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Lesbian Calendar records, 1912-1994 (Bulk: 1985-1990)
13 boxes ( 5 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 335

Lesbian business and publication. Originally a one page fold-out monthly calendar of lesbian and women's events, The Calendar quickly grew into a more lengthy newsletter. The collection includes the administrative records from its inception; some records of LOGS (Lesbians of Greater Springfield); and subject files. The latter include memorabilia, posters, catalogs, and artwork that document the local lesbian community, as well as the national and international gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender movement, and feminism.

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Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection, although researchers must sign an "Access Agreement Form" before viewing unpublished materials.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the records of The Lesbian Calendar. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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Biographical Note

The Lesbian Calendar, founded in 1987, has its origins in Lesbians of Greater Springfield (LOGS), an organization and publication founded in Springfield, MA by Marie Louise Francoise (formerly Marie Patten) in 1985. After only one year in print, Francoise discontinued LOGS. In 1987, she relocated to Northampton, MA, a town later dubbed "Lesbianville, USA" by a 20/20 news report. There she joined with Pamela Kimmell to launch a new publication, The Calendar, later that year. Although there was editorial continuity between the two publications, there are significant differences between them. The LOGS newsletter was several pages in length and included a calendar of events, poems, short articles, and political viewpoints that often revolved around themes such as parenting and "wimmin of color." LOGS also functioned as an organization that hoped to provide area "womyn" with "alternatives to the limited social resources available" in Springfield. After its first year of existence LOGS, both the newsletter and the organization, disbanded as a result of internal personal and political divisions. Perhaps to avoid the pitfalls of divisive differences of opinion, The Calendar had a policy not to print literary or political submissions from its inception. Originally, a one page fold-out monthly calendar of lesbian and women's events, advertisements, and announcements, The Calendar quickly grew into a more lengthy newsletter that included detailed descriptions of events, classified ads, and for a brief period in 1987-88, letters to and from the community. In 1994, it adopted a new name, The Lesbian Calendar (TLC). TLC Productions publishes the newsletter and sponsors many area events. The organizers co-founded the Northampton Area Lesbian and Gay Business Guild. Patten left TLC in the early 1990s but as of 1999, Kimmell remained the editor.

Scope and contents of the collection

The Lesbian Calendar collection is 4.5 linear feet and dates from 1912 to the 1990s, with the bulk of the material concentrated between 1985 and 1994. Divided into three series, this collection contains the records and newsletters of LOGS and The Calendar as well as the personal subject files of Marie Patten, Pamela Kimmell, and local printer and activist, Willow Lamont. Types of material include newsletters, submissions, correspondence, periodicals, flyers, programs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia. Throughout this collection, the original arrangement and labeling of files, if it existed, has been left intact in order to reflect the organizational methods and categories used by their creators.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized into three series:

  • I. Lesbians of Greater Springfield
  • II. The Calendar
  • III. Subject Files
  • Oversize Materials

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection, although researchers must sign an "Access Agreement Form" before viewing unpublished materials.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the records of The Lesbian Calendar. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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History of the Collection

Pamela Kimmell donated The Lesbian Calendar records to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1994. The materials in this collection have three sources of origin. Marie Louise Francoise gave the records pertaining to LOGS to Kimmell. Willow Lamont also gave her collection of material related to the local lesbian community and lesbians in general to Kimmell before she left the country. Kimmell's own collection of material is also represented in the SUBJECT FILES. The files have become intermingled, making it impossible to determine original ownership of particular items.


Periodic additions to collection are expected

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Processed by Jack Slowriver, 2001.

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Series Descriptions
1973, 1985-86
.5 linear feet.

The LOGS series contains records of Administration and a complete set of issues, including material for a 1986 newsletter that was never published. Minutes, correspondence, publicity, and submissions to the newsletter reflect the internal structure of LOGS and the ways in which some members of the community responded to the publication. Creative work, including the drawings of Patten's daughter, Aimee Marie Patten, are also part of the administrative files. Marie Patten was also known to write poetry and it is likely that some of the poetry contained in the submissions file was written by her. Much of the correspondence documents LOGS' effort to build its community library and to defray the cost of that endeavor by trading subscriptions with lesbian newsletters from other localities. Newsletters from Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and other areas in Massachusetts can be found in SERIES III. SUBJECT FILES. Controversy erupted in March 1986 when the New Alexandria Lesbian Library (NALL), located in Northampton, accused LOGS of censoring events and discussions related to sado-masochism. Although this issue was not mentioned specifically, the LOGS collective voted to dissolve the organization, and hence discontinue the newsletter in August 1986 because of internal differences and lack of adequate financial support.

2 linear feet.

The records of The Calendar are also divided into two subseries, Administration and Issues. The administrative files are comprised of correspondence, fundraising records, personal ad submissions, and the miscellaneous material of editor Pamela Kimmell. The Calendar newsletters in this collection date from the first issue in May 1987 to December 1989 and are arranged chronologically. With the exception of the personal ads, the advertisements, announcements, graphics, and other materials collected for the monthly publication are filed together, reflecting their original arrangement. There is very little material pertaining to the organizational structure or struggles of the newsletter, but the "Celebration of our Lesbian Sexuality" fundraising event is an exception. Organized, in part, by Kimmell and Patten, some people alleged that the event excluded sado-masochism from its range of topics. Another controversy revolved around The Calendar's lesbian separatist policy to only publish events and advertise businesses that were self-identified as lesbian. The policy sparked a heated debate over the role of the newsletter in the community that is evidenced in the summer and fall issues of 1988. Unlike LOGS, The Calendar was able to weather both controversy and financial peril and continues to be published as The Lesbian Calendar (TLC). Beginning in 1994 and continuing to 2000, a complete run of TLC is included in the periodical collection housed at the Sophia Smith Collection.

2.5 linear feet.

The subject files are the largest component of this collection and are arranged alphabetically. Containing publicity, articles, newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, publications, resource material, and catalogs from a variety of business, organizations, locations, and time periods, the subject files are quite diverse. In addition to the more contemporary documents, there are several publications dating from the first decades of the twentieth century. Women of All Nations, an international ethnographic survey of women published in ten parts in 1912, is perhaps the most interesting example of this material. The bulk of the material pertains to women in the United States and emphasizes feminism, "herstory", local and national lesbian culture, sexuality, women's music festivals and retreats, and activism. The range of material offers insight into the ways in which "women's spaces" are established and maintained, the construction of a local community history, and the broader changes in feminist and queer identity politics over time.

Contents List
1973, 1985-86


Advertising: correspondence and financial records,

Box 1: folder 1
Committee meetings: minutes and notes,

Box 1: folder 2
1973, 1985-86

Box 1: folder 3
Public relations: notes and publicity,

Box 1: folder 4

Correspondence and articles,
1985-86, undated

Box 1: folder 5

Box 1: folder 6
Subscription lists,

Box 1: folder 7
Aimee Marie Patten's (daughter) artwork,

Box 1: folder 8

Box 1: folder 9

"The Log" newsletter,
Jun 1985-May 1986

Box 1: folder 10-21
Materials for unpublished issue,

Box 1: folder 22


1987-88, 1993, undated

Box 2: folder 1-2

Celebration of our Lesbian Sexuality: correspondence, flyers, lists, and notes,

Box 2: folder 3
Midsummer Night Dinner/Dance: flyers and newsletters,

Box 2: folder 4
Personal ads,

Box 2: folder 5
Pamela Kimmell, editor: miscellaneous material,
1993, undated

Box 2: folder 6


[See also Sophia Smith Collection Periodicals]

May-September 1987

Box 2: folder 7-11
October 1987-May 1988

Box 3: folder 1-8
June-December 1988

Box 4: folder 1-7
January-June 1989

Box 5: folder 1-6
July, October-December 1989

Box 6: folder 1-4

Anti-nuclear activism: articles, flyers, and reports,
1980, 1993, undated

Box 7: folder 1

Box 7: folder 2
Daughters of Bilitis: calendar of events and correspondence,

Box 7: folder 3
Domestic Abuse Awareness Project: correspondence, newspaper articles, and publicity (includes Living With the Enemy by Donna Ferrato),

Box 7: folder 4
Erotica: articles, catalogs, flyers, newspaper clipping, and miscellaneous,
1975, 1986, 1992-93, undated

Box 7: folder 5
Fat liberation: brochures, newsletter, and newspaper clippings,
1981, 1992-93, undated

Box 7: folder 6
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR): correspondence,
circa 1992

Box 7: folder 7

Activities: brochures, bumper stickers, correspondence, and flyers,
1985-87, undated

Box 7: folder 8
1970, 1992-93, undated

Box 7: folder 9
Merchandise: brochures, catalogs, and order forms,
1972-94, undated

Box 7: folder 10
Nationalism: news articles,

Box 7: folder 11
Publications/presses: catalogs and publicity,
1973-93, undated

Box 8: folder 1
Festivals and conferences

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival: correspondence, directory, and program,
1987, 1991, undated

Box 8: folder 2
National Lesbian Conference: brochures, business cards, contact information, flyers, and program,

Box 8: folder 3
New England Women's Music Retreat: correspondence, directory, programs, and publicity,
1987-93, undated

Box 8: folder 4
Sisterfire: correspondence, program, and publicity,

Box 8: folder 5
Miscellaneous events: programs and publicity,
1984-94, undated

Box 8: folder 6
F.L.O.W.E.R. Foundation: correspondence, flyers, and grant application,
1 1984-86, undated

Box 8: folder 7
Fundraising: correspondence and guide,

Box 8: folder 8
Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD): Annual Report,

Box 8: folder 9
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender culture

Authors/books: catalogs, newspaper clippings and publicity,
1988-93, undated

Box 8: folder 10
Coming out: articles and newspaper clippings,
1976,1993, undated

Box 8: folder 11
Gay Manifesto,
circa 1970s

Box 9: folder 1
Merchandise: catalog,

Box 9: folder 2
Relationships: articles,

Box 9: folder 3
Pride marches: guide and publicity,

Box 9: folder 4
Politics: brochures, flyers, and newspaper clippings,
1993, undated

Box 9: folder 5
Miscellaneous publicity,

Box 9: folder 6
Help Open Women's Land (HOWL): flyers and newsletter,
1986, undated

Box 9: folder 7
HIV/AIDS: brochures, correspondence, and newspaper clippings,
1987-88, 1993

Box 9: folder 8
Homophobia: cartoons, articles, and newspaper clippings,

Box 9: folder 9
King, Billie Jean: news article,

Box 9: folder 10
Lesbian Avengers: flyers and newspaper clippings,

Box 9: folder 11
Lesbian Herstory Archives: brochures, flyers, and newsletters,
1986-92, undated

Box 9: folder 12

Artists: newspaper clippings and publicity,
1986-90, undated

Box 9: folder 13
Businesses: business cards, catalogs, and publicity,
1986-88, undated

Box 9: folder 14-15
Cartoon(ist)s: drawings and newspaper clippings,
1993-94, undated

Box 9: folder 16
International: programs and reports,

Box 9: folder 17
Jewish: newspaper clippings,
1989, 1992

Box 9: folder 18
Media coverage: newspaper clippings,
1992-93, undated

Box 9: folder 19
Parenting: article and newspaper clippings,
1989-94, undated

Box 9: folder 20
Resources: correspondence and flyers,

Box 9: folder 21
Travel: brochures and flyers,

Box 9: folder 22
Miscellaneous: flyers,
1994, undated

Box 9: folder 23
March(es) on Washington: newspaper clippings and publicity,
1987, 1993

Box 10: folder 1
National Herstorical Archives: brochures, correspondence, flyers, and programs,
1981-88, undated

Box 10: folder 2
New age: list and newspaper clipping,
1982, undated

Box 10: folder 3
New Alexandria Lesbian Library: correspondence, guidelines, flyers, lists, and notes
1977-88, undated

Box 10: folder 4

Craftwimmin's Mutual Aid Society,

Box 10: folder 5
Harrisburg Area Women's News (HAWN),

Box 10: folder 6
The Newsletter (New Haven),
1982, 1992, undated

Box 10: folder 7
Now Times,

Box 10: folder 8
Separatists Eroding Patriarchy (SEPS),

Box 10: folder 9
Women in Hartford,

Box 10: folder 10
Words of Women,

Box 10: folder 11
Miscellaneous publications,
1980-94, undated

Box 10: folder 12
Miscellaneous subscription renewals and advertisements: correspondence, and publicity,
1986-87, undated

Box 10: folder 13


Box 11: folder 1
Diversity: The Lesbian Rag,

Box 11: folder 2
Hikane: The Capable Womon,

Box 11: folder 3

Box 11: folder 4
Women Artist News,

Box 11: folder 5
Teen Voices,

Box 11: folder 6
Up from Under,

Box 11: folder 7
Out and About: flyer and news article,
1992, undated

Box 11: folder 8
Pioneer Valley (Western Mass.)

Community news: newspaper clippings,
1989-92, undated

Box 11: folder 9
Events: flyers,
1985-87, 1993, undated

Box 11: folder 10-11
"Herstory of the Valley Women's Movement": updated chronology,

Box 11: folder 12
Lesbian Art Show: correspondence and program,

Box 11: folder 13
Lesbian Home Show: correspondence, directories, flyers, lists, newspaper clippings, and notes,

Box 11: folder 14
Northampton: brochures, flyers, newsletter, and newspaper clippings,
1992-93, undated

Box 11: folder 15
Northampton Lesbian Festival: newspaper clippings, programs, and publicity,

Box 11: folder 16
Pride marches: flyers, newspaper clippings, and programs,

Box 11: folder 17

General: resource material,
1979, 1986-88, undated

Box 11: folder 18

Bound and Determined: minutes and newsletters,
1987-88, undated

Box 11: folder 19
National Leather Association: Living in Leather conference materials,

Box 11: folder 20
Shelix: correspondence, minutes, and resources,

Box 11: folder 21
Sex: news articles,

Box 11: folder 22
Steinem, Gloria: newspaper clippings,

Box 11: folder 23
Stonewall, 25th Anniversary: correspondence, events, and publicity,

Box 11: folder 24
WomanEarth Feminist Peace Institute: correspondence,

Box 11: folder 25

Centers: resource material,

Box 12: folder 1
Clothing: catalogs and flyers,
1984-88, undated

Box 12: folder 2
Health: flyers, newsletter, and newspaper clippings,
1987, 1994

Box 12: folder 3
History: brochures, correspondence, and newspaper clippings,
1992, undated

Box 12: folder 4


Box 12: folder 5
Labrys: correspondence and publicity,
circa 1986

Box 12: folder 6
Marla B.B.: audiotape and publicity,

Box 12: folder 7
Miscellaneous: flyers and programs,
circa 1980-93, undated

Box 12: folder 8
Theatre: flyers, newspaper clippings and programs,
1986-93, undated

Box 12: folder 9
Women of All Nations, parts
1-10, 1912

Box 12: folder 10-19
Miscellaneous printed material,

Box 13: folder 1-4

Daily Hampshire Gazette,

Box 13a: folder 1
Color prints of women,

Box 13a: folder 2
Event posters,
1985-94, undated

Box 13a: folder 3
Photographs of unidentified concert,

Box 13a: folder 4
Miscellaneous posters and printed material,
1975-94, undated

Box 13a: folder 5
Club 616 Move-a-thon poster,

Flat File, drawer 6:
Drawing of a woman,

Flat File, drawer 6:

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