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YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 06. Program: Series VI. Publications, 1870-2002
Collection number: 324_rg6_s6

This series documents the YWCA's extensive publications program including its Womans Press. Materials include Publications Department minutes, correspondence, reports, catalogs, and advertising. The series also includes some of the voluminous output of publications. Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 6. Program.

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The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The YWCA of the USA retains copyright ownership of the records, but has authorized the Sophia Smith Collection to grant permission to publish reproductions or quotations from the records on its behalf.

Copyright to materials authored by persons other than YWCA staff may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights for permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

Early in its history, the YWCA of the U.S.A. established a Publication Department to publish its monthly magazine, then known as the Association Monthly; to produce study materials, programs, and other publications for the National Convention and for conferences; and to facilitate and oversee publication, promotion, and distribution of "technical" publications written by and for the Association's departments and divisions.

In the spring of 1916 the Publication Department and Committee started discussing a plan for enlarging the publishing venture. The idea was to finance the Association's "technical" publications through sales of more general interest material which could "Christianize the Woman's Movement." In the spring of 1917 they consulted with National Association staff, librarians, teachers, and social workers "to discover what sort of books they looked for…but did not find." These groups cited a real need for "books on vocations, written for girls; books on personal efficiency; biographies; collections of poetry; stories which will help the modern-day woman to adjust herself to the world in which she lives; and reprints in attractive form of books or parts of books which every girl ought to read." (Association Monthly, June 1917) The Department settled on a new name, The Womans Press, to reflect the more general character of the venture. (For its first 28 years, 1917-45, the name was usually printed without an apostrophe.) The first two titles under the new imprint, Mobilizing Woman-Power by Harriot Stanton Blatch and The Young Woman Citizen by Mary Austin went on sale in 1918.

In addition to their work on production and distribution of technical publications (which were generally written by staff most closely involved with the subject), the Publications Department selected authors and editors for the new general interest books, oversaw their design, publication, publicity, and distribution; produced the monthly magazine (re-christened The Womans Press) and Convention publications; and administered the Woman's Bookshop in the National headquarters.

The hard-cover general interest titles included religious books, such as collections of prayers and meditations, books on How to Use the Bible, and Christianity's relation to communism, peace, work, citizenship, and social morality. The Association also published poetry collections, women's memoirs and biographies, and books on women in history. Many titles reflected the staff's areas of expertise, presenting topics such as group work, adolescent girls' development, race relations, international understanding, health, jobs, citizenship, leadership, and sex education. Recreation and creative expression were promoted through volumes about nature study, flower arranging, parties, festivals, and Decorating the Small Apartment.

The impressive catalog of "technical" publications on a myriad of topics made up one of the most important contributions of the National Association to Community and Student Associations. The publications were clear, comprehensive, attractive, and eminently useful.

In the face of the financial challenges of the Depression, the Publications Department adjusted such things as the quality of the paper and formality of presentation, and managed to continue to put out a substantial catalog of titles.

Paper and other shortages curtailed publication during World War II. After the war, the National Association attempted a revival on advice of a "business analyst." A three-year plan concentrated in three major subject areas appropriate to YWCA: social group work, religion, and self-help books for women. The records are vague about why the Association ultimately abandoned this plan, but it eventually decided to sell its rights in the "general interest" hardcover books to Whiteside, Inc., in 1952. As part of the agreement, the National Association promised to limit its future publications to items for use within the Association and not to enter the publishing business in any form.

The National Association continued to put out technical and publicity materials, but on a much smaller scale. In 1961, the efforts became the responsibility of the Communications Bureau.

Administrative History
1909-12Publication Department
1912-22 Publication Department
1923-24Editorial Department in Editorial and Publicity Division
1923-32program staff decentralized in Field Division and Education and Research Division
1925-31Education and Research Division
1932-39Publications in Laboratory Division
1940-49Publication Department
1950-51Publications Services in Membership Resources and Woman's Press in General Administration
1951-53Publications Services in Membership Resources
1954-60Publications Services in General Administration
1961-part of Communications Bureau in Executive Office
Scope and contents of the collection

Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records--Record Group 6. Program.

NOTE: For the most part, the Microfilmed Records and the Original Format Records do not duplicate each other and both should be consulted. This description covers materials in both formats. See the Contents List for a folder-level inventory of the Original Format Records. See the Microfilmed Records Reel Lists for a detailed inventory of the microfilm.

The records in this series include Publications Department minutes, correspondence, reports, catalogs, and advertising. They document the work of those making decisions about the general interest publications, coordinating and scheduling all of the publications, and overseeing production. There are significant gaps in the minutes and only a few years of records of the production side of the operation, yet what survives provides significant insight into this aspect of the National program.

The series also includes some of the voluminous output of publications. Those that are filed with this series are the main Association-wide serials, the general interest books, and gift and keepsake items, such as engagement calendars. Other publications are filed with related records in other Series and Record Groups throughout the Records. For example, play scripts are in Pageantry and Drama, and the serial Foreign Born is in Immigration and Foreign Communities.

The National Board Library at YWCA headquarters in New York kept copies of many of the publications. That collection was transferred to the Sophia Smith Collection with the rest of the records. It is difficult to say for certain whether the collection, which consists of approximately 1700 books, pamphlets, scripts, serials, and other types of publications is complete. There are some projects mentioned in the minutes, for instance, that may not ultimately have been published, or may have been published under a different title.

Many publications were microfilmed. These were mainly the "technical" items and only rarely the hard-cover books.

For general information about the National Association and Community Associations, the Association Monthly/Womans Press/YWCA Magazine is an unparalleled source. In addition to the articles and columns, details of Association history can be traced through such things as staff and committee rosters, "secretarial changes," conference schedules, news from Community Associations, and conference and convention reports.

When the YWCA Records were transferred to the Sophia Smith Collection, they included multiple copies of many publications. The processing staff took advantage of this bounty, to file duplicates in multiple places where applicable-for instance, booklets about training Girl Reserve workers could be filed both in Training and Teenage Program.

Microfilmed Records, 1907-71

[see Microfilmed Records Reel List]

In addition to Committee records listed below, many YWCA publications were microfilmed with other records related to their subject or department. They are usually located in the "Miscellaneous" section at the end of each Subject in the Subject Files. The main serials were not microfilmed.

Records relating to YWCA publishing efforts can be found on the microfilm under:

  • Minutes and Reports
    • Communications Committee
    • Publications Services Committee
    • Publication Department and Woman's Press Committee
    • Publications, Committee on Correlation of
    • Woman's Press Committee
  • Subject Files
    • Copyrights
    • Publications Services
    • Reprint Privilege
    • Woman's Press [reel lost]

Original Format Records, 1907-98, n.d., circa 20 linear feet

[see Original Format Records folder list]

The Departmental office files in the Original Format Records include hard copy of the minutes and reports that are also on the microfilm; Womans Press and other publications catalogs; advertising; a few "Schedules" forms for proposed publications and reprints from the 1930s; and card file title indexes to YWCA publications.

Publications filed with this series include the main Association-wide serials, the hard-cover "general interest" books, and gift and keepsake publications such as engagement calendars.

The Association's main serial, The Association Monthly/Womans Press/YWCA Magazine is an excellent source for tracing the history of the YWCA publishing through its articles, but also through the advertising and publications announcements.

Related Materials

"Technical" publications can be found throughout the records, usually in the Publications section within a series or subseries.

In other Series in this Record Group

The Publications Department was sometimes under the administrative supervision of other departments or divisions, usually the "program"-related departments. Additional information can be found in the department/division minutes in SERIES I. DEPARTMENT, STAFF, AND COMMITTEES.

In other Record Groups

In later years, the Publications were the responsibility of the Publicity staff, Additional information can be found in SERIES VI. PUBLICITY of RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

Records about the sale of the Woman's Press general interest titles in 1952 are in SERIES III. FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT under Comptroller's Office in RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINSTRATIVE OFFICE.

Legal files with information about publications copyrights are in SERIES I. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION of RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINSTRATIVE OFFICE.

A major part of the mission of the Publications Department was responsibility for Convention and Conference publications filed in RECORD GROUP 4. NATIONAL CONVENTIONS AND CONFERENCES.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The YWCA of the USA retains copyright ownership of the records, but has authorized the Sophia Smith Collection to grant permission to publish reproductions or quotations from the records on its behalf.

Copyright to materials authored by persons other than YWCA staff may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights for permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Preferred Citation

Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection:

YWCA of the U.S.A. Records, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

Additional Formats

A copy of the microfilmed records of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records is available to borrow from the William Allan Neilson Library at Smith College via Interlibrary Loan.

To request the microfilm from our library you will need to submit the following information to your library's Interlibrary Loan department:

  • Author: Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A. National Board
  • Title: Records, 1876-1970 [microform]
  • WorldCat Accession Number: OCLC 57415795
  • Notes: "Call # 689" and reel number(s) you want to borrow

Full descriptions and reel lists of the microfilm are available online.

History of the Collection

The YWCA of the U.S.A. donated a portion of its records to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1964 and the remainder in 2002 and 2003.

Processing Information

Processed by Maida Goodwin, Amy Hague, Kara McClurken, Amanda Izzo, 2008 FY 07-08

Record Groups

Additional Information
Contact Information
Smith College Special Collections
Young Library
4 Tyler Drive
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: (413) 585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886

Processing of the YWCA Records was made possible by the generous support of the National Historical Records and Publications Commission and the estate of Elizabeth Norris.
Contents List


This is the Contents List for the Original Format Records only. The reel lists for the Microfilmed Records are in a separate file. See Scope and Content note for more description.

General, 1918-89, n.d.

Box 660A: folder 1
Publications Committee/Publications Services Committee

Minutes, 1907-24

Box 660A: folder 2-8
Agendas, 1932-37

Box 660A: folder 9-10

1932-33, 1940-49

Box 660A: folder 11-16

Box 660B: folder 1-5
Correlation of Publications Committee: minutes, 1920-24

Box 660B: folder 6-10
Woman's Press Committee: minutes, 1950-51

Box 660B: folder 11

Publications Department


Box 660B: folder 12-18
1916-21, 1924, n.d.

Box 661: folder 1-6
Biennial, 5-year, 1914-20

Box 661: folder 7
"Schedules" (Form for Proposed Publications and Reruns), 1932-33, 1935-37

Box 661: folder 8-11
Publications catalogs

1914-15, 1926, 1937, 1940-1945/46

Box 661: folder 12-15

Box 662: folder 1-4
Publicity materials for Womans Press publications

Miscellaneous lists, 1930-47, n.d.

Box 662: folder 5
Christmas, 1947, n.d.

Box 662: folder 6
Inserts for complementary/promotion copies, circa 1926-80, n.d.

Box 662: folder 7
YWCA serials, circa 1926-72, n.d.

Box 662: folder 8
Miscellaneous publications, 1935-88, n.d.

Box 662: folder 9
Serials Indexes

Miscellaneous, n.d.

Box 662: folder 10
The Bookshelf, 1930-72

Box 662: folder 11
International Messenger, 1894-1902 (selective)

Box 662: folder 12
Evangel, 1888-1906 (selective)

Box 662: folder 13
War Work Bulletin, 1917-19

Box 662: folder 14
Womans Press/YWCA Magazine, 1930-77

Box 662: folder 15
World YWCA Monthly, 1963-70

Box 662: folder 16
YWCA Interchange, 1974-86

Box 662: folder 17
Card files

Title Index to YWCA Publications, 1901-70

A-Ph 1901-70

Box 663
Pi-Z, and those beginning "YWCA…" 1901-70

Box 664
Publication Series and Subject Index; Bureau of Communications Publications record cards (includes cost and number ordered); and Woman's Press Titles with copyright transferred to Whiteside 1901-70

Box 665
Miscellaneous publications

Christmas stories, 1921, 1942-45

Box 666: folder 1
Edit Your Own Copy, Womans Press style manual, 1940, 1942

Box 666: folder 2
Pocketbook Bibliographies, 1934

Box 666: folder 3

YWCA Calendar

1909, 1911-15

Box 666: folder 4-9

Box 667: folder 1-3
Modern Readers Calendar

1920-22, 1925

Box 667: folder 4-7

Box 668: folder 1-3
Calendar, 1937-39

Box 668: folder 4-6
Engagement Calendar


Box 668: folder 7-8

Box 669: folder 1
Pop-up calendars, 1984-92

Box 669: folder 2

Lyman Abbott, The Crucifers, 1923

Box 669: folder 3
Barbara Abel, Follow the Leadership and Other Skits, 1938

Box 669: folder 4
Charlotte Adams, Women of Ancient Israel, 1916

Box 669: folder 5
Katharine L. Aller Along the Bethlehem Way,1941

Box 669: folder 6
George H. Atkinson Frances Bridges Atkinson, 1908

Box 669: folder 7
Mary Austin

The Young Woman Citizen, 1918

Box 669: folder 8
Young Woman in the New Social Order, study outline for use with the Young Woman Citizen, 1919

Box 669: folder 9
Lucy T. Bartlett, compiler, Services for Special Needs, 1941

Box 669: folder 10
Katherine Lee Bates

Little Robin Stay-Behind, 1923

Box 669: folder 11
The Pilgrim Ship, 1926

Box 669: folder 12
John C. Bennett Christianity and Communism, 1948

Box 669: folder 13
Peter Bertocci The Human Venture in Sex, Love, and Marriage, 1949

Box 669: folder 14
Harriot Stanton Blatch Mobilizing Woman-Power, 1918, and A Woman's Point of View, 1920

Box 669: folder 15
Ella Bowles Practical Parties, 1926

Box 669: folder 16
Stella Burgess Toward the Summit, 1948

Box 669: folder 17
Margaret Burton

Comrades in Service, 1915

Box 669: folder 18
Mabel Cratty: Leader in the Art of Leadership, 1929

Box 669: folder 19
Remember April, 1941

Box 669: folder 20
The Star-Promise, 1925

Box 669: folder 21
Emma Byers Out of Doors with Birds, 1937

Box 669: folder 22
Richard Cabot The Christian Approach to Social Morality, 1913

Box 669: folder 23
Vivian Campbell A Christmas Anthology of Poetry and Painting, 1947

Box 670: folder 1
Adelaide Teague Case The Servant of the Lord: a Devotional Commentary, 1940

Box 670: folder 2
Margaret Clark and Briseis Teall The Executive Director on the Job, 1947

Box 670: folder 3
Elspeth Clarke The Joy of Service: Memoirs of Elizabeth Dodge Huntington Clarke, 1979

Box 670: folder 4-5
Alice Collins Methods in Group Work, 1938

Box 670: folder 6
Bertha Cond?é The Human Element in the making of a Christian, 1917

Box 670: folder 7
Grace Coyle

Group Experience and Democratic Values, 1947

Box 670: folder 8
Jobs and Marriage?, 1928

Box 670: folder 9
Brooks Spivey Creedy Women Behind the Lines, 1949

Box 670: folder 10
Martha Foote Crow Christ in the Poetry of Today, 1917, 1918, 1923

Box 670: folder 11-12
Marion Cuthbert

April Grasses, 1936

Box 670: folder 13
Juliette Derricotte, 1936, and Songs of Creation, 1949

Box 670: folder 14
Ethel Cutler One People Among Many: The Ancient Hebrews and Their Neighbors, 1942, and One Prophet - and Another, 1942

Box 670: folder 15
Anne Darlington Yelenka the Wise, 1926

Box 670: folder 16
Enid Day Adventures of a Nurse's Aid, 1951

Box 670: folder 17
Frances Densmore The American Indians and Their Music, 1926

Box 670: folder 18
Sarah Truslow Dickinson, compiler, Fellowship Prayers, 1928

Box 670: folder 19
Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Grand Inquisitor, 1948

Box 670: folder 20
Marion Dudley Explorers, 1926

Box 670: folder 21
Carlisle Ellis Red Shoes, 1930

Box 671: folder 1
Mary G. Ellsworth Birthday Parties for Boys and Girls, 1951

Box 671: folder 2
Victoria Emerson Into the World, 1950

Box 671: folder 3
L. Wendell Fifield How to Use the Bible, 1920

Box 671: folder 4
Jack Finegan Youth Asks About Religion, 1949

Box 671: folder 5
Welthy Fisher A String of Chinese Pearls, 1924

Box 671: folder 6
R. Louise Fitch Madame France, 1919

Box 671: folder 7
Harry Emerson Fosdick The Challenge of the Present Crisis, 1917

Box 671: folder 8
Stephen Hole Frichtman, editor, Prayers of the Free Spirit, 1945

Box 671: folder 9
Edith Gates Health Through Leisure-Time Recreation, 1931

Box 671: folder 10
Josephine H. Gerth Highways to Jobs for Women, 1948

Box 671: folder 11
Hazel Gewinner Lalah of the Mountain, 1924

Box 671: folder 12
Emily Gibson English-Class Plays for New Americans, 1927

Box 671: folder 13
Charles Gilkey New Frontiers of Faith,1927

Box 671: folder 14
Girl Reserve staff The Girl Reserve Movement, 1924

Box 671: folder 15
Abbie Graham

Ceremonials of Common Days, 1923, 1925, 1942

Box 671: folder 16-17
The Girls' Camp, 1933, and Working at Play in Summer Camp, 1941

Box 671: folder 18
Grace H. Dodge: Merchant of Dreams, 1926

Box 671: folder 19
High Occasions, 1930

Box 672: folder 1
Ladies in Revolt,1934, On Being Immortal, 1942, and Outposts of the Imagination: A Travel Guide to Cities by Way of Historical Fiction, 1930

Box 672: folder 2
Time Off and On, 1939

Box 672: folder 3
Vain Pomp and Glory, 1927

Box 672: folder 4
Ivan Grimshaw How to Prepare a Speech, 1952

Box 672: folder 5
Eva Hansl Trends in Part Time Employment for College Trained Women, 1949

Box 672: folder 6
Louise Hasbrouck The Hall With Doors, 1920

Box 672: folder 7
Charles Hendry The Role of Groups in World Reconstruction, 1952

Box 672: folder 8
Margaret Hiller Leadership in the Making, 1936, 1939

Box 672: folder 9
Margaret Hodgen Factory Work for Girls, 1919, 1920

Box 672: folder 10
Imogene Ireland The Song Book of the YWCA, 1926

Box 672: folder 11
Annie B. Kerr

Candles in the Heart,1939, The Christmas Guest,1944, and Clear Shining After Rain, 1941

Box 672: folder 12
So Gracious the Time, 1938, and So Many Pathways, 1940

Box 672: folder 13
Wednesdays, 1929

Box 672: folder 14
Laura Kerr Lady in the Pulpit, 1951

Box 672: folder 15
Winifred Kirkland The Christmas Shrine, 1920, and The Man Who Gave Us Christmas, 1940

Box 672: folder 16
Bertha Palmer Lane Lad and Other Story Plays, 1926

Box 672: folder 17
Tolman Lee Funds and Friends, 1925

Box 672: folder 18
Anne W. Lindsay Group Work Recording, 1952

Box 672: folder 19
D. Willard Lyon The Christian Equivalent of War, 1915

Box 672: folder 20
Kathleen Macarthur The Bible and Human Rights, 1948

Box 673: folder 1
Anne Marion MacLean Cheero!, 1918

Box 673: folder 2
Jeannette Marks Courage, 1919

Box 673: folder 3
Rhoda McCulloch Little Talks on Large Topics, 1930

Box 673: folder 4
Alexander Miller Christian Faith and My Job, 1946

Box 673: folder 5
Clelia Duel Mosher Woman's Physical Freedom, 1923

Box 673: folder 6
Janet Fowler Nelson Marriages Are Not Made in Heaven, 1939

Box 673: folder 7
Elizabeth Ogg Decorating the Small Apartment, 1949

Box 673: folder 8
A. Estelle Paddock Overtaking the Centuries, 1916

Box 673: folder 9
Margaret Parsons Red Letter Day Plays, 1921, and One Night Stand and Other Plays, 1942

Box 673: folder 10
Esther Peck National Costumes of the Slavic Peoples, 1920

Box 673: folder 11
Ruth Perkins Magic Casements, 1927, and Program Making and Record Keeping, 1931

Box 673: folder 12
Alexander Purdy

Jesus' Way with People, 1926, and Pathways to God, 1922

Box 673: folder 13
The Way of Christ, 1918, 1929

Box 673: folder 14
Margaret S. Quayle As Told to Business Girls, 1932

Box 673: folder 15
Anna V. Rice History of the World's YWCA, 1947

Box 673: folder 16
Jean Rich (pseudo. for Helen Frances Thompson) Dos and Don'ts for Business Women, 1922

Box 673: folder 17
Richard Roberts

The Ascending Life, 1924

Box 673: folder 18
Florence Simms: A Biography, 1926; The Untried Door: An Attempt to Discover the Mind of Jesus for Today, 1921

Box 674: folder 1
Duane Robinson Chance to Belong, 1949

Box 674: folder 2
Marion Robinson Eight Women of the YWCA, 1966

Box 674: folder 3
Matilda Rogers Flower Arrangement: A Hobby for All, 1949

Box 674: folder 4
Wilfrid Rowell Patriotism and the Christian Life, 1918

Box 674: folder 5
A. Maude Royden

Consider the Days, 1942

Box 674: folder 6
Women at the World's Crossroads, 1922

Box 674: folder 7
Letty Russell Ferment of Freedom, 1972

Box 674: folder 8
Dothory {sic} Sabistan and Margaret Hiller Toward Better Race Relations, 1949

Box 674: folder 9
Dorothy Sara Primer for Hostesses, 1950

Box 674: folder 10
Mabel Schadt Cafeteria Recipes, 1925

Box 674: folder 11
Janie Scott Easy to Make Fashion Accessories, 1953

Box 674: folder 12
Roger L. Shinn Beyond This Darkness, 1946

Box 674: folder 13
Mary S. Sims and Rhoda E. McCulloch, compilers, Women and Leadership, 1938

Box 674: folder 14
Elvira J. Slack A Canticle of the Year, 1920, and Christ in the Poetry of Today (compiled and reassembled from an anthology originated by Martha Foote Crow), 1928

Box 674: folder 15
Robert Seneca Smith Fundamentals of Daily Living, 1921, 1922

Box 674: folder 16-17
Clarissa Spencer Saints and Ladies, 1925

Box 674: folder 18
Dorothy Gladys Spicer

The Book of Festivals, 1944, and 1947

Box 674: folder 19
Folk Festivals and the Foreign Community, 1923, and From an English Oven, 1948

Box 674: folder 20
Holiday Parties, 1939, and Parties for Young Americans, 1940

Box 675: folder 1
Windows Open to the World, 1947

Box 675: folder 2
B.B.T. Youth Searching: The Spiritual Autobiography of a Modern Girl, 1928

Box 675: folder 3
Ordway Tead The Case for Democracy and its Meaning for Modern Life, 1938

Box 675: folder 4
Helen Thoburn Christian Citizenship, 1924

Box 675: folder 5
Harleigh B. Trecker Group Process in Administration, 1946, and Social Group Work: Principles and Practices, 1948

Box 675: folder 6
Grace Trine (compiler) Dreams and Voices, 1920

Box 675: folder 7
Ruth Wadsworth Charm By Choice, 1928, 1930, 1939 revised

Box 675: folder 8-9
Nora Waln The Street of Precious Pearls, 1925

Box 675: folder 10
Louis Wasserman Handbook of Political 'Isms,' 1941

Box 675: folder 11
Jane Shaw Ward Tajar Tales, 1947

Box 675: folder 12
Helen Webster Shower Parties for All Occasions, 1949

Box 675: folder 13
Florence Wells, assembler, Tama: The Diary of a Japanese School Girl, 1920

Box 675: folder 14
Eleanor Wembridge Let's Understand Each Other: Psychology for People Who Do Not Understand Themselves - or You, 1940

Box 675: folder 15
Yolanda Wilkerson Interracial Programs of Student YWCAs, 1948

Box 675: folder 16
Elizabeth Wilson

The Road Ahead, 1918

Box 675: folder 17
Through an Indian Counting Glass, 1926

Box 675: folder 18
Winnifred Wygal Reflections of the Spirit, 1948

Box 675: folder 19
Agavnie Y. Yeghenian The Red Flag at Ararat, 1932

Box 675: folder 20

Bound Preservation copies


Association Monthly

Feb 1907-Jan 1917

Box 676
Feb 1917-Aug 1922

Box 677
Womans Press

Sep 1922-Dec 1923

Box 677
Jan 1924-Dec 1929

Box 678
Jan 1930-Dec 1936

Box 679
Jan 1937-Dec 1945

Box 680
Jan 1946-Dec 1950

Box 681
YWCA Magazine

Jan 1951-Dec 1962

Box 681
Jan 1963-Dec 1973

Box 682
National YWCA Bulletin: News From 600, 1951-62

Box 682
YWCA Interchange, 1974-98

Box 683: folder 1-4
Unbound copies [incomplete]

Association Monthly

Feb 1907-1910

Box 684: folder 1-18

Box 685: folder 1-16
1916-Aug 1918

Box 686: folder 1-15
Sep 1918-1920

Box 687: folder 1-13
1921-Apr 1922

Box 688: folder 1-5
Womans Press

Oct 1922-Oct 1923

Box 688: folder 6-11
Nov 1923-Jun 1925

Box 689: folder 1-10
Jul 1925-Oct 1927

Box 690: folder 1-11
Nov 1927-Oct 1929

Box 691: folder 1-12
Nov 1929-Mar 1932

Box 692: folder 1-10
Apr 1932-Sep 1935

Box 693: folder 1-11
Oct 1935-Dec 1937

Box 694: folder 1-9
Jan 1938-Jun 1940

Box 695: folder 1-10
Jul 1940-Aug 1943

Box 696: folder 1-14
Sep 1943-Oct 1946

Box 697: folder 1-24
Nov 1946-Dec 1950

Box 698: folder 1-16
YWCA Magazine

Jan-Dec 1951

Box 698: folder 17-19
Jan 1952-May 1968

Box 699: folder 1-20
Jun 1968-Dec 1973

Box 700: folder 1-8
National YWCA Bulletin: News From 600, 1951-62

Box 700: folder 9-19
YWCA Interchange [copy 2], 1974-98

Box 701: folder 1-4

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