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Southworth-Dickinson family papers, 1792-2005
157 boxes (78.5 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 212

This collection includes letters, diaries, autobiographical writings, and financial papers of the Southworth and Dickinson families of Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as the related Shepard, Boltwood, Thurston, Caffee, Deane, and Browne families. The papers document several generations of middle- and upper-class families residing in Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, New York, and California. The nineteenth century papers discuss such pivotal events in American history as the abolitionist movement and the Civil War. There are also significant items concerning the events surrounding the Spanish-American War and World War I. Also of interest are business records of the family owned paper mill in Western Massachusetts, and the papers of Alice. H. Southworth and her life partner Anna Jenks in the early and mid 20th century.

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The Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

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The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to unpublished works by family members in this collection. Copyright to materials authored by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

The Southworth-Dickinson Family Papers include several generations of Southworth and Dickinson families of Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as the related Shepard, Boltwood, Thurston, Caffee, Deane, and Browne families, living in Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, New York, and California.

Generation I: Constant Southworth

The collection begins with the memoir of Constant Southworth (b. 1730), who was born in Mansfield, Conn., the son of Nathaniel Southworth. He is of a different line of Southworths from those featured in this collection. His memoir was given to George C. S. Southworth by Col. George Leroy Brown.

Generation II: Abiah Southworth and Keziah Boltwood

The Southworth Family as represented in this collection begins with Dr. Abiah Southworth (d. 1835), who married Keziah Boltwood (d. 1835) with whom he had five children: Rufus (1796-1828); Mary (1797-1872); Wells (1799-1882), Edward (1804-69), and Martha (b. 1807).

Generation III: Children of Abiah Southworth

The children of Abiah and Keziah Southworth are best represented in this collection by Edward Southworth, who was educated at Harvard University in the 1820s and served as president of the Hampshire Paper Company of South Hadley, Mass. In 1839, with his brother Wells and cousin John H. Southworth, he founded the Southworth Manufacturing Company in Agawam, Mass. The company is still in operation.

In 1841 Edward married Ann Elisabeth Shepard (1810-1855), a first cousin of Ralph Waldo Emerson, with whom he had children: George C. S. Shepard (1842-1918); Edward Wells (1845-1847); Mase (b. 1847), Charles Upham (1850-1853), and Wells (1854-1856).

In 1856, after the death of his wife, Edward married Mary Woodbury Shepard (1827-1861), the daughter of Rev. Thomas Shepard and Sarah Williams Barrnett with whom he had children: Edward (1857-1882), Mary Woodbury "Minnie" (1859-1947), and Thomas (1861-1940). In 1866, after the death of Mary, Edward married Harriet Anne Thurston Deane, with whom he had one child, Alice Harriet. Harriet was the daughter of Rev. David (1779-1865) and his second wife, Prudence Brown Thurston (d. 1871).

The Southworths were related to the Shepard Family through the marriage of Edward Southworth and Anne Elisabeth Shepard-the daughter of Mase Shepard (1759-1821) and Deborah Haskins (1765-1841), who married in 1781. In addition to Anne Elisabeth, Mase and Deborah had five children: Hannah (1795-1867), who married Hon. Seth Terry; Mary (1797-1867); Rev. George Champlin (1802-1868), who was born in Rhode Island, graduated from Amherst College, later moved to Connecticut, and married Sally Inman Kast (d. 1868); Dr. Charles Upham (1804-1886), who attended Amherst College and worked as a professor of science in Charleston, S.C., from 1834-61, before moving back to Amherst; Fanny (1807?-1888), who married Lucius Boltwood (1792-1872).

The Southworths were also related to the Deane Family through the marriage of Harriet Ann Thurston and her first husband, Melvin Gilmore Deane (1821-54), the son of John Gilmore Deane and Rebecca Dennis Padelford. Harriet and Melvin married in 1848 and had two children: Sarah Shepard (1850-51) and Ada (1853-1934), who married George Southworth in 1874. Harriet was Melvin's second wife. His first wife was Sarah Edwards Shepard (1823-1847)-the daughter of Rev. Thomas and Sarah Williams Shepard-with whom he had a child, John Gilmore (1845-73), who served as a lieutenant in a Maine artillery unit during the Civil War. John Gilmore Deane married Mary Louise Greenwood, with whom he had children: Mary Louise and Hattie.

The Southworths were related to the Browne Family through the marriage of Dwight Dickinson and Syria Browne, whose daughter, Mayotta, married Melvin D. Southworth. Mayotta was the granddaughter of J. Ross Browne (1821-1875), an Irish-born writer who later settled in California, and Lucy Anna Mitchell. J. Ross and Lucy had children: Spencer (1845-96), who married Lucy Serena Croghan (b. 1850); Lucy Mayotta (b. 1847), who married Charles F. Hoffman; Nina Florence Browne (b. 1851), who married Alfred Craven; and Syria Elana "Sea" (d. 1899), who married Dr. Dwight Dickinson.

Generation IV: Children of Edward Southworth

Edward's oldest son, George, was born in Springfield, Mass., graduated from Yale in 1863, Harvard Law in 1865, and served as a Massachusetts representative. In Italy in 1874, George married Ada Deane, George's stepsister, with whom he had eight children: Mary (1875-1949); Constant (1876-1927); Rufus (1878-1944); Elizabeth Shepard (1881-1969); Melvin Deane (1883-1967); Edward (1885-1943); George Shepard (1888-1972); and John Deane (1890-1972). George Southworth's family eventually settled in Ohio, and it was George who built the family cottage in Deer Isle, Maine, in 1887.

Mase, Edward's second son to live to adulthood, obtained a doctoral degree in chemistry. In 1879, he married Mary Virginia Mallory (b. 1856). Dr. Edward Southworth, Edward's eldest child with Mary Woodbury Shepard, graduated from Yale in 1879 and worked as a physician before dying young in 1882. Mary Woodbury, Edward's second child with Mary Woodbury Shepard, married Ansley Chesley Stevens of San Francisco and with whom she settled in California. Dr. Thomas Shepard, Edward's third and last child with Mary, graduated from Yale University in 1883, and worked as a physician in New York City. In 1896, he married Jean Ponton Hamilton (1869-1924). Alice Harriet Southworth, Edward's only child with his third wife Harriet, lived most of her adult life with her partner, Anna B. Jenks (1865-1942), the daughter of William Flint and Eliza Jenks.

Generation V: Children of George C. S. Southworth and Thomas Southworth

George's oldest child, Mary, married Herbert Williams, with whom she had a child, Albert Frith (1942-). George's second child, Constant, served in World War I in Italy and Montenegro and later worked as an attorney before taking his own life in 1927. He never married. George's third child, Rufus, married Alice Williams, with whom he had children: Edward (1907-2002) and Elizabeth Ann "Liebe" (1907-1999), who married Howard Corning (1905-1984). With Howard, she had children: Alison Clarke, Elizabeth Laslett, and Dr. Howard Burt (d. 2005). George's second oldest daughter, Elisabeth, married John Smith Harrison, with whom she had children: William Ogden (1909-1909); Ada Deane (b. 1910); Thurston (1912-); Edward Woodberry (1914-); Virginia (1919-1919); and Thomas (1920-).

George's third son, Melvin Deane, married Mayotta Dickinson, the granddaughter of Edward Alexander Dickinson (1813-1880) and Sarah Maria Fletcher (1821-1862). Mayotta was the first child of Dr. Dwight Dickinson (1847-1930) and Sylvia Elana "Sea" Browne (1859-1900). In May 1906, Mayotta married Lt. Arthur G. Caffee. Arthur was the son of Col. William King (1856-1923) and Anna Belle Wilkins Caffee (1860-1911), who had married in 1878. In 1910, Arthur Caffee was killed in a naval accident, the precise cause of which was never determined. With Arthur, Mayotta had children: Patty (1908-2001), who married John Samuel Thomas (d. 1982), and Elizabeth "Betty" June (1911-2006), who married Phelps Brown. Melvin and Mayotta had one child: Mayotta (1922-2010).

George's fourth son, Edward, married Virginia Sprague, with whom he had Ann (1916-), Virginia (1918-), Helen Sprague, and Edward, Jr. (1924-). George's fifth son, George Shepard married Sue Flickinger Williams in 1909 and had children with her: Constant Williams (1910-); Robert K. (1912-); Sarah Jane (1914-), and George S., Jr. (1921-). George's youngest son, John Deane, married Louise Hendee, with whom he had children: John D., Jr. (1928-), Robert Thomas (1932), and Kenneth Shepard (1933-).

Dr. David Hamilton Southworth (though he never went by the name David), the only son of Dr. Thomas Southworth, married Katharine R. Jones, with whom he had children: Hamilton, Jr.; Thomas, Katharine S., and Jean S.

Generation VI: Children of Melvin and Mayotta Southworth

Melvin and Mayotta's daughter, Mayotta, attended Smith College, graduating in 1944. That same year, she married Edmund Hopkinson Kendrick. She was responsible for collecting many of the Southworth Family's papers and genealogical information.

Scope and contents of the collection

This collection consists of 78.5 linear feet (157 boxes) of material, including letters, diaries, autobiographical writings, and financial papers of the Southworth and Dickinson families of Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as the related Shepard, Boltwood, Thurston, Caffee, Deane, and Browne families. The papers document several generations of middle- and upper-class families residing in Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, New York, and California.

The nineteenth century papers discuss such pivotal events in American history as the abolitionist movement and the Civil War. There are also significant items concerning the events surrounding the Spanish-American War and World War I. The papers are also notable for description of trips to the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and the South Pacific. Family members also discuss European travels to England, Italy, France, Germany, and the Middle-East.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized into seven series:

  • II. "THE CHRONICLE" (1899-1947)

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to unpublished works by family members in this collection. Copyright to materials authored by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Preferred Citation

Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection:

Southworth-Dickinson Family Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

History of the Collection

Mayotta S. Kendrick began donating her family's papers to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1999. Additional materials were donated by Edmund H. and Melvin S. Kendrick, and Deborah H. Weeter.


Periodic additions to the collection are expected and may not be reflected in this finding aid.

Processing Information

Processed by Colin Woodward, 2011.

Additional Information
Contact Information
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Phone: (413) 585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886


Those interested in the Southworth, Dickinson, and related families are urged to consult Brown Thurston, Thurston Genealogies (Portland, Me., 1892); Mayotta Southworth Kendrick, The Southworth Family: 100 Summers on Deer Isle, 1885-1985; George C. S. Southworth, Descendants of Constant Southworth (Salem, Ohio, 1897); A Farm in the Firelands of Ohio: Memories of the Post-Civil War Period by Dayton A. Williams (Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2004), which has letters of Edward Southworth; and the Charles Upham Shepard Papers at Amherst College.

Processing of this collection was made possible by the generous support of members and friends of the Southworth, Dickinson and Browne families.

Series Descriptions

This series contains six subseries: Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 4, Generation 5, and Generation 6. The series begins with the memoir of Constant Southworth, continues with the eldest members of the Southworth line represented in this collection, Dr. Abiah Southworth, and continues into the 21st century. Generation 2 and 3 include members of the related Shepard, Boltwood, Thurston, and Terry families.

Among those represented in Generation 3 is Rev. George Champlin Shepard, who, in a letter of January 1833, discusses the anti-slavery movement. Among the papers of Anne E. Shepard, Edward Southworth's first wife, is a letter of 18 [?] January 1837 from her cousin Hannah, discussing the Grimke sisters and abolition.

Much of Edward Southworth's correspondence concerns personal financial matters as well as operations at the company. Of interest is a letter of 27 December 1844 to Edward (addressed as "My Kind Master") from a woman named Fanny, apparently an African American cook, who worked for a family in Charleston, S.C. In the letter, Fanny discusses her son's bad behavior and her religious beliefs. Other correspondence of interest includes a letter of 8 August 1861, from the offices of A.S. Barnes & Burr, mentioning Edward Southworth's optimism concerning the northern war effort despite the recent Union defeat at the battle of Bull Run. C. W. Chester discusses a husband's abusive, homicidal behavior, 11 May 1860. A letter of 5 May 1865 from Martha Southworth Curtis concerns the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A letter of 26 February 1866, also from Curtis, mentions an African American woman learning to read and write. A letter of 26 October 1864 from J. M. Geery, writes of the "aid of indigent students" at Amherst College. And a letter from E. Hitchcock, 22 February 1866, concerns his desire to buy artifacts that once belonged to Connecticut Valley Native Americans.

Also included in Edward's correspondence are letters from B. A. Perry, concerning the Port Hudson and Charleston campaigns of 1863, the poor conditions for Union soldiers on the boat ride north, and the hiring of a substitute for his son; letter of 4 June 1864 from Henry A. Phelan discussing the death of Ensign Charles Ringot in a naval engagement in Virginia; letter from Edward Southworth to son George, then at Phillips Academy, concerning his trip out west and mining; letter of 21 October 1858 discussing life at Phillips Academy; letter of 14 July 1864 from George concerning Edward's warning that George not attend horse races in Worcester, Mass; letters from Edward's son Mase, 1868-69, discussing his studies in Gottingen, Germany, a possible war between Germany and France, Blue Laws in the United States, the election of Ulysses S. Grant, and the differences between education in America and Germany.

Generation 3 also contains the correspondence of Harriet Anne Thurston Deane, Edward's second wife. Letters of interest include those from Elisabeth Shepard Southworth Harrison concerning her trip to Italy in 1905; a letter [1861?] from Elizabeth Philbrook, discussing women and teaching; and letters from daughter Alice Southworth concerning her visit to Germany.

Correspondence between Harriet and her stepson George includes discussion of George's trips to Germany in 1869 and 1901, Harriet's journey to Italy in 1874, life in Salem, Ohio (7 February 1895), and the New York subway system and political unrest in Ireland, 1903. Letters from stepsons Mase and Tom concern Mase's studies in Germany, 1868, and Tom's schooling at Phillips Academy and in Gottingen, Germany.

Also included among Harriet's correspondence are hundreds of letters between her and her stepson Dr. Thomas Southworth concerning his work in various hospitals in New York City and elsewhere. A letter of 16 February 1891 from Harriet to Tom discusses Native American rights. A letter of 30 June 1901 from Harriet describes her camping experience at Robe's Mountain, Kentucky. Letters from niece Mary Southworth Williams include items written while she was a Smith College student in the 1890s and later a teacher at Kenyon College in Ohio.

Harriet's correspondence also includes many letters from the Thurston family. A letter from father Rev. David Thurston to Harriet, 19 March 1863, discusses the Emancipation Proclamation and northern "wickedness." Letters from brother Samuel describe his experiences serving in a Maine artillery unit during the Civil War, including discussion of command changes in the Army of the Potomac, the destruction of the Virginia countryside during campaigning, the enlistment of Virginia Unionists into the northern army, and the profanity and "wickedness" in the ranks.

Generation 4 chiefly consists of the letters of Edward Southworth's children: George, Thomas, and Alice. Among George's correspondence are letters from Rev. Henry Blodget, 1 November 1871, discussing missionary work in China; letters from Thomas K. Boltwood concerning George's election to the Massachusetts legislature; letter of 14 July 1870 from brother Mase mentioning George's engagement to Ada; letter of 6 May 1871 from Mase concerning the popularity of baseball in Germany; letter of 8 November 1898 from Tom discussing the Spanish-American War; and letter of 3 February 1873 from William Taylor mentioning the extremely cold weather in western Massachusetts.

Among the papers of Ada Deane Southworth are letters from Anna Jenks, discussing Anna's trip to England, 1928, and a letter from son Melvin written from a tuberculosis sanitarium, 1918.

Included in the papers of Dr. Thomas Southworth are frequent letters between him and his stepsister Alice as well as letters from Tom's son, Hamilton, discussing life at Groton School in Groton, Mass.

The papers of Alice Southworth contain letters between her and her life partner, Anna Jenks, mostly discussing family news. After Anna's death in the 1940s, Alice lived with niece Ruth Doris Swett. Alice's correspondence includes a letter of 14 January 1957 from Betsy Corning, a student at Smith College; a letter of 23 January 1945 from Thurston Harrison discussing his landing with American troops in the Philippines and his impressions of Filipinos; a letter to Hattie Peabody, 23 February 1903, describing Alice's trip to Bermuda with Anna Jenks; a letter of November 1918 from Harriet Philbrook discussing World War I and the flu pandemic; a letter from Alice F. Southworth, October 1917, discussing her husband Rufus' enlistment in the army; a letter of 23 February 1910 from nephew and attorney Constant Southworth concerning heirs to Edward Southworth's estate and family claims to property in Duluth, Minn.; and a letter of February 1931 from Edward Southworth (b. 1907), describing Detroit, Mich. Letters from George Shepard Southworth include items written while he was a student at Kenyon College.

Also included are letters from nephew Hamilton Southworth concerning his trip to Austria, his boat ride back to the U.S. in 1932, and the death of his father, Thomas; letters from John D. Southworth discussing his service with the American expeditionary forces during World War I; letters from Mayotta Dickinson Southworth concerning the death of Constant Southworth in 1927 and Mayotta's trip to Venezuela; letters from Rufus Southworth written while he was a medical officer during World War I; a letter from Clara Thurston, 1 March 1884, discussing life in Charleston, S.C.; letters from Mary Southworth Williams including items written from Smith College, Southern Pines, N.C., and after a trip to Richmond, Va.

The papers of Anna Jenks contain items discussing her trip to Europe in 1899 and the Middle-East, including visits to Cairo, Jerusalem, and Syria in 1900; her visit to Hawaii in 1922; her trip to Algiers in 1924; and her impression of Arabs.

Generation 5 chiefly consists of the papers of George C. S. Southworth's children. Three of his sons served in the military during World War I. This series, especially the papers of Constant Southworth, contains numerous, letters, diary entries, and writings concerning American involvement in the war in Europe, including the campaigns in Italy and Montenegro. Generation 6 contains correspondence and other items concerning Southworth Family history and genealogy collected by Mayotta Southworth Kendrick.


This series consists of bound letterbooks containing items collected under the heading "The Chronicle." These volumes include numerous letters and scrapbook materials-such as postcards, photographs, and newspaper clippings -- chiefly from Edward Southworth's children, written to their parents and other family members. Letters discuss trips to Europe as well as family news and major events in American history. "The Chronicle" for 1934, for example, includes Melvin's criticisms of the National Recovery Administration (NRA) and his conservative views on the Roosevelt administrations' involvement in the economy.

This series is divided into thee subseries, Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3. This series chiefly contains the papers of Edward Dickinson, his son Dr. Dwight Dickinson, and Edward's granddaughter Mayotta. Among Edwards' letters are numerous items from his son Dwight, a naval surgeon, written during Dwight's voyages to the Caribbean, South America, and Japan in the 1860 and 70s. Also among Dwight's papers are his numerous diaries spanning the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as well as correspondence, including discussion of his father's death in 1880 and letters from brother and banker Edward F. Dickinson discussing the violence of football, 1896; the explosion of the battleship Maine and possible war with Spain, February 1898; Edward's diet and his distrust of doctors 1898; and his opinion of Teddy Roosevelt, October 1898.

Dwight's correspondence also contains many letters between him and his wife Syria Elana "Sea" Browne, discussing their engagement and wedding and Dwight's work with the navy, including descriptions of Cuba, 1870, and Costa Rica, 1880. Letters from Dwight's son Spencer concern his desire for a new "wheel" [bicycle], 1898; his experiences at Harvard Engineer Camp at Squam Lake, N.H.; and his trip to Nome, Alaska, 1906, while in the navy.

Mayotta's Dickinson's papers include substantial correspondence between her and her first husband, Arthur, who was writing to her while away at sea. An undated letter of 21 July from Mayotta discusses family picnics at Deer Isle, Me.

This series mostly consists of the correspondence of Lucy Mitchell Browne and her children. Included in Lucy's correspondence are letters of 1894 from son J. Mitchell Browne, writing from California, discussing the death of "Lupy," a Native American who died from consumption; railroad strikes; and the "modern young woman." A letter from Nina to Lucy mentions the Keeley treatment for a family member's alcohol abuse. Correspondence between Lucy and daughter Sylvia discusses Sylvia's marriage to Dwight Dickinson, herbal medicine, worker strikes, and Lucy's trip to Deer Isle, Maine, with Joseph Fremont Banks. A letter from Lucy Mitchell Browne to Lucy Serena (Croghan) Browne describes a typhoid outbreak in Oakland, Calif., 1893; and a letter from Spencer Browne to Spencer Dickinson discusses (with illustrations) amusement park rides, 1894.

This series chiefly contains the papers of Rebecca Dennis (Padelford) Deane, her son Melvin, and Melvin's son, John Gilmore. Letters from Rebecca to Melvin discuss family news and include frequent admonitions against Melvin eating poor food and not leading a religious life. John Gilmore Deane's correspondence chiefly concerns his service in the 6th Maine battery as a lieutenant during the Civil War, including description of camp life in the Army of the Potomac and John's participation in the major battles in the East. Letters mention John passing by Robert E. Lee's house in [October?] 1862, conscription in the North, 1863, and the siege at Petersburg, 1864. Also included are two letters not written by John, one from an unknown Confederate soldier writing from Tennessee, 1863, and a letter from a soldier apparently from the 35th U.S. Colored Troops, writing in December 1865 from South Carolina and mentioning "old master."

This series chiefly contains incoming correspondence from various individuals and paper manufacturers to company founders Wells, his brother Edward, and their cousin John H. Southworth. Also included are many loose financial items, account books, and ledgers concerning daily operation of the company. Correspondence mostly concerns routine financial matters, but also includes discussion of larger political and economic events, such as a letter of 13 February 1844 mentioning the possible election of Henry Clay to the presidency. Also included, in items from 1862-65, is a report on how the Civil War was affecting the paper industry.

Post-Civil War papers include items about the company as well as correspondence between family members concerning individual financial and estate issues and the Southworth family's claim to lands in Michigan.

This series contains miscellaneous correspondence written by and to non-family members, genealogical information, and an unidentified family scrapbook.

Contents List

Generation 1: Constant Southworth (b. 1730) memoir, typescript and copy of original,

Box 1: folder 1
Generation 2

Keziah Boltwood Southworth: letter,

Box 1: folder 2
Rev. David Thurston

1845-64, undated

Box 1: folder 3-7

Box 1: folder 8

Box 1: folder 9
Prudence Brown Thurston: correspondence,

Box 1: folder 10
Deborah Haskins Shepard


Box 1: folder 11-12

Box 1: folder 13
Generation 3

Hannah Shepard Terry

1818-62, undated

Box 2: folder 1-5

Box 2: folder 6
Thomas Shepard


Box 2: folder 7-9

Box 2: folder 10
Rufus Southworth

Box 2: folder 11
Mary Shepard

1828-63, undated

Box 3: folder 1-3

Box 3: folder 4
George Champlin Shepard


Box 3: folder 5-6

Box 3: folder 7

Box 3: folder 8
Charles Upham Shepard

1828-80, undated

Box 3: folder 9-10
Miscellaneous writings

Box 3: folder 11

Box 3: folder 12
Lucius Boltwood: correspondence and biographical sketches

Box 3: folder 13
Fanny Haskins Boltwood: correspondence and photograph

Box 3: folder 14
Mary Southworth: correspondence,
1850-61, undated

Box 3: folder 15
Wells Southworth: correspondence

Box 4: folder 1
Edward Southworth

Biographical materials

Box 4: folder 2-3

A - Butler

Box 4: folder 4-11
C - L

Box 5: folder 1-9
M - Southworth, George C. S.,

Box 6: folder 1-19
Southworth, G. C., 1860-69; Southworth, Mary W., 1858

Box 7: folder 1-14
Southworth, Mary W.,

Box 8: folder 1-3
Southworth, Mase

Box 8: folder 4-10
Unsigned and undated correspondence

Box 8: folder 11
Letters of condolence,re: death of Edward Southworth

Box 8: folder 12-13

Box 8: folder 14
Legal and financial materials

Miscellaneous items,

Box 9: folder 1-12
Miscellaneous items,
1864-69, undated

Box 10: folder 1-11
Stock certificates

Box 11: folder 1
Deeds and mortgages

Box 11: folder 2
Andover Seminary Endowment

Box 11: folder 3
De Forest Estate

Box 11: folder 4
Thomas A. Perry Estate

Box 11: folder 5-7
Account books


Box 11: folder 8-9

Box 12: folder 1-5
Estate papers

Miscellaneous items,
1870-82, undated

Box 13-14
Account books

Box 15-16

Box 17
Miscellaneous Items

Political writings and publications

Box 18: folder 1-2
Sermons saved by Edward Southworth

Box 18: folder 3

Box 18: folder 4
Anne E. Shepard Southworth

1820-47, undated

Box 18: folder 5-7
School notebooks,

Box 18: folder 8
Mary W. Shepard Southworth


Box 18: folder 9

Box 18: folder 10

Box 18: folder 11
Financial items

Box 18: folder 12
Autograph book

Box 18: folder 13
Photographs and miscellaneous items

Box 18: folder 14
Harriet Anne Thurston Deane Southworth

Diary and booklets,

Box 19: folder 1
Travel diary,

Box 19: folder 2

A - Philbrook, Elisabeth,

Box 19: folder 3-20
Philbrook, Elisabeth,
1855-68, undated

Box 20: folder 1
Philbrook, Ella - Southworth, Ada,

Box 20: folder 2-14
Ada Southworth,
1900-34, undated

Box 21: folder 1-4
Alice Southworth,
1872-1902, undated

Box 21: folder 5-12
Southworth, Alice - Southworth, John D.
1903-08, undated

Box 22: folder 1-19
Mase Southworth

Box 23: folder 1
Melvin Deane Southworth

Box 23: folder 2
Rufus Southworth

Box 23: folder 3
Thomas Southworth


Box 23: folder 4-10
1887-89, undated

Box 24: folder 1-8
1890 - Jun 1892

Box 25: folder 1-5
Jul 1892 - Dec 1894

Box 26: folder 1-5
1895 - Jun 1899

Box 27: folder 1-9
Jul 1899 - 1922, undated

Box 28: folder 1-9
Virginia Sprague Southworth

Box 28: folder 10
Sperry - W

Box 29: folder 1-13
Unknown correspondents

Box 29: folder 14
Letters from Europe to unknown correspondents,

Box 29: folder 15
Financial materials


Box 30: folder 1-2
Account books


Box 30: folder 3-10

Box 30A: folder 1-6

Box 31: folder 1
Estate papers

Box 31: folder 2-6
Legal papers

Box 31: folder 7

Box 31: folder 8
Religious writings by Harriet,

Box 32: folder 1
Loose scrapbook items

Box 32: folder 2
Miscellaneous items

Box 32: folder 3
Generation 4

George C. S. Southworth

Biographical information

Box 32: folder 4

Box 32: folder 5

A - Boltwood, Thomas K.

Box 32: folder 6-10
Boltwood, Tillie - G

Box 33: folder 1-11
H - P

Box 34: folder 1-8
R - Southworth, Horatio W.

Box 35: folder 1-10
Southworth, Jean H. - Southworth, Tom,

Box 36: folder 1-14
Southworth, Tom,
1899 - Y

Box 37: folder 1-9
Unsigned, undated, and unknown

Box 37: folder 10
Letter book,

Box 38: folder 1
Outgoing letters record book,

Box 38: folder 2
Plans for house alterations

Box 38: folder 3
Misc. writings by George, including A Footprint of Forty-Four, about an enslaved African American

Box 38: folder 4-6
Financial materials

Miscellaneous items


Box 38: folder 7-8
1871-1906, undated

Box 39: folder 1-8

Box 40: folder 1
Account books,

Box 40: folder 2-3
Michigan lands information

Box 40: folder 4
Estate information,

Box 40: folder 5
Ada Southworth


H - J

Box 40: folder 6
Alice Southworth,

Box 40: folder 7-9
Southworth, Alice - Williams

Box 41: folder 1-6

Box 41: folder 7
Miscellaneous writings

Box 41: folder 8
Financial and legal materials

Miscellaneous items,
1869-1903, undated

Box 41: folder 9-12
Miscellaneous items,
1904-08, undated

Box 42: folder 1-9
Account books,

Box 43: folder 1-10
Account books,

Box 44: folder 1-10
Legal papers,

Box 45: folder 1
Estate papers

Box 45: folder 2-6
Mase Southworth

Correspondence and other items

Box 45: folder 7
Account book,

Box 45: folder 8
Dr. Edward Southworth

Correspondence and financial items

Box 46: folder 1
Photographs of Italy

Box 46: folder 2
Letters of condolence re: death of Edward,

Box 46: folder 3
Mary Southworth Stevens

1874-1941, undated

Box 46: folder 4-6
Miscellaneous financial items,

Box 46: folder 7-8
Dr. Thomas Southworth

Biographical information

Box 46: folder 9

Alice Southworth

1875-1910, undated

Box 46: folder 10-11
1911-40, undated

Box 47: folder 1-7
Hamilton Southworth,
1921-39, undated

Box 47: folder 8-12

Box 47: folder 13

Miscellaneous items,

Box 47: folder 14
Miscellaneous items,

Box 48: folder 1-2
Account books

Box 48: folder 3-4

Box 48: folder 5
Jean Hamilton Southworth

Correspondence with Hamilton Southworth

1920-22, undated

Box 48: folder 6-8
1923-25, undated

Box 49: folder 1-4

Box 49: folder 5
Alice Southworth


1878-27 Sep 1886

Box 49: folder 6-10

Box 50: folder 1-8

A - B

Box 50: folder 9-10
C - Harrison, Edward

Box 51: folder 1-14
Harrison, Elizabeth - J

Box 52: folder 1-15
K - Southworth, Constant

Box 53: folder 1-14
Southworth, Rev. Constant W. - Southworth, Mary V. M

Box 54: folder 1-20
Southworth, Mayotta - V

Box 55: folder 1-16
W - undated

Box 56: folder 1-6
Letters to "The Chronicle"

Box 56: folder 7
Letters concerning Kenneth Alcott,

Box 56: folder 8
Travel letters,

Box 56: folder 9
Financial materials

Miscellaneous items

Box 56: folder 10-11
Account books


Box 56A: folder 1-5

Box 56B: folder 1-7

Box 57: folder 1-2
Estate papers

Box 57: folder 3-9
Estate papers

Box 58: folder 1-6
Miscellaneous hand-written writings

Box 58: folder 7-8
Travel writings

Europe trip,

Box 58: folder 9
Hawaii trip,

Notes and writings, including notes on Calif.

Box 59: folder 1

Box 59: folder 2
Brochures and pamphlets

Box 59: folder 3
Photographs and postcards

Box 59: folder 4-5

Box 60: folder 1
Souvenirs and miscellaneous

Box 60: folder 2-5
Passport and visas

Box 60: folder 6

Box 60: folder 7

Box 60: folder 8

Box 61: folder 1
Address book,

Box 61: folder 2
Deer Isle mailing addresses

Box 61: folder 3
Personal calendar,

Box 61: folder 4
Southworth Weekly News,

Box 61: folder 5
Religious writings and publications kept by Alice,

Box 61: folder 6
Miscellaneous writings and publications kept by Alice

Box 61: folder 7
Miscellaneous drawings kept by Alice

Box 61: folder 8
Collection of quotations, compiled by Linda Fitch

Box 61: folder 9
Newspaper clippings

Box 61: folder 10
Miscellaneous advertisements

Box 61: folder 11
Photographs of Alice

Box 61: folder 12
Miscellaneous photographs

Box 61: folder 13
Wallet and lace sample

Box 61: folder 14
Anna Jenks



Box 62: folder 1
From Europe

Box 62: folder 2-3
1901-1942, undated

Box 62: folder 4-9
Concerning Kenneth Alcott,

Box 62: folder 10
Anna to Carrie Jenks,

Box 62: folder 11
Miscellaneous letters to Anna Jenks,

Box 62: folder 12
Letters written by Anna Jenks,

Box 62: folder 13
Legal and financial materials,

Box 63: folder 1
Obituaries for friends of Anna and Alice

Box 63: folder 2
Wellesley College book,

Box 63: folder 3
Address book

Box 63: folder 4
House specifications, Winter Park, FL,

Box 63: folder 5

Box 63: folder 6

Box 63: folder 7
Jenks Family: miscellaneous

Florence Jenks drawing book

Box 63: folder 8
Student science sketchbook

Box 63: folder 9
Southern Pines, NC, information

Box 63: folder 10
Family photographs

Box 63: folder 11
Generation 5

Mary Southworth Williams

Biographical information

Box 63: folder 12
Correspondence and other papers

Box 63: folder 13
Financial and estate papers

Box 63: folder 14-16

Box 63: folder 17
Constant Southworth

Biographical information

Box 64: folder 1
Camp book,

Box 64: folder 2

Box 64: folder 3-5
World War I materials


Box 64: folder 6

Box 64: folder 7-9
Training camp booklets and memoranda

Box 64: folder 10
Loose scrapbook pages

Box 64: folder 11-15
Loose scrapbook pages

Box 65: folder 1-4
Bound books of photographs, 332nd Infantry Regiment

Box 65: folder 6
Photographs matted on paper

Box 66: folder 1-4
Loose photographs

Box 66: folder 5-7
Oversize photographs

Box 66: folder 8
Rolled-up panoramic photographs, 332nd Regiment

Box 67: folder 1-5

Box 68: folder 1

Box 68: folder 2
Writings by Constant Southworth

Box 68 Box 3-4
Writings kept by Constant

Box 68: folder 5-9
Badges and medals

Box 69: folder 1
Childhood writings

Box 69: folder 2
Kenyon College papers

Box 69: folder 3
Miscellaneous writings by Constant, including items concerning Woodrow Wilson, U.S. foreign policy, lynching, and divorce

Box 69: folder 4-5
Miscellaneous poetry kept by Constant

Box 69: folder 6
Death and memorials

Box 70: folder 1-3
Estate papers

Box 70: folder 4
Masonic certificate and medals

Box 70: folder 5
Oversize legal certificates

Box 70: folder 6

Box 70: folder 7
Rufus Southworth

World War I diary: typed carbon copy

Box 71: folder 1
World War I letters: typed carbon copies

Box 71: folder 2
Letters from the ship The Yankee, typed carbons

Box 71: folder 3
Letters from Pitcairn Island, typed carbons

Box 71: folder 4

Box 71: folder 5

Box 71: folder 6
Elizabeth Shepard Southworth Harrison


Box 71: folder 7

Box 71: folder 8-9
Melvin Deane Southworth

Biographical information

Box 72: folder 1

Box 72: folder 2-8
Travel log,

Box 72: folder 9
Account book,

Box 72: folder 10
Miscellaneous financial items

Box 72: folder 11
Ruth Doris Swett Estate (Melvin Southworth executor)

Box 73: folder 1
Miscellaneous writings kept by Melvin

Box 73: folder 2
Memberships, associations, and professional information

Box 73: folder 3
Reality Club papers

Box 73: folder 4
Loose scrapbook pages,
1900s-1960s, undated

Box 73: folder 5-11
Bound scrapbooks


Box 73: folder 12

Box 74: folder 1
Pamphlets, programs, and souvenirs

Box 74: folder 2

Box 74: folder 3

Box 74: folder 4

Box 74: folder 5

Box 74: folder 6
Edward and Virginia Sprague Southworth

Box 74: folder 7
George S. Southworth


Box 74: folder 8
Writings on Mexico trip, 1959,and Hawaii trip, 1962
1959, 1962

Box 74: folder 9

Box 74: folder 10

Box 74: folder 11
Sue F. Williams Southworth: correspondence

Box 75: folder 1
John D. Southworth

Biographical information

Box 75: folder 2
World War I materials

Diary: typed carbon copy

Box 75: folder 3
Letters: typed carbon copies

Box 75: folder 4
Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 75: folder 5
Miscellaneous correspondence,

Box 75: folder 6
Generation 6

Dr. Hamilton Southworth

Childhood writings

Box 75: folder 7
Correspondence and other papers

Box 75: folder 8
School records

Box 75: folder 9
Photographs and negatives

Box 75: folder 10
Edward Southworth (1907-2001): memorials

Box 76: folder 1
Elizabeth Southworth Corning

Box 76: folder 2
Constant W. Southworth

Box 76: folder 3
Edward Woodberry Southworth

Box 76: folder 4
Ann Southworth Frost

Box 76: folder 5
Virginia Southworth Warner

Box 76: folder 6
Helen Southworth Atwood

Box 76: folder 7
Mayotta Southworth Kendrick

Box 76: folder 8-12
Edmund H. Kendrick

Box 76: folder 13
Howard Corning: obituary

Box 76: folder 14

Constant Southworth letters from Europe,

Box 77
Family letters,

Box 78
Constant Southworth letters from Alaska,

Box 79
Melvin Deane Southworth letters from Europe,

Box 80
Family letters and papers


Box 81

Box 82

Box 83

Box 84

Box 85

Box 86

Box 87

Box 88

Box 89

Box 90

Box 91

Box 92

Box 93

Box 94

Box 95

Box 96

Box 97

Box 98
Rufus Southworth letters, "Yankee World Cruise,"

Box 99
Family letters


Box 100

Box 101

Box 102

Box 103

Generation 1

Edward A. Dickinson

Biographical information

Box 104: folder 1

Box 104: folder 2
Miscellaneous writings

Box 104: folder 3-6
Sarah Maria Fletcher Dickinson


Box 104: folder 7
Letter book,
circa 1836

Box 104: folder 8
Album: poems and messages from friends,

Box 104: folder 9
Seminary [Mt. Holyoke College] papers,

Box 104: folder 10
Miscellaneous writings,
1840-71, undated

Box 104: folder 11
Sarah Maria Dickinson memoir by Lucy Hawley,

Box 104: folder 12
Generation 2

Dr. Dwight Dickinson

Biographical information,

Box 104: folder 13

1866, 1878

Box 104: folder 14

Box 105: folder 1-6

Box 106: folder 1-5

Box 107: folder 1-6

Box 108: folder 1-7

Box 109: folder 1-5

Box 110: folder 1-3

A - Dickinson, Edward F.,

Box 110: folder 4-8
Edward F. Dickinson (b. 1849),
1880-99, undated

Box 111: folder 1-4
Edward F. Dickinson (b. 1890)

Box 111: folder 5
J. M. Dickinson

Box 111: folder 6
Syria "Sea" Dickinson


Box 111: folder 7-12
1887 -
Jun 1894

Box 112: folder 1-12
Jul 1894-99, undated

Box 113: folder 1-12
Dickinson, Sarah - Z

Box 114: folder 1-6
Unsigned and undated

Box 114: folder 7
Naval papers

Box 114: folder 8-9
Miscellaneous writings

Box 114: folder 10
Sylvia Elana Browne Dickinson: correspondence,
1869-99, undated

Box 114: folder 11-13
Edward F. Dickinson

Box 114: folder 14
Sarah E. Dickinson


Box 115: folder 1

Box 115: folder 2
Wellesley College materials

Miscellaneous papers and writings

Box 115: folder 3
1878-83, undated

Box 115: folder 4-8

Box 115: folder 9
Illustrated booklet, "Reminiscences,"

Box 116: folder 1

Box 116: folder 2

Box 116: folder 3

Box 116: folder 4
Generation 3

Mayotta Dickinson Caffee Southworth

Biographical information

Box 116: folder 5

Box 116: folder 6

A - B

Box 116: folder 7
Arthur Caffee

1904 - Apr 1905

Box 116: folder 8-11
May - Dec 1905

Box 117: folder 1-8
Jan - Jun 1906

Box 118: folder 1-7
Sep 1906 - Apr 1908

Box 119: folder 1-10
May 1908 - Feb 1910

Box 120: folder 1-6
Mar 1910

Box 121: folder 1

Box 121: folder 2-5
Miscellaneous items concerning Arthur Caffee

Box 121: folder 6
Corning - U

Box 121: folder 7-12
W - undated

Box 122: folder 1-3
School writings

Box 122: folder 4
Newspaper clippings kept by Mayotta

Box 122: folder 5

Box 122: folder 6

Box 122: folder 7

Box 122: folder 8
Miscellaneous items

Box 122: folder 9
Arthur Caffee

Biographical materials

Box 122: folder 10
Correspondence and financial items,
1904-09, undated

Box 122: folder 11-13
Navy log,

Box 123: folder 1
Spencer Dickinson: correspondence

Box 123: folder 2
Elizabeth Hamlin Young Dickinson: correspondence

Box 123: folder 3
Dwight Dickinson, Jr.: correspondence

Box 123: folder 4
Edward F. Dickinson correspondence

Box 123: folder 5
Miscellaneous Dickinson family items

Genealogical papers

Box 123: folder 6-10
Book of Psalms belonging to William Dickinson,

Box 124: folder 1
Bound book of photographs

Box 124: folder 2
Photographs and negatives

Box 124: folder 3-6
Miscellaneous items

Box 124: folder 7
Stowe-Fletcher Family

Manassah Stow Journal, 1810: hand-copied, circa 1922

Box 125: folder 1
Manassah Stow Journal, original and typescript copy

Box 125: folder 2-3
Manassah Stow Journal,typescript copy

Box 125: folder 4
John Stow

Box 125: folder 5
Adolphus Fletcher

Box 125: folder 6
Sarah Maria Stow Fletcher

Box 125: folder 7
Lucy Fletcher Hawley

Box 125: folder 8
The Garland,

Box 125: folder 9
The Olio,

Box 125: folder 10
The Telegram,

Box 125: folder 11
Fletcher Family newspaper clippings

Box 125: folder 12
Scrapbook, containing Dickinson-Stowe Family items

Box 126


Lucy Mitchell Browne,

Box 127: folder 1-9
Dottie Mitchell "Dart" Hoffman,

Box 127: folder 10
Lucy Serena Croghan Browne,

Box 127: folder 11
Lucy Mayotta Browne Hoffman,
1893-98, undated

Box 127: folder 12
Nina Florence Browne Craven,
1882-98, undated

Box 127: folder 13
J. Mitchell Browne,

Box 127: folder 14
John Dietrich Hoffman,

Box 127: folder 15
Spencer Edward Dickinson,

Box 127: folder 16
Charles Hoffman,

Box 127: folder 17
Kate McDougal,
1893, undated

Box 127: folder 18
Kate B. Mix,
1897, undated

Box 127: folder 19
Unsigned and undated Browne family

Box 127: folder 20
Estate information

Elana Browne Bishop

Box 127: folder 21
Evelyn Browne Hoffman

Box 127: folder 22
Browne Family miscellany

Box 127: folder 23
J. Ross Browne materials

Box 127: folder 24-26
J. Ross Browne materials

Box 128: folder 1-6
Browne family photographs

Box 128: folder 7-8
Browne family photographs

Box 129: folder 1-10

John Deane

Box 130: folder 1
Rebecca to Melvin Deane correspondence,
1835-62, undated

Box 130: folder 2-12
Melvin G. Deane


Box 131: folder 1
Letters of introduction

Box 131: folder 2

A - M

Box 131: folder 3-14
N - W

Box 132: folder 1-3
Miscellaneous writings,

Box 132: folder 4
Sarah Edwards Shepard Deane letter,

Box 132: folder 5
John G. Deane

Biographical materials,

Box 132: folder 6
Clippings about 6th Maine Civil War battery,

Box 132: folder 7

Box 132: folder 8
1859-68, undated

Box 132: folder 9-20
Hymn book,
Jun 1863

Box 132: folder 21

Correspondence and miscellaneous financial records

Box 132
1839 - Jun 1842

Box 133: folder 1-15
Jul 1842 - Dec 1843

Box 134: folder 1-12
Jan - Oct 1844

Box 135: folder 1-9
Nov 1844 - Jun 1845

Box 136: folder 1-7
Jul 1845 - Jun 1846

Box 137: folder 1-7
Jul 1846 - Jul 1847

Box 138: folder 1-10
Aug 1847 - 1855

Box 139: folder 1-13

Box 140: folder 1-11

Box 141: folder 1-12
1887- Jun 1891, undated

Box 142: folder 1-8
Jul 1891 - 1899

Box 143: folder 1-10

Box 144: folder 1-8
1909 - May 1913

Box 145: folder 1-9
Jun 1913 - 1914

Box 146: folder 1-8

Box 147: folder 1-9

Box 148: folder 1-12

Box 149: folder 1-8

Box 150: folder 1-2
Account books,

Box 150: folder 3-6
Directors meetings minutes and company by-laws

Box 150: folder 7-8
The Southworth Story: The History of Southworth Company, 1839-1989 by Terry Spencer/Spencer Associates

Box 150: folder 9-10


Box 151

Box 152

Box 153

Box 154

Correspondence, photographs, etc.

Box 155: folder 1-9
Genealogical information

Box 156: folder 1-12

Box 157
Ivorytype of unidentified child: broken original in sink mat and disks of "digital treatment images"

[CLOSED. See Box 155, folder 6 for photographic reproduction. Digital image also available]

Box 158

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  • Anti-slavery movements -- United States -- History -- Sources
  • Boltwood family
  • Caffee, Arthur G., 1882-1910
  • Children's writings, American
  • Diaries
  • Family -- United States -- History -- 20th century -- Sources
  • Female friendship -- United States -- History
  • Germany -- History -- 1789-1900
  • Hawaii -- Description and travel -- Sources
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  • Industries -- Western Massachusetts -- History -- Sources
  • Kenyon College -- Students -- History
  • Maine -- Description and travel -- 20th century
  • Middle East -- Description and travel -- Sources
  • Paper industry -- Massachusetts -- History -- Sources
  • Paper mills -- Massachusetts -- History -- Sources
  • Phillips Academy (Andover, Mass.)
  • Physicians -- United States -- Biography -- Sources
  • Smith College -- Students -- History -- Sources
  • Southworth Manufacturing Company
  • Springfield (Massachusetts) -- History -- Sources
  • United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives
  • United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Regiments -- Maine
  • United States. Army. Maine Mounted Artillery Regiment, 1st (1861-1865). Battery, 6th
  • Upper class families -- United States -- History -- Sources
  • Voyages and travel -- History -- Sources
  • Women travelers -- History -- 20th century -- Sources
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- Personal narratives, American

  • Browne family
  • Caffee family
  • Deane family
  • Dickinson family
  • Dickinson, Dwight, 1847-1930
  • Jenks family
  • Shepard family
  • Southworth family
  • Southworth, Alice Harriet, 1868-1957
  • Southworth, Edward, 1804-1869
  • Southworth, George Champlin Shepard, 1842-1918
  • Southworth, Harriet Ann Thurston Deane, b. 1829
  • Southworth, Mayotta Dickinson Caffee, 1884-1979
  • Southworth, Thomas Shepard, 1861-1940
  • Terry family
  • Thurston family

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