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Nancy Hamilton Papers, 1862-1992 (Bulk: 1952-1959)
14 boxes (27 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 189

Playwright, Lyricist, Actress, Producer. Collection includes correspondence; promotional material; scripts (some in braille); photographs; original film footage and soundtrack chiefly relating to filming, production and distribution of the Oscar winning documentary film Helen Keller in Her Story (1955). Included are research files, biographical information, correspondence and other papers relating to Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, actress Katharine Cornell, Keller's companion Polly Thomson, and her friend Adele Levy. Of particular interest is original film footage from the production, including trims and out-takes, stills, sound recordings, and footage from other sources. Almost half of the footage has been reformatted to DVD and CD for preservation and research use.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

The Nancy Hamilton Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection with the following exception: original film footage, audiotapes, and sound recordings are closed.

Restrictions on use:

Owners of copyright to this material are unknown. Permission to cite the papers for quotations or for publication beyond "fair use" must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note
Helen Keller, undated

Helen Keller, undated

Nancy Hamilton, Broadway actress, lyricist, author, scriptwriter, producer, and playwright was born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, July 27, 1908, daughter of Charles Lee Hamilton and Margaret Miller Marshall. She was educated at Miss Dickinson's School in Sewickley, at the Sorbonne, and received a B.A. from Smith College in 1930. Hamilton began writings songs and sketches while at Smith, acting in and directing The Chocolate Soldier in her senior year. She was Producing Director of the Dramatic Association Council at Smith. After a period of amateur acting and producing in Pittsburgh and Montclair, New Jersey, she moved to New York City in 1932 and leased a large apartment with an assortment of women friends. For a short time she worked for Stern's Department Store and then for RKO Pictures as a spy checking audience reactions and reporting on vaudeville acts. She began her acting career as understudy to Katharine Hepburn in The Warrior's Husband and also had a walk on part in the play. She made her Broadway debut in 1934 in New Faces, not only appearing in the show but also writing many of the lyrics. When it closed she turned to play writing. She collaborated with Rosemary Casey and James Shute on Return Engagement which was made into a film entitled Fools for Scandal. During the next two years Hamilton wrote radio scripts for comic actress Beatrice Lillie, Fred Astaire, and Lois Long, and published articles and poems in Stage Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. She went on to write lyrics for three successful Broadway revues (a genre of musical theater that flourished in the 1930s): One for The Money (1939) ran for 132 performances, Two for the Show (1940) ran for 124 performances, and Three to Make Ready (1946) ran for 323 performances. These revues launched the careers of Alfred Drake, Keenan Wynn, Gene Kelley, Betty Hutton, Eve Arden, and Ray Bolger. Song lyrics written by Hamilton include "How High the Moon," "The House with the Little Red Barn," "The Old Soft Shoe," "I Hate the Spring," "The Old Gavotte," "Lovely Lazy Kind of Day," and "Clambake." In 1945 she spent six months with the American Theater Wing War Players touring the battle areas of France, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In the mid-1950s Hamilton produced Helen Keller In Her Story (also known as The Unconquered), a documentary on the life of Helen Keller narrated by Katharine Cornell. It won an Academy Award in 1955 for the best documentary.

Nancy Hamilton is known as one of the first women to succeed as a lyricist. Korey Rothman in her dissertation, "Somewhere There's Music: Nancy Hamilton, The Old Girls Network, and the American Musical Theatre of the 1930s and 1940s,"¹ states that Hamilton is "…an important unsung figure of the twentieth century musical theater" and that she "…was part of a large network of women with whom she maintained overlapping professional and romantic relationships." She was the life-long partner of actress Katharine Cornell. Hamilton died in New York City, February 18, 1985, after a long illness.

[¹ PhD Dissertation, University of Maryland at College Park, 2005]

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Nancy Hamilton Papers contain 26 linear feet of correspondence, printed materials, photographs, memorabilia, miscellaneous papers, and sound track and original film footage for Helen Keller in Her Story (1955). The materials are concentrated in the period from 1952 to 1959 when Hamilton developed, produced, and distributed the film. They relate primarily to the film, Helen Keller, and some of Keller's friends and associates. There is no material related to Hamilton's other professional work or her personal life. Of particular interest are 132 reels of original film footage of Helen Keller and others from Helen Keller and Her Story. Almost half of this footage has been reformatted for preservation and research use [see list in Appendix].

Select film and audio clips from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The Nancy Hamilton Papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection with the following exception: original film footage, audiotapes, and sound recordings are closed.

Restrictions on use:

Owners of copyright to this material are unknown. Permission to cite the papers for quotations or for publication beyond "fair use" must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection as owners of the physical property. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Nancy Hamilton Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

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Research copies of some of the film and sound recordings are available on DVD and audio CD.

Select film and audio clips from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.

History of the Collection

In 1966 Nancy Hamilton, producer of the documentary film Helen Keller in Her Story, gave Smith College all the film footage made during its production in 1952 and 1953. After Hamilton's death in 1985, the Sophia Smith Collection received a bequest of her file of materials concerning the filming of Helen Keller in Her Story.

Processing Information

Processed by Dorothy Green in 1986 and reprocessed by Susan Boone in 2008

Additional Information
Contact Information
Smith College Special Collections
Young Library
4 Tyler Drive
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: (413) 585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886

Series Descriptions
.25 linear ft.

This series consists of one folder of miscellaneous biographical material related to Nancy Hamilton which includes clippings, articles, and notes (1939-1985). The remaining part of the series consists of general correspondence arranged alphabetically. This is primarily personal correspondence and includes letters from Billie Burke, Douglas Edwards, Dwight D. and Mamie Eisenhower, Helen Hayes, Helen Keller, and Eleanor Roosevelt. There is correspondence from some of the same individuals in SERIES II. HELEN KELLER IN HER STORY. This series also contains a transcript of an 1862 letter from Julia Gardiner Tyler (widow of President John Tyler) to the Commanding Officer of U.S. Forces at Jamestown and Williamsburg. There is no information about how or why this letter is connected to Nancy Hamilton.

1.75 linear ft.

This series consists of six subseries: Development and production, Distribution and showings, Financial and legal matters, Promotion, and Awards and tributes.

Development and production contains two sections, Source Materials For the Film, and Scripts. The former contains correspondence and notes, particularly from consultant Nella Braddy Henney; Dwight D. Eisenhower regarding his appearance in the film; Rebecca Mack owner of Helen Keller material; and director Richard Carver Wood. Miscellaneous printed material about blindness and undated notes are included as well. The scripts section contains scripts from every stage of filming, including shot sheets and narration scripts for Katharine Cornell. Helen Keller's Braille script is located in SERIES VI. OVERSIZE MATERIAL. Still photographs of Helen Keller's 1919 film, Deliverance, which are part of Development and production, are located in SERIES IV. PHOTOGRAPHS AND NEGATIVES.

Distribution and Showings consists of correspondence, notes, and clippings about distribution arrangements; problems regarding commercial bookings; and Keller's efforts to promote the film, the proceeds of which were to support services for the blind and the blind-deaf. There are letters and other papers from ABC News, the American Foundation for the Blind, the American Foundation for the Overseas Blind, legal counsel Fitelson and Mayers, and agents Information Productions and Louis de Rochemont Associates. There is also information about special showings of the film, including in Birmingham and Tuscumbia, Alabama, and the Scottish Film Council. In addition there is material regarding showings in foreign countries and in celebration of Keller's seventy-fifth birthday. There is also information about the film's distribution via the United States Information Agency.

Financial and legal matters contains correspondence, receipts, financial statements, and contracts. These include material from Albert Margolis Co., Information Productions, Louis de Rochemont Associates, Nathan W. Levin, and the American Foundation for the Blind.

Promotion contains correspondence and other papers regarding publicity and promotion activities, film reviews, and letters of appreciation from viewers. These relate to the film's opening, the "Arlene Francis Show," and miscellaneous promotion events. There is also correspondence, a typescript, and articles related to a Katharine Cornell interview. This section also includes reviews and letters of appreciation.

Although the film was not a commercial success, it received a number of awards, including an Oscar for best documentary film of 1955. Most of the material in the Awards and tributes section consists of congratulatory and miscellaneous correspondence and printed material related to the Oscar. In addition there is a film of Hamilton receiving the Oscar located in SERIES V. AUDIOVISIUAL MATERIALS. The Oscar statuette and certificate are in SERIES VI. OVERSIZE MATERIAL. There is a small amount of material on an award Hamilton received from Scholastic Teacher and various other tributes.

.75 linear ft.

This series contains correspondence, clippings, articles, notes and other papers that are not about the production of the film. Although the largest amounts of material relate to Katharine Cornell and Helen Keller, there are also documents related to blindness; Brenda Forbes; Adele Levy; The Miracle Worker in which Hamilton invested; Florence Nightingale; the gift of the Hamilton Papers to Smith College, including a report on film footage; Keller's teacher Anne Sullivan, and companion, Polly Thompson.

The section about Katharine Cornell contains material related to her trusteeship for the American Foundation for the Blind and her support for the American Foundation of the Overseas Blind, as well as an interview with Arlene Francis; correspondence, especially with Helen Keller; and miscellaneous clippings, notes and printed material. The section on Helen Keller includes articles, clippings, awards, medical information, obituaries and materials related to her funeral service, speeches, writings, and transcripts of radio broadcasts. In addition, there are materials regarding proposals to write a biography of Keller; and Keller's seventy-fifth, eightieth and eighty-fifth birthday celebrations; and her overseas tours.

.75 linear ft.

This series consists primarily of photographs and stills related to, and from, Helen Keller In Her Story. These include photographs of Keller alone, mostly undated, that range from her childhood to old age. There are also photographs of Keller with Alexander Graham Bell, Katharine Cornell, her sister Mildred, Anne Sullivan, Polly Thompson, and the Martha Graham Dancers. In addition, there a photographs of Nancy Hamilton, the Keller Homestead, and Anne Sullivan.

23 linear ft.

This series contains original film and sound recordings (open reel audiotapes, film soundtracks, and photographs records) most of which relate to Helen Keller In Her Story. There is also a VHS videotape of the documentary. The 132 canisters of original film footage, including 16 and 35 mm prints, trims and out-takes, and footage from other sources are shelved separately. Portions of the film footage and the soundtrack (footage that did not make it into the final version of the film or was used as source material) have been transferred to DVDs for research use [see Appendix]. In addition, this series contains film footage of Nancy Hamilton receiving her Oscar in 1956 and an audiotape of Helen Keller at the Library of Congress in 1992, as well as miscellaneous other sound recordings related to Helen Keller and Helen Keller in Her Story. These items have not been reformatted, but could be on request.

.5 linear ft.

This series contains two subseries: Photographs and Memorabilia. The Photographs subseries contains two photographs of Keller with Polly Thomson, one with Anne Sullivan, and two with Martha Graham. In addition there is an oversize photograph of a clipping and a photograph of a portrait of Keller in her academic robes. Memorabilia consists of Helen Keller's Braille script and a scrapbook of her seventy-fifth birthday celebration. In addition there are Nancy Hamilton's Golden Reel Award plaque, her Oscar statuette and certificate from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Contents List

Articles, clippings, notes, and miscellaneous material,
1939-85, n.d.

Box 1: folder 1

Miscellaneous, A-Y,
1862, 1952-78, n.d.

Box 1: folder 2
American Foundation for the Blind,

[see also SERIES II. HELEN KELLER IN HER STORY - Distribution and showings and Financial and legal matters, and SERIES III. SUBJECTS - Katharine Cornell]

1952-71, n.d.

Box 1: folder 3
Burke, Billie,
1954-58, n.d.

Box 1: folder 4
Corbally, Winny,

Box 1: folder 5
Edwards, Douglas,
1954, n.d.

Box 1: folder 6

Box 1: folder 7
Elkins, Cyril,
1954-55, n.d.

Box 1: folder 8
Gore-Booth, Paul,
1958, n.d.

Box 1: folder 9
Hayes, Helen,

Box 1: folder 10

Box 1: folder 11
Keller, Helen,

Box 1: folder 12

Box 1: folder 13
Roosevelt, Eleanor,

Box 1: folder 14
Thomson, Robert J.,
1958-60, n.d.

Box 1: folder 15
Tyson, Katharine Keller and Mildred Keller,
1952-61, n.d.

Box 1: folder 16
1953-58, n.d.

Box 1: folder 17

Development and production

Source materials for the film

Correspondence and notes

Eisenhower, President Dwight D., film appearance,



Box 1: folder 18
Henney, Nella Braddy, consultant,



Box 1: folder 19
Mack, Rebecca,



Box 1: folder 20
Wood, Richard Carver, director,

Box 1: folder 21
1952-53, n.d.

Box 1: folder 22
Miscellaneous printed material about blindness,
1933-34, 1950, n.d.

Box 1: folder 23

Box 1: folder 24
Still photographs of Deliverance



Box 1

1952-53, n.d.

Box 2: folder 1-8
Shot sheet,
1952-53, n.d.

Box 2: folder 9-13

Katharine Cornell,

Box 3: folder 1
Helen Keller,

Box 3: folder 2

Box 3: folder 3
Distribution and showings

Correspondence, notes, and clippings

ABC News,

Box 3: folder 4
American Foundation for the Blind and American Foundation for the Overseas Blind,
1953-79, n.d.

Box 3: folder 5
Birmingham and Tuscumbia, Alabama,

[see also Promotion - Miscellaneous - Clippings]


Box 3: folder 6
1953-58, n.d.

Box 3: folder 7
Fitelson and Mayers, legal counsel,
1952-1955, n.d.

Box 3: folder 8
Information Productions, Inc, agent,
1954-56, n.d.

Box 3: folder 9
International showings,

[see also Helen Keller trip to Norway and Sweden]

1954-60, n.d.

Box 3: folder 10
Louis de Rochemont Associates, Inc., agent,
1956-59, n.d.

Box 3: folder 11
Scottish Film Council,
1958-59, n.d.

Box 3: folder 12
Seventy-fifth birthday,

Box 4: folder 1
United States Information Agency,
1952-58, n.d.

Box 4: folder 2
Helen Keller trip to Norway and Sweden: correspondence, memos, and itinerary,

Box 4: folder 3
Miscellaneous printed materials, typescript, and clippings,
1952-60, n.d.

Box 4: folder 4
Financial and legal matters

Correspondence, receipts, and financial statements

Albert Margolies & Co., Inc.,
1954-58, n.d.

Box 4: folder 5
Information Productions, Inc.,

Box 4: folder 6
Louis de Rochemont Associates, Inc.,

Box 4: folder 7
Nathan W. Levin,

Correspondence and receipts,
1952-59, n.d.

Box 4: folder 8-9
Statements of receipts and disbursements,

Box 4: folder 10
1952-58, n.d.

Box 4: folder 11
American Foundation for the Blind

1953-58, n.d.

Box 4: folder 12

Box 4: folder 13

Film opening and display: notes and sponsor lists,

Box 5: folder 1
Arlene Francis Show,

Box 5: folder 2
Miscellaneous promotion

1953-58, n.d.

Box 5: folder 3-4
1954-55, n.d.

Box 5: folder 5
Printed materials, press releases, and notes,
1954-56, n.d.

Box 5: folder 6
Katharine Cornell interview: correspondence, and typescript copy of article,

Box 5: folder 7
Swedenborgian Foundation,

Box 5: folder 8


Box 5: folder 9
Clippings and articles,

Box 5: folder 10
Letters of appreciation,
1953-61, n.d.

Box 5: folder 11
Awards and tributes

Academy Award



Box 5: folder 12
1955-63, n.d.

Box 5: folder 13
Printed material,
1956, n.d.

Box 5: folder 14

Box 5
Oscar statuette and certificate [see SERIES VI: OVERSIZE MATERIALS

Box 5
Scholastic Teacher award,



Box 5: folder 15
Other awards,

Box 5: folder 16


Box 6: folder 1
Cornell, Katharine

American Foundation for the Blind trusteeship

Migel Award,
1957-64, n.d.

Box 6: folder 2
Miscellaneous correspondence,

Box 6: folder 3
American Foundation for Overseas Blind,

Miscellaneous correspondence,

Box 6: folder 4
World Crusade,
1958-68, n.d.

Box 6: folder 5
Arlene Francis radio program/interview,

Box 6: folder 6
Clippings, notes, and printed material,
1966-68, n.d.

Box 6: folder 7

Keller, Helen,
1943-53, n.d.

Box 6: folder 8
1944-72, n.d.

Box 6: folder 9
Forbes, Brenda,
1963, n.d.

Box 6: folder 10
Keller, Helen

American Foundation for the Blind bequest,
1969, 1971

Box 6: folder 11
Articles and clippings,
1888-1968, n.d.

Box 6: folder 12
Awards and tributes

Helen Keller Memorial Fund,

Box 6: folder 13
Rotary Club Award,

Box 6: folder 14
Washington Cathedral sculpture dedication,

Box 6: folder 15
Biography proposals

Endore, Guy,

Box 6: folder 16
Hamilton, Nancy,
1954, 1972

Box 6: folder 17
Martin, Ralph,

Box 6: folder 18
Birthday celebrations

[see also Clippings and articles]


Box 6: folder 19
Eightieth and eighty-fifth,
1960, 1965

Box 6: folder 20

Box 6: folder 21
Medical information,

Box 6: folder 22
Obituaries and funeral service,

Box 6: folder 23
Radio broadcasts: scripts,(?), 1943

Box 6: folder 24
Speeches and writings,


1894-1952, n.d.

Box 6: folder 25
Tours of Latin America, the Far East, Europe, and Africa,
1952-55, n.d.

Box 6: folder 26
Levy, Adele,

Box 7: folder 1
The Miracle Worker: correspondence, clippings, and program,

Box 7: folder 2
Nightingale, Florence: anonymous script,

Box 7: folder 3
Smith College: gift of film and report on footage,
1965-66, n.d.

Box 7: folder 4
Sullivan, Anne: Centennial,
1965-66, n.d.

Box 7: folder 5
Thomson, Polly,
1953-62, n.d.

Box 7: folder 6


Hamilton, Nancy,

Box 8: folder 1
Keller, Helen

Bust by Jo Davidson,

Box 8: folder 2

- circa 1910

Box 8: folder 3
circa 1911-65

Box 8
With others

Bell, Alexander Graham,

Box 8: folder 5
Cornell, Katharine,

Box 8: folder 6
Keller, Mildred,

Box 8: folder 7
Sullivan, Anne,

Box 8: folder 8
Thompson, Polly,

Box 8: folder 9
1952, n.d.

Box 8: folder 10
Keller Homestead,

Box 8: folder 11
Martha Graham and dancers,

Box 8: folder 12
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano,

Box 8: folder 13
Sullivan, Anne,

Box 8: folder 14
Book titles,

Box 8: folder 15

Box 8: folder 16
Photographic stills from Deliverance and from Helen Keller In Her Story, ,
1919, 1955

Box 9

Film footage (kinescope) of Nancy Hamilton receiving her Oscar,

Box 10
Restrictions on access:

[original closed until reformatted]

Audiotape (1 open reel), Helen Keller at the Library of Congress,

Box 10
Restrictions on access:

[original closed until reformatted]

Helen Keller In Her Story


Videotape (VHS) of documentary, HTV Inc
. 1992

Box 10
Sound recordings [originals closed until reformatted]

Audiotapes (2 open reel), film sound track,

Box 10
Audiotape (1 open reel), musical sound track, (taken from Private Record made by Budd Lewis from original sound track of film),

Box 10
Phonograph records (LP 33)

Box 10
Katharine Cornell test recording of narration,

Box 10
Sound track narrated by Katharine Cornell,

Box 10
Research copies of film footage (9 DVDs): outtakes and trims,

[see list in Appendix]


Box 11
Research copies of soundtrack (1 CD),

[See list in Appendix]


Box 11
Master copies of above (10 Digital Betamax tapes),

Box 12-13
Restrictions on access:

[CLOSED, use research copies]

Original film footage and soundtrack from documentary, Helen Keller In Her Story (1955) (132 canisters)

Restrictions on access:

[CLOSED, use research copies]



Box 12-13
Helen Keller, Polly Thomson, and two unidentified men (2),

Box 14
Helen Keller and Polly Thomson,

Box 14
Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan,

Box 14
Clipping: "The Silent Star of the Silent Drama,"

Box 14
Helen Keller with Martha Graham and two dancers (2),

Box 14
Portrait of Helen Keller in academic robe inscribed to Nancy Hamilton from Alexander Clayton,

Box 14
Promotion for Helen Keller In Her Story: "Never has a film been so Widely Acclaimed …," n.d

Box 14
Scrapbook of Helen Keller's seventy- fifth birthday tribute from CBS,

Box 14
Golden Reel Award: plaque,

Box 14
Braille script for film,

Box 14
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Certificate,

Box 14
Oscar statuette (currently on display in Reading Room)

Box 14

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  • Blind -- United States
  • Blind-deaf -- Education
  • Blind-deaf -- United States
  • Burke, Billie, 1884-1970
  • Cornell, Katharine, 1893-1974 -- Correspondence
  • Documentary films -- United States
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  • Henney, Nella Braddy, 1894-
  • Keller, Helen, 1880-1968
  • Levy, Adele Rosenwald, 1892-1960
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  • Motion pictures -- United States
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  • People with disabilities -- United States
  • Sullivan, Anne, 1866-1936
  • Teachers of the blind-deaf -- United States
  • Theater -- New York (State) -- New York
  • Thomson, Polly
  • Tyson, Katharine Keller -- Correspondence
  • Tyson, Mildred Keller -- Correspondence
  • Universities and colleges -- Massachusetts
  • Wood, Richard Carver -- Correspondence

  • Keller, Helen, 1880-1968--Correspondence

APPENDIX: Digitized film footage

From production footage for Helen Keller in her Story (1955)

Select film and audio clips from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.


DVD no.Topic Notes on contentRun Time (mins)
1Arcan RidgeScene cuts: HK walking in garden with dog (retakes); with two children and pumpkin, gifts; HK and another woman (Polly?) working in garden; interior: HK reading braille, and using braille machine.8:00
1Arcan Ridge HK in bed. reading Braille; HK and Polly Thompson; HK touching things; Polly packing 7:00
1Misc HK being given award by woman in uniform (with sound); visiting classroom; signing with students; visiting Korean vets in hospital; using braille(?) machine and signing with group at table 4:00
1GrahamSev takes of car on highway; Martha Graham studio-complete-Maypole 6:00
1Graham Martha Graham studio (cont'd): HK speaks to students (sound on disc 5); Dance of Death (1st part) work print (probably scratched) 3:00
1Graham and otherMartha Graham studio (cont'd) -performance; dancers with HK; HK/Polly-- opening scene where HK wishes she could speak better, Polly interpreting 6:00
1GrahamWalking on street to Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance; in studio, performance retakes; talking with students; in elementary school class; on stage preparing to speak to audience6:00
1SwarthoutHK reading Braille; Piano (sound on disc 5), Gladys Swarthout singing while HK touches her face (sound disc 5); HK, Polly and 2 men ("theater friends"); Swarthout looking awkward with HK touching her face (before Swarthout starts singing); Polly and HK at Arcan - close-ups 7:00
2JapanJapan outs: Ike's Japan; ship, Japanese schoolgirls (with sound, Japanese narration)6:00
2JapanHK in Japan, full frame (no sound) 9:00
2Australia JapanNewsreel with sound - Australia, HK speaking with Polly (with sound); Japan 7:00
2ParisParis street scenes; with puppy at fountain 1:00
2ParisParis (cont'd) with sculptures; street scenes; with young girl; reading book with Polly; at Eiffel Tower 8:00
2Japan Australia ParisBrief clips (outtakes) from Australian newsreel (some clips with sound), Japan and Paris7:00
2S AfricaNewsreel composite -- South Africa visit (with sound), beginning with Polly on a ship5:00
2S AfricaContinuation of newsreel composite -- South Africa vist (with sound), beginning with Polly on a ship6:00
3DeliverenceDeliverance-clips from film 3:00
3DeliverenceDeliverance (cont'd)6:00
3DeliverenceDeliverance - out takes Baby trims from the movie10:00
3Fox Movietone NewsFox Movietone News: "How Helen Keller Learned to Talk"- Annie Sullivan speaking with HK; receiving award (with sound) 3:00
3Arcan Ridge and miscTakes: HK in garden and interior - typing; with Polly; visiting classrooms; with Korean vets in hospital; HK in front of shops; Martha Graham studio; buying a hat; montage of HK with famous people (opticals/photographs, etc.); HK with Swarthout 8:00
3Paris; MiscNewsreel outtakes (with sound)-Paris, speaking at the Sorbonne, receiving medal; M. Graham outtakes; Arcan-braille machine; closeup of Braille 3:00
3Misc" (cont'd) bust of Braille; door knocker opening from Deliverance0:30
3DeliveranceCuts from Deliverance0:30
3Arcan Ridge and miscCar arriving; playing with dog in yard; Unidentified man; HK at Japanese shrine with Polly and other woman; Hamilton on terrace; HK study; closeup of hands; Braille clock; HK with blind/deaf workers in factory; HK/Polly shopping for hat 7:00
3MiscDrummer at Martha Graham's (sound on disc 5); HK, Polly and 2 men ("theater friends"); Japan footage; Gladys Swarthout8:00
4MiscSmall clips from newsreels (some with sound) and original footage- Paris, South Africa; Capitol building; Arcan-- inside house: clothes closet; shopping.4:00
4MiscS. Africa and Australia newsreel clips (with sound)-includes HK speaking. blind workers. HK speaking to audience (no sound); shopping; visiting classroom 5:00
4MiscStill photos--HK, family and others (some famous), homes, plays, books, films, etc.9:00
4MiscTrees (Arcan?); stills of HK and others; Shots of letters mailed to HK; Paris and Japan scenes --with young girl in Paris, Japanese train station; Arcan (?) stone wall 7:00
4MiscTrims/outtakes: arriving at Library of Congress; dinner banquet; giving lecture at Lof C; still photos of HK and others; with children at Arcan; Marths Grahem studio; theater friends; Arcan interior with Polly7:00
4MiscVarious clips and outtakes - Arcan Ridge exterior; door knocker opening to film; HK reading Braille; with President Eisenhower at the White House (narration on Tape 5, track 7)5:00
4Misc 16mmMisc newsreel scenes spliced together-Australia-- HK and Polly speaking demo (only part with sound); Paris--: touching sculptures, with young girl; visiting classroom; giving lecture at LOC. Arcan Ridge-playing with dog, planting mint, with Polly; with bird; reading; 5:00
4Misc 16mmParis - with young girl; Arcan ridge-whistling to canary (sound on disc 5); playing with dog. planting mint;; Australia newsreel clips: "Human marvel brings hope to deaf children", visiting classroom, kids playing; Library of Congress; Paris - market, Eiffel Tower, with puppy at fountain, and other scenes, feeling sculptures; With kids in classroom; arriving Australia 13:00
6SwarthoutOne of 4 reels from original --Gladys Swarthout singing with HK touching face 1:00
6SwarthoutSound only - GS singing1:00

1GrahamMartha Graham studio - 2 dancers5:30
1GrahamMartha Graham studio15:00
1GrahamMartha Graham studio6:25
1GrahamMartha Graham studio7:30
1ArcanArcan Ridge, small scenes (trims): HK's house, 3 at table for lunch, front porch, HK reading, letters; Arcan interiors 9:00
1ArcanArcan Ridge exteriors1:30
1ArcanArcan Ridge, small scenes (trims): HK in kitchen, sundeck, closet, exit from house; exteriors of house; Polly/HK at breakfast; some close ups of HK and German shepherd; interior of house: HK and Polly; end credits7:30
1ArcanArcan Ridge, small scenes (continued)0:30
1ArcanPolly putting HK to bed; trees; HK hands reading Braille Bible5:45
1ArcanArcan Ridge: downstairs; new talking Braille machine; trees2:15
2JapanJapanese footage (probably news footage)18:00
2MixedArcan Ridge (including stone wall); HK learning Braille, typing; trims of scene with children; hands signing Roosevelt; end of Deliverance 3:00
2MixedOuttakes-some of it newsreel: HK in Australia2:30
2MixedHK with bird cage9:00
2MixedHK's Speech, beginning; HK and Polly; exterior Arcan at night; HK close-ups; Veterans in hospital footage5:30
2MixedStill sequence - Swarthout - Lib. Congress, Paris Swarthout; Library of Congress: HK lecturing/talking to people; Paris; bay dock; Coolidg; Native Americans2:00
3Mixed(continued...) HK's Speech, beginning; HK and Polly; exterior Arcan at night; HK close-ups; Veterans in hospital footage1:45

CD #TopicNotes on contentRunning TimeCD Track Number
5GrahamHelen speaking to Martha Graham dancers with Polly translating2:001
5Graham " (cont'd)2:002
5MiscWhistling to canary, laughing, voice of director; Piano playing ("Music scene"); "Scene 4C" -- Drummer at Martha Graham's studio "scene C5" -- Piano 10:003
5GrahamMusic (probably Graham studio?)0:304
5SwarthoutSwarthout singing; HK talking2:005
5Misc and Cornell narrationNewsreel track - Australia; Misc cuts of narration by Katharine Cornell-- Arcan Ridge scenes2:006
5Cornell narrationWhite House visit narration1:007
5Cornell narrationnarration - Library of Congress; on Venereal Disease (several takes)3:008
5Cornell narration; Grahamnarration - misc1:009
5GrahamDrummer at Martha Graham's studio0:3010
6 (DVD)Swarthout Gladys Swarthout singing1:00

4ArcanArcan Ridge: Polly putting HK to bed; trees; HK hands reading Braille Bible1:301
4ArcanArcan Ridge: downstairs; new talking Braille machine; trees1:152
4GrahamSound. [Martha Graham or narration?]11:003
4GrahamMartha Graham studio5:004
4GrahamMartha Graham studio10:305
4CornellNarration by Katharine Cornell - outtakes: The Eldest Child, with Mr. Coolidge.4:006
4GrahamMartha Graham studio - piano/drum 15:007
4GrahamMartha Graham studio - piano/drum 18:308
4MixedHK's Speech, beginning; HK and Polly; exterior Arcan at night; HK close-ups; Veterans in hospital footage1:009

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