box 129: folder 5
Amnesty International USA, Guatemala Coordination Group: correspondence,

Box 129: folder 6
Association of Junior Leagues: correspondence, newsletters, and printed material,

Box 129: folder 7
Association of Neighborhood Housing: correspondence,

Box 129: folder 8
Barnard College Women's Center: correspondence,

Box 129: folder 9
Bank Street College of Education: newsletters and correspondence,

Box 129: folder 10
Be Concern Project: printed material,

Box 129: folder 11
Bio-Regionalists: meeting notes,

Box 129: folder 12
Bronx Neighborhood Women,

Box 129: folder 13
Brooklyn College Women's Center,
1974-84, undated

General: correspondence, article, newsletter, printed material, and minutes

Box 129: folder 14
Crisis Center: correspondence and proposal

Box 129: folder 15
Peer counseling: proposal

Box 129: folder 16
Conference: "Women, Culture, and Change: Bridge to a New Era": printed material, reports, miscellaneous, and flyers

Box 129: folder 17
Brooklyn Community Board Conference: correspondence, article, program, and printed material,

Box 129: folder 18

[See also Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board]

Brooklyn Educational & Cultural Alliance (BECA): correspondence, clippings, and printed material,
1985-86, undated

Box 129: folder 19
Brooklyn in Touch: bills, budgets, contracts, correspondence, notes, and printed material,
1980-90, undated

Box 129: folder 20

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-Project Open Doors]

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation: minutes, financial, reports, memoranda, and printed material,

Box 129: folder 21-22

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Miscellaneous projects-Legal project; SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Subject files]

Brooklyn Women's Network: correspondence, members list, and minutes,

Box 129: folder 23
Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Women: correspondence, form, news article, and printed material,

Box 130: folder 1

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Education-College Program; and Employment-POD]

Catholic Guardian Society: annual reports, brochure, and correspondence,

Box 130: folder 2
Center for Community Change: correspondence, forms, memos, and printed material,

Box 130: folder 3
Center for Neighborhood Technology: brochure,

Box 130: folder 4
Center for Population Activities: printed material,

Box 130: folder 5
Center for Public Advocacy Research, City Women for City Service Project: report,

Box 130: folder 6
Center for Self-Reliant Education: correspondence,

Box 130: folder 7
Center for the Study of Women and Society: flyer,

Box 130: folder 8
Center for Women Policy Studies: notes and printed material,

Box 130: folder 9
Child Care, Inc.: correspondence, newsletters, and printed material,
1984-86, undated

Box 130: folder 10
Clearwater: correspondence and newsletters,

Box 130: folder 11
Coalition on Women's Health and Sexuality: conference programs,

Box 130: folder 12
Colorado Women's Agenda: newsletter, brochures, and correspondence,

Box 130: folder 13
"Comadres: Women Empowering Women Through Support and Social Action": flyer,

Box 130: folder 14
Community Development Credit Unions: advertisements, handbooks, clippings, notes, drafts, and printed material,
1983-84, undated

Box 130: folder 15
Community Renewal Society: correspondence,

Box 130: folder 16
Conselyea Street Block Association (and Education Action Center):

General: cards, meeting announcement, minutes, notes, programs, and report

Box 130: folder 17
Project Giant Step: applications, drafts, forms, flyers, and printed material

Box 130: folder 18
Consumer Law Training Center: brochure, correspondence, and flyer,

Box 130: folder 19
The Council of Churches of the City of New York, "Repairing the Breach, ": correspondence and printed material, 1984

Box 130: folder 20
Dolci Task Force: correspondence, flyers, newsletters, and printed material,

Box 130: folder 21
Eastern Women's Center: flyer,

Box 130: folder 22
Education Center for Community Organizing: budgets, correspondence, flyers, minutes, notes, and report,
1983-84, undated

Box 130: folder 23
Emergency Alliance for Homeless Families and Children: correspondence,

Box 130: folder 24
Families for Action: correspondence and articles,
1978, undated

Box 130: folder 25
Family Focus Conference, "National Family Resource Forum": brochures, journals, newsletters, and printed materials,

Box 130: folder 26
Friends of Woodhull: correspondence,

Box 130: folder 27
Girl Scouts of America Conference, "Women are History: Minority Women, Past, Present, Future": correspondence and printed material,

Box 131: folder 1
"The Governor's Conference on Families": flyer,

Box 131: folder 2
Greater Ridgewood Historical Society: printed material,

Box 131: folder 3
Green Party-Institute for Social Ecology conference: brochures, correspondence, journals, meeting notes, newsletters, paper drafts, and printed material,
1983-85, undated

Box 131: folder 4-7
Greenpoint-Williamsburg Coalition of Community Organizations


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-General-School Settlement Association]

General: correspondence, flyers, notes, and printed material,
1977-84, undated

Box 131: folder 8
Women's Caucus: memo and membership list,

Box 131: folder 9
Greenpoint-Williamsburg District Cabinet (Office of Neighborhood Services, City of New York): meeting notes,

Box 131: folder 10
Guernsey Street Block Association: correspondence, flyers, meeting notes, and printed material,

Box 131: folder 11
HealthRight: correspondence, project reports, and printed material,

Box 131: folder 12-13

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-POD]

Holistic Conscientious Center: correspondence proposals, surveys, and printed material,
1982, undated

Box 131: folder 14
Human Services Forum: correspondence and printed material,

Box 131: folder 15
In Our Own Way: correspondence and printed material,

Box 131: folder 16
Institute for Community Economics: correspondence, clippings, newsletters, and printed material,

Box 131: folder 17
International Women's Year (IWY) (includes New York State Women's Meeting),

Box 132: folder 1-3
Jewel Street Neighbors Block Association: correspondence and printed material,

Box 132: folder 4
Learning Alliance - Options for Education and Action: meetings,

Box 132: folder 5

[See also SERIES I. ADMINISTRATION-Individuals -Lisel Burns]

Lutheran Settlement House: brochures, correspondence, reports, and printed material,
circa 1978-86

Box 132: folder 6
Manhattan Coalition of Area Policy Boards: printed material,

Box 132: folder 7

[See also Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board No. 1]

Mass Transit Street Theater: correspondence,

Box 132: folder 8
Mayor's Task Force on Rape: articles, brochures, correspondence, meetings, notes, and printed material,

Box 132: folder 9

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Women's Survival Center]

Mountain Women's Exchange: correspondence, and printed material,

Box 132: folder 10
Ms. "Decade of Women": printed material,

Box 132: folder 11
National Advisory Committee on Women (for National Women's Conference, Houston, correspondence and report, 1978

Box 132: folder 12

[See also National Women's Conference Committee]

National Alliance of Community Based Organizations (NACBO): brochure,

Box 132: folder 13
National Association of Neighborhoods:

General: correspondence, meeting notes and minutes, newsletters, proposals, reports, speeches, and printed material,
1977-83, undated

Box 133: folder 1-4
5th National Conference, Pittsburgh: notes, resolutions, and printed material,
Apr. 1977

Box 133: folder 5
6th National Conference, Chicago: correspondence, meeting notes, reports, proposals, and printed material,
October 1977

Box 133: folder 6
Women's Caucus: correspondence, news article, and notes,

Box 133: folder 7
National Displacement Committee: correspondence and printed material,

Box 133: folder 8
Financial: budgets, correspondence, and printed material

Box 133: folder 9
Mailing lists

Box 133: folder 10

Box 133: folder 11
National Association of Social Workers: correspondence and printed material,

Box 134: folder 1
National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise: correspondence,

Box 134: folder 2
National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs: correspondence,

Box 134: folder 3
National Citizen's Coalition for the Windfall Profits Tax: correspondence,

Box 134: folder 4
National Coalition of Organizations Committed to Neighborhoods: minutes,

Box 134: folder 5
National Commission on Neighborhoods: correspondence, drafts, papers, and printed material,
1977-78, undated

Box 134: folder 6
National Committee on United States-China Relations, Inc.: printed material,

Box 134: folder 7
"National Conference for Developing Local Private-Public Enterprises": correspondence and printed material,

Box 134: folder 8
"National Conference on Citizen Participation,"

Box 134: folder 9-10
National Consultation on Economic Justice for Women Who Are Poor": newsletters, notes, and printed material,

Box 134: folder 11
National Council for Research on Women: printed material,

Box 134: folder 12
National Forum on the Black Family, "From Our Strengths": report,

Box 134: folder 13
National Hispanic Women's Network: directory,

Box 134: folder 14
National Italian American Foundation: correspondence,

Box 134: folder 15
National Low Income Housing Coalition: correspondence, newsletters, photograph, and printed material,
1978-80, undated

Box 134: folder 16
National Neighborhood Coalition: agenda, correspondence, clippings, notes, proposals, and printed material,

Box 134: folder 17
National Organization for Women: correspondence and flyers,
1979, undated

Box 134: folder 18

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-P.O.D.]

The National Urban Coalition: news article,

Box 134: folder 19
National Women's Agenda Coalition (Women's Action Alliance): budgets, meeting notes, and papers,

Box 134: folder 20
National Women's Conference Committee,

Box 135: folder 1-2

[See also National Advisory Committee]

National Women's Political Caucus: correspondence, newsletter, and printed material,
1985-87, undated

Box 135: folder 3
Neighborhoods and Communities Political Action Committee: correspondence and printed material,
1984, undated

Box 135: folder 4
Network, The Monthly for Utah's Working Women: newspaper,

Box 135: folder 5
New Jersey State Division on Women: brochures, correspondence, and printed material,
1985-87, undated

Box 135: folder 6
New York City Commission on the Status of Women: correspondence, flyers, newsletters, notes, programs, reports, and printed material,

Box 135: folder 7
New York Feminist Federal Credit Union: minutes,

Box 135: folder 8

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment- POD]

New York Network: correspondence and printed material,

Box 135: folder 9
New York State Campaign for Abortion Rights: brochures, notes, and printed material,
1981-82, undated

Box 135: folder 10
New York State Division for Women: correspondence,

Box 135: folder 11
New York State Task Force on Women's Issues: report,

Box 135: folder 12
New York State Tenant and Neighborhood Coalition: correspondence and article

Box 135: folder 13
New York Women's Coalition: minutes, notes, and survey,
1977, undated

Box 135: folder 14

[See also Women's Funding Coalition; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-P.O.D.]

North Brooklyn Arts Council: flyers, program, and printed material,
1981, undated

Box 135: folder 15
Not In Our Name: flyer,

Box 135: folder 16
Ohio Women, Inc.: printed material,

Box 135: folder 17
People for Ethnic Action and Cultural Exchange (PEACE)/McCarren Park Multi-Ethnic Festival: correspondence and printed material,
1974-76, undated

Box 135: folder 18
People's Firehouse: correspondence, flyers, clippings, newsletters, proposals, and printed material,
1978-88, undated

Box 135: folder 19
Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance: printed material,

Box 135: folder 20
Queens Women Advocates: flyer,

Box 135: folder 21
Redistribute America Movement: articles, notes, printed material, and correspondence,
1981-82, undated

Box 135: folder 22
Rural Development Leadership Network: printed material,

Box 135: folder 23
St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation and Housing Rehabilitation Corporation


[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing]


Box 135: folder 24
Monthly reports,
1984-85, undated

Box 135: folder 25
Annual Reports,

Box 136: folder 1
Housing Staff Meetings,
1984-85, undated

Box 136: folder 2
"Red Lining,"

Box 136: folder 3
Greenline: newspapers and other materials,
1978-85, undated

Box 136: folder 4-5
Miscellaneous: notes, programs, proposals, and printed material,
1977-85, undated

Box 136: folder 6
Summer Institute in Women's History for Leaders of Women's Organizations: correspondence and printed material,

Box 136: folder 7
TRANET: correspondence and printed material,

Box 136: folder 8
Tucson Women's Collective: flyer,

Box 136: folder 9
United Tradeswomen: draft by-laws,

Box 136: folder 10
Urban Women Society, Inc: flyer,

Box 136: folder 11
Westside Women's Center: correspondence,

Box 136: folder 12
Wider Opportunities for Women, Inc.: correspondence,

Box 136: folder 13
Williamsburg Community Corporation: monthly reports,

Box 136: folder 14
Williamsburg Council of Services Agencies: correspondence, minutes, newsletters, and printed material,
1976-77, undated

Box 136: folder 15
Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board No. 1 (City of New York)



Box 136: folder 16

Box 136: folder 17
Board meetings,

Box 136: folder 18
Public hearings,

Box 136: folder 19
District manager,

Box 136: folder 20
Jan Peterson's applications for reappointment,

Box 136: folder 21
"Participation and representation in NYC's Community Board System" (report),

Box 136: folder 22
Financial: Budget committee and miscellaneous,

Box 136: folder 23
Miscellaneous: memoranda, printed material and lists,
1987, undated

Box 136: folder 24

Attendance committee: report

Box 137: folder 1
By-Laws Committee: report, by-laws, and miscellaneous

Box 137: folder 2
Education committee: correspondence

Box 137: folder 3
Greenpoint Hospital Homeless Shelter Select Committee: correspondence, resolution, and printed material,

Box 137: folder 4

[See also SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Housing]

Manhattan/Nassau Avenues Reconstruction Ad Hoc Committee

Box 137: folder 5
Parks and Recreation

General: correspondence, meetings, reports, notes, financial material, printed material, and miscellaneous

Box 137: folder 6-10

Operation Greenthumb / Street-tree planting

Box 137: folder 11
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Reconstruction Project

Box 137: folder 12

[See also Oversized material]

Bushwick Pools

Box 137: folder 13
Friends of Cooper Park

Box 137: folder 14

[See also Oversized material]

Friends of De Diego Park

Box 137: folder 15
Father Papieluszko Square

Box 137: folder 16
Friends of La Cabana Plaza

Box 138: folder 1
Lindsay Park

Box 138: folder 2
Marcy Playground

Box 138: folder 3
Friends of McCarren Park

Box 138: folder 4-5
McGoldrick Park

Box 138: folder 6
Friends of Met Pool

Box 138: folder 7
Site 5

Box 138: folder 8
Friends of Washington Square

Box 138: folder 9
Friends of Williamsburg Bridge Playground

Box 138: folder 10
Zindale Park

Box 138: folder 11
U.L.U.R.P. Committee:

Box 138: folder 12
Waterfront Committee

Box 138: folder 13
Women's Caucus

Box 138: folder 14
Youth Services Planning Committee

Box 138: folder 15
Williamsburg Coalition for Quality Housing (formerly Ad Hoc Committee for La Cabana Housing)

Box 138: folder 16-17
Area Policy Board

Box 138: folder 18-19
Williamsburg-Greenpoint Women's Political Action Alliance: correspondence, printed material, notes, photographs, meetings, mailing lists, and financial material,

Box 139: folder 1-7
Women, Inc.: printed material,

Box 139: folder 8
Women and Employment, Inc.: correspondence, mailing list, newsletter, and printed material,
1983, undated

Box 139: folder 9
Women and Mortgage Credit Project: correspondence, brochure, flyer, and printed material,
1980, undated

Box 139: folder 10
Women Employed "Salute to Working Women": program,

Box 139: folder 11
Women in Community Advocacy: manual,

Box 139: folder 12
Women in Crisis ("Dialogue on Pay Equity"),

Box 139: folder 13
Women of Many Voices: correspondence and mailing list,
1982-85, undated

Box 139: folder 14
Women Office Workers: printed material,

Box 139: folder 15
Women Pro Se, Inc.: flyers, misc., notes, poems, papers, reports, songs, and printed material,
1978-81, undated

Box 139: folder 16
Women United for a Better Chicago ("Women Safe Shelter" conference),

Box 139: folder 17
Women's Action Alliance: articles, correspondence, and notes,
1979-86, undated

Box 139: folder 18

[See also National Women's Agenda Coalition; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-P.O.D.]

Women's Development Corporation: correspondence, newsletters, memo, and printed material,
1979-80, undated

Box 140: folder 1
Women's Funding Coalition: correspondence, minutes, printed material,

Box 140: folder 2-3

[See also New York Women's Coalition; and SERIES II. PROGRAMS-Employment-P.O.D.]

Women's Housing Coalition: correspondence and printed material,

Box 140: folder 4
Women's Political Caucus of Brooklyn: correspondence, flyers, reports, and printed material,
1975-84, undated

Box 140: folder 5
Women's Project & Productions: newsletter, program, and printed material,
1991, undated

Box 140: folder 6
Working Women's Forum (India): greeting card,

Box 140: folder 7
Youth Action Program: correspondence,

Box 140: folder 8
circa 1970s-1990s

Individuals and groups (Includes Jan Peterson, Bertha Gilkey, Rosemary Jackson, Maria Rivera, and others)

Box 141: folder 1
Unidentified individuals

Box 141: folder 2
NCNW conferences and workshops

Alternatives for Women, NY (photos by Patricia Garrett)

Box 141: folder 3
National Training Institute (College Program conference),

Box 141: folder 4
Leadership Development and Support Training Program,

Box 141: folder 5
Neighborhood Women National leadership forum,

Box 141: folder 6
"Neighborhood Women Putting it Together": contact sheets,

Box 141: folder 7
Miscellaneous events, sites and scenes

CETA fight - march on Town Hall, March 7,


[See also Development-DOE, NYC]


Box 141: folder 8
Contact sheets and negatives

Box 141: folder 9
Ethnic Heritage Festival (?): contact sheets and negatives,
circa 1970s

Box 141: folder 10
Battered Women's Center; Carroll Gardens: contact sheets,
circa 1970s

Box 141: folder 11
Neighborhood scenes and Swinging Sixties senior center: contact sheets and negatives,
circa 1970s

Box 141: folder 12
You Can School graduation,

Box 141: folder 13
UN meetings with PNG, Kenya and NYC Institute/Exchange,

Box 141: folder 14
Unidentified events: contact sheets and negatives

Box 141: folder 15

Box 141: folder 16
Photographs used in NCNW publication, Neighborhood Women Putting it Together,

Box 142: folder 1
Photographs reproduced from Jan Peterson's albums

Album #1 includes "Brooklyn scenes, early NWWG and NCNW and family"

Box 142: folder 2-3
Album #2 includes "early international work, exchanges, and people such as Geraldine Miller, Sandy Schilen, Caroline Pezzulla, and others"

Box 142: folder 4
UNICEF, women working in Ethiopa,

Stock photographs

Box 142: folder 5
Slides and descriptions

Box 142: folder 6
circa 1976-1990s

Audiocassette tapes [Research copies]

"Rosalie Wysoboski," interview, part 1 {Founder, Italian American Women's Council}

Box 143: folder 1
"Rosalie Wysoboski," interview, part 2 (side A)

Box 143: folder 2
"Elizabeth Sporanza," interview (side B)

Box 143
"Elizabeth Sporanza's House - Film Meeting" {discussion of Ethnic Heritage film, senior citizen housing, daycare-Parent Advisory Committee, Cooper Park; cuts off on second side}

Box 143: folder 3
"Ethnic Heritage pre-production Meeting -Rosemary, Joan, Michael, Christine,"
24 Feb 1979

Box 143: folder 4
"Ethnic Heritage Pre-production Meeting" {continued}

Box 143: folder 5
"Ethnic Heritage film ideas: Land Game - Victor Menkin, 'What people have done to make their living environments better,' ethnicity ad, STARS and GRASSHOPPER, discussion of Woodstock" (side A)

Box 143: folder 6
"NCNW Board" meeting (side B)

Box 143
"Film ideas / NCNW Board" (side A)

Box 143: folder 7
"NCNW Board Stuff" (side B)

Box 143
"Ethnic Heritage - Cooper Park Women Tape #1"

Box 143: folder 8
"Cooper Park Meeting #2" (side A) {continuation of discussion on tape 8}

Box 143: folder 9
Discussion on leadership (side B)

Box 143
"Ethnic Heritage Cooper Park - Neighborhood Conference: Women & Men, women and Community Work, Dianet-Moslem, Religion, Bordomuti Community Work, New Organization, 'What Did Community Work do for you'" (side A)

Box 143: folder 10
"Film Ideas / Conference on Neighborhoods: Sally at NCLE GOUG conference, BANNER - Italian American Demonstration, Miton Futler, Christine, Mollie Koff" (side B)

Box 143
"Ethnic Heritage - Italian Women"

Box 143: folder 11
"Cooper Park Women's tape" {many faded parts}

Box 143: folder 12

Box 143: folder 13
original audio tapes

Box 144

[Please use research copies]

Video tapes


[Please use research copies]

"Metropolitan Avenue" (documentary on Williamburg-Greenpoint neighborhood women),

Box 145: folder 1
"Partnership in East Harlem: James Weldon Johnson Houses and National Congress of Neighborhood Women,"

Box 145: folder 2
"Voices from the Summit: Neighborhood Women Tell their Stories" (Oregon Women's Summit, NCNW affiliate),

Box 145: folder 3
"Working-Class Women Changing Their World": documentary by Christine Noschese (includes first NCNW national conference, 1975),

Box 145: folder 4

[original footage for this documentary has been digitized and is available for viewing online]

Videotapes ("Helical scan" reel-to-reel)


[NOTE: The following videos have been digitized and are available for viewing online]

"National Conference of Neighborhood Women Bust Trip--Speak Out"

Tape no. 1
"Conference of Neighborhood Women--Rape and Welfare Discussion"

Tape no. 2
"Conference of Neighborhood Women--Organizing Discussion--G. Gincotta"

Tape no. 3
"National Conference of Neighborhood Women, Speak Out--Organizing Workshops and Peterson Tape 2"

Tape no. 4
"National Conference of Neighborhood Women, Final Reports and Church Service Tape no. 6"

Tape no. 5
"National Congress of Neighborhood Women--Why I Joined"

Tape no. 6-7
"Elizabeth San Filippio Class--NCNW"

Tape no. 8
"NCNW College Orientation, family, number 4"

Tape no. 9
"National Congress of Neighborhood Women (Street Visuals) II"

Tape no. 10
"Mass Transit Street Theater (preview) Tape number 3"

Tape no. 11

Tape no. 12
"Adele New Housing"

Tape no. 13
"Marie Leanza at Ambulance Corps--rough cut for NCNW conference tape"

Tape no. 14
"NCNW Conference Tape--rough edit"

Tape no. 15
"Plenary Session Tape number 1"

Tape no. 16
"NCNW Tape number 2"

Tape no. 17
"NCNW workshops tape number 3"

Tape no. 18
"NCNW Conference afternoon tape number 4"

Tape no. 19
"NCNW Closing Remarks tape number 5"

Tape no. 20
"Leadership Training number 1--some intros"

Tape no. 21
"Leadership Training number 2--some role play and street life"

Tape no. 22
"Leadership Training number 1 SAT--But I can't afford it"

Tape no. 23
"Leadership Training Sat, Tape 2 (about 1/2)"

Tape no. 24
"Battered Women Tape I"

Tape no. 25
"Battered Women 2"

Tape no. 26
"Battered Women Tape III"

Tape no. 27
"Number 1 Thurs. Morning"

Tape no. 28
"Number 2 Thurs. morning--Education Conferences"

Tape no. 29
"1-2 Thurs. Morn."

Tape no. 30
"Number 4 Thurs. AM--Thurs. even. oral history"

Tape no. 31
"Number 5 Thurs. eve. oral history--Education Conference"

Tape no. 32
"Enact Conference"

Tape no. 33-34
"Housework Conference"

Tape no. 35-39
"Housework Commercials--National Congress"

Tape no. 40
"National Conference of Neighborhood Women--Intro" (possibly First National Conference in 1976)

Tape no. 41
"National Congress"

Tape no. 42-49
"National Congress of Neighborhood Women orientation"

Tape no. 50-51
"NCNW [illegible] Tape II"

Tape no. 52
"Gospel Singing/community groups number 6"

Tape no. 53
"Community groups number 9b"

Tape no. 54
"Advocacy workshop number 8"

Tape no. 55
"Communication, skill and power number 10"

Tape no. 56-57
"College fair tape 1"

Tape no. 58
"Northside Fire House"

Tape no. 59

Tape no. 60

Tape no. 61


National meetings: poster,

Flat file
Public relations: article and NCNW newspapers - originals (copies in collection)

Flat file

Housing and tenants

G.R.E.C.-Neighborhood Women's Inter-generational Housing project: plans

Flat file

GROOTS: "GROOTS goals" (handwritten cardboard poster)

Flat file
Subjects: miscellaneous posters

Foundation for the Support of Women's Work, Istanbul, Turkey,

Flat file
Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action, Bombay, India,

Flat file
People's Dialogue on Land and Shelter, Cape Town & Johannesburg, S.A.,

Flat file
World Habitat Day, {in Spanish}
Oct. 7, 1991

Flat file

National Leadership Training Forum for Neighborhood Women: poster,

Flat file
Leadership Evaluation Workshop: flip chart,

Flat file
Miscellaneous conferences, workshops, and events

Workshops: handwritten notes from flip chart for unidentified workshop,

Flat file
Events: Labor Theater poster

Flat file

Williamsburg-Greenpoint Community Planning Board No. 1

Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Reconstruction Project: plans,

Flat file
Friends of Cooper Park: plans

Flat file

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  • Feminism--United States--History--Sources
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  • Minority women--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • NGO Forum on Women, Beijing '95
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  • Neighborhood--New York (State)--New York--History--Sources
  • New York (N.Y.)--Social conditions--20th century--Sources
  • Noschese, Christine
  • Occupational training for women--United States--History--Sources
  • Peterson, Jan
  • Poor women--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Urban renewal--United States--History--Sources
  • Vocational guidance for women--United States--History--Sources
  • Welfare recipients--Employment--New York (State)-- New York--History--Sources
  • Women in development--International cooperation
  • Women's rights--Congresses
  • Women--Education--United States--History--Sources
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  • Women--Housing--History--Sources
  • Women--Services for--United States--History--Sources
  • Women--United States--Economic conditions--20th century
  • Women--United States--Social conditions--20th century
  • Working class women--United States--History--Sources
  • World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the United Nations Decade for Women (1985 : Nairobi, Kenya)

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