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Theatre of Light and Shadow records, 1978-1984
11 boxes (5 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 370

Theater company. An innovative women's theatre company, the Theatre of Light and Shadow was dedicated to theatre as both art and communication and to feminism as a lifestyle. Materials include correspondence, publicity, programs, scripts, and photographs.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the Theatre of Light and Shadow Records. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Sophia Smith Collection
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Biographical Note

The Theatre of Light and Shadow was founded in l977 by K.D. Codish, Belinda Beezley, and Ruth Beaumont and incorporated in l980. As an innovative women's theatre company, it was dedicated to theatre as both art and communication and to feminism as a lifestyle. In addition to performances the theatre conducted workshops, performed for other feminist activities, and served as a liaison with other organizations to promote opportunities for women in the arts. The group disbanded in August l983.

Scope and contents of the collection

The Records of the Theatre of Light and Shadow: a Company of Women (TLS) consist of 5 linear feet of correspondence, notes, publicity, programs, financial records, printed ephemera, scripts, and photographs. They span the years 1978 to 1984 and describe the company's activities and administration as well as performances and conferences.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized into two series:

  • I. Administration
  • II. Activities
  • Miscellaneous Scripts

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the Theatre of Light and Shadow Records. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Preferred Citation

Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection:

Theatre of Light and Shadow Records, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

History of the Collection

The records were donated in June l986 by Nancy Lee Kathan, business manager of the Theatre of Light and Shadow.

Processing Information

Processed by Susan Boone, 1987.

Additional Information
Contact Information
Smith College Special Collections
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Phone: (413) 585-2970
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Encoding funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Series Descriptions

This series contains six sections: Organization, Personnel, Financial, Publicity, Meetings and Correspondence. The Organization section contains two notebooks (1979-1981) used by the staff of TLS. These were kept intact and contain incorporation materials, by-laws, tax and grant information, resumes, and audience questionnaires. Also in this section are rehearsal and production space contracts, agreements, and invoices. Personnel contains resumes, correspondence, clippings, notes, articles, and job descriptions for 6 principals of TLS plus general membership lists and requirements for the company as a whole. Financial consists of reports, budgets, expenditures, income statements, plus foundation correspondence, notes, applications, and brochures. Publicity contains TLS brochure photographs and graphics as well as general clippings and miscellaneous publicity. The Meetings section contains notes and agenda for general company meetings. The Correspondence is general in nature, to and from TLS, and arranged chronologically.

This series contains two sections; Performances and Conferences. Performances is arranged chronologically (1978-1983) and includes photographs, reviews, programs, publicity, scripts, and evaluations for individual performances. Included also in this section are scripts received by TLS for possible production. The two conferences in the Conferences section are Women's Health Weekend and Women in Theatre. TLS participated in the Women's Health Weekend, and the records contain the program and publicity. Women in Theatre was a major conference sponsored by TLS in 1982 with a grant from the Connecticut Humanities Council. The records include organizational correspondence, publicity, scripts, the participants' resumes and evaluations, reel to reel tapes and transcripts of the sessions, Connecticut Humanities Council correspondence, proposals, and expenditures; and, finally, audience evaluations of the conference.

Contents List


Notebook containing incorporation, papers, by-laws, IRS material,

Box 1: folder 1
Notebook containing grant information, audience questionnaires, resumes,

Box 1: folder 2
Rehearsal and production space: contracts, invoices, agreements,

Box 1: folder 3

Nancy Lee Kathan, business manager

Resume, job-related correspondence,

Box 1: folder 4
City of New Haven Commission on Cultural Affairs: correspondence, meetings,

Box 1: folder 5
K.D. Codish, artistic director, business manager and founder: clippings, articles about her, notes,

Box 1: folder 6
Marion Visel, development consultant: resumes, notes, job description,

Box 1: folder 7
Belinda Beezley, Karen Bernstein, Ruth Beaumont: clippings about them,

Box 1: folder 8
General: lists, resumes, job description, membership requirements,

Box 1: folder 9

Reports, budgets,

Box 2: folder 10
Expenditures, income statements,

Box 2: folder 11
Miscellaneous funding information and correspondence,

Box 2: folder 12

Business Opportunities (marketing project): correspondence, notes,

Box 2: folder 13
Connecticut Commission on the Arts: correspondence, brochures, notes,

Box 2: folder 14

[Connecticut Humanities Council--See: Women in Theatre Conference, Boxes 10-11]

Haymarket People's Fund: correspondence, notes, applications, brochures,

Box 2: folder 15
New Haven Foundation, Arts Challenge Fund: correspondence, notes, drafts,

Box 2: folder 16



Box 2: folder 17

Box 2: folder 18

Box 2: folder 19

Box 2: folder 20

Box 2: folder 21

Notes (notebook including a section entitled TLS records in chronoligical order 1979 Sep 24-1980 Ju1 14

Box 2: folder 22

Box 2: folder 23
Agenda, notices,
1981 Sept-1982 Nov

Box 2: folder 24
1978 Feb-1983 Sept, undated

Box 3: folder 25-27


"Voices": program, reviews, 2 photographs,
1978 Apr-May

Box 4: folder 28
"Second Round": reviews, program, performance and production notes,
1978 Sept

Box 4: folder 29
"Clue in the Old Birdbath",
1979 Apr-Jun

Publicity, script, 10 photographs

Box 4: folder 30
Audience evaluations

Box 4: folder 31
Take Back the Night March: publicity,
1979 Jul

Box 4: folder 32
"Water Cycle": program,
1979 Aug

Box 4: folder 33
"In the Gloaming, Oh My Darling": publicity notes, photograph,
1979 Nov-Dec

Box 4: folder 34
"An Afternoon of Short Pieces":program,
1980 Feb

Box 4: folder 35
"The Woman Warrior": publicity,
1980 Mar

Box 4: folder 36
"Can't You Take a Joke?": script, publicity correspondence, program, photograph,
1980 May

Box 4: folder 37
"This Brooding Sky",
1980 Jul

Publicity, script, expenses

Box 4: folder 38
Audience evaluations

Box 4: folder 39
"Recipe": script,
1980 Aug

Box 4: folder 40
"Connecticut Women": publicity,correspondence,
1981 Mar-Apr

Box 4: folder 41
"Five Plays",
1981 May-Jun

Publicity, finances

Box 4: folder 42
Audience evaluations

Box 4: folder 43
"TLS Showcase": scripts,

Box 4: folder 44
Take Back the Night March: "Three Victims": script, correspondence,
1981 Sept

Box 4: folder 45
"Summer Salon",
1982 Jul-Aug

General publicity

Box 4: folder 46

Box 4: folder 47

Program, script, photographs,
1982 Jul 7

Box 4: folder 48
Program, script, notes,
1982 Jul 14

Box 4: folder 49
Program, script, notes,
1982 Jul 21

Box 4: folder 50
Program, script, notes,
1982 Jul 28

Box 4: folder 51
Program, script, notes,
1982 Aug 4

Box 4: folder 52
Program, scripts,
1982 Aug 6

Box 4: folder 53
"The Women Here Are No Different",
1982 Nov


Press releases, graphics, notes, 4 photographs, miscellaneous

Box 5: folder 54
Advertisement agreements

Box 5: folder 55

Box 5: folder 56
Auditions, cast and crew lists, personnel

Box 5: folder 57
1983 Feb-Apr

New England Theatre Conference: program

Box 5: folder 58
Notes, correspondence, press releases, miscellaneous

Box 5: folder 59
Production information: notes, financial reports, rehearsal space, miscellaneous

Box 5: folder 60
"Winter Salon",
1983 Feb 2-23


Box 5: folder 61
Script for performances

Box 5: folder 62
"That's Not Funny": scripts,
1983 Mar 5

Box 5: folder 63
Miscellaneous performances

Box 5: folder 64
Unidentified production notes,

Box 5: folder 65
Miscellaneous scripts
1983 Feb 2-23

Box 6-7

[See Miscellaneous Scripts]


Women's Health Weekend: program, publicity,
1979 Apr

Box 8: folder 66
Women in Theatre,
1982 Feb 24-Mar 31


Box 8: folder 67


Box 8: folder 68
Clippings, press releases

Box 8: folder 69

Box 8: folder 70

Box 8: folder 71

Correspondence A-Z

Box 8: folder 72-73

Box 8: folder 74
Transcripts of papers

Box 8: folder 75

Box 8: folder 76
Permissions for videotaping

Box 8: folder 77
Miscellaneous notes and unidentified material

Box 8: folder 78

Box 9
Connecticut Humanities Council

Organization of project

Box 10: folder 79
Grant proposals, related correspondence and printed material

Box 10: folder 80
Expenditures and budget reports

Box 10: folder 81
Audience evaluations

Box 11: folder 82-88

Scripts in Box 6

Ausubel, Bobbi. "Focus on Me"

Box 6
Brady, Maureen. "I Know A Hundred Ways To Die"

Box 6
Churchill, Caryl. "Vinegar Tom"

Box 6
Crawford, Olive & Rori Reber, Penelope Stella, Judith Utevsky. "Intrusions,"

Box 6
Fagen, Patricia. "Dolls"

Box 6
Gems, Pam. "Dusa, Fish, Stas & Vi"

Box 6
Goldemberg, Rose Leiman. "Letters Home"

Box 6
Goodman, Wendy-Marie. "Nazi Dreams,"

Box 6
Green, Phyllis. "Acapulco Holiday"

Box 6
Hairston, Andrea. "Locked Out Of The World,"

Box 6
Lee, Maryat. "Puse,"

Box 6
McDonough, Kaye. "Zelda,"

Box 6
Miller, Susan. "Confessions Of A Female Disorder"

Box 6
Norman, Marsha. "The Laundromat,"

Box 6
Plays by the Women's Repertory Theatre Company of Long Island and Collected Short Plays by Nicholas White

Box 6
Simmons, Lydia. "When Other Friendships Have Been Forgot"

Box 6
Scripts in Box 7

Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective

Box 7
Wilshire, Donna. "Daughters Of Liberty"

Box 7
Unidentified scripts

Box 7

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