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Phyllis Birkby Papers, 1932-1994 (Bulk: 1960-1994)
92 boxes, 10 flat file drawers, 14 storage tubes (50 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 283

Architect; film maker; lesbian activist; feminist; founder, Women's School of Planning and Architecture; and professor. The Birkby papers include her own documentation of women's activities through various forms of documentation. Materials include films, photographs, journals, writings, and correspondence with several notable feminists.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

Except where noted, the papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection. All tape recorded therapy sessions in Series IX are closed until January 1, 2033; an audio letter, Barbara Hammer to NPB, 1978 is closed until January 1, 2038; and selected personal correspondence is closed until January 1, 2028. All original audiovisual material is closed, so access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the unpublished writings of Noel Phyllis Birkby. Copyright to materials created by other individuals may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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Biographical Note
Phyllis Birkby, n.d.

Phyllis Birkby, n.d.

"I have not by any means been a linear oriented professional person." --Noel Phyllis Birkby

Noel Phyllis Birkby was born on December 16, 1932 in Nutley, New Jersey, to Harold S. and Alice Green Birkby. As a child, she showed an interest in architecture and environmental design making drawings of cities and towns and constructing them in miniature in her mother's garden. When she was in high school, career counselors discouraged her desire to study architecture while noting her aptitude for that pursuit, "Well, Miss Birkby, it appears that if you were a man, you should be studying architecture." As a 16 year old in 1949, she "swallowed the implication that there just weren't any women architects" and elected to study art instead, entering the Women's College of the University of North Carolina in 1950.

In college she earned the reputation of rabble rouser and was expelled in her senior year after an incident involving beer drinking. By this time, Birkby had come to see herself as bisexual. Though drinking was the official reason given for the expulsion, Birkby believed that was an excuse to rid the college of a student who too publicly showed her love for a classmate. "I wasn't hiding my love for another woman, didn't think there was anything 'wrong' with it."

After a brief time at home in New Jersey in "numbing misery," Birkby went to New York City where she worked as a technical illustrator and "carried on in the bars." She went to Mexico in 1955 with the American Friends Service Committee where she worked on development projects with the Otomi people. She returned to New York in 1956.

In 1958, a chance meeting with a woman architect convinced Birkby that she could indeed pursue her chosen profession. The next five years were spent studying architecture at night at Cooper Union and working in the offices of architects Henry L. Horowitz (1960-61) and Seth Hiller (1961-63). After earning her certificate in architecture in 1963, Birkby, tired of being relegated to secretarial duties, moved on to graduate work at Yale University.

One of only six women in a student body of about 200, Birkby struggled to "rise above the female role" and prove her capabilities. "[M]y solutions were be as good or better than the men." She completed a Masters in Architecture in 1966.

From 1966 to 1972 Birkby worked as a designer for the growing New York architectural firm Davis Brody and Associates, where she gained experience in all aspects of design. Two of the most prominent projects she helped to design and see through construction were Waterside Houses, a residential development on the Hudson River, and the Long Island University Library-Learning Center in Brooklyn.

Despite professional success, Birkby was unhappy living a closeted bisexual existence and sank into depression in the years following graduate school. Though she had been introduced to the ideas behind the emerging women's movement, she had dismissed their relevance for her as a professional woman, believing the movement was "mostly about housewives in the suburbs." In May 1970, her lover returned from the Second Congress to Unite Women with a report of how a group of lesbian feminists called the Lavender Menace had disrupted the Congress with a presentation about discrimination against lesbians in the women's movement. "Finally feminism had some meaning for me. I was no longer invisible. I was part of a bona fide feminist issue."

Birkby, who now saw a connection between her life and the movement, joined a consciousness raising group and began reading everything she could find on women's liberation. She came to define herself as a lesbian and was invited to join a lesbian consciousness raising group, known as CR Group One, made up of influential feminist theorists and writers. In the company of Kate Millett, Sidney Abbott, Barbara Love, Alma Routsong (better known by her pseudonym Isabel Miller), and others, Birkby found herself in the thick of the movement.

By 1972, Birkby felt that her work life was at too great a variance with the rest of her life. Her training had been "male defined and dominated." She came out publicly, quit her job with Davis Brody, and started on a variety of pursuits including teaching, private architectural practice, writing, and documenting the thriving women's culture of the 1970s through film, video, photography, oral history, and the collection and preservation of pamphlets, posters, manifestos, clippings, and memorabilia.

In a range of architectural projects taken on privately and in collaboration with other firms, Birkby emphasized the needs and wants of the user. She designed private residences, an artist's studio, retrospective conversions of a variety of facilities for the disabled, low-income housing units, and community residences for patients after hospitalization. In 1973, she went to Vietnam with a team from the firm Dober, Paddock & Upton to devise a reconstruction plan for Thu Duc Polytechnic University in Bien Hoa. In the late 1970s, Birkby worked with Gary Scherquist and Roland Tso in California. Back in New York in the early 1980s, she worked with the Gruzen Partnership and Lloyd Goldfarb.

Birkby taught at a variety of institutions in the early 1970s, notably architectural design courses at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture and City College of New York. Later that decade, she taught various architectural and environmental design courses at Southern California Institute of Architecture, California State Polytechnic, and the University of Southern California. In the 1980s, she taught design fundamentals, building construction, and architectural design at the New York Institute of Technology.

Birkby used her teaching as a form of "environmental activism" combining the concept of consciousness raising with an approach to architecture learned in a course with Serge Chermayeff at Yale. Creative teaching techniques such as "buglisting" (making lists of aspects of an environment that are annoying), conceptual blockbusting, and fantasy projection were used to emphasize the "social implications of building form" and to focus her students' attention on the user.

In 1973, as a way to discover the unique perspective women could bring to the built environment, Birkby initiated a program of environmental fantasy workshops held with women of diverse backgrounds across the country. She was later joined in this work by Leslie Kanes Weisman. In the workshops, women were asked to imagine their ideal living environment by abandoning all constraints and preconceptions. Birkby and Weisman published a number of articles on feminist fantasy architecture in the mid 1970s.

Birkby followed the fantasy project with research on women's vernacular architecture. She visited communities and structures built by women who were not trained as architects or builders to document the connections between women's fantasies and the actual form of their creations.

Birkby was a founding member in 1972 of the New York organization for women architects, the Alliance of Women in Architecture and an early participant in the Archive of Women in Architecture. In 1974 she was a co-founder (with Katrin Adam, Ellen Perry Berkeley, Bobbie Sue Hood, Marie I. Kennedy, Joan Forrester Sprague, and Leslie Kanes Weisman) of the Women's School of Planning and Architecture (WSPA), an influential experimental summer school for women in environmental design professions and trades.

As the 1970s came to an end, the great flourishing of women's culture slowed and Birkby, along with many other activists became personally burned out. Her unorthodox career path and radical politics combined with the economic and political realities of the 1980s, caused her struggle for economic survival to consume increasing amounts of her time and energy. Her teaching positions were always "adjunct," WSPA folded, her private practice was part-time and less than fulfilling, she was unable to find a publisher for her research, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In her last months, a group of friends from the early years of the women's movement, lovingly dubbed the SOB (Sisters of Birkby), banded together to care for Birkby who had moved to Great Barrington, MA. Noel Phyllis Birkby died of cancer on April 13, 1994 at age 61.

For more information see the file of materials from the 1997 Sophia Smith Collection exhibit "'Amazonian Activity': The Life and Work of Noel Phyllis Birkby, 1932-94".

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Noel Phyllis Birkby Papers consist of 50 linear feet of correspondence, films, memorabilia, photographs, sketchbooks, research files, subject files, videotapes, and writings. They date from 1932 to 1994 with the bulk of the material dating from the mid 1960s to Birkby's death in 1994. The papers provide significant information about Birkby's life and work, the women's movement and lesbian feminism in New York City in the 1970s and 80s, New York City lesbian culture from the 1950s to 1990s, and the establishment of a number of organizations of women architects.

Throughout the papers, there is more visual than written documentation. Nearly half of the total footage is made up of photographs, films, and videotapes. Birkby described herself as "always more interested in pictures than words." In addition, much of Birkby's research and documentation did not result in finished products leaving the Papers rich in raw materials that were not extensively sifted and digested.

Information about Birkby's personal life is available in SERIES I. BIOGRAPHICAL AND FINANCIAL MATERIAL, which contains general biographical materials particularly about her education and finances. The autobiographical writings (1970s- ) in SERIES IV. RESEARCH, SPEAKING, AND WRITING are a rich source for reflections on both her personal and professional life. Tape recordings and transcriptions of Consciousness Raising Group One sessions in SERIES VI. SUBJECT FILES (transcriptions) and SERIES IX. TAPE RECORDINGS contain a wealth of personal anecdotes. The tape recorded therapy sessions in the latter series are restricted until January 1, 2033.

Throughout her life, Birkby used a variety of visual and verbal media to express herself artistically. Drawings, prints, and paintings are located in SERIES I. BIOGRAPHICAL AND FINANCIAL MATERIAL; artistic photographs and films are housed in SERIES VII. PHOTOGRAPHS and SERIES VIII. FILMS AND VIDEOTAPES; and a few poems and other written pieces are filed in SERIES I and SERIES IV. RESEARCH, SPEAKING, AND WRITING.

Birkby's work as an architect is well-documented through Project Files in SERIES III: ARCHITECTURE which contains drawings, elevations, plans, sections, renderings, correspondence with clients, and job meeting minutes. These materials are more extensive for projects she designed in private practice (1972- ) and particularly for projects undertaken in the 1980s and 1990s for the New York State Facilities Development Corporation. Extensive files on one FDC project, the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center's community residence at 3531 Oceanside Drive, were retained as a sample of the extensive paperwork maintained on such projects. Other FDC project files were weeded to leave only those materials which directly reflect Birkby's contributions to the project. Sketchbooks in SERIES I. BIOGRAPHICAL AND FINANCIAL MATERIAL contain early sketches of architectural projects intermingled with all manner of notes and sketches such as journal entries, creative writing, artistic sketches, personal notes, lists, etc. The professional portfolio materials in SERIES I also document Birkby's architectural projects. Buildings designed by her are documented visually in SERIES VII. PHOTOGRAPHS.

Birkby's introduction to consciousness raising in 1970 brought about changes in every facet of her life. Changes in the nature of her architectural work can be seen in the different types of buildings she designed, most on a smaller scale. Materials about her various projects aimed at documenting and articulating the unique perspective women could bring to the built environment are available in SERIES IV. RESEARCH, SPEAKING, AND WRITING and in the related photographs, slides, and tape recordings.

Other professional interests are reflected in materials related to Birkby's work for the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council (in SERIES III) and her research and teaching related to housing for the elderly (in SERIES IV and SERIES V), particularly notes and photographs from a research trip to Scandinavia in 1981, and Pratt Institute student projects. Other materials on Birkby's educational techniques can be found in SERIES V, in the portfolio materials in SERIES I, in SERIES VII. PHOTOGRAPHS, SERIES VIII. FILMS AND VIDEOTAPES, and in the tape recordings of workshops in SERIES IX.

Birkby began to use film as a tool in architecture in the early 1960s because it allowed three- dimensional documentation of the built environment. Enamored of the medium, she soon came to use film to create "a notebook of events around me--a kind of journal," initially documenting the private activities of friends and family. These private films are peopled with the lesbian feminist theorists and activists who were Birkby's friends. Once she became involved in the women's movement, she also used film, audiotape, and still photography to document political actions and demonstrations.

Materials which document lesbian culture in 1950s and 1960s New York are available in the correspondence and in some of the earlier personal films. Autobiographical writings and consciousness raising group transcripts offer a retrospective view of the period.

In addition to her active visual and audio recording of events, Birkby documented the 1970s Women's Movement, lesbian feminism, and the flourishing women's culture by collecting written materials and memorabilia at meetings, rallies, conferences, etc., and by saving articles and issues of periodicals that were of interest to her. Most of these materials are filed in SERIES VI. SUBJECT FILES. Organized primarily by subject, the lively contents of these files vary widely, showing, among other things, the humor, energy, and optimism of the times.

In the late 1970s, Birkby began work toward a film on the "second wave" of the women's movement. She planned to use footage shot in the early 1970s combined with later interviews of leading figures in the movement such as June Arnold, Charlotte Bunch, and Robin Morgan. Tapes and transcripts of these interviews survive in SERIES VIII. FILMS AND VIDEOTAPES and SERIES IX. TAPE RECORDINGS. The film footage and oral history interviews provide rich documentation of early 1970s activities as well as the lives of the interviewees before the advent of the movement.

Personal reflection about her status as a woman in a male-dominated field led Birkby to join with other women architects in forming the Alliance of Women in Architecture in New York City to participate in the Archive of Women in Architecture at the Architectural League of New York, as well as the Association of Women Architects, the Organization of Women Architects, and the Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes. Materials about the founding and growing pains of these organizations are in SERIES III. ARCHITECTURE. Alliance of Women in Architecture materials include videotapes of members recounting the early history of the group as well as consciousness raising groups with women architects (in SERIES VIII. FILMS AND VIDEOTAPES). Birkby's own perspective on women in architecture can be found in the texts and slides (in SERIES IV. RESEARCH, SPEAKING, AND WRITING and SERIES VII. PHOTOGRAPHS) from presentations she gave on the subject.

Related materials in the Sophia Smith Collection are in the records of the Women's School of Planning and Architecture, the Women's Liberation Collection, the papers of various activists in Women's Liberation, and the oral histories and videotapes of participants in "'Amazonian Activity': A Celebration of the Life of Noel Phyllis Birkby", held at the SSC in the fall of 1997. A number of Birkby's friends have committed to placing their papers in the SSC and some have begun to send materials. See the reference staff for more information.

Select film clips from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

Except where noted, the papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection. All tape recorded therapy sessions in Series IX are closed until January 1, 2033; an audio letter, Barbara Hammer to NPB, 1978 is closed until January 1, 2038; and selected personal correspondence is closed until January 1, 2028. All original audiovisual material is closed, so access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to the unpublished writings of Noel Phyllis Birkby. Copyright to materials created by other individuals may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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A selection of films from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.

History of the Collection

The Noel Phyllis Birkby Papers papers were the gift of the estate of Noel Phyllis Birkby through co-executors Jan Roby and Jane O'Wyatt in 1994.

Processing Information

Processed by Maida Goodwin, 1998.

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Series Descriptions
(1932-1994, n.d.)
3 linear feet


Arranged alphabetically.

Scope and content:

This series consists of general materials about Birkby's life, finances, and education. Included are such materials as clippings, curriculum vitae, legal papers, class notes and drawings, portfolio materials, scrapbooks, and sketchbooks.

(1955-1994, n.d.)
1 linear ft.

This series consists primarily of incoming correspondence. The few surviving drafts of outgoing letters are interfiled with the incoming by the name of the correspondent. The series is arranged in two subseries: Individuals, containing letters or cards from major correspondents (3 or more letters) filed alphabetically; and General, filed chronologically. Undated general correspondence is filed alphabetically at the end of the subseries.

(1962-1993, n.d.)
9 linear ft.

This series consists of materials related to Birkby's work as an architect and architectural consultant, and to architecture in general. It is arranged in three subseries: General, Projects, and Subject Files.

Materials filed in the General subseries pertain to Birkby's employment and certification as an architect and architectural consultant. Included are correspondence, bids, applications, minutes, and reports.

The Projects subseries, consists of materials related to architectural projects for which Birkby played a design role. Included are, bids, evaluations, drawings, specifications, contracts, notes, and miscellaneous materials. Standard-sized materials are arranged alphabetically by name of client or, where applicable, by name of project. Oversize materials are stored separately in flat files. They are arranged alphabetically by name of client or, where applicable, by the name of the project.

Materials in the Subject Files, consist of clippings, articles, booklets, pamphlets related to architecture. They are arranged alphabetically by subject.

(1970-1990, n.d.)
4.75 linear ft.

This series consists of notes, drafts, manuscripts, published articles and books, subject files, research materials, publicity materials, and clippings related to Birkby's research, writing projects, lectures, and workshops. The series is arranged in two subseries: General and Women and the Built Environment. General material is arranged alphabetically by title of work (if any) or by topic (when untitled). The Women and the Built Environment subseries is divided into nine sections reflecting the various materials produced or collected as a part of this project: Published Writings; Lectures, Conferences, and Workshops; Research Project; Curriculum Proposals; Fantasy Drawings; Book Proposals; Women's Vernacular Architecture and Buildings for Women; Grant Proposals; and Subject Files.

(1972-1992, n.d.)
2 linear ft.

This series consists of correspondence, applications, minutes, notes, curricular materials, copies of student work, and reference and miscellaneous materials related to Birkby's work as a teacher. General materials and applications for employment are filed at the beginning of the series. They are followed by materials related to work at specific institutions which are filed alphabetically by the name of institution.

(1960-1994, n.d.)
4.75 linear ft.

This series consists of clippings, memorabilia, pamphlets, position papers, manuscripts, posters, publicity materials, etc., about individual women, women's issues, and homosexuality. It is divided into three subseries: Individuals (filed alphabetically by name), Women, and Homosexuality, each arranged alphabetically by subject.

(1933-1994, n.d.)
7.75 linear ft.

This series is divided into three subseries by format: Photographic prints, Negatives, and Slides and Transparencies. Photographic prints and Slides and Transparencies are divided into the following categories: Personal; Artistic Photography; Architecture; Miscellaneous; Political; Research, Speaking, and Writing; Teaching; and Travel. Negatives are numbered and arranged consecutively.

Personal includes photographs of Birkby, her family, friends, homes, and pets. Artistic Photography reflects Birkby's use of photography as a medium of artistic expression and consists of photographs of cityscapes, scenery, flowers, etc. Architecture consists of photographs of buildings taken for study or to document projects designed by Birkby. Political consists of photographs of political actions, primarily marches and demonstrations. Research, Speaking, and Writing consists of photographs taken to illustrate research on elderly housing and women and the built environment. Teaching consists of photographs used in teaching and of projects done by Birkby's students. Travel consists of photographs taken to document the sights seen on a variety of trips.

Negatives have not survived for every print in the Papers. Where applicable, negative numbers are noted on the reverse side of the corresponding photographic prints.

(1960-1994, n.d.)
15 linear ft.

This series is divided into three subseries by type of material: Written material, Films, and Videotapes. Written material is filed alphabetically by the name of the film project. Films are divided into sections as follows: Architecture, Art Films, Personal, Political and Travel. Architecture consists of films taken to document the built environment. Some are documentation of projects Birkby designed, others are buildings or spaces Birkby visited. The Art Films demonstrate Birkby's use of film as a means of artistic expression. Personal consists of "home movies" of friends and family. Political consists of documentary footage of political actions. Travel is made up of films taken on a variety of trips. Within each section films are filed alphabetically by title, or if they were untitled, by subject. Titles that were written by Birkby on the film or the box in which the film was stored are listed in quotation marks.

Videotapes are divided into two sections: Original videotapes, filed chronologically, followed by videotape Film Transfers of selected films by Birkby produced for the Sophia Smith Collection in 1997. [see Appendix for descriptive list of films].

Restrictions on access:

Original films and videotapes are closed to research. In some cases, Use copies have been made from the originals. These are marked with an asterisk [*]. Researchers interested in viewing films or videotapes for which there is no use copy should contact the Sophia Smith Collection to discuss options.

(1970-1987, n.d.)
3.25 linear ft.

Tape recordings are divided into two subseries by format: Cassettes and Reel-to-reel. Within the subseries, tapes are arranged in sections as follows: Personal; Political; Architecture; Films; Research, Speaking, and Writing; and Teaching.

Personal tapes include audio letters, consciousness raising group sessions, therapy sessions, a psychic reading, and performances by some of Birkby's friends. They are arranged alphabetically by subject or title.

Political recordings document marches, demonstrations, rallies, speeches, conference presentations, and interviews. They are arranged chronologically with the undated tapes filed at the end of the section.

Architecture tapes consist primarily of speeches by others. Films consists of soundtracks, research interviews, and unedited sound recordings made for use with film footage.

Research, Speaking, and Writing contains four tapes related to Birkby's research on housing for the elderly along with extensive recordings made as part of the project on Women and the Built Environment. The elderly housing tapes consist of meetings and discussions about this subject. The Women and the Built Environment tapes are divided into sections: Environmental Fantasy Discussions (free-ranging interview sessions with small groups of women); Lectures, Workshops, and Conference Presentations (recordings of presentations by Birkby, sometimes in collaboration with Leslie Kanes Weisman); Women's Vernacular Architecture (interviews with women about structures they had built); and Reference (mainly lectures by colleagues on this topic).

Teaching consists of recordings of Birkby's classes at various institutions.

Restrictions on access:

Original tape recordings are closed to research. In some cases, Use copies have been made from the originals. These are marked with an asterisk [*]. Researchers interested in access to tape recordings for which there is no use copy should contact the Sophia Smith Collection to discuss options.

Contents List

General and clippings,
1963-82, n.d.

Box 1: folder 1
Address books,

Box 1: folder 2
Art by NPB and friends,
1953-94, n.d.

Box 1: folder 3
Birth certificate, diploma, will,
1932, 1950, 1993

Box 1: folder 4
Cancer/death: notes,
1991, n.d.

Box 1: folder 5
Curriculum vitae

c. 1966-91

Box 1: folder 6-7
c. 1972-92

Box 1: folder 8

Box 1: folder 9

Class notes and papers (unidentified),

Box 1: folder 10
Class notes, philosophy,

Box 1: folder 11
Women's College of the University of North Carolina


Box 1: folder 12
Coraddi (literary magazine),
1953-54, n.d.

Box 1: folder 13
Cooper Union


Box 1: folder 14
Architecture 32b: class notes,

Box 1: folder 15
Course work: International University in New York project

Box 1: folder 16
Yale University


Box 1: folder 17
First Year Design: problems,

Box 2: folder 18
Second Year Design: problems,

Box 2: folder 19
Third Year Design: problems, work,

Box 2: folder 20
Thesis project, Hofstra University Physical Education Complex,
1965, n.d.

Box 2: folder 21
Class work, miscellaneous,

Box 2: folder 22
Hofstra University Library Complex,

Box 2: folder 23

51 Market Street Landmark Corporation,
1970-92, n.d.

Box 2: folder 24
Income tax forms,

Box 2: folder 25
1980-90, n.d.

Box 2: folder 26
Social Security and disability,

Box 2: folder 27
Identification cards,
1980-84, n.d.

Box 2: folder 28
1992, n.d.

Box 2: folder 29
Memorial party,
5 Jun 1994

Box 2: folder 30

Box 2: folder 31
Stationery, business cards,

Box 2: folder 32

Professional and students' work,
c. 1990

Box 2: folder 33
Professional work,
c. 1990

Box 3: folder 34
Students' work,
c. 1990

Box 3: folder 35

"The Collected Crap of NPB," college scrapbook,
1951-c. 1954

Box 3: folder 36
Items removed from "The Collected Crap of NPB,"
1951-c. 1954

Box 3: folder 37

Box 3: folder 38-42
c. 1975-83

Box 4: folder 43-52

Box 5: folder 53-62

Box 6: folder 63
Miscellaneous sketches and notes,

Box 6: folder 64-65

Passports, visas, miscellaneous,

Box 6: folder 66

Box 6: folder 67

Box 6: folder 68

[see also SERIES IV. ARCHITECTURE, Projects, Thu Duc University]



Sidney Abbott and Barbara Love,

Box 7: folder 69
Florence Adams,

Box 7: folder 70
Nancy A. Allen,
1979, n.d.

Box 7: folder 71
1955, n.d.

Box 7: folder 72
Tommye Barker,
n.d. [1954?]

Box 7: folder 73
Ellen Perry Berkeley,

Box 7: folder 74
Birkby family, miscellaneous,
1985-93, n.d.

Box 7: folder 75
Alice Green and Harold S. Birkby,
1955-85, n.d.

Box 7: folder 76
Donald Birkby,
1973-79, n.d.

Box 7: folder 77
Nell Blaine,

Box 7: folder 78
Rita Mae Brown,

Box 7: folder 79
Lena Ch'en,

Box 7: folder 80
Linda Clark and Joan Casamo,

Box 7: folder 81
Nancy Colin,

Box 7: folder 82
Frances Doughty,
1971-74, n.d.

Box 7: folder 83
Ena Dubnoff (outgoing correspondence only),
c. 1978

Box 7: folder 84
Jan Marie DuBois,
1982, 1983, n.d.

Box 7: folder 85
Louise Fishman,
1969, n.d.

Box 7: folder 86
Barbara Hammer (outgoing correspondence only),

Box 7: folder 87
Bertha Harris,
1972-73, n.d.

Box 7: folder 88
Jill Johnston and Ingrid Nyeboe,
1980-93, n.d.

Box 7: folder 89
Rakhel Kafri,
1970-81, n.d.

Box 7: folder 90
Nina Kassen,
1974-77, n.d.

Box 7: folder 91
Margrit Kennedy,
1979-80, n.d.

Box 7: folder 92
Liz Marra,
1973, n.d.

Box 7: folder 93
Millie Messick,
1955, n.d.

Box 7: folder 94
Kate Millett,
1975-90, n.d.

Box 7: folder 95
Susan Mogul,
1976, n.d.

Box 7: folder 96
Kay Neelands,
1955, n.d.

Box 7: folder 97
Shannon-Joan O'Brien,
1983-90, n.d.

Box 7: folder 98
Jane O'Wyatt,
1975-94, n.d.

Box 7: folder 99
Lorinda Roland,
1967-90, n.d.

Box 7: folder 100
Renne/Gertrud Romkens,
1982-85, n.d.

Box 7: folder 101
Susanne Szabo Rostock,
1976-83, n.d.

Box 7: folder 102
Charlotte Rude,
1980-89, n.d.

Box 7: folder 103
[Claudia?] Samson,

Box 8: folder 104
Inga-Lisa Sangregorio,
1984, n.d.

Box 8: folder 105
Onny B. Smith,

Box 8: folder 106
1977, n.d.

Box 8: folder 107
Beverly Taylor,

Box 8: folder 108
Ulla Terlinden,
1981, n.d.

Box 8: folder 109
Mary Vogel,
1980, n.d.

Box 8: folder 110
Alida Walsh and Maria ?,
1969-78, n.d.

Box 8: folder 111
Alberta Ming-Chi Wang,
1965-67, n.d.

Box 8: folder 112
Leslie Kanes Weisman (outgoing correspondence only),
1974, n.d.

Box 8: folder 113
Mary Beth Welch,
1981, 1983

Box 8: folder 114
Charleen Whisnant and Red Clay Publishers,
1979-80, n.d.

Box 8: folder 115
Ann Witten,
1983-84, n.d.

Box 8: folder 116
Women's College of the University of North Carolina friends,
1953-58, n.d.

Box 8: folder 117


Box 8: folder 119-122
Undated, A-Z

Box 8: folder 123

Box 8: folder 124
Undated, first name only

Box 8: folder 125



Box 9: folder 126
Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CADD),
1986-88, n.d.

Box 9: folder 127
1968-93, n.d.

Box 9: folder 128
1985-91, n.d.

Box 9: folder 129
Job applications, bids, proposals

1975-93, n.d.

Box 9: folder 130-132
St. Vincent's N. Richmond Alcohol Halfway House,

Box 9: folder 133
Davis Brody and Associates,
1982, n.d.

Box 9: folder 134
Dober, Paddock, Upton and Associates,
1974, n.d.

Box 9: folder 135
Gruzen and Partners,
1973-81, n.d.

Box 9: folder 136
New York City School Construction Authority prequalification questionnaire,

Box 9: folder 137
New York City Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises certification,

Box 9: folder 138
New York State Facilities Development Corporation


Box 9: folder 139
Standard form,

Box 9: folder 140
Feasibility Studies

Community Residence

1468 Jessup Ave., Bronx,

Box 9: folder 141
2886/92 Valentine Ave., Bronx,

Box 9: folder 142
Evergreen and Townline Rd., Hauppauge,

Box 9: folder 143
670 Townline Rd., Hauppauge,

Box 9: folder 144
AIDS home unit, 80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn,

Box 10: folder 145
New York State Department of Social Services Homeless Housing and Assistance Program: technical assistance contract,

Box 10: folder 146
New York State Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises certification,

Box 10: folder 147
Two Bridges Neighborhood Council,
1968-72, n.d.

Box 10: folder 148-149
United Nations School, Queens: field study,

Box 10: folder 150
United States Office of Personnel Management: application for federal employment,

Box 10: folder 151
United States Office of Management and Budget: standard form 254, 255,
1990, 1992, n.d.

Box 10: folder 152
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board,
1989, 1992, n.d.

Box 10: folder 153

Amethyst House, Bayley-Seton Hospital Halfway House for Women, 75 Vanderbilt Ave., Staten Island, NY, FDC #

1989-91, n.d.

Box 10: folder 154
1987, 1989

Box 10: folder 155
Photocopies of photographs,

Box 10: folder 156

Box 10: folder 157
Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse regulations,

Box 10: folder 158

Box 10: folder 159
Consultant Evaluation,

Box 10: folder 160
Feasibility Study,

Box 10: folder 161

Box 10: folder 162-164

Box 11: folder 165
Job meeting minutes,

Box 11: folder 166
Job meeting notes,

Box 11: folder 167

c. 1989

Box 11: folder 168
Electrical, heating, mechanical, plumbing,
c. 1989

Box 11: folder 169-172
Miscellaneous drawings,
1989, n.d.

Box 11: folder 173
Arledge, 1842 Rosevilla Ave., Pasadena, CA,

Box 11: folder 174
Barber, Brooklyn, NY,

Box 11: folder 175
Bellevue Environs study,

Box 11: folder 176
Bellomo, 7455 Soundview Ave., Southold, NY,
1985-87, n.d.

Box 11: folder 177
Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center, Adolescent Day Treatment Center, 1180 Rev. James Polite Blvd., Bronx, NY, FDC # 3166

Correspondence and minutes,
1986-87, n.d.

Box 11: folder 178
Design Consultant Agreement,

Box 11: folder 179
Feasibility Study,

Box 11: folder 180
1986, n.d.

Box 11: folder 181
Bronx Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 2747 University Ave., Bronx, NY, FDC # 4722

Correspondence and notes,

Box 11: folder 182-183
Consultant evaluation,

Box 12: folder 184

Box 12: folder 185
Schematic Submission Report,

Box 12: folder 186

Box 12: folder 187
Design Consultant Agreement,

Box 12: folder 188
Cambell, Greenwood Lake, Orange County, NY,

Box 12: folder 189
Cardamon Lane Condominiums, Little Ferry, NJ,

Box 12: folder 190
DeSalvo, 138 West 120th St., New York, NY,

1989, n.d.

Box 12: folder 191

Box 12: folder 192
Dominguez, 424 Dahill Rd., Brooklyn, NY,

Box 12: folder 193
Fifth Street Women's Building, 330 East 5th St., New York, NY,

Box 12: folder 194
Fox/Whitby, 3 Sheridan Sq., New York, NY: kitchen renovation,

Box 12: folder 195
Fox/Whitby, 3 Sheridan Sq., New York, NY: terrace enclosure and Springy Banks Rd., E. Hampton, NY: kitchen renovation,

Box 12: folder 196
Grand Central Subway Station,

Box 12: folder 197
Hayden/Maris, 8318 Riopath, [?], CA,

Box 12: folder 198
International Women's Tribune Center, 777 United Nations Plaza,

Box 12: folder 199
Jacobs, 51 8th Ave., Sea Cliff, NY,

Box 12: folder 200
Johnson, 231 East 77th St., New York, NY,

Box 12: folder 201
Johnston, Cutchogue, Southold, NY,

Box 12: folder 202
Knowlton, River Rd., Point Pleasant, PA,

Box 12: folder 203
Krogius, Lopers Path, Southampton, NY,

Box 12: folder 204
Leeds, Sagaponack, NY,

Box 13: folder 205
Lobel, Hedges Bank Drive, E. Hampton, NY

1976-77, n.d.

Box 13: folder 206
Correspondence, notes, specifications,
1974-77, n.d.

Box 13: folder 207
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Master Plan,

Box 13: folder 208
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Library/Learning Center,

Box 13: folder 209
Maple Knoll Village, Springdale, OH,

Box 13: folder 210
New American House: competition submission,

Box 13: folder 211
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center: accessibility retrofit for various buildings

Specifications, general,

Box 13: folder 212
Specifications, electrical and heating,

Box 13: folder 213
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 201 Garden Place, W. Hempstead, NY, FDC #4846

Correspondence and notes,
1989-91, n.d.

Box 13: folder 214
Feasibility Study,

Box 13: folder 215
Design Consultant Agreement,

Box 13: folder 216
Specifications, general,

Box 13: folder 217
Specifications, electrical, plumbing, heating,

Box 14: folder 218
Job meeting minutes,
1990, n.d.

Box 14: folder 219
Consultant evaluation,

Box 14: folder 220
Schematic Submission Report,

Box 14: folder 221

Box 14: folder 222
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 3531 Oceanside Rd., Oceanside, NY, FDC #4845

Consultant evaluation,

Box 14: folder 223
Physical completion reports,

Box 14: folder 224
Job meeting minutes,

Box 14: folder 225
Correspondence and notes

1989-Jul 1990

Box 14: folder 226-227
Aug 1990-1992, n.d.

Box 14: folder 228-230
Contractors' applications for payment,

Box 14: folder 231
Consultant applications for payment,

Box 14: folder 232
Contract Cost Breakdowns,

Box 14: folder 233
Notes, misc.,

Box 14: folder 234
Contractors' Progress Schedule,

Box 14: folder 235
Consultant Code Compliance Certification,

Box 14: folder 236
Outline specification,

Box 14: folder 237
Specifications, general,

Box 15: folder 238
Specifications, electrical, heating, plumbing,

Box 15: folder 239
Design Consultant Agreement,

Box 15: folder 240
Feasibility Study,

Box 15: folder 241
Schematic Submission Report,

Box 15: folder 242
Change orders,

Box 15: folder 243
Sample submissions,

Box 15: folder 244-245
Record of sample submissions and shop drawings,

Box 15: folder 246
Pollon, 59 East 4th St.,
1985, n.d.

Box 15: folder 247
Rodriguez, 235 and 195 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY,
1985, n.d.

Box 15: folder 248
St. Ann's School, Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY,

Box 15: folder 249
Sokolow, Winding Rd., Ardsley, NY,
1986, n.d.

Box 15: folder 250
Spyer, 2 Fifth Ave., New York, NY,

Box 15: folder 251
Spyer, 254 Tuckahoe Lane, So. Hampton, NY,

Box 15: folder 252
Thu Duc Polytechnic University, Bien Hoa, Vietnam,

Box 16: folder 253
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, Single Room Occupancy residence, 334-336 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY,

Box 16: folder 254
Vaughan, 201 West 138th St., New York, NY,

Box 16: folder 255
Vinson, 2 34th St., Stonybrook, NY,

Box 16: folder 256
Wallace, 1058-1068 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY,

Box 16: folder 257
Watering Place Resort Hotel, Roatan, Honduras


Box 16: folder 258

Box 16: folder 259
Background information,

Box 16: folder 260
Waterside Houses, east midtown Manhattan, NY,

Box 16: folder 261
Witten, Barter's Island, Boothbay, ME,

Box 16: folder 262
Women's Liberation Center, 243 West 20th St., New York, NY,

Box 16: folder 263
Women's Hall of Fame/Women's Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, NY: competition submission,

Box 16: folder 264
Projects, OVERSIZE


Box 1: folder 1
Amethyst House, Bayley-Seton Hospital Halfway House for Women, 75 Vanderbilt Ave., Staten Island, NY, FDC #3465: details, elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 1: folder 2
Arledge, 1842 Rosevilla Ave, Pasadena, CA: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 1: folder 3
Barber, Brooklyn, NY: sketches, elevations, plans, renderings, sections,
c. 1973

Box 1: folder 4
Bay Ridge Medical Center, 68th St., 3rd Ave. & Senator St., Brooklyn, NY: interior elevations and details, wall sections,
1961, n.d.

Box 1: folder 5
Bellevue Environs study: rendering,

Box 1: folder 6
Bellomo, 7455 Soundview Ave., Southold, NY: elevations,

Box 1: folder 7
Bondini's Restaurant, 62 West 9th St., New York, NY: floor plans,

Box 1: folder 8
Boulevard East housing/office complex, West New York, NJ: plans, section,

Box 1: folder 9
Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center, Adolescent Day Treatment Center, 1180 Rev. James Polite Blvd., Bronx, NY, FDC # 3166: elevations, plans,

Box 1: folder 10
Bronx Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 2747 University Ave., Bronx, NY, FDC # 4722: elevations, plans,

Box 1: folder 11
Cardamon Lane Housing, Little Ferry, NJ: elevations, plans, sections,

Box 2: folder 12
Cinnamon Court Housing, [original name Ginger Gardens], Little Ferry, NJ: elevations, plans, sections,

Box 2: folder 13
Dale's Footworks, University Towne Center, San Diego, CA elevations, plans, sections,

Box 2: folder 14
DeSalvo, 138 West 120th St., New York, NY: plans,

Box 2: folder 15
East Islip Housing, Hollins Lane and Lavender Lane, East Islip, NY: details, elevations, plans, sections, rendering,

Box 2: folder 16
Fox/Whitby, 3 Sheridan Sq., New York, NY: kitchen renovation, terrace enclosure: elevations, plans, sketches, rendering,

Box 3: folder 17
Fox/Whitby, Springy Banks Rd., E. Hampton, NY: details, elevations, plans, sections,

Box 3: folder 18
Great Neck Elderly Housing, 700 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, NY: details, elevations, plans,

Box 3: folder 19
Hayden/Maris, 8318 Riopath, ?, CA: elevations, plans, schematic,

Box 3: folder 20
Jacobs, 51 8th Ave., Sea Cliff, NY: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 3: folder 21
Johnson, 231 East 77th St., New York, NY: plans,

Box 3: folder 22
Johnston, Cutchogue, Southold, NY: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 3: folder 23
Krogius, Lopers Path, Southampton, NY: elevations, plans, sections,

Box 3: folder 24
Leeds, Sagaponack, NY: sketches, section/plan/elevation,

Box 4: folder 25
Leser, 129 West 12th St., New York, NY: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 4: folder 26
Lobel, Hedges Bank Drive, E. Hampton, NY: sketches,

Box 4: folder 27
Lobel, Hedges Bank Drive, E. Hampton, NY: First design--details, elevations, plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 28
Lobel, Hedges Bank Drive, E. Hampton, NY: Second design-- elevations, plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 29
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Library/Learning Center: plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 30
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Modernization Program, Connolly Hall and Metcalfe Building: elevations, details, plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 31
Maple Knoll Village, Springdale, OH: details, elevations, plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 32
Midwood Drive Housing, Plainview, NY: elevations, plans, sections,

Box 4: folder 33
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center: accessibility retrofit for various buildings: plans,

Box 5: folder 34
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 201 Garden Place, W. Hempstead, NY, FDC #4846: details, elevations, plans, sections,

Box 5: folder 35
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 3531 Oceanside Rd., Oceanside, NY, FDC #4845: details, elevations, plans, sections, sketches,

Box 5: folder 36
Plandome Heights Housing, Plandome Heights, NY, Residences A and B: details, elevations, plans, sections,

Box 5: folder 37
Rodriguez, 235 and 195 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY: plans, sketches,

Box 6: folder 38
St. Ann's School, Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY, Childrens' Art Center: plans, sketches,

Box 6: folder 39
Sokolow, Winding Rd., Ardsley, NY: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 6: folder 40
Spyer, 2 Fifth Ave., New York, NY and 254 Tuckahoe Lane, So. Hampton, NY: details, elevations, plans, sections, sketches,

Box 6: folder 41
Thursh, 239 Piermont Ave., Piermont, NY: plan, sketch,

Box 6: folder 42
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, Single Room Occupancy residence, 334-336 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY: plans, sections,

Box 6: folder 43
Vaughan, 201 West 138th St., New York, NY


Box 6: folder 44
Details, elevations, plans, sections,
1985-87, n.d.

Box 6: folder 45
Wallace, 1058-1068 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY: elevations, plans, sections,

Box 7: folder 46
Watering Place Resort Hotel, Roatan, Honduras


Box 7: folder 47
Elevations, plans, sections,

Box 7: folder 48
Waterside Houses, east midtown Manhattan, NY: elevations, plans, sketches,

Box 7: folder 49
Witten, Barter's Island, Boothbay, ME: sketches,

Box 7: folder 50
Women's Hall of Fame/Women's Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, NY: competition submission

Competition announcement, existing conditions,
c. 1987

Box 7: folder 51
renderings, plans, sketches,
c. 1987

Box 7: folder 52
Subject files

General, miscellaneous,
1966-92, n.d.

Box 17: folder 265
1980-91, n.d.

Box 17: folder 266
Alternative construction systems

1970, n.d.

Box 17: folder 267

Box 17: folder 268
Earth-sheltered housing,

Box 17: folder 269
Mobile homes,

Box 17: folder 270
Self-help techniques,
1968-74, n.d.

Box 17: folder 271
1979, 1986, n.d.

Box 17: folder 272
Architecture and Environmental Design education,
1969-78, n.d.

Box 17: folder 273
Communities, planned,
1977-78, n.d.

Box 17: folder 274
Congregate/Cooperative housing,
1978-80, n.d.

Box 17: folder 275
Environmental and community design,
1976-84, n.d.

Box 17: folder 276
Expo '70,

Box 17: folder 277
Housing, philosophy/psychology of,
1963-78, n.d.

Box 18: folder 278-279


Box 18: folder 280
Julia Morgan,
1974-76, n.d.

Box 18: folder 281
Theodate Pope Riddle,

Box 18: folder 282
Moshe Safdie,
1967-71, n.d.

Box 18: folder 283
Emily Anne Smith,

Box 18: folder 284
Paolo Soleri

1966-71, n.d.

Box 18: folder 285-286
notebook "Archologies,"

Box 18: folder 287
Single-parent housing,
1978-79, n.d.

Box 18: folder 288
Urban housing,
1968, 1977, 1981

Box 18: folder 289

Women and architecture, miscellaneous,
1948-92, n.d.

Box 18: folder 290-291
Alliance of Women in Architecture,
1972-87, n.d.

Box 19: folder 292-295
Archive of Women in Architecture, Architectural League of New York

1973-77, n.d.

Box 19: folder 296
Exhibit "Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective,"

Box 19: folder 297
Association of Women in Architecture,

Box 19: folder 298
Organization of Women Architects,

Box 19: folder 299
Status of women in the architecture profession,
1973-82, n.d.

Box 19: folder 300-301
Union Internationale des Femme Architectes,

Box 19: folder 302
Women and communities,
1978, n.d.

Box 19: folder 303
Women and environmental design,

Box 19: folder 304
Women and environmental design,
1980, 1985, n.d.

Box 20: folder 305
Women and housing,
1976-84, n.d.

Box 20: folder 306
Women's Architectural Review Movement,

Box 20: folder 307



"Creative Personal Interactions Journal," from Actualizations Workshop, c.
May 1984

Box 21: folder 308
Notes on dreams,
1979, 1990, n.d.

Box 21: folder 309
Problem solving,
1971-79, n.d.

Box 21: folder 310-311
Women in architecture, personal notes,

Box 21: folder 312
AMAZON EXPEDITION: A LESBIAN FEMINIST ANTHOLOGY edited by NPB, Bertha Harris, Jill Johnston, Esther Newton, and Jane O'Wyatt. Times Change Press,

Box 21: folder 313
Elderly Housing

Notes, flyer for lecture,

Box 21: folder 314
Subject files,

Box 21: folder 315-317
"Jill Johnston," draft,

Box 21: folder 318
"Over, on and Under Water: Three Astounding Structural Systems," DESIGN AND ENVIRONMENT,

Box 21: folder 319
"Saigon: Hue, 1973" poster for slide-lecture,
4 Apr 1975

Box 21: folder 320
Women and the Built Environment

Published Writings

"Amazon Architecture," COWRIE LESBIAN/FEMINIST, Vol. 2, No.
1, Apr 1974

Box 21: folder 321

[see also tapes]

"Designing for the Messiness of Life," MS, Feb


Box 21: folder 322
Notes and drafts

Box 21: folder 323
"Feminist Fantasy Architecture," (with Leslie Kanes Weisman) WOMEN'S AGENDA, Vol. 2, No.
3, Mar 1977

Box 21: folder 324
"Herspace," HERESIES II, Vol. 3, No. 3,


Box 21: folder 325
Notes, drafts, correspondence

Box 21: folder 326
"I Want it to help, not hinder me: Neue Erfahrung in Umgang mit Raum. Die 'Women's School of Planning and Architecture,' USA," ARCH+ 56, Apr


Box 21: folder 327
Notes, drafts, correspondence

Box 21: folder 328
"Patritecture and Feminist Fantasies," (with LK Weisman) LIBERATION, Vol. 19, Nos. 8 & 9, text, drafts, correspondence
spring 1976:

Box 22: folder 329
"A Woman Built Environment," (with LK Weisman) QUEST, Vol. II, No. 1, summer text, drafts, correspondence

Box 22: folder 330
"Women's Community Design," illustration for calendar

Box 22: folder 331
"Women's Fantasy Environments: Notes on a Project in Progress," (with LK Weisman) HERESIES,
May 1977


Box 22: folder 332
Notes, drafts, correspondence

Box 22: folder 333
"The Women's School of Planning and Architecture," (with LK Weisman) in LEARNING OUR WAY: ESSAYS IN FEMINIST EDUCATION, 1983: text, correspondence, proofs, revisions, contracts,

Box 22: folder 334
Lectures, Workshops, Conferences

1974-79, n.d.

Box 22: folder 335
Correspondence, flyers, publicity,
1974-93, n.d.

Box 22: folder 336
Women in Architecture Symposium, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, correspondence
Mar 1974:

Box 22: folder 337
"Women in Architecture" lecture at University of Detroit,
10 Oct 1974

Box 22: folder 338
Gay Academic Union Conference, New York University, New York, NY, "Negotiating Space: The Woman-Built Environment": correspondence, program, notes
Nov 1974.

Box 22: folder 339
Women in Design: The Next Decade conference, Women's Building, Los Angeles, CA, correspondence
20 & 21 Mar 1975:

Box 22: folder 340
West Coast Women's Design Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, corr, proceedings
Apr 1975:

Box 22: folder 341
Women in Design and Planning Conference, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA, "Women's School of Planning and Architecture" and "Women's Fantasy Environments": program, notes
7-9 Nov 1975.

Box 22: folder 342
Gay Academic Union Conference, "Utopias--Radical Future Visions": program
28-29 Nov 1975.

Box 22: folder 343
Women in Architecture: Realizations and Possibilities symposium, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, "How Women Experience, Conceptualize and Design Space": program
Mar 1977.

Box 22: folder 344
Alternative Educational Environments conference, Environmental Design Research Association, workshop proposal

Box 22: folder 345
Feminist Visions of the Future conference, California State University, Chico, CA, "Fantasies and Realities: Women's Visions of the Built Environment": correspondence, planning materials, program, 1978-79
Mar 1979.

Box 22: folder 346
If Women Planned the World....: Fourth Annual Women in Planning and Government Conference, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, "Alternative Design": clippings, correspondence, program
May 1979,

Box 22: folder 347
Fifth International Congress: Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes, Seattle, WA, "Fantasy and Reality: Women's Creative Imagination": abstract, text, notes, program
Oct 1979.

Box 22: folder 348
International Festival of Women Artists, Copenhagen, Denmark, "Women in Education" panel: correspondence, notes, program
Jul 1980.

Box 22: folder 349
Amerika Haus, Berlin, Germany, Jul 1980 and Sarah Kulturzentrum Cafe fur Frauen, Stuttgart, Aug, 1980. "Feminism and Architecture in the USA": flyers

Box 22: folder 350
Hexenstudientage Frauenseminar, Aachen, Germany, "Women's School of Planning and Architecture": clipping, program, publication
24-26 Oct 1980.

Box 22: folder 351
School of Architecture seminar, Aarhus, Denmark, "Women's Fantasies in Space and Architecture": correspondence, invitation
31 Aug-1 Sep, 1981.

Box 22: folder 352
Nordic Women's Building and Planning Forum, Rodhus Klit, Denmark, "En arkitektskola for kvinnor": correspondence, program, report
Aug 1981.

Box 22: folder 353
Notebook from 1981 trip to Denmark, Sweden, Norway,

Box 23: folder 354
Women's Worlds: Strategies for Empowerment, Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Groningen, the Netherlands, "Women and Housing: Future Visions": correspondence, program, notes, abstract, conference materials
Apr 1984.

Box 23: folder 355
A Celebration of the Beguines, New York, NY, . "Creating Spiritual Space for Ourselves": flyer, program
Oct 19??

Box 23: folder 356
Kvinner, Natur, Rom conference, Oslo, Norway, Workshop: program
Mar 1984.

Box 23: folder 357
Miscellaneous notes, outlines, text,

Box 23: folder 358
Research project

Descriptions of project,
1975, n.d.

Box 23: folder 359
Correspondence re project,
1970-82, n.d.

Box 23: folder 360
Curriculum proposals

"Women and the Built Environment"

1976, n.d.

Box 23: folder 361
Participants' Exposition entry, ACSA/AIA/NEA/UNebraska Non-Graphic Section,

Box 23: folder 362

Box 23: folder 363
Miscellaneous notes,

Box 23: folder 364
Goddard/Cambridge Graduate Program in Social Change,

Box 23: folder 365
"Women and the Built Environment: Personal, Social and Professional Perceptions,"
c. 1976

Box 23: folder 366
Fantasy drawings


Box 23: folder 367

Box 23: folder 368
Book Proposals

With Leslie Kanes Weisman

"Women's Environmental Fantasies,"

Box 23: folder 369
"Women's Environmental Visions and Fantasies,"

Box 23: folder 370
"Drawings of Women's Fantasies: An Environmental Investigation,"

Box 23: folder 371
"Rooms of Our Own: Women's Fantasies and Realities in the Built Environment,"

Box 24: folder 372
"Breaking Out of the Rectangle: Women's Fantasies and Realities in the Built Environment,"
c. 1980

Box 24: folder 373
1976-79, n.d.

Box 24: folder 374
Copyright issues, Birkby vs. Weisman: notes, correspondence, agreement,
1977-91, n.d.

Box 24: folder 375
Drafts, notes, lists, outlines,
1974, n.d.

Box 24: folder 376
Personal notes,
1980, n.d.

Box 24: folder 377-382
Women's Vernacular Architecture and Buildings for Women

General notes, flyers,
1976, 1983, n.d.

Box 24: folder 383
M.F. Beal, spiral house, Seal Rock, OR: correspondence,

Box 24: folder 384
Califa Community, Angelus Oaks, CA: flyers,
1977, 1980

Box 24: folder 385
Danner House Women's Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark: flyer, notes, correspondence,

Box 24: folder 386
Laurie Davis and Rain Parrish: interview notes,

Box 24: folder 387
Virginia Gray, adobe tree house, Santa Fe, NM: interview transcript, floor plan, notes, photocopies of photographs, correspondence,

Box 24: folder 388
Isla Vista (CA) Tipi Village: clippings, interview notes,

Box 24: folder 389
Joyce Johnston, recycled dwelling, Truro, MA: clipping,

Box 24: folder 390
LESBIAN LAND ed. by Joyce Cheney. Word Weavers Press,

Box 24: folder 391
Nourishing Space, Vail, AZ: newsletters, flyer,

Box 24: folder 392
Marsha Oliver, oval house, Taos, NM: interview notes, correspondence, general,

Box 25: folder 393
Pagoda Temple of Love, Saint Augustine, FL: flyers, newsletters,

Box 25: folder 394
Anita Rodriguez, Santa Fe, NM: interview notes,

Box 25: folder 395
Sarah Kulturzentrum Cafe fur Frauen, Stuttgart, Germany: clipping,

Box 25: folder 396
Ann Stokes A STUDIO OF ONE'S OWN, ed. by Dolores Klaich. Naiad Press,

Box 25: folder 397
Tye Farm, communal dwellings and barns, Albion, CA: clipping, interview notes,
1974, 1978, n.d.

Box 25: folder 398
Wholeo, stained glass dome by Caroling, Monte Rio, CA: interview notes, color photocopies of photographs, clippings, correspondence,

Box 25: folder 399
Grant Proposals

1973, n.d.

Box 25: folder 400
National Endowment for the Arts, "An Audio-visual investigation of the design environment as it specifically effects women."

Box 25: folder 401
National Endowment for the Arts, Project fellowship in Architecture, Planning and Design

Box 25: folder 402
German Marshall Fund Short-term Travel Award, correspondence, report

Box 25: folder 403
National Endowment for the Humanities, "Toward the humanization of the built environment: Women's sensibilities in Architecture and Planning"

Box 25: folder 404
Subject Files

Articles, papers,
1971-78, n.d.

Box 25: folder 405-406

1980, n.d.

Box 25: folder 407
"Pa Vej: Women's Expressions on the Environment" an exhibit in Copenhagen Town Hall, : booklet, publicity,

Box 25: folder 408
Germany: clippings, reports,

Box 25: folder 409
Norway: conference materials,
1979, 1984

Box 25: folder 410
Sweden: clippings, pamphlets,
1976-77, 1984

Box 25: folder 411


Box 26: folder 412-413
Reference materials,

Box 26: folder 414
Applications for employment,
1974-91, n.d.

Box 26: folder 415-418
Applications for employment, references,

Box 26: folder 419

Box 26: folder 420
California State Polytechnic University


Box 26: folder 421
Course materials,

Box 26: folder 422
City College of the City University of New York, School of Architecture

Correspondence, minutes,
1972-75, n.d.

Box 26: folder 423-424
Course materials, Architecture 121,
1972-73, n.d.

Box 26: folder 425
Course materials, Architecture 131,

Box 26: folder 426
Detroit, University of, School of Architecture: correspondence, teaching materials, student research report,

Box 26: folder 427
Hofstra University: sample of student work,

Box 26: folder 428
Los Angeles Community Design Center: general and course materials,

Box 26: folder 429
New York Institute of Technology, Center for Architecture

General, correspondence, minutes,
1982-90, n.d.

Box 27: folder 430-431
Architectural Drawing Manual,

Box 27: folder 432
Course materials

Box 27
ARCH 6031 and 6032, Design Fundamentals I & II

Meetings and general,

Box 27: folder 433
Student work,

Box 27: folder 434
ARCH 6031, Design Fundamentals I: teaching materials,student work

Summer, 1983

Box 27: folder 435
Fall, 1983

Box 27: folder 436
Fall, 1984

Box 27: folder 437
Fall, 1986

Box 27: folder 438

Box 27: folder 439
ARCH 6032, Design Fundamentals II: teaching materials, student work

Spring, 1983

Box 27: folder 440
Spring, 1984

Box 27: folder 441
Spring, 1985

Box 27: folder 442
Spring, 1986

Box 27: folder 443
Fall, 1986

Box 27: folder 444
Spring, 1987

Box 27: folder 445
Fall, 1988

Box 28: folder 446
Spring, 1989

Box 28: folder 447

Box 28: folder 448
ARCH 6149, Building Construction I: teaching materials, student work

Teaching materials,
1987-88, n.d.

Box 28: folder 449
Student work,

Box 28: folder 450
ARCH 6175, Architectural Design I,
1983-87, n.d.

Box 28: folder 451
ARCH 6176, Architectural Design II,

Box 28: folder 452
ARCH 6217, Architectural Design IV,
1989-91, n.d.

Box 28: folder 453
ARCH 6218, Architectural Design V,

Box 28: folder 454
ARCH 6219, Architectural Design VI,

Box 28: folder 455
ARCH 6493, Construction Drawings I,

Box 28: folder 456
ARCH 6901, Architectural Design VII, Berlin Wall Thesis Studio


Box 28: folder 457
Trip to Berlin,

Box 28: folder 458
Student work, Emelito M. Felix,

Box 28: folder 459
Student work, Ray Maggiore,

Box 28: folder 460
Student work, Brad Schneider,

Box 28: folder 461
Reference material,
1977-87, n.d.

Box 28: folder 462
Reference material: postcards, flyers,
1987, n.d.

Box 29: folder 463
Reference material: street maps,
1986-87, n.d.

Box 29: folder 464
ARCH 8450, Interior Design Problems II: teachingmaterials,

Box 29: folder 465
Pratt Institute, School of Architecture


Box 29: folder 466
Teaching materials


Box 29: folder 467
Elderly housing,

Box 29: folder 468

Box 29: folder 469
1977, n.d.

Box 29: folder 470
Southern California Institute of Architecture,

Box 29: folder 471
Southern California, University of

General and notes,
1978-80, n.d.

Box 29: folder 472
Correspondence and memoranda,
1978-80, n.d.

Box 29: folder 473
Course materials

ARCH 102, First Year Design

Fall, 1978

Box 29: folder 474
Spring, 1979

Box 29: folder 475
Fall, 1979

Box 29: folder 476
Spring, 1980, n.d.

Box 29: folder 477
ARCH 105, Architectural communications media,

Box 29: folder 478
Womanschool Adult Education Center,

Box 29: folder 479
Women's School of Planning and Architecture

Bibliography, reading lists,
1977, n.d.

Box 29: folder 480
Teaching materials,
1975-78, n.d.

Box 29: folder 481


Sidney Abbott,
1972-76, n.d.

Box 30: folder 482
Jerri Allyn,

Box 30: folder 483
Jane Alpert,

Box 30: folder 484
Ellen Perry Berkeley,
1974, n.d.

Box 30: folder 485
Nell Blaine,
1960-73, n.d.

Box 30: folder 486
Ivy Bottini,

Box 30: folder 487
Charlotte Bunch,

Box 30: folder 488

Box 30: folder 489
Phyllis Chesler,

Box 30: folder 490
Judy Chicago,
1977, 1979, n.d.

Box 30: folder 491
Mary Daly,

Box 30: folder 492
Betsy Damon,

Box 30: folder 493
Diana Davies,

Box 30: folder 494
Frances Doughty,

Box 30: folder 495
Louise Fishman,
1982, 1992-93

Box 30: folder 496
Bici Forbes,

Box 30: folder 497
Gisele Freund,

Box 30: folder 498
Midi Garth,

Box 30: folder 499
Barbara Hammer,
1978, 1994, n.d.

Box 30: folder 500
Bertha Harris,
1971-93, n.d.

Box 30: folder 501
Dolores Hayden,
1979-83, n.d.

Box 30: folder 502
Jeriann Hilderly (aka Jeritree),
1978, n.d.

Box 30: folder 503
Buffie Johnson,

Box 30: folder 504
Jill Johnston,

Box 30: folder 505
Rakhel Kafri,

Box 30: folder 506
Maria Karras,

Box 30: folder 507
Margrit Kennedy,

Box 30: folder 508
Roberta Kosse,

Box 30: folder 509
Audre Lorde,

Box 30: folder 510
Barbara Love,

Box 30: folder 511
Cynthia Macadams,
1973-83, n.d.

Box 30: folder 512
Muriel Magenta,
1978, n.d.

Box 30: folder 513
March, 1992

Box 30: folder 514
Kate Millett,
1970-93, n.d.

Box 30: folder 515
Maricla Moyano,

Box 31: folder 516
Jean Mundy,

Box 31: folder 517
Marilyn Murphy,

Box 31: folder 518
Esther Newton,
1971, n.d.

Box 31: folder 519
Jane O'Wyatt,

Box 31: folder 520
Eleanor Pam,

Box 31: folder 521
Arlene Raven,
1982-87, n.d.

Box 31: folder 522
Jeanette Kathleen Rogers,

Box 31: folder 523
Lynda Simmons,

Box 31: folder 524
Alida Walsh,
1978, 1982, n.d.

Box 31: folder 525
Leslie Kanes Weisman

1973-92, n.d.

Box 31: folder 526
Teaching materials,
1972-78, n.d.

Box 31: folder 527
Charleen Whisnant,

Box 31: folder 528
Jennifer Wyland,

Box 31: folder 529


Box 31: folder 530
1977, n.d.

Box 31: folder 531
1972-73, n.d.

Box 31: folder 532

Box 31: folder 533
1962-87, n.d.

Box 31: folder 534-535
1971-93, n.d.

Box 31: folder 536
Book catalogs/publishers

1970-81, n.d.

Box 32: folder 537
Academy Press Limited/Academy Chicago Limited,
1980, n.d.

Box 32: folder 538
Come! Unity Press,

Box 32: folder 539
Crossing Press,

Box 32: folder 540
Daughters, Inc.,

Box 32: folder 541
Diana Press,
1976, n.d.

Box 32: folder 542
Feminist Press,
1977, 1981

Box 32: folder 543
First Things First,
1973, 1975

Box 32: folder 544
Know, Inc.,

Box 32: folder 545
Naiad Press,

Box 32: folder 546
Northwest Matrix,

Box 32: folder 547
Red Clay Books,

Box 32: folder 548
1977, 1983, n.d.

Box 32: folder 549
Books, poetry,

Box 32: folder 550

Spiderwomon's Lesbian Fairy Tales,

Box 32: folder 551
1966-72, n.d.

Box 32: folder 552
Business cards,

Box 32: folder 553
1973-80, n.d.

Box 32: folder 554
Cerridwen (a salon in the arts),

Box 32: folder 555
Class and the women's movement,

Box 33: folder 556

1971-88, n.d.

Box 33: folder 557
"Feminist Perspectives on Pornography," San Francisco, CA, conference materials, transcription of talk
17-19 Nov 1978:

Box 33: folder 558
National Organization for Women Sixth Annual Conference, Washington, DC, conference materials
17-19 Feb 1973:

Box 33: folder 559
National Radical Feminist Conference, Pennsylvania, correspondence
Aug 1975:

Box 33: folder 560
"Woman 1977: The Status of American Women," National Women's Conference, Houston, TX, conference materials
18-21 Nov 1977:

Box 33: folder 561
Consciousness raising groups

1971-72, 1981, n.d.

Box 33: folder 562
Transcript of CR Group One session, "Bisexuality,"
Oct 1971

Box 33: folder 563
Transcript of CR Group One session, "Butch/Femme,"
Oct 1971

Box 33: folder 564

Box 33: folder 565
1973-76, n.d.

Box 33: folder 566

Box 33: folder 567
1971-92, n.d.

Box 33: folder 568-569
1976-80, n.d.

Box 33: folder 570
Huntington (Mass.) Project,
1973, n.d.

Box 33: folder 571
Images of women,

Box 33: folder 572
1978, n.d.

Box 33: folder 573
1970-75, n.d.

Box 33: folder 574
1970, 1973, n.d.

Box 33: folder 575
1971, n.d.

Box 33: folder 576
National Women's Agenda,

Box 33: folder 577

1972-89, n.d.

Box 34: folder 578
Building Women, Inc.,

Box 34: folder 579
Feminist Art Institute,

Box 34: folder 580
New York Radical Feminists,

Box 34: folder 581
Fifth Street Women's Building,

Box 34: folder 582
Matrix: A Place of Our Own,
1986-87, n.d.

Box 34: folder 583
New Environments for Women, Inc.,
1974, n.d.

Box 34: folder 584
New York Feminist Art Institute,
1977-85, n.d.

Box 34: folder 585
Older Women's League (OWL),
1981-85, n.d.

Box 34: folder 586
Sagaris, A Multi Racial Feminist Institute,

Box 34: folder 587
The Woman's Building (Los Angeles),
1975-83, n.d.

Box 34: folder 588
Womanschool Adult Education Center, Inc.,

Box 34: folder 589
Women's Design Center, Inc.,

Box 34: folder 590
Women's Design Space,
1974, n.d.

Box 34: folder 591
Women's Development Corporation,
1980, n.d.

Box 34: folder 592
Women's History Research Center, Inc.,
1976, 1979, n.d.

Box 34: folder 593
Women's Interart Center,
1972-83, n.d.

Box 34: folder 594
Women's Liberation Center,
1970-72, n.d.

Box 34: folder 595
Women's Neighborhood Builders/Developers,
1981, n.d.

Box 34: folder 596
1972-84, n.d.

Box 35: folder 597
Political actions,
1970-84, n.d.

Box 35: folder 598
1979, n.d.

Box 35: folder 599
1970-75, n.d.

Box 35: folder 600
1983, n.d.

Box 35: folder 601
1976-78, n.d.

Box 35: folder 602
1972-76, n.d.

Box 35: folder 603

Box 35: folder 604
Violence against women,
1971, 1978, n.d.

Box 35: folder 605
Women's Liberation,
1970-74, n.d.

Box 35: folder 606
Women's Skill Exchange Festival,

Box 35: folder 607
Women's Studies,
1971-82, n.d.

Box 35: folder 608

1970-90, n.d.

Box 35: folder 609
1971, 1981, n.d.

Box 35: folder 610
Gay Academic Union,
1973, n.d.

Box 35: folder 611

Box 35: folder 612
1979-80, n.d.

Box 35: folder 613
Lesbian and Gay Directory of Services and Resources, New York Metropolitan Area,

Box 35: folder 614
Lesbian artists,

Box 35: folder 615
Lesbian Life Space,
1973, n.d.

Box 35: folder 616
Lesbian literature and publishing,
1976-78, n.d.

Box 36: folder 617
1970-89, n.d.

Box 36: folder 618-619
Lesbianism and Women's Liberation press conference,
7 Mar 1973

Box 36: folder 620
National Gay Task Force,
1974, n.d.

Box 36: folder 621
Organizations, miscellaneous,
1971-89, n.d.

Box 36: folder 622
Periodicals, miscellaneous,

Box 36: folder 623
Radicalesbians of Philadelphia,
1971, n.d.

Box 36: folder 624
Buttons, pins

Box 37

Box 38-39

Photographic prints



Box 40: folder 625-629

Box 40: folder 630


Box 40: folder 631-635
Women's College of the University of North Carolina,

Box 40: folder 636
Groups at parties,

Box 40: folder 637-638
Groups at Huntington, MA,

Box 41: folder 639
Groups at Millett Farm,

Box 41: folder 640-641
Jan Crawford,
1975, n.d.

Box 41: folder 642
Louise Fishman,
1967, n.d.

Box 41: folder 643
Barbara Hammer,
1977-78, n.d.

Box 41: folder 644
Jill Johnston,

Box 41: folder 645
Naomi Katz,
1964-65, n.d.

Box 41: folder 646
Kate Millett,
1972, n.d.

Box 41: folder 647
Jane O'Wyatt,
1973, n.d.

Box 41: folder 648
Leslie Kanes Weisman,
1974, n.d.

Box 41: folder 649
Miscellaneous groups,
1986, n.d.

Box 41: folder 650
Gravesite, Ka boat,

Box 41: folder 651
Art by NPB,

Box 41: folder 652
Hand-painted canes by NPB,

Box 41: folder 653

Box 41: folder 654
1950, n.d.

Box 41: folder 655
51 Castle St., Great Barrington, MA,

Box 41: folder 656
51 Market St., New York, NY,

Box 41: folder 657
Yale University and New Haven, CT,

Box 41: folder 658
Artistic photography

1952-90, n.d.

Box 41: folder 659
Roller skating, Venice, CA,

Box 41: folder 660

Box 41: folder 661

Amethyst House, Bayley-Seton Hospital Halfway House for Women, 75 Vanderbilt Ave., Staten, Island, NY, FDC #3465,
1990, n.d.

Box 42: folder 662-664
Bellevue Environs study,

Box 42: folder 665
Bellomo, 7455 Soundview Ave., Southold, NY,
1985-87, n.d.

Box 42: folder 666
Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center, Adolescent Day Treatment Center, 1180 Rev. James Polite Blvd., Bronx, NY, FDC #3166,

Box 42: folder 667
Bronx Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 2747 University Ave., Bronx, NY, FDC # 4722,

Box 42: folder 668
Cardamon Lane Condominiums, Little Ferry, NJ,

Box 42: folder 669
Cinnamon Court, Little Ferry, NJ,

Box 42: folder 670
Evergreen Ave. and Townline Rd., Hauppauge, NY,

Box 42: folder 671
Fox/Whitby, Manhattan,
1987, n.d.

Box 42: folder 672
Fox/Whitby, Long Island,

Box 42: folder 673
Jacobs, 51 8th Ave., Sea Cliff, NY,
1973, n.d.

Box 42: folder 674
Johnston, Cutchogue, Southold, NY,

Box 42: folder 675-677
Knowlton, River Rd., Point Pleasant, PA,

Box 43: folder 678
Leser, 129 West 12th St., New York, NY,

Box 43: folder 679
Lobel, Hedges Bank Drive, E. Hampton, NY,
1977, n.d.

Box 43: folder 680
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Master Plan,

Box 43: folder 681
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Library/Learning Center,

Box 42: folder 682-683
Maple Knoll Village, Springdale, OH,

Box 43: folder 684
New American House: competition submission,

Box 43: folder 685
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 201 Garden Place, W. Hempstead, NY, FDC #4846,

Box 43: folder 686
Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residence, 3531 Oceanside Rd., Oceanside, NY, FDC #4845,

Box 43: folder 687
Sokolow, Winding Rd., Ardsley, NY,
1986, n.d.

Box 43: folder 688
Spyer, 2 Fifth Ave., New York, NY, and 254 Tuckahoe Lane, South Hampton, NY,

Box 43: folder 689
Thu Duc Polytechnic University, Bien Hoa, Vietnam,

Box 43: folder 690
670 Townline Rd., Hauppauge, NY,

Box 43: folder 691
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, Single Room Occupancy residence, 334-336 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY,

Box 43: folder 692
2886/92 Valentine Ave.,

Box 43: folder 693
Vaughan, 201 West 138th St., New York, NY,

Box 43: folder 694
Watering Place Resort Hotel, Roatan, Honduras,

Box 43: folder 695
Waterside Houses, east midtown Manhattan, NY,

Box 44: folder 696-697
Women's Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, NY, competition submission: photos of site and environs,

Box 44: folder 698
1968, n.d.

Box 44: folder 699
Computer generated images,

Box 44: folder 700
Gruzen and Partners projects,

Box 44: folder 701
1994, n.d.

Box 44: folder 702


Box 44: folder 703
National Women's Conference, Houston, TX,

Box 44: folder 704
Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, Seneca Army Depot, NY,

Box 44: folder 705
Research, Speaking, and Writing

Elderly housing presentation,

Box 44: folder 706
Women and the Built Environment

Buildings by/for women,

Box 44: folder 707
Danner House,

Box 44: folder 708
Fantasy drawings,

Box 44: folder 709
Women in Architecture symposium, Washington University, St. Louis, MO,

Box 44: folder 710

University of Southern California faculty,
c. 1979

Box 45: folder 711
Samples of student work


Box 45: folder 712
Berlin Wall Thesis Studio,

Box 45: folder 713

1967, n.d.

Box 45: folder 714

Box 45: folder 715
Berlin, Germany,

Box 45: folder 716
Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD,

Box 45: folder 717
Cozumel, Mexico,

Box 45: folder 718
Honduras (?),

Box 45: folder 719

Box 45: folder 720

Box 45: folder 721

35mm, 1-69

Box 46
35mm, 70-144

Box 47
4x5, #200-231

Box 48
4x5, #232-269

Box 49
Slides and transparencies


Student Work,
1964-66, n.d.

Box 50: folder 722

1973, 1986, n.d.

Box 50: folder 723
Jacobs, Johnston,
1971-72, 1985-88

Box 50: folder 724
1975, n.d.

Box 50: folder 725
1977, n.d.

Box 50: folder 726
Long Island University,
1973-77, n.d.

Box 50: folder 727
T-Z, unidentified,
1973-87, n.d.

Box 50: folder 728
1963, 1967, n.d.

Box 50: folder 729
Expo '67,

Box 50: folder 730
Soleri, Cosanti Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ,
c. 1969

Box 50: folder 731
Watts Towers, Los Angeles, CA,
c. 1969

Box 50: folder 732
Art by NPB and others,
1973-93, n.d.

Box 50: folder 733

1970, 1975, n.d.

Box 51: folder 734
51 Market St.,
1974, 1984

Box 51: folder 735
Yale University [?],
1966, n.d.

Box 51: folder 736
Family [?],
1967-69, 1984, n.d.

Box 51: folder 737
Noel Phyllis Birkby,
c. 1954-c. 1978

Box 51: folder 738

1967-82, n.d.

Box 52: folder 739-740
Barbara Hammer and NPB,
c. 1978-79, n.d.

Box 52: folder 741
Bertha Harris and Jennifer Wyland,

Box 52: folder 742
Jill Johnston,

Box 52: folder 743
Naomi Katz,
1964, n.d.

Box 52: folder 744
Alberta Ming Chi Wang,
1972, n.d.

Box 52: folder 745
Black and white photographs of friends, copies,

Box 52: folder 746
1972-83, n.d.

Box 52: folder 747
Groups at Huntington, MA,

Box 52: folder 748
Groups at Millet Farm,
1972-93, n.d.

Box 52: folder 749
Groups, miscellaneous

Box 52: folder 750

Box 52: folder 751


Box 53: folder 752
Gay Pride March,

Box 53: folder 753
National Women's Conference,

Box 53: folder 754

Box 53: folder 755
Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, Seneca Army Depot, NY,

Box 53: folder 756
Undated, unidentified

Box 53: folder 757
Research, Speaking, and Writing

Elderly housing

Teaching slides,
1975, n.d.

Box 54: folder 758
Plans and drawings,

Box 54: folder 759

Box 54: folder 760
Women and the Built Environment

Workshops, miscellaneous,
1973, 1979

Box 54: folder 761
Workshop, "Kvinner, Natur, Rom," Oslo, Norway,

Box 54: folder 762
Fantasy drawings,
1977-79, n.d.

Box 54: folder 763
Slide lecture I,

Box 54: folder 764
Slide lecture II,

Box 54: folder 765
Lecture slides, misc.,

Box 54: folder 766
Buildings by women

1979-82, n.d.

Box 54: folder 767
1973-76, n.d.

Box 54: folder 768
Women in Design: The Next Decade conference, Women's Building, Los Angeles, CA,
20-21 Mar 1975

Box 54: folder 769
Artistic photography

1966-83, n.d.

Box 55: folder 770
Mobile homes,
1975, n.d.

Box 55: folder 771
1969-83, n.d.

Box 55: folder 772
1962-63, n.d.

Box 55: folder 773
New York City,
1964, 1972, n.d.

Box 55: folder 774

1975-78, n.d.

Box 55: folder 775
Design lecture slides,
1977, n.d.

Box 55: folder 776
Women's School of Planning and Architecture: fantasy drawings,

Box 55: folder 777


Box 55: folder 778
c. 1960s

Box 55: folder 779
France [?],
1984, n.d.

Box 55: folder 780

Box 56: folder 781
Germany: Berlin Wall,

Box 56: folder 782
1984, n.d.

Box 56: folder 783
1992, n.d.

Box 56: folder 784
1954-55, n.d.

Box 56: folder 785-786
1982, n.d.

Box 56: folder 787
Sri Lanka,

Box 56: folder 788
United States

1970-84, n.d.

Box 56: folder 789
Canyon de Chelly, AZ,
c. 1969

Box 56: folder 790
Olympics, Los Angeles,

Box 56: folder 791

Slide lecture

Box 57: folder 792

Box 57: folder 793
San Genero,

Box 57: folder 794

Restrictions on access:

All original audiovisual material is closed--access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Written material

General and miscellaneous,
1972, n.d.

Box 58: folder 795
"Architectural Barriers to Women, Mothers with Young Children": introduction,

Box 58: folder 796
The Thanks be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation grant materials,
1993-94, n.d.

Box 58: folder 796a
"Head Change": notes,
1977, n.d.

Box 58: folder 797
"Listen!"/"The Second Wave" (proposed film on the women's liberation movement)

American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker Program funding applications,

Box 58: folder 798

Box 58: folder 799-780
Interview notes,

Box 58: folder 781
Interview transcripts

June Arnold

Box 58: folder 782
Charlotte Bunch

Box 58: folder 783
Robin Morgan

Box 58: folder 784
Esther Newton and Kathryn McHargue

Box 58: folder 785
Sue Perlgut

Box 58: folder 786
Carole Rosenthal

Box 58: folder 787
Dinah Utah and Nancy Johnson

Box 58: folder 788
Shirley Walton

Box 58: folder 789
Washington Square Park,

Box 58: folder 790


[see Appendix for descriptive list of films]

Restrictions on access:

(In-house use copies of films are available where noted (see box 72a)]


Bronx House, Davis Brody

Box 59: folder 1

Box 59: folder 2
Davis Brody and Associates

Box 59: folder 3
"Davis Brody Buildings"

Box 59: folder 4
"Davis Brody Building/1 Foot of Naomi Fatt"

Box 59: folder 5
Hampshire College

Box 59: folder 6-7A

Box 59: folder 8
"LIU Library Model Making"

Box 59: folder 9

Box 59: folder 10
"Soleri" Watts Towers [?] Pouring Foundation

Box 59: folder 11
Soleri? Foundation pouring

Box 59: folder 12
c. 1969?

Box 59: folder 13
Soleri, Sandy [?]

Box 59: folder 14

Box 59: folder 15
Space Center Assembly Building

Box 59: folder 16
"Waterside Site/Yale shots"

Box 59: folder 17
Art Films

"A&P Broome St./Ice Skate,"

Box 60: folder 18
"A&P," Market St.,

Box 60: folder 19
"Ann and Sue,"
summer 1970

Box 60: folder 20
"Auto Show"

Box 60: folder 21

Box 60: folder 22

Box 60: folder 23

Box 60: folder 24
"Beach--Footprints" Flotsam

Box 60: folder 25
Beach House

Box 60: folder 26
"Beach Walk B.H.?"

Box 60: folder 27
"Beach With Dogs--Sagaponack"

Box 60: folder 28
"Bici's Divorce"

Box 60: folder 29

Box 60: folder 30
"City Island, Women,"

Box 60: folder 31
"Clark Ferebee House"

Box 60: folder 32
"Clark/Ferebee, pigeons near Macy's" Herald Square,

Box 60: folder 33

Box 60: folder 34

Box 60: folder 35
Fantasy Film, Dream, Forbes, Birkby

Box 60: folder 36
"Fibishes" / Fall Foliage Family,

Box 60: folder 37
Flowers, Stamford

Box 60: folder 38
Frances/Water, etc. @ Lynda's

Box 60: folder 39
"Head Change"

completed film [?]

Box 61: folder 40

[In-house use copy available]

16 mm elements, AB roll, magtrack

Box 61: folder 41
Slide out takes

Box 62: folder 42
Video out takes

Box 62: folder 43
Original footage

Box 62: folder 44
Out takes

Box 62: folder 45
Title roll

Box 62: folder 46
Out takes

Box 62: folder 47

Box 62: folder 48
A Roll

Box 62: folder 49
B Roll

Box 62: folder 50
Old title

Box 62: folder 51
Extra video

Box 62: folder 52

Box 62: folder 53

Box 62: folder 54-55

[In-house use copy available]

Lone Woman on Beach,

Box 62: folder 56
Louise Fishman at the Beach

Box 62: folder 57
Love Letter

Box 62: folder 58

Box 62: folder 59

Box 62: folder 60
Nude Man at Beach

Box 62: folder 61
Rooftop Shooting

Box 62: folder 62

Box 62: folder 63
Seashells By the Seashore

Box 63: folder 64
Shirley Walton

Box 63: folder 65
"Stamford" Long Island Beach

Box 63: folder 66
"Stamford" II

Box 63: folder 67

Box 63: folder 67A
"Sun on Water/Sky/Rough Cut(?)" Beach Sunset

Box 63: folder 68

Box 63: folder 69-70

[In-house use copy available]

"Two Bridges" Brooklyn Bridge

Box 63: folder 71
Two Bridges Manhattan

Box 63: folder 72
"Two Bridges ______" Neighborhood/Manhattan Bridge,

Box 63: folder 73

Box 63: folder 74
Washington Square Park,
circa 1970, n.d.

Box 63: folder 75-81
Washington Square Park,
circa 1970, n.d.

Box 64: folder 82
Washington Square Park,
circa 1970, n.d.

Box 65: folder 83

Box 65: folder 84
Wind Chimes,

Box 64: folder 85

Box 64: folder 86-87

[In-house use copy available]


"Amazon Weekend"

Box 64: folder 88

[In-house use copy available]

"Amazon Weekend"

Box 64: folder 89

[In-house use copy available]

CR Volleyball

Box 64: folder 90-91

[In-house use copy available]

CR #1 Dinner Party at Kate Millett's Farm

Box 64: folder 92
"Dance" Birthday Party

Box 64: folder 93
"Dykes at Jill's Weekend" Upstate NY

Box 66: folder 94

[In-house use copy available]

Esther, Louise, Roberta, Martha,
Aug 1971

Box 64: folder 95

[In-house use copy available]

Friendship Circle at Beach House,

Box 64: folder 96-97

[In-house use copy available]

The Girl Gang

Box 64: folder 98

[In-house use copy available]


Box 64: folder 99

[In-house use copy available]


Box 64: folder 100

[In-house use copy available]

"Jane and Jill"

Box 64: folder 101

[In-house use copy available]

Jane O'Wyatt and Jill Johnston

Box 64: folder 102

[In-house use copy available]

Jennifer's Birthday Party,

Box 64: folder 103
Jill Johnston and Van,

Box 64: folder 104

[In-house use copy available]

Maryland II

Box 64: folder 105

[In-house use copy available]

Old Peekskill Calendar,

Box 64: folder 106

Box 66: folder 107

[In-house use copy available]

"Pt. Pleasant,"

Box 66: folder 108
R, K, W, Cats

Box 66: folder 109
Self Portrait: Hello, Hello, Hello

Box 66: folder 110

[In-house use copy available]


Box 66: folder 111

[In-house use copy available]

Street Fair

Box 66: folder 112

[In-house use copy available]

Tower, Esther, Louise

Box 66: folder 113

[In-house use copy available]

"Woodstock Pool/Dana's Baseball Team"

Box 66: folder 114

[In-house use copy available]


"Abortion St. Pat's" Protest

Box 66: folder 115

[In-house use copy available]

"Abortion" Rights, St. Patrick's Protest, reel #2

Box 66: folder 116

[In-house use copy available]

Albany March

Box 66: folder 117

[In-house use copy available]

"April 10" Demonstration in Washington DC

Box 66: folder 118

[In-house use copy available]

"Dec 12 Demo" Women's Liberation Demonstration

Box 66: folder 119

[In-house use copy available]

"5th St."

Box 67: folder 120

[In-house use copy available]

"First 1/2 of March '71?" Women's March, first half, '71?

Box 67: folder 121

[In-house use copy available]

Gay March

Box 67: folder 122

[In-house use copy available]

Gay March, [?]

Box 67: folder 122A-B

[In-house use copy available]

"It's All Right to Be Woman Theater"

Box 67: folder 123-126

[In-house use copy available]

"Patchapines, E-Day, 42nd St., Peace March"Demo/42nd St./Patchapines Yoga Hour

Box 67: folder 127

[In-house use copy available]

Women's Lib March A

Box 67: folder 128

[In-house use copy available]

"Women's Liberation March Trial Blowups" B

Box 67: folder 129

[In-house use copy available]

Women's Lib
26 Aug 1970

Box 67: folder 130

[In-house use copy available]

Women's Strike for Peace and Equality

Box 67: folder 131

[In-house use copy available]


Box 67: folder 132

[In-house use copy available]



Box 68: folder 133
"Canyon de Chelly" [formerly Soleri Cement A]

Box 68: folder 134

Box 68: folder 135

Box 68: folder 136
Miscellaneous Road Footage A-G

Box 68: folder 137-143
Olympics, Out of Focus Field Hockey,

Box 68: folder 144-147

Box 68: folder 148

Box 68: folder 149
Saigon [?], [?]

Box 68: folder 150

Preservation masters--VHS format

Restrictions on access:

[Closed. Use copies must be made for research use].

Kay Standley and Bradley Soule lecture on perceptions of discrimination in the professions and forecast for change for women professionals and the professions in general, at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York, NY
13 Dec 1972

Box 69: folder 1-2
Alliance of Women in Architecture

Discussion of history, goals and activities of the AWA at the Architectural League of New York,

Box 69: folder 3
General meeting,
10 Aug [1972]

Box 69: folder 3a-3b
AWA members' discussion of AWA's relationship with UIFA,
26 Oct 1972

Box 69: folder 4
Consciousness raising

Introduction to CR: AWA group discussing CR at Architectural League of NY

Box 69: folder 5
CR session with AWA members at Judy Klein's,

Box 69: folder 6-7
Architect Judy Edelman interviewed by Sarah Brezavar,

Box 69: folder 8
Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes, 3rd Annual Congress, Bucharest, interviews with women architects, an engineer, and the president of UIFA

Box 69: folder 9-10
Architectural Barriers to women: mothers with young children,
c. 1972

Box 69: folder 11
Video document of Women in Architecture Symposium, Washington University, St. Louis,
March 1974

Box 69: folder 12
"Mardelle [Shepley]" Discussion at Columbia University(?) the status of women in Architecture followed by footage of women making architectural drawings and models,

Box 69: folder 13
VHS Originals

Restrictions on access:

[Closed. Use copies must be made for research use].

Lesbian Activists at Mid-Life, meeting
29 Jan 1989

Box 69: folder 14-15
Group at 51 Castle St., Great Barrington,
25 Nov 1990

Box 69: folder 16
"NYIT 90--New Mexico/Pow Wow"

Box 69: folder 17
Noel Phyllis Birkby Memorial/Party, Kate Millett's loft, 295 Bowery, NYC,
5 Jun 1994

Box 69: folder 18
"Birkby's Greatest Hits" video of still photographs of/by NPB shown at Memorial/Party,
5 Jun 1994

Box 70: folder 19
"In Memoriam: Phyllis Birkby" short film by Barbara Hammer shown at Memorial/Party, (2 copies)
5 Jun 1994

Box 70: folder 20
Group (Sidney Abbott, Barbara Love, Alma Routsong, etc.), Horse Show,

Box 70: folder 21
"Dr. Ji" Tai Chi,

Box 70: folder 22
"Cats, Fire Dept., Horse Show,"

Box 70: folder 23
Film Transfers, VHS format--Preservation Masters

Restrictions on access:

[Closed. Use copies must be made for research use].

"CR Volleyball" (2 copies)

Box 70: folder 24
Six Short Films by NPB ("Head Change," "Tractor," "Kite," "5th St.," "Windsor," and "Amazon Weekend")

Box 70: folder 25
Transfer of films 94-102, 104-105, 107, 110-113 to VHS

Box 70: folder 26
Transfer of films 115-119, 121 to VHS

Box 70: folder 27
Transfer of films 122-129, 131-132 to VHS

Box 70: folder 28
Original Videotapes, reel-to-reel format

Box 71: folder 1-13
Restrictions on access:

[Closed. Use copies must be made for research use].

Restoration Masters, U-Matic format

Box 72: folder 1-13
Restrictions on access:

[Closed. Use copies must be made for research use].

In-house Use Copies, Transfers of Films

#90-91, VHS

Box 72a
#7, 7A, 8, 20, 18, 23, 22, 30, 31, 62, 71-73 DVD

Box 72a
#75-83 DVD

Box 72a
#40, 54-56, 69-70, 86-89, 120 [transferred from VHS 25] DVD

Box 72a
#94-102, 104-105, 107, 110-113 [transferred from VHS 26] DVD

Box 72a
#27, 115-119, 121 [transferred from VHS 27] DVD

Box 72a
#122, 122A, 122B, 123-129, 132 [transferred from VHS 28] DVD

Box 72a
#130 [transferred from VHS 28a] DVD

Box 72a

Cassettes: Preservation Copies

Restrictions on access:

Preservation master copies: DO NOT USE [see box 81a for use copies]


Audio letter, Bertha Harris to NPB,

Box 73: folder 1
Audio letter, NPB to Bertha Harris,

Box 73: folder 2
Consciousness raising group, "Butch/Femme,"
1 Oct 1971

Box 73: folder 3

[In-house use copy available]

Side A: Consciousness raising group, "Butch/Femme," (cont'd) Side B: music for Tractor film and Washington Square Park sounds
1 Oct 1971

Box 73: folder 4

[In-house use copy available]

Consciousness raising group, "Bisexuality," 9?
Oct [1971]

Box 73: folder 5

[In-house use copy available]

Side A: Consciousness raising group, "Bisexuality," 9? Oct [1971] (cont'd) Side B: "Sandy # 1,"
14 Aug 1971

Box 73: folder 6

[In-house use copy available]

Consciousness raising group, "Straight,"
2 Jan 197[2]

Box 73: folder 7
Jill Johnston reading from her work for NPB,

Box 73: folder 8
"Mod Drama," performance, Bici [Forbes]/Mallory [Millett Danaher],

Box 73: folder 9
"On the Streets of Sagaris," performance, Emily Medvec recorded by Hera,

Box 73: folder 10
Psychic reading with Michael Hughes,

Box 73: folder 11
Therapy Session Tapes



Therapy session with Beverly Dennis,
7 Mar 1978

Box 73: folder 12
Therapy session with Beverly Dennis,
30 Jul [1978]

Box 73: folder 13
Therapy session with Beverly Dennis,

Box 73: folder 14
Side A: Therapy session with Beverly Dennis, n.d. Side B: "Jany V. S." interview re windmill, n.d.

Box 73: folder 15
Therapy session, "Phyllis" (2 cassettes)

Box 73: folder 16-17
Therapy session, "Session" (3 cassettes)

Box 73: folder 18-20
Side A: Therapy session, "ice cubes" Side B: Vietnamese Music

Box 73: folder 21

Women's Liberation
March, 26 Aug 1970

Box 74: folder 22
Women's March on City Hall,
12 Dec 1970

Box 74: folder 23
Women's Liberation (2 cassettes)
March, Aug 1971

Box 74: folder 24-25
Women's / Discussion at Jill's re ritual, matriarchy
March, 1972

Box 74: folder 26
speech, Betty Friedan, IDCA,

Box 74: folder 27
Women's National March on the Pentagon,
10 Apr 1971

Box 74: folder 28
Kate Millett interviews, (2 cassettes)
1/5/77 and 12/4/7[7]

Box 74: folder 29-30
Christopher Street March/Rally, (3 cassettes)

Box 74: folder 31-33
National Women's Conference, Houston, TX, (3 cassettes)
18-21 Nov 1977

Box 74: folder 34-36
Presentation at conference [MLA 1974?] re lesbian literature,

Box 74: folder 37
Feminist Perspectives on Pornography conference, San Francisco, CA, (3 cassettes)
17-19 Nov 1978

Box 74: folder 38-40
Kate Millett interview [not by NPB],

Box 74: folder 41
Interview re welfare, Mary Vogel [not by NPB],

Box 74: folder 42

Expo 68 Whole Life Expo, San Francisco, panel, "Housing for Everyone" Boyd, Herman, McMahaon, et al.
Apr 1987:

Box 75: folder 43
Magrit Kennedy, talk, "Energy," Oslo, Norway,

Box 75: folder 44
Magrit Kennedy talk on women and architecture,

Box 75: folder 45
Monterey Design Conference, "Human Nature and Architecture"
Apr 1987,

Box 75: folder 46
Two Bridges Neighborhood Council meeting(?),

Box 75: folder 47
Translation by Jan D. of articles re architecture and women from German periodicals,

Box 75: folder 48

Second Wave of Feminism

Interview, June Arnold,
7 Jun 1977

Box 75: folder 49
Interview, Esther Newton and Kathryn McHargue, (2 cassettes) second tape b/w Discussion among friends

Box 75: folder 50-51
Interview, Sue Perlgut,
10 Jun 1977

Box 75: folder 52

Washington Square Park: sounds, interview,

Box 75: folder 53

[see also CR tape]

Discussion at Kate Millett's farm about progress on a film,

Box 75: folder 54
"Tractor" soundtrack

[see CR tape]

Box 75: folder 4
"Mooncircles" slide lecture soundtrack for "fan slides",

Box 75: folder 55
Research, Speaking, Writing

Elderly Housing

"Old People Pratt Tape,"

Box 75: folder 56
Community ___________ Society meeting re elderly,
Oct 1975

Box 75: folder 57
Dover(?) St. meeting re elderly,

Box 75: folder 58
Discussion, "Kids/Old People,"

Box 75: folder 59
Women and the Built Environment

Environmental Fantasy Discussions

"Washington women, Val, Jo,"
31 Jul 1974

Box 75: folder 60
"Val, Jo, L.,"
4 Aug [1974?]

Box 75: folder 61
"Dinah's Fantasy childhood,"
25 Aug [1974?]

Box 75: folder 62
Interview, Liza ?, Cheryl ?, and Mary ?, and NPB,
Mar 1974

Box 75: folder 63
"Tape on fantasy, cont'd,"
9 Sep 1974

Box 76: folder 64
Ann Pollon, Gail ?, Bertha Harris,

Box 76: folder 65
Side A: Ann Pollon, Gail?, Bertha Harris, n.d. Side B: "Goddard" slide lecture, n.d.

Box 76: folder 66
Julia ? and Sahli [Cavallaro?], Lectures/workshops/conference presentations

Box 76: folder 67
University of Detroit slide lecture, "Women in Architecture,"
10 Oct 1974

Box 76: folder 68
Gay Academic Union Conference, New York University, "Negotiating Space: The Woman-Built Environment
30 Nov 1974,

Box 76: folder 69
Workshop, NPB and LKW, "Women in Design: The Next Decade" conference, Women's Building, Los Angeles, CA,
20-21 Mar 1975

Box 76: folder 70
Lecture and workshop, "Two Feminist Designers, Leslie Kanes Weisman and Noel Phyllis Birkby," University of Wisconsin--Green Bay,
1-2 May 1975

Box 76: folder 71-72
Workshop, "Fantasies and Realities: Women's Visions of the Built Environment," Feminist Visions of the Future conference, California State, Chico, CA,
Mar 1979

Box 76: folder 73
Workshop led by NPB, unidentified,

Box 76: folder 74
Workshop led by NPB and LKW, unidentified,

Box 76: folder 75
Women's Vernacular Architecture

Interviews, Virginia Gray, Santa Fe, NM, 11 Apr 1979; Laurie Davis (Hogan dwelling), n.d.

Box 76: folder 76
Interviews, Santa Fe, NM,

Box 76: folder 77
Interviews, Laurie Davis, Nancy Lipsett, Santa Fe, NM,

Box 76: folder 78
Interviews, Tipi Village, Isla Vista, CA, Mona and Jade, (2 cassettes)

Box 76: folder 79-80
Interviews in Santa Barbara, Sandy? Pat?,

Box 76: folder 81
Interview, Pyramid of Amaratasu, Jenner, CA,

Box 76: folder 82
Interview, Joyce Johnston, Truro, MA,

Box 76: folder 83
Interview, Tye Farm, H. Bye,

Box 76: folder 84
Interview, Marsha Oliver (oval house),

Box 77: folder 85
Interview, Lorie ?,

Box 77: folder 86
Interview, Shannon's cabin n.d., Fantasy Workshop, Therapy session with Beverly Dennis, [
Aug 1978]

Box 77: folder 87

Leslie Kanes Weisman teaching ARIII class [University of Detroit?],
5 Sep 1974

Box 77: folder 88
Talk by Ena Dubnoff, "How space has beenappropriated by women to satisfy their material and creative needs," Long Beach,

Box 77: folder 89
Slide lecture on women and design by Sheila de Bretteville,

Box 77: folder 90
Women's Development Corporation meeting,

Box 77: folder 91

City College of the City University of New York, architecture class,

Box 77: folder 92
[Pratt Institute?], Basic Design Class,
20 Oct 1974

Box 77: folder 93
Womanschool Adult Education Center, Women and the Built Environment, (2 cassettes)
Oct 1975

Box 77: folder 94-95
Gay Academic Union Conference, panel "The Lesbian Experience in Education,"

Box 77: folder 96
Cassettes: Originals

Box 78-81
Restrictions on access:

DO NOT USE Original cassette tapes [see box 81a for use copies]

Cassettes: Use Copies

Consciousness raising group, "Butch/Femme," [2 compact discs]
1 Oct 1971

Box 81a: folder 3
Side A: Consciousness raising group, "Butch/Femme," (cont'd) and Side B: music for Tractor film and Washington Square Park sounds [cassette]
1 Oct 1971

Box 81a: folder 4
Consciousness raising group, "Bisexuality," [cassette]
9? Oct [1971]

Box 81a: folder 5
Side A: Consciousness raising group, "Bisexuality," (cont'd) and Side B: "Sandy # 1," [cassette]
9? Oct [1971] 14 Aug 1971

Box 81a: folder 6
Consciousness raising group, "Straight," [cassette]
2 Jan 197[2]

Box 81a: folder 7

Restrictions on access:

Originals: DO NOT USE


Audio letter, Barbara Hammer to NPB, "A Tape #1,"
28-31, Jul 1978

Box 82: folder 1



Second Wave of Feminism

Kate Millett talk at Gay Academic Union conference, University of Southern California,
25 Nov 1978

Box 82: folder 2
Women's Liberation
March, 1970

Box 82: folder 3
Interview: Shirley Walton,
12 Jun and 31 July 1977

Box 82: folder 4-5
Interview: Charlotte Bunch,

Box 82: folder 6
Interview: June Arnold,
7 Jun 1977

Box 82: folder 7
Robin Morgan Yarrow-Birkby broadcast on Velvet Sledgehammer (2 tapes)
31 Jul 1977

Box 82: folder 8-9
Second Wave of Feminism, interview: Robin Morgan, n.d. Washington Square Park, sounds, n.d.

Box 82: folder 10
Second Wave of Feminism, interview: Dinah Utah andNancy Johnson,
13 Jun 1977

Box 83: folder 11
Second Wave of Feminism, interview: Carole Rosenthal, n.d. Washington Square Park, sounds, n.d.

Box 83: folder 12
Research, Speaking, and Writing

Women and the Built Environment

Lecture "Feminism and Architecture in the U.S.," Sarah Kulturzentrum/Cafe fur Frauen, Stuttgart, Germany,
29 Aug 1980

Box 83: folder 13
Workshop with LKW,

Box 83: folder 14
Interview at Pyramid of Amaratasu, Barbara [Hammer], Claire, Alicia?, NPB,
Feb 1978

Box 83: folder 15

Series I. Biographical and Financial Material


Box 84: folder 791
Artwork by NPB and friends

Box 84: folder 792
Education: Yale University portfolio and Third Year Design problems and class work

Box 84: folder 793

Box 85: folder 794

Box 85: folder 795
Series II. Correspondence


Box 86: folder 796
Series III. Architecture


Box 86: folder 797

Bellevue Environs

Box 86: folder 798

Box 86: folder 799

Box 86: folder 800

Box 86: folder 801
Long Island University

Box 86: folder 802

Box 86: folder 803
Watering Place

Box 87: folder 804
Waterside Houses

Box 87: folder 805
Women's Liberation Center

Box 87: folder 806

Box 87: folder 807
Subject Files


Box 87: folder 808
Alternative Construction Systems

Box 87: folder 809
Series IV. Research, Speaking and Writing


Box 88: folder 810
Women and the Built Environment: Fantasy Drawings

Box 88: folder 811
Series VI. Subject Files


Box 88: folder 812
Women, A - F

Box 88: folder 813
Women, G - Z

Box 88: folder 814

Box 88: folder 815
Series VII. Photographs


Box 89: folder 816

Box 89: folder 817

Box 89: folder 818

Box 89: folder 819

Box 89: folder 820

Box 89: folder 821

Series I. Biographical and Financial Material

Education: Cooper Union student drawings

Box Tube 1
Series III. Architecture

Projects: Long Island University Library/Learning Center

Box Tube 2
Projects: Waterside Houses

Box Tube 3
Series IV. Research, Speaking, and Writing

Women and the Built Environment: Environmental Fantasy Drawings

"Aug 13 WSPA"

Box Tube 4
"L.A. Conference"

Box Tube 5

Box Tubes 6-14

Series I. Biographical and Financial Material

Artwork by NPB and friends

Education, student work

Miscellaneous student projects (2 folders)

Medical Building

Cooper Union


Urban Row House

Episcopal Church

Group Medical Center

International University, NY campus w/Lynda Simmons

Yale University

Thesis: Hofstra University Gymnasium

Housing for the Elderly


Recital Hall

Series IV. Research, Speaking, and Writing


Women and the Built Environment: Women's Vernacular Architecture, M.F. Beal house plan

Women and the Built Environment: Fantasy Drawings

Series III. Architecture

Subject Files

Series V. Teaching


Series VI: Subject Files


Women: Artists

Women's Organizations, The Woman's Building


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  • Birkby, Phyllis, 1932-1994
  • Bisexuality-United States-History--Sources
  • Blaine, Nell, 1922-
  • Breast--Cancer--Patients--Sources
  • Chesler, Phyllis
  • Feminists--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Fishman, Louise, 1939-
  • Hammer, Barbara
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  • Johnston, Jill
  • Lesbian communities--United States--History--Sources
  • Lesbian feminism--United States--History--Sources
  • Lesbians--United States--History--20th century--Sources
  • Love, Barbara
  • Miller, Isabel, 1924-
  • Millett, Kate
  • New York (N.Y.)--Social life and customs--20th century--Sources
  • Vietnam--Description and travel--Sources
  • Weisman, Leslie
  • Women architects--United States--History-Sources
  • Women's School of Planning and Architecture

Appendix: Descriptive List of Birkby's Films

The following list was made primarily by Birkby friend, the filmmaker Barbara Hammer in 1996. Films located after that time were described by student assistants Erin Zolkosky and Crystal Daugherty using Barbara Hammer's list as a model. The few films with no description were considered self explanatory or have not been viewed.

Titles that were written on the film or the box in which the film was stored are in quotes. Other titles were assigned by Barbara Hammer.

A selection of films from this collection have been digitized and are available to view online.


1. BRONX HOUSE, DAVIS BRODY. 3 min. Sup. 8

2. CHICAGO. Sup. 8, B&W, good condition.

Shot of a man, another man, three men.

Abstract B&W of just hair and white background.

Interesting architectural space they're in. Some important Wright building. Architectural details, well exposed. Exterior has statues at rooftop.

Next reel in color. Probably looking at Wright again. Residence. W.S. Sherman home, 148 Coonely Road. Looks like the whole film is an exploration of those two spaces. Leaded glass.

Downtown Chicago skyline, then the Sears Tower, then Lake Michigan. Her Chicago experience.

Beach at Lake Michigan. Sunset over city. Water, sunset reflected on the water.


Whole film has red cast, light flare along one edge and is of different people, men and women. It might be architectural students or colleagues of hers, definitely architectural. Drawing table.

Second part is B&W. Shots of different men, one woman, same group of people in architectural school or they're colleagues. Book in the background "Yale". She attended Yale.

****Very early image of Phyllis, kind of gray, cute, smiling, talking, long hair and no scratches on film. Looks pretty young.

People working at their desks in architectural space. Office space of architects. Probably 1962.


Construction workers repairing building site, first minute and half.

Second minute not exposed - all black.


Nearly complete. One shot of Naomi Fatt at head of reel. Film in good condition, pristine.


Driving in snow to Hampshire; bldgs., etc. pretty good. slightly over-exposed.


7A. HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE [?]. Approx. 3 min.

Building--Hampshire College? on snowy day. Trees, stand of birches. Camera pans building. Paths on campus. Building. Young people walking around campus. People walking under building passageway. Shots of small bus-stop(?) building. Several quick shots of campus and people walking around.

8. LAUNDR0MATS. A Film by Arc 2 A . Filmed at SCI-ARC, 1978. Phyllis Birkby, Instructor. A study of physical and social space of Laundromats.

Star Wash. Clothes going round. Woman walking into Laundry cleaners. Series of Wash House signs. Some stop action sections.

Lots of signs. Sense of humor shows in choice of signs. People engaged in talking, sorting clothes, putting in coins, etc. Empty chairs. Machine bubbling over. Tide box in trash. Kids. Shots of woman's ass. Obviously from an admiring viewpoint. Beautiful sense of emptiness of space in early morning, slightly overexposed shots. Diagram, cartoon of how to do laundry.

Excellent shots of laundromat model design. Was this film a study to see the needs of people in a laundromat then followed by the model made to fit the needs? Many different creative models. Very colorful and interesting designs!

Stop action of people going in and out of laundromat doors. Overexposed but interesting. Loading clothes into car trunk.


Silhouette of guy, soft focus of woman and library model. Men working at models at desks w/glue and brushes, modelbuilding. Some in focus, some soft focus.

10. "LIU. One minute.


Some construction. A woman working mixing cement, and men. Laying foundation, looks like. May be a house she designed.

1923 S.P. is the way tower is signed. Film damaged, broken splices and film almost broken at end. Film damaged at end. Watts towers, looks like.


Well exposed, no scratches. Very interesting architectural space people are fixing up. Looks like women, one man. Really wild, wonderful architecture.

Fantastic gate, curved wooden roof.

Second section - pouring foundation.


Architectural model w/group of people around it. Rounded architectural space of cement, in a desert setting. Very interesting. Walkways that are jagged and diagonal.

Outside, cement mixer after chimes. A man and women working with the cement. You see forms.

14. "Soleri, Sandy(?).

Man working on a lathe. More of the cement chimes or bells, different from film 13 - beautiful - hung on strings. Another set of them, different kind.

Film in good shape, no scratches, well exposed. Ceiling w/red in between the cement rafters. Open space w/cement between, makes it look very light. More hanging bells in a new configuration. Spikes of the building.

Now in a car. She's in back seat, so we see driver's face in rearview mirror, and a woman sitting next to driver. Now beautiful abstract shot CU of rearview mirror which is reflecting natural scenes as car goes forward. Blurred countryside. Back to Canyonlands [see film 134]. She must have visited this place first and then gone on this trip.


Flintstones comic of construction in desert setting similar to redrock.


Shots of trees and roadside moving past with Space Center Assembly Building in background. Unexposed strip. Driving onto center grounds; stopped at a guard booth. Descending upon the building, driving closer. Shot of building out window of car. Interior of building--greenish, a sign says "cell 3--cell 4." Interior shots, of structural elements, start close up, zoom out. Also panning across room. Shot of glass wall. Wide shot of hanger (?), workers walking past. close up of sign: "hard hat area." Wide shot of ceiling and track lighting glowing greenly. Another pan across the glass wall. Dark interior shots. More pans up and down the glass wall, in succession. Jump cuts between shots of darkly exposed interior. Shot of backlit interior structure: beams, supports. More zooms and pans through the interior. Med. shot of missile, panning it up and down. Jump cuts of between sticker of American flag, group walking out, interior of mission control. Interior landscape shot. Airstrip? Jump cuts of shots of mission control. Close up of digital counter.


Shot from a car driving by Yale U. When she gets to Yale, nicely shot architectural studies, all of different buildings. Window details, roof details. Good shape, no scratches. Only drive part is overexposed.


18. "A&P BROOME ST./ICE SKATE". 1962 1.5 min. on Market St. at night. 1.5 min. ice skating in the country.

Night shooting of store fronts and signs. DeSantis Prime Meats in bright red. Chubby's Restaurant. Daytime, looks like near her home in Chinatown. Maybe her street. Bridge or subway trestles. She's shooting out of her loft window at people walking by on the street. Store was across the street.

Second part - Man w/mustache ice skating. Person in yellow rainhat. Snow on ground. Old-fashioned ice skate - close up of. Another guy ice skating. Abstract study of ice. Would be beautiful projected. Shooting television set. Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Goldie Hawn, etc.

19. "A&P" MARKET ST. 8/6/60. 8 mm color, Overexposed.

Across the street from her home.

20. "ANN AND SUE.SUMMER 1970. Color Sup. 8.

Sweet little study. Interesting architectural house on ocean at the beach. A woman waving from the stairs. Looks like Long Island. Woman lying in the sand, CU of another woman reading Novel Perspectives. Two women, Ann and Sue, in the sand together, CU of their feet crossed, touching. Good exposure. Lot of foot study. Slightly scratched. Still feet. Major feet study, more feet. CU of one of them. Medium shot of same rolling in the sand and out of the picture. Same woman by the ocean.

21. "AUTO SHOW".

Perfect condition, details and features of cars in an auto show. Beautifully shot for design and light. Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari Spitfire, Land Rover, Austin Healey.

22. BACKYARD 1979. 8 mm. color.

Looks like an urban backyard - TV antenna, clothes on lines. Probably shot from her living space, out window. It's a pun on backyard, potted plants and laundry and other buildings directly facing your own. Footage is good, slightly green. Manhattan skyscrapers shot sideways, city hall as well as vertical. Nice shot of white laundry, with city hall in background. Looks like a creative piece. 1979. Potted plants. Slightly scratched. A lot of cables and ropes, beautifully shot, great color, pulleys. Looks like boat mast, ropes and pulleys, it is. River is right there in back yard.

23. "BACKYARD". Approx. 5 min. (color)

Fairly dark exposures: Shot of NYC skyline. Shots of buildings. Shots of buildings out of focus, focusing. Shot of side of building taken through a window; pans up through frame. shot of twilight sky, fading light. Jump cuts between quick shots of buildings, TV antenna.

24. "BEACH". (color)

Close up of women's faces. Side close up of woman's face, she's driving. Series of close ups and extreme close ups of female faces, possibly inside car. Close up of a woman's neck, mouth in side profile. Arrival at the beach: 3 women walk into the frame, into the distance. Shot of hazy beach. Med. long shot of woman holding shark skeleton up to the camera. Another woman spreads a blanket. Another walks away to a dune. Med. shot of reclining woman's midsection from back. Jump cut to front shot. Close up of woman's face. Another woman's face. Splice. Shot of three women running away from the camera toward the water. One woman runs back and forth along the shoreline. Two women link arms and twirl around. Woman in bikini stands dead shark upright in sand. Shot of woman in the bikini and woman in yellow shirt jesting with each other. Wide shot of women standing with backs to camera, looking at the water. More shots of goofing around. Wide shots of women walking, running down the beach. The woman in red walks toward the camera, into an extreme close up. Splice. Med. shot of dunes. Shot of woman sitting on the dunes. More shots of the woman on the dunes from various angles. Med. long shot of two women cuddling. More shots of women on dunes: walking around, linking arms. Pan across dunes to shoreline. Long shot of woman walking over dune toward camera. Stops, lies down, disappears, sits up again. Rear long shots of women at shoreline, looking out at water.

25. "BEACH--FOOTPRINTS.FLOTSAM 8/66. 8 mm. color

Woman at beach w/dog. Wonderful third shot of two foot prints in sand merged. Exposure good, color good. First part of first shot in leader is damaged. Footprints in the sand. Ocean. Shot footprints so they look 3-dimensional in bas relief in shadow on them. Small doll in seaweed, flotsam, washed up by the waves. Coughdrops in seaweed. Interesting junk in seaweed. Then a lone sandal. A milk carton, etc. Dead bird. Sea grasses.

26. BEACH HOUSE, 7/69. 8mm Color.

All pink cast. Just flotsam, crabs, rocks. Do not see a beach house at all. Sand is pink, water is pink. Skeleton. Sailboat. A face of Louise Fishman. Overexposed Louise F. in pink water. Not worth much.

27. "BEACH WALK, B.H.?.BEACH WALK. Short Roll, Super 8, 2 min.

Possibly Barbara Hammer. Back of woman walking, running at beach. Ocean.


Woman w/afghan dog, running by beach. Woman sunning. CUs of different women sunning and dogs, more dogs, different dogs, CUs of their dog hair, interesting texture of CUs. Many minutes. CU of woman's laughing face. Goggles in the sun. Doghair w/ocean behind. Face of the Afghan. Tail of Afghan. Japanese multi-colored umbrellas, creatively shot piece. Two dogs sniffing each other. Scottish terrier. Women playing frisbee. Slightly scratched, good exposure

29. "BICI'S DIVORCE". B&W Super 8

Bici [Forbes] on one side, line separates paper, other side says Jeff [Hendricks, Fluxus artist]. Seems to be pasted on a wall in a house w/barbed wire between, in interior of a home. Zoom on a person but dark, can't tell who it is. Maybe Jeff. Woman - also dark footage. Tangle of barbed wire w/somebody's hands touching it. Looks like a divorce ritual. Woman enmeshing herself in barbed wire. Dark. Door w/light bulb hanging by and a bouquet of flowers. Something wrapped in bubble wrap.

30. "BMT [Brooklyn Mass Transit]//BRIDGE". B&W Super 8. 3 minutes.

Shot at night. Looks like white lights in a dark space. Probably a subway car going by. Probably would look good projected. She lived under the Manhattan Bridge. Would like to see it projected. Pristine condition. Five shots of Louise Fishman and another woman at the beach picking up shells.

31. "CITY ISLAND WOMEN". Super 8 color. 8/71.

Mannequin of a woman's head then cuts to a woman in the street. CUs of women in street walking by. No scratches, good color. Policewoman, all different ages of women, gray haired, long brown hair. Women sitting down, studying, Playboy bunny in B&W. Drawing of a woman w/mustache on her. Interior shots. Shot of Phyllis w/aviator glasses and hair pulled back. Shots of a man and other women, CUs. Probably an architectural group. CUs of hands slicing wood, building models. A photo or postcard of Psyche kissing a woman, statue of woman's head looking down, infant sucking breast on statue. Photo of two women who look like mother and sister or sisters, ancient photo. Photo of two women w/shawls, sign that says SISTERS. Looks like a photographic show of sisters.

Exterior shot of a blonde woman CU. Long shot of her as she turns head and looks at traffic. Shot of another woman very tan and also slightly blonde and smiling towards camera. Shot of water w/sailboat on it. Might be Catalina or ?

Back to same woman, lying down, CU of her face w/hand shading her eyes, smiling, laughing, good shot but intermittent scratch but much of it not scratched. Feels very intimate.

32. "CLARK FEREBEE HOUSE.. Color. Super 8

Trees on the beach. Brief shot of a man walking. House, wood shingle, wood patterns, light on wood, graphic shooting of shingles. Probably Clark at the beach. Tractor at the beach. Clark in rearview mirror of tractor and driving it on the sand at the beach and it's some dirt shovel or tractor. Only thing on the house is the shingles.

33. "CLARK/FEREBEE, PIGEONS NEAR MACY'S". 8 mm color, 5/70

Trees, bay window reflecting the ocean, more flotsam, junk floating in the water. Pigeons near Macy's in second part. Statue in the Macy's area. People dining outdoors. Good focus, not scratched. Large red X sculpture w/pigeons and people dining around it. Lots of pigeons being fed and statue of man w/NY buildings behind it. Maybe Herald Square.

34. DOGS.

Two German Shepherds playing in hallway. Interesting brown tones. Night footage, distant lights. Back to dogs again in living room. Colors nice, playful, fill up most of frame. Person wearing a Samuel Gompers sweatshirt in picture, a guy, seems to be his dog. Out the window dark again back again, out the window.

35. "DRIVE. (color)

Shots of driving down twisting country roads in winter. A bit of snow is on the ground. Shot through the windshield. Camera is very jumpy. Shots of driving through country roads through rain globules on the windshield. The rain has turned to ice. Quick shots of passing cars. The ice has melted, blurring the windshield. Leader. Medium shots of the roadside, the camera is being moved back and forth. More shots of driving down country roads through windshield, but camera is zoomed in slightly on road. Shaking camera shots of same: roadside, trees, snow. Camera straightens out to stretch of road again. Windshield wipers pass across screen. The corner of the windshield appears in the frame. More winding roads. No more rain or snow.


Some hand colored footage. In a violet scene she cuts from B&W to color and then back. Does that several times and intercuts a woman's breast being revealed w/ a man's glaring eyes. Hands on breasts, cut to man's eyes. Violet scene seems to be two women in sexual wrestling intercut w/men looking and w/ the breast. The woman is looking back. Two men behind table watching. Men in sepia. Women in color, rolling on the floor. Circle vignette around two men, cut to a circle mirror of the breast, cut to circle of two women, black all around, hole in balloon. Her creative work.


Dark. Nature footage, man shot like an hour before sunset, footage looks reddish. CU of a woman. Man and woman at the seaside. Beautifully lit little kid going up a small hillock with the light catching her orange jacket. Everything dark but the orange jacket. Everything dark but the orange light of a person's face. Kid being held by a person. Wildweeds.

Perfect exposure of a fall day on second half. Child in fall colored coat surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. Mom in bellbottoms walks up tree limb barefoot while child looks. Yellow-leafed trees around. Kid follows in foliage colored jacket. Out of focus trees. Another woman below looks up at beautiful red-leaved tree. Lake w/fall trees around. Beautiful two leaves floating in water w/lily pads. Dock into water w/two women and a child. More foliage relfected in the water. Footage is in good condition.

38. FLOWERS STAMFORD. Color, 1 min.

Various short shots of flowers. Good shape.


Frances Doughty--one good shot at head of roll; rest water reflections, leaves, sunlight; another woman soft focus, Lynda?

40. "HEAD CHANGE.. 5 min. 16 mm. color sound film. Completed work.

Love obsession w/woman named Leslie [Ena whom she met at WSPA?] with whom she ran WSPA conferences with. Shot from slides and television footage. Slide of Phyllis w/long hair, halfway through. Soundtrack is popular song "She's That Kind Of Woman" sung by Jade and Sassaparilla. [Ena] Leslie? gets her hair cut. Not dated. Tech. advisor Alida Walsh. In can and mailing carton.

41. "HEAD CHANGE. 16mm. elements film, AB roll, 16 mm. magrack for "Head Change."

42. Slide outtakes from "Head Change".. 16mm

43. Video outtakes from "Head Change". color 16 mm., 30 seconds.

44. "Head Change.

Original footage that was optically printed, 16 mm. of photographs and slides. The WSPA, of Phyllis that were used in Head Change.

45. Outtakes from "Head Change". 16 mm.

red filter used on slides used in Head Change. Video footage. Slides of haircut. Slides of WSPA group.

46. Title roll for "Head Change"..16mm

47. More outtakes, slides from "Head Change".. 16mm

48. Titles for "Head Change".. 16mm

52. Extra video for "Head Change".. 16mm

53. More titles for "Head Change"..16mm

54. "KITE" aka GETTING IT UP. Super 8, 15 minutes. Print.

Sweet Film. Two women lovers at the beach flying kites, lying in sand, holding hands. Nice close ups of sandy levi crotch; shoes with sand, (showing two women together). Kite abstracted to form. Orange and black on white beach. 4 women. One with camera. All in same kite scene. Shot of Phyllis, CU. With aviator clear glasses, eyes closed, throws her head back. CU of Phyllis's face with someone else's fingers in her mouth (or her own). Nice CU's of P.B. Group shots with women and kite. Medium CU of tying kite. Kite flying. Phyllis and others in same shot watch kite. Phyllis holding kite string looks at Louise Fishman? Passing string back and forth. Phyllis with hands up as if lost kite.

55. "KITE" 11/19/71. Sup. 8. Original

56. LONE WOMAN ON BEACH 5/70. Overexposed Reg. 8,

Woman on the beach 5/70. At very end, woman walks away down beach, good exposure. Shots of ocean.

57. LOUISE FISHMAN AT THE BEACH. One and one-half minutes.

Paper spliced. Do not project until splice repaired. Nice creative shooting of two women at the beach, shooting from behind, she shot in a way that they jump from side to side. Image in good shape.

58. LOVE LETTER. 16mm

Pan down a slide of Phyllis to a life size outline drawing of her body. Second shot of drawing, inside body are written things, in the head a fried egg with tears dripping from it and a smile and it said around the outside "a new head." Second shot of legs w/bellbottoms. Left leg says "say acting drawing speaking" right legs says "do something working hearing." One leg says pain one leg says love. Drawing of another person in the class. Dissolve from one figure into another. Could be same person, two different drawings. A slide of one woman, Leslie maybe, different one than we've seen. Three or four photos of another woman, shots short so that they're animated. Looks like Leslie? Graphic like a computer printout Phyllis imprinted over the slide of another woman. Completed film.

59. MIME. Workprint, Super 8, 2 min. (Tails Out)


First shot of a woman's hand by a yellow structure. Shot mostly from a TV screen, possibly. Second part - an outake from "Tractor." Do not project, paper splice. Not very interesting.


Man w/sunglasses CU. Woman w/sunglasses CU. Extreme CUs showing eyepiece, creatively shot, mouth, nose, camera turned. Long shots of people around a swimming pool in LA. Creekwater, dim shot of a man sitting on a rock in a cave, actually not so bad. Then in another position, doing a shoulder stand on same rock and water going around. Now he's nude. She zooms in on his penis and now there's a rear shot. Another nude shot of him lounging on the rocks. At the beach and same man is lying in sand nude between rocks, kind of crawling on hands and knees as if coming out of the ocean. Another shot of him walking into this cave. CUs of him w/sky behind. Ocean looks Carribean. Ocean is turquoise. CU of him, has a beard. Woman at the beach holding up seeds from a tree or something. Same woman w/camera and looks like her hands are on her bra? or underwear?

62. ROOFTOP SHOOTING. 1.5 minutes

Good shape, nicely exposed. Texaco station at night. New York(?) rooftop, water towers. Could be shot from her roof. Store that says Ernest Chandler's Goods, Tarpaulins, Tents and Bags on its brick building side. Circular pan shot, light is nice, last hour of the day. Manhattan bridge in background, or Brooklyn behind the projects. Next day, Texaco sign in daylight.

63. SCENERY. Super 8, Color, 1972. 1 minute.

A few miscellaneous shots of trees.

64. SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE. Super 8, color, 3 minutes.

Carribean or South Seas or ?.

65. SHIRLEY WALTON. Super 8. Black/White. Approx. 12 min.

Unedited footage gets good at end. Mostly dark, too dark to read. Woman in doorway or room posing. Sections of patterned cloth and woman lying down. Has hands crossed on stomach, zoom out, she appears to be pregnant. CU of woman's face without glasses. Nude, swollen breasts, she is pregnant! Beautiful nude long shot, well exposed of pregnant Shirley in interior. Shirley poses erotically while pregnant! Holds stomach. Tummy full frame. Zoom out to LS frontal, side, other side. Same shot from behind. Series of hands on tummy. Shirley dancing? and sitting.


Long Island beaches, has drift fences. Group of men and women on the beach, CUs. She's shooting the way the fences keep at the sand. Looks like Long Island. CU of smiling face of either Ann or Sue, refers back to Beachhouse Film #20?. Beach grasses. Ocean and another woman at the beach. Sue? Hand holding up a rock w/piece of seaweed growing out of it. Hand and foot, hand is going through seaweed, shot from one side of the frame and then the other. A toy cow on the beach.

67. "STAMFORD" II. 8/68 8 mm.

Red and White sailboat. She shoots it very expressively w/graphic design using the shape and color of the sails for a design pattern in part.


Ocean, sailboat being set up, Sunfish sailboat on the beach. Red and white sail. Not scratched. Woman and child looking for seashells. Lots of the boat putting out to sea. Man and woman in boat. Hulls of boats on racks. Sunfish sailing. Don't know who people are. Older heterosexual couple.

68. "Sun on Water, Sky, Rough Cut(?).BEACH SUNSET.

Shots of ocean, sunset, ocean, beach foam, foam on sand, lot of soft focus. Waves coming in and out at sunset. Nice cloud shots. Sunset behind clouds. Quite beautiful. Film has a big scratch in it. Looks like she shot a sunset in real time. That's the end of it.

69. "TRACTOR". Original.

70. "TRACTOR". Super 8, color print, approx. 4-5 min.

This is an edited completed Super 8 Film titled TRACTOR. Good Condition. Completed: 11/19/1971 by Noel Phyllis Birkby. The tractor woman is Frederica Leser.

Shots of woman driving tiny tractor. Scenery shots of background. Slightly overexposed. Camera point of view of ground; dark shot of woman driving towards you. Side shot through bushes of woman driving. Frame through interior of home window zoom to tractor. Second shot through corner of barn? window. Side ways with camera turned to the side! of woman driving. Upside down shot of woman driving. Series of camera turned sideways or upside down. Afghan hound CU. Short shots of side ways, upside down. Tractor is mowing lawn. (I remember Phyllis telling me about this film. She considered it complete and a work in itself which it is.) Sunset shots.


Brooklyn Bridge, beautifully shot, some scratches, some perfect. The Golden Hour, hour before sunset. East River and buildings around the bridge. Last part is overexposed. Very last is good exposure again.

72. 2 BRIDGES MANHATTAN. Reg. 8, color.

Good color. Shot from rooftop. Rather beautiful. Some light flares. Car Carey's in. Crowds gathered on New York sidewalk. Shots from down in the crowd. Tuba and woman in red, white and blue dress, back to camera, turns. Shots from behind stage. Man in suit turns toward the camera. Men's handshakes w/mens suits. Carey shaking hands, CU of hands. Carey from stage w/microphone. Crowd shots very good. Wonderful character shots of crowd members. A lot of gesturing by Carey, hand gesturing. Series of his hands in frame. Color good, looks great.


Half is black. Her location where she lived. Date of '69 on film. Market Street - One Way. Manhattan Bridge. Beautiful sepia cast to the film. Architectural details of railing. Sign - Community Control is Beautiful and Workable. Sign in Chinese. A shot of the anchorage of the Manhattan bridge. Film is not scratched. Street lights, a shot underneath the subway or bridge looking up. Long shot of Manhattan Bridge with the towers. Architectural details of cement. Snow on fences. Bridge scene through houses. Bridge scene from sidewalk w/community members, different ethnic groups. Then she shoots an abstract, may be the bridge, then darker buildings and a building where bridge was. Sign - Mobilization For Youth. Sign in Hebrew - 22 Rutgers Street. Jewish Daily Forward, huge sign. Important Lower East side footage. Sign - Lower East Side Information Servicecenter. Great roll. Beautiful shots of everything. Snow on trees, camera steady, people walking by. Incredibly beautiful.

74. UNTITLED. Approx. 3 minutes (color)

Darkly exposed shots of woman; zoom in on her face. Woman balances vase on her head. Woman sits with vase in front of her. Close up of her face, she's saying something, and blocks the camera with her hand. Camera zooms out. Another person surprises her by joining her. They bat at each other, then stand together at end.

75. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK. Sup. 8, good condition, color, one minor scratch. Well exposed.

People in the park, in the arch, crowd gathered below arch. Kids in costume - Halloween? Lots of kids in costume below arch, walking, nicely shot.

Woman in clown costume. Kid w/great orange mask as devil, devil's tail, all by himself. A fake plant. CU of kid's face with paint smudges. Kid wrapped in white swaddling and turban. Crowd shots of kids and adults. In a playground section of park w/ropes, kids climbing ropes. Spinning platform. Football game. Seems to be just people in the park, documentation of how people use the park, that's what she'd be interested in. Dark footage. Hare Krishnas - well exposed. Hare Krishnas chanting, dancing w/signs. People using the park. That's it.


Man w/guitar in civic space. Two African-American men singing and playing guitar in New York. Footage good, not scratched. Street scene of VW red bus painted w/ "LOVE" in big white letters. Could be Washington Square. Hot dog stand, footage looks good, not scratched, minor anyway. Crowd in demonstration or someone's famous, huge crowd. It is Washington Square Park. Long shot. General long shot of people in park, child by pool, volleyball game at Washington Square Park. Red bus is in frame, may have carried the women into the park. Dark shot of game.

Next reel: Back to singers from first reel, strung together, good looking heterosexual older couple in their seventies. Series of shots of people sitting around circle w/fountain in middle in Washington Square Park. People dog walking in Washington Square Park. People sitting around a bench in the park. People gathering in small groups, crowd probably watching entertainers. Two women playing the viola, small group of musicians people watching. Two people (women?) under tree. Photographers, man and woman, sitting at tripod. Man w/sign on his back, ice cream stand. People sitting in small group w/ guitar. General Washington Square Park study.


Mainly of kids playing. A guy in a suit on a podium, kids playing tag, semi-soft focus.


Dog running, fall day, beautiful, no scratches. Pigeons, dogs, people in the street around the park. People walking dogs, squirrel.


Mainly of the arch and buildings surrounding the park, dogs, fountain.


People in park kissing w/green film. Man filming, woman taking light reading, shooting a kid in a tree. Green filter, trees and sky. Then yellow filter. People reading w/yellow filter.


Small patch of snow in fall leaves. People around pond. Mounds in park. Twilight. Beautiful filter rainbow light coming down into park. Refraction of light through trees - very pretty. Pigeons on cement bricks. Pigeons in trees. Park bench empty, w/pigeons.


10/25/70. Dark. Kid on bicycle. The arch. Looks like twilight. Fountain without water. Kids in the rain. Troubador area - sign on post.

83. WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK. (color and black and white)

Pan around stone steps or enclosure. Crowd shots from the back and side, panning around. Jump cuts between medium shots of people in crowd. Medium shot, pan out of man dancing. Wide shot, zoom in on child in fountain. Jump cuts between shots of black inverted cap-things on ground.

Cut to black and white footage. Children playing on jungle gym in med. long shot, their truncated limbs pass in and out of the spaces between the beams. Med. shot of parents or older children, from back. Med. long shot of children crawling on top of structure. Wide shot, of merry-go-round, zoom into child in center. Med. shot, framed by beams, of child smoking (?).

Cut to color footage. Med. shots of people in Washington Square.

Cut to black and white. Activities in W. Square: woman buys a glass pipe, woman combs hair, shots of people passing by. Elderly couple walzes in midst of passers by. Med. shot of their legs, knees-down, dancing. Zooms out to wide shot. Head shots of passers-by moving in and out of frame.

Cut to color. Shot of the upper half of arch in W. Square. Shots of people in Square, camera zooming in and out. Toddler chases ball.

84. WHOLEO. Original footage, 16 mm, 1751, unscratched, unprojected, perfect condition, tails out on reel.

Hammer's archive has similar footage shot by Hammer of Birkby at same time and in same place. Footage of stained glass Buckminster Fuller-type dome w/aluminum or metal struts. 1978 or 79. Good shape, no scratches, Barbara Hammer is in it. Circle pan of the dome, still shots of different configurations of the stained glass. Circular movement spinning you around the dome. At the Russian River in California. Camera pans by Barbara Hammer, nude shot of Hammer. Another one of Hammer showing necklace to someone and taking a coffee cup and putting a medallion in it. Hammer dramatically pouring tea. Colored reflection of glass on nude body. Hammer standing on head w/breasts sagging. Colored light playing over her body. Another circle spin of the stained glass.

One of the Tatami mats w/colored light reflected on it. Coffee cup is picked by woman who was living in the Dome [Caroling]. Beautiful outdoor shot of the dome going down to the entranceway. Shot looking in through the entranceway into the Dome. Shot of B. Hammer in the dome, talking, scratching back, gesturing. New interior space of wooden structure, The Pyramid [of Amaratasu], on top of hill in northern side of the mouth of the Russian River. Lived in and constructed by women. CU of a fuschia.

B. Hammer overexposed walking on a cliff by the beach, undressing, posing. Long shot of Hammer on cliffs w/water below. Ocean then back up to Hammer, stretching, on the cliff top. Dark footage. Ocean sunset, pinkish. Closeup of hand and flower and second shot is sideview of Hammer's face. A shot of Phyllis in same position, very intimate, camera moves into her eye and quickly down her body. CU of two hands and flower - more than a dozen short shots of Hammer's hands in different positions ending up w/camera movement, making the hands turn in a circle. Lovely.

85. WIND CHIMES. 11/71 8 mm.

Strips of different colored clay that look like pieces of cloth on a clothesline blowing in the wind. First shots are good, later overexposed, then good again. Second group of chimes made of glass jars w/little pieces of ceramic inside them to jangle with them. Don't know location. Good condition, no scratches.

86. WINDSOR PRINT. Approx. 15 min.

(Some dykes in nature.) Woman reading, eating. Overexposed badly, waterfall and Louise Fishman. Nicely exposed light reflection on water. More overexposed. Soft focus woman/lipstick- Frances Doughty? Foot in water. Nice black and white flicker abstraction. Dark. More abstraction. Back of woman in underpants - Louise Fishman- at waterfall; later front view. Out of focus and overexposed water. Is that Frances in profile? Water skeeter/nice radiating circles like moire patterns! Overexposed leaves. Some branches good, especially cutting. Louise Fishman drinking tea. Other dykes close ups. Same woman eating chips that film started with.

87. WINDSOR. Sup. 8 Color.

Woman eating potato chips reading typed papers like newspapers. Then a long shot of her in chair w/ portable typewriter. It's a well-known writer. Shot of dog w/ curly hair. Color shot of woman cut to same woman in B&W, sharp focus. Another woman w/dogs at creek. Next shot overexposed shots of creek. She edited this, no idea why she kept that in. Water shot of creek, good exposure. Again overexposed. Soft focus of Frances Doughty. Feet in water. Again, a lot of overexposed. (I think this is an edited film where she wanted to go between light and dark - doing this on purpose). Lots of water shots. Section of woman in nude except for red underpants whose holding up a rock in the water. Looks like it's Louise Fishman, it is. Camera zooms in to Louise Fishman laughing. Again more overexposed. Some beautiful CU abstractions of water. CU of a redhead from behind and then zoom out to woman in clothes in water, turns looks at camera, and zoom in on her. Long curly brown hair. Another woman drinking from a plastic cup. It's Lousie Fishman. That's soft focus. Then a real cute CU of Louise Fishman smiling, drinking from the cup in focus. Another woman who has a red bandana around her neck w/green cup. Another woman and back to the woman with the potato chips. Footage has one scratch going all the way through. It's a finished film, signed NP Birkby.


88. "AMAZON WEEKEND". Completed Film, needs head leader. Aprox. 20 min. Super 8 mm.

Women at lake nude, washing hair, swimming. Beautiful exposure. Two scratches. Jill Johnston. Counter Revolution and Revolt. Sidney Abbott? Great CU JJ/freckles. Woman on float in water. Nicely lit. Stop Action overexposed. Long shot woman on float. Loving shot of two women topless with floats, hugging, kissing. Nice! Nude woman jumps onto float. and again but misses. It is Sidney Abbott or Phyllis Birkby. Or each. Jill. African American woman. Jane O'Wyatt. Jill with pen. Volleyball. Film Break.

Wine drinking. African American woman dancing, acting silly. More rafting. Two rafts. Smoking on raft. Film Break and crinkle.


90. CR VOLLEYBALL. Super 8. Approx. 15 min.

Jane O'Wyatt. Kate Millett. All the women in the Consciousness Raising Group playing volleyball.


Kate Millett, a blond curly-haired woman [Linda Clarke] she had her arms around in the '71 womens march, Jane O'Wyatt, Sidney Abbott and others. Looks good, some scratches. She did a nice section of women's hands, nice section, while they were playing a game. Soft focus shot, long, long shot of Kate Millett laughing. Really nice shot of overall game. Long shot. Getting firewood, looks like Jane O'Wyatt is chopping wood, with an ax. Two shots of that.


Dark, very dark, again a lot of close ups of women's faces but not well exposed. Not much useful. Maybe a party or a CR group, again very dark, maybe Barbara Love. A woman with a hand by her face. Is it too dark to tell. Nice shot of a woman's hand on a kitchen counter or table with glasses, wine glass, plate. That's Barbara Love. Good shot with hands on face. Nice shot of hand with cup. But, mainly too dark.


Turntable, outdoor street light. Jennifer's birthday party in B&W? Birthday cake. Kids blowing out candles. Kids outside w/ man. Birthday girl turning around, going over to her maybe little sister, holding her hand, two dance together, very, very cute CU of their faces.


Lesbian Gathering, In woods & house at Jill Johnston's upstate New York [Accord, NY?]. Unedited. Dark footage of faces. Good ball Game. Louise Fishman and others. In woods. Darker footage. Jill Johnston with Gay tee shirt and others. CU darker Jill. MS Jill.

Leader. Backlit. Looks like Jill dancing, acting up. Nice shots of dark figures of women backlit playing ball. Good outdoor shots of Jill. Jill hugging Jane O'Wyatt. Jill standing by V.W. bus wearing huge Peace symbol. slightly soft focus. Jacket hanging on bus, zoom out to Jill. CU's good of Jill.

Leader. Group inside house, Jane, and others. Sitting in circle. Dark. Someone sitting under desk lamp. (a few burnt frames) Jill outside by bus/van. (color in this reel looks sepia.) Good shot Louise Fishman with big hair!. Film broke and taped (repair before projecting next) at very end.

95. "ESTHER, LOUISE, ROBERTA, MARTHA: AUG. '71". 3 min. [Esther Newton, Louise Fishman, Roberta Kosse, Martha Shelley]

Women in nature. At creek. First part well exposed, middle black, end of feet CU well exposed.

96. FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE AT BEACH HOUSE A. Super 8, magnetic soundstripe film. May be sound.

Women in nature reading, another woman at a house. Looks like the same women in other films we've seen before. At a beach house. Goes w/something else. Some women are lying on beach towels. Woman who wrote Lover [Bertha Harris]?

97. FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE B. 1972, color Super 8

Phyllis in film. Starts w/shot of Phyllis Birkby. In good shape, looks like it's her group again, her friends. A shot of Phyllis in bellbottoms, 7/72. She has long hair, aviator glasses. Back of her head w/this other friend who we've seen in many movies, then of her w/light meter. She's holding a still camera. She's walking by the other woman, touches her, adjusts her hair. Slightly overexposed w/intermittent scratch, not bad, wearing red bellbottoms. Shows her in relationship to her group of friends at this beach house. Terrier dog w/red bandana around neck. Another shot of Phyllis w/hands on chest sticking out her tongue, turning and going into the house. Another shot of her outside the house, making hand gestures. Short bit of really nice exposure of her medium CU.

Another woman at door of the house in long shot. Same woman w/car in background, seated in the grass by the road. Another woman in lounge chair, lying on the beach. Lighting cigarette. CU of Bertha Harris, I think, nicely shot through the grasses, CU of her w/house in background.


Woman w/Polaroid camera. Another woman in beach chair talking. Image is not scratched, nicely exposed, soft colors. Louise Fishman with red scarf sleeping on the ground. Somebody else reading on a blanket on the grass. Same group that was in # 33? at the potato chip eating. Sidney Abbott, I think. Study of women's hands, like she cut off their heads and just shot their hands. Colors are pastel. Woman smoking at end.

99. "GROUP" . Super 8, 3 min.

Phyllis at beach with curly headed woman; looks like Provincetown beach or Long Island with snow on sand. Group of women walking, running. Cute group shot at end/Phyllis holding uprooted tree. Playful, well-exposed, 1 intermittent scratch, not bad.

100. GROUP. Sup.8, 3 min.

CU of group interior. well exposed. Then out at same beach as Reel #26. One does handstand.

101. "JANE AND JILL". Super 8. 3 minutes.

Much of closeups out of focus. Good infocus shots of Jane drawing; Jill exercising; Jill Johnston doing backbends. Outside in snow with bus in background, Jill's feet in the air. Jane nicely lit, sitting. Jill hugging Jane inside at table. Ouside in snow with bus looks like it's Jane's feet in air with Jill helping her do a headstand.

102. JILL JOHNSTON AND JANE O'WYATT. B&W 16 mm. original.

About a stop overerxposed. Person raking leaves [Huntington, MA]. Jane O'Wyatt and Jill Johnston. Cute of Jane raking leaves on the lawn. Fast funny action of Jill Johnston. No scratches, perfect condition and a shot with two of them raking in the same frame. Still shot of them standing posed w/rakes looking at each other.

Pan of Jill sitting on the ground next to Jane, quite overexposed. Interior almost perfect. Two frames of Jill w/pen, interior, and then whole shot is good exposure of Jill, posed to write, talking and Jane at side, talking back and forth. Jane scratching her arm while talking. Jill w/head in her hands and the book on the table is Women And Film, magazine. Graphic saying Oh, Wow! Shot of a stool w/someone's hand on it.


Jennifer looks to be about 6 years old. Opens w/ her Happy Birthday song. Just a birthday party.


Jill Johnston, soft focus. Really nice shot as camera pulls back, not scratched, nice light, looks like she's in a cabin. Date 3/72 on film. Shot out window, scratches on film. Snow on trees. Some shot she's trying to shoot that's dark lit. Jill's VW bus in the snow, shoots from different angles. Soft focus trees.

105. MARYLAND II. Reg. 8, color.

Good shape, good color. Reeds at ocean. A pier, reeds, white boathouse, pier leading back to big white mansion house. Family home? Horses. Kid on the beach. Cute woman posing in doorway. Light struck. Wonder if it's her sister.

Walking down steps. Showing off. Holding a coat. Same woman as on first Maryland tape. Has Phyllis' broad face.

Asian American woman. [Ming-Chi Wang??] Half is Maryland. Other half is Asian American woman, really cute, she's smoking, light is nice on her face. She's in a park. She's standing with an African American woman on the sidewalk and Phyllis has stocking cap and pea coat on. ***Great shot of Phyllis in a coat, in the park in fall, has a yellow lining to the scarf or to the coat. Brown hair, walks by the camera. It might be Central Park. Somebody lying on the grass, can't tell who. Asian woman again is dancing in the park and she's acting like she's behind the bars of a gate, putting her lips through as if she were blowing a kiss. Framed by the gate. New location, sort of like, don't know where, like Canal Street. Second story held up by wood pillars, row of 50 doors acting as wall on second floor. Very interesting. Pans doors.

106. OLD PEEKSILL CALENDAR. Super 8 mm. 1976. 20 seconds.

3 shots of Phyllis and other women nude on a lawn. Good exposure. Date on package reads 1975.


Dark, group of women undressing, CU of two women's faces that are correctly exposed. Two women on beach towel. Beautifully lit shot of badminton player, black background w/face and arms lit by the sun and companion. Playing badminton in the nude. Really great. With beachball behind. Looks like a two-woman badminton game. Perfect condition. Game over. Two women have arms around each other. As they bend over. One has silver chain above her ass. Other has levis on. New game. More than two people. Nude twosome. Playing topless. Overexposed shot of lawn and woman w/badminton racket. Then a nicely exposed one. Croquet in the nude, now leapfrog or wrestle. I would like to work w/this footage. Very idyllic, very 70s.

108. "PT. PLEASANT" 12/67. Super 8 color.

Architects around a model. Color looks really good. No scratches at all. Outside at a boat shed. Looking at the casement that holds back the sand. Boathouse on piers. Older woman w/mink collar and Christmas wreath at door. Older man (could be her parents). Nicely shot, he is smiling. Next section is black.

109. "R, K, W, CATS". B&W Sup. 8

Mysterious shot of woman's head going back and forth by cabinet. Woman w/bottle. Soft exposure. Woman pouring wine, think it's a woman, dark. African-American woman head shot and same other person. Cats are well exposed. Couple of cats on a wooden floor. Partial scratch in the film. More and more cats. Head shots of cats. Cats playing, rolling together on the floor.

110. SELF-PORTRAIT: HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO. Super 8. Approx. 2 min.

This is absolutely precious. Phyllis with short bob; with glasses, without, with hair back; with nun's cowl; with nun's cowl and prayer pose; hiding face; masked; side hat; smiling.

111. "SOFTBALL. (color)

Close up of woman smoking, zoom out. Softball game, in long shot, camera is along first base line. Shot of women in park benches, behind fence. Camera pans across. The pitcher confers with the catcher. Camera is behind plate, woman gets hit and runs to first base. Zoom in to close up of slip of paper with score. Med. long shot of three women conferring. Med. long shot of one woman helping another with practice swing. Goes blurry. More softball. One run, one strike. Tracking shot of pitcher throwing ball. Long shot of woman waiting at base. Another hit, pan shot between pitcher's mound and home base. Long shot of players walking off of field, hugging. Close up of women, talking. Medium shots of women embracing. Med. long shot of woman (Kate Millett?), arms extended, moving side to side. Another game, possibly soccer, in background. Long shot of women horsing around.

112. STREET FAIR. With woman (Leslie?). 3 min. Super 8.

Edited in camera. Nice shot of people walking past metal store shutters. Well exposed. Phyllis Birkby herself right after the shutters. Nice shot. More shutters. Long shot of Birkby by booth. Phyllis walks by loading dock. Leslie (?) walks by shutters; then in midst of fair. This short film looks edited.

113. "TOWER, ESTHER, LOUISE". Sup. 8 , 3 min. 2 scratches in middle.

Louise Fishman. Phyllis (out of focus CU's) Good of Louise in bathing suit. At beach. Phyllis with 35mm camera. Phyllis in bathing suit. Esther, too. Tower must be the dog

114. "WOODSTOCK POOL; DANA'S BASEBALL TEAM.. [Dana Birkby, nephew]

Begins w/baseball game. Looks like a little league game, maybe women, no kids. Young boys' baseball team. No scratches, nicely exposed. Woodstock Pool: girl swimming in pool, fly in pool, girl on lounge, boy on lounge, adolescent boy walking, water splashing, guy diving, guys in pool, standing on shoulders, three guys making a tower on shoulders.


115. "ABORTION ST. PAT'S. Protest ABORTION RIGHTS: ST. PATRICKS PROTEST. 3 min. good exposure.

116. "ABORTION.ABORTION RIGHTS: ST. PATS, REEL #2. 3 min. good exp.

117. ALBANY MARCH.(color) Either slightly out of focus, or the projector was having problems.

Shots of people walking together--from back. Medium shot of women; two more of these. Shot of banner. Blurry shots of women walking hand in hand, marching. Camera zooms in on faces, then pulls back for a wide shot. Wide shot of 3 or so people sitting on trunk of car, parade passes between them and the camera. Short strip of unexposed film. Wide shot from back, of marcher's heads and the banner flying overhead. Close up of linked hands and arms. Very dark exposure: front shot of marchers moving forward, close ups of individual faces. shot of Dyke banner. More blurry faces, linked hands. Side shot of marchers moving across the screen. Shots of two banners. Wide shot of marchers from slightly overhead.


Woman with FBI sign taking pictures. Man wearing pig mask and sign saying "Macho Pig." Fairly good but overexposed one stop and slightly scratched. Groups of people at rally. A photo enlarged of a man with graphics "Kidnapper" below. Peace icon flag. Woman with woman's lib symbol painted on cheek. Out of focus stuff. Woman with Asian Woman Photograph, woman has hand clasped. Cadets in uniform marching from behind. Colorful ragtag hippy looking marchers with colored flags walking toward camera. "Free Erika" Poster. Women with arms around one another protesting. Camera notes clothing. Women wear headbands of different colors. "Sisters Unite, You've nothing to Lose" signs. Cherry Blossom Festival signs indicates protest to free political prisoners is in Washington, D.C. Sisterhood banner. Guards at White House? Red graffiti on official walls: "Power to the underground sisters". "Support Sisters in Asia" banner. Lots of crowd, protester shots. All a little overexposed, but not too bad and slightly scratched, often one scratch through side or middle.


Well Exposed. Free 24 Hour Childcare banner; women's lib poster/demands; CU of faces, pins, Ti-Grace Atkinson (?), some dark & out of focus.

120. "FIFTH STREET". Sup. B&W, approx. 10 min. Well preserved. [5th St. Women's Bldg takeover, Jan 1970]

Opens w/CU of women's faces. "Adelante Las Hermanas En La Lucha," then there's a French sign - "You Are Welcome" then in English "Lesbian and Straight Together"; beautiful, hand-drawn graphics. Sisters Unite, hand drawn sign. Another hand drawn sign: Our Hands, Feet, Bodies, Minds Are Tools For Change. Architectural details of the loft, it looks like they're in a loft. Fifth St. may have been an old women's center? Meeting - Welfare Mothers At Noon - another sign. Women's Building - another sign; Women's Interart Center; Gay Pride sign; Food Co-op; This Building Is Ours. The Price? Our Commitment (Jane O'Wyatt told me about this - take over of the Fifth St. building) Sign says "We Shall Not Be Moved." "Lesbians Unite" "Health Care" signs. Early comic drawing "Keep On Trucking, Sisters" "Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman" another sign beautifully done, good contrast, B&W. Babytalk Magazine, dated material. Old falling apart interior structure of loft, interesting looking. "Our Small Group Is Fixing This Room To Be Used By All Sisters As A Lounge - Donations Accepted" hand drawn sign. Dark footage. Great shot of women's gathering in the space. Medium shots of some of the women, soft focus, didn't have enough light. Sharp focus of a woman in crochet hat, Buffy Johnson, the painter? Great shot of whoever it is. Women singing or performing, girl child, aluminum paper background. This is a good film. Children holding on to parents' hands - nice shot. Long shot of the group holding hands in a circle. Nicely lit and good exposure. Older woman, 60s or 70s, looks like a skit is being performed.

121. "FIRST 1/2 OF MARCH '71?.WOMEN'S MARCH '71?.

Well exposed, no scratches. Looks like historic women holding large banners in NY. "New York Radical Feminists" banner goes all the way across the street on sheets. "Lesbians For Nixon" woman w/big smile carrying sign, then waves. Shots of crowd and shots of back of woman wearing a motorcycle helmet. Interesting closeups of men who I don't know if they're marching or not. Another banner "Equality" - equals sign. CU of woman in dark glasses smiling. Beautiful shot of Frances Doughty and woman in CU, dark glasses, long hair. Another big banner "Brooklyn NOW" Women wearing the fist in the circle. Women's lib sign. Great shot with radical banner behind. Lots of reds and whites in the image. Policemen, newscasters. Sappho? Was A Woman banner. Good shots of people in the street. A sign saying "One to One Committee NOW". More newscaster. Abortion Is A Woman's Right sign. Historical woman photo. Huge comic book-like billboard sign on a building. Soft focus of march. Sign - Smash Sexism, Women's Libertion NOW t-shirt. Crush Phallic Imerialism - nice shot showing a lot of women holding sign. Kate Millett is in crowd w/Betty Friedan right after sign (maybe) soft focus, anyway, not great. Bystanders. Another banner "Lesbian (something)" Women marching by shoe shop - "Shoes For Women" Woman reading as she marches, may be changing. Kate Millet in red - soft focus. CU of other women. Back to Kate. Dog w/sign on it - can't read. CU woman's face - pull out to medium shot. Jan Oxenberg possibly w/purple blouse w/white trim? Street scene. Angela Davis sign - large B&W photo. Good shot of Kate w/arm around somebody [Linda Clarke?], w/historic woman photo in background and a woman of color, finally, next to her. CU of Louise Fishman w/short hair. Woman's hand holding pamphlet saying Woman's World. Shot of another woman, don't know who, several. Sign - "Gay Male Feminist" CU of another woman. Button - "Sister" Angry woman yelling, holding a banner, very dramatic, pretty good not scratched. Shot - "Sisterhood Is Powerful" sign. More banners. Back of Kate w/arms around someone from behind. "Lesbians Unite" in focus. GAA embrodiered on hip pocket of dungarees. A lot of women all together. "Women's Liberation Is A Lesbian Plot." Policemen walking in front of sign. Soft focus on police. Women's Lib sign seen through a bus. Woman marching alone down street w/gusto. Women straggling down the street w/"Plot" sign. Nice CU of holding hands, arms around each other. Two women in white shirts arms around each other. Kate Millett again, in red, w/blonde woman also in red. Men marching. Women in dresses marching. "Unity" banner. "Phallic Imperialism" sign of New York Radical Feminists. Crowd shot, really good, around "Lesbians Unite" sign. Lots of nice crowd shots now, very seventies, good exposure, good color. More of Kate w/girlfriend and a third woman, smiling at camera. Westchester Coalition sign. Quality Child Care Service For Working Mothers sign. Chick Is A Dirty Word handwritten sign. Woman w/hand over mouth. Now, microphones at space where rally will be. A woman at microphones. We Are With You - French women's liberation sign. Then, B&W - good shot of microphones in B&W and some of the speakers. African-American woman in crowd, CU. I think Ti-Grace Atkinson(?) CUs of people, African-American man, Euro-Am. women. March For Equality banner behind speakers, big camera. Huge rally, now, shot of thousands in crowd. Great crowd shots. Not scratched. Soft focus CU. Betty Friedan, soft focus. Dark footage at end.

122. GAY MARCH 7/71.

Jill Johnston. Louise Fishman. Slightly overexposed. Then, out of focus. Good exposure - woman waving under Burlington House. Site of march sign - We Are Everywhere. Two women holding hands, arms around each other. Slightly overexposed. CU of Kate Millett eating, overexposed. Two woman kissing, out of focus, overexposed. Women's Lib button. Lots of overexposure. Not useable. Then, shot I think of Kate from behind. Maybe Kate and Jill - two longhaired women w/arms around each other -don't know who. Two other women, laughing. Some good, some scratched. More over exposed. Gay love, God's love - overexposed sign.

122A. GAY MARCH, 1977. Approx. 3 min.

Woman with sign "Gay Pride '77." Woman with hands raised above head forming triangle shape with thumbs and pointer fingers. Marchers. Band of police officers in march. Marchers. "Lesbian Feminist Liberation" banner. "Lesbian Seperatists Love Women" banner. "Dykes Tykes" banner and float. Women marching. 3 women with cameras. 2 women--one could be Louise Fishman. Too fast to tell. Close-up of woman with dark curly hair. Placard with Anita Bryant's face in center of swastika. Marchers. "Dykes Tykes" float. "National Organization for Women" banner. Marchers.

122B. GAY MARCH, 1977. Approx. 3 min.

"Lesbian Feminist Liberation" banner. "Anita Bryant is garbage" placard. Woman sitting on ground. Seems to be post-march. Banners are hung on fence, placards on ground. Crowds of people sitting around talking in a park?


Poster - Change For My Sisters poster, title and woman's face illustration. Cuts to a woman. Looks like 1986. Dark. Some shots of women's faces. Much is too dark to use. Another poster - graphic illustration of a hand carrying a cup, then a little cage around a brick, a woman w/a scrub brush and foot, pregnant woman, a drawing shot in CU, no scratches, useable, looks like a gallery in the theatre w/various drawings hung on walls. Kind of gray but useable. Sojourner Truth poster, woman. Emma Goldman. Poster w/a lot of women's names, more drawings from the exhibition. Very good.


Soft focus of woman's face, slightly soft focus of another one. Looks like a women's theatre group. Some clear shots nicely lit of this group. Pull back to showing the group together sitting in a circle w/guitar. Nicely lit well exposed. CU of guitar is out of focus. A woman listening, in focus, well lit, several women. Action of one woman holding another while laughing and trying to pull away. Well lit and clear. Another woman yelling, a larger older woman, fairly okay. Another woman seems to be crying, close up of very dramatically gesturing hands. Two hands holding, again dramatic gestures, well lit and clear. Interaction between two women, their hands and a face. Nicely lit, interesting shot - a very good roll of women's theatre group. Women pointing at one another


Dark, mostly; some shots of women's faces. A woman with a prop.


Drawing of a stick figure called "Me", big feet. All Right To Be Women Theatre. CU of Me, looks like a Phyllis Birkby self-portrait. My friends, stick figures holding hands "My Friends" Looks like title of show is The Popular Crowd. Drawing of a boy I had a crush on. He was in the Popular Crowd. The saga of my hairy legs or how my heart hurt. The boy is saying to the two girls, "Did you see her hairy legs?" Little stick figure drawings. "Did you see Sue's hairy legs?" Drawing of a heart w/lightning bolt through it. Line drawing of a lot of feet and shoes and a sign, "How My Mother Saved The Day, I Thought" "Can I shave my legs?" Bunch of hairy legs w/mother w/hairy legs and me w/hairy legs. My Fantasy. Ronson shaver plugged. THE END sign, then a woman walking through so you see these were on the wall. Women's Theatre - very good exposure. Back to realistic photography. In production, one sticks her tongue out, one w/mouth open. Beautifully lit and shot well. Good roll. One medium long shot showing a circle of women sitting together. Zoom up to a woman who is talking. Shows how group circle. Very well exposed sign of the play "A Chant For My Sisters." Shot of a ladder, woman listening. Best exposed of the theatre rolls.


42nd Street: Night. Dark exposure. Close up of man's face, zoom out: standing in doorway. Close up of movie marquee. Head shot of woman with cigarette. Full shot of movie marquee. Close up of bottom edge of marquee, zoom in. Blinking marquee lights reflected in chrome. Woman lights cigarette. Med. shot of two men shaking hands. Zoom to close up of faces, zoom out. Splice. Shot of movie marquees. Close up of woman staring into camera. Zoom from long shot of couple standing to close up, zoom out. Medium shot of man with cigarette. Marquee. Close up of words on marquee, "Butch" & "Maggie". Side close up of man. Shot of car headlights moving past. Close up of red blinking taillight. Another. Daytime--American flag waving in the wind. Nighttime--close up of (cop car?) lights flashing, yellow and blue. Interior(?) extreme long shot of person on stage or other elevated surface. Exterior full-length shot of lighted window display w/female mannequin. Close up of glowing "Don't Walk" traffic sign. Med. shot of Hare Krishna couple dancing, zoom out. Same, from back. Close up of banner, zoom out, zoom back in.

Peace Demo: Long shot of barricade, two women climbing over it. Crowd shot: faces, woman with blonde bouffant. Close up of police officer. Crowd shot. Woman standing on barrier. Med. closeups of people's heads and shoulders as they walk by. Quick shots of people's faces. More crowd shots: people walking down stairs. Long shot two people on an elevated surface, red flag in back. Long shot of side of building, crowd. Long shot of people dancing on roof of entrance porch of large building. Zoom out. Man holding newspaper torch. Med. shot of man laughing in crowd. Extreme long shot of people dancing on roof, zoom in. Blue flash. Med. shot, zoom out of large paper skull hung from man's neck. Another shot of people on roof. Close up of back of news camera person's head, camera. Zoom out and pan down to reporter interviewing protestor, zoom in on her face. Long shot of crowd, banner above says "Pig Press...." Shot of red banner, says "Free Bobby." Man leaning against speakers. Crowd shot. Two red flags, crossed. Shot of protestors on roof. Long shot of banner. Individual close ups of men in uniforms. Military? Marchers walking toward camera. Med. shot of riot cop juxtaposed against street. Head shot of man shouting. Mounted policemen seen fr. below. Backlit. Med. long shot cops in riot gear lined up in front of street. Close up of bullhorn. Long shot of moon, framed betw. buildings.

128. WOMEN'S LIB. MARCH, A. 16mm

Looks like rephotography of Super 8 that she has on Women's Lib March. Looks like Kate Millett, Angela Davis. Small freezes on women's faces. Only optical printing that changes is a few short freezes of faces. Refer to Film #39. Blow up of Super 8.


130. WOMEN'S LIB 26 AUG 1970

131. WOMEN'S STRIKE FOR PEACE AND EQUALITY. 16mm Early '70s. [26 Aug 1970]

Roll of 7252 optically printed, 16 mm. color. Live action of a women's lib demonstration, TV news cameras, crowds, camera follows policeman doing crowd control. "No peace for a peace" - women's sign, "Male Chauvinists You Better Start Shaking." Women marching, news cameras set on high above the crowd. People giving peace sign from cafes to marchers. More TV news. People watching from windows. "Don't Iron While The Strike Is Hot" - Women's Strike August, Strike Headquarters 229 Lexington Ave. High School Feminism Is Alive and Growing. Power To The Women. Women's Strike For Peace and Equality. Women's fists in the air. Female Disc Jockey Wants Liberation And Job. Nicely exposed shot of the march in front of sign saying Fieldcrest. Nice overview of a long march. A freezeframe on a face - Rita Mae Brown? Equal Jobs sign. Playboy Club, Bunny flag flying. Freezeframe of the bunny flag. Good condition, not scratched at all.



133. "BAHAMAS". (color)

Shot of foamy water crashing on grainy beach, panning around. Again. Still water. Tiny fish swimming around in water. Close up of plant life in water. Close up tracking shot of small fish. Unexposed strip.

Med. shot of shells in water. Tracking shot (right to left) of waves rolling onto beach, to where a woman and a man are piling sand. Shot of man's legs, with water washing over his feet. Med. shot of man making sandcastle. Close up of limbs carving castle. Med. shot of the woman, man in foreground. More shots of castle building. Close ups of sandcastle towers. Close ups of finished sandcastle. Unexposed strip. Jump cuts between close ups of sandcastle and wide shot of ocean and dunes. Nice visual juxtaposition. Black strip of film.

Interior shot, dimly lit, of woman lying in bed under covers, being fed by man slightly offscreen. New angle of same. Close up of woman's face. Close up of woman's arm hanging over side of bed. Med. side shot of woman. Close up of her face. Exterior shot of two people on hill overlooking sea. Closer shot of same. Med. long shot of woman walking into camera. Med. long shot of man fishing. Med. shot of man w/fishing pole walking to camera. Long and medium shots of waves crashing on rocky shore. Unexposed strip. Med. shot of person fishing, zoom out and then in. Shot of ocean, person swims into frame. Med. shot of man standing in water. Close up of woman taking off her snorkling mask. Med. shot, from side, of man looking out of frame. Med. shot of woman bent over. Close up of man's face. Long shot of 5 people walking down street to docks where all the boats are, zoom out. Extra long shot of same, zoom in. Subjects wave to camera, dance around. Black strip of film.

Close up of man's face. Close up of woman's face. Wide shot of water, shoreline in distance, zoom out. Camera pans horizon. Long shot of horizon, edge of boat in bottom of frame.

134. "CANYON DE CHELLY. 8mm. Color.

Looks like shot in Utah or Canyonlands. I think she is referring to the architect, but the forms are all natural, not manmade. Beautiful red caves, red rocks, looks like poured cement, but poured by nature. Unscratched, good shape, good color, good focus. Canyon de Chelley, the White House, Indian ruins. Red water, very expansive filming. Series of four frames at a time, then one of them says "The End" on it but really isn't. Then an arrow going different ways. Then footprints that rangers make for tours. One little scratch goes through the film. Shot in true Birkby style. From dusk, night to morning, same location. Rest is all black.

135. "MARYLAND JULY 4TH. (color)

Close up of man's head. Close up of him squeezing a pimple? Red haired man reading, another man. Pan through the interior of house. Lots of windows, zoom in on chandelier. Long shot of boat sailing by on lake. Exterior shot of boathouse. Zoom out wide, to boats sailing past. Long shots of men urinating in garden. Head shot of redheaded man. Shot of abstract reflections in water, undulating on surface. Pretty. Two backlit shots through branches. More abstract light patterns in pool. Close up of corner of pool from overhead. Shot of more light abstractions in pool. Med. shot zoom to close up from inside house through windows of lake view. Backlit shot of trees swaying in wind. Close up of windowpanes: raining outside. close up of light fixture. Close up of top of chair back. Very dark shots of foxes in a pen. Exterior long shot of men on a lawn, pan to stately white house. Again. Jump cuts between med. shots of white flowers. Shot of facade of house. Med. shot of men on lawn with water in the background. Long shot of shoreline, pan across. Med. shot of men walking, from behind. Backlit leaves against sky. Long shots of gardens: a statue from three sides. Under the arbor. Jump cut to statue. Med. shot of flower. Head shot of other statue. Long shot of road going out of gardens. Long shot of statue, head shot from either side. Setting sun through tree branches.

136. "MARYLAND".

Horseback riding in Maryland. Well established white wood house on lawn. Man sitting in tree jumps from tree. Woman goofing off. Everyone is goofing off. Kid. Point of view driving a car. Beagle in the woods. Hiking in the woods. By the seashore w/dog. Beagle and two other dogs.

137. MISCELLANEOUS ROAD FOOTAGE A.Super 8 color. 7244 Looks like more trees at the beach, soft focus, blue haze. Street scene in some city. Capitol dome? Rocky River Ranch gates. Cute woman smiling and CU of her through a windshield, driving a truck. Next shot, nicely shot of woman w/baseball cap on that reads, "Smilers". Looks like a mixed sports team, baseball game, focus is soft except for those two CUs of the woman's face.

138. MISC. ROAD FOOTAGE B. Super 8 color. [1984, Los Angeles]

Looks like Olympic sports event. Swimming or diving, XXIII, Games of the 23rd Olympics Los Angeles. Focus is all soft. Except for the swimming lanes. Judges and swimming lanes and long shots are nice color is good and look like they've never been projected. Perfect. Overview of the street around the Olympics, w/palm trees, people on diving platforms.


Highway shot at different angles stretching off into sky. Film gave blue haze to everything. Turns camera upside down and to either side. Intermittent scratch later in the film. Landscape shot from car. Buttes, beautiful stormy sky at dusk, rainbow, no scratches. Ends up at Olympics at L.A.


More highway - blurred of vegetation, buildings and building details, iron grill fence, soft focus. Parts are good focus, part soft.


Peacock. Ferris wheel. Some Fantasyland. Maybe Disneyland. Crowd scenes are soft focus. Children's playground is good. Louisiana journey - probably a boatride. Scandanavia, gondola entrance. Dark footage. Then daylight, soft focus. Inflated balloons, soft focus.


Same soft focus, details of a house w/horsedrawn carriage in front, saying Carriage Tours Savannah. Confederate flag. Looks like Savannah, w/southern homes, porches and wooden grillwork around the porches. Could be 1965, there is a 65 between the sprocket holes. Road, highway, then park - woman in bathing suit w/baseball cap walking toward camera, waving to Phyllis, big smile. (Might be Louise Fishman). Horse's head over a fence.


Sunlight through the trees, intermittent scratch, same hazy, soft focus highway, water, street lamp by the beach, window frames of the beach. Motel, something Alvin's Island, either a motel or restaurant. More highway - road trip. Buildings, southern again, trees, southern mansion.

144. OLYMPICS OUT OF FOCUS FIELD HOCKEY. Sports stadium. [1984]

Out of focus game. Field hockey. Bad roll.


Outdoor women's swim and diving meet. Perfect shape. Shot with an eye for design. Full stadium - looks like L.A. Could be olympics. 23rd Olympics. refer to #104.

146. OLYMPICS II. [1984]

Track meets, flags, huge crowds, five rings. Focus not always good on CUs, good on long crowd shots. Colors are great. Wheelchair event, but focus is not good. Pretty good of men in yellow suits, a band, carrying instruments, walking on the track. Most out of focus.

147. OLYMPICS III. [1984]

Women in straw hat with pins on it w/track behind. Crowd scene. Track again, focus is good. Wheelchair, disabled, special olympics. Regular Olympic flag flying. Running - soft focus. Nice long shot of the stadium.

148. PATCHAPINES.(color)

Close up of man's face. Camera pans faces of people on porch, to extreme close up of hands. Patchapines sign. Close up of woman holding camera up to face. Jumps cuts between shots of flora, people. Jump cut to the beach. Long shot of a woman in the water. A woman gets up off the sand and moves to the water, a man goes with her. Ends in longshot. Med. long shot, parallel to shoreline, of waves rolling onto beach; truncated headless bodies of people pass by. Unexposed strip. Shot of people clustered together, lying on beach. Camera moves around them in a circle. They wave, are obviously enjoying themselves. Zoom in and out of the people, more circling of them as they perform synchronized movements with their legs and arms. Camera zooms in, then out as they disperse. More shots of rolling waves and truncated bodies walking past. Same, camera turned on side. Same, camera turned upside down, Same, camera turned on other side. Now camera right side up. Cycle repeats. Shots of rolling waves, kid playing in sand, truncated bodies walking past.

149. SAIGON.

Dark street scenes of Saigon. Too dark to use. Good exposure of man w/pink rickshaw, pedalling. Street scenes w/bicycles. People on bicycles. Second reel - all black.

150. SAIGON [?]. Approx. 3 min.

Many scenes of people, cars, bicycles, motocycles on busy street. View of building facade, "Continental Palace." More people, bicycles, cars and motorcycles. Lighting much darker. People getting out of car. So dark, you can barely tell what this is. White man and woman walking toward camera, then they greet camera operator. More people, bikes, cars and motorcycles in street. People walking down street.

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