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Gloria Steinem Papers, 1940 - 2000 [ongoing]
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Journalist; feminist; political activist; co-founder, Ms magazine; co-founder, Women's Action Alliance; co-founder, Ms Foundation for Women; and co-founder, National Women's Political Caucus. In addition to providing a complete picture of the life of an important feminist leader, the Gloria Steinem Papers document women at the grassroots level of the feminist movement, whose letters to Steinem demonstrate her role as a symbol of the changes they were experiencing in their own lives. The papers also document Steinem's friendships and work with African-American feminists Shirley Chisholm, Florynce Kennedy and Dorothy Pitman Hughes; lesbian activists Andrea Dworkin and Kate Millett; and labor organizers such as Dolores Huerta and Karen Nussbaum. Material in the collection includes correspondence, writings, speeches, subject files, memorabilia, and photographs.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

The processed portions of the Gloria Steinem Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection, with the following exceptions:

  • Financial and legal records are closed until 2020.
  • Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.
  • The Margaret Sloan file is closed until 2025.
  • Correspondence with Amy Goldstein Adams is closed until 2020.
  • New accessions are closed until processed.
  • Researchers wishing to consult the Public Response Mail must sign an access agreement in which they agree to refrain from making public any information that would identify a correspondent.

Restrictions on use:

Gloria Steinem retains copyright ownership for her writings. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission to publish must also be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property.

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Biographical Note
Gloria Steinem, late 1960's

Gloria Steinem, late 1960's

Gloria Steinem was born on March 25, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio to Leo Steinem and Ruth Nuneviller Steinem, the second of their two children (Suzanne Steinem was born in 1925). She grew up in Toledo and Clark Lake, Michigan, where the family ran a summer resort. Leo and Ruth divorced in 1945, and, with Suzanne away at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, eleven-year-old Gloria assumed responsibility for the care of her mother, who was increasingly vulnerable to mental illness. For a short time Gloria lived with Suzanne, by that time employed in Washington, D.C., completing her senior year at Western High School in Georgetown.

In 1952, Steinem followed Suzanne to Smith College. After her 1956 graduation, Steinem received a Chester Bowles post-graduate fellowship to spend two years studying and writing in India, where she absorbed grass roots organizing skills from followers of Gandhi. In 1960 she moved to New York City where she worked for Help! magazine and wrote freelance for Life, Esquire, Glamour, and many other newspapers and magazines. Steinem co-founded New York magazine in 1968 and served as its political columnist until 1972. She was active in various civil rights and peace campaigns in the 1960s and 70s, including United Farmworkers, Vietnam War Tax Protest, and Committee for the Legal Defense of Angela Davis. She also participated in the political campaigns of Adlai Stevenson, Robert Kennedy, Shirley Chisholm, and many others.

Steinem came to the Women's Movement in 1969, after she attended a meeting of the Redstockings during which women shared their experiences with abortion. Her consciousness raised, she began speaking to audiences across the country, often paired with African-American activist Dorothy Pitman Hughes, and later Florynce Kennedy and Margaret Sloan. In 1971, Steinem, with others, founded Ms. magazine, and since that time, Steinem has devoted her career to writing, editing, fund-raising, and publicity on behalf of Ms, its allied organizations (e.g. the Ms. Foundation for Women, the Free to Be Foundation) and the women's movement more generally. A collection of her Ms. articles and other work was published in a best selling book, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1983). She published Marilyn in 1986, Revolution from Within in 1992, and Moving Beyond Words in 1994. In 1986, Steinem became a contributing correspondent for the Today Show, doing interviews and features. Other organizing activities include the founding of the Ms. Foundation for Women, The National Women's Political Caucus, Voters for Choice, The Women's Action Alliance, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women. She has lectured extensively and received numerous writing awards, including the Front Page, Clarion, and Penney- Missouri journalism awards. Bloomfield College, Simmons College, Smith College, the University of Toledo, and Hobart and William Smith College have awarded Steinem honorary degrees.

Two book-length biographies of Steinem have appeared to date: Carolyn Heilbrun, The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem (1995); and Sydney Stern, Gloria Steinem: Her Passions, Politics and Mystique (1997).

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Gloria Steinem Papers (105.75 linear feet, circa 1940-97) offer an extraordinarily complete picture of an important feminist leader's public life, and to some extent her private life as well, but there is much more here than the raw material for Steinem's biography. The correspondence, writings, speeches, subject files, memorabilia, photographs, and other papers collected here document the Women's Movement from the standpoint of not only the movers and shakers, but also the individual women at the grass roots level whose letters to Steinem indicate the ways in which they responded to her as a symbol of the changes they were experiencing in their own lives. The papers also reflect the diversity of the modern women's movement. Steinem's ability to form productive alliances with women of different races and classes reflect her commitment to their concerns. Within the papers is evidence of her friendships and political work with pioneering African-American feminists such as Florynce Kennedy and Dorothy Pitman Hughes; lesbian authors and activists Andrea Dworkin, Rita Mae Brown, and Kate Millett; and labor organizers such as the United Farmworkers' Dolores Huerta and Karen Nussbaum of SEIU, District 925. Her importance as a founder, editor, and key fund-raiser for Ms. magazine make this collection central to the study of late 20th century journalism. Steinem's papers will be essential to any serious scholarly work on the women's liberation movement and twentieth century feminism.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The processed portions of the Gloria Steinem Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection, with the following exceptions:

  • Financial and legal records are closed until 2020.
  • Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.
  • The Margaret Sloan file is closed until 2025.
  • Correspondence with Amy Goldstein Adams is closed until 2020.
  • New accessions are closed until processed.
  • Researchers wishing to consult the Public Response Mail must sign an access agreement in which they agree to refrain from making public any information that would identify a correspondent.

Restrictions on use:

Gloria Steinem retains copyright ownership for her writings. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission to publish must also be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property.

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Selections from the Gloria Steinem Papers can be viewed in the Web exhibit Agents of Social Change: New Resources on 20th-century Women's Activism .

History of the Collection

Gloria Steinem began donating her papers to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1984 and will continue to add to the collection.


Periodic additions to collection are expected.

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Processed by Marla Miller, Amy Hague and Amanda Izzo, 1999.

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Series Descriptions
12.75 linear feet

This series contains material documenting the broad outlines of Steinem's life. It consists of eight subseries: Writings about Steinem; Interviews; Education; Personal records; Birthday celebrations and tributes; Awards, honorary degrees and gifts; Memorabilia; and Family. The series contains material dating back to the 1940s, but, except for the experiences she recounts in some of the interview transcripts and clippings, it includes little from her childhood. Most of the material describes her life during and after college and traces her evolution from a poor Toledo teenager to a successful New York writer to an influential and internationally-known feminist.

Writings about Steinem consists primarily of magazine and newspaper articles documenting Steinem's role as a public figure and influential activist. The articles compiled in this subseries report on Steinem's activities from the 1950s to the present and record her views on a variety of issues and events. While these materials provide an overview of Steinem's long career, researchers should be aware that additional clippings pertaining to particular events in Steinem's life can be found elsewhere throughout the collection, e.g., for articles and reviews related to Steinem's books, see SERIES IV. WRITINGS. For clippings regarding particular speaking appearances, researchers may wish to consult the folders devoted to individual events in SERIES III. SPEECHES AND APPEARANCES.

The Education subseries includes material documenting Steinem's early school years in Toledo, Ohio and Washington, D.C. as well as her experience at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the two subsequent years she spent in India as a Chester Bowles Fellow. The earliest years of Steinem's general correspondence, found in SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE, also contain letters pertaining to her travels in India. Finally, a folder of materials devoted to Steinem's activities importing Indian goods to the U.S. is housed below, with the financial and legal records among her Personal records.

Personal records consists of appointment books, business cards, calendars, notes, phone logs and lists of personal and professional contacts and their addresses and phone numbers. These provide a view of the vast professional and personal networks Steinem built and maintained throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. For a full view of Steinem's schedule, researchers may want to consult her appointment books in conjunction with the many itineraries gathered in SERIES III. SPEECHES AND APPEARANCES.

Financial and legal records in this subseries, including receipts, tax forms, check registers and canceled checks, and bank records provide a wealth of information about Steinem's personal and professional lives and document both her early success as a freelance writer and her growing influence as a feminist activist. Materials here are organized under the following categories: bank statements and check registers; business expenses; charitable contributions; general; household expenses; income and investment; medical expenses; personal expenses; expenses pertaining to Ruth Steinem; and taxes. Of special interest are Steinem's lists of business gifts and business entertaining, which shed light on her effort to build networks in the New York publishing world and in local and national politics. Additional insight into Steinem's financial affairs can be found in SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE-EMILY CARD, which includes a transcript of an interview with Steinem about women and finances, in which Steinem comments on her own financial practices.

The Birthday celebrations and tributes subseries consists of greetings, notes and clippings, planning notes and memoranda, drafts of the "Birthday Book," and printed matter from Steinem's 50th birthday celebration. Also housed here are press clippings about her 60th birthday party and remarks made by John Kenneth Galbraith at that event.

Especially interesting are pledge cards to the Ms. Foundation Gloria Steinem fund in honor of the occasion.

Awards, honorary degrees, and gifts dating from 1958-98, illuminate the extent to which Steinem was recognized and revered as a public figure. The honorary degrees are arranged chronologically, as are the awards and gifts. The latter materials take a variety of forms; some are paper certificates or proclamations, some are plaques, and others are small statuettes, glass sculptures, or figurines on pedestals. For the convenience of researchers, three-dimensional objects and oversized documents are described on separate sheets that are interfiled with the paper certificates in their appropriate chronological position. The objects themselves are housed separately with other oversized materials in SERIES X. OVERSIZE, but the folders in this subseries thus represent the full extent of Steinem's awards, regardless of form.

Memorabilia consists of miscellaneous printed matter, keepsakes, patches, buttons, and many other such items, including Steinem's WWII war ration book, and a stamp from the office of Cesar Chavez. See also SERIES X. OVERSIZE.

Finally, miscellaneous material including clippings, notes, and legal documents regarding Pauline Steinem (paternal grandmother), Leo Steinem (father), Ruth Nuneviller Steinem (mother) Suzanne Patch (sister), and Robert Patch (nephew) and other relatives make up the Family subseries. There are also a small number of family photographs in SERIES VIII. PHOTOGRAPHS.

25.25 linear feet

Scope and content:

This series, the largest in Steinem's papers, comprising four sizeable subseries - General, Public response mail, Individuals, and Subjects -- is best described in the words of Mary Barton, Steinem's assistant in the mid-1980s, who wrote correspondents that "Ms. Steinem welcomes news, suggestions and words of advice from readers and friends," an apt description of the kinds of materials Steinem received. Every week, Steinem's office received book galleys with requests for blurbs or endorsements; manuscripts with requests for comment, if not introductions or forewords; manuscripts, film scripts or articles along with requests for advice or help in bringing them to fruition; requests for public appearances; letters from people she met at book signings, speeches, or other places; letters from people responding to her public appearances and writings, with either gratitude for or hostility toward her political positions, and/or general advice about her personal appearance; pleas for help and/or financial assistance; and letters from the mentally ill. Many individuals sent letters of appreciation for her words in print, on television, and in personal appearances. They also sent in newspaper articles and advertisements that outraged them, photographs of themselves, court documents when seeking her assistance in legal matters, promotional materials for businesses and service groups, cassette tapes of songs they had written and/or recorded about the feminist movement, videotapes of themselves, and so forth. This large volume of mail generally falls into two large subseries -- General correspondence and Public response mail. The other subseries contain correspondence with particular "Individuals," and a small amount of correspondence on particular Subjects.

Researchers should be aware that the lines between the General correspondence and the Public response mail are not distinct. In part, the difficulty in distinguishing between public-response mail and more "professional" and "personal" correspondence, especially and even until the mid-1980s, reflects the state of the feminist project, activists and authors working out of their homes, launching initiatives without letterhead, and so forth. Couple that with the blurring of personal and professional relationships, and the general effect Steinem had of making relative strangers feel as if they were among her close circle of friends, makes it sometimes difficult to discern focused fan-mail from chatty professional mail. As a general rule, letters specifically responding to public appearances or writings by Steinem are housed with public response mail, and all other correspondence filed as general correspondence. For example, requests for autographs from individual admirers are filed with the Public response mail, while requests for autographs from organizations planning fundraisers are filed with the General correspondence. Requests for interviews or meetings from professional journalists are filed under General correspondence, while similar requests from hopeful amateurs are filed under Public response mail. In many cases, copies of Steinem's reply, drafted either personally or by an assistant in consultation with Steinem, are attached.

Early material in the General correspondence pertains to her trip to India, and her business activities there. Her nascent career as a journalist is also documented in correspondence between Steinem and editors at various New York publications. After the founding of Ms. Magazine in 1971, much of the general correspondence pertains to the readership and business of the magazine, and, later, of the Ms. Foundation. As Steinem became a public figure, correspondence pertains to the possibility of securing Steinem for a public appearance, or requests Steinem's support for various organizations, from simple endorsement and/or advice to help with fundraising to serving on a board.

Public response mail consists of letters from Steinem's admirers and detractors, generally from men and women unknown to her, or whom she met while traveling. Television appearances generated a large volume of mail; for example, Steinem was generally flooded with letters after appearances on the popular Phil Donahue Show, and so weeks after those appearances (e.g. Spring 1978, January 1980, Fall 1983) are filled with viewer commentary. Similarly, 1977 correspondence contains many listener responses to Steinem's Spectrum commentaries; 1986 correspondence includes viewer responses to Steinem's work on the Today Show; 1984-85 correspondence contains responses to both the television movie based on "A Bunny's Tale" and an accompanying article Steinem published in T.V. Guide.

Similar material arrived after Steinem's public speaking engagements and following the publication of books and articles. An interesting group of letters in 1993, 1994 and 1995 respond to two articles by Steinem translated into Russian; subsequently, Steinem received inquiries from men and women in the former Soviet Union seeking advice on a range of topics from marriage to and adoption by U.S. citizens to how to advance the women's movement in Russia. (A book-length manuscript, written in Russian, was sent to Steinem; this is how housed in the Countries Collection of the Sophia Smith Collection).

The authors of these letters also include aspiring writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, as well as many others in search of professional advice. Included are the many requests for help Steinem received from women who had seen Steinem speak or read her work and thought she might be able to help with a host of personal problems, from sexual harassment in the workplace to the effects of divorce to child custody issues and so forth. It was those sorts of letters that eventually prompted Steinem to co-found the Women's Action Alliance (whose records are also held by the Sophia Smith Collection). Because Steinem and her assistants took such queries very seriously, and responded to them in many cases as they would queries from colleagues and professionals, it is occasionally difficult to distinguish unknown readers from friends and colleagues.

Another large category of mail in this series comes from eccentric and/or mentally or emotionally disturbed correspondents. Steinem labeled this "crazy mail," alerting her staff to them in the event that the writer might become dangerous. In some cases, dozens of letters were mailed in a short period of time by a single writer and deposited to the Sophia Smith Collection unopened; in these cases, a sampling was retained and the remainder discarded.

More than 200 folders, arranged alphabetically by surname, comprise the series pertaining to "Individuals." These files in general reproduce Steinem's own, though additional files have been created for other significant correspondents identified during processing. They are distinguished from the files pertaining to individuals in SERIES VII. SUBJECTS in that they are wholly or primarily correspondence to and from the individuals, whereas the subject files are wholly or primarily materials about the individual (for political figures, see also SERIES VI. POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS). Occasionally, however, there is both a subject file and a correspondence file for an individual; researchers interested in an individual should check both series for an individual's appearances throughout this finding aid. Given the variety of assistants who aided Steinem and the difficulty in maintaining a single filing system over the years, the presence or absence of a separate correspondence file cannot be interpreted as an indicator of a correspondent's significance.

Finally, a small amount of correspondence is gathered into a small subseries by Subject. This includes letters of recommendation and correspondence pertaining to the depositing of Steinem's papers in the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

[Researchers must sign an Access Agreement Form to view Public Response mail]

4.75 linear feet

Steinem has often recounted her long-held fear of public speaking. The extent of this series is indicative of how well she overcame that fear. Materials here, arranged in three subseries - General, Speech texts, and Radio and television -- include correspondence and publicity materials, speech texts, research materials, and documents pertaining to her travel, such as itineraries and contracts for the continuous stream of public appearances made by Steinem before colleges and university students, political groups, professional organizations, business groups, and bookstore audiences.

Among the General materials are contracts for appearances, speech research files, and press calls. Of special interest are two folders of cards on which audience members submitted their own questions for Steinem to address during the question and answer period which generally followed her talks. The bulk of the material housed in this subseries, however, documents Steinem's public speaking appearances, largely between 1980 and 1986. They are arranged chronologically, with a general folder for each year followed by folders pertaining to individual appearances. These files may contain correspondence, itineraries, travel receipts, publicity materials, and/or clippings regarding the event.

Speech texts, far fewer in number, are filed separately and arranged chronologically. Since newspaper coverage often contains excerpts of speeches, researchers interested in the content of Steinem's talks may wish to consult both the speech texts and the files devoted to individual appearances for insight into her comments and speaking style. The larger series of clippings gathered in SERIES I. BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL, may also be of help in this regard. There are also a small number of audiotapes from Steinem's appearances in SERIES IX. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL.

The final subseries here pertains to Radio and television programs to which Steinem contributed. For just over seven weeks in 1977, Steinem filled in as a substitute commentator on Spectrum, CBS Radio Network's semi-weekly personal opinion series; her commentaries, as well as related correspondence and memoranda, are filed here. Steinem also contributed to two television series: In Conversation With . . and The Today Show. Materials regarding the former include correspondence with Robert Klein as well as research materials pertaining to Steinem's guests (who included, among others, Julian Bond, Coretta Scott King, Andrew Young, and Billie Jean King), and, in some cases, transcripts of Steinem's interviews, including those with Helen Gurley Brown, Phil Donahue, Betty Ford, John Kenneth Galbraith, and Sally Ride. Audiotapes pertaining to several of these interviews can be found in SERIES IX. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL. Materials pertaining to The Today Show include largely correspondence and story ideas.

13.75 linear feet

Throughout her career, Steinem has considered herself first and foremost a writer. This series documents her development as a journalist and author from her earliest publications as a graduate of Smith College to her recent best-selling books. It is arranged in six subseries: General, Press statements, Scripts, Articles, Books, and Unpublished work.

General includes legal documents related to the publishing industry. Permissions to reprint or quote from Steinem's work are filed chronologically. This subseries also includes materials pertaining to Steinem's editorial work for Ladies Home Journal (where in 1964-65 she edited the "Metropolitan" section) and Warner Modular Communications (where in 1973 Steinem, together with Lenore Weitzman and Sheila Tobias, served on the editorial board for women's studies research).

Several folders document Steinem's 1977-78 tenure at the Woodrow Wilson Center. She received a fellowship to consider "the longterm implications of feminism." Though her fellowship did not in fact result in the book she had initially envisioned, some of the essays which later appeared in Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions resulted from her work at the Center, most notably the article on female genital mutilation co-authored with Robin Morgan.

Finally, also filed here are endorsements, or "blurbs," for books, films and television shows. Endorsements, occasionally accompanied by correspondence, are filed alphabetically by the author's last name, or, where appropriate, the director or producer.

Press statements on national events issued by Steinem's office, include, for example, the "unjust plight of Office Workers Local 174;" the Marvin v. Marvin palimony decision, women's registration for the draft, and so forth. Finally, drafts of several Scripts authored by Steinem in the late 1960s and early 1970s are housed here.

The subseries containing Steinem's many Articles includes research files, texts and manuscripts. Articles are filed in alphabetical order by title (for a complete list, see the Appendix). Folders may include a manuscript, typescript, galley, published version, or some combination thereof. Materials pertaining to the television movie that was developed from the article "A Bunny's Tale" follow the material pertaining to the article, filed here. The series also contains a bound volume of Help! (August 1960-February 1962), a "picture-humor magazine designed to frequently titillate the senses and occasionally tickle the mind," for which Steinem was contributing editor. For Steinem's regular articles published in Ms. magazine, researchers are referred to the magazine's bound volumes in the Sophia Smith Collection's periodical collection.

Steinem's article research files, which follow the texts of the articles themselves, are arranged alphabetically by subject, and include transcripts of interviews with Fannie Lou Hamer, James Earl Jones, Shirley MacLaine, and John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene, among others.

The subseries pertaining to Steinem's several Books is arranged alphabetically by title, and includes The Beach Book, Marilyn, Moving Beyond Words, Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, and WonderWoman. Materials include correspondence, legal papers, publicity, research files, and reviews, as well as the drafts, galleys and publications themselves.

Finally, Unpublished work includes drafts of a travel guide, "India by Air," and some short fragments of texts.

17.25 linear feet

This series includes materials pertaining to several organizations either founded by Steinem or in which she was an active participant. It is divided into eight subseries: International Women's Year; the Minnetonka Corporation (a cosmetics company organized in July 1986 at the Fifth Avenue offices of Calvin Klein); Ms. magazine and its allied philanthropic arms; the National Women's Political Caucus, Voters for Choice, the Women's Action Alliance, Women USA, and the Wonder Woman Foundation. These organizations are arranged alphabetically. For other organizations in which Steinem participated or maintained an interest, see SERIES VII. SUBJECTS.

In 1972, the United Nations declared 1975 to be the International Year of the Woman. Steinem later described the 1975 conference, held in Mexico City, as "a kind of constitutional convention for women." After the conference, U.S. President Jimmy Carter convened the International Women's Year (IWY) Commission, whose task was to convene a representative conference in every state, and to elect delegates to attend the First National Women's Conference, held in Houston, Texas in November 1977. The conference drew 15,000 participants, who spent four days discussing and voting on twenty-six areas recommended by the state conferences. Records pertaining to Steinem's involvement with the IWY are scattered, but include minutes, memoranda and other material pertaining to the Houston convention and the drafting of the National Plan of Action.

This series also includes Steinem's records pertaining to the Minnetonka Corporation, a cosmetics firm on whose Board of Directors Steinem served in the late 1980s. They include correspondence and memoranda, business and financial reports, board member briefing books, and miscellaneous related material

Materials pertaining to Ms. are organized into two subseries: the publishing venture, Ms. magazine, and its philanthropic arm, the Ms. Foundation for Women. Ms. was spearheaded by Gloria Steinem and Brenda Feigen as a result of their experience with the Women's Action Alliance. Initially conceived as a newsletter to distribute information of interest to feminists, the idea evolved quickly into a national magazine. Pat Carbine, then an editor at McCall's, joined the project, and Ms. magazine was founded in 1972. Always embattled financially, in no small part due to difficulties obtaining advertisers, a plan emerged in the late 1970s to reorganize as a non-profit educational foundation that would operate under the auspices of the Ms. Foundation for Women. In 1979, the new entity was christened the Ms. Foundation for Education and Communication. Through the 1980s and to the present, the magazine has struggled financially, but has remained prominent as a voice of the contemporary feminist movement.

The records of Ms. magazine include Advertising, Circulation and distribution, Editorial, Employees, Financial and legal, and Special projects. The largest of these, not surprisingly, is Editorial, which includes both letters from readers as well as correspondence with authors, in many cases filed together with the manuscript(s) under consideration. Prominent authors include Alice Walker, Andrea Dworkin, and Florynce Kennedy. Especially illuminating are the marginal notes Ms. staff added to manuscripts; these, like the in-house memoranda circulated among staff members, reflect both the collective editorial process and the perspectives brought to the magazine by its various editors, from which the Ms. perspective was forged. In addition to the picture captured here of the changing shape of feminism as it was conceived and advanced by the magazine, its authors, and its founders, the memoranda and correspondence shed light on some of the difficulties engendered by the non-hierarchical, feminist workplace the staff sought to create.

Scholars have already noted that the magazine's business end was by and large more traditional than its editorial practice, an insight documented in the records associated with Advertising, Circulation and distribution, and Financial and legal matters. Materials here document the magazine's heroic effort to remain afloat, including the securing of advertisers willing to forego complementary copy, and donors anxious to support the magazine and/or the foundation. Marketing analyses rate Ms. readers in comparison to other women's magazines.

Philanthropy has always been closely associated with the Ms. project. Not long after the magazine was launched, the Ms. Foundation for Women was established to further the feminist cause. Steinem has described the Ms. Foundation for Women as the "grant-giving mother with two daughters who do her outreach work": the Free to Be Foundation, and the Ms. Foundation for Education and Communication. The Free to Be Foundation was formed as a supporting organization of the Ms. Foundation for Women "to develop and disseminate educational materials which challenge stereotypes, stress individuality, and eliminate barriers of prejudice and discrimination." Its first series, "Free to be . . . You and Me," was developed by board members Marlo Thomas and Letty Cottin Pogrebin. A second series, "Free to Be . . . A Family," explores the many varieties of family life. While the Ms. Foundation for Women continues to thrive, the Ms. Foundation for Education and Communication, as of 1998, was dismantled.

The National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC) was founded in July 1971 in a conference of about three hundred women leaders that Newsweek magazine called "rowdy" but which, it also noted, produced a "plausible definition and a strategy for a women's political movement where none had existed before." The Caucus was launched quickly in the public mind as an important new political development thanks to extensive media reporting of its founding and subsequent activities. The early attention paid to the NWPC probably resulted from the status and celebrity of many of its founders, as well as its potential to influence the 1972 Presidential nominations and elections. After the elections concluded, the NWPC rapidly became the media's main source of information and comment about women in politics. (The NWPC Records are located at the Schlesinger Library, Harvard College).

Records of the NWPC in Steinem's papers date largely from the early to mid 1970s and include agendas, minutes, and memoranda from committees and subcommittees, as well as material pertaining to in-house business, such as political conventions and elections of NWPC officers. Of particular interest in the latter regard is a memoranda from Bella Abzug detailing what she perceived to be election fraud surrounding her 1989 defeat for the Caucus chair. For Steinem's speech nominating Irene Natividad as chair of the National Women's Political Caucus, see SERIES III. SPEECHES AND APPEARANCES--speech texts, 1985; for her address before the NWPC convention in San Antonio, Texas, 9 July 1983, see SERIES IX. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL-audiotapes.

Voters for Choice was founded in 1979 to combat the emerging right wing in the elections of 1980. A founding member, Steinem also sat on the Board of Directors. In 1984, Voters for Choice merged with the Friends of Family Planning. Materials include memoranda, minutes and agendas from the Board of Directors, 1979 - 86; lists of donors; campaign strategy handbooks; and research materials, including clippings, articles and reports on abortion rights and voting behavior, as well as polling data from Lou Harris and Gallup. The latter includes information regarding women's attitudes toward U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

In 1971, Steinem, along with Brenda Feigen and Catherine Samuels, co-founded the Women's Action Alliance (whose records are also held by the Sophia Smith Collection). Conceived of as an advisory service that could provide back-up support for existing women's groups, the WAA worked to coordinate resources for organizations and individuals involved in the women's movement, with a particular emphasis on the grass-roots level. The organization's original mission was "to stimulate and aid women at the local level to organize. . . specific action projects [e.g. child care, job training and placement, legislative action, political lobbying, etc.] aimed at eliminating concrete manifestations of economic and social discrimination." Steinem served as chair of the WAA's Board of Directors from 1971 to 1978, and through the 1980s assisted with fundraising projects to benefit the Alliance.

Records of the Women's Action Alliance in Gloria Steinem's papers include agendas; budgets and financial reports; minutes; memoranda; and reports pertaining to the operations of the WAA and similar material pertaining to the many programs the WAA developed between 1971 and 1986. Though the WAA persisted until 1997, Steinem's papers document only the WAA's first fifteen years. For additional information, researchers should consult the records of the WAA itself, also housed in the Sophia Smith Collection. Especially useful information regarding the inner workings of the organization is contained in a folder related to "Personnel." Two essays filed under "Institutional histories" are also interesting in this regard.

Women USA, launched in April 1979, aimed to motivate women on several levels. Responding to a "rising mood of militancy" among American women, the founders of Women USA - Bella Abzug, Yvonne Burke, Patsy T. Mink, Maggie Kuhn, Brownie Ledbetter, and Gloria Steinem -- sought to harness that energy by, for example, organizing lobbying efforts on social and economic issues and orchestrating mass letter-writing campaigns. The group also established a toll-free telephone number by which to distribute information. The comparatively small number of documents here include the group's 1979 articles of incorporation, as well as early correspondence, outreach materials, and press releases.

The Wonder Woman Foundation, funded by Warner Communications, Inc. together with D.C. Comics, Inc., was launched in September 1981, on the 40th anniversary of the appearance of the comic book heroine of the same name. The Foundation was "dedicated to advancing the principles of equality for women in American society." Unlike most foundations, which fund only projects and groups, the Wonder Woman Foundation provided financial support for individual women. The Foundation's founding executive director was Koryne Horbal. Though Steinem was among the organization's founders and early supporters, she was not a member of the Board of Directors

Relatively few materials pertaining to the Wonder Woman Foundation are found among Steinem's papers; records of the WWF are also housed at the SSC, though they are at present closed to research. Materials in Steinem's papers include correspondence, clippings, and printed material, largely pertaining to awards ceremonies.

1.75 linear feet

This series contains material related to electoral politics. It is divided into two subseries: Individuals and Organizations. Both record a broad range of Steinem's involvement, from a single endorsement to her active engagement in fundraising and campaigning. Four folders, arranged alphabetically, contain correspondence pertaining to candidate endorsements; an additional series of individual files contain larger amounts of correspondence and printed material pertaining to specific campaigns.

Materials relating to political organizations in which Steinem participated or monitored include the Congressional Women's Caucus, the Women's Presidential Project, and, most notably, the Democratic National Committee. In 1969 Steinem became a member-at-large of the Democratic National Committee's Democratic Policy Council, a group of seventy-four whose responsibility it was to monitor the Nixon administration, and to create a blueprint for the next Democratic convention. There are scattered materials pertaining to both the DNC and the Policy Council, including a 1969 letter in which Steinem expresses pessimism over the Policy Council's (led by Hubert Humphrey) prospects.

12.5 linear feet

This extensive series contains files, arranged alphabetically, in which Steinem kept material on subjects in which she had an interest, from Abortion to the Working Women United Institute. Also included are organizations for which Steinem served in some official capacity. Materials in this series vary widely, and include correspondence, clippings, proposals, and printed materials.

2.25 linear feet

This series contains photographic images of Steinem, her family, friends, and her colleagues. Several folders contain photographs of Gloria Steinem alone, from the 1940s to the present. A handful of family photographs from Steinem's childhood are located here, as well as several folders of photographs, arranged alphabetically by subject, of friends and associates; these may or may not include Steinem. Group photos are largely arranged chronologically by decade. Groups of photographs taken at specific events, such as the rally supporting the Louisiana Sugar Cane Workers, are filed separately. There are also photographs of Steinem with fans, at book signings and other such events, scattered throughout SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE -Public Response Mail. For other photos of Steinem, researchers may wish to consult Dori Jacobson's Women's Rights Portfolio, 1979-1986, also housed in the Sophia Smith Collection. Finally, there are several photographs housed in SERIES X. OVERSIZE MATERIAL, some of which duplicate images in SERIES VIII.

2.25 linear feet

Scope and content:

The audiovisual materials in the Steinem papers include a range of formats: Audiotapes (cassette and reel-to-reel), Computer diskettes, Record albums, and Videotapes. Audiotapes include programs of which Steinem was the subject, interviews conducted by Steinem, and music, some of which contain feminist anthems submitted by fans. Several tapes contain interviews conducted by Steinem in connection with the ABC series "In Conversation With . . .". Audiotapes are numbered continuously by format. Use copies have been made of some original audiovisual materials. Researchers interested in viewing or listening to audiovisual materials for which there is no use copy should contact the Sophia Smith Collection to discuss options.

Restrictions on use:

[NOTE: ORIGINAL AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS ARE CLOSE- Copies must be made for research use]

13.25 linear feet

Fans, friends, and organizations presented posters and artwork, often depicting Steinem, to her as gifts. These objects, which include an oil portrait, a pastel drawing, a hologram, and homemade plaques and pictures, are gathered together in this series along with photographs, posters, awards and citations, galleys and printed material. A Brownie beanie given to Steinem by Rita Mae Brown is among the oversize memorabilia.

Contents List

circa 1958

Box 1: folder 1
Autobiographical musings
1964, n.d.

Box 1: folder 2
Biographical sketches

Box 1: folder 3-6
Carolyn Heilbrun biography of Steinem: correspondence and miscellany

Box 1: folder 7-9
Clippings and articles


Box 1: folder 10-18

Box 2: folder 1-10
1986-96, n.d.

Box 3: folder 1-11
Quotes and quips
1973-95, n.d.

Box 3: folder 12
Research and academic work on Steinem

"The Rhetoric of Gloria Steinem," by Carole Grau of Brooklyn College, presented at NY State Speech Association Convention
18-20 Mar 1973

Box 3: folder 13
"A Rhetorical Analysis of Selected Speeches by Gloria Steinem," undergraduate thesis by Sarah Sidebottom Kearns, Ohio State University

Box 3: folder 14
"Ms Magazine as a Promoter of Change," by Faith Dickerson and Janet Weinglass for class in Social Psychology of Change
16 Dec 1974

Box 3: folder 15
"Gloria Steinem and Plato on Economical, Political and Social Freedom," by Tami Doyle
17 Oct 1985

Box 3: folder 16
"A Comparison of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Gloria Steinem, by Carolyn Fershtman
11 Jun 1976

Box 3: folder 17
"Women's Collaborative Storytelling: A Rhetorical Analysis of Steinem's 'Ruth's Song (Because she could not sing it)' and letters of Response," Suzanne M. Knoll (Masters Thesis, Wake Forest University May 1988)

Box 3: folder 18
One Woman's Power [biography of Steinem], Sondra Henry and Emily Taitz (Minneapolis: Dillon Press 1987): book jacket, publicity material, photographs and slides of Steinem, interview, and notes

Box 3: folder 19

Transcript by Sabrina Freed

Box 4: folder 1
Transcript from "Eyewitness Exclusive" on WABC
2 Oct 1971

Box 4: folder 2
Notes on interviews for Newsweek profile on Steinem

Box 4: folder 3
Transcript by Jacqueline Van Voris
16 Apr 1973

Box 4: folder 4
Transcript of interview on "Eyewitness News Conference," WABC-TV
30 Dec 1973

Box 4: folder 5
"Freelancer with No Time to Write," in Writer's Digest by John Brady
Feb 1974

Box 4: folder 6
Transcript of interview for Thames TV
19 Apr 1976

Box 4: folder 7
Transcript of interview of J. Stanley Pottinger for London Sunday Times by Joy Billington Doty
5 Jan 1984

Box 4: folder 8
Transcript by Jill Clark of Gay Community News
circa 1980

Box 4: folder 9
"Gloria Steinem Examines the Women's Decade: Wins, Losses and Changes in Her Life," People, by Irene Kubota
23 Jun 1980

Box 4: folder 10
Transcript by Mary Vespa, with editing by Steinem
circa 1983

Box 4: folder 11
"Steinem at 50" transcript by Irene Neves, circa

Box 4: folder 12
Questionnaire completed by Steinem for Rosanna Greenstreet of London's Weekend Guardian
circa 1992

Box 4: folder 13
Transcript of interview about Steinem's college years

Box 4: folder 14
Transcripts of interviews for radio show with Steinem, friends, and family by Linda Yellen and Alan Lewis
circa 1985

Box 4: folder 15
Topical interviews and questionnaires

Box 4: folder 16-20

Primary and secondary
circa 1949, n.d.

Box 5: folder 1
Smith College

General (includes 1953 postcard from Steinem to family in Washington, D.C.)

Box 5: folder 2
Junior Year Abroad (Geneva)

Box 5: folder 3
Reunion reports
1966, 1971, 1981

Box 5: folder 4
Keynote address to Class of 1956 reunion (in abstentia; read by someone else)

Box 5: folder 4a
Extra-curricular activities (includes Girl Scout badge cards)

Box 5: folder 5
Post-graduate activities

Box 5
Chester Bowles Fellowship: correspondence, reports, and miscellany (includes inventory of trunks shipped back to U.S.)
1957-58, n.d.

Box 5: folder 6-8
Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival: notes

Box 5: folder 9
Personal records

Calendars and contacts

Address card file

Box 5: folder 10
Appointment, calendar, and date books


Box 5: folder 11

Box 6: folder 1-8
1975-86, n.d.

Box 7: folder 1-10
Business cards

Box 8: folder 1-3
Contact information, general and India: notes, n.d

Box 8: folder 4-6
Phone logs and messages
1985-87, n.d.

Box 9: folder 1-5
Miscellaneous notes

Box 9: folder 6-7

Bank records

Savings account
1965, 1974

Box 9: folder 8
Checking account


Box 9: folder 9-10

Box 10: folder 1-7

Box 11: folder 1-12

Box 12: folder 1-3
Business finances



Box 12: folder 4-6
Entertainment and gifts


Box 12: folder 7-15

Box 13: folder 1-5
Office: general and secretarial,

Box 13: folder 6-20
Professional image

Box 14: folder 1-12
Professional services


Box 15: folder 1

Box 15: folder 2
Answering services and messengers

Box 15: folder 3-10

Box 15: folder 11-12

Box 15: folder 13
Organizational and leadership development

Box 15: folder 14
Publishing: Henry Holt & Co. invoices

Box 15: folder 15
Research expenses


Box 15: folder 16-24
1983-88, n.d.

Box 16: folder 1-5

Box 16: folder 6-23
Wilson Fellowship expenses



Box 16: folder 24
East Toledo Enterprises

Box 16
Article concerning incorporation

Box 17: folder 1
Bank records: checks, registers

Box 17: folder 2-3

Business gifts and entertaining

Box 17: folder 4
Charitable contributions

Box 17: folder 5a-5b
Dues and memberships

Box 17: folder 6

Box 17: folder 7-9

Box 17: folder 10

Box 17: folder 11
Personal (includes clothing, cosmetics, and hair)

Box 17: folder 12-13

Box 17: folder 14


Box 17: folder 15

Box 17: folder 16
Answering and messenger,

Box 17: folder 17

Box 17: folder 18

Box 17: folder 19-21
Utilities (includes telephone bills)

Box 18: folder 1-4
1982, 1986

Box 18: folder 5-6

General: checks, stubs and correspondence

Box 18: folder 7-10

Box 18: folder 11-12
Personal finances


Charitable contributions: letters of solicitation and acknowledgement

Box 18: folder 13

Box 18: folder 14-20
Household expenses

Apartment renovation

Box 19: folder 1

Box 19: folder 2
1959, 1973

Box 19: folder 3
1973, 1977, n.d.

Box 19: folder 4

Box 19: folder 5



Box 19: folder 6-12

Box 20: folder 1-5

Box 20: folder 6

Box 20: folder 7
Medical and dental


Box 20: folder 8-10

Box 21: folder 1-5
Medical insurance

Box 21: folder 6
1956-88, n.d.

Box 21: folder 7-17
Ruth Steinem

Box 22: folder 1-7
Personal income



Box 22: folder 8-18

Box 23: folder 1-3
Import/Export activities

Box 23: folder 5

Box 23: folder 6-8


Box 23: folder 9
City of New York


Box 23: folder 10-13
Unincorporated Business Tax Returns
1976-77, 1980

Box 23: folder 14

Box 23: folder 15
Resident returns

Box 23: folder 16-23


Box 24: folder 1
Individual returns (includes worksheets, notes, and correspondence)

1959, 1964-79

Box 24: folder 2-14

Box 25: folder 1-3


Box 25: folder 4
1966 and 1968

Box 25: folder 5
Legal documents (includes 1954 passport and petition to visit Patty Hearst)

Box 25: folder 6
Birthday celebrations and tributes


Greetings (A-Z and unidentified)

Box 25: folder 7-8
Ms. Gala: Birthday book (includes typescripts, notes and memoranda), correspondence, speeches and tributes, and ticket sales

Box 25: folder 9-15
Press clippings

Box 26: folder 1-2
Scrapbook from Edie Van Horn (includes photo of Van Horn and Steinem; also letter by Van Horn defending Steinem against Redstockings allegations)

Box 26: folder 3
60th: greetings, remarks by John Kenneth Galbraith, pledges to the Ms. Foundation for Women

Box 26: folder 4-6
Awards, honorary degrees and gifts: certificates, plaques, sculptures, statuettes

1958-97, n.d.

Box 27: folder 1-2
Food and Agriculture Organization Ceres Medal: correspondence and miscellany

Box 27: folder 3-4
William O. Douglas, Public Counsel

Box 27: folder 5
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Box 27: folder 6
Honorary degrees

Box 28: folder 1-5

Autographed books

Polly Devlin, All of Us There (London)

Box 29: folder 1
Vicky Draham, I Think I May Paint the House in August (Olympia)

Box 29: folder 2
Daisy Fields, A Woman's Guide to Moving Up in Business and Government (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Box 29: folder 3
Stanley Friedman, The Magnificent Kennedy Women (Derby, CT)

Box 29: folder 4
Dan Greenburg and Suzanne O'Malley, How to Avoid Love and Marriage (New York)

Box 29: folder 5
Natasha Josefowitz, In A Nutshell: Feminist Verse (San Diego)

Box 29: folder 6
David Rogers, Poetry and Other Interface

Box 29: folder 7
Sharinne Strickland Weiller, Madam President (New York)

Box 29: folder 8
Anne Wittels and Ivy Bottini, Ms.Ery (Beverly Hills)

Box 29: folder 9
Wonder Woman: A Ms. Book (New York) (includes introduction by Steinem and interpretive essay by Phyllis Chesler. Autograph by Elizabeth H Marston, widow of Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Maston)

Box 30: folder 1
Flo Kennedy, Color Me Flo: My Hard Life and Good Times

Box 30: folder 2
General: buttons, patches, poems, posters, and keepsakes (includes Steinem's war ration book, a stamp from office of Cesar Chavez, and Smith College Senior Banquet poem)
1954-83, n.d.

Box 30: folder 3-8

Leo Steinem: legal papers and correspondence relating to his death

Box 31: folder 1
Ruth Nuneviller Steinem

General correspondence

Box 31: folder 2
Clippings from Ruth for Steinem's project, "The Crook Book" a/k/a "The Death Book,"
1963-64, n.d.

Box 31: folder 3
Condolence letters on Ruth's death

Box 31: folder 4
Memorial service program, obituaries, etc.

Box 31: folder 5
Pauline Steinem: article on suffrage

Box 31: folder 6
Suzanne Steinem Patch: clippings
1946, 1949, n.d.

Box 31: folder 7
Robert Patch: clippings

Box 31: folder 8
Other family members: correspondence

Box 31: folder 9



Box 32: folder 1-17

Box 33: folder 1-12

Box 34: folder 1-22
1978-Sep 1979

Box 35: folder 1-14
Oct 1979-1980

Box 36: folder 1-15
1981-Jul 1982

Box 37: folder 1-13
Aug 1982-Mar 1983

Box 38: folder 1-10
Apr-Oct 1983

Box 39: folder 1-8
Nov 1983-Feb 1984

Box 40: folder 1-7
Feb-May 1984

Box 41: folder 1-6
Jun-Oct 1984

Box 42: folder 1-7
Oct 1984-Feb 1985

Box 43: folder 1-8
Mar-Dec 1985

Box 44: folder 1-10

Box 45: folder 1-12
1988-Sep 1990

Box 46: folder 1-13
Oct 1990-91

Box 47: folder 1-12
Jan-Nov 1992

Box 48: folder 1-11
Dec 1992-Mar 1993

Box 49: folder 1-8
Mar-Sep 1993

Box 50: folder 1-8
Oct 1993-Jun 1994

Box 51: folder 1-9
Jun 1994-Apr 1995

Box 52: folder 1-12
May 1995-Jun 1996

Box 53: folder 1-11
Jul 1996-May 1997

Box 54: folder 1-10
Jun-Dec 1997, n.d.

Box 54A: folder 1-7
Public response


Box 55: folder 1-10

Box 56: folder 1-8
circa 1970s-Feb 1983

Box 57: folder 1-8
Mar-Sep 1983

Box 58: folder 1-18
Sep-Dec 1983

Box 59: folder 1-7
Dec 1983-Mar 1984

Box 60: folder 1-7
Mar-Jun 1984

Box 61: folder 1-8
Jun-Sep 1984

Box 62: folder 1-9
Oct-Dec 1984

Box 63: folder 1-7
1984 n.d.-Feb 1985

Box 64: folder 1-9
Mar-Dec 1985

Box 65: folder 1-9

Box 66: folder 1-11
1989-Jan 1992

Box 67: folder 1-9
Jan-Mar 1992

Box 68: folder 1-7
Mar-Jun 1992

Box 69: folder 1-7
Jun-Nov 1992

Box 70: folder 1-8
Nov 1992-Jan 1993

Box 71: folder 1-7
Jan-Feb 1993

Box 72: folder 1-7
Feb-Apr 1993

Box 73: folder 1-7
Apr-Aug 1993

Box 74: folder 1-8
Aug-Dec 1993

Box 75: folder 1-9
Jan-May 1994

Box 76: folder 1-7
May-Jul 1994

Box 77: folder 1-8
Jul-Oct 1994

Box 78: folder 1-7
Nov 1994-Mar 1995

Box 79: folder 1-7
Apr-Dec 1995

Box 80: folder 1-8
Jan-Oct 1996

Box 81: folder 1-9
Nov 1996-May 1997

Box 82: folder 1-9
Jun-Dec 1997, circa 1990s

Box 83: folder 1-9

Abou-Saif, Laila

Box 84: folder 1
1989, 1993, n.d.

Box 84: folder 2
Adams, Amy Goldstein [restricted]

Box 84: folder 3
Alda, Alan and Arlene
1980-86, n.d.

Box 84: folder 4
Alpert, Jane

Box 84: folder 5
Amram, David

Box 84: folder 6
Andrews, Julie
1965, 1992

Box 84: folder 7
Anguiano, Lupe

Box 84: folder 8
Arditti, Rita

Box 84: folder 9
Asimov, Isaac

Box 84: folder 10
Astor, Brooke

Box 84: folder 11
Atkinson, Ti-Grace
1971, 1974

Box 84: folder 12
Barry, Kathleen

Box 84: folder 13
Beare, Nikki
1977, 1979

Box 84: folder 14
Beatty, Warren

Box 84: folder 15
de Beauvoir, Simone

Box 84: folder 16
Bellow, Saul

Box 84: folder 17
Benton, Robert
1984, n.d.

Box 84: folder 18
Bergen, Candice

Box 84: folder 19
Bhavnani, Ishwar
circa 1954-59

Box 84: folder 20
Berresford, Susan

Box 84: folder 21
Bingham, Sallie

Box 84: folder 22
Bernstein, Leonard

Box 84: folder 23
Bird, Caroline (includes transcript of interview with Charlotte Bunch)

[for Steinem's review of Born Female, see SERIES IV. WRITINGS-Articles-Book reviews]


Box 84: folder 24
Black, Cathleen

Box 84: folder 25
Blankenship, Jayne
1981, 1992

Box 84: folder 26
Blechmen, Bob

Box 84: folder 27
Bode, Janet

Box 84: folder 28
Bottini, Ivy

Box 84: folder 29
Bradlee, Benjamin

Box 84: folder 30
Braudy, Susan

Box 84: folder 31
Brinkley, David

Box 84: folder 32
Brokaw, Tom

Box 84: folder 33
Brown, Bert

Box 84: folder 34
1982, 1985, 1989, n.d.

Box 84: folder 35
1973-78, n.d.

Box 85: folder 1-3
Brown, Tina

Box 85: folder 4
Brownmiller, Susan

Box 85: folder 5
Broner, Esther

Box 85: folder 6
Buckley, Gail L.

Box 85: folder 7
Burnett, Carol

Box 85: folder 8
Burnett, Patricia Hill
1977, n.d.

Box 85: folder 9
Byrne, Jane

Box 85: folder 10
Carbine, Pat and Tom
1976, n.d.

Box 85: folder 11
Card, Emily (includes transcript of interview with Steinem about women and finances and Steinem's own financial practices)

Box 85: folder 12
Carroll, Connie
1977, 1982, n.d.

Box 85: folder 13
Carter, Jimmy, Rosalyn, and Judy Langford Carter
1976-77, n.d.

Box 85: folder 14
Chavez, Bernadette (aka Carmela)
1977, 1982, 1992

Box 85: folder 15
Chavez, Cesar

Box 85: folder 16
Chesler, Phyllis (includes writings)

Box 85: folder 17-18
Chicago, Judy

Box 85: folder 19
Chisholm, Shirley

Box 85: folder 29
Chotzinoff, Blair (includes letter from daughter Marina)
1969-83, n.d.

Box 86: folder 1
Clark, Dick

Box 86: folder 2
Clayburgh, Jill

Box 86: folder 3
Clinton, Hillary

Box 86: folder 4
Clinton, William Jefferson

Box 86: folder 5
Collins, Judy
1989, n.d.

Box 86: folder 6
Conyers, John

Box 86: folder 7
Cook, Connie

Box 86: folder 8
Corea, Gena

Box 86: folder 9
Cowan, Belinda
1979, n.d.

Box 86: folder 10
Crawford, Joan

Box 86: folder 11
de Crow, Karen

Box 86: folder 12
Cuomo, Mario

Box 86: folder 13
Dellums, Ron

Box 86: folder 14
Diller, Barry

Box 86: folder 15
Donahue, Phil
1978, 1986

Box 86: folder 16
Douglas, Susan

Box 86: folder 17
Dunlop, Joan

Box 86: folder 18
Durant, Will

Box 86: folder 19
Dworkin, Andrea

Box 86: folder 20
Edelman, Marian Wright

Box 86: folder 21
Edgar, Joanne
1974, n.d.

Box 86: folder 22
Eikenberry, Jill

Box 86: folder 23
Eisenstein, Zillah

Box 86: folder 24
Farrell, Amy

Box 86: folder 25
Farrell, Warren

Box 86: folder 26
Farenthold, Sissy
1982, 1984

Box 86: folder 27
Fasteau, Brenda Feigen
1973, 1985-86

Box 86: folder 28
Felker, Clay

Box 86: folder 29
Ferraro, Geraldine

Box 86: folder 30
Fisher, Jane O'Reilly
1964-66, n.d.

Box 86: folder 31
Flynt, Larry

Box 86: folder 32
Fonda, Jane
1982, 1993

Box 86: folder 33
Ford, Betty and Gerald
1974, 1976, 1980, n.d.

Box 86: folder 34
Fowler, Linda

Box 86: folder 35
Fraser, Arvonne S.

Box 86: folder 36
Frederick, Peter
1961, 1963, n.d.

Box 86: folder 37
Freeman, Jo
1993, 1996

Box 86: folder 38
Freeman, Robert

Box 86: folder 39
French, Marilyn

Box 86: folder 40
Fridenberg, Walter
1958-60, n.d.

Box 86: folder 41
Friedan, Betty

Box 86: folder 42
Fritz, Leah

Box 86: folder 43
Frost, David

Box 86: folder 44
von Furstenberg, Diane

Box 86: folder 45
Galbraith, John Kenneth

Box 87: folder 1
Gallagher, Patricia
1983, 1987

Box 87: folder 2
Gamache, Tom
1990-95, n.d.

Box 87: folder 3
George, Phyllis

Box 87: folder 4
Gere, Richard

Box 87: folder 5
Gifford, Kathy Lee

Box 87: folder 6
Ginsberg, Allen

Box 87: folder 7
Ginsberg, Ruth

Box 87: folder 8
Goodman, Emily
1983, 1990

Box 87: folder 9
Gould, Lois

Box 87: folder 10
Graham, Katherine
circa 1977-82

Box 87: folder 11
Green, Rayna, n.d

Box 87: folder 12
Greer, Germaine
1972, 1977

Box 87: folder 13
Hack, Nadine

Box 87: folder 14
Hamill, Pete

Box 87: folder 15
Harriman, Pamela

Box 87: folder 16
Harrington, Michael
1980-84, n.d.

Box 87: folder 17
Hefner, Christie

Box 87: folder 18
Henderson, Skitch

Box 87: folder 19
Hepburn, Katharine

Box 87: folder 20
Hernandez, Aileen

[see also "White House Conference on Families, 1979-80" in SERIES III. SPEECHES AND APPEARANCES]


Box 87: folder 21
Heyn, Dalma

Box 87: folder 22
Hochman, Sandra (includes photograph)
1977, 1990, n.d.

Box 87: folder 23
Holtzman, Elizabeth (includes clippings and speech, "Legal Inequality of Women: Marital Rape and Domestic Violence")

Box 87: folder 24
Horbal, Koryne
1988, 1990

Box 87: folder 25
1983, n.d.

Box 87: folder 26
Hume, Ellen

Box 87: folder 27
Hunt, Helen
1990-96, n.d.

Box 87: folder 28
Iacocca, Lee

Box 88: folder 1
Johnson, Germaine (includes writings)

Box 88: folder 2
Jones, Jenny

Box 88: folder 3
Jong, Erica
1980, 1989-90, n.d.

Box 88: folder 4
Jordan, Hamilton

Box 88: folder 5
Jordan, Vernon

Box 88: folder 6
Kennedy, Edward and Joan
1983-84, 1987

Box 88: folder 7
Kennedy, Florynce
1973, 1984, 1995

Box 88: folder 8
Kennedy, Robert

Box 88: folder 9
Kenyon, Dorothy

Box 88: folder 10
Kesten, Robert

Box 88: folder 11
King, Billie Jean

Box 88: folder 12
King, Carole

Box 88: folder 13
King, Coretta Scott

Box 88: folder 14
Kingston, Maxine Hong
1977, n.d.

Box 88: folder 15
Kissinger, Henry

Box 88: folder 16
Koch, Ed

Box 88: folder 17
Knowles, Marjorie Fine
1982, n.d.

Box 88: folder 18
Kunstler, William

Box 88: folder 19
Kyoko, Michichita
1979, 1983-86, 1990

Box 88: folder 20
Lamm, Dottie (includes autographed copy of Second Banana)

Box 88: folder 21
Laredo (a/k/a Lara Dale)

Box 88: folder 22
Lauper, Cyndi

Box 88: folder 23
Laura X
1975, 1981-82

Box 88: folder 24
Lerner, Gerda

Box 88: folder 25
Lewis, Jane

Box 88: folder 26
Lindsay, John and Mary
1966, 1971, n.d.

Box 88: folder 27
Lippert, Karin

Box 88: folder 28
Locke, Sondra
1994, n.d.

Box 88: folder 29
Love, Barbara

Box 88: folder 30
MacKinnon, Catharine (includes draft of libel section, amicus brief for Andrea Dworkin)
1982, n.d.

Box 88: folder 31
Manchester, Melissa

Box 88: folder 32
Mankiller, Wilma
1989, n.d.

Box 88: folder 33
Marchiano, Linda

Box 88: folder 33
Mason, Marsha

Box 88: folder 34
McCorvey, Norma

Box 88: folder 35
McGovern, George

Box 88: folder 36
McKuen, Rod
circa 1983

Box 88: folder 37
Millett, Kate
1977, 1980, 1990

Box 88: folder 38
Najimy, Kathy

Box 89: folder 1
Navratilova, Martina

Box 89: folder 2
Nessim, Barbara

Box 89: folder 3
Newton, Verne
circa 1960s-70s

Box 89: folder 4
Newman, Paul

Box 89: folder 5
Nixon, Richard (from Steinem)

Box 89: folder 6
Norman, Jessye
1992, n.d.

Box 89: folder 7
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
1966, 1978, 1980

Box 89: folder 8
Ono, Yoko
1990, n.d.

Box 89: folder 9
Orsag, Carol

Box 89: folder 10
Painter, Nell
1981, n.d.

Box 89: folder 11
Paris, Ronnie

Box 89: folder 12
Parrent, Joanne

Box 89: folder 13
de Passe, Suzanne

Box 89: folder 14
Peacock, Mary

Box 89: folder 15
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin
1980, 1982, 1992

Box 89: folder 16
Pottinger, Stan
1979, n.d.

Box 89: folder 17

Box 89: folder 18
Rather, Dan

Box 89: folder 19
Reagan, Nancy

Box 89: folder 20
Reasoner, Harry

Box 89: folder 21
Reddy, Helen

Box 89: folder 22
Redford, Robert

Box 89: folder 23
Richards, Ann

Box 89: folder 24
Richey-Rankin, Vel

Box 89: folder 25
Robbins, Jerome

Box 89: folder 26
Robinson, Marianne (Jolly)

Box 89: folder 27
Rountree, Cathleen

Box 89: folder 28
Savitch, Jessica

Box 89: folder 29
Scheinbaum, Stanley

Box 89: folder 30
Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur

Box 89: folder 31
Schneider, Susan Weidman

Box 89: folder 32
Schroeder, Pat
1982, 1987, n.d.

Box 89: folder 33
Shalala, Donna
1980, 1985

Box 89: folder 34
Sheehy, Gail
1990-94, n.d.

Box 90: folder 1
Shephard, Cybill
circa 1987-88

Box 90: folder 2
Shore, Dinah

Box 90: folder 3
Siegel, Ann

Box 90: folder 4
Smith, Liz
1967-88, n.d.

Box 90: folder 5
Sondheim, Stephen
1967, n.d.

Box 90: folder 6
Sorensen, Ted

Box 90: folder 7
Stapleton, Jean

Box 90: folder 8
Stark, Ray
1968, n.d.

Box 90: folder 9
Stein, Robert

Box 90: folder 10
Stern, Elizabeth "Bibsie"
1960-84, n.d.

Box 90: folder 11
Stimpson, Katherine
1987, 1992

Box 90: folder 12
Streep, Meryl

Box 90: folder 13
Styron, William

Box 90: folder 14
Swit, Loretta

Box 90: folder 15
Tannen, Deborah

Box 90: folder 16
Thomas, Marlo
1979-84, 1989, 1993, n.d.

Box 90: folder 17
Tinker, Grant

Box 90: folder 18
Tobias, Sheila
1982, 1984, 1993, n.d.

Box 90: folder 19
Tomlin, Lily
1983, n.d.

Box 90: folder 20
Trudeau, Gary

Box 90: folder 21
Tutu, Mpho

Box 90: folder 22
Utne, Eric

Box 90: folder 23
Vanderbilt, Gloria

Box 90: folder 24
1973-95, n.d.

Box 90: folder 25
Van Patten, Joyce

Box 90: folder 26
Walker, Alice
1974-88, n.d.

Box 90: folder 27
Wallace, Mike

Box 90: folder 28
Walters, Barbara
1965, 1979, n.d.

Box 90: folder 29
Wattleton, Faye

Box 90: folder 30
Willis, Ellen

Box 90: folder 31
Winfrey, Oprah n,d.
1987, 1993,

Box 90: folder 32
Winters, Shelley [see Cyndi Lauper]

Box 90: folder 33
Wolfe, Tom

Box 90: folder 34
Jan, 1984

Box 90: folder 35
Zuckerman, Mort
1984, n.d.

Box 90: folder 36
Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College

Box 91: folder 1
Letters of recommendation [restricted]

Box 91: folder 2

General: lists of appearances, contracts, notes, press calls, question and answer cards, and research materials
1967-87, n.d.

Box 92: folder 1-11
Speaking appearances: correspondence, schedules,clippings, receipts

Box 93-99

Box 93-99
Testimony, Senate Hearings on Equal Rights Amendment
6 May 1970

Box 100: folder 1
"Living the Revolution," Vassar Commencement Address

Box 100
Testimony before New Democratic Coalition Foreign Policy Hearings
14 September 1971

Box 100: folder 2
"Why Harvard Law School Needs Women More Than Women Need It," 1971 (includes article version reprinted in the Congressional Record
23 September 1971

Box 100
Untitled talk on the Equal Rights Amendment
circa 1972

Box 100: folder 3
National Press Club
24 Jan 1972

Box 100: folder 3
U.S. Naval Academy, Forrestal Lecture Series
12 May 1972

Box 100
"Ms.-Today and Tomorrow," excerpts of talk with Margaret Sloan before staff of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Dec 1972

Box 100
League of Women Voters national convention

Box 100
"New Life Styles," talk at Conference on the American Woman, University of Georgia, Athens
2 Aug 1973

Box 100: folder 4
"America's Need to Know" symposium, New York City
18 Sep 1973

Box 100
American Association of Advertising Agencies, Greenbrier

Box 100
Simmons College Commencement

Box 100: folder 5
"The Feminist Revolution," American Association of Advertising Agencies Annual Meeting and Central Region Annual Meeting
31 Oct 1973

Box 100
Association of National Advertisers' Media Workshop
4 Dec 1973

Box 100
"Are We Open to Change?" speech to Life Insurance AdvertisersAssociation, San Francisco
Oct 1974

Box 100: folder 6
College of Marin, Kentfield, California
Oct 1974

Box 100
American Society of Corporate Secretaries National Conference, Puerto Rico
Jun 1974

Box 100
"But Dear God, Where Are the Women?" International Women's Year Project 1975/Perth
Jan 1975

Box 100: folder 7
"Statement of the Feminist Movement," Women Unlimited Conference, University of Utah
16 Oct 1975

Box 100
PR Conference (possibly by Pat Carbine)
4 Sep 1975

Box 100
Gender-Based Discrimination and the Equal Rights Amendment, Judicial Conference of the Second Circuit
11 Sep 1976

Box 100: folder 7A
American Marketing Association conference, New York City
25 Jan 1977

Box 100: folder 8
Statement at IWY Encounter for Journalists, Mexico City

Box 100: folder 8A
St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO

Box 100: folder 9
Talk before an unidentified women's conference at the University of Southern California
May 1979

Box 100: folder 10
National Women's Political Caucus Convention, Cincinnati (includes introduction by Frances Lear)
15 Jul 1979

Box 100
"Women Against War" conference, New York
10 Jun 1980

Box 100: folder 11
Welcome for Tatyana Mamonova
20 Oct 1980

Box 100: folder 11A
Economic Democracy
Nov 1981

Box 100: folder 12
California Nurses Association, Oakland
10-20 Feb 1982

Box 101: folder 1
Speech nominating Irene Natividad as chair of the National Women's Political Caucus, Biennial convention

Box 101: folder 2
Ms. Foundation for Women/ POWER benefit
28 Jan 1986

Box 101: folder 3
Wheaton College Commencement
31 May 1986

Box 101
Cleveland City Club

Box 101
Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr College, commencement

Box 101
Roast of John Mack Carter

Box 101: folder 4
Undated speeches

Remarks at Gael Greene lunch

Box 101: folder 5
Speech at march against pornography

Box 101
Speech at International Women's Year event

Box 101
"Women as a Political Force" address before the League of Women Voters

Box 101: folder 5
Women, the Law, and the Economy

Box 101
Introduction of Alice Walker

Box 101: folder 6
"On Being a Writer"

Box 101
Testimony before Human Rights Commission

Box 101
Wedding remarks, Clarence and Dorothy

Box 101
Radio and television

Spectrum (CBS program)

Steinem's scripts

Box 102: folder 1
Commentaries by others (includes M. Stanton Evans, Nicholas Von Hoffman, Murray Kempton, Ethel Payne, Vincent Royster and Phyllis Schlafly)

Box 102: folder 2-7
Correspondence and notes from CBS

Box 102: folder 8
Texts, drafts, and notes of commentaries by Steinem

Box 102: folder 9
In Conversation With . . .

[* indicates accompanying tape in SERIES IX. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL]

General correspondence

Box 102: folder 10
Subject files: clippings, question lists, correspondence, transcripts

Asner, Ed

Box 102: folder 11
Bond, Julian

Box 102: folder 12
Brown, Helen Gurley (includes interview) *

Box 102: folder 13
Cronkite, Walter

Box 102: folder 14
Donahue, Phil (includes interview)*

Box 102: folder 15
Ford, Betty (includes interview) *

Box 102: folder 16
Galbraith, John Kenneth (includes interview)

Box 103: folder 1
Morrison, Toni

Box 103: folder 2

Box 103: folder 3
Ride, Sally (includes interview) *

Box 103: folder 4
Young, Andrew

Box 103: folder 5
Walker, Alice*

Box 103: folder 6
The Today Show


Box 103: folder 7
Financial materials: checks and invoices

Box 103: folder 8
circa 1986-87

Box 103: folder 9
Programs (includes "Backstage at Today," script ; partial transcript of interview with Robert Redford, and transcript of interview with Wendy McCarthy)

Box 103: folder 10-12
Story ideas
1987, n.d.

Box 103: folder 13


Bibliographies of Steinem's writings

Box 104: folder 1


Box 104: folder 2-11
1994-97, n.d.

Box 105: folder 1-4

Box 105: folder 5
Endorsements ["blurbs"] of work by others


Box 105: folder 6-10

Box 106: folder 1-2
The Rape of Inez Garcia: Legal correspondence

Box 106: folder 3
Editorial work

Ladies Home Journal: correspondence, notes, and memoranda
1964-65, n.d.

Box 106: folder 4-5
Warner Modular Communications: correspondence, memoranda, modules, permissions, and reprints

Box 106: folder 6-8

Application materials

Box 106: folder 9

Box 106: folder 10-11
Fellows handbook

Box 106: folder 12
General (includes evaluation)

Box 107: folder 1

Box 107: folder 2
Research materials
1975-78, n.d.

Box 107: folder 3
Press statements by Gloria Steinem

Box 107: folder 4-6
Scripts, screenplays and film treatments

"Cally": correspondence, draft, and fragments

Box 107: folder 7
"Emma": screenplay
1971, n.d.

Box 107: folder 8
"Polly": script

Box 107: folder 9
"That Was the Year that Was": contract

Box 107: folder 10

Box 107: folder 11

Bound volume of Help!

Box 108
Texts, alphabetically by title: may include drafts, galleys, and/or publications

[See Appendix for complete title list of articles]

Box 109-116
Research files: notes, clippings, correspondence, miscellany

Advice columns (never-published article for Redbook)

Box 117: folder 1-2
Ad piece

Box 117: folder 3
Bellow, Saul

Box 117: folder 4
Body building

Box 117: folder 5
Capote, Truman (includes interview)

Box 117: folder 6
"Crazylegs" (women's stockings)

Box 117: folder 7
The Draft

Box 117: folder 8
The "Establishment": notes, clippings, printed material
1964-67, n.d.

Box 117: folder 9-10
Feminist Federal Credit Union

Box 117: folder 11
Fonteyn, Margot

Box 117: folder 12
Gavin, James M.

Box 118: folder 1

Box 118: folder 2
Hamer, Fannie Lou (includes interview)

Box 118: folder 3
India: notes and ideas

Box 118: folder 4
Jones, James Earl (includes interview)

Box 118: folder 5
Kennedy, Robert.

Box 118: folder 6
Lindsay, John

Box 118: folder 7
Lindsay, Mary

Box 118: folder 8
MacLaine, Shirley (includes interview)

Box 118: folder 9
McCarthy, Eugene

Box 118: folder 10
Miscellaneous notes

Box 118: folder 11
Naisbitt, John and Patricia Aburdene (includes interview)

Box 118: folder 12
Newman, Paul and Joanne Woodward

Box 118: folder 13
Nixon, Richard: clippings, interview, press releases and schedules, and memoranda

Box 118: folder 14-16
Percy, Charles

Box 118: folder 17
"Perfect Presidential Candidate," notes

Box 118: folder 18

Box 118: folder 19-20
Presidential campaigns
1968 and 1984

Box 118: folder 21-22
Radziwill, Lee

Box 119: folder 1
Reagan, Ronald

Box 119: folder 2
Rockefeller, Nelson

Box 119: folder 3
Romney, George

Box 119: folder 4
Specific companies' ad policies

Box 119: folder 5
Van Buren, Abigail

Box 119: folder 6
Women's history

Box 119: folder 7
Women's magazine promotions

Box 119: folder 8

The Beach Book: correspondence, congratulations (includes Gay Talese) and production material (includes draft of introduction by John Kenneth Galbraith)
1963-64, n.d.

Box 120: folder 1-3
Marilyn: articles, correspondence, financial and legal materials,foreign editions, research files, reviews, promotional tours, publicity, and manuscript materials [for master galley see SERIES X. OVERSIZE]

Box 120-123
Moving Beyond Words: manuscript and galley pages, foreign editions

Box 124-125
Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions: contracts, correspondence (includes Betty Ford), financial and legal material, foreign editions, tours, publicity, reviews and articles, manuscript drafts, galleys, author's copy and master copy

Box 125-128
Revolution From Within: clippings, correspondence, fact-checking references, foreign editions, proposal, research memoranda, manuscript drafts and fragments, galley, and researchfiles



Box 129-138
Unpublished work: India by Air (a travel guide to India): correspondence, draft material, and related writings
circa 1959

Box 138: folder 10-25

International Women's Year


Anti-IWY activity

Box 139: folder 1

Box 139: folder 2

Box 139: folder 3
Encounter for Journalists

Box 139: folder 4
Fletcher School of Law report on laws discriminating against women

Box 139: folder 5
International Women's Decade: printed material

Box 139: folder 6
International Women's Year Arts Festival: proposal

Box 139: folder 7
International Women's Year state meetings: clippings, questionnaire, and materials re: CA, CT, ID, MI, MT, NV, OH, NY, ND, SC and TN

Box 139: folder 8-20
National Commission on the International Women's Year

Agendas, minutes, budgets, memoranda, notes, and committee materials

Box 139: folder 21-24
Fact sheets, Mulqueeny v. IWY complaint and ruling,and procedural material

Box 140: folder 1-8
Houston Convention

Briefing book

Box 140: folder 9

Box 140: folder 10
Houston Breakthrough: correspondence and issues

Box 140: folder 11
Local arrangements

Box 140: folder 12-15
National Plan of Action (includes reports and memoranda)

Box 141: folder 1-19
Plenary program

Box 141: folder 20

"The Spirit of Houston: An Official Report to the President, the Congress, and the People of the United States,"
March 1978

Box 141: folder 21
What Women Want: from the official report to the President, the Congress, and the people of the United States, by Caroline Bird (Simon & Schuster, 1979): correspondence, drafts, proofs

Box 141: folder 22-24
Torch relay: fact sheets and schedules

Box 142: folder 1
Post-conference correspondence

Box 142: folder 2
Press: newsletters, press releases, updates
1976-77, n.d.

Box 142: folder 3-7
Minnetonka Corporation

Affiliation (minutes and by-laws)
1986, n.d.

Box 142: folder 8-9
Board of Directors

Annual report, briefing books, business plans, correspondence, and financial statements

Box 142: folder 10-22
Financial statements, meeting materials, and memoranda

Box 143: folder 1-13
Press releases

Box 143: folder 14

Box 143: folder 15-17
1980, 1987, n.d.

Box 144: folder 1-3
Securities Exchange Commission: annual and quarterly reports, questionnaires

Box 144: folder 4-5
Ms. Foundation for Women

Annual reports and updates

Box 144: folder 6-7
Board of Directors

Committees and correspondence
1977-91, n.d.

Box 144: folder 9-10
Meeting materials


Box 145: folder 1-8

Box 146: folder 1
Gloria Steinem, Marie Wilson correspondence
1977-91, n.d.

Box 146: folder 2-3
Contributions and fundraising (includes Garry Trudeau)

Box 146: folder 5-8
Correspondence, general

Box 146: folder 9

Box 146: folder 10
Grants and proposals

Box 146: folder 11-13
1979, n.d.

Box 146: folder 14
Notes and miscellaneous
1982-88, n.d.

Box 146: folder 15
Press clippings

Box 146: folder 16
Promotional materials
1978-87, n.d.

Box 146: folder 17
Special projects

1989, n.d.

Box 146: folder 18
20th anniversary

Box 146: folder 19
The Artist's Circle

Box 146: folder 20
1979-1991, n.d.

Box 147: folder 1
Breaking Silence

Box 147: folder 2
Charter membership

Box 147: folder 3

Box 147: folder 4
Ms. dinners
1981, n.d.

Box 147: folder 5
The Pro-Choice Project

Box 147: folder 6
Pro-Choice Project on Reproductive Freedom TrainingWorkshop
11-13 Jan 1981

Box 147: folder 7-8
Reproductive rights projects

Box 147: folder 9
Studies of the Foundation
1989, n.d.

Box 147: folder 10
Subject files
1980, n.d.

Box 147: folder 11-12
Women's History Research Center, Inc.

Box 147: folder 13
Supporting organizations

Free to Be Foundation

1974-1989, n.d.

Box 147: folder 14
Financial statements

Box 147: folder 15
"Free To Be, You and Me": scripts
1985, n.d.

Box 147: folder 16
1978, n.d.

Box 148: folder 1
Special events

Box 148: folder 2
Ms. Foundation for Education and Communication: General and She's Nobody's Baby, 1983

Box 148: folder 3-4
Ms. magazine


Ad Council

Box 148: folder 5-7
Ad inserts
1978, n.d.

Box 148: folder 8
Ad rates

Box 148: folder 9

Box 148: folder 10-17
Analysis and market research

Box 149: folder 1-6
Call reports

Box 149: folder 7

Box 149: folder 8

Box 149: folder 9-10
Electronics industry
1978-80, n.d.

Box 149: folder 11
Internal correspondence and memoranda
1976-86, n.d.

Box 149: folder 12-13
Notes and miscellaneous
1972-78, n.d.

Box 150: folder 1
Press clippings
1972-89, n.d.

Box 150: folder 2
Promotional materials
1972-87, n.d.

Box 150: folder 3
Sales presentation packets
1977-78, n.d.

Box 150: folder 4
1973-85, n.d.

Box 150: folder 5
1976-84, n.d.

Box 150: folder 6

Advisory Board of Scholars

Box 150: folder 7
Anniversary issues

(includes interview material with Simone de Beauvoir)
5th, Jul 1977

Box 150: folder 8-9
15th, 1987

Box 150: folder 10
Awards applications: Newswomen's Club of NY, Front Page awards

Box 150: folder 11
Campus Times

Box 151: folder 1

Letters to the Editors and reader responses

Cigarette and alcohol ads

Box 151: folder 2
Club ad

Box 151: folder 3
Lesbian coverage

Box 151: folder 4
Letters reports

Box 151: folder 5
NOW exclusion

Box 151: folder 6

Box 151: folder 7
Published letters

Box 151: folder 8

Box 151: folder 9
Steinem, Gloria

Box 151: folder 10-11
Third party

Black, Cathleen

Box 151: folder 12
Carbine, Pat
1972-73, 1978-79

Box 151: folder 13
Edgar, Joanne

Box 151: folder 14
Edgar Joanne

Box 152: folder 1-4
Harris, Elizabeth Forsling

Box 152: folder 5
Krauss, Elissa

Box 152: folder 6
Levine, Suzanne

Box 152: folder 7
Morgan, Robin
1978, 1981

Box 152: folder 8
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin
1972, 1986

Box 152: folder 9
Robinson, Marianne [Jolly]

Box 152: folder 10-11
Other Ms. staff

Box 153: folder 1

Box 153: folder 2
Editorial meetings: minutes, notes, miscellany

Box 153: folder 3-5
Editorial statement

Box 153: folder 6
Index of magazine

Box 153: folder 7
Internal correspondence and memoranda
1973-88, n.d.

Box 153: folder 8
Manuscripts and related correspondence

Abzug, Bella

Box 153: folder 9
Anderson, Mary

Box 153: folder 10
Baevsky, Sonia

Box 153: folder 11
Bamburger, Gloria

Box 153: folder 12
Binford, Sally
1978, n.d.

Box 153: folder 13
Blackwell and Ferguson

Box 153: folder 14
Blair, Bea

Box 153: folder 15
Brennan, Teresa Mary

Box 154: folder 1
Budapest, Zsuzanna

Box 154: folder 2
Cardozo, Yvette

Box 154: folder 3
Cary, Eve

Box 154: folder 4
Chambers, Jane

Box 154: folder 5
Chavez, Bernadette

Box 154: folder 6
Clapp, Steve

Box 154: folder 7
Coburn, Judith (re: Dolores Huerta)

Box 154: folder 8
Combs, Joyce

Box 154: folder 9
Conrad-Wahlberg, Rachel

Box 154: folder 10
Cornblath-Moshe, Nancy, and Carol Burris

Box 154: folder 11
Cunningham, Marilyn

Box 154: folder 12
Darling, Anne

Box 154: folder 13
Davis, Elizabeth Gould

Box 154: folder 14
Del Drago, Maria

Box 154: folder 15
Dundy, Elaine (re: Liz Smith)

Box 155: folder 1
Dworkin, Andrea

Box 155: folder 2-5
Dykes, Michael

Box 155: folder 6
Farenthold, Frances Tarlton "Sissy"

Box 155: folder 7
Fritz, Leah

Box 155: folder 8
Geyer, Georgie Anne

Box 155: folder 9
Gingold, Judy

Box 155: folder 10
Glasser, Ira

Box 155: folder 11
Griffin, Susan
1984, n.d.

Box 155: folder 12
Hack, Nadine

Box 155: folder 13
Hoy Pamela

Box 155: folder 14
Johnston, Jill

Box 156: folder 1
Kennedy, Florynce

Box 156: folder 2
Levin, Tobe

Box 156: folder 3
Levinson, Sandra

Box 156: folder 4

Box 156: folder 5
Lurie, Diana

Box 156: folder 6
McIntyre, Natalie

Box 156: folder 7
McMurray, Nancy

Box 156: folder 8-9
Means, Marianna

Box 156: folder 10
Mills, Kay (re: Henry Hyde)

Box 156: folder 11
Morey-Gaines, Ann-Janine

Box 156: folder 12
Morgan, Robin

Box 156: folder 13
Morse, Sally

Box 156: folder 14
Northcott, Kaye

Box 156: folder 15
Northrup, Ann

Box 156: folder 16
Pally, Marcia

Box 156: folder 17
Phillips, Karen

Box 156: folder 18
Pitchford, Kenneth

Box 156: folder 19
Pollan, Rosalind

Box 157: folder 1
Pratt, Hugh

Box 157: folder 2
Quinn, Sally

Box 157: folder 3
Raymond, Janice

Box 157: folder 4
Rosser, Phyllis

Box 157: folder 5
Russell, Michele

Box 157: folder 6
Ruth, Sheila

Box 157: folder 7
Scott, Ann Crittenden
1973, n.d.

Box 157: folder 8
Serrin, Judith

Box 157: folder 9
Shannon, Elaine

Box 157: folder 10
Smith, Robert Ellis

Box 157: folder 11
Tully, Mary Jean

Box 157: folder 12
Tyerman, Denise de Garmo

Box 157: folder 13
VanGelder, Rosalind

Box 157: folder 14
Walker, Alice

Box 157: folder 15-16
Warwick, Donald

Box 158: folder 1
Wohl, Lisa
1973-74, 1977, n.d.

Box 158: folder 2-4
Miscellaneous/ unidentified manuscripts

Box 158: folder 5-6
Miscellaneous/ unidentified manuscripts

Box 159: folder 1-6
Notes and miscellaneous
1970-1981, n.d.

Box 159: folder 7
Notes and miscellaneous
1970-1981, n.d.

Box 160: folder 1-3
Press clips and press releases

Box 160: folder 4
Production schedules and printer materials
1977, 1986

Box 160: folder 5
Tables of contents, article lists, outlines and covers

Box 160: folder 6

Box 160: folder 7
Writers' form letters

Box 160: folder 8

Applications and stock information
1977, 1987, n.d.

Box 160: folder 9-10
Insurance information, internal correspondence and memoranda
1978-83, n.d.

Box 161: folder 1-3
Financial and legal: correspondence, forms, statements, analyses,memoranda, permissions, bills and receipts

Box 161: folder 4-20

Contributions materials

Box 161: folder 21

Box 161: folder 22

Binello, Franca

Box 162: folder 1
Dennis, Richard

Box 162: folder 2
Ford Foundation

Box 162: folder 3
Gund, Louise

Box 162: folder 4
Steinem, Gloria, personal lists of potential donors
1968-72, n.d.

Box 162: folder 5
Internal correspondence and memoranda
1980, n.d.

Box 162: folder 6
1985-91, n.d.

Box 162: folder 7

Box 162: folder 8

Brown, Rita Mae

Box 162: folder 9
Carbine, Pat
1974, 1979, 1984

Box 162: folder 10
Chicago, Judy

Box 162: folder 11
Harris, Elizabeth Forsling

Box 162: folder 12
Hernandez, Aileen

Box 162: folder 13
Hopewell, Richard

Box 162: folder 14
Kennedy, Florynce

Box 162: folder 15
Mikulski, Barbara

Box 162: folder 16
Palevsky, Joan

Box 162: folder 17
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin

Box 162: folder 18
Pottinger, J. Stanley

Box 162: folder 19
Salembier, Valerie

Box 163: folder 1
Szuba, Joe

Box 163: folder 2
Trudeau, Gary

Box 163: folder 3
Interoffice memos and correspondence: Ms. Foundation office and Ms. magazine office

Box 163: folder 4

1973, n.d.

Box 163: folder 5
1975-81, n.d.

Box 163: folder 6
Campus outreach
1980, n.d.

Box 163: folder 7

Box 163: folder 8
Media estimates

Box 163: folder 9
Press releases
1980, n.d.

Box 163: folder 10
Promotion schedules

Box 163: folder 11
Speaking engagements

Box 163: folder 12
Tote bags

Box 163: folder 13
1971, 1979, n.d.

Box 163: folder 14
Research files

Box 163: folder 15-21
Research files

Box 164: folder 1-13
Research files

Box 165: folder 1-15
Special projects

Alan Alda benefit

Box 165: folder 16
1979, 1982, 1985, 1987

Box 166: folder 1-6
Autobiographies and biographies for unidentified project
circa 1973

Box 166: folder 7-8

Anthology of Letters to the Editor

Box 166: folder 9
Fine Lines: the Best of Ms. Fiction

Box 166: folder 10

Box 166: folder 11
Consulting, ABC

Box 166: folder 12
Decade of Women exhibit

Box 166: folder 13
The Dollmaker benefit

Box 166: folder 14
H.R. 166

Box 166: folder 15
1980, 1985, n.d.

Box 166: folder 16
Ms. Enterprises

Box 166: folder 17
Public TV series: proposal

Box 166: folder 18
Radio projects

Box 167: folder 1
Sisterhood is Global strategy meeting

Box 167: folder 2

Box 167: folder 3
Woman Alive

Box 167: folder 4
Women Aloud

Box 167: folder 5
Women of the Year: publicity, correspondence, and notes (includes autograph of Cyndi Lauper)

Box 167: folder 6-9
Subscriptions: correspondence, memoranda, and promotional materials

Box 167: folder 10-15
National Women's Political Caucus

Affiliation: Steinem's notes on structure,

Box 168: folder 1
Bread and Roses Award

Box 168: folder 2

Box 168: folder 3
Clippings (includes Dianne Feinstein)

Box 168: folder 4
Committees: agendas, minutes, memoranda, summaries

Box 168: folder 5-16
Conventions: travel receipts, printed material, correspondence, clippings

Box 168: folder 17-21
Coors boycott and League of Latin American Citizens: memoranda and printed material

Box 168: folder 22
1970-71, 1985

Box 168: folder 23
Democratic National Conventions: correspondence, clippings, memoranda, printed material

Box 168: folder 24
Democratic National Conventions: correspondence, clippings, memoranda, printed material

Box 169: folder 1-7
Election of caucus chair

Box 169: folder 8
Financial material

Box 169: folder 9
Fundraising: correspondence and memoranda,
1971-72, 1980

Box 169: folder 10
1971, n.d.

Box 169: folder 11
Legislation: bills, correspondence and memoranda
1971-77, n.d.

Box 169: folder 12
Membership list

Box 169: folder 13
Membership mailings

Box 169: folder 14
"Names" file (contacts): correspondence, lists

Box 169: folder 15
National Women's Caucus for Art: program

Box 170: folder 1
Public Outreach: newsletters, position papers
1971-73, n.d.

Box 170: folder 2-3
Press releases
1971-76, 1985, n.d.

Box 170: folder 4
Sample Questions and Answers for Candidates

Box 170: folder 5
State and city caucuses: correspondence, press releases, newsletters
1971-74, n.d.

Box 170: folder 6-11
Twentieth Anniversary Convention Packet, Washington D.C. (includes information on depositing of NWPC papers to Schlesinger Library)

Box 170: folder 12
Voters for Choice

Board of Directors

1981, 1984, n.d.

Box 170: folder 13
Memoranda, minutes, and agendas
1979-86, n.d.

Box 170: folder 14-16

Box 170: folder 17

Candidate lists and contribution guidelines
1980, 1984, n.d.

Box 170: folder 18-20

"Campaign Strategy Handbook,"

Box 170: folder 20
Winning with Choice

Box 171: folder 1
1979-84, 1989, n.d.

Box 171: folder 2
Financial records
1980-81, 1984

Box 171: folder 3
Fundraising: donor lists, events, and general
1979-81, 1986, n.d.

Box 171: folder 4-6

Box 171: folder 7
Outreach: mailings, newsletters, fact sheets
1980, 1983, n.d.

Box 171: folder 8-9
Press releases
1980, 1984, 1994

Box 171: folder 10
Research materials

Clippings, articles, and printed material

Box 171: folder 11-16
Public opinion polls

1970, 1972, n.d.

Box 171: folder 17
Lou Harris/Virginia Slims

Box 172: folder 1
Polls on Vietnam war

Box 172: folder 2
Seventeen magazine, "What's Right and Wrong with America,"

Box 172: folder 3
Women's Action Alliance

"The Need for a New Organization," proposal
circa 1971

Box 172: folder 4

Annual and quarterly Reports
1978, 1983-84

Box 172: folder 5
Board of Directors: lists, correspondence and memoranda, meeting packets (including agendas, minutes, reports)

Box 172: folder 6-14
Board of Directors: lists, correspondence and memoranda, meeting packets (including agendas, minutes, reports)

Box 173: folder 1-12
1979, n.d.

Box 173: folder 13
circa 1972, 1979

Box 173: folder 14
Correspondence of Steinem

Box 173: folder 15
Executive committee: correspondence, memoranda, meeting materials

Box 173: folder 16-20
Executive committee: correspondence, memoranda, meeting materials

Box 174: folder 1-24
Executive Director

1975, 1977

Box 174: folder 25
Performance and salary review of Sylvia Kramer

Box 174: folder 26
Searches: memoranda, resumes, job description
1973, 1979

Box 174: folder 27
Financial statements and reports

Box 175: folder 1
Ford Foundation: correspondence

Box 175: folder 2
Fundraising: correspondence, donor lists, proposals

Box 175: folder 3-5

Box 175: folder 6
Institutional histories

Box 175: folder 7

Box 175: folder 8
Organizational overview

Box 175: folder 9

Box 175: folder 10
Press releases and related public relations materials

Box 175: folder 11

Box 175: folder 12
Public Education/Outreach Program: memoranda

Box 176: folder 1
Public service announcements: memoranda and scripts

Box 176: folder 2
Questionnaires (blank)

Box 176: folder 3


Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

Box 176: folder 4
Jobs for Older Women Action Project: proposal

Box 176: folder 5
National Campaign against Sex Discrimination in Employment: proposal
circa 1975

Box 176: folder 6
Women at Work Exposition: conference report

Box 176: folder 7

Computer Equity

Box 176: folder 8
Institute in Women's History (also Women's History Week)

Box 176: folder 9
International Women's Project
circa 1976

Box 176: folder 10
Non-Sexist Child Development

Box 176: folder 11
General (includes project update and program descriptions)
circa 1973

Box 176: folder 12
Portable Women's History Museum

Box 176: folder 13
U.S. National Women's Agenda Coalition


Box 176: folder 14
Conference packet, "Beyond Suffrage"

Box 176: folder 15

Box 176: folder 16
Minutes and memoranda

Box 176: folder 17
Outreach: correspondence

Box 176: folder 18
Press materials

Box 176: folder 19
Profiles of member organizations

Box 177: folder 1
Project update: Women's Agenda magazine

Box 177: folder 2
1977, n.d.

Box 177: folder 3
Steering Committee: minutes, memoranda, updates

Box 177: folder 4-6
"Task Force Plans of Action," draft

Box 177: folder 7-8
Women's Agenda

Box 177: folder 9
Women's Centers Project: memoranda, proposal, and directory to multi-service women's centers in New England
circa 1979

Box 177: folder 10
"Report of the Women's Action Program on the Status of Women in the HEW,"

Box 177: folder 11
Resources: Referral and Information Services/Technical Assistance Program (TAP)


Box 177: folder 12
Reading lists

Box 177: folder 13
Technical assistance

Activities report

Box 177: folder 14
Bilingual Bicultural Day Care

Box 177: folder 15
Booklets (includes "Raising Funds from Foundations"; "How to Organize a Child Care Center"; "How to Organize a Multi-Service Women's Center"; and "A Model for Non-Sexist Child Development")

Box 178: folder 1
Child care: proposal and research material
circa 1979, n.d.

Box 178: folder 2
circa 1978, 1982

Box 178: folder 3
Proposal Critique Service

Box 178: folder 4
Workshops for non-profit women's organization workers

Box 178: folder 5
Library: report and vertical files on women's organizations
circa 1971-78

Box 178: folder 6-11
Publications: brochures, pamphlets, Equal Play, "Introduction to the Women's Movement," Women's Agenda, and "Women's Action Alliance Directory"
1973-85, n.d.

Box 179: folder 1-5
Women USA: articles of incorporation, clippings, correspondence, notes and memoranda, proposals, press releases
1979-83, n.d.

Box 179: folder 6-13
Wonder Woman Foundation: clippings, correspondence, event programs, press materials, comic books and publications
1973-86, n.d.

Box 179: folder 14-19



A-D (includes Tammy Baldwin, Mel Carnahan and Rosa DeLauro)

Box 180: folder 1

Box 180: folder 2
H-M (includes Maurice Hinchey, Carol Mosely-Braun)

Box 180: folder 3
N-Z (includes Lynn Schenk, Karen Shepherd)

Box 180: folder 4
Individual files: correspondence and public relations materials

A-D (includes Bella Abzug, William Clinton, Ada Deer, David Dinkins, and Michael Dukakis)

Box 180: folder 5-13
A-D (includes Bella Abzug, William Clinton, Ada Deer, David Dinkins, and Michael Dukakis)

Box 181: folder 1-5
E-J (includes Ronnie Eldridge, Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman, Gary Hart, Tom Hayden, Erma Henderson, Elizabeth Holtzman, Hubert Humphrey, and Jesse Jackson)

Box 181: folder 6-23
K-M (includes Ed Koch, George McGovern, Ruth Messinger, Barbara Mikulski, and Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro)

Box 181: folder 24-27
K-M (includes Ed Koch, George McGovern, Ruth Messinger, Barbara Mikulski, and Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro)

Box 182: folder 1-4
N-R (includes Bob Packwood and Ann Richards )

Box 182: folder 5-9
S-Z (includes Pat Schroeder, Lynn Yeakel, and Andrew Young)

Box 182: folder 10-16

Congressional Women's Caucus: notes, memoranda
1993, n.d.

Box 182: folder 17
Democratic National Committee

1971, n.d.

Box 182: folder 18
National Policy Council

1969-72, n.d.

Box 182: folder 19
Resolution on Vietnam

Box 183: folder 1
1969, 1971

Box 183: folder 2
New York City Democratic Party
1971-72, 1979

Box 183: folder 3
Women's Leadership Conference

Box 183: folder 4
Women's Presidential Project

Box 183: folder 5

Box 183: folder 6

Abortion: clippings, congressional testimonies, correspondence (includes Daniel Patrick Moynihan), press releases, articles, organization material, poll data, and printed material (a number of subfiles include material collected on the Michigan referendum)

Box 183: folder 7-18
Abortion: clippings, congressional testimonies, correspondence (includes Daniel Patrick Moynihan), press releases, articles, organization material, poll data, and printed material (a number of subfiles include material collected on the Michigan referendum)

Box 184: folder 1-15
Abou-Saif, Laila: correspondence, writings by and about Abou-Saif

Box 184: folder 16
Abzug, Bella (includes material re: "Friday night massacre," Feb 1979), 1970-84

[see also Evans and Novack]


Box 185: folder 1
Agricultural Workers Freedom to Work Association: correspondence

Box 185: folder 2
AIDS Commission: correspondence

Box 185: folder 3
"Alaska Women Speak," newsletters

Box 185: folder 4
Alda, Alan: article and remarks at Kenyon College, 1982

Box 185: folder 5
Alice Paul Foundation: correspondence, brochures, and clippings

Box 185: folder 6
All Craft Center: correspondence, proposals, printed material

Box 185: folder 7
Alliance for the Rights of Children: correspondence, clippings, press statements

Box 185: folder 8
"All that Glitters"/Ann Marcus: correspondence and scripts

Box 185: folder 9
Alpert, Jane (includes manuscript, "Letter from the Underground")

Box 185: folder 10
American Civil Liberties Union: correspondence and memoranda

Box 185: folder 11
American Psychiatric Association: materials pertaining to support of ERA

Box 185: folder 12
American Society of Magazine Editors: minutes, memoranda, and printed material, 1978-86 (includes summary of Steinem's remarks at members' luncheon
29 January 1980

Box 185: folder 13
American Writers Congress: proposal
circa 1981

Box 185: folder 14
Angela Davis Emergency Committee: correspondence, clippings, financial data

Box 185: folder 15
Anguiano, Lupe: memoranda

Box 185: folder 16
Anthony, Susan B.: article from TABS: Aids for Ending Sexism in School

Box 186: folder 1
Anti-nuclear movement: clippings

Box 186: folder 2
Asian and Pacific Center for Women and Development: correspondence and reports

Box 186: folder 3
Baby M: clippings, correspondence, legal documents, including amicus brief filed by Jeremy Rifkin

Box 186: folder 4
Baird, Zoe: draft of statement

Box 186: folder 5
Battered women: correspondence
1977, 1980

Box 186: folder 6
Bibliographies and citations
circa 1972-78

Box 186: folder 7
Black feminism: clippings and press materials
1973, n.d.

Box 186: folder 8
Black South African writers (training for): correspondence

Box 186: folder 9
Blakely, Mary Kay: writings and correspondence
1980-81, 1989, n.d.

Box 186: folder 10
Bolen, Jean Shinoda: correspondence and clippings

Box 186: folder 11
Bosnia: clippings and correspondence

Box 186: folder 12
Boston University Local District 65, UAW: correspondence, notes, printed material

Box 186: folder 13
Boston Women's Fund: correspondence

Box 186: folder 14
Bower, Ruth: correspondence
1990, 1993

Box 186: folder 15
Bread and Roses: press kit

Box 186: folder 16
Breast implants: clippings and correspondence

Box 186: folder 17
Brimmer, Brenda: correspondence

Box 186: folder 18
Bunting, Mary I: article

Box 187: folder 1
Caine, Michael: correspondence and clippings (includes letter from Steinem to Caine)

Box 187: folder 2
Cambodian Crisis Committee: mailgrams

Box 187: folder 3
Campaign for Economic Democracy (Tom Hayden): clippings and correspondence

Box 187: folder 4
Carpenter, Liz: transcript of interview for Evaluation magazine, n.d. Chavez, Cesar: mailing lists, notes, United Farm Workers press materials (includes letter from Margaret Sloan)
circa 1972-1979

Box 187: folder 5
Carpenter, Liz: transcript of interview for Evaluation magazine, n.d. Chavez, Cesar: mailing lists, notes, United Farm Workers press materials (includes letter from Margaret Sloan)
circa 1972-1979

Box 187: folder 6
Child care: syllabus and miscellaneous
circa 1978

Box 187: folder 7
Chiswick Family Center: correspondence and clippings

Box 187: folder 8
Chrysalis: correspondence

Box 187: folder 9
Chwatsky, Anne: correspondence and clippings (includes letter from Erica Jong)

Box 187: folder 10
Citizens for Gay Rights Legislation: statement of support

Box 187: folder 11
Coalition Against Censorship: correspondence, newsletter, and conference proceedings,

Box 187: folder 12
Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc.: symposium packet

Box 187: folder 13
Coalition of Labor Union Women: correspondence and memoranda

Box 187: folder 14
Corea, Gena: papers on Depo Provera
circa 1979

Box 187: folder 15
Committee of 200: guest list and correspondence
1984, 1986

Box 187: folder 16
Comparable worth: correspondence and research reports
circa 1983-85

Box 187: folder 17
Congressional Union: correspondence and press materials

Box 187: folder 18
Consumer Action Now: correspondence, press releases, annual report

Box 188: folder 1
Cosmopolitan: survey results on sexual behavior and correspondence, 1978 (includes Helen Gurley Brown)

Box 188: folder 2
Costanza, Margaret ("Midge"): correspondence and clippings

[see also Feminist Art Institute]

1978, 1980

Box 188: folder 3
Council on Economic Priorities: correspondence

Box 188: folder 4
Council on Environmental Alternatives: information kits Davis, Angela [see Angela Davis Emergency Committee]
circa 1980

Box 188: folder 5
Democracy '76: correspondence and printed materials (includes Andrea Dworkin)

Box 188: folder 6
Democratic Agenda: correspondence and printed materials (includes Michael Harrington)

Box 188: folder 7
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee: miscellaneous (includes Michael Harrington)

Box 188: folder 8
Dinnerstein, Dorothy: correspondence and recommendation re: Rockefeller Foundation fellowship

Box 188: folder 9
Donahue, Phil: correspondence, clippings, transcript of interview by Steinem
1977-78, n.d.

Box 188: folder 10
Doubleday, Nelson: clippings

Box 188: folder 11
"Destined to Live: 100 Roads to Recovery": correspondence and printed material

Box 188: folder 12
Dimock Community Health Center: correspondence, clippings, printed material

Box 188: folder 13
Drukulic, Slairnka (Yugoslavian feminist): list of addresses for her mailing

Box 188: folder 14
Dry Dock Savings Bank: Certificate of Incorporation, Citizens Crime Commission of New York City

Box 188: folder 15
Dworkin, Andrea (includes book manuscript, Chains of Iron, Chains of Grief)
1978-81, n.d.

Box 188: folder 16-18
"Eating Raoul": Limited Partnership Agreement

Box 189: folder 1
Egan, Harry: newsletter

Box 189: folder 2
Eikenberry, Jill: research materials
circa 1988

Box 189: folder 3
The Emancipation of Man: address by Olaf Palme before Women's National Democratic Club

Box 189: folder 4
Egypt: correspondence, notes, clippings
circa 1980

Box 189: folder 5
Entertainment Tonight: correspondence

Box 189: folder 6
Equal Rights Amendment: articles, clippings, miscellany
circa 1975-81

Box 189: folder 7-10
Equitable Life Assurance Society: correspondence and reports (on equal employment)

Box 189: folder 11
Esterhas, Joseph

Box 189: folder 12
Ethnic groups

Box 189: folder 13
Evans & Novak: correspondence and clippings

Box 189: folder 14
"Family Ties": correspondence

Box 189: folder 15
Farrow, Mia: clippings and correspondence

Box 189: folder 16
Fasteau, Brenda Feigen: correspondence, proposals, and recommendations

Box 189: folder 17
Feminist Art Institute: correspondence and press release

[see also Costanza, Margaret]

1977, 1981

Box 189: folder 18
Feminist Bulletin: issues and press releases

Box 189: folder 19
Feminist films: note

Box 189: folder 20
Feminist publications

Box 189: folder 21
Feminist science fiction: bibliographies and miscellany

Box 189: folder 22
The Feminist Center for Human Growth and Development, Inc.: overview

Box 189: folder 23
"The Feminists: A Political Organization to Annihilate Sex Roles": promotional materials Film news releases, circa 1982

Box 189: folder 24
"The Feminists: A Political Organization to Annihilate Sex Roles": promotional materials Film news releases, circa 1982

Box 190: folder 1
Firestone, Shulamith: "Declaration of Revolutionary Aesthetics,"

Box 190: folder 2
Foat, Ginny: correspondence and clippings

Box 190: folder 3
Fonda, Jane: correspondence, writings, and clippings
1979, n.d.

Box 190: folder 4
Ford Foundation writing awards: proposal list, press releases, clippings, and memoranda

Box 190: folder 5
Foreign feminists: correspondence and printed material (includes typescript "Women in the Factory," on women in Denmark, 1973)

Box 190: folder 6
Foreign feminist publications: correspondence and publications

Box 190: folder 7
Freedom Socialist Party: correspondence and printed material

Box 190: folder 8
Freeman, Jo: correspondence and article
1993, n.d.

Box 190: folder 9
Friedan, Betty: correspondence, clippings, and notes (includes responses to allegations made during Friedan's Donahue appearance)


circa 1978-81

Box 190: folder 10
Full employment (includes correspondence from Coretta Scott King throughout)

Conference on Full Employment

Box 190: folder 11

Box 190: folder 12
Full Employment Action Council: correspondence, agendas, memoranda

Box 190: folder 13
National Committee for Full Employment: correspondence, agendas, memoranda

Box 191: folder 1
Hawkins Bill ("Equal Opportunity and Full Employment Act of 1976"): memoranda, press materials, bill
circa 1974-76

Box 191: folder 2
Printed materials
circa 1972-76

Box 191: folder 3
Fundamentalists Anonymous: newsletter, correspondence, and benefit program
1988, 1991

Box 191: folder 4
Gallagher Report: newsletters

Box 191: folder 5
Galbraith, John Kenneth: article, addresses, and testimony
1966-67, 1977

Box 191: folder 6
Galluadet College labor organizing: correspondence, pro- and anti-union literature (includes press statement by Steinem)

Box 191: folder 7
Gays in the military: article

Box 191: folder 8
General: includes labor, miscellaneous, politics, and press clippings

Box 191: folder 9-12
Genital mutilation: includes correspondence, typescripts, newsletters, and miscellany
1977-79, n.d.

Box 192: folder 1-4
The Getting Gazette: newsletters
1993, 1996

Box 192: folder 5
"Getting Out"/Project Green Hope: correspondence and printed material

Box 192: folder 6
Gillooley, Jane: memoranda and clippings

Box 192: folder 7
Girls' clubs: memoranda, correspondence, and printed material

Box 192: folder 8
Glen Ridge (NJ) rape case: correspondence

Box 192: folder 9
Global Fund for Women: correspondence and promotional material

Box 192: folder 10
GRANTA: correspondence

Box 192: folder 11
Gregory-Lewis, Sasha: correspondence and manuscript, "Right Wing Links to Stop-ERA Documented,"

Box 192: folder 12
Griffin, Merv: correspondence and printed materials
1978-80, n.d.

Box 192: folder 13
Groesbeck, Arvilla: correspondence, printed material, photographs
1977, n.d.

Box 192: folder 14
Growth Industries: conference packet

Box 192: folder 15
Guerilla Girls: newsletter, clippings, and endorsement by Steinem

Box 192: folder 16
Guggenheim, Elinor: newsletter and memoranda, Child Care Action Campaign

Box 192: folder 17
Gunn, David: clippings

Box 192: folder 18
Hall, Pamela: correspondence

Box 193: folder 1
Hanes: correspondence, press releases, clippings, medical task force report

Box 193: folder 2-3
Harrington, Michael: correspondence and clippings (re: "A Celebration of Michael Harrington")
1988, 1993

Box 193: folder 4
Harris, Elizabeth Forsling, text of 1971 Esquire article with rebuttals and miscellany
1971, 1989

Box 193: folder 5-6
Harris, Jean: correspondence

Box 193: folder 7
Health Care: correspondence and reports

Box 193: folder 8
Health and Hospital Workers Union (Bread and Roses event): clippings

Box 193: folder 9
Hefner, Christie: clippings and Playboy Foundation brochure
1980, 1982

Box 193: folder 10
Hernandez, Aileen: research papers
1975, 1979

Box 193: folder 11
Heroines and Healers: correspondence

Box 193: folder 12
Hispanic women: miscellaneous materials

Box 193: folder 13
Homes for the Homeless: correspondence, clippings, minutes, and memoranda

Box 194: folder 1
Horbal, Koryne/ 1-900 lobbying number: correspondence, clippings, and memoranda, 1981, 1993 [includes memo from Susan Faludi]

Box 194: folder 2
Hughes, Dorothy Pitman: miscellaneous materials pertaining to Patricia and Angela Hughes

Box 194: folder 3
Human Nature

Box 194: folder 4
"Images of Labor" (Bread and Roses)

Box 194: folder 5
Incest project: correspondence

Box 194: folder 6

Brochures and pamphlets
circa 1975

Box 194: folder 7
General, pertaining to trip

Box 194: folder 8
Indian Cooperative Union: general

Box 194: folder 9
Indian Council for Child Welfare: bulletins

Box 194: folder 10
Indian Council for Social Science Research: publications

Box 194: folder 11
International Women's Year in India: journals, newsletters, and booklet

Box 194: folder 12
Magazines, newspapers, and clippings
1958-60, 1970-76, n.d.

Box 195: folder 1-3
"Papers on the Status and Role of Women in India" (Dr. Neera Desai)

Box 195: folder 4
Inform, Inc.: correspondence and program materials

Box 195: folder 5
Institute of Naturopathic Medicine: correspondence and minutes

Box 195: folder 6
Interchange: correspondence, minutes and memoranda, clippings, newsletters

Box 195: folder 7
Interlink Press Service: agendas, minutes, reports, press materials, by-laws

Box 195: folder 8
International Sophrology Institute: press kit

Box 196: folder 1
In These Times: correspondence and press materials



Box 196: folder 2

Box 196: folder 3
Iranian women's movement: miscellaneous research materials
circa 1979

Box 196: folder 4
Israel: notes

Box 196: folder 5
Iris: A Journal About Women: correspondence,
1988, 1990

Box 196: folder 6
Joint Foundation Support, Inc.: annual report and script

Box 196: folder 7
Kennedy, Edward: correspondence (includes letter from his children to Steinem)

Box 196: folder 8
Keehn, Martha: funeral program

Box 196: folder 9
Kissinger, Henry: note and letters
circa 1971

Box 196: folder 10
Kollontai, Alexandra: interview with Steinem by Sonia Baevsky and Baevsky's discussion with Barbara Clements

Box 196: folder 11
Kowalski, Sharon /Karen Thompson: mailgrams and clippings

Box 196: folder 12
Kruse, Kitty: correspondence and printed material re: children's rights

Box 196: folder 13
Landon, Michael: memorial foundation materials and letter from Cheryl Landon Wilson

Box 196: folder 14
Laura X: correspondence and clippings

Box 196: folder 15
Leaflets: miscellaneous subjects

Box 197: folder 1
Liberty Club: correspondence and promotional materials

Box 197: folder 2
Limbaugh, Rush: correspondence and clippings
1992, 1994

Box 197: folder 3

Box 197: folder 4
Louisiana Council on Human Relations: correspondence

Box 197: folder 5
MacKinnon, Catharine: address transcript

Box 197: folder 6
Magazine Publishers Association, Inc.: Board of Directors minutes and related materials, including roster and bill, HR 7700

Box 197: folder 7
Mailer, Norman: clippings

Box 197: folder 8
Mamonova, Tatyana: correspondence, visa and employment materials, press release, printed material, and copy of TM's magazine Women and Earth: An Ecofeminist Almanac in English and Russian

Box 197: folder 9
Manley, Wilma: correspondence

Box 197: folder 10
March on Washington: correspondence, memoranda, brochure

Box 197: folder 11
March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights: correspondence, press release, memoranda, reports, and budget

Box 197: folder 12
March on Washington/ March for Women's Lives: memoir by Patricia Oliver

Box 197: folder 13
Marchiano, Linda: clippings, correspondence, legal material (including amicus brief by Catharine MacKinnon), and notes
1980, n.d.

Box 197: folder 14-16
Marciano, Linda: clippings, correspondence, legal material (including amicus brief by Catharine MacKinnon), and notes
1980, n.d.

Box 198: folder 1-3
Martha Movement: correspondence

Box 198: folder 4
Martin, Grace B.: writings (includes inscribed copy of Postcard from Armageddon)
1943, 1984, n.d.

Box 198: folder 5
Martin, Nell, "Self-Esteem for Women" weekend workshop: brochure, handbook, participant evaluation forms, endorsement by Steinem, and miscellany

Box 198: folder 6-7
McCall, David: correspondence re: book, The Little Rascals: Child Sex Crimes in America

Box 198: folder 8
McCorvey, Norma: clippings and memoranda

Box 198: folder 9
McGovern, George: clippings and memoranda
1994, 1996

Box 198: folder 10
Men: clippings
1971, n.d.

Box 198: folder 11
Men for ERA: notes and advertisement

Box 198: folder 12
Mernissi, Fatima: papers, c.v., and book proposals
1970, 1981, n.d.

Box 198: folder 13
Minorities in the U.S.: printed material
1971, n.d.

Box 198: folder 14

1979-84, n.d.

Box 198: folder 15
Mailings regarding "miscellaneous causes,"

Box 198: folder 16

Box 199: folder 1
Printed material

Box 199: folder 2
Moore, Sanford: correspondence

Box 199: folder 3
Moral Majority: correspondence

Box 199: folder 4
Morgenstern, Carla: correspondence

Box 199: folder 5
Moss, Ron: correspondence, clippings, and information regarding the African Medical and Research Foundation
1977, 1979

Box 199: folder 6
Municipal Art Society of New York: correspondence, memoranda, and brochure

Box 199: folder 7
National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL): Board of Directors minutes, balance sheets, by-laws, clippings, correspondence, letter campaign (includes Steinem's letter to Ronald Reagan)

Box 199: folder 8-10
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): promotional literature and ad campaign (includes script of ad with Steinem and Charlton Heston)

Box 199: folder 11
National Committee on Household Employment: correspondence, agendas, minutes and memoranda, and organizing handbook and related materials

Box 199: folder 12
National Congress of Neighborhood Women: letter and newsletter

Box 199: folder 13
National Institute for Women of Color: correspondence

Box 199: folder 14
National Organization for Women, Inc. (NOW): general
1969-1974, 1992

Box 199: folder 15
National Project on Ethnic America: correspondence and uncorrected galleys

Box 199: folder 16
National Rural Fellows: brochure and correspondence

Box 200: folder 1
National Women's Education Fund: "Women's Political Options in A Preliminary Report," n.d.
1982, 1984:

Box 200: folder 2
National Women's Mailing List: promotional material

Box 200: folder 3
Native American Women: clipping and flyer

Box 200: folder 4
New Bedford Coalition Against Sexist Violence: correspondence, clippings, receipts, and itinerary

Box 200: folder 5
New England Circle: correspondence and printed material

Box 200: folder 6
New Medium: letter and clippings

Box 200: folder 7
Newsletters, brochures and catalogs

Box 200: folder 8
NYC Commission on the Status of Women: reports, miscellany
1971, 1973, 1980

Box 200: folder 9-10
New York Civil Liberties Union: correspondence and "NYCLU Foundation Proposal for a Women's Rights Program,"

Box 200: folder 11
New York Life Insurance

Box 200: folder 12
New York Regional Association of Grantmakers: correspondence and printed material

Box 200: folder 13
Nicaragua Education Project: correspondence, clippings, typescript

Box 201: folder 1
9 to 5: miscellaneous

Box 201: folder 2
Noble, Elaine: autobiographical manuscript

Box 201: folder 3
Nurses: correspondence and research materials on comparable worth

Box 201: folder 4
Odyssey Institute: correspondence and press releases

Box 201: folder 5
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change: correspondence and promotional material

Box 201: folder 6
Older Women's League: OWL Observer and thank-you card, Oct 1985
Dec 1985,

Box 201: folder 7
Ono, Yoko: interview

Box 201: folder 8
O'Reilly, Jane: correspondence

Box 201: folder 9
Panthers: printed materials
circa 1967-69

Box 201: folder 10
Pauciello-Rowe, Lisa: correspondence, photographs, slides
circa 1979

Box 201: folder 11

People magazine: correspondence and clippings re: interview

Box 201: folder 12
"Personal Style" seminar: press packet and photographs of Steinem, others

Box 201: folder 12a
PBS Panel: correspondence and memoranda

Box 201: folder 13
Phillipines: proposal to promote trade and tourism

Box 201: folder 14
Planned Parenthood: correspondence supporting Faye Wattleton for presidency

Box 201: folder 15
Poetry (includes Rita Mae Brown and Margarita Castro)

Box 201: folder 16
Poets and Writers, Inc.: correspondence and newsletters

Box 201: folder 17
Political Rights Defense Fund: correspondence and printed materials

Box 201: folder 18
Pornography: clippings, correspondence, general material and material pertaining to Minneapolis ordinance (including Dworkin v. L.F.P., Inc.: complaint and press release), Andrea Dworkin's "Remarks on Women and Pornography," and writings by Steinem on snuff films, n.d.

Box 202: folder 1-14
Price, Meryl: correspondence and development materials regarding Showtime's "Best Friends .. . . Making A Difference,"

Box 202: folder 15
Project CEASE (Campaign to End all Sexism in Education): grant recommendation

Box 202: folder 16
Project for Reproductive Freedom: correspondence, clippings, financial statement

Box 202: folder 17
Pro-Choice Resource Center: correspondence and promotional material

Box 202: folder 18
Pro-Life Curriculum (Nebraska)

Box 202: folder 19
Psychiatrists for ERA: correspondence, press release

Box 203: folder 1
Public Assistance and Social Service: reports, studies, miscellany

Box 203: folder 2
Pudge: correspondence with Lee Marrs, cartoons, and review by Steinem

Box 203: folder 5
Puerto Rican community in New York

Box 203: folder 6
Qing, Jiang: press advisories, clipping

Box 203: folder 7

Box 203: folder 8
Racism (Marguerite Gamble): clipping and press materials

Box 203: folder 9
Radical/alternative politics: printed material
1967, n.d.

Box 203: folder 10
Ragghianti, Marie: correspondence, clippings, manuscript
1983, 1985

Box 203: folder 11
Raphael House: memoranda and press materials

Box 203: folder 12
Reagan, Ronald, advertisement: correspondence, notes and text of New York Times ad

Box 203: folder 13
Reagan, Ronald and the New Right: notes and clippings

Box 203: folder 14
Redford, Robert: correspondence and clippings
1974, 1985-86, n.d.

Box 203: folder 15
Redstockings allegations

Box 203: folder 16-19
Religion: notes, articles, clippings

Box 204: folder 1
Reproductive Freedom Newsletter

Box 204: folder 2

Box 204: folder 3-5
Rosenberg, Carol Smith: paper

Box 204: folder 6
Rural American Women: correspondence and press materials

Box 204: folder 7
Rural Development Leadership Network: correspondence, newsletters
circa 1990

Box 204: folder 8
Saul, Rose: notes and article
circa 1971

Box 204: folder 9
Screw: correspondence, clippings, full issues

Box 205: folder 1
"Season of Shame": correspondence, outline, scripts, contract

Box 205: folder 2-3
Service Employees International Union: press materials

Box 205: folder 4
Sex role socialization: paper by Lenore Weitzman

Box 205: folder 5
Sexual harassment: correspondence and printed materials

Box 205: folder 6
Shalala, Donna: speech

Box 205: folder 7
Sheet music

Box 205: folder 8
Shigekawa, Joan: correspondence, resume

Box 205: folder 9
Simmons College Advisory Committee of the Graduate Program in Management: correspondence and meeting materials
1975, 1977

Box 205: folder 10
Simpson, Nicole Brown: clippings

Box 205: folder 11
Sloan, Margaret: correspondence, clipping, financial materials, and notes [restricted]

Box 205: folder 12
Smith College: correspondence, clippings
1973, 1986

Box 206: folder 1-2
Smith, Susan: clippings

Box 206: folder 3
Smithsonian Women's Council: correspondence and memoranda

Box 206: folder 4
Society for the Right to Die: minutes and clippings

Box 206: folder 5
Sojourner: correspondence, investors reports, issue

Box 206: folder 6
Sojourner Truth statuette (commercial): photo and promotional material

Box 206: folder 7
Soo Hoo Lee Productions: prospectus and note

Box 206: folder 8
Southern Mutual Help Association (Louisiana): notes and correspondence

Box 206: folder 9
Soviet Women: correspondence and paper

Box 206: folder 10
Speeches (not by Steinem): Ivy Bottini on lesbianism as a feminist issue ; Marlo Thomas' address before the National Secretaries Convention, 1980; Mim Kelber before Association of Radical Historians, 1980

Box 206: folder 11
Stark, Ray: correspondence and letters of agreement re: "The Cleaning Lady,"

Box 206: folder 12
Stewardesses for Women's Rights: conference packet and clippings

Box 206: folder 13
Sterilization: clippings, notes, writings
1973-75, n.d.

Box 206: folder 14-16
Straus, Jane: correspondence and funeral program

Box 206: folder 17
Students Organizing Students: correspondence

Box 206: folder 18
Supersisters Cards: promotional flyer

Box 206: folder 19
Surrogacy: correspondence, press releases, and clippings

Box 206: folder 20
Sweden: U.N. report on "The Status of Women in Sweden," and Herta, 1969

Box 207: folder 1
Synectics: promotional material
circa 1977

Box 207: folder 2
Taylor, Elizabeth: articles

Box 207: folder 3
Theater (New Georges): correspondence, memoranda, and clippings (includes endorsing blurb by Steinem)

Box 207: folder 4
Third world women; correspondence, writings, and miscellany (includes press statement by Kate Millett on women in Spain)
1974, 1978-79, n.d.

Box 207: folder 5-6
Thomas, Franklin: article

Box 207: folder 7
Time Leadership Conference: packet

Box 207: folder 8
Tobias, Sheila: article on leadership

Box 207: folder 9
Torture of women in Chile: correspondence, clippings and press material

Box 207: folder 10
Transafrica: correspondence and script re: 25th anniversary tribute to Peter, Paul and Mary

Box 207: folder 11
TransWorld Airlines: Independent Federation of Flight Attendants correspondence and strike materials

Box 207: folder 12

Box 207: folder 13
United Farm Workers: clippings, correspondence (includes Cesar Chavez), press releases,
1968-74, 1985, n.d.

Box 207: folder 14
United Farm Workers: clippings, correspondence (includes Cesar Chavez), press releases,
1968-74, 1985, n.d.

Box 208: folder 1-6
United Nations Economic and Social Council: report from World Population conference

Box 208: folder 7
Vernon-Roe, Vivien: correspondence

Box 208: folder 8
Volunteers in Service to America: correspondence and informational packet

Box 208: folder 9
"Waiting Tables" (documentary): correspondence and promotional material

Box 208: folder 10
Washingtonian: issue
March 1979

Box 208: folder 11
WDIV Channel 4: clippings and press releases about sexist program "Three's A Crowd,"

Box 208: folder 12
Welfare: clippings, correspondence, press advisories, printed material
1971, 1977, 1979

Box 209: folder 1-5
Wheaton College/Coretta Scott King: correspondence

Box 209: folder 6
White House Fellows Program: public relations material

Box 209: folder 7
WICCA: correspondence, printed material, writings, research papers
circa 1977

Box 209: folder 8
Wollstonecraft, Inc.: business plan

Box 209: folder 9
Women Against Violence Against Women: correspondence, press releases, clippings

Box 209: folder 10
Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media (San Francisco): notes reports, correspondence, circa

Box 209: folder 11
"Women and the Constitution:" symposium materials

Box 209: folder 12
Women and Aging: "Uncharted Territory: Issues and Concerns of Women over 40," University of Maryland Center on Aging report

Box 209: folder 13
Women and Building: newsletter

Box 209: folder 14
Women and development: correspondence, proposals, article

Box 209: folder 15
Women and economics: notes, articles, printed material

Box 209: folder 16
Women and food: articles, notes, writings, circa

Box 210: folder 1
Women and journalism (includes complaint against Time for failing to promote women to writing position)

Box 210: folder 2
Women and music: general (includes "A Chronology of Songs by Women," 1862-1976),
1986-87, n.d.

Box 210: folder 3
Women and Nazi Germany: notes and articles
1973-80, n.d.

Box 210: folder 4
Women and poverty: report

Box 210: folder 5
Women and religion: correspondence, printed material

Box 210: folder 6
Women and science: article

Box 210: folder 7
Women and work: notes, clippings, printed material
1973, 1984, n.d.

Box 210: folder 8
"Women Are Good News": correspondence

Box 210: folder 9
Women in Arab Countries: correspondence and clippings

Box 210: folder 10
Women in Europe: general
1968, 1971

Box 210: folder 11
Women in journalism: Nieman Report

Box 211: folder 1
Women in media: notes, correspondence, and Annenberg Report, "Women and Minorities in Television Drama " 1986

Box 211: folder 2-3
Women in midlife: general (includes Eleanor Smeal's 1979 congressional testimony on aging)
1974, 1979

Box 211: folder 4
Women in production: correspondence

Box 211: folder 5
Women office workers: correspondence and printed matter
1978, n.d.

Box 211: folder 6
The Women's Building: project overview, clippings, correspondence

Box 211: folder 7
Women's Campaign Fund: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, press releases

Box 211: folder 8
Women's Caucus for Art: notes, press material

Box 211: folder 9
Women's Funding Coalition: correspondence

Box 211: folder 10
Women's History

Checklist, "Ancient to ", in Dissertation Abstracts, 1979

Box 211: folder 11
1970, n.d.

Box 211: folder 12
National Women's History Slideshow: correspondence

Box 211: folder 13
Women's Liberation

Academic articles
1970, 1975, n.d.

Box 211: folder 14
1970, 1978, n.d.

Box 211: folder 15


Box 211: folder 16-17

Box 212: folder 1
Flyers (includes "No More Miss America!")
circa 1970

Box 212: folder 2
General (includes sheet music for "Liberation, Now!")
1967-73, n.d.

Box 212: folder 3
Legal memorandum: "The Case for Equality in State Jury Services," prepared for the ACLU by Pauli Murray and Dorothy Kenyon

Box 212: folder 4
Miscellaneous newsletters
circa 1970-76

Box 212: folder 5
Women's Liberation Center: press release

Box 212: folder 6
Women's Lobby: correspondence

Box 212: folder 7
Women's Rights Law Reporter:
Spring/Summer, 1977

Box 212: folder 8
Women's Rights Park, Seneca Falls: correspondence

Box 212: folder 9
Women's Studies: course syllabi
1970, n.d.

Box 212: folder 10
Women's Talent Bank: note, letter from White House

Box 212: folder 11
Women's Trusteeship: membership list and report
1984, n.d.

Box 212: folder 12
Women's Way: correspondence, newsletters, brochures, conference material

Box 213: folder 1-3
Women Writers' Conference: conference packet (includes clippings re: Marilyn)

Box 213: folder 4
Wonder Woman: correspondence, comics



Box 213: folder 5
Woodhull, Victoria (documentary): correspondence

Box 213: folder 6
Working women: clippings, correspondence, newsletters

Box 213: folder 7
Working Women Education Fund: progress report

Box 213: folder 8
Working Women United Institute: correspondence, press materials

Box 213: folder 9
Writers' Guild of America: members' mailings

Box 213: folder 10
Zuckerman, Mort: clippings

Box 213: folder 11

Gloria Steinem alone


Box 214: folder 1

Box 214: folder 2
Undated 1960s

Box 214: folder 3
Early 1970s [rectangular glasses]

Box 214: folder 4
Early-mid 1970s [aviator glasses]

Box 214: folder 5-7
Early-mid 1970s [large oval glasses]

Box 214: folder 8
Mid-late 1970s [rimless glasses, no bar across top]

Box 214: folder 9
Undated 1970s [no glasses]

Box 214: folder 10
Late 1970s-early 1980s [rimless glasses with bar across top]

Box 214: folder 11
1980s-90s [no glasses]

Box 215: folder 1

Box 212: folder 2

Box 215: folder 3
Friends and associates


A-B: Laila Abou-Saif, Bella Abzug, Alan Alda, Julian Bond, George Burns, Jane Byrne

Box 215: folder 4
C-D: Pat Carbine, Dick Cavett, Carol Channing, Cesar Chavez, Michele Chevalier, Marie Claire Chevalier, Karen Clark, "Crazy Alice" the cat, Guria Molina de Pute, David Dinkins, Phil Donahue

Box 215: folder 5
E-F: Brenda Feigen Fasteau, Clay Felker, Nina Finkelstein, Roberta Flack, Jane Fonda, Betty Friedan, Kristina Friehl

Box 215: folder 6
G-L: George Hirsch, Delores Huerta, Dorothy Pitman Hughes, Keizeh Iwamato, Jill Johnston, Judith Kaplan, Florynce Kennedy, Dorothy Kenyon, Linda Lavin

Box 215: folder 7
M-R: Norman Mailer, George McGovern, Shirley MacLaine, Nancy Merrill, Kate Millett, Mike Nichols, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Kian Nuwdin, Bob Packwood, Arthur Pardoll, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Stan Pottinger, Chita Rivera, Carmen Romero

Box 216: folder 1
S-Z: Betty Schlein, Pat Schroeder, Margaret Sloan, Paul Stooky, Crystal Lee Sutton, Frank Thomas, Marlo Thomas, Sheila Tobias, Edie Van Horn, Barbara Walters, Mort Zuckerman

Box 216: folder 2
Unidentified individuals

Box 216: folder 3

Lauren Bacall, Jimmy Breslin, Clay Felker, Milton Glaser, George Hirsch, Norman Mailer, George McGovern, Gabe Pressman, Tom Wolfe

Box 216: folder 4
Bella Abzug, Alan Alda, Candice Bergen, Dick Gregory, Kate Millett, Holly Near, Margaret Sloan, Lily Tomlin

Box 216: folder 5
Undated Bella Abzug, Pat Carbine, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cavett, Brenda Feigen Fasteau, Nina Finkelstein, Roberta Flack, Jill Johnston, Florynce Kennedy, Frances Lear, Suzanne Levine, Olga Madar, Shirley MacLaine, Kate Millett, Gordon Parks, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Stan Pottinger, Martha Shelley, Marlo Thomas, Mary Travers, Edie Van Horn, Martha Vernon, Barbara Walters
circa 1970s

Box 216: folder 6
Pat Carbine, Phil Donahue, Betty Friedan, Coretta Scott King, Suzanne Levine, Bob Packwood, Stan Pottinger, Liz Smith, Mary Thom, Marlo Thomas, Barbara Walters

Box 216: folder 7
Undated Alan Alda, Bella Abzug, David Dinkins, John Kenneth Galbraith, George McGovern
circa 1980s

Box 216: folder 8

[See also SERIES II. CORRESPONDENCE-Public response mail: photographs of Steinem are attached to the following correspondence: circa 1973; 23 Sep 1983; Oct 1983; 9 Dec 1983; 18 Dec 1983; 3 Jun 1984; 19 Jun 1984; 1 Dec 1984; 1984, n.d.]


Box 217: folder 1-5
Subjects and events


Box 217: folder 6
Gleitsman Foundation talk

Box 217: folder 7

Box 217: folder 8
Louisiana Sugar Cane Workers Campaign,
early 1980s

Box 217: folder 9
Miscellaneous appearances, interviews, events

Box 217: folder 10-12
Miscellaneous appearances, interviews, events (cont'd)

Box 218: folder 1-2
Ms.magazine: includes Elizabeth Forsling Harris, Brenda Feigen Fasteau, Pat Carbine

Box 218: folder 3-5
New York magazine

Box 218: folder 6
Steinem speaking

Box 218: folder 7-9
United Nations photos of women working

Box 219: folder 1
Miscellaneous and unidentified

Box 219: folder 2-3

Box 219: folder 4
Contact sheets and slides

Box 219: folder 5-6

Box 219: folder 7

Audio recordings

"In Conversation with...," circa

Boggs, Lindy

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 1
Brown, Helen Gurley

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 2
Donahue, Phil

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 3
Ford, Betty

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 4-5
Gandhi, Indira

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 6
Jagger, Bianca

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 7
King, Coretta Scott

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 8
Midler, Bette

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 9
Ride, Sally

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 10
Thomas, Marlo

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 11-12
Walker, Alice

[CD available for research use]

Box 220: folder 13
Interviews by Steinem

Laila Abou-Saif

Box 220: folder 14-15
Koryne Horbal; also, conversation between unidentified women

[CD available for research use]


Box 220: folder 16-17
Glenda Jackson

Box 221: folder 18
Estelle Parsons, Critics Circle Program,
13 Aug 1981

Box 221: folder 19
Interviews of Steinem

Dick Pomerantz, KSTP, Minneapolis
23 Sep 1983

Box 221: folder 20
Harry Sobel, "The Thought Process," WRKO
14 Sep 1983

Box 221: folder 21-22
Joan McGrath Show
22 Sep 1984

Box 221: folder 23
Interview by Louise (Lucy) Knight (includes transcript)
4 Apr 2000,

Box 221: folder 23a
Gus Tyler, "Working Papers-with Gus Tyler," (topic: Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions)

Box 221: folder 24
"New York Now," radio talk show

Box 221: folder 25-26
Unknown interviewer

Box 221: folder 27
Steinem and Carol Kleiman interviewed by Dianne Smith, "Relating to Women," Chicago

Box 221: folder 28
Ms. magazine

Scott Morrison interview with Ms. magazine staff on 1st anniversary

[duplicate of reel-to-reel #6]


Box 221: folder 28a
Pat Carbine and Steinem discussing Ms. circulation

Box 221: folder 29
Betty Friedan, press conference side 2: meeting of Ms. staff [?], including Steinem [?] and Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Box 221: folder 30
Unidentified person discussing Ms., includes clips from Steinem

Box 221: folder 31
Steinem, "1984 CAMPUS TIMES" promo and Ms. radio magazine programs
October 1984

Box 221: folder 32
Ms. Magazine interviews: A. Gloria Steinem, B. Robert Gould, C. Billie Jean King

Box 221: folder 33
Moving Beyond Words, audiobook on 4 cassettes, read by G. Steinem

Box 221: folder 33a-d
Talks by Steinem

"Women as a Political Force," ; Side B: Panel discussion: "Corporate Responsibility," Oral Luper and Richard Stoner, 3 May 1972
2 May 1972

Box 221: folder 34
"Know Your Market: What's Really Happening to Women Today," 55th Annual Conference of the Direct Mail Advertising Association, Chicago
8-11 Oct 1972

Box 222: folder 35
"73 for 73," WHN-NY, includes songs and radio show [?]
1 Jan 1973

Box 222: folder 36
Steinem and Margaret Sloan, Staten Island Community College
27 Feb 1973

Box 222: folder 37
"Women for Change," intro by Maura McNeil, reaction panel to Steinem speech
22 Feb 1974

Box 222: folder 38-39
Public Affairs Luncheon, topic: equality of the sexes
17 Jun 1974

Box 222: folder 40
Lecture and question and answer session at NYU
17 Oct 1974

Box 222: folder 41-42
"Women in Public Life," Texas
9 Nov 1975

Box 222: folder 43
"Revolutionary Feminism" and "Feminism and Work," panel of Steinem, Frances Lear, Aileen Maris, Bermuda Cassette audiotapes
28 Mar-3 Apr 1976

Box 222: folder 44-45
Steinem, Daniel P. Moynihan, and William M. Ellinghaus questions and answers, 28th Annual Business Conference of New Jersey [?]

Box 222: folder 46-49
Talk on recent travel to India [?]

Box 222: folder 50
"Families in the 80s," Southern Methodist University, Dallas
12 Sep 1979

Box 222: folder 51
Unidentified event, introduction by Frances Lear
15 Jul 1979

Box 223: folder 52
Talk in Louisiana[?] on women and politics

Box 223: folder 53
Steinem, Erica Jong, and Louis Auchincloss panel, introduction by Olivia Dernier, 18th Century Women Symposium, Metropolitan Museum
29 Apr 1982

Box 223: folder 54
Steinem, Estelle Ramey, Pauli Murray, and Eleanor Holmes Norton, 1983 Conference for Women Educators, Phillips Exeter Academy
23-25 Jun 1983

Box 223: folder 55-58
Address at National Women's Political Caucus Convention, San Antonio
9 Jul 1983

Box 223: folder 59-60
Minneapolis Public Radio
23 Sep 1983

Box 223: folder 61
"Women of the 80s-the 2nd Wave," Oklahoma State University
14 Mar 1984

Box 223: folder 62-63
Speech on women's liberation, introduction by Barbara Boxer, Marin College

Box 223: folder 64-65
"Women Update," Immaculate Heart

Box 223: folder 66
Steinem and Elizabeth Reed, United Nations panel

[have preservation master; need use copy]


Box 223: folder 67
"On Self Esteem,"
13 Nov 1992

Box 223: folder 68
"Gloria Steinem at the Great Hall, Sydney U.", 25 May 1987

[CD available for research use]

13 Nov 1992

Box 223: folder 68a

Holly Near, Columbia University
7 Oct 1973

Box 224: folder 69
Betty Friedan interview [with Phil Donahue?], discusses Steinem and the CIA [?] [poor sound quality]

Box 224: folder 70
"Anti-Defamation League Dinner Honoring Steve Kelly,"
8 Dec 1977

Box 224: folder 71
D. Clancy reading Barbara Mikulski's talk, Bella Abzug, Democratic Task Force
13 Jul 1979

Box 224: folder 72
Tape sent by Dolores Brogan re: offensive statement made by USC professor
6 Nov 1979

Box 224: folder 73
Panel: Skip Branch, Al Church, Bill Wisner, Ted Wilson, "Men's Celebration," Women's Conference, University of Utah
24 Oct 1981

Box 224: folder 74
Catharine MacKinnon, Phyllis Schlafly, Stanford
26 Jan 1982

Box 224: folder 75-76
Dr. Krister Stendahl, "Bible Translation and the Overcoming of Sexism," for NOW, OSU
13 Apr 1982

Box 224: folder 77
Diane and John Rehm, "Dependence and Independence in Marriage," WAMU-FM
23 Apr 1983

Box 224: folder 78-79
Sarah Weddington, Women's Council Program, OSU
8 Feb 1983

Box 224: folder 80
Deborah K. Bright, "Achieving Successful Performance," Listen and Learn program

Box 224: folder 81
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ph. D., "The Change Masters," Listen and Learn program

Box 224: folder 82
Art Buchwald, "You ask...Buchwald Answers," Listen and Learn program

Box 224: folder 83
"Gay liberation" and Naomi Weisstein and Bella Abzug, Feminist Press fundraiser, New York

Box 224: folder 84
Tapes enclosed with public response mail

"A Copy for Judge Nevill"
26 Mar 1979

Box 224: folder 85
"Attention Please, Ms. Steinem"
14 Jul 1980

Box 224: folder 86
CPI news, Joyce DeSpain
10 Feb 1984

Box 225: folder 87
"Tap Is Here to Stay," Rosie Radiator,
13 May 1984

Box 225: folder 88
"Hitler and Church"
26 Oct 1984

Box 225: folder 89
"Torch Song," Terry Hess

Box 225: folder 90
Virginia Lewis
1 Nov 1989

Box 225: folder 91

WBAI, unidentified interview, music
13 Jul 1982

Box 225: folder 92
Mary Noel, songs: "Mother" and "Cinderella's Story"

Box 225: folder 93
Tyler, "Man Smart/Woman Smarter"
May 1985

Box 225: folder 94
Jerianne Garber, songs

Box 225: folder 95
Margaret M. Shelton, "The Committee Woman"

Box 225: folder 96
Ron Wallace, "Best Friend"

Box 225: folder 97
Computer diskette(3 1/2 in), Revolution from Within

Box 225
Reel-to-reel audiotapes


"The Stock Market Observer,"
22 May 1969

Box 225: folder 1
Steinem "Women as a Political Force," and panel discussion on corporate responsibility [duplicate of audio cassette 34]
2 May 1972

Box 225: folder 2
Guest commentator on WHN New York
2, 4, and 6 Oct 1972

Box 225: folder 3
At American Manufacturer's Association, introduction by Fred Rice of Capitol Records (who presents her with Helen Reddy Gold Record)
9 May 1973

Box 225: folder 4-5
Scott Morrison interview with Ms. staff on its first anniversary

[see audiocassette 28a]


Box 225: folder 6
Marin College speech, introduction by Barbara Boxer, 1974 [duplicate of audio cassettes 64-65]

Box 226: folder 7-8
"Focus '74," commentator introduces excerpts from Marin College speech

Box 226: folder 9
UUWF Press Conference, award to Ms. Magazine, includes Steinem, Elinor Guggenheimer, Drusilla Cummins, Mary Daly, Pat Carbine, Steinem, Karen Decrow, Sally Preisand
25 Jun 1974

Box 226: folder 10
"It's About Time,"
17 Oct 1975

Box 226: folder 11
Ms. Magazine interviews: Gloria Steinem, Robert Gould, Billie Jean King [duplicate of audio cassette 33]

Box 226: folder 12-13
Steinem at Erma Henderson tribute

Box 226: folder 14

Barbara Chopyak, audition tapes

Box 226: folder 15-17
Record albums: Steinem on the "The Helen Hall Show,"

Box 227

[See AV database for complete list]


Film of Steinem, other person (poor quality) [8mm film and VHS research copy]

Box 228: folder 1
Film of Steinem, others at farm (poor quality) [8mm film and VHS research copy]

Box 228: folder 2
Interview, NHK News Wide (Japanese) [original VHS and DVD research copy]
8 June 1985

Box 228: folder 3
Interview, NHK Cultural Journal (Japanese) [original VHS and DVD research copy]
21 June 1985

Box 228: folder 4
Lecture, ESPRIT Be Informed Lecture Series, San Francisco, CA [original VHS and DVD research copy]
29 April 1992

Box 228: folder 5

Diane Conn, "After A Suicide,"

Box 228: folder 6
"Menopause: Dispelling the Myths, Telling the Truths, Exploring the Possibilities," circa

Box 228: folder 7

Photographs of Steinem alone and with others (includes Jane Fonda, Dorothy Pitman Hughes)

Box 229: folder 1
Awards, tributes (includes honorary degree from University of Toledo)

Box 229: folder 2
Professional material (includes posters for speeches, advertisements, book jackets)

Box 229: folder 3

Box 229: folder 4
Marilyn master galleys

Box 230: folder 1
Wonder Woman (includes comic books, miscellany)

Box 230: folder 2
Artwork from friends and fans

Box 230: folder 3
Pop Show

Box 230: folder 4

Campaign buttons: David Dinkins, Mailer/ Breslin

Box 231
Ms. keychain

Box 231
Simmons College mirror

Box 231
Votes for Women pennant

Box 231
Hood from University of Toledo[?]

Box 231
Brownie cap from Rita Mae Brown (because Steinem was never a Brownie)

Box 231
Varsity letter "W,"

Box 231
Wages for Housework potholder

Box 231

"Ms. Holly Near Racing for Equality"

Box 231
"Run Pat Run"

Box 231

Director's Guild of America

Box 232: folder 1
Penney-Missouri Award

Box 232: folder 2
Ms. gavel

Box 232: folder 3
Hasty Pudding Club

Box 232: folder 4
Statuette from Marilee Dougherty

Box 232: folder 5
ACLU of Southern California

Box 232: folder 6
More International Seminar

Box 232: folder 7
Leadership Award

Box 232: folder 8
APPM stein

Box 232: folder 9
March of Dimes

Box 232: folder 10
Liberty Bell presented by [Philadelphia?] mayor William J. Green

Box 232: folder 11
Charisma Award

Box 232: folder 12
WSAAA paperweight

Box 232: folder 13
Avon Sports Foundation

Box 232: folder 14
Human Rights Campaign Fund

Box 232: folder 15
CBS, "In appreciation of 'An American Portrait,'"

Box 232: folder 16
Atlanta Advertising Club

Box 232: folder 17
Lambda Legal Defense Fund

Box 233: folder 18
Women's Project

Box 233: folder 19
Manhattan Award

Box 233: folder 20
William O. Douglas Award

Box 233: folder 21
Federal Women's Program

Box 233: folder 22
Police Athletic League

Box 233: folder 23
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Box 233: folder 24

Box 233: folder 25
Women's Hall of Fame

Box 233: folder 26
Attorney General of Ohio

Box 234: folder 27

Box 234: folder 28
Family Planning Council

Box 234: folder 29
Parenting Magazine

Box 234: folder 30
Cesar Chavez Award

Box 234: folder 31

Box 234: folder 32
Key to Nashua, New Hampshire

Box 234: folder 33
Key to Kansas City, Missouri

Box 234: folder 34
Key to Dallas, Texas

Box 234: folder 35
Detroit recognition

Box 234: folder 36

Box 234: folder 37
Roe v. Wade

Box 234: folder 38
Advertising Times

Box 234: folder 39
City of Baltimore

Box 234: folder 40
Awards and memorabilia: plaques

Steinem on cover of Today's Chiropractic

Box 235
SER, "For her dedication to the Ms. Foundation,"

Box 235
I'm Every Woman Award from NYU Women's Herstory Month Committee

Box 235
National Gay Rights Advocates

Box 235
CUNY Women's Coalition Women of Excellence Award

Box 235
School of Education, Health, Nursing and Arts Professions of New York University Creative Leadership Award

Box 235
Womens Way Lucretia Mott Award

Box 235
American Marketing Association, Southern California Chapter

Box 235
Harvard Business School Class of
1949, 1979

Box 235
American Humanist Association Humanist Pioneer

Box 235
Women's Equity Action League

Box 235
Steinem on cover of San Antonio Saturday Express-News

Box 235
More International Cultural Seminar

Box 236
American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

Box 236
Wonder Woman
circa 1973

Box 236
United States Customs Service

Box 236
Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama

Box 236
Senate of Alabama Resolution recognizing and welcoming Steinem Key to city of Longview, Texas, 1985

Box 236
Women's International Center Living Legacy Award

Box 236
Manhattan's Woman of Vision, Manhattan Awards

Box 236
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Emmy Award Nomination to Steinem, et al., writers of "That Was the Week That Was,"

Box 236
"To Be Great Is to Assume Great Concerns" painting and photo of Steinem and unidentified woman, by(?) Jer Garstofsky

Box 236
Sales and Marketing Executives of Memphis,

Box 236
Poem and artwork by Glenda Ervin

Box 236
Glass hologram of Steinem

Box 237
Pastel sketch of Steinem by Barbara Nessim

Flat File
University of Toledo photo collage

Flat File

Flat File
Framed oil portrait of Steinem by Ming Ji Zhang (in office)

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  • Voters for Choice--History--Sources
  • Women USA (New York, N.Y.)
  • Women in politics--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Women journalists--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Women's Action Alliance
  • Women's rights--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Wonder Woman Foundation--History--Sources

APPENDIX: Articles by Steinem

This is a complete title list of articles found in SERIES IV. WRITINGS.

1091"Adventures of Max and Jennie," Glamour1966
2"Advice for Misfits," GlamourSep 1967
3"After Black Power What? Women's Liberation, That's What" n.d.
4"Age of the Contraceptive Pill" n.d.
5"And Starring Lee Bouvier," McCall'sFeb 1968
6"The Anti-Woman Crusade to Houston" n.d.
7"Are we Open to Change?," Life AdvertiserMar 1975
8"Barbra Streisand: The Beautiful Ugly Duckling," Ladies Home Journaln.d.
9"The Beatle with a Future," CosmopolitanDec 1964
10"Begin to Say Goodbye Again," Secretary Speakout '811981
11"Best Christmas Gift of All: Tradition," GlamourSep 1966
12"Bette Midler Ms. Woman of the Year" Oct 1987
13"Big Weekend in New York," EsquireSep 1961
14"The Black John Wayne: Jim Brown," New YorkNov 1968
15Book reviews 1966-68, n.d.
16"Boy-Girl Morals Quiz," GlamourMay 1966
1101-11"A Bunny's Tale" (includes materials related to both the article and the television movie adapted from it)1963, 1984
1111"But Dear God, Where are the Women?" n.d.
2"Charles Percy" n.d.
3"Cheer Up," Ms.Jul 1976
4"City on the Eve of Destruction" n.d.
5"City Politics," columns for New York1968-76
6"Clear and Present Difference," Ms.circa 1977
7"A Close-up Look at Bernadette Devlin," Glamour1968
8"Coalition for Full Employment," SocialPolicySep 1974
9"College and What I Learned There," GlamourAug 1964
10"Comfort," GlamourFeb 1963
11"Coming of Age with McGovern" n.d.
12"Coming Up: The Unprecedented Woman" n.d.
13"Commentary Corner," Advertising Age1984
14"Communist Concerns of Womankind," World PaperJul-Aug 1980
15"Communist Party of India," Smith College paper[?]n.d.
16"The Contraceptive Revolution and the Single Girl" n.d.
17"Crazylegs; or, the Biography of Fashion," New York Times MagazineDec 1964
18"Culture and the Candidates," GlamourDec 1964
19"The Death of the Cool and the Birth of Beyond Cool," GlamourDec 1964
20"Deception," GlamourMay 1965
21"Detroit Press Blackout" n.d.
22"Do You Know about These Trends?" n.d.
23"The Draft: Ms. Shoots Back," Electricity,20 Mar 1980
24"The Draft: Who Needs It" 1980
25Editorial, Ms. 5th Birthday1977
26Editorial, Ms. 15th Birthday1987
27"Erotica and Pornography: a Clear and Present Difference," Ms.Nov 1978
28"Erotica vs. Pornography: What's the Difference?" Sunday Woman, circa Nov 1978
29"The Establishment Lives (More or Less)" n.d.
1121"Eureka! Europa," ShowMay 1962
2"Family Portraits" 1989
3"The Fate of Zsa Zsa's Bed," New Yorkn.d.
4"The Ferraro Factor," Ms.Oct. 1984
5"First Lie Detector" n.d.
6"First Take the Ms. College Quiz" n.d.
7"Flash of Power," Ms.Feb 1978
8"Frontis" n.d.
9"Funny Ways to Find a Man on the Beach," GlamourJun 1963
10[Galley No. 1], Ms.n.d.
11"Gernreich's Progress; or, Eve Unbound," New York Times MagazineJan 1965
12"Girls in Their Summer Dresses," GlamourMay 1964
13"Glenda Jackson on Sarah Bernhardt," Ms.Feb 1976
14"Gloria Steinem Frontispiece," Ms.28 Apr 1985
15"Gloria Steinem on Chivalry," MainlinerFeb 1975
16"Glora Steinem and Elizabeth Reid on Revolution" 1976
17"Go Right Ahead and Ask Me Anything," McCall'sNov 1967
18"Going Too Far," review of Robin Morgan's book, New York Times Book Review6 May 1977
19G.Q. Testsn.d.
20"Great Establishment Game," GlamourJul 1967
21"Gro Harlem Brundtland Ms. Woman of the Year" n.d.
22[no folder 22]
23"Haircut by Sassoon," GlamourMar 1964
24"Happy Birthday Card from Ms." n.d.
25"Helsinki: The Last Red Festival," ShowOct 1962
26"Ho Chi Minh in New York," New YorkApr 1968
27"How Far Behind the Scenes Can You Get?," ShowMar 1962
28"How I Became a Writer," GlamourOct 1985
29"How I Work When I Work" n.d.
30"How Not to Feel Morally Inferior to the French" n.d.
31"How the Single Girl Really Spends Her Money" GlamourOct 1963
32"How to Find Your Type," GlamourFeb 1964
33"How to Know Which Men to Pick Up" n.d.
34"How to Leave Home Gracefully," GlamourMar 1965
35"How to Pick up a Man on the Beach" n.d.
36"How to Put Up With a Difficult Man," GlamourNov 1963
37"How to Survive Though a Feminist," Ms.Jul 1978
38"If Marilyn Had Lived," CleoJune 1987
39"If Men Could Menstruate," Ms.Oct 1978
40"If the Shoe Doesn't Fit, Change the Shoe," Ms.Feb 1977
41"If We Lived Here, Daddy, You'd be Home by Now" n.d.
42"If We're So Smart, Why Aren't We Rich?," Ms.Oct 1973
43"I Love Work, I Love Power, I Love Success," New York Times Magazinen.d.
44"Imagining Eva and Isabel" n.d.
45"The Importance of Ms. Magazine" n.d.
46"Incest: Personal Testimonies," Gazette1977
47"An Incompleat but Highly Personal Guide to Social Differentiation in New York," G.Q.n.d.
48"In Praise of Women's Bodies" n.d.
49"The Inner Man," GlamourMar 1968
50"Inside the Press: the Search for Nixon's Doctor" n.d.
51"Inside the System," Ms.Jul 1977
52"The International Crime of Genital Mutilation," Ms.Mar 1980
53"The International Feminist Revolution" n.d.
54"Interview with Valerie Harper," Ms.May 1978
55"In the Camp of the Radical Humanists," Radical Humanist30 Jun 1957
56Introduction, Lesbian Sourcebook1977
57Introduction to Marc Feigen Fasteau, The Male Machine NY: McGraw Hill1974
1131"In Your Heart You Know He's Nixon," New YorkOct 1968
2"Is Child Pornography about Sex?," Ms., Aug 1977
3"Is There Sex after Sex Roles?" n.d.
4"Jackie Reconsidered," Literary CavalcadeDec 1983
5"James Baldwin: An Original," Vogue1966-67
6"Julie Andrews," VogueMar 1965
7"Kennedy Memorial" 1964
8"Laboratory for Love Styles," New York16 Feb 1970
9"Latin American Conference" 1978
10"Leaps Forward: Post-Patriarchal Eating" 1990
11"Learning from Scandalous Women" n.d.
12"The Least Dangerous Game" n.d.
13"Lee Bouvier Comes Out" n.d.
14"LeFrak Way of Life," New York Times Magazine31 Jul 1966
15"Letter to the Editor," JD [John Deere] JournalDec 1981
16"Letter to Delegates from New York Citizens for McGovern" n.d.
17"Letter from Kerala," for Smith College Sophiancirca 1957
18"Liberation" n.d.
19"Looking Around with Gloria Steinem," LookSep 1968
20"Looking Backward…and Ahead" n.d.
21"Malcolm X: Newsspot" n.d.
22"Manners and Games," Glamourcirca 1964
23"Map of the Gender Gap" n.d.
24"Marisol: The Face behind the Mask," GlamourJun 1964
25"The McGovern Phenomenon" n.d.
26"Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (Michael Caine)," New York Times Magazine4 Dec 1966
27"Meet the Real New York," Glamour, Apr 1964
28"Memoirs of a Good Father," Ms.,1987
29"Men Talk About Love," GlamourNov 1964
30"Miscellany" n.d.
31"Mobilizing for Women's Studies," Ms., Sep 1973
32"The Moral Disarmament of Betty Coed," Esquiren.d.
33"Mrs. Kennedy at the Moment," Esquiren.d.
34Ms. fragmentsn.d.
35"Music, Music, Music" n.d.
36"The Myth of the Masculine Mystique," International EducationSpring 1972
37"The Nazi Connection, Part II" n.d.
38"Nelson Rockefeller: The Sound of One Hand Clapping," New YorkAug 1969
39"The New Place in the Sun," GlamourApr 1967
40New Yorker (letter)n.d.
41"New York, I Love You," Glamourn.d.
42"A Nice Healthy President" n.d.
43"Night Thoughts of a Media Watcher" n.d.
44"Ninth Birthday Personal Report" n.d.
45"1964 Won't You Please Come In" n.d.
46"Noel Coward in Ham and Eggs" n.d.
47"No More 'Just Learn your Sides, Man'…," New York Timesn.d.
48"Notes from the Cancer Ward," New Yorkn.d.
49"Notes on the New Marriage," New York, Jul 1968
50"On The Press" n.d.
51"On the Re-Reading of A.A. Milne" n.d.
52"An Ordinary Woman" n.d.
53"Our Man is 'Real Boss,'" New York Times28 Aug 1966
1141"The Party," Voguen.d.
2"The Passionate Giver" n.d.
3"Paul Newman: Movie Star" n.d.
4"Paul Newman: The Trouble with Being Too Good Looking" n.d.
5"Paul Newman: Wherever he Goes, Things Happen," Chicago's American MagazineJun 1968
6"People are Talking About Advance Notice," Vogue1963
7"Personal Paths to Feminism" n.d.
8"Peter O'Toole" circa 1966
9"A Plan for Improving Indo-American Relations in America" n.d.
10"Poetic Deaths, or the Suicide Game" n.d.
11"The Politics of Food," Ms.Feb 1980
12"The Politics of Journalism," FolioJan 1974
13"The Politics of Talking" n.d.
14"Post-Election Diary" 1968
15"Predictions: Global Feminism" n.d.
16Preface, Quest1980
17"President Chisholm," Ms.,Jan 1973
18"The Price You Pay" n.d.
19"Proustian Memories, The Poor Peoples" n.d.
20"Pudge" n.d.
21"Put Yourself First," GlamourJan 1965
22"The Real New Yorkers" n.d.
23"Return of the Figure," ShowJun 1962
24"Richard Gere" circa 1985
25"Richard Rovere's Ride," Herald TribuneJul 1962
26"Ride the Sophistication Roller Coaster" n.d.
27"Rise of the Pink Collar Worker," Ms.Mar 1977
28"Rooftop New York: What Goes on up There?," Ladies Home JournalJul 1965
29"Room at the Bottom, Boredom on Top" n.d.
30"The Sari Is a Way of Life" n.d.
31"Saul Bellow," GlamourJul 1965
32"Secrets of Deception" n.d.
33"Secrets of Mexico City" n.d.
34"Senior Spring" 1956
35"Sex…and Music," New York Times8 Nov 1975
36"Sexual Politics," NewsweekJul 1972
37"Shake Your Head Three Times," GlamourJul 1964
38Shaw did Write 'Tootsie-Wootsie'," New York Times12 Nov 1967
39"She Will Not Vegetate in Gracie Mansion," New York Times MagazineJan 1966
40"Show Business in Toledo" Feb 1962
41"Sisters. Revolution. Sojourner. Ms." n.d.
42"A Skeleton Key to Pop Culture," Life1965
43"The Smartest Girl in New York," GlamourOct 1968
44"Smith Girl Learns Much from India Experience," Smith College SophianOct 1957
45"Sonia Johnson in TRO" n.d.
46"Spot News" n.d.
47"A Starter List of Movie Classics," Ms.n.d.
48"Some Suggested Fantasies to Have in the Sand," ShowMay 1962
49"Sophisticated Fun and Games" n.d.
50"So You Want to be a Spy," GlamourSep 1964
51"Speaking of Revolution: A Feminist Learns to Talk" n.d.
52"Student Prince," EsquireSep 1962
53"Student Princess," GlamourAug 1966
54"Subversive Dressing" n.d.
55"Suggestions for Vogue's America Issue" n.d.
56"Surrealism" n.d.
57"Take the Good Taste, Bad Taste Quiz" n.d.
58"Telephone Answering Service" n.d.
59"Tell Me, Linda, What in Your Background Led You to a Concentration Camp?" n.d.
60"Testimony--Human Rights Commission" n.d.
1151"That Woman in City Hall," New Yorkn.d.
2"These Are Not the Best Years of Your Life," Ms.Sep 1980
3"Things to Say - and Not to Say - at Parties" n.d.
4"Third World 'Lib' Hurting," Denver Post26 Jul 1975
5"This Month," Show1962-63
6"The Time Factor," Ms.Mar 1980
7Time magazine editorialJun 1980
8"To Any Women Who Happened to Read 'And Now, A Word from Our Leader...'" 1973
9"Truman Capote" n.d.
10"Trying to Love Eugene," New YorkAug 1968
11"Two Cheers for Egypt" n.d.
12"Unions, Black People, and Mrs. Onassis," New York16 Dec 1968
13"Up From Powerlessness," The Sixties1977
14"The Verbal Karate of Florynce R. Kennedy, Esq.," Ms.Mar 1973
15"A Very Special Party" n.d.
16"A Visit with Dorothy Parker,": unpublished (?) typescript ("for Ladies Home Journal, Feb 1965") 1965
17"A Visit with Truman Capote," GlamourApr 1966
18"Visiting Englishmen Are No Roses," New York Times Magazine29 Mar 1964
19"Voices for Life," from Voices for Life: Reflections on the Human Condition1975
20"The Way We Were, and Will Be," Ms.Dec 1979
21"Western Women in India," Delhi Sunday StatesmanOct 1957
22"What Are We Waiting For?" n.d.
23"What Culture," LookNov 1968
24"What Is a New Ms.?," Ms.Nov 1979
25"What is Politics?," Women's Agendan.d.
26"What is the Women's Movement?" n.d.
27"What It's Like to Be Married to Paul Newman" n.d.
28"What It Would Be Like if Women Win," Time31 Aug 1970
29"What Playboy Doesn't Know About Women…," McCall'sOct 1970
30"What the Kennedy Family Taught Me," GlamourSep 1968
31"What the U.S. Has to Learn About Women" n.d.
32"What We're All About," National Association of Mental Health JournalWinter 1973
33"What's in It for Me," Harper's1965
34"When I Grow Up," Ms.Mar 1974
35"White Male Losing Edge," Ms.8 Nov 1975
36"Who has the Higher Morals IQ… You or Your Mother?," GlamourNov 1965
37"Who Voted for Richard Nixon?" circa 1972
38"Why All Issues Are Women's Issues" n.d.
39"Why Do Women Work," Ms.Mar 1979
39a"Why I Write" n.d.
40"Why Wealthy Women Also Need the Women's Movement" 1990
41"Why We Need a Woman President in 1976," LookJan 1970
42"Why Women Voted for Richard Nixon," Ms.Mar 1973
43"Why Women Voters Can't Be Trusted," Ms.n.d.
44"Why Women Work," Eastern [Airlines] ReviewJun 1979
45"Will Women Make Carter a One-Term President?," Ms.Jan 1978
46"A Woman for all Seasons: Margot Fonteyn," McCall'sMay 1967
47"Women and Power," New YorkDec 1968
48"Women Composers," Marietta [Ohio] Times8 Nov 1975
49"Women Could Decide the Election," View2 Nov 1980
50"Women Rate Carter's First Year" circa 1977
51"Womens vs. War" n.d.
52"Women's Liberation Aims to Free Men, Too," Washington PostJun 1970
53"Women's Lives Will Change," U.S. News and World Report1975
54"Women's Unsung Talents," Elmira Telegram9 Nov 1975
55"Wonder Woman" circa 1972
56"Won't You Please Come In" 1964
57World Population Year article (includes interview with Dom Moreas)
58"Writing for Films" n.d.
59Unidentified manuscripts

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