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Saralee Hamilton Papers, 1911-2013 (Bulk: 1972-2006)
17 boxes (9.5 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 629

Feminist; Administrator; Reproductive rights advocate. Early records of the Reproductive Rights National Network, and materials documenting international women's rights organizing. Organizations and topics include the Reproductive Rights National Network, the Black Women's Health Project, Women's International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP)/GABRIELA, MADRE, Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights, sterilization abuse, reproductive rights advocacy and politics, lesbian and gay liberation, grassroots organizing, international women's rights, and rights for women laborers in the U.S. and in developing countries. Central American and Asian women's organizations are especially well- represented.

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The Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection with the following exceptions:
Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

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Copyright to materials in the Saralee Hamilton Papers is owned by the individuals and organizations that created them. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use" must also be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property.

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

Saralee Mary Lamb Hamilton was born October 28, 1945. She was raised by her mother and grandparents in Glasgow, Pennsylvania. While studying for a B.A. at Dunbarton College of Holy Cross in Washington, DC, she was active in the National Federation of Catholic Students and worked on Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign. After a year of graduate work at New York University, Hamilton left for Philadelphia where, in 1968, she and a group of friends founded the Institute for Educational Development. The IED worked to facilitate communication between college students and administrators, and organized summer workshops and anti-Vietnam war activities.

Saralee Hamilton at the March for Women's Equality/Women's Lives in  Washington, DC, April 9, 1989

Saralee Hamilton at the March for Women's Equality/Women's
Lives in Washington, DC, April 9, 1989

In 1971, Hamilton was among the radical student activists who founded the New American Movement (NAM) to be a successor organization to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). In 1973-74, she worked on NAM's efforts to impeach President Richard M. Nixon.

Hamilton joined the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in 1975 as founding director of its Nationwide Women's Program. NWP was one of AFSC's three "nationwide" programs (the Third World Coalition and Affirmative Action Office being the other two) established in the 1970s to "foster new ways of thinking (and working) across the entire AFSC so that members of oppressed and marginalized groups could participate fully in the life and work of the Service Committee." The "nationwides" were created to "heighten the awareness of organizational staff, and the effectiveness of organizational programming, at all levels."

In the early years of the program, Hamilton became part of the intellectual development of modern feminism, meeting often with the emerging leadership of that movement. According to a history of the Nationwide Women's Program written for the AFSC shortly after Hamilton's death, "Saralee, and most of those who have passed through the NWP as staff or committee members, have shared a bottom-line understanding of the crucial importance of intersectionality--analytically, programmatically, and politically." It was through Hamilton's efforts that various AFSC programs became connected to women's groups around the world, such as MADRE; GABRIELA, in the Philippines; Isis International Women's Information and Communication Service, in South America; and Women Living Under Muslim Laws. She was also involved in the Reproductive Rights National Network (R2N2), and in the Committee to End Sterilization Abuse (CESA). Her vision of mutuality introduced AFSC perspectives to women's movements, and brought learnings from those movements to the AFSC. She was also adept at fostering women's involvement in issues from the policy level down to the every day actions that could bring about change. She organized delegations to women's conferences including the U.N. World Conferences on Women in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1985, and in Beijing in 1995.

Saralee Hamilton died at age 61 on December 7, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA, of complications from cancer.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Saralee Hamilton Papers consist of 9.5 linear ft. and are almost exclusively related to her activism and professional life, 1973 to 2006. Types of materials include brochures, correspondence, fact sheets, minutes, newsclippings, newsletters, notes, photographs, press releases, publications, reports, journal and newspaper articles, transcripts of interviews, and audio and videotapes.

Subjects at the heart of Hamilton's activism are all well documented, including sterilization abuse; reproductive rights advocacy and politics; lesbian and gay liberation; grassroots organizing; international women's rights; rights for women laborers, women and the impact of economic development; war's impact on women; indigenous women; women of color; the intersectionality of race, class, and gender; and religious organizations working on women's issues.

Conference and organization files document Hamilton's commitment to forging connections among women around the world through work with such groups as the international feminist network Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN/MUDAR), the General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action (GABRIELA) in the Philippines, Isis International Women's Information and Communication Service, and the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights.

Organization files also document Hamilton's involvement with U.S. national organizations Coalition for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse (CARASA), extensive files documenting the Reproductive Rights National Network (R2N2).

In addition to national and transnational activism, Hamilton's local work is also documented through organization files for such groups as NARAL Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Reproductive Rights Coalition, and subject files on reproductive rights in Pennsylvania and the women's movement in Philadelphia.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection with the following exceptions:
Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

Copyright to materials in the Saralee Hamilton Papers is owned by the individuals and organizations that created them. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use." It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use" must also be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property.

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Saralee Hamilton Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

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History of the Collection

Saralee Hamilton's colleague at the American Friends Service Committee Maria Pappalardo donated Hamilton's Papers to the Sophia Smith Collection in 2007 and 2009.

Processing Information

Processed by Suri Roth-Katz and Maida Goodwin, 2015

Additional Information
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Processing of the Saralee Hamilton Papers was made possible through the generous support of the Smith College Program for the Study of Women and Gender

Series Descriptions
(1977-2006, n.d.)
.5 linear ft.

The small amount of biographical material consists of obituaries and remembrances written after Hamilton's death in 2006. The photographs primarily document conferences and demonstrations, including the 1977 National Women's Conference in Houston, the NOW March for Women's Equality/Women's Lives in 1989, and the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995. Additional biographical information can be found in the history of Nationwide Women's Program in the American Friends Service Committee files in SERIES II. ORGANIZATIONS.

(1972-2006, n.d.)
2.5 linear ft.

Organizations files consist of brochures, fact sheets, flyers, minutes, newsclippings, newsletters, press releases, publications, reports, and statements. In some cases there is a small amount of correspondence between Hamilton and the organization. Some of the larger files, such as those documenting Reproductive Rights National Network (R2N2), General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action (GABRIELA) and Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN--aka MUDAR), include minutes, notes, and conference and meeting materials. Of particular interest, are the transcripts of interviews about women's peace camps in the AFSC files and the extensive files related to R2N2.

(1975-2008, n.d.)
1.25 linear ft.

Conference files consist of minutes, reports, press releases, programs, announcements, official declarations, packets, and publications from national and international conferences related to women and women's issues. They are arranged chronologically.

(1966-2005, n.d.)
.75 linear ft.

Materials in this series consist of bibliographies, brochures, case studies, curricula, facilitator guides, fact sheets, information kits, resource guides, and publications. They are arranged alphabetically by title.

(1911, 1955-2005, n.d.)
2.75 linear ft.

Subject files contain booklets, brochures, fact sheets, flyers, newsclippings, papers, publications, reports, and statements. Particularly well documented are materials related to women's reproductive health and rights. They are arranged alphabetically by subject.

(1973-2006, n.d.)
1.5 linear ft.

This series consists of slide presentations, audiotapes, videotapes, and DVDs on many of the same subjects as are represented elsewhere in the papers. Original audio and video is closed to research use. MP4 use copies are available for some titles as noted in the container list. Consult SSC staff for more information. Researchers interested in accessing audiovisual materials for which there is no use copy should contact the Sophia Smith Collection to discuss options.

Contents List

Biographical materials

Box 1: folder 1
Seditious Delicious #2

Box 1: folder 2


Box 1: folder 3
Album (disassembled), National Women's Conference, Houston, and Technical Worker's Conference [AFSC?]

Box 1
Photocopy of album

Box 1: folder 4
Prints removed from album

Box 1: folder 5-8
Prints not used in album

Box 1: folder 9

Box 1: folder 10
Abortion Rights Action Week, Philadelphia

Box 1: folder 11
World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the U.N. Decade for Women, Nairobi, Kenya, 1985; Kapatiran Conference
Sep, 1989

Box 1: folder 12
March for Women's Equality/Women's Lives, Washington, DC
9 Apr 1989

Box 1: folder 13
Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China

Box 1: folder 14

Abortion Rights Coalition (ARC)

Box 1: folder 15
Abortion Rights Committee (ARC)

Box 1: folder 16
Abortion Rights Movement of Women's Liberation (ARM)

Box 1: folder 17
Alliance Against Women's Oppression (AAWO)

Box 1: folder 18
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

1974-2004, n.d.

Box 1: folder 19
Abortion Rights Action Week
Oct 1979

General and organizers' packet

Box 2: folder 1

Box 2: folder 2
Reproductive Rights packet
circa 1982

Box 2: folder 3
Nationwide Women's Program (NWP)


Box 2: folder 4
"Lesbians Speak to the AFSC" packet
circa 1977

Box 2: folder 5
Peace camps research for "Is a women's peace movement taking root?" in AFSC Women's Newsletter, volume 6, number 1, winter 1985

Background information

Box 2: folder 6
Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, Seneca Army Depot
1983-85, n.d.

Box 2: folder 7

Box 2: folder 8-10
1975, 1989, n.d.

Box 2: folder 11
Asian Women's Human Rights Council (AWHRC), Courts of Women

Box 2: folder 12
Asociacion de Mujeres de El Salvador (AMES)

Box 2: folder 13
Center for Women's Resources (CWR), Philippines

Box 2: folder 14
Chicago Women's Liberation Union

Box 2: folder 15
Coalition Against Sterilization Abuse (CASA)

Box 2: folder 16
Coalition for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse (CARASA)

1978-83, n.d.

Box 2: folder 17
Publication, "Women Under Attack"

Box 2: folder 18
Comite de Unidad Campesina, Guatemala
circa 1987

Box 2: folder 19
Concern for Health Options: Information, Care and Education (CHOICE)

Box 2: folder 20
Delegation of Original Women of Philadelphia (DOWOP)

Box 2: folder 21
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) (aka MUDAR)


Box 3: folder 1
DAWN Informs newsletter

Box 3: folder 2
Feminists in Solidarity with the Central American and Caribbean People

Box 3: folder 3
General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action (GABRIELA), Philippines

1988-92, n.d.

Box 3: folder 4-7
Women's Solidarity Affair in the Philippines/Pacific (WISAP)

Box 3: folder 8-10
Gabriela Network (GABNet): Sisters in Support Across the Pacific, New York

Box 3: folder 11-12
Germantown Women's Center

Box 3: folder 13
Homeland Ministries

Box 3: folder 14
Indochina Peace Campaign
1973, n.d.

Box 3: folder 15
International Women's Development Agency

Box 3: folder 16
Isis International Women's Information and Communication Service


Box 3: folder 17
Annual reports
1992, 2000-01

Box 3: folder 18
Information packet "Women's Action for the Environment,"
circa 1991

Box 3: folder 19

Box 4: folder 1
Ladies Against Women
circa 1985

Box 4: folder 2

Box 4: folder 3
Las Mujeres de las Colonias en el Movimiento Urbano Popular, Mexico

Box 4: folder 4
National Abortion Rights Action League Pennsylvania (NARAL)

1978-80, n.d.

Box 4: folder 5
Linelines newsletter

Box 4: folder 6
National Black Women's Health Project (NBWHP)

1983-93, n.d.

Box 4: folder 7
"Self-Help Group Development in Nigeria"

Box 4: folder 8
National Campaign to Restore Abortion Funding

Box 4: folder 9
National Committee on Pay Equity

Box 4: folder 10
National Organization for Women (NOW)

Box 4: folder 11
National Woman's Party

Box 4: folder 12
National Women's Health Network (NWHN)

Box 4: folder 13
New American Movement (NAM)

Box 4: folder 14
Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project

Box 4: folder 15
Philadelphia Reproductive Rights Coalition
1978-81, n.d.

Box 4: folder 16-17
Philadelphia Reproductive Rights Organization

1981-84, n.d.

Box 4: folder 18

Box 4: folder 19
Philadelphia Women's Liberation Center

Box 4: folder 20
Planned Parenthood

Box 4: folder 21
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR)

Box 4: folder 22
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Box 4: folder 23
Religious Network for Equality for Women, Women's Collective

Box 5: folder 1-2
Reproductive Rights National Network (R2N2)

1979-84, n.d.

Box 5: folder 3-8
Grant proposal
circa 1980

Box 5: folder 9
National Conference

Sep 1980

Box 5: folder 10
New York City
Mar 1981

Box 5: folder 11
San Francisco
Nov 1981

Box 5: folder 12
Nov 1982

Box 5: folder 13
East Coast Regional Meeting
Apr 1982

Box 5: folder 14
"In Support of Women's Lives" protest, Cherry Hill, NJ
17 Jul 1982

Box 5: folder 15
Population control slideshow

Box 5: folder 16
Sistren Theatre Collective, Jamaica


Box 6: folder 1
1985-87, n.d.

Box 6: folder 2
Sojourner Truth Organization
circa 1979

Box 6: folder 3
South and Meso American Indian Information Center (SAIIC)

Box 6: folder 4
Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women (TW MAE-W)
circa 1985

Box 6: folder 5
Women Against the War

Box 6: folder 6
Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights


Box 6: folder 7
Maternal Morbidity

Box 6: folder 8
Women's Human Rights International Association (WHRIA)

Box 6: folder 9
Women's International Resource Exchange (WIRE)
circa 1981

Box 6: folder 10
Women's Rights Network, Boston

Box 6: folder 11
Women's Skills and Resource Exchange
1987-88, n.d.

Box 6: folder 12
Women's Support Group of the Wai'Anae Coast, Hawai'i

Box 6: folder 13-14
World Federalist Association, Gender Equity Commission

Box 6: folder 15

World Conference of the International Women's Year, Mexico City: declaration and plans of action

Box 6: folder 16
Mid-Decade World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women, Copenhagen, Denmark: Focus on Palestinian Women

Box 6: folder 17
Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Perspectives on Women and Development, Manitoba
15-16 Oct 1982

Box 6: folder 18
Women's Gathering, Washington, DC
24-26 Aug 1983

Box 6: folder 19
International Tribunal and Meeting on Reproductive Rights, Amsterdam: report, "Divided in Culture, United in Struggle" World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the UN Decade for Women, Nairobi, Kenya, 1985
22-28 Jul 1984

Box 7: folder 1
World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the UN Decade for Women, Nairobi, Kenya,

Box 7: folder 1


Box 7: folder 2
"The Challenge of Nairobi: Learning From the Past to Build a Better Future" the Report of the National Consultative Committee: Planning for Nairobi"
Mar 1985

Box 7: folder 3
Transcripts of conversations Charlotte Bunch, Betty Powell, and Barbara Smith about lesbians attending the Conference

Box 7: folder 4

Box 7: folder 5
Forward-Looking strategies

Box 7: folder 6
U.N. Report of Conference
15 Sep 1985

Box 7: folder 7
National Conference on Women and Organizing, Stony Point, New York
16-18 Feb 1989

Box 7: folder 8
Women and Development: The Effects of Militarization, Labrador
5-7 May 1989

Box 7: folder 9
Women's World Congress for a Healthy Planet, Miami, Florida
8-12 Nov 1991

Box 7: folder 10
Region III, U.S. Official Preparatory Meeting for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women
5 Aug 1994

Box 7: folder 11
International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, 5-13 Sep


Box 7: folder 12
ICPD + 5, Five-year review and appraisal of Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action

Box 7: folder 13
39th Session of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, Final Preparatory Meeting for the Fourth World Conference on Women
15 Mar-4 Apr 1995

Box 7: folder 14
Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China


Box 7: folder 15
Preparatory meetings, conferences, and statements

Box 7: folder 16
Declaration and Platform for Action

1994- Jun 1995

Box 7: folder 17-18
Jul-Dec 1995, n.d.

Box 8: folder 1-2
Disabled women

Box 8: folder 3
Government commitments

Box 8: folder 4
International Network of Women of Color

Box 8: folder 5
Latina Rights Initiative

Box 8: folder 6

Box 8: folder 7
Press conferences, releases, statements

Box 8: folder 8
Statements to the Conference and NGO Forum

Box 8: folder 9
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Forum


Box 8: folder 10
Declaration of Indigenous Women

Box 8: folder 11
Reflections and workshop summaries by Kathy Bond- Stewart and Talent Nyathi

Box 8: folder 12

Final report

Box 8: folder 13
Vietnamese delegation

Box 8: folder 14
Women and homelessness

Box 8: folder 15
"Building on Beijing: United States NGOs Shape a Women's National Action Agenda"

Box 8: folder 16
"Women Connecting Beyond Beijing" A workshop in response to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, Facilitator's Guide by Maria Riley, English and Spanish editions

Box 8: folder 17-18
Frontline Feminisms: Women, War & Resistance, University of California Riverside Center for Women in Coalition
16-18 Jan 1997

Box 9: folder 1
Women of Color in the Workplace Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Atlanta, GA
14-16 Nov 1997

Box 9: folder 2
Transforming Women's Careers, Women's Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
6-7 Mar 1998

Box 9: folder 3
National Black Religious Summit III on Sexuality, Black Church Initiative and Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Washington, DC
7-9 Jul 1999

Box 9: folder 4
Beijing + 5 Review

Box 9: folder 5
United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance, (WCAR) Durban, South Africa
31 Aug-8 Sep 2001

Box 9: folder 6
Re-Inventing Globalization, AWID International Forum (Association for Women's Rights in Development), Guadalajara, Mexico
3-6 Oct 2002

Box 9: folder 7
1982-2006, n.d.

Box 9: folder 8


Box 9: folder 9
"Beyond ERA: A Women's Agenda for Nevada," Nevada Public Affairs Review

Box 9: folder 10
"Celebrating Labor Union Women's History," by Marjorie H. Stern, Coalition of Labor Union Women

Box 9: folder 11
"Defending Reproductive Rights: An Activist Resource Kit," Political Research Associates
Nov 2000

Box 9: folder 12
"Economics: Women's Cry for Change," National Assembly of Women Religious resource packet

Box 9: folder 13
"Empowering Women Through Research Networking" conference report, Center for Women's Resources
Sep 1987

Box 9: folder 14
"Global Feminist Perspectives on Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health: A Report on the Special Sessions Held at the Fourth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Hunter College, New York City," by Rosalind P. Petchesky and Jennifer A. Weiner

Box 9: folder 15
"Homeless Women: Creating Community, Creating Change, a 'How To' Skills with a Feminist Perspective resource packet, National Assembly of Religious Women

Box 9: folder 16
"Liberation of Women: Sexual Repression and the Family" by Laurel Limpus, New England Free Press

Box 10: folder 1
"More on the Political Economy of Women's Liberation" by Mickey Ellinger and John Rowntree, Bay Area Radical Education Project, reprint of aarticle

Box 10: folder 2
National Young Women's Day of Action organizing packet

Box 10: folder 3
"Philadelphia Women's Yellow Pages"
1995-96, 2003, 2004-05

Box 10: folder 4
"Picking Up the Pieces: Women in and out of Work in the Rural South," Highlander Research and Education Center
Jan 1986

Box 10: folder 5
Pink Pages: The Lesbian and Gay Community Phone Book, New York City

Box 10: folder 6
"The Political Economy of Women's Liberation" by Margaret Benston, New England Free Press, reprint of aarticle, n.d.

Box 10: folder 7
"Poverty in the American Dream: Women and Children First" by Karin Stallard, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Holly Sklar, Institute for New Communications pamphlet no.
1, 1983

Box 10: folder 8
Pro-Choice Public Education Project information packet
circa 2004

Box 10: folder 9
"Reproductive Justice Briefing Book: A Primer on Reproductive Justice and Social Change,"

Box 10: folder 10
"Resources on female genital mutilation: Bibliography, Audiovisuals & Organisations/Campaigns," Women Living Under Muslim Laws Research, Information & Documentation Unit
Dec 1994

Box 10: folder 11
"Sex Roles and Female Oppression: a collection of articles by Dana Densmore," New England Free Press

Box 10: folder 12
"Sexual and Reproductive Rights Briefing Cards," (English and Spanish), Family Care International

Box 10: folder 13
Sindiato Nacional del la Industria de la Costura, Confeccion, el Vestido, similares y conexos "19 de Septiembre publications: "Las Costureras nos organizamos," "La Industria del vestido," and "Los Estatutuos de nuestro sindicato,"

Box 10: folder 14
"Valiant Migrant Women (Los Mujeres Valerosas)" by Joy Hintz

Box 10: folder 15
"With Babies and Banners" Study/Activity Booklet by Phyllis Palmer and Joan Skolnick, Hidden From History Program

Box 10: folder 16
"Woman Vote: A Citizen Action Kit for People of Faith," Religious Network for the Equality of Womenupdate

Box 10: folder 17
"Women…a world survey" by Ruth Leger Sivard, World Priorities

Box 10: folder 18
Women at Work: A Photographic Documentary by Betty Medsger

Box 10: folder 19
"Women in the Texas Workforce: Yesterday and Today," People's History in Texas, Inc.

Box 11: folder 1
"Women Organizers: A Beginning Collection of References and Resources," The Women Organizers' Collective
Nov 1989

Box 11: folder 2
"Women: The Longest Revolution" by Juliet Mitchell, New England Free Press, reprint of aarticle, n.d.

Box 11: folder 3
"Women's Economic Agenda Project: A Call to Action by and for California Women

Box 11: folder 4


circa 1970-91

Box 11: folder 5-9
Human Life Amendment and bills
1974-82, n.d.

Box 11: folder 10
Medicaid funding

Box 11: folder 11
Roe v. Casey

Box 11: folder 12
Roe v. Wade

Box 11: folder 13
Rosie Jimenez Fund
1983, n.d.

Box 11: folder 14
Rust v. Sullivan

Box 11: folder 15

Box 11: folder 16

1979-84, n.d.

Box 11: folder 17

1978-86, n.d.

Box 11: folder 18-19
"Depo-Provera: An Anthropological Analysis" by Andrew James Russell, M.S. theseis, University of Pennsylvania

Box 12: folder 1
"The Depo-Provera Weapon" by Gena Corea

Box 12: folder 2
1982, n.d.

Box 12: folder 3
Equal Rights Amendment
1980, n.d.

Box 12: folder 4
Household workers
1984-86, n.d.

Box 12: folder 5
Infant formula

Box 12: folder 6
Labor/workers' rights
1981, 1995, n.d.

Box 12: folder 7
1970, 1983-85, n.d.

Box 12: folder 8
1978-97, n.d.

Box 12: folder 9
Native American women
1975-2005, n.d.

Box 12: folder 10

Box 12: folder 11
Political prisoners

Box 12: folder 12
1974-94, n.d.

Box 12: folder 13-14
Pro-family movement
circa 1981

Box 12: folder 15
Rape and sexual abuse
1976-92, n.d.

Box 12: folder 16
Reproductive Rights

1977-2004, n.d.

Box 12: folder 17-19
Health issues, Africa
1997-2004, n.d.

Box 12: folder 20-21
1977-83, n.d.

Box 13: folder 1

Box 13: folder 2
Reproductive technologies

Box 13: folder 3
Right wing
1980, n.d.

Box 13: folder 4
Status of women
1970-99, n.d.

Box 13: folder 5

1968-85, n.d.

Box 13: folder 6-8
Native American women
1976-81, n.d.

Box 13: folder 9
Teen age sexuality
1996, n.d.

Box 13: folder 10
1986, n.d.

Box 13: folder 11
1983, 2005, n.d.

Box 13: folder 12


Box 13: folder 13-14
1976-2004, n.d.

Box 13: folder 15-16
1980-96, n.d.

Box 13: folder 17-18
1994, n.d.

Box 13: folder 19
Central America
1984, n.d.

Box 14: folder 1
China/Hong Kong

Box 14: folder 2

Box 14: folder 3-4

Box 14: folder 5

Box 14: folder 6
1980, 1995, n.d.

Box 14: folder 7
1983, 1985

Box 14: folder 8
1980-93, n.d.

Box 14: folder 9

Box 14: folder 10

Box 14: folder 11

Box 14: folder 12
Women and development
1988-2002, n.d.

Box 14: folder 13-14
Women and Quakerism
1955, 1974

Box 14: folder 15
Women and peace
1911, 1982, n.d.

Box 14: folder 16
Women and race
1998-2001, n.d.

Box 14: folder 17
Women and war
1972-2002, n.d.

Box 14: folder 18
Women and work

1981-91, n.d.

Box 15: folder 1-2
1985, n.d.

Box 15: folder 3
Women's health
1997-98, n.d.

Box 15: folder 4
Women's human rights
1975-2004, n.d.

Box 15: folder 5
Women's Liberation
1969-82, n.d.

Box 15: folder 6
Women's movement in Philadelphia

Box 15: folder 7
Workplace health and rights
1980-90, n.d.

Box 15: folder 8

Slide presentations

"Grassroots Feminism in Mexico" slideshow with notes for presentation

Box 15: folder 1
"Sterilization Abuse," Boston Committee to End Sterilization Abuse: slideshow with several versions of script in English and Spanish,

Box 15: folder 2-3
"Who's In Control? Microtechnology and Women's Work," Participatory Research Group, Toronto, Ontario: slideshow with audiotaped narration on cassette

[see also Audiotapes below]


Box 15: folder 4
"Women in Korea," Committee for a New Korea Policy: slideshow with script and audio narration

[see also Audiotapes below]


Box 15: folder 5

"Charlotte's tapes" [probably Charlotte Bunch] NGO Forum, Nairobi, "What is Feminism Panel[2 audiocassettes]

Box 16: folder 1-2
"The Gates of Greenham: A Peace Passion for Today for Chorus and Orchestra" by Tony Biggin, Sain Records[2 cassettes]

Box 16: folder 3-4
WomenA Symposium on Future Directions for Human Rights, Center for Women's Global Leadership, HMR Duplications, 2000 [4 cassettes]

Box 16: folder 5-8
Making Contact: "Women's Rights, Human Rights," a UN Women's Desk ProgramNational Radio Project [1 cassette]
26 July 2000,

Box 16: folder 9
"Who's In Control? Microtechnology and Women's Work," Participatory Research Group, Toronto, Ontario: audiotaped narration[1 cassette]

Box 16: folder 10
"Women in Korea," Committee for a New Korea Policy: audiotaped narration[1 cassette]

Box 16: folder 11

Women's Gathering, American Friends Service Committee women, Rock Cleft Retreat Center, Colorado

[helical scan video-digital file available]

Jun 1973

Box 16: folder 12
"Breaking the Chains that Oppress Us," slides to video transfer(Philippines), produced by GABRIELA National Women's Coalition [VHS]
Jul 1986

Box 16: folder 13
"Seeds of Promise…The Critical Roles of Women in Food Production, OEF International[VHS]

Box 16: folder 14
Leaning Economics: Empowering Women for Action, Religious Network for Equality for Women (RNEW)[VHS]

Box 16: folder 15
"Centering On Peace: Maquiladoras," Bullfrog Films, Inc.[VHS]

Box 16: folder 16
A Conference in Defense of Roe, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project[VHS]
5 Oct 1989

Box 16: folder 17
"A Woman Named Mary: The Feminization of Poverty," United Church of Christ, Augsburg Publishing House, undated [VHS]

Box 16: folder 18
"Four Walls…No Borders: Mexican Women and the Struggle for Survival" film by Rachael Kamel

Box 16: folder 19
"Arab Women at Work," a film by Lynne Osborne and Maureen Ali, United Nations Development Programme[VHS]

Box 16: folder 20
"In Her Own Image," a project of Media Network promoting the use of social change media[VHS]

Box 16: folder 21
"What's the Cost of Your Blouse?" A project of the Northern California Council on Interfaith Justice and Work, Oakland, CA, Open Window Images[VHS] 18 min.

Box 16: folder 22
"The F-Word," a videotape by Marcia Jarmel and Erin GallagherWomen Make Movies [VHS]

Box 16: folder 23
"Are We the Enemy" Khmer Women's Voices & Women's Media Center (land mines)12 min [VHS]

Box 16: folder 24
"Legal But Out of Reach: Six Women's Abortion Stories," National Network of Abortion Funds[VHS with printed discussion guide]

Box 16: folder 25
"WTO: In Whose Hands?" A video by the Women's Division, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church[VHS]

Box 16: folder 26
"Living History: Women from Civil Rights to Black Power," the Stanford Channel, Stanford University[VHS]

Box 16: folder 27
"On Sistahs" (tape of local TV show-Philadelphia WYBE) Women of Color, undated [VHS]

Box 16: folder 28
Uncle Sam Film Project for Nationwide Women's Program, AFSC: film outtake clips and "Best of Ninotchka," undated [VHS]

[digital file available]

Box 16: folder 29
5 minute videos, women, undated [VHS, NTSC format]

Box 16: folder 30
Compact disks-DVDs

"Gender & Humanitarian Assistance Resource Kit," Inter-Agency Standing Committee sub-Working Group on Gender and Humanitarian Response[CD-R]
Feb 2001

Box 16: folder 31
"From the Inside of Our Skins," a video report on the World Court of Women Against Racism, Disc #2 [CD-R]

[digital file available]


Box 16: folder 32
"Feeling, Contemplating, and Building the Future IV," Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas, CHIRAPAQ, Centro de Culturas Indigenas del Peru, Lima, Peru[DVD]

[digital file available]

4-7 Apr 2004

Box 16: folder 33
"Gender and Justice in the Gene Age: a feminist meeting on new reproductive and genetic technologies," Meeting Report, New York City[CD]

[digital file available]

6-7 May 2004

Box 16: folder 34
"The Runway Peace Project Kit: featuring the video documentary "Fashion Resistance to Militarism," Women of Color Resource Center[2 DVD]

[digital file available]


Box 16: folder 35-36
"Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace" [CD-cracked and unreadable]

Box 16: folder 37
"Gender Audit Facilitators Guide: Promoting Gender Equity," Commission on the Advancement of Women, InterAction, undated [CD-ROM], unopened

Box 16: folder 38

8 political buttons

Box 17
Oversize materials from Series II, III, and V

Box 17

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