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YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 06. Program: Series V. Program Subjects, 1870-2002
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This series documents the National Association's work related to Camping and Outdoor Recreation; Health and Recreation; Music; Pageantry and Drama; and Religion. Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 6. Program.

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Scope and contents of the collection

NOTE: For the most part, the Microfilmed Records and the Original Format Records do not duplicate each other and both should be consulted. This description covers materials in both formats. See the Contents List for a folder-level inventory of the Original Format Records. See the Microfilmed Records Reel Lists for a detailed inventory of the microfilm.

Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records--Record Group 6. Program.

This Series is divided into five Subseries:

  • C. MUSIC


Dr. Anna Brown listens to heartbeat of patient, circa 1910

Dr. Anna Brown listens to heartbeat of patient, circa 1910

Many young women had their first exposure to the YWCA through Summer Camps run by Community Associations all over the United States. Though camps were primarily the province of Community Associations, the National Staff served as consultants on the educational philosophy of camping and outdoor recreation and produced publications and other program materials for use at camps and in recreational programs. Staff in the Business Department also consulted with locals on administrative and property management issues.

At times during its history, the National Association owned some camp properties and major summer conferences and councils took place at various regional camps, such as Camp Maqua in Poland, Maine and Camp Okoboji in Milford, Iowa.

The National Association hired specialist staff to consult on camping for two rather brief periods, from 1925 to 1932, and 1965 to 1969. The latter period coincided with general Association concern over declining membership among the young, a growing environmental movement, and increased interest in outdoor recreation and conservation. During this period the YWCA sponsored two national conferences on Outdoor Recreation and Conservation. An associated Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp in which campers built a trail in the Teton National Forest became the subject of a film and garnered quite a bit of press coverage.

Administrative History
1925-31Camps in Education and Research
1932Director of Camps Maqua and Okoboji under Business Committee
1959Consultant, Camping Program in Leadership Services
1965Consultant, Camping in Community Division
1966Consultant, Camping and Program with Children Under 12 in Community Division
1967Consultant, Camping, Outdoor Recreation, and Conservation in Community Division
1968Consultant, Camping and Outdoor Recreation in Community Division
1969Consultant, Special Programs and Camping in Community Division

Scope and Content

The Camping and Outdoor Recreation records consist of general historical materials; brochures and general information about some of the camps used for national conferences and councils; minutes and reports of national and regional camp committees and commissions from the 1910s and 1920s; correspondence, Conference and Program files primarily from the 1960s; publications; reference materials; and miscellaneous scrapbooks and memorabilia. Publications cover topics such as administration and educational philosophy of camping, nature study, and outdoor activities.

Microfilmed Records, 1906-70 only

[see Microfilmed Records Reel List]

Microfilmed records include minutes and reports of various Camp committees and commissions, 1912-27; general information files on the camps Altamont, Canadohta, Makonikey, Maqua, Nepahwhin, Okoboji, and others; and files on the two national recreation and conservation conferences and the film "Aim, Achieve, Action" made at the Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp in 1966. The records do not contain a copy of the film itself. They can be found on the Microfilm in:

  • Minutes and Reports
    • Camp Department
  • Subject Files
    • Arts, Motion Pictures [information about Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp film]
    • Camps
    • Conference

Original Format Records, 1912-71, n.d., 3 linear feet

[see Original Format Records folder list]

In addition to the Minutes and Reports (which were not discarded after filming), the Original Format Records contain 1960s working files of the Camping and Outdoor Recreation Consultant that were transferred to the National Board Archives after microfilming was complete. They include a sample of her consulting work with individual camps and her files on the national conferences and Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp. The Miscellaneous materials include an assortment of scrapbooks, memorabilia, and records of individual camps run by Community Associations.

The Original Format Records are arranged as follows:

  • General and history
  • Minutes and Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Conferences
  • Programs
  • Publications
  • Reference materials
  • Miscellaneous

Related Materials

Elsewhere in this Series

The YWCA often had specialist staff for indoor (vs. outdoor) recreation. Similar materials about the philosophy of recreation and play are in Subseries B. Health and Recreation.

Elsewhere in this Record Group

The AssociationMonthly/Womans Press/YWCA Magazine in SERIES VI. PUBLICATIONS is an excellent source for most topics. It tended to have a special Camp issue each summer.

There are many camp-related records in Subseries D. Teenage and Younger Girls Program in SERIES IV. CONSTITUENT GROUPS

See also files about Summer Conferences, in SERIES IV. CONSTITUENT GROUPS

There are reports on and discussion of camps in Education and Research minutes in SERIES I. DEPARTMENT, STAFF, AND COMITTEES.

In other Record Groups

Data and Statistics regularly collected and compiled information on Community Association Camp programs. These are in SERIES IV of RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

Files on Camp properties owned by the National Association are in SERIES II of RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.

Lillian Rifken Blumenfeld's memories of Camp Winola are in SERIES V. BIOGRAPHICAL FILES in RECORD GROUP 1. GENERAL AND HISTORY.

RECORD GROUP 9. PHOTOGRAPHS includes a smattering of camp photographs and an especially rich set of files on the Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp.

Personal Papers

The Sophia Smith Collection holds personal papers of a few YWCA women who ran Camp programs, particularly overseas. They include: Frances Ticknor and Polly Feustal.


The YWCA of the U.S.A. defined health, which it considered "the right of every individual" as physical, mental, and social well-being. Its program of "positive health" a term coined by its first Secretary for Health, Dr. Anna L. Brown encompassed not only activities related to physical health, such as health examinations, health education, and physical recreation opportunities; but also the opportunities Community YWCAs provided for creative expression, cultural enrichment, rest and relaxation, social interaction, and other forms of personal fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Such a wide-ranging assortment of activities, though a core concern of the YWCA, were never the province of a single department. While the National Association had staff, usually medical doctors, for overseeing health education, responsibility for all of the other aspects included in the concept of "positive health," was spread over many staff members in various departments.

The first Health Secretary, Anna Brown, had been General Secretary of the predecessor organization to the YWCA of the U.S.A. known as the International Board. Brown was "called" to national leadership for physical education and hygiene by the National Association's first President, Grace Dodge. An early student of psychology, Brown appreciated the importance of psychological as well as physical and spiritual health and established a program emphasizing normal growth for the whole individual, as a defense against physical, mental, and moral ills. Her program included hygiene, physical education, nutrition, sex education, and a campaign promoting "health shoes," a topic Brown approached with particular zeal. "Under [her] leadership…a program of health was evolved which radically differed from all others. For the first time health was seen as freedom, vital force, power, energy and not a lack of it. Health was a bank account for life's possibilities, not the commonly held idea which limits it to attacking handicaps and diseases." (typescript "History" author unknown, circa 1930) Dr. Brown pioneered the concept of "health examinations" or check ups, and incorporated them into YWCA program as part of physical education classes.

In its report to Convention in 1913, the Commission on Social Morality from the Christian Standpoint recommended establishment of a program "in the social training of women and girls with particular reference to sex education." Four lecturers were carefully chosen for a pilot program to speak on the subject to young women college and university students. Lecturers stressed "knowledge of normal sex life" and addressed their audiences with unusual frankness.

As was the case in many other areas of YWCA Program, World War I brought a huge expansion in the physical education and recreation work. Some of the core activities provided in Industrial Service Centers and Community Associations through the war years, were physical and recreational activities to relieve stress and keep workers fit.

The YWCA organized a Bureau of 150 women physicians to give sex education lectures to young women in communities surrounding military camps and industrial plants. Because of its experience in this area, the U.S. Government asked the YWCA to assist its Social Hygiene Division in setting up a similar program. The Bureau of Social Education, established at the end of the war in 1919, continued the work through the reconstruction period through lectures, publications, charts, films, etc.

As a result of this work, the YWCA organized the first International Conference of Women Physicians in 1919. Attendees came from 32 countries for six weeks to focus on women's health issues, including such topics as general problems of health, industrial health, children's health, moral codes and personality, adaptation of the individual to life, and conservation of the health of women in marriage.

Women's health issues became one of the Convention emphases in 1920 with a resolution stating that poor physical health was one of the greatest barriers to social and economic progress for women. The YWCA pledged to change prevailing notions of women's physical incapacity.

In response to the deepening economic Depression, the 1930 Convention passed a resolution giving renewed emphasis to a program of play and recreation as an antidote to despair. Yet, the staff cuts necessitated by the Depression resulted in a much-reduced health and recreation program.

Though physical recreation remained a bread-and-butter activity at Community YWCAs, and perhaps the area most associated with the YWCA in the public mind, the major reduction in Program staff that began in the 1930s meant that the national effort languished. What had been a national staff of 23 in 1920 had been reduced to a single consultant by 1954. The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Consultant facilitated establishment of new programs in the 1950s, such as judo and family recreational activities, including canoe and boat handling and fly fishing.

In the late 1980s the National Association received funding for Teen Sexuality Education and Pregnancy Prevention Programs [see Teenage and Younger Girls Program in SERIES IV. of this Record Group.]

In the 1980s and 1990s, the National Association sought U.S. Government Grants and corporate sponsorship for women's health programs. One was the ENCORE (Encouragement, Normalcy, Counseling, Opportunity, Reaching out, Energies Revived) post-mastectomy and exercise program for women with breast cancer. Originally developed at the Princeton YWCA, the National Association obtained Rippel Foundation funding for a pilot program in thirty Community Associations in 1974. ENCORE was adopted as an official national program two years later.

The National Association began a collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1992 to enhance the effectiveness of the CDC's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, known as "Project Awareness." Beginning in 1993, CDC and the YWCA developed a program to foster collaborative relationships between Community YWCAs and state health departments to provide education and screening to underserved women. In addition to creating educational materials, the collaboration included two demonstration projects: the Maryland Partnership and the Lesbian Demonstration Project to test methods and techniques for effective collaboration.

Through this program, the YWCA expanded the traditional ENCORE post-mastectomy program to include breast and cervical cancer education, and screening and early detection services. The revised version is known as ENCOREplus.

Oct 1993 Avon launched a three-year cause-related marketing initiative "Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade" designed to generate funds to support community-based activities that promote access to screening and early detection services especially for medically underserved women. ENCOREplus was one of two programs chosen to receive funds from the initiative.

The National Association established an Office of Women's Health Initiatives in 1994 to oversee these various initiatives. Initially part of the Executive Office, the staff joined the Office of Health Promotion and Sports Advocacy in the Division of Advocacy and Research in 1995.

In the mid-1990s with funds from Nike Products, Inc., the National Association developed the YWCA/Nike Sports and Fitness Project, to provide grants to Community YWCAs for basketball, volleyball, and "New Face of Fitness" fitness training programs. The team sports programs stressed the educational and social benefits of discipline and team work as well as physical benefits of participation in sports.

Given the YWCA's longstanding advocacy on behalf of working women, some Community Associations objected when the National Association accepted funding from Nike, a corporation somewhat notorious for its unfair labor practices overseas. Their concerns prompted creation of a Corporate Partnership Policy in 1998. [see RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE]

Administrative History
1907-10Anna Brown, Home Department
1910-18Anna Brown, City Committee in Department of Method
1918-19Bureau of Social Morality in War Work Council; and Recreation Work, Town and Country in Department of Method
1919Social Education in War Work Staff, and Recreation Work in Department of Research and Method
1920-22Social Education, Health, Recreation, Athletics, and Physical Education in Research and Method; Recreation in Department of Field Work; and Physical Education in Post-Continuation Committee
1923Social Education in Education and Research
1925-27Health Education in Education and Research
1928-31Health Education in Field Division
1932-35Health Education in National Services Division; Creative Arts in Laboratory Division
1935-39Health Education in National Services Division
1940-47Health Education in Community Division
1948-49Bureau of Immigration and the Foreign-Born
fall 1935Nationality Community Interests in Program and Research under Laboratory Division
1936International Interests (or Nationality Community Interests) in Program, and Research under Laboratory Division
1939Refugees in Program and Research under Laboratory Division
1940-43Nationality Community Interests in Community Division
1944Health Education and Camping in Community Division and regional staff in Health Education
1950-51Health Education in Training Services
1952Membership Resources in Leadership Services
1959Consultant, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, in Leadership Services
1960 -71Consultant, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in Community Division
1971-76Health and Environment in Program Policy and Development
1976-83Health, Physical Education and Recreation in Program Unit (sometimes includes ENCORE)
1984-87Health, Physical Education and Recreation in Program Services Division
1987-91Health, Physical Education and Recreation; and Teen Pregnancy Prevention in Program Services Division
1992-94Health Promotion and Sports in Advocacy and Research
1994Health Promotion and Sports in Advocacy and Research; and Office of Women's Health Initiatives in Executive Office
1995-Health Promotion and Sports and Office of Women's Health Initiatives in Advocacy and Research

Scope and Content

The records in this series document national efforts related to health, health education, sports, exercise, and recreation. Included are minutes, mailings, reports, studies, correspondence, surveys, and publications. These tend to be somewhat scattered items brought together for the Central Subject File, rather than comprehensive records of health and recreation activities. Prior to establishment of the Office of Health Promotion and Sports Advocacy in 1992, national staff responsible for health and recreation were a part of other departments of the YWCA. See Related Materials below for locations of additional records. The post-1992 records give a somewhat more comprehensive picture of national staff activities related to health and recreation.

Major topics include physical health, mental health, sex education, marriage and family life education (consisting of relationships education, sex education, and balancing work and family); menopause; "health" shoes; nutrition; exercise and sport; and various forms of indoor recreation, such as arts, crafts, dancing, and parties). Materials about outdoor recreation can be found in Subseries A. Camping and Outdoor Recreation.

Among the records are the publications produced out of the groundbreaking International Conference of Women Physicians hosted by the YWCA in 1919.

Programs and Projects files include a modest amount of materials from the early 1920s when the work was supported with World War I continuation funds and a substantial body of records of 1990s cancer-related and sports and fitness programs.

The publications are especially extensive and diverse. They deal with such topics as the administration of health programs; feet and shoes; menopause; sex education; marriage and family life (including jobs and marriage); the development, needs and interests of young girls and adolescents; arts; crafts; parties; and games.

Microfilmed Records, 1890-1970

[see Microfilmed Records Reel List]

The Health and Recreation records on the microfilm include general historical information; conference and training materials; publications, including the Health Education Bulletin (1935-44); reference files; and records of the work of the Bureau of Social Education.

Health and Recreation records can be found on the microfilm under:

  • Minutes and Reports
    • Health Education Study
    • Health Education Committee
  • Subject Files
    • Arts
    • Health
    • Health Education
    • World War I, Social Morality, International Conference of Women Physicians

Original Format Records, 1890-2002, n.d., (bulk 1919-36, 1993-99), 15 linear feet

[see Original Format Records Folder List]

The Original Format Records contain substantial post-microfilm materials which are primarily women's health and recreation Programs and Projects files from the 1990s. the Minutes and Reports and roughly half of the records microfilmed under "Health" (reel 96, microdexes 2 through 6) were not discarded after filming and are available in original format. The Womans Press published an array of hardcover books on various health and recreation topics, many of which were not included in the microfilm.

The Original Format Records are organized as follows:

General and history includes historical essays; reports; general and policy statements; bibliographies; and radio scripts about the YWCA health program.

Committees, Commissions, Offices contains minutes, reports, mailings, and some correspondence and memoranda produced by the major YWCA Committees and Commissions, and the staff and offices responsible for the health program.

Conferences and Workshops, is divided into internal YWCA events and national and international "non-YWCA" events in which YWCA health staff participated. Included are reports and planning materials as well as a complete set of publications from the 1919 International Conference of Women Physicians (hosted by the YWCA).

Programs and Projects files are primarily records of women's health programs, such as ENCORE and ENCOREplus, and recreation programs, such as YWCA/Nike basketball, volleyball, and New Face of Fitness programs in the 1990s.

The Publications are arranged in two broad categories: Health (which includes General, Administration, Marriage and Family Life Education, Mental Health, and Sex Education) and Recreation (which includes General, Arts and Crafts, Dance, and Parties and Games). General serials are filed at the end of the section.

Reference Materials consists primarily of general articles and pamphlets on marriage and family life, recreation, adolescent development and sex education.

Training includes texts of "Social Morality" lectures from 1915 and 1917, a few health training materials from the 1990s, and some other miscellaneous items.

Related Materials

Elsewhere in this Series

Subseries A. Camping and Outdoor Recreation had related records about recreational activities outdoors and the philosophy of play and recreation.

Subseries D. Pageantry and Drama contains a number of scripts related to various health issues.

Later records related to creative arts and crafts can be found in Subseries C. Music Program, as the creative arts aspect of "recreation" became the responsibility of Music Secretary in 1950s.

Elsewhere in this Record Group

Health secretaries were based in the Department of Method and Division of Education and Research up to 1928, their work is described in the Minutes and Reports in SERIES I. DEPARTMENT, STAFF, AND COMMITTEES.

SERIES III. PUBLIC ADVOCACY has files on a variety of health-related topics including health care, health insurance; and domestic violence as a public health issue.

YWCA programs paid particular attention to health education for teens and the psychology of adolescents. Records of these activities can be found in SERIES IV. CONSTITUENT GROUPS, Subseries D. Teenage and Younger Girls Program. There are also records of teen pregnancy prevention and other teen programs related to health, such as Peer Approach Counseling by Teens (PACT).

SERIES VII. WAR WORK AND DEFENSE SERVICES contains records about recreational activities for servicemen, industrial war workers, and the general membership. The World War I Subseries includes records of the Bureau of Social Education and its sex and health education work. The World War II Subseries also has sex education items as well as publications written for women about the potential psychological problems of returning soldiers.

In other Record Groups

In addition to the minutes and reports noted above in SERIES I of RECORD GROUP 6. PROGRAM, Health secretaries reported to the City Department in early years, the Field Division, 1928-31; the National Services Division, 1932-39; and the Community Division in the 1940s. Their reports can be found in RECORD GROUP 8. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS in the Minutes and Reports in SERIES I. SERVICES TO ASSOCIATIONS. There are also files related to pool audits, and legal files related to pool accidents in the Community Associations files in SERIES IV.

Studies on YWCA gymnasiums and pool facilities can be found in RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE in SERIES IV. DATA AND STATISTICS.

RECORD GROUP 5. INTERNATIONAL WORK has many reports on health and recreation work in YWCAs in other countries.

There are many photographs of the health and sports programs in the community associations in RECORD GROUP 9. PHOTOGRAPHS

The YWCA made extensive use of Videotaped public service announcements and training materials for its ENCORE and Nike/YWCA Sports and Fitness Programs in the 1990s. These materials can be found in RECORD GROUP 10. AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS along with news coverage of these programs.


Probably as a result of its religious origins, music, particularly participatory singing of hymns and folk songs from all over the world, was a part of Association meetings and events from very beginning. Music was seen as a contributing force to creative living and used as a means to foster international understanding and appreciation of other cultures. In its use of music, the Association highlighted participation rather than performance, and emphasized music as a valuable group participation opportunity that could provide fellowship, mood, content, and focus to events.

National music staff encouraged the effective use of music in programs at Community YWCAs and events such as Conventions and conferences through training song leaders and compiling and publishing song and hymn collections.

There was no formal music staff in the early years. Certain individual secretaries volunteered to lead the singing because of their interest and talent. These included Annie Kate Gilbert, Crystal Bird (later Fawcett), Sue Bailey (later Thurman), and Lucy Clark Street.

As part of the effort to counteract rampant xenophobia during World War I, staff in the War Work Council's Department for Work with Foreign-Born Women researched and compiled information on folk customs, costumes, folk lore, festivals, and music. One product of this effort was the two-volume Folk Songs of Many Peoples compiled by Florence Botsford and published by the YWCA in 1920 and 1921.

In 1925 Imogene Ireland, formerly an Industrial staff member, was "called" to direct music at Convention and conferences on a part-time basis under which she worked two-fifths time for the National Board and three-fifths for YWCA of the District of Columbia. Her position was directly subsidized by Katharine Blunt Parker, chair of YWCA's National Music Committee. Ireland edited The Song Book of the YWCA, published by the Womans Press in 1926.

Mrs. Parker had an interest in what the "right kind of music in the right kind of way" might do for the YWCA. She had been involved in the music program at the YWCA of the City of New York and later in Washington, D.C. with Imogene Ireland. Her husband, Judge Edwin B. Parker, left a bequest of $100,000 to the National Board to establish the Katharine Parker Music Foundation to fund a national department of music with a capable and experienced secretary in charge. The bequest came with two stipulations: Mrs. Parker was to be advisor "while she lives," and special attention should be given to stimulating and developing a love of music in Girl Reserves. The first national Music secretary, Marion Peabody, started work September 1930 as part of the Education and Research Division. Through the 1930s Marion Peabody urged Community Associations to form music committees to promote use of music in program, as a means to develop leadership and an effective group activity. She developed a music library in the national office and prepared lists and song sheets with "suitable and desirable songs for group singing."

Marie Oliver, music secretary in the 1940s, compiled the first edition of the YWCA's songbook, Sing Along the Way in 1943. The book "raised the level of songs" and included a wide variety of international folk songs, "better" camp songs, and songs of social significance, such as work and protest songs. Oliver put a great emphasis on finding and training staff and volunteers to lead music and created lots of training materials.

From the first edition, the "songs of social significance" included in Sing Along drew criticism from conservatives who questioned the inclusion of certain songs also included in the Communist Party songbook and any labor songs at all. The book included a wide variety of songs to "meet the concerns of different groups" and make it truly useful to the YWCA. One song in particular, "Joe Hill," was criticized again and again for its "incendiary" lyrics. Marie Oliver responded that the song "belongs to a part of labor history that cannot be wiped out simply by eliminating the song." Though she did not include all of the verses, she continued to put "Joe Hill" in editions of Sing Along as long as it was still used by the Clubs. The book was updated regularly until 1965.

As the National Association made more and more cuts to its program staff in the early 1950s, many of the associated "subject" committees, such as the National Music Committee, were also eliminated. Without energetic leadership from national, most local Committees were disbanded and the use of music as an educational tool in the Association quickly diminished.

Devaluation of the dollar in late 1940s meant that Foundation income could no longer support a full-time music secretary. Always eager to try new techniques, in 1950, the Association added responsibility for potential uses of newly available audiovisual "aids" to the duties of the Music Secretary.

After Marie Oliver resigned in 1952, the music position went unfilled for a number of years. When a part-time consultant was hired in 1959, she was put in charge of Music and Creative Arts. The program, which was much less ambitious, made much more use of recorded music. The Music and Creative Arts Consultant continued to produce program and training materials and put special emphasis on projects and training for Y-Teens and their leaders.

Participatory singing remained an important feature of Convention. Beginning in 1957, a small group of interested YWCA members who served as music consultants took over responsibility for Convention music. They also undertook various publishing and recording projects.

Anxious to find ways to increase teen participation in the YWCA and get them involved in creative experiences, the Association launched the Y-Teen Folksong Project at the Y-Teen Conference in 1965. The Project encouraged teenagers to express themselves in contemporary folksong style writing "songs about life as teenagers see it today." The best of the bunch were published in a special edition of the Y-Teen Bookshelf in the summer of 1966.

The position of Music-Creative Arts Consultant was one of many eliminated in the staff reorganization of 1970-72.

Administrative History
1930-32Education and Research
1932-40Laboratory Division
1940-44Subject staff, Community Division
1945-49Program Subject Department
1950-52Music and Audio-Visual Aids, Training Services in Membership Services
1955-59Consultant, Leadership Services
1960-69Consultant, Creative Arts-Music in Research and Program Resources

Scope and Content

Music Program records include publications and related correspondence; reference files of general information and musical scores; historical research on music in the YWCA; general correspondence; minutes; planning materials and annotated programs from Conventions and Conferences; project files; and training materials.

Music Committee minutes and the selection of songs reveal much about the educational philosophy of the YWCA and the creative ways the various departments and programs found to contribute to the Association's purpose.

The Music Secretary's working files included in the Original Format Records provide an excellent sense of the aims of the work. They include annotated programs and preparation notes for Conventions, Conferences, and meetings with detailed information about what music was used when during the course of these events.

The reference files and publications attest to the Music Program's contribution to the National Association's efforts to foster intercultural appreciation. Reference and Project files (such as the Y-Teen Folksong Project), and forays into work with recorded music and "audio-visual aids" demonstrate continuing efforts to develop effective educational techniques and keep the program relevant.

Correspondence about the inclusion of "controversial" songs in Association songbooks in the Original Format Records provides insight into the challenges the Association faced during the Red Scare era.

Microfilmed Records, 1906-70 only

[see Microfilmed Records Reel List]

The microfilmed records consist of just those materials submitted for inclusion in the Central File. There are Committee records, and the earlier correspondence about publication of YWCA song books. The inclusion of Music under "Arts" in the Subject Files reflects the addition of Creative Arts and audiovisual "aids" in the job description of the Music Secretary after World War II. Some of the Music Program publications are included on the microfilm, particularly those about the use of music in YWCA program. Song books and song sheets are less likely to have been microfilmed. The Original Format Records contain a much more comprehensive selection of music publications.

Music Program records are located on the Microfilm under:

  • Minutes and Report
    • Music Subcommittee [additional minutes were filmed with records in the Subject Files]
  • Subject Files
    • Arts-Music

Original Format Records, 1913-87, 5 linear feet

[see Original Format Records Folder List]

While the original format records include most of the material on the microfilm, they also contain a large file of YWCA music publications and a substantial portion of the music reference file maintained by the Music Secretary. Mary B. Wheeler, Music Secretary, 1955-65, donated her working file, which included records she inherited from Marie Oliver, to the National Board Archives. This includes additional correspondence related to music, including such topics as the "controversial" songs used in YWCA songbooks, publication of songbooks (later years than those on the microfilm); and copyright issues; planning materials for music at Conventions, Conferences, and other events; project files; and training materials.

The Music Secretary's Reference files are arranged in two sections: General and Sheet Music/Scores. General is a wide-ranging subject file on topics such as various types and styles of music (from jazz, to Japanese, to rock and roll); music therapy; instrument making; recorded music; and music for children. The Reference files of Sheet Music/Scores are also wide-ranging and include Civil Rights Songs, Folk Songs (arranged by country), Girl Reserve songs, labor union songs, parodies, and sacred music.

The Publications include multiple editions of the YWCA's classic songbook Sing Along and the Girl Reserve Songbook. There is also a collection of YWCA songs, such as musical settings of the YWCA Purpose, "Follow the Gleam" (for many years the unofficial YWCA song), centennial songs written by members, and other similar items.

The Original Format Records are arranged in the following sections:

  • General and History
  • Committee and Staff
  • Conferences, Conventions, and other events
  • Projects
  • Training
  • Publications
    • Bibliographies
    • Program and Training Materials
    • Songbooks and Hymnals
    • YWCA Songs and Songsheets
  • Reference files
    • General
    • Sheet Music/Scores

Related Materials

In other Series in this Record Group

SERIES 4. CONSTITUENT GROUPS contains related efforts to compile and distribute information on international folk music and customs in Subseries B. Immigration and Foreign Communities

SERIES 6. PUBLICATIONS Minutes of the Publications Committee include discussions of music publications. Offerings related to music are listed in Publications catalogs.

In other Record Groups

RECORD GROUP 3. NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE contains additional material about copyright.


According to The Use of Plays in Club Work, published by the Womans Press in 1930, "the most effective interpretation of life and ideas is by the dramatic method." Plays, skits, and pageants could be used to limber up gawky girls, teach them team work, improve their English, introduce them to literature, and to take pleasure in the simple things of life.

Formal responsibility for this aspect of YWCA Program began with the War Work Council's Bureau of Pageantry and Drama during World War I. The Bureau's secretary, Hazel MacKaye, traveled the country encouraging Community YWCAs, and particularly their Girl Reserve programs, to incorporate drama into their programs. Staff in the War Work Council's Department for Work with Foreign-Born Women collected information about folk festivals and pageants to add to the YWCA's growing catalog of scripts published and distributed by the Womans Press. After the war, the Publications Department included an editor of technical and dramatic publications until 1930.

Many of the scripts published by the Womans Press originated in Community Associations and their publication allowed a nationwide distribution.

As Womans Press activities declined with the financial troubles of the Great Depression and such things as World War II paper shortages, plays and skits were more-or-less eliminated from the catalog.

Though publication was curtailed, skits continued as a regular feature of meetings, conferences, and Conventions. Particularly popular were those written by Barbara Abel, who was Managing Editor of the Woman's Press, 1925-31, and later worked in publicity for the Chicago YWCA.

Scope and Content

The Pageantry and Drama materials primarily consist of scripts for plays, playlets, pageants, ceremonials, skits, "meditations," pantomimes, operettas, musical comedies, tableaux, water pageants, and festivals. There is a small amount of general historical material, lists of plays and pageants recommended or published by the YWCA, and some general reference materials, 1912-68, n.d.

The scripts' subjects are astounding in their variety. There are pieces on religious subjects, women's history, international and interracial relations, citizenship and democratic institutions, vocational guidance, blood plasma, child labor, consumer issues, industrial working conditions, health and safety, diet, unemployment, domestic service, American Indians, and many others. There are also skits and plays on administrative topics such as volunteer-staff relations, fund raising, and membership.

Microfilmed Records, 1906-70

[see Microfilmed Records Reel list]

Scripts are scattered under Conference, Convention, and Miscellaneous in various places on the microfilm. There is some easily accessible information on the microfilm in the Subject File under World War I, Pageantry and Drama, and there are a few later scripts (1951-70) under Arts, Drama.

Original Format Records, 1911-84, n.d., 4.5 linear feet

[see Original Format Records Folder List]

The overwhelming bulk of the Original Format Records is scripts. There is a small amount of General and Historical Material filed at the beginning of the Subseries. This is followed by general Scripts, arranged alphabetically by title, and then Christmas Scripts, also arranged alphabetically.

Related Materials

Scripts are scattered in Conference, Meeting, and Convention files throughout the records.

Elsewhere in this Record Group

The YWCA's general serial, the Association Monthly/Womans Press/YWCA Magazine (in SERIES VI. PUBLICATIONS) features many articles about use of drama in program.

In other Record Groups

RECORD GROUP 8. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS includes reports by Pageantry and Drama secretaries Hazel MacKaye, and Sue Ann Wilson to the City, Town, and Rural Communities Departments.

In Personal Papers

The Sophia Smith Collection contains personal papers of Barbara Abel who wrote many plays and skits for the YWCA.


As a religious group that sought to bring women together across lines of denomination, class, and place, the YWCA was a pioneering Christian organization. It was founded with a strongly evangelical Protestant emphasis and worked to fill in a breach of religious possibilities available to women in the emergent urban culture of the late nineteenth century. In its early, local incarnations it did so by providing instruction and a Christian-oriented space for women gathering in the cities who no longer had access to the traditional bonds of family and community. Student YWCAs marshaled the energy for religious service and expression that suffused college life in the late nineteenth-century. These groups also coordinated the efforts of service-oriented church women who wanted to escape the limits of church work within their denominations, which was often constrained by the vision of male clergy. In more recent years of the organization, religious matters have loomed in the background, becoming a shadow identity that uneasily accompanied the shift from the YWCA as a mainstay of ecumenical Protestantism into its contemporary incarnation as a women's social services organization.

From its inception in 1906, the national YWCA maintained the centrality of religious matters. It mediated and disseminated the spiritual emphasis that came out of the World YWCA, which delineated its basis as "Faith in God the Father as Creator and in Jesus Christ His only Son as Lord and Savior, and in the Holy Spirit as Revealer of truth and Source of power for life and service, according to the teaching of the Holy Scripture." (From YWCA of the USA Constitution, 1949). The national YWCA also coordinated and provided resources for religious work in local associations. In order to fulfill these functions, it devised its own religious programming and materials for uses both within and beyond the various YWCA constituencies.

Since religion was so central to the identity and programming of the YWCA, the subject is dispersed widely across the organization. The organization undertook religious work in concert with the variety of needs of its constituencies. It attended to the impact of spirituality on women workers, matters of race and nationality, and international fellowship as well as the spiritual life of students and of young women in cities and rural areas. In its early years, the national YWCA directly provided religious programming for these varied groups. It urged training in religious instruction on its employees, requiring religious and biblical studies at its National Training School and at conferences. Under the auspices of the Department of Method and its successors, secretaries and committees oversaw religious work taking place in community associations, and they developed a program of religious education through publications and workshops aimed at their diverse membership. Over time the groups connected to the National Board steered a transformation of the religious ethos of the YWCA from a Bible study-oriented, moralistic evangelism into an expansive, ecumenical space for discerning and living Christian ethics.

After the reorganization of the National Board in the 1920s and the diminution of programming in general in the 1930s, religious work became less centrally documented. It remained in the province of committee work through the 1940s, although unfortunately there are significant gaps in the dates of the materials from this work that remains. In these years, the administration deliberated regularly on the place of Christianity in the organization and the type of spiritual direction that would be most useful for the organization and for society at large. They continued to direct religious services at conferences and conventions and coordinate local religious programming, particularly through publications. Over the course of the 1930s and 1940s, the YWCA worked to foster cross-faith discussion and understanding, while acknowledging and occasionally indulging in programming that came out of its Protestant heritage and membership. Conferences and meetings, as large as the national convention and as small as routine staff gatherings, featured religious readings, worship services, and group prayer.

Although spirituality remained an object of much consideration at the administrative level, by the 1950s the YWCA grew less explicit in its expressions of Christianity. It continued with an ecumenical thrust, particularly welcoming Roman Catholics into its work, even as some priests and bishops forbade Catholic participation. Requests for religious programming diminished, and the organization's financial troubles forced it to curtail the publishing that had comprised a significant contribution of the organization to religion and spirituality.

The National Board approached the uncertain place of religion in the work of the YWCA at the mid-twentieth century in the 1964-67 Commission to Study the YWCA as a Christian Movement. This effort on the part of staff and volunteer committee sought to assess the significance of Christianity to the contemporary issues and programming. The study concluded that a dynamic Christianity, responsive to the increasing social consciousness of the young, remained central to the programming of the YWCA. Still, religion and Christianity waned in visibility. A consultant on religious matters remained on the national staff well into the 1980s, but the efforts of such work were overshadowed by strides made on questions of racial justice and women's issues more broadly. In these years, the national YWCA maintained a quiet attention to progressive Christian ethics as underlying its commitment to secular social programming, but the emphasis remained in the background.

Over the course of this history, various questions on matters of religion recurred for the national administration. The YWCA's relation to Protestant Christianity required clarification at numerous points. While the group drew from evangelical Protestantism and participated in the efforts of the Social Gospel, it responded enthusiastically to growing ecumenicalism and opened itself to a variety of spiritual outlooks. This caused an imbroglio at the 1930 National Convention, held in Detroit, when a faction successfully pushed for the end of the requirement of membership in an approved Protestant church as a condition of the full privileges of YWCA membership. Materials related to this controversy may be found among the convention material. Additionally, the YWCA occasionally found itself in trouble with Roman Catholic authorities over the participation of Catholic women in their programs, which increased significantly as the YWCA provided services to urban populations and industrial workers. Such flare-ups provided the occasion for revisiting and clarifying the nature of the YWCA's religiosity. These documents can be found in this series.

The area in which the place of Christianity in the YWCA was most explicitly identified was in the so-called "Purpose" of the organization as laid out in the organization's Constitution. The Christian Purpose shifted significantly with the changes in the YWCA's programming emphases, membership, and historical context. National Convention action determined changes in Purpose. The membership first adopted a straightforward and adamantly Christian vision of the association's intentions in 1915. They prefaced their Constitution with: "Affirming the Christian faith in God, the Father; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord and Savior; and in the Holy Spirit, the Revealer of Truth and Source of Power for Life and Service; according to the teaching of Holy Scripture and the witness of the Church, we adopt the following Constitution." Outlining the function of the YWCA, the Constitution declared that the national YWCA it sought to unite and develop community associations as well as "to advance the physical, social, intellectual, moral, and spiritual interests of young women." Its "ultimate purpose" was "to seek to bring young women to such a knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord as shall mean for the individual young woman fullness of life and development of character, and shall make the organization as a whole an effective agency in the bringing in of the Kingdom of God among young women." (Constitution, 1915)

The language of revivalism and of an individual experience of Christ indicated the YWCA's roots in turn-of-the-century evangelism. It held onto this language in the Constitution well after the years of disillusionment that followed the First World War made such sentiments suspect. It took the Second World War and the intention to promulgate a more focused, action-oriented vision of the work of the National Board to inspire a change, and they reached to Christianity as undergirding that focus. In 1949, the organization's purpose read that it was committed to building "a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share his love for all people, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God."

The more generalized Christianity evident in the 1949 Constitution depended on a liberal, ecumenical interpretation of the social ethics of Jesus and eschewed references to the millennialism that characterized the older Christian Purpose. This shift aligned with the YWCA's broadened commitment to political and social change and the increasing marginality of their religious programming the at mid-century. Another shift in the Purpose responded to the heated atmosphere of the mid-1960s that heightened the YWCA's commitment to social change. In the 1967 Constitution, the YWCA declared that it was "rooted in the Christian faith as known in Jesus and nourished by the resources of that faith" and called upon its membership to "respond to the barrier-breaking love of God in this day," a goad to activism as necessitated by Christian ethics. The Purpose went on to state that the "Association draws together into responsible membership women and girls of diverse experiences and faiths, that their lives may be open to new understanding and deeper relationships and that together they may join in the struggle for peace and justice, freedom and dignity for all people." The centrality of Christianity to this statement had likely been the result of the reinvigorated sense of Christian Purpose that came out of Commission to the Study the YWCA as a Christian Movement (1964-67), but it belied the ebb of the YWCA as an organization with identifiably Christian programming. Additionally, the YWCA's participation in the civil rights movement, emblematized in many respects by the work of Dorothy Height and her place in the church-based leadership of the movement of the 1950s and early 1960s, gave a certain cachet to a Christian purpose when it was oriented toward the liberal or even radical demand for social equality. The purpose laid out in the 1967 Constitution held until 1988 when the addition of the statement that the "Association will thrust its collective power toward the elimination of racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary" (Constitution, 1988) affirmed decisively the "One Imperative" as fundamental to the organization's mission. In 1992, a revised mission statement again affirmed its roots in Christianity while appealing across lines of faith: "The Young Women's Christian Association of the United States of America is a women's membership movement nourished by its roots in the Christian faith and sustained by the richness of many beliefs and values. Strengthened by diversity, the Association draws together members who strive to create opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in order to attain a common vision: Peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. The Association will thrust its collective power toward the elimination of racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary." (1992 Constitution). This most recent revision stands with its reference to Christianity as part of the living purpose of the YWCA.

Administrative History
1912-22Department of Method
1923-31Education and Research
1932-39Laboratory Division and National Services Division
1940-48Community Division, Program
1951Membership Resources, Training Services
1959-84Leadership Services, Bureau of Research, Studies, and Program Resources

Scope and Content

The Religion Subseries does not contain a comprehensive set of materials on religious matters but contains much of the work carried out under explicitly religious auspices. It best documents the religious publications produced by the national YWCA as it sought to serve the needs of its constituencies and also as it made innovative interpretations of matters of spirituality and religious pedagogy. Many of these publications were authored by YWCA staff. The Woman's Press frequently published works of bible study, prayer, and worship services as well as broader examinations of the place of spirituality and religion in the cultural landscape of twentieth-century America.

The Subseries contains the records of religious committee work, which traces the National Board's efforts to provide programming and meet educational needs for religion in the 1930s and 1940s. Documentation of later committee work is scant but suggestive of the expansive ways in which the organization understood and wished to promulgate its spiritual foundation. In addition, there are a variety of reference materials including studies conducted on the YWCA's religious work as well as more general publications on religious matters that affected the YWCA.

Researchers interested in the YWCA's religious work, particularly of the 1910s through the 1940s, are encouraged to augment the materials in this series with the reports of secretaries of religious matters, which are filed in the Departments of Method and Education and Research. These reports offer detail in the variety of local religious work undertaken, the design of the National Board's religious training of YWCA women, and the evolution of its religious stance. The records of the Foreign Division may convey the YWCA's religious ethos most plainly, as the YWCA was compelled to clarify and make plain its intentions in these missionary and cross-national settings. The shifting course of this religious outlook is also evident in convention proceedings, which scrutinized the place of religion in the organization. The microfilmed religion subject files contain several documents and reports not available in this series; of particular interest are reports from the 1920s studying the problems with Catholic participation in the YWCA.

In later years, religious matters served as a subject of inquiry less frequently. An exception to this was the 1964-67 Commission to Study the YWCA as a Christian Movement. While this Subseries contains the reports that resulted from this Commission, a more comprehensive set of documents is found with Mission/Purpose materials in the General Administration series ( SERIES I in RECORD GROUP 3). A final word would be that religious subjects and work were diffused throughout the organization and, particularly in the early years, touched on nearly all of the YWCA's concerns. Researchers may wish to consult other areas of programming and administration to gain a full picture of the place of religion in the YWCA.

Microfilmed Records, 1884-1970 only

[see Microfilmed Records Reel list]

Records relating to religion in the YWCA can be found on the microfilm under:

  • Minutes and Reports
    • New Society and Its Christian Basis Committee
    • Religion Committee [committees with various names filed together]
  • Subject Files
    • National Board, Program Planning Study, Religion
    • O.O. [Outside Organizations]--Religious
    • Religion
    • YWCA-Commission to Study the YWCA as a Christian Movement

Original Format Records, 1907-91, n.d., 5 linear feet

[see Original Format Records Folder list]

The bulk of the original format records consists of publications and resource materials, some of which were microfilmed, though many were not. The rest of the records in this subseries are quite scattered and most of what dates prior to 1970 is probably on the microfilm, including the Committee and Commission records which were not discarded after filming. The small amount of records that post-date the microfilm are primarily about the examinations of the YWCA's Christian Purpose.

The original Format Records are organized as follows:

  • General and Historical: the YWCA as a Christian organization
  • Committees and Commissions
  • Organizations
  • Reference material
  • Publications and resource materials (arranged alphabetically)
    • General
    • About the YWCA's religious work
    • Biblical study and exigesis
    • Prayers and hymns
    • Worship services

Related Materials

In other Series in this Record Group

Reports of Religious Work secretaries are in the minutes and reports in SERIES I. DEPARTMENT, STAFF, AND COMMITTEES.

Records of the National Training School in SERIES II. TRAINING AND PERSONNEL contain information about religious training.

In other Record Groups

RECORD GROUP 1. GENERAL AND HISTORY, SERIES I. GENERAL has copies of the YWCA Constitution and records related to amendments to it and to the Purpose reflecting the changing religious emphasis within the Association. SERIES III. MEMBERSHIP OF INDIVIDUALS has information about religious affiliation and membership requirements.

See RECORD GROUP 4. NATIONAL CONVENTIONS AND CONFERENCES for Convention deliberations about the role of religion in membership issues and the Purpose of the Association.

See RECORD GROUP 5. INTERNATIONAL WORK for information about the "interpretation" of Christianity in other countries and its reception there.

Concern over college students' tendency to abandon religion led the National Association to pay particular attention to the content of and methods for engaging college students in deeper thinking about religion. This concern is reflected in the records of the Student Work in RECORD GROUP 7.

The YWCA made videotapes of various presentations and panels related to the 1989-90 re-examination of the Purpose. These are in RECORD GROUP 10. AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
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The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The YWCA of the USA retains copyright ownership of the records, but has authorized the Sophia Smith Collection to grant permission to publish reproductions or quotations from the records on its behalf.

Copyright to materials authored by persons other than YWCA staff may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights for permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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History of the Collection

The YWCA of the U.S.A. donated a portion of its records to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1964 and the remainder in 2002 and 2003.

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Contents List


This is the Contents List for the Original Format Records only. The reel lists for the Microfilmed Records are in a separate file. See Scope and Content note for more description.

Subseries A. Camping and Outdoor Recreation

General and History

General, 1919-90, n.d.

Box 585: folder 1-2
"A Survey of the program of activities and related factors in seventy-one YWCA summer resident camps," by Tonia Seiberlich, Boston University School of Education masters thesis, 1961

Box 585: folder 3
"A Study of YWCA Camping Programs to Determine What Services the National Board, YWCA Should Offer Local Associations on a Continuing Basis," by Elizabeth Boyd, New York University School of Social Work masters thesis, circa 1965

Box 585: folder 4
Camping Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, Oct 1968

Box 585: folder 5
Reference materials, 1948, 1964, n.d.

Box 585: folder 6
Minutes and Reports

Camp Department, Business Division, 1922-23

Box 585: folder 7
Camp Commission (technical and economic), 1924

Box 585: folder 8
Camp Commission (Commission to Study the Function of Camps Owned by the National Board), 1925-26

Box 585: folder 9

Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania/East Central Field (Nepawhin and Canadohta), 1912-19

Box 585: folder 10-11
North Central Field (Okoboji), 1920-21

Box 585: folder 12

American Camping Association, 1948, 1968-71

Box 585: folder 13-14
Central Region

General, 1961-71, n.d.

Box 585: folder 15
Camp Bide-A-Wee (Wichita YWCA), 1968-69

Box 585: folder 16
Eastern Region

General, 1955-69, n.d.

Box 585: folder 17
Buffalo YWCA, 1968-71

Box 585: folder 18
Camp Blazing Trail (Boston YWCA), 1967-69

Box 586: folder 1
Southern Region, 1966-70, n.d.

Box 586: folder 2
Western Region

General, 1966-68, n.d.

Box 586: folder 3
Camp Timbertall (San Francisco Bay Area YWCAs), 1965-69

Box 586: folder 4
Tahquitz Meadows (YWCA Camping Council of Southern California), 1960-68

Box 586: folder 5

American Camping Association Convention: YWCA Kindred Group Meeting, 1964

Box 586: folder 6
National YWCA Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Conservation, 1964

Planning and correspondence, 1962-65, n.d.

Box 586: folder 7-8
Press releases and news clippings, 1964

Box 586: folder 9
Program, 1964

Box 586: folder 10
Reports, 1964-66

Box 586: folder 11
Second National YWCA Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Conservation, 1966

[see also Y-teen pilot work camp below]


Box 586: folder 12

Box 586: folder 13
Reference materials re National Parks and Grand Teton area

Box 586: folder 14

International Camper Exchange Program, 1966-69, n.d.

Box 586: folder 15-16
Y-Teen Pilot Work Camp (Gros Ventre Slide, Teton National Forest, Wyoming),9-23 Jul 1966

Planning, 1964-66

Box 586: folder 17
Correspondence, 1965-69

Box 586: folder 18
Leadership, 1965-66

Box 587: folder 1
Newspaper clippings and press releases, 1966

Box 587: folder 2
Reports, 1966, n.d.

Box 587: folder 3
Scrapbook (disassembled), 1966

Box 587: folder 4
Film "Aim, Action, Achievement"

General, 1967-68

Box 587: folder 5
White House premiere, 1968

Box 587: folder 6
Follow-up, 1966-67

Box 587: folder 7

"A Selected Bibliography for YWCA Camp Leadership," 1967

Box 587: folder 8
Camping With Purpose by Marie Lafferty Cortell, 1950

Box 587: folder 9
Camps and Their Modern Administration by Hazel K. Allen, 1930

Box 587: folder 10
Community Action for Outdoor Recreation and Conservation, 1965

Box 587: folder 11
County Summer Camps of the YWCA, 1918

Box 587: folder 12
"Day Camp: Work Sheets for the Planning of Day Camp," 1944

Box 587: folder 13
Explorers: A Camp Project by Marion Dudley and Exploring the Pathways to God: Services of Worship for Use in a Summer Camp by Edith Cousins, 1926

Box 587: folder 14
The Girls' Camp by Abbie Graham, 1933

Box 587: folder 15
Magic Casements: The Chronicle of the Development of a New Kind of Camp Program by Ruth Perkins, 1927

Box 587: folder 16
Nature Study pamphlets: no. 1 "Nature in Camp: Flowers, Ferns, Trees, Stars, Birds, Insects," no. 2 "The Sky: Winter Nights," no. 3 "A Trip to the Moon," no. 4 "All Night With the Stars," no. 5 "The Sky: Spring and Summer Nights" by Louise Brown, 1920

Box 588: folder 1
"Outdoor Activities" by Blanche Bogert and Edith M. Gates, 1933, 1942

Box 588: folder 2
Working at Play in Summer Camps by Abbie Graham, 1941

Box 588: folder 3
Reference materials, 1930-56

Box 588: folder 4

Records of the camp at the Archie Allen Place, Port Byron, Illinois, used by the YWCA of Rock Island, Illinois, among other organizations, 1922-50, n.d.

Box 589: folder 1-4
Field and Camp Notebook, Comstock Publishing Co., circa 1928 used by Frances W. Kinkead (?) at Camp Maqua, Poland, Maine

Box 589: folder 5
Port Richey Camp, Pinellas County, Florida: scrapbook, 1925


Box 589: folder 6
Camp Rest-a-While, Cloudcroft, New Mexico: camp logs, 1939, 1941

Box 590: folder 1-2
Camp Scrap Book, Polly Lee, 1926-34: Camp Chelan, Sellersburg, IN, 1927-28; Camp Daniel Boone, Valley View, KY; International Older Boys' and Girls' Camp Conferences, Lake Geneva, WI 1929, 1934

Box 590: folder 3
Subseries B. Health and Recreation

General and History

General, 1890-1996, n.d.

Box 591: folder 1-4
"History of the Health Education Movement in the YWCA," 1930

Box 591: folder 5
"The YWCA Program of Recreation and Health, Studied with Reference to Problems Reflecting the War Situation" Wellesley College Department of Hygiene and Physical Education graduate seminar report by Maxine Shurtz, 1943

Box 591: folder 6
World YWCA Survey of Health, Physical Education, and Camping Activities, 1971

Box 591: folder 7
Administration of Health Education Programs in local YWCAs, n.d.

Box 591: folder 8
Bibliographies, 1962, n.d.

Box 591: folder 9
Dancing, 1921, 1932, n.d.

Box 591: folder 10
Health Education Secretaries: standards and qualifications, 1924-48

Box 591: folder 11
Marriage and Family Life, 1924, 1949-66

Box 591: folder 12
Medical Examinations

General, 1932-60, n.d.

Box 591: folder 13
Study by Health Education Subcommittee of Community Division Committee, 1946

Box 591

Box 591: folder 14
Questionnaire responses (alphabetical by city), E-Z

Box 591: folder 15-17
Physical Fitness Tests, 1962-76

Box 591: folder 18
Policy on Competitive Sports, 1965-66, n.d.

Box 591: folder 19
Radio talks by Jane Bellows, 1924

Box 591: folder 20
Recreation, circa 1920-22, 1941

Box 591: folder 21

Miscellaneous, 1915-57

Box 591: folder 22
Commission on Experimentation in Administration of Health Education: interim report, 1938-40

Box 592: folder 1
Sex Education (Human Sexuality, Social Morality), 1919-86

Box 592: folder 2
Smoking, 1922, 1964-69

Box 592: folder 3
Swimming Pools

General, 1914, 1970-91

Box 592: folder 4
"Investigation about Swimming Pools," 1907

Box 592: folder 5
Swimming Pool Safety Audit and Program Survey, Aquatic Consulting Services, 1987

Box 592: folder 6
U.S. National Health Policy, 1938, 1949

Box 592: folder 7
Committees, Commissions, Offices

Social Morality Commission (aka Commission Number Three), 1913-19

Box 592: folder 8
Bureau of Social Education

Minutes and reports, Mar 1919-Jan 1922

Box 592: folder 9
Subcommittee on Health Education, Community Division, 1942-50

Box 592: folder 10
Health Education, Program Unit

Mailings, 1942-49

Box 592: folder 11
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER), Program Unit

Mailings, 1985

Box 592: folder 12
Program Approval/Training Approval packet, circa 1984

Box 592: folder 13
Health and Sports Advocacy

General, 1996-98, n.d.

Box 592: folder 14-15
Health Promotion and Sport directors lists, 1994-97

Box 592: folder 16
Partners in Development consulting trip to YWCA of Belize, 1998-99

Box 592: folder 17
Research Report on African-American Women and Exercise, Essence Magazine and YWCA of the USA, 1998-99

Box 592: folder 18
United States Olympic Committee, F.L.A.M.E. Program, 1997-99

Box 592: folder 19
Office of Women's Health Initiatives, Advocacy and Research Division

General, 1995-98

Box 592: folder 20
Funding proposal to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1998

Box 592: folder 21
Mailings to Women's Health Advocacy Network, 1999-2001 [incomplete]

Box 593: folder 1-7

General, 1996-2001

Box 593: folder 8
Intercultural Cancer Council, 1995-98

Box 593: folder 9-11
Jacobs Institute on Women's Health, 1994-98

Box 593: folder 12
Task Force re expansion of office

General, 1998

Box 593: folder 13
Survey of member associations, 1998

Box 593: folder 14
Conferences and Workshops, YWCA

Social Education Conference, 1919

Box 593: folder 15
Health Education Conferences, 1919-20

Box 593: folder 16
Physical Directors' Conferences, 1922-23

Box 593: folder 17
Health Education Institutes (aka Camps or Conferences)


Box 593: folder 18-28
1935-39, 1941-42

Box 594: folder 1-6
Physical Fitness for Women in Industry (USO), 1942

Box 594: folder 7
Big Cities Workshop and Counselors Meeting: Total Needs of People, Jan and Mar 1945

Box 594: folder 8
Health Education Conference, 1947

Box 594: folder 9
Regional HPER Work Groups, 1960

Box 594: folder 10
YWCA Dialogue with the Living Arts, Jun 1968

Box 594: folder 11
Conferences, non-YWCA

International Conference of Women Physicians (hosted by YWCA), Sep 1919


Box 594: folder 12
Attendance rosters

Box 594: folder 13

Box 594: folder 14

Box 594: folder 15

I. General Problems of Health

Box 594: folder 16
II. Industrial Health

Box 594: folder 17
III. The Health of the Child

Box 594: folder 18
IV. Moral Codes and Personality

Box 594: folder 19
V. Adaptation of the Individual to Life

Box 595: folder 1
VI. Conservation of Health of Women in Marriage

Box 595: folder 2
New Jersey College for Women Vocational Information Conference, 1939 (Edith M. Gates, panelist)

Box 595: folder 3
Women's Health and Sport Session of the Citizen Ambassador Program U.S./China Joint Conference on Women's Issues, 1995

Box 595: folder 4
World Conference on Women and Sport, 1996

Box 595: folder 5
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference, 1997 (Alpha Alexander, speaker)

Box 595: folder 6
Programs and Projects


Health Week, 1920-23

Box 595: folder 7
Skeleton Program, 1920

Box 595: folder 8
An Individual Health Program Adapted to Groups, 1920

Box 595: folder 9

General, 1975-91, n.d.

Box 595: folder 10
ENCORE News, 1978-82

Box 595: folder 11
ENCORE Newsletter, 1984-85

Box 595: folder 12
For Women Only-YWCA ENCORE Classic, 1992, n.d.

Box 595: folder 13
Program Manuals

"Program Manual for Community YWCAs"


Box 595: folder 14-15

Box 596: folder 1
"Taking the Lead with ENCORE," 1990

Box 596: folder 2
Training, 1977-84

Box 596: folder 3
National Breast Cancer Awareness Week Clinics and Workshops, 1985-86

Box 596: folder 4-5

General, 1995-99, n.d.

Box 596: folder 6
Program description, circa 1994

Box 596: folder 7
Program evaluation

Funding proposals, 1998

Box 596: folder 8
"Evaluation of ENCOREplus A Community-Based Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program" by Maria E. Fernandez et al, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 1999; 16 (3S)

Box 596: folder 9
Evaluation kit, circa 1997

Box 596: folder 10
Advisory Board, 1995

Box 596: folder 11
Correspondence, 1994-99

Box 596: folder 12-13

Cicatelli Associates, Training Center for Health Professionals, 1994-97

Box 596: folder 14
DeBor and Associates, 1995-96, n.d.

Box 596: folder 15
Macro International, 1994-97

Box 596: folder 16
Philliber Research Associates, 1994

Box 597: folder 1
Professional Key Punch, Inc., 1997

Box 597: folder 2
Stewart, Karen, 1996

Box 597: folder 3
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, 1997-98

Box 597: folder 4
Wughalter, Emily, 1994

Box 597: folder 5

Reports, 1996-97

Box 597: folder 6
Corporate Partnerships

General, 1997

Box 597: folder 7
"The Partnership Proposal," 1997

Box 597: folder 8
Grants to Member Associations

Request for proposal forms and instructions, 1994-97

Box 597: folder 9-12
Grant proposal review, 1994-98

Box 597: folder 13-15
Standard contract, 1994-95

Box 597: folder 16
Agreements and correspondence with Associations, 1994-97

Box 597: folder 17-18
ENCOREplus Newsletter, 1996-98

Box 597: folder 19
Public Awareness Campaign

Press conference, Washington, DC, 27 Apr 1994

Box 597: folder 20
ENCOREplus Marketing and Public relations kit, 1996

Box 597: folder 21
Race for the Cure, 1996 [national]

Box 597: folder 22
Breast Cancer Awareness Postage Stamp

General, Dec 1995-1996

Box 598: folder 1-2
Brochure and cache design, 1996

Box 598: folder 3
Press kit, 1996

Box 598: folder 4
Local events, 1996

Box 598: folder 5-7
The March: Coming Together to Conquer Cancer, 25-26 September 1998 [national]

General, 1997-98

Box 598: folder 8
Press kit, 1998

Box 598: folder 9
Home Box Office documentary "Cancer: Evolution to Revolution," 2000

Box 598: folder 10
Peter Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation application, 1997

Box 598: folder 11
Planet Earth Foundation, 1996-97

Box 598: folder 12

Miscellaneous, 1995-97

Box 598: folder 13
Annual Reports


Box 598: folder 14-15
July 1996-98

Box 599: folder 1-2

General, 1994-96, n.d.

Box 599: folder 3
Program Implementation Manual: correspondence with reviewers, 1994

Box 599: folder 4
ENCOREplus Trainer's Manual, 1994

Box 599: folder 5-9
First Annual Conference (aka technical assistance meeting), 16-18 September 1995

Program and handouts

Box 599: folder 10

Box 599: folder 11

Box 600: folder 1
Registration forms with issues of concern

Box 600: folder 2

Box 600: folder 3
Feb 1998


Box 600: folder 4

Box 600: folder 5
National Breast Cancer Coalition: Project LEAD Training Courses, 1996

Box 600: folder 6
Yearbooks, 1995-96

Box 600: folder 7-8

American Association of Retired Persons, 1995-96

Box 600: folder 9
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, 1995

Box 600: folder 10
American Cancer Society, 1994-2000

Box 600: folder 11
Avon Products, Inc.

[see also National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations below]



Box 600: folder 12-13
1996-98, 2001

Box 601: folder 1-3
Contracts, 1993-95

Box 601: folder 4-5

Budget, 1994-98

Box 601: folder 6-9
Reports, 1995-98

Box 601: folder 10
News clippings and press releases, 1993-97, n.d.

Box 601: folder 11

Quarterly, 1994-98

Box 601: folder 12
Program Report, Nov 1996

Box 601: folder 13
Revisions and replacements, Jan 1997

Box 602: folder 1
Breast Care Test Coalition (Pennsylvania YWCAs)

General, 1992-96, n.d.

Box 602: folder 2
Publication: "Breast Care: You Are Your Best Defense," 1996

Box 602: folder 3
Gifts in Kind America, 1994-97

Box 602: folder 4
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations, 1994-98

Box 602: folder 5-6
Partnership for Cancer Control in Underserved Populations Regional Conferences

General, 1995-97

Box 602: folder 7
Great Lakes Conference, 1997

Box 602: folder 8
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

General, 1994-98

Box 602: folder 9
Komen/Hallmark, Cards for the Cure program, 2000-2001

Box 602: folder 10
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Miscellaneous departments, 1994-97

Box 602: folder 11
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP)

General, 1992-97, n.d.

Box 602: folder 12
CDC Orientation Meeting for National Organizations, Apr 1994

Box 602: folder 13
CDC National Organizations Program Directors' Meeting, Apr 1996

Box 602: folder 14
CDC and YWCA Collaborative Agreement, 1993, n.d.

Box 603: folder 1
Applications, proposals, and work plans, 1992-97

Box 603: folder 2-7
Award notices, 1994-97

Box 603: folder 8-11
Conferences, 1994-96

Box 603: folder 12
Consultants: Strategic Health Concepts, 1995-96

Box 603: folder 13
Correspondence, 1991-2000

Box 604: folder 1-2
Financial, 1994-98

Box 604: folder 3
Reports, 1995-97

Box 604: folder 4
State partnerships, 1993-94

Box 604: folder 5
Maryland Partnership (aka Maryland Demonstration Project)

General, 1992-95, n.d.

Box 604: folder 6
Proposals, 1993-94, n.d.

Box 604: folder 7
Budgets, 1993-95

Box 604: folder 8
Reports, 1994-95, n.d.

Box 604: folder 9
Subcontractor: AMC Cancer Research Center

Contract, 1993

Box 604: folder 10
Evaluation of program meetings, 1994

Box 604: folder 11
Reference materials

Box 604: folder 12
Case Study "Partnering for Success: State Health Departments Working With Member Associations of the YWCA of the USA"

Draft, 1995

Box 605: folder 1
Final (?), n.d.

Box 605: folder 2
Lesbian Demonstration Project (aka Lesbian Outreach Initiative)

General, 1994-97, n.d.

Box 605: folder 3-4
Proposal to CDC and award notifications, 1995

Box 605: folder 5
Consultants: Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer

General, 1995-98, n.d.

Box 605: folder 6
Contracts, 1995-96

Box 605: folder 7
News clippings and press releases, 1995

Box 605: folder 8
"Schedule Your Checkup Now," public service announcement, 1997

Box 605: folder 9
"Tools for Caring About Lesbian Health"

Brochure, 1997-98

Box 605: folder 10
Video, 1997-98

Box 605: folder 11
Report forms, 1995-97

Box 605: folder 12
Final Report, draft, Aug 1997

Box 606: folder 1

Request for Proposal forms, 1995-96

Box 606: folder 2
Quarterly Reports, 1995-97

Box 606: folder 3-9
Year 1 Progress Reports, 1996

Box 606: folder 10
YWCA of Bangor-Brewer, Maine, 1995

Box 606: folder 11
YWCA of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1995-96

Box 606: folder 12
YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas, Texas, 1995-97

Box 606: folder 13
YWCA of Seattle-King County, Washington, 1995-97

Box 606: folder 14
YWCA of Tucson, Arizona, 1995-96

Box 606: folder 15
National Action Plan on Breast Cancer

General, 1995-97

Box 606: folder 16
National Institutes of Health: The Secretary's Conference to Establish a National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, 14-15 Dec 1993

Box 606: folder 17
Contractor: R.O.W. Sciences, Inc., 1997

Box 607: folder 1
Valdez & Associates: Multimedia Breast Cancer Education Kiosks for Latinas, 1997

Box 607: folder 2
Just the Facts: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Vaginal Health (aka Bacterial Vaginosis Project)

General, 1998-99

Box 607: folder 3-4

General, 2001

Box 607: folder 5
Evaluations, Apr 2001

Box 607: folder 6

Box 607: folder 7
"Moving Past Trauma" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Community Outreach, 2001

Box 607: folder 8
Sexually transmitted disease programs and Community Associations, list, 1999

Box 607: folder 9
"Stay Strong! Test Your Bone Strength" bone density testing campaign with Strong Women Inside and Out

General, 2000-01

Box 607: folder 10-11
Testing Event Guide, 2000

Box 607: folder 12

Miscellaneous, 1920, n.d.

Box 607: folder 13
Man and Girl Recreation Activities, circa 1920

Box 607: folder 14
Play Institute, Dallas, Texas, YWCA, 1927

Box 607: folder 15
Water pageants, 1933, 1937

Box 607: folder 16
Training Program for the Arts

General, 1977-79, n.d.

Box 607: folder 17-18
Progress Reports, 1978

Box 607: folder 19
Final Reports, 1979

Box 607: folder 20
Jo Sickbert Day Event Reports, 1978

Box 608: folder 1
Sports and Fitness

Merrill Lynch Olympic Spirit Program, 1998

Box 608: folder 2
National Girls and Women in Sports Day, 1990-99

Box 608: folder 3-6
National Girls Tennis Program, 1990-91

Box 608: folder 7
National YWCA Swimming Championships, 1970-73, 1989-90, 1999, n.d.

Box 608: folder 8-10
Peter Westbrook Fencing Program, YWCA and Peter Westbrook Foundation, 1994-99

Box 608: folder 11-12
Women's Basketball: A Developmental Program, American Basketball Council in Cooperation with YWCA: manual, circa 1988

Box 608: folder 13
YWCA of the USA/Nike Sports and Fitness Project

General, 1994-98

Box 608: folder 14-16
The YWCA P.L.A.Y.ground, 1998-99

Box 608: folder 17
Basketball Program grants

General, 1995-99, n.d.

Box 609: folder 1
Train the Trainers Workshop, Dec 1997

Box 609: folder 2
Arizona: Maricopa County (Phoenix)

General, 1997-99

Box 609: folder 3
Player evaluation forms

Box 609: folder 4

Glendale, 1997-98

Box 609: folder 5
Central Orange County, 1995-97

Box 609: folder 6
Pasadena Foothill Valley, 1999

Box 609: folder 7
San Francisco, 1995-97

Box 609: folder 8
Santa Monica, 1993-99

Box 609: folder 9
Florida: Miami, 1995-98

Box 609: folder 10

McLean County (Bloomington), 1996-99

Box 609: folder 11
Rockford, 1996-97

Box 609: folder 12
Indiana: Kokomo, 1995-97

Box 609: folder 13

Black Hawk County (Waterloo), 1996-99

Box 610: folder 1
Greater Des Moines, 1996

Box 610: folder 2
Kansas: Salina, 1998-99

Box 610: folder 3
Louisiana: Shreveport, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 4

Bangor-Brewer, 1996

Box 610: folder 5
Portland, 1995-99

Box 610: folder 6
Maryland: Greater Baltimore, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 7
Massachusetts: Greater Lawrence, 1997-98

Box 610: folder 8

Bay County, 1998-99

Box 610: folder 9
Greater Lansing, 1996-98

Box 610: folder 10
Minnesota: St. Paul, 1996

Box 610: folder 11

Kansas City, 1995-98

Box 610: folder 12
St. Louis, 1998-99

Box 610: folder 13
New Jersey: Trenton, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 14
New Mexico: Albuquerque, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 15
New York

Adirondack Foothills, 1998-99

Box 610: folder 16
Brooklyn, 1996

Box 610: folder 17
Elmira, 1996-97

Box 610: folder 18
Lockport, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 19
Schenectady, 1995-96

Box 610: folder 20
Western New York (Buffalo), 1995-97

Box 610: folder 21
White Plains and Central Westchester, 1996-98

Box 610: folder 22
North Carolina

Asheville, 1995-97

Box 610: folder 23
Central Carolinas (Charlotte)

General, 1996-99

Box 611: folder 1
Player Evaluation Forms, 1998

Box 611: folder 2
Greensboro, 1998

Box 611: folder 3
Rocky Mount, 1997-98

Box 611: folder 4


General, 1996-99

Box 611: folder 5-7
Basketball Clinic, Mar 1997

Box 611: folder 8
Evaluations, n.d.

Box 611: folder 9
Cleveland, 1995-99

Box 611: folder 10-11
Columbus, 1995-97

Box 611: folder 12
Dayton, 1997-98

Box 611: folder 13
Lorain, 1995-97

Box 612: folder 1
Summit County (Akron), 1997-98

Box 612: folder 2
Youngstown, 1998-99

Box 612: folder 3
Oklahoma: Enid, 1995-96

Box 612: folder 4
Oregon: Portland, 1995-97

Box 612: folder 5

Gettysburg, 1995-98

Box 612: folder 6
Greater West Chester, 1995-96

Box 612: folder 7
York, 1998-99

Box 612: folder 8
South Carolina: Greenville, 1995-99

Box 612: folder 9-10
South Dakota: Sioux Falls, 1998

Box 612: folder 11
Tennessee: Knoxville, 1997-99

Box 612: folder 12

Abilene, 1996

Box 612: folder 13
Dallas, 1995-97

Box 612: folder 14
Lubbock, 1997-99

Box 612: folder 15
Paris and Lamar County, 1995-96

Box 612: folder 16
San Antonio, 1995-98

Box 612: folder 17-18
Utah: Salt Lake City, 1997-98

Box 612: folder 19
Virginia: Lynchburg, 1995-96

Box 613: folder 1

Seattle, 1996-97

Box 613: folder 2
Yakima, 1996

Box 613: folder 3
West Virginia: Wheeling, 1994-97

Box 613: folder 4

Racine, 1996-98

Box 613: folder 5
Christoph Memorial (Waukesha), 1995-96

Box 613: folder 6
Volleyball Program grants

General, 1994-98

Box 613: folder 7
Arkansas: El Dorado, 1996-99

Box 613: folder 8

Central Orange County, 1996-97

Box 613: folder 9
San Francisco, 1996-97

Box 613: folder 10
Santa Monica, 1998-99

Box 613: folder 11
Florida: Miami, 1996

Box 613: folder 12
Georgia: Macon, 1995-98

Box 613: folder 13

Aurora, 1998-99

Box 613: folder 14
Freeport, 1996

Box 613: folder 15
McClean County (Bloomington), 1997-98

Box 613: folder 16
Indiana: Muncie, 1996

Box 613: folder 17
Iowa: Marshalltown, 1996

Box 613: folder 18
Kentucky: Lexington, 1996-98

Box 613: folder 19
Louisiana: Baton Rouge, 1996-97

Box 613: folder 20
Maine: Portland, 1998-99

Box 613: folder 21
Massachusetts: Greater Lawrence, 1998-99

Box 613: folder 22

Duluth, 1996

Box 613: folder 23
St. Paul, 1996

Box 613: folder 24
New York

Binghampton and Broome County, 1996-98

Box 613: folder 25
Mohawk Valley, 1996

Box 613: folder 26
Schenectady, 1996

Box 613: folder 27
Western New York (Buffalo), 1996

Box 613: folder 28
North Carolina

Central Carolinas (Charlotte), 1996-99

Box 613: folder 29
High Point, 1996-99

Box 614: folder 1


General, 1996-99

Box 614: folder 2
Player Evaluation Forms, n.d.

Box 614: folder 3
Cleveland, 1996-97

Box 614: folder 4
Columbus, 1997-98

Box 614: folder 5
Summit County, 1996

Box 614: folder 6
Oklahoma: Enid, 1998-99

Box 614: folder 7

Bethlehem, 1996-97

Box 614: folder 8
Gettysburg and Adams County, 1996-97

Box 614: folder 9
Rhode Island: Northern RI (Woonsocket), 1997-2000

Box 614: folder 10
South Carolina: Greenville, 1996-98

Box 614: folder 11
South Dakota: Sioux Falls, 1996-99

Box 614: folder 12
Tennessee: Knoxville, 1996-97

Box 614: folder 13
Texas: San Antonio, 1996

Box 614: folder 14
Washington: Spokane, 1997-98

Box 614: folder 15

Racine, 1996-98

Box 614: folder 16
Christoph Memorial (Waukesha), 1996-99

Box 614: folder 17
"New Face of Fitness" Fitness Training Program



Box 614: folder 18-19

Box 615: folder 1
Arkansas: El Dorado, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 2

Glendale, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 3
Central Orange County, 1995-97

Box 615: folder 4
Santa Monica, 1995-96

Box 615: folder 5
Delaware: New Castle County, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 6

Greater Atlanta, 1997

Box 615: folder 7
Augusta, 1996

Box 615: folder 8

Hawaii Island, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 9
Kauai County, 1995-97

Box 615: folder 10
O'ahu, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 11

McClean County (Bloomington), 1996-97

Box 615: folder 12
Rockford, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 13
Lake and McHenry Counties (Waukegan), 1995-96

Box 615: folder 14
Indiana: Greater Lafayette, 1996

Box 615: folder 15

Des Moines, 1995-97

Box 615: folder 16
Washington, 1996

Box 615: folder 17
Kansas: Topeka, 1995-96

Box 615: folder 18
Maine: Portland, 1995-97

Box 615: folder 19
Maryland: Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 20
Massachusetts: Newburyport, 1995-96

Box 615: folder 21
Michigan: Kalamazoo, 1996

Box 615: folder 22
Minnesota: Minneapolis, 1995-96

Box 615: folder 23
Missouri: St. Louis, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 24
Nebraska: Lincoln, 1995-96

Box 615: folder 25
New Jersey

Bergen County, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 26
Princeton, 1996-97

Box 615: folder 27
Trenton, 1995-97

Box 615: folder 28
New York

Niagara (Lockport), 1996-97

Box 615: folder 29
Schenectady, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 1
Western New York (Buffalo), 1995-96

Box 616: folder 2
North Carolina: Asheville, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 3

Cincinnati, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 4
Cleveland, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 5
Columbus, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 6
Summit County (Akron), 1995-97

Box 616: folder 7
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, 1996-97

Box 616: folder 8

Portland, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 9
Salem, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 10

Carlisle, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 11
Germantown-Philadelphia, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 12
Gettysburg and Adams County, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 13
McKeesport, 1996

Box 616: folder 14
South Carolina: Greenville, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 15
South Dakota: Sioux Falls, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 16

Dallas, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 17
El Paso del Norte Region, 1995-97

Box 616: folder 18
San Antonio, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 19

Seattle-King County, 1996

Box 616: folder 20
Tacoma and Pierce County, 1996-97

Box 616: folder 21
Walla Walla, 1996-97

Box 616: folder 22
West Virginia: Wheeling, 1995-96

Box 616: folder 23

Green Bay-De Pere, 1996

Box 616: folder 24
Christoph Memorial (Waukesha), 1995-97

Box 616: folder 25
Wausau, 1996-97

Box 616: folder 26

Health, general

Box 617
Miscellaneous Pamphlets, n.d.

Box 617: folder 1
Beauty: miscellaneous pamphlets, 1936, 1946

Box 617: folder 2
Change of Life: A Modern Woman's Guide by F.S. Edsall, 1949

Box 617: folder 3
Every Girl's Health in Revue, Pantomime and Song, Volume I and II, compiled by Jane Bellows, 1924,25

Box 617: folder 4
Feet and Shoes by Jane Bellows, 1928

Box 617: folder 5
Health and Fitness brochures series, 1981

Box 617: folder 6
Health and the Woman Movement by Clelia Duel Mosher, 1918

Box 617: folder 7
Individual Exercises Illustrated by Jane Bellows, 1923

Box 617: folder 8
Lady Be Fit! Exercises for Energy, Efficiency and Lasting Health by Dorothy Nye, 1942

Box 617: folder 9
Nutrition: miscellaneous pamphlets, 1926-43

Box 617: folder 10
A Symposium on Health and Recreation by Ten YWCA Leaders, 1936

Box 618: folder 1
Woman's Physical Freedom by Clelia Duel Mosher, M.D., 1923

Box 618: folder 2
Women After Forty: The Meaning of the Last Half of Life by Grace Loucks Elliot (Henry Holt & Co), 1936

Box 618: folder 3

The Activities Ticket in a Health Education Program by Edith M. Gates, circa 1938

Box 618: folder 4
A Community Health Program for the YWCA by Edith M. Gates, 1940

Box 618: folder 5
The Department of Hygiene and Physical Education by Anna L. Brown, 1915

Box 618: folder 6
The Health and Recreation Program in Clubs by Clara W. Alcroft, circa 1941

Box 618: folder 7
The Health Education Committee by Edith M. Gates and Clara W. Alcroft, 1940, 1944

Box 618: folder 8
The Health Education Council: What Is It? by Edith M. Gates, 1938

Box 618: folder 9
Health Education Department Especially Adapted to City Associations, circa 1921

Box 618: folder 10
Health Education Handbook

1948, Section I-III

Box 618: folder 11-14
1948, Section IV-V and 1951 revision

Box 619: folder 1-3
The Health Program in Small Associations by Edith M. Gates, 1936

Box 619: folder 4
So You're Going to Do Publicity! A Publicity Primer in Terms of Health Education by Dorothy S. Cronan and Clara W. Alcroft, 1939, 1944

Box 619: folder 5
The YWCA Health Program: A Program Guide for Leaders by Gladys L. Brown, 1965

Box 619: folder 6
The YWCA Swimming Program: A Guide for Leaders, 1962

Box 619: folder 7
Marriage and Family Life Education

General, 1945, 1948, n.d.

Box 619: folder 8
Education for Marriage Series: 1. First Steps in Program Building, No Date Has Been Set for the Wedding, and Working Wives, 1936-37 and 2. Marriages are Not Made in Heaven, 1939, 1947 revision by Janet Fowler Nelson and Margaret Hiller

Box 619: folder 9-10
Family Activities With Other Families: Needs and Interests of Different Ages by Helen Southard, 1959

Box 619: folder 11
The Family-Covenant With Posterity by Grace Loucks Elliot, 1942

Box 619: folder 12
The Human Venture in Sex, Love, and Marriage by Peter A. Bertocci, 1949

Box 619: folder 13
Jobs and Marriage? Outlines for the Discussion of the Married Woman in Business by Grace L. Coyle, 1928

Box 620: folder 1
Planning for Marriage: Outlines for Discussion by Young Men and Women by William Henry Morgan and Mildred Inskeep Morgan, 1943

Box 620: folder 2
What Do You Think?Three Wartime Programs about ourselves, dates, wartime marriages, our fears today by Helen Southard, 1943

Box 620: folder 3
What Our Marriage Means to Us by One Married Couple, 1939

Box 620: folder 4
Mental Health

General, 1915, 1945, n.d.

Box 620: folder 5
Counseling in the YWCA by Tirzah Waite Anderson, 1946

Box 620: folder 6
Have You Met Yourself?: A Psychological Introduction by Helen F. Southard, 1942

Box 620: folder 7
Relaxation to the Rescue by Dorothy Nye and Josephine L. Rathbone, 1942

Box 620: folder 8
To Your Health and Emotions, Lady! by Margaret W. Metcalf, 1948

Box 620: folder 9
Sex Education

Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1943-70

Box 620: folder 10
The Christian Approach to Social Morality by Richard C. Cabot, 1913

Box 620: folder 11
Into the World by Victoria Emerson and James J. Thompson, 1950

Box 620: folder 12
Planning for Sex Education, with particular reference to YWCA work with junior and senior high school students by Helen Southard, 1943

Box 620: folder 13
The Sex Life of Youth by Grace Loucks Elliott and Harry Bone, ninth printing, 1947

Box 621: folder 1
"Sex Morality Teaching Kit" including Sex Education Program: A Guide for Leaders by Helen Southard, 1965

Box 621: folder 2


Health Through Leisure Time Recreation by Edith M. Gates, 1931

Box 621: folder 3
It Pays to Play by Mollie Heath Conn, 1940

Box 621: folder 4
Partners in Play: Recreation for Young Men and Women Together by Mary J. Breen, 1934

Box 621: folder 5
A Play Institute as given at Richmond, Virginia, Program Series no. XXIV, 1925

Box 621: folder 6
Popularizing the Pool by Lucy South Proudfoot, 1924

Box 621: folder 7
Arts and Crafts

The Arts: miscellaneous pamphlets, 1931?, 1945

Box 621: folder 8
A Crafts Bulletin: of Equipment, Materials and Processes by Mary Dana and Ruth Perkins, 1936

Box 621: folder 9
Crafts With Nature Materials by Lois Corke, circa 1942, 1946

Box 621: folder 10
Creative Arts Kit, 1962, 1964

Box 621: folder 11
Easy -to-Make Fashion Accessories by Janie W. Scott, 1953

Box 621: folder 12
Flower Arrangement: A Hobby for All by Matilda Rogers, 1948

Box 621: folder 13
Hand Book on the Use of Crafts by Ruth Perkins, 1934, 1936

Box 622: folder 1
Nature Crafts by Emily A. Veazie, 1930

Box 622: folder 2
Try It Yourself: An Introduction to the Arts (USO) by Florence C.E. Anderson, n.d.

Box 622: folder 3

Slavic Folk Dances compiled by Marjorie Crane Geary, 1924

Box 622: folder 4
"Swing Your Ladies: Experiences with Country Dance in Co-ed Recreation," (No. X of the series Program Papers for Today and Tomorrow), compiled by Edith M. Gates, 1941

Box 622: folder 5
Tap Dancing, 1930-1935

Box 622: folder 6
Parties and Games

Birthday Parties for Boys and Girls From One to Fourteen by Mary Grosvenor Ellsworth, 1951

Box 622: folder 7
The Fun Book: Stunts for Every Month in the Year by Edna Geister, 1923

Box 622: folder 8
Holiday Parties by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, 1939

Box 622: folder 9
Ice Breakers: Games and Stunts for Large and Small Groups by Edna Geister, 1918

Box 623: folder 1
Ice-Breakers and the Ice-Breaker Herself by Edna Geister, 1921

Box 623: folder 2
The Ice-Breaker Herself: Practical Suggestions for Recreation Leadership by Edna Geister, 1921

Box 623: folder 3
It is To Laugh: A Book of Games and Stunts by Edna Geister, 1922

Box 623: folder 4
Parties and Stunts Around the Year by Era Bentzer, 1924

Box 623: folder 5
Parties for Young Americans by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, 1940

Box 623: folder 6
Practical Parties by Ella Shannon Bowles, 1926

Box 623: folder 7
Primer for Hostesses by Dorothy Sara, 1950

Box 623: folder 8
Shower Parties for All Occasions by Helen Emily Webster, 1949

Box 624: folder 1
Six Recreational Parties and Ten Recreational Parties by Helen Durham, 1924, n.d.

Box 624: folder 2
Special Parties and Stunts and Suggestions for Special Parties compiled by Era Betzner, circa 1923, n.d.

Box 624: folder 3

Health Education Bulletin, 1935-44

Box 624: folder 4-11
HPER Newsletter, 1977-79

Box 625: folder 1
Health Promotion/Sports Bulletin, 1990-92

Box 625: folder 2
Playground: YWCA of the USA Health and Sports Update, 2000

Box 625: folder 3
Reference Materials

Marriage and Family Life, 1906-61, n.d.

Box 625: folder 4
Recreation, 1920, 1930

Box 625: folder 5
Sex education, 1929-89, n.d.

Box 625: folder 6-7

General, 1920-86, n.d.

Box 625: folder 8

HIV Prevention Through PACT, Mar 1992

Box 625: folder 9
"Women as Preventors: An Adult-Teen Partnership" training package on alcohol abuse prevention, n.d.

Box 625: folder 10
Sex Education

Social Morality Institute, Feb-Mar 1915

Box 625: folder 11
Dr. Mabel Ulrich's lectures at National YWCA, Jul 1915(?)

Box 625: folder 12
Social Morality, Mabel Ulrich, Jul 1917

Box 625: folder 13
Subseries C. Music

General and History

"Historical Record of Music in the YWCA" (with documents) by Mary B. Wheeler, Jun 1966

Box 626: folder 1
Articles re music and creative arts in the YWCA, 1938-70, n.d.

Box 626: folder 2
Committee and Staff

Biographies of Music Committee members, 1940-51, n.d.

Box 626: folder 3

General, 1958-68

Box 626: folder 4
Katharine B. Parker re establishment of Music Department, 1926-28

Box 626: folder 5
Centennial music

General and local association songs, 1953-55

Box 626: folder 6
Hymn in memory of Katherine B. Parker "O God of Every People" by John and Janet Harbison, 1953-55

Box 626: folder 7
Controversial songs, 1955-58, n.d.

[see also Correspondence re Sing Along the Way in publications section below]

Box 626: folder 8
Cooperative Recreation Service re printing of YWCA music, 1960-65

Box 626: folder 9
Copyright, 1947-60, n.d.

General, 1947-60, n.d.

Box 626: folder 10
Song "Follow the Gleam," 1923-56

Box 626: folder 11-13
Song "When a Y-Teen Girl Walks Down the Street," 1963

Box 626: folder 14
Song "Witchcraft" by Margarett Snyder, 1949-65

Box 626: folder 15
"Dakota Hymn," 1987

Box 626: folder 16
National Federation of Music Clubs, National Music Week, 1955-68

Box 626: folder 17
Minutes and reports

National Music Committee/National Music Subcommittee of the Division of Community YWCAs/National Music Subject Committee of the Program Subject Department, 1930-50

Box 626: folder 18-23
Music Consultants' Meeting, 26 May 1966

Box 627: folder 1
Audiovisual Mini-Kit, circa 1969

Box 627: folder 2
Creative Arts

General reference, 1942-65, n.d.

Box 627: folder 3
In YWCA Program

Correspondence, 1961-62

Box 627: folder 4
Articles, 1945-63

Box 627: folder 5
Washington, DC, YWCA, 1950-61, n.d.

Box 627: folder 6
Creative Arts Kit, 1962

Box 627: folder 7
Creative Arts Kit: correspondence, 1962-63

Box 627: folder 8
Contemporary Programming Kit no. 3 "The Arts: How to Become Involved," 1968

Box 627: folder 9
Questionnaire for Music and the Arts in the YWCA, Bureau of Research and Program Resources, 1969

Box 627: folder 10
Conventions, Conferences, and other events


1946, 1949, 1952, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1964, 1967

Box 627: folder 11-20
1970, 1996

Box 628: folder 1-2
YWCA of Canada National Convention, 1949-50

Box 628: folder 3

National Student Assembly, University of Illinois, Dec 1946-Jan 1947

Box 628: folder 4
Business, Professional, and Industrial Council, Northwest Region, Feb 1947

Box 628: folder 5
National Conference for Staff Working with Industrial Constituency, Mar 1947

Box 628: folder 6
Summer Conferences, 1947

Box 628: folder 7
YMCA-YWCA National Conference for High School Youth, Grinnell College, Jun 1947

Box 628: folder 8
Business and Professional Fall Conference, Northern New England, Nov 1948

Box 628: folder 9
Regional Conferences, 1948

Box 628: folder 10
Summer Conferences, 1948

Box 628: folder 11
Summer Conferences, 1949

Box 628: folder 12
Eastern Regional, 1951

Box 628: folder 13
Indiana Y-Teen Summer Conference, 1956

Box 628: folder 14
Young Adult, 1960

Box 628: folder 15
Southeastern Region, Jun 1960

Box 628: folder 16
National Conference for Program Staff, Nov-Dec 1960

Box 628: folder 17
Y-Teen Round Table, 1 Apr 1963

Box 628: folder 18
National Y-Teen Conference, Washington, DC, Aug 1965

Box 628: folder 19
Business and Professional Nationwide Observance Day, 1943

Box 628: folder 20
National Industrial Assembly, 1936

Box 628: folder 21
National Staff Assembly and other gatherings at "600," 1928-58, n.d.

Box 628: folder 22
National YWCA Cycle Meeting, Mar 1968

Box 628: folder 23
Summer Camp Program, 1957-65

Box 628: folder 24

"Back the Beginners" a world fellowship project for young adults, 1957-58

Box 628: folder 25
Y-Teen Creative Arts Project '69: correspondence and notes, 1968-69

Box 628: folder 26
Y-Teen Folk Song Project

Correspondence, minutes, notes, reports, 1964-66

Box 628: folder 27
Permissions correspondence, 1966

Box 628: folder 28
Music and lyrics, 1965-66

Box 628: folder 29
Cleveland YWCA "World Symphony" program, n.d.

Box 628: folder 30
Lancaster (PA) YWCA Vivaldi Orchestra program, 1966

Box 628: folder 31
New York City YWCA, Clark Center for the Performing Arts, 1964-65

Box 629: folder 1
Philadelphia YWCA "Singing City" and Seven Arts Series, 1962-66

Box 629: folder 2
San Francisco Song Festival, 1964

Box 629: folder 3
Topeka Y-Teen Clubs "Sing a Song of Friendship," Jan 1948

Box 629: folder 4


General, 1929-43(?)

Box 629: folder 5
"A Music Bibliography for Association Leaders," Laboratory Division, 1936, 1938, 1939

Box 629: folder 6
"Music for a Student Christian Movement: Suggestions for 1935" and "Music for a Student Christian Movement," National Student Council of the YWCA, 1935-36, n.d.

Box 629: folder 7
"Music Resources for Worship Planning" by Marion Peabody, TWP, 1937

Box 629: folder 8
Music Suggestions for the Christmas Season Selected from Many Sources by Marion Peabody, The Womans Press, 1934

Box 629: folder 9
Program and training materials

The American Indians and Their Music by Frances Densmore, 1936

Box 629: folder 10
"Club Music" leaflet, 1930

Box 629: folder 11
Conference Leaders Handbook, Music section, 1958

Box 629: folder 12
"Criteria for Song Leaders," circa 1940s

Box 629: folder 13
Let's Have Music edited by Marie Oliver, The Womans Press, 1945; second edition, 1948

Box 629: folder 14
"The Music Committee-Its Place and Task in the Association," pamphlet produced by the Laboratory Division: correspondence and pamphlet, 1933-35

Box 629: folder 15
"Music in YWCA Conferences" by Martha Ramsey, circa 1938

Box 629: folder 16
Music in the YWCA: A Guide to Program Planning by Elizabeth Lawson, The Womans Press, 1934

Box 629: folder 17
Music, Let's Have More of It, pamphlet and correspondence, 1960

Box 629: folder 18
"Notes for the Conference Song Leader," leaflets, 1964-69

Box 629: folder 19
Program Packets, 1945-47

Box 629: folder 20
Songbooks and Hymnals

Miscellaneous, circa 1913-36

Box 629: folder 21
The American Songbag, 1930, n.d.

Box 629: folder 22
The Association Hymnal, TWP


Box 629: folder 23

Box 630: folder 1
Association Music, circa 1915, circa 1920, n.d.

Box 630: folder 2
Christmas and New Year Songs compiled by Florence H. Botsford, The Womans Press, 1922

Box 630: folder 3
Convention, 1932, 1934, 1940, 1970

Box 630: folder 4
Folk Songs of Many Peoples with English Versions by American Poets compiled and edited by Florence Hudson Botsford, TWP

Vol I, 1921

Box 630: folder 5
Vol. II, 1922

Box 630: folder 6
Folk Songs of Poland reprinted from Vol. I of Folk Songs of Many Peoples, TWP, 1922

Box 631: folder 1
Hymns edited by the Music Subcommittee of the National Board of the YWCAs, TWP, [1945?]

Box 631: folder 2
International Training Institute Songbook, 1969

Correspondence, 1969, n.d.

Box 631: folder 3
Manuscript and photocopies, 1969

Box 631: folder 4
A Little Carol Book: Carols From Ten Countries, TWP, n.d.

Box 631: folder 5
Our Student Movement Sings/Our Student Movements Sing, 1955, n.d.

Box 631: folder 6
Sing Along the Way/Sing Along

circa 1943-65

Box 631: folder 7-10
Accompaniments, Jul and Oct 1950 and Jan 1955

Box 632: folder 1

General and notes, 1950-70, n.d.

Box 632: folder 2-4
Re controversial songs, 1943-60, n.d.

Box 632: folder 5
Re accompaniment book, 1950

Box 632: folder 6
"Notes for Song Leaders," Jun 1965

Box 632: folder 7
"On Playing the Autoharp Accompaniments in 'Sing Along'": correspondence, notes, and text, 1957-58

Box 632: folder 8
Phonograph recording "Sing Along": correspondence, 1960-63

Box 632: folder 9
Sing Around the World Songs, The Womans Press, 1923

Box 632: folder 10
The Song Book of the Y.W.C.A. compiled by Imogene B. Ireland, TWP, 1926

Box 632: folder 11
Songs for Freedom edited by the Music Subcommittee of the National Board, The Womans Press, circa 1946

Box 632: folder 12
Songs, Rounds and Carols, The Womans Press, 1940

Box 632: folder 13
Songs, Rounds and Graces, The Womans Press, 1935

Box 632: folder 14
Girl Reserve/Y-Teen

Girl Reserve Song-Book

1923-27 and supplement

Box 632: folder 15-16

Box 633: folder 1
Y-Teen Song Book, 1946

Box 633: folder 2
Youth Sings, YMCA-YWCA National Conference for High School Youth, 1947

Box 633: folder 3
YWCA Songs and Song Sheets

Miscellaneous, 1916, 1938, n.d.

Box 633: folder 4
"A Christmas Carol from Jamaica" composed by YWCA members,circa 1949

Box 633: folder 5
Centennial Hymn, "O God of Every People" by John and Janet Harbison, 1955

Box 633: folder 6
Centennial songs written by members of local associations, 1953-55

Box 633: folder 7
Descant for "Goodnight Beloved" by Lucy Shulte and Marie Oliver, n.d.

Box 633: folder 8
"Follow the Gleam" 1923, 1958-62

Box 633: folder 9
Girl Reserve and Y-Teen songs, 1935-58, n.d.

Box 633: folder 10
"Our Song" Y-Teen song, 1947-48

Box 633: folder 11
Silver Bay Conference songs, 1920-35

Box 633: folder 12
Songs by Lucy Shulte and Louise Schooler, 1944

Box 633: folder 13
'Tis Not by Might,' World YWCA Motto, music by Frederich Flemming

Box 633: folder 14
YWCA Purpose

Music by Wanda Canny, circa 1965

Box 633: folder 15
Music by Mary E. Swain, circa 1955

Box 633: folder 16
Y-Teen Hymn by Clara Ellen Shipman, n.d.

Box 633: folder 17
Reference files, General

General, 1929-50, n.d.

Box 633: folder 18
African music, dance, drama, 19950-62, n.d.

Box 633: folder 19
Amateur Chamber Music Players, 1956, n.d.

Box 633: folder 20
American Indian music, 1964-65

Box 633: folder 21
Arab music, 1958, 1960

Box 633: folder 22
British YWCA music, 1946

Box 633: folder 23
Children and families, 1934-64, n.d.

Box 633: folder 24
Chinese music, 1933, n.d.

Box 633: folder 25
Choral music for women's voices, 1945, 1966-67

Box 633: folder 26
Christmas music and program, 1931-79, n.d.

Box 633: folder 27
Church music, workshop at Union Theological Seminary, 1969

Box 634: folder 1
Civil Rights, music in movement, 1962-65, n.d.

Box 634: folder 2
Copyright law, 1942-64, n.d.

Box 634: folder 3
Finnish music and dance, 1941, n.d.

Box 634: folder 4
Folk music, 1933-65, n.d.

Box 634: folder 5-8
Hymns, 1924-66, n.d.

Box 634: folder 9
Indian music, 1936, n.d.

Box 634: folder 10

Hand made, 1936-58

Box 634: folder 11
Recorders, 1942-47, n.d.

Box 634: folder 12
Rhythm band/toy symphony, 1930-60, n.d.

Box 634: folder 13
Shepherd's pipes, 1935-50, n.d.

Box 634: folder 14
International Music Congress meeting, Sep 1968

Box 634: folder 15
Japanese music, 1969

Box 634: folder 16
Jazz, 1956-66, n.d.

Box 634: folder 17
Jewish music, 1950, 1959

Box 634: folder 18
Labor union music, 1941-50, n.d.

Box 634: folder 19
Music therapy, 1925-44, n.d.

Box 634: folder 20
"Negro" spirituals, 1931-39, n.d.

Box 634: folder 21
Oratorio by Normand Lockwood "Brotherhood of Man," 1957

Box 634: folder 22
Orchestras, 1940-60, n.d.

Box 634: folder 23
Recorded music

Use of recorded music in worship, Hobart Mitchell, consultant, 1955-70, n.d.

Box 635: folder 1
Use in program, 1956-69

Box 635: folder 2

General lists, catalogues, 1948-65, n.d.

Box 635: folder 3
Library of Congress, 1935-60, n.d.

Box 635: folder 4
Rock and Roll, 1965

Box 635: folder 5
Song Leading, 1933-56

Box 635: folder 6
Songs, story behind, 1919-66, n.d.

Box 635: folder 7
Training, 1956-59, n.d.

Box 635: folder 8
United Nations songs, 1942-62

Box 635: folder 9
World War II, 1941-44, n.d.

Box 635: folder 10
World Fellowship program materials, 1935-67, n.d.

Box 635: folder 11
Worship services

Ecumenical, 1945-65, n.d.

Box 635: folder 12
With themes, 1921-60

Box 635: folder 13
Worship and the Arts

National Council of Churches publications, 1955-62, n.d.

Box 635: folder 14
Forum '68 On Media and Arts of Confrontation, Jun 1968

Box 635: folder 15
Reference files, Sheet Music/Scores

Miscellaneous, 1941-64, n.d.

Box 635: folder 16
Civil Rights songs, 1960-64

Box 635: folder 17
Folk Songs, n.d.


Box 635: folder 18

Box 635: folder 19

Box 635: folder 20

Box 635: folder 21

Box 635: folder 22

Box 635: folder 23

Box 635: folder 24

Box 635: folder 25

Box 635: folder 26

Box 636: folder 1

Box 636: folder 2

Box 636: folder 3

Box 636: folder 4

Box 636: folder 5

Box 636: folder 6

Box 636: folder 7

Box 636: folder 8

Box 636: folder 9

Box 636: folder 10

Box 636: folder 11
Indian, American

Box 636: folder 12

Box 636: folder 13

Box 636: folder 14

Box 636: folder 15

Box 636: folder 16

Box 636: folder 17

Box 636: folder 18

Box 636: folder 19
New Zealand

Box 636: folder 20

Box 636: folder 21

Box 636: folder 22

Box 636: folder 23

Box 636: folder 24
South American

Box 636: folder 25

Box 636: folder 26

Box 636: folder 27

Box 636: folder 28

Box 636: folder 29

Box 636: folder 30

Box 636: folder 31

Box 636: folder 32

Box 636: folder 33
Girl Reserve song sheets, n.d.

Box 636: folder 34
Informal singing, National Recreation Association songbooks, n.d.

Box 636: folder 35
Labor Union songs, 1940-51, n.d.

Box 636: folder 36
National anthems 1917, 1941, n.d.

Box 636: folder 37
Parodies, 1946-50, n.d.

Box 636: folder 38
Peace, 1910-40, n.d.

Box 636: folder 39
Rounds and Canons, n.d.

Box 636: folder 40
Sacred music

Christmas carols, 1934, 1947, n.d.

Box 636: folder 41
Graces, n.d.

Box 636: folder 42

General, 1947-58, n.d.

Box 636: folder 43
Ecumenical, 1950-62

Box 637: folder 1
"Negro" spirituals, 1936-46, n.d.

Box 637: folder 2
Responses, 1932-55, n.d.

Box 637: folder 3
United Nations songs, 1942-55

Box 637: folder 4

General, 1951, 1963-64

Box 637: folder 5
Creative Arts Workshop, Jun 1957

Box 637: folder 6
Health Education Roundtable, Central Branch, YWCA of the City of New York, Oct 1958

Box 637: folder 7
Initial Training "C," summer 1965

Box 637: folder 8
Leadership Training Day, 1956

Box 637: folder 9
Music Leaders Kit, circa 1944

Box 637: folder 10
Music Workshops, Mar 8 & 9, 1947

Box 637: folder 11
Music Workshop, Nov 1957

Box 637: folder 12
Music Workshop Reference Material notebook contents, 1949-66

Box 637: folder 13
National YWCA Institute on Program for Executive Directors and Program Directors, Nov-Dec, 1963

Box 637: folder 14
Volunteer Training Institute, Ridgewood, NJ, 26 Nov 1952

Box 637: folder 15
Workshop for Program Staff, Southern Region, Mar 1962

Box 637: folder 16
Y-Teen Conference Leaders Institute, Eastern Region, Nov 1961

Box 637: folder 17
Y-Teen Conference Leaders Institute, Nov 1962

Box 637: folder 18
Subseries D. Pageantry and Drama


General and history, 1916-20

Box 638: folder 1
Notes and resources, 1921-39, 1950

Box 638: folder 2
Lists of plays and pageants

General, 1919-38

Box 638: folder 3
Womans Press list, 1945-46

Box 638: folder 4
Choral speech: clippings, resources, 1934-59, n.d.

Box 638: folder 5
General reference, 1961, n.d.

Box 638: folder 6
"The Use of Plays in Club Work," The Womans Press, 1930

Box 638: folder 7

"Above All Else, Liberty" by Georgia Tenger, TWP, 1929

Box 638: folder 8
"An Adventure in Friendship" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1923

Box 638: folder 9
"The Adventures of Ella Cinders: An Idea for an Annual Meeting as Worked Out and Presented by the Columbus, Ohio, Association," program series #44, TWP, circa 1927

Box 638: folder 10
"The Aftermath: A Playlet for the Week of Prayer," Oct 1914

Box 638: folder 11
"The Air Route to Buenos Aires: A Program on South America" by Helen L. Willcox, TWP, 1929

Box 638: folder 12
"Alice in Wonderland: A Dance Pantomime" by Mary E. Phipps and Marjorie Van Horn, TWP, 1927

Box 638: folder 13
"Alice in Y Land" an original skit written by the Business Girls' Department of the Boston YWCA, TWP n.d.

Box 638: folder 14
"Amos," TWP 1926

Box 638: folder 15
"And Who Can This Spirit Be?" by Emma Mauritz Larson, TWP 1920

Box 638: folder 16
"At the Sign of the Boar's Head" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP 1924

Box 638: folder 17
"At the Turn of Tide" by Georgia Stenger, TWP, 1921

Box 638: folder 18
"At the YW: A Play of World Fellowship" by Maxine Wood, TWP, 1948

Box 638: folder 19
"Ballad of the YWCA" for choric speaking, 1943

Box 638: folder 20
"Beau and Belle: A Lyrical Trifle" by Constance Smedley Armfield, TWP, 1922

Box 638: folder 21
"The Beloved Community and The Quest of the Understanding Heart" by Hazel Hardacre and Helen Hoskins, TWP Program Series no. 31, 1926

Box 638: folder 22
"Bible Plays Out of the East" by Anna R. Kennedy, TWP 1929

Box 638: folder 23
"Blood Doesn't Tell: A Play About Blood Plasma and Blood Donors" by Elsie Austin, TWP, 1945

Box 638: folder 24
"The Bonds of Liberty: A Masque" by Josephine Thorp, TWP, 1919

Box 639: folder 1
"The Bow of Promise: A Peace Festival" by Josephine Thorp, TWP, 1919

Box 639: folder 2
"Bread and Butter Plus: A Vocational Guidance Play" by Hazel M. Lewis, 1938

Box 639: folder 3
"The Brown Bull of Norway" by Margaret Lynch Conger, TWP, 1924

Box 639: folder 4
"Bubbles: a World Fellowship Play of India and America" by Leah Adkisson Kazmark, TWP, 1931

Box 639: folder 5
"The Budget Ghost" by Mary L. Carr, reprinted from The Womans Press, Oct 1923

Box 639: folder 6
"Builders of Dreams" by Polly Cady, n.d.

Box 639: folder 7
"The Burning Altar: A Thanksgiving Ceremony" by Ethel Gesner Rockwell, TWP, 1930

Box 639: folder 8
"Calling All Nations: A Pageant of Peace," TWP 1936

Box 639: folder 9
"A Camel Trip to Cairo: A Program on Egypt" by Helen L. Willcox, The Womans Press, 1920

Box 639: folder 10
"Canton Pearls: A Play in Three Acts with Suggestions for a Project 'The Women of China' for World Fellowship" by Jean Grigsby Paxton, TWP, 1922

Box 639: folder 11
"Carrot Skit," n.d.

Box 639: folder 12
"Cat Fear: A Fanciful Japanese Comedy Pantomime" by Marion Norris Gleason with music by Harold Gleason, TWP, 1916?

Box 639: folder 13
"A Ceremony of American Democracy" by Rosamond Kimball, 1918

Box 639: folder 14
"The Challenge: a 15-minute radio script for use in Centennial program," 1954

Box 639: folder 15
"The Child Labor Amendment: An Assembly Program" by Margaret Hiller, TWP, 1934

Box 639: folder 16
"A Circus" by Helen Durham, TWP, 1924

Box 639: folder 17
"Committee on Space: A World Fellowship Skit with a Sense of Humus" by Barbara Abel, 1959

Box 639: folder 18
"The Conspiracy of Spring" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, 1920

Box 639: folder 19
"Consumer Beware! A Dramatization of the Congressional Hearings on Food, Drug and Cosmetic Legislation" by Charline Shelton, TWP, 1936

Box 639: folder 20
"The Counsel: A Ceremony for Today in Speech and Song" by Hazel MacKaye, TWP, 1919

Box 639: folder 21
"The Crowning of Spring" by Sara Kingsbury, TWP, 1924

Box 639: folder 22
"Cryptomeria Tree: A Japanese Play" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, Program Series no. IX, 1924

Box 639: folder 23
"Darkness and Dawn: A Mystery Play for Easter Even" by Frederica Lefevre Bellamy, TWP, 5th printing 1944

Box 639: folder 24
"The Deuce of Reducing: A Disarming Skit" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1930

Box 639: folder 25
District School on the Rapidan: or 'Studyin' War no More'" by Harriet C (Mrs. George B.) Ford, TWP, 1931 with "Voices

Box 639: folder 26
"The Drama of Esther" written and given by the class in religious pedagogy at the National Training School, Mar 1917, TWP, 1919

Box 639: folder 27
"The Dress That Came Back" a play for Y-Teen Roll Call Week by Mabel Alice Tuggle, 1950

Box 639: folder 28
"Dust and Thrust (A Puppet Panorama in Two Scenes)," Columbus, Ohio, YWCA, 1968

Box 639: folder 29
"Dutch Wind and King Grisly Beard: Two Pantomimes" by Madeline A. Chaffee, TWP, 1929

Box 639: folder 30
"Early American: A Playlet of the Gifts of the Old Days to the Modern Girl, Indian and White" by Dorothy Cate, TWP 1931

Box 639: folder 31
"The Enchanted Urn: A Fantasy in Pantomime" by Hazel MacKaye, TWP, 1924

Box 639: folder 32
English-Class Plays for New Americans by Emily M. Gibson, TWP, 1927

Box 639: folder 33
"Everygirl" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, 1929

Box 639: folder 34
"Fashion Review: Down Petticoat Lane" by Helen Durham, TWP, 1921, 1926

Box 640: folder 1
"The Festival of Days" by Lucy South Proudfoot, TWP,1927

Box 640: folder 2
"The Festival of Proserpina" by Margaret Lynch Conger, TWP, 1924

Box 640: folder 3
"The Festival of the Harvest Moon, Particularly Appropriate for the Thanksgiving Season" by Sue Ann Wilson, TWP, 1925

Box 640: folder 4
"Finance Behind the Footlights: A Finance Campaign in Five Dramatic Flavors" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1930

Box 640: folder 5
"Folk in Our Neighborhood" written originally for the Industrial Department of the Atlanta, Georgia, Association by Martha Jarrell, TWP program series, n.d.

Box 640: folder 6
"The Forbidden City at Last: A Play of Modern China" by Jean Grigsby Paxton, TWP, 1931

Box 640: folder 7
"The Foreign Association Pageant," 1912

Box 640: folder 8
"Forward Through the Ages: A Processional of Women" pageant presented at the National Convention, 1926

Box 640: folder 9
"Friendly-Kingdom: A Pageant-Play for Girl Reserves" by Tracy Mygatt, 1921

Box 640: folder 10
"A Frieze for the Convention Façade" by Elizabeth Russell Hendee, 1932

Box 640: folder 11
"From Dollars to Doughnuts" a skit for the National Convention, 1961

Box 640: folder 12
"From Morn to Night or A Day at the Y" written and given by the Huntington, West Virginia, YWCA, TWP, 1937

Box 640: folder 13
"From Sea to Shining Sea: A Pageant of Brotherhood for Use in Conferences and Similar Gatherings" by Mary Elizabeth Clark, TWP, 1923

Box 640: folder 14
"The Gate of Montsalvat" by Mary McKittrick, TWP, 1928

Box 640: folder 15
"Girls of Yesterday and Today: Historical Pictures of Association Life," 1915

Box 640: folder 16
"A Girls' World: A Radio Script for Girl Reserve Clubs" by Pauline Gibson, TWP,1939

Box 640: folder 17
"A Gleam in the World's Eye: a One-Act Kit" by Barbara Abel, 1965

Box 640: folder 18
"The Glory of the Task: A Pageant of Woman's Growing Heritage" by Laura Scherer Copenhaver and Eleanor Copenhaver, TWP, 1927

Box 640: folder 19
"Go With Us: A one-act playlet" by Henriette Sharon Aument, 1966

Box 640: folder 20
"The Golden Leaves: An Operetta of Polish Folk Songs and Dances" by A. Lewis Colwell, TWP, 1927

Box 640: folder 21
"The Golden Trail: The Pageant of the 1923 Summer Conferences YWCA" by Jean Grigsby Paxton, TWP, Program Series no. V, 1923

Box 640: folder 22
"The Great Standards Mystery: A Play" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1937

Box 640: folder 23
"The Growth of a Nation" by Florence M. Eldridge, TWP, 1926

Box 640: folder 24
"Gym and Jerry: A Health Skit" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1924

Box 640: folder 25
"The Health City and Other Plays" by Marion Shepard, M.D.. TWP, 1928

Box 640: folder 26
"Here, There, and Everywhere" by Clarette L. Sehon, TWP program series 14, 1926

Box 640: folder 27
"Here We Are! A Play in Six Scenes and Three Prospects" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1930

Box 640: folder 28
"Heritage Tea," 75th anniversary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, YWCA, 1969

Box 640: folder 29
"The Home Valley: A Pageant for the Little Towns in the Open Country" by Faith Van Valkenburgh Vilas, 1921

Box 640: folder 30
"How He Won Her and Four Other Finance Features for Student Association Publicity," TWP program series no. XV, 1924

Box 640: folder 31
"How Not to Get Publicity and How to Alienate Editors," skit for training workshop by Elizabeth McCants Drinnon, 1967

Box 640: folder 32
"In 1864" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1924

Box 640: folder 33
"In Safety: An Incident of the War of American Independence Dramatized in One Act for Pastoral or Indoor Performance" by Margaret Macnamara, TWP, 1924

Box 640: folder 34
"In the Forest of Domremy" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1924

Box 640: folder 35
"An Indian Swimming Pageant" by Eunice Knox, TWP, 1933

Box 640: folder 36
"Intolerance or Bilbo's Tribe" by Mary Hanson, 1947

Box 640: folder 37
"Jack-I'-The-Green: An Outdoor Play for a May Festival" and "The Potentate of Weatherdom: a May Day Play" by Margaret C. Getchell, TWP, [1920]

Box 641: folder 1
"Il Jacobi," TWP 1923

Box 641: folder 2
"The Jongleur's Story: A History and Demonstration of Religious Drama" by Frederica LeF. Bellamy, TWP, 1926

Box 641: folder 3
"Kay's Idea" by Lillie Johnson Epps, TWP, 1937

Box 641: folder 4
"The King of Sherwood" by Ivy Bolton, TWP, 1924

Box 641: folder 5
"The Kingdom: A Presentation of the Easter Story" by Karin Sundelof-Asbrand, TWP, 1929

Box 641: folder 6
"The Kingdom of Isles: A Water Play for Out-of-Door Production" by Ruth Pursell and Margaret Strassler, TWP, 1931

Box 641: folder 7
Lad and Other Story Plays for Children to Read or to Act by Bertha Palmer Lane, TWP, 1926

Box 641: folder 8
"Ladies in Transit" a skit by Barbara Abel and Marion Robinson, 1951

Box 641: folder 9
"The Lady Joanna and Two Other Plays" by Anne Charlotte Darlington, TWP, 1928

Box 641: folder 10
"The Land of Right Side Out: A Children's Festival" by Josephine Thorp, TWP, 1919

Box 641: folder 11
"The Legend of the Laurel" by Evelyn B. Brownell, TWP, 1924

Box 641: folder 12
"The Legend of Old Manhattan: A Harvest Play for Young People" by Georgia Stenger, TWP, 1927

Box 641: folder 13
"The Light of the Women: A ceremonial for the use of colored groups" by Frances Gunner, TWP program series no. 43, 1921

Box 641: folder 14
"Lights Up: A Playlet" by Barbara Abel, TWP, War Service Program Series, 1942

Box 641: folder 15
"Lights Up For Total Defense," Leadership Division, 1942

Box 641: folder 16
"Little Girl, What Now?" a skit prepared by Marilyn Steinbrecher for the Business and Professional Girls' League, 1952

Box 641: folder 17
"The Little Patriot" and "Barbara Frietchie" by Margaret Getchell Parsons, TWP, 1927

Box 641: folder 18
Little Robin Stay-Behind and Other Plays in Verse for Children by Katherine Lee Bates, TWP, 1924

Box 641: folder 19
"The Magic Carpet: A Program on the Near East" by Helen L. Willcox, TWP, 1920

Box 641: folder 20
"The Magic of the Deed: a Pageant for the Girl Reserves" by Hazel MacKaye, 1920

Box 641: folder 21
"Maid in America" by Marguerite Creamer Pearson, reprint from The Womans Press Magazine, Jun 1937

Box 641: folder 22
"Maiden Over the Wall" by Bertram Bloch, TWP, 1919

Box 642: folder 1
"Marenka: An Operetta with Dances, in Three Acts" by Era Betzner, TWP, 1924 and "Music for Marenka," 1924

Box 642: folder 2
"A Masque of the Seventeenth Century" arranged and directed by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1927

Box 642: folder 3
"Me For You: A Musical Comedy with Fashion Review" by Helen Durham, revised 1930 by Ethel Gesner Rockwell, TWP, 1930

Box 642: folder 4
"Meeting at Four: A Skit for Y-Teen Clubs" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1948

Box 642: folder 5
"A Midsummer Day's Frolic: An Outdoor Play for Girls" by Dorothy Powell, TWP, 1923

Box 642: folder 6
"The Ministering of the Gift: Pageant produced for the Fourth Biennial Convention" by Helen Thoburn, 1913

Box 642: folder 7
"The Minute Girls Face the Future" by Barbara Abel, National Board Dinner, May 1948, 1966

Box 642: folder 8
Miscellaneous meditations, etc., 1968-71

Box 642: folder 9
"Miss Unibrain, 1957" by Barbara Abel

Box 642: folder 10
"Moments of Courage: 1866-1966" banquet program by Mrs. Rex S. Clements for the National Conference in the Eastern Region, Apr 1966

Box 642: folder 11
"Mother Earth and her Children" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1931

Box 642: folder 12
"Mother Nature's Carnival: An Operetta in One or Two Acts for May Day or Any Other Time" by Mildred Olive Honors, TWP, 1928

Box 642: folder 13
"Mrs. Tomkins Goes to Market and Other World Fellowship Material" by Katherine H. Barbour, TWP, Program Series, 1936

Box 642: folder 14
"The Mystic Flower: An Operetta in Three Acts" by Era Betzner, TWP, 1928

Box 642: folder 15
"Neighbors-Not-So-Far" two playlets, two pantomimes, and a story, TWP program series no. VII, 1923

Box 642: folder 16
"The New Creation: A Festival," Eleventh National Convention, 1930 and Twelfth National Convention, 1932

Box 642: folder 17
"Night and Morning: An Easter Miracle Play" by Margaret Lynch Conger, TWP, 1924

Box 642: folder 18
"Now Is the Time: A Choric Drama on the Responsibilities of Christian Women in a War-embittered World" by Lucy Schulte, TWP, Program Papers for Today and Tomorrow, 1941

Box 642: folder 19
"The Old Turkish Ring: Three Short Acts and a Prologue" by Cora Clary, TWP, 1931

Box 642: folder 20
"On the Line: A Play in Two Acts" by Muriel Ward, TWP, 1930

Box 642: folder 21
"One Common Faith" by Lucy Schulte, 1950

Box 642: folder 22
"One God" by Lucy Schulte, The Woman's Press, May 1945

Box 642: folder 23
One Night Stand. Five One-Act Plays for Young People by Margaret Parsons, TWP, 1942

Box 642: folder 24
"The Open Highway" by Ethel Reed Jasspon and Beatrice Becker, TWP, 1927

Box 642: folder 25
"Our Heritage" opening meditation for Officers' Training Seminar by Mrs. D.N. Boone, 1969

Box 642: folder 26
"Our YWCA International Garden," West Virginia state Y-Teen Conference, Nov 1966

Box 642: folder 27
"Out of the Dark: a Pageant of the Negro" by Dorothy C. Guinn, TWP, 1924

Box 643: folder 1
"A Pageant of Loyalty" by Dorothy Powell, TWP, 1923

Box 643: folder 2
"A Pageant of the Church" by Eleanor B. Forman and Mabel Eleanor Stone, 1917

Box 643: folder 3
"A Pageant of the Fifteenth Century" by Vida R. Sutton, Kate V. Thompson, and Adele L. Baldwin, TWP, 1924

Box 643: folder 4
"A Pageant of Women in the Sixteenth Century" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1927

Box 643: folder 5
"The Palm Branch: An Easter Pantomime with Reading and Music" by Martha Race, TWP, 1932

Box 643: folder 6
"The Past is Prelude," 1962

Box 643: folder 7
"Pat's Society Circus" revised by Ethel G. Rockwell from the original "Circus" by Helen Durham, TWP, 1930

Box 643: folder 8
"The Payoff Cometh: A Postscript to the National Board Agenda" by Barbara Abel, Dec 1946

Box 643: folder 9
"Personal Experiences: a Two-Act Play" [re the difficulties and discouragements of stenographers who sought employment during the past five years] by Ada Louise Barrett, n.d. [Depression-era]

Box 643: folder 10
"The Peterkin Family" by Mary Frances Day, TWP program series no. X, 1923

Box 643: folder 11
"The Pledge of the Blue Triangle: A Dramatic Ceremony of Song," TWP, 1919

Box 643: folder 12
"Portrait of Lucinda: A One Act Skit" by Barbara Abel, n.d.

Box 643: folder 13
"Precious Flower and the Flies: A Dramatization of the Story in 'The Honorable Crimson Tree' by Anita B. Ferris" by Helen L. Willcox, TWP, 1920

Box 643: folder 14
"The Prodigal Son" and "The Beginning of the Church" by Ava Beatrice Knowles, TWP, 1924

Box 643: folder 15
"The Purple Iris: A Story from Old Japan" told by Antoinette Withington, TWP, 1929

Box 643: folder 16
"Pygmalion and Galatea: A dramatic sketch showing the appeal of the YWCA to every girl as given by the Class of 1914 of the National Training School," TWP program series no. I, n.d.

Box 643: folder 17
"The Rainbow Fountain: A Pool Pageant" and "The Harp of Apollo: A Greek Pastoral Fete" for Physical Education Activities by Delphine Harris Coy, TWP, 1930

Box 643: folder 18
"Rainy Day Plays" by Margaret C. Getchell, TWP, 1920

Box 643: folder 19
"Rameses Dreams: an Egyptian Pantomime" by Marion Norris Gleason with music by Harold Gleason, TWP, 1919

Box 643: folder 20
"The Receiving Line: A Skit on National Support" by Barbara Abel, given at regional conferences, 1951

Box 643: folder 21
Red Letter Day Plays by Margaret Getchell Parsons, TWP, 1924

Box 643: folder 22
"Rehearsal at 7:00" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1935

Box 644: folder 1
"Relationships, Real and Reflected," St. Paul, Minnesota, YWCA Volunteer Leadership Committee, 1959

Box 644: folder 2
"The Rescue and Sea Sand: Two Water Pantomimes" by Lucy South Proudfoot, TWP, 1927

Box 644: folder 3
"The Resurrection of Our Lord: A Protestant Miracle Play of the XVI Century found in the Malone Society Papers, 1912" adapted by May Pashley Harris, TWP, 1923

Box 644: folder 4
"Right About Space!," 1953

Box 644: folder 5
"The Road to Tomorrow: A Pageant-Play" by Josephine Thorp, 1920

Box 644: folder 6
"Roped-In," honoring volunteers-1970 Annual Meeting, York, PA

Box 644: folder 7
"The Scarlet Knight: an Autumn Play" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, 1920

Box 644: folder 8
"Scene in Buenos Aires Association Office," pageant, 1911(?)

Box 644: folder 9
"Scenes and Songs of Home: A Pantomime" by Marion Norris Gleason, TWP, 1919

Box 644: folder 10
"The Search: A Pageant-Drama" by Helen Louise Robinson, TWP, 1936

Box 644: folder 11
"Serving Women Who Fight for Freedom," radio script, [1943]

Box 644: folder 12
"The Shining Goddess: A Health Pageant" by Clara E. Sackett, TWP, 1920

Box 644: folder 13
"The Shoe on the Other Foot" by Barbara Abel, 1932

Box 644: folder 14
"The Shoestring Express" by Barbara Abel, 18th National Convention, 1949

Box 644: folder 15
"Signs of the Times: Presenting Various Phases of Association Activities" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1937

Box 644: folder 16
"The Silent Voice: A pageant-play for spring and summer production out-of-doors, or for indoor use at any time of year" by Olive Jones, TWP, 1924

Box 644: folder 17
Skits Kit,1967

Box 644: folder 18
"The Sleeping Princess: a May Day Masque from Many Lands" by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, TWP, 1929

Box 644: folder 19
"The Snow Queen: A Fairy Play for Children in Two Acts" by Elizabeth B. Grimball, TWP, 1920

Box 644: folder 20
"Songs of the Living: A Community of Faith Through Song" by Lucy Schulte, TWP, 1944

Box 644: folder 21
"Space Skit" by Mrs. Ralph D. Booth for Gala Dinner, National Convention, Mar 1958

Box 644: folder 22
"The Spirit of Cooperation: A Playlet in 3 Acts" by Lydia Johnson and Louise K. Stoll, 1922

Box 644: folder 23
"The Spirit of Labor" by Mary E. Dreier, TWP, Program Series no. 30, ca. 1924

Box 644: folder 24
"The Spirit of Sisterhood" by Helen Santmyer, 1915

Box 644: folder 25
"Spring or The Queen of Youth: A Pageant" by Edith Roeder Jacobs, TWP, 1925

Box 644: folder 26
"Spirit of the Y," High Point, North Carolina, Annual Dinner, 1968

Box 644: folder 27
"Students in Crisis," 1960s?

Box 644: folder 28
"Subcommittee on Brass Tacks" a skit prepared for the opening of All-Convention Discussion Groups, 19th National Convention, May 1952 by Barbara Abel

Box 644: folder 29
"The Tapestry Weavers: Honor Court Play" given originally by the Girl Reserve Department, Detroit, MI, YWCA, TWP program series, 1930

Box 644: folder 30
"Ten Timely Dances" by Helen Durham and Janet Lane, TWP, 1924

Box 644: folder 31
"Ten Years of Hands" by Eva A. Moore, Oakland Branch YWCA, 1970

Box 644: folder 32
"That's Inevitable: A Play in Three Episodes" created by the Drama Interest Group, Southern Industrial Conference, 1929

Box 644: folder 33
"There Ain't No Jestice: A Play of a Cotton Mill Town in Carolina" by W.S. Fewell, TWP, 1930

Box 644: folder 34
"There is a Choice" by Lucy Schulte, School for Professional Workers, 1954

Box 644: folder 35
"There is a Lad Here" by Belle MacDiarmid Ritchey, TWP, 1925

Box 644: folder 36
"These Things Shall Be" by Brooks Spivy, TWP, 1939

Box 645: folder 1
"The Thirteen Colonies: A Patriotic Pageant" by Magdelene Craft Rodke, TWP, 1926

Box 645: folder 2
"This is Remembrance: An Easter Playlet" by Christine P'Simer, TWP [1942]

Box 645: folder 3
"Three Ceremonials" reprinted from The Bookshelf, Sep-Oct 1947

Box 645: folder 4
"Three Household Employment Playlets," TWP, 1941

Box 645: folder 5
"Three Pantomimes" by Era Bentzer, TWP third printing, 1937

Box 645: folder 6
"Through Other Eyes: A World Fellowship Project in Dramatic Form" by Helen D. Beavers, TWP, 1930

Box 645: folder 7
"Through the Blue Triangle: A Pageant" by Josephine Thorp, TWP, 1919

Box 645: folder 8
"Through the Centuries: A Pageant of American Women in Industry," 1920

Box 645: folder 9
"Thursday Off" by Barbara Abel, n.d.

Box 645: folder 10
"The Times Demand: a dramatic poem arranged for chorus and readers by Lucy Schulte, TWP, 1945

Box 645: folder 11
"To Sing With the Stars: A Song of the Peoples of the Earth" by Lucy Schulte, TWP program packet, fall 1949

Box 645: folder 12
"To Work as One" a report in dramatic form of the first World's YWCA Membership Conference, Aug 1950, by Lucy Schulte

Box 645: folder 13
"The Torch Bearers of the Western World" by Elizabeth B. Grimball, 1920

Box 645: folder 14
"The Tree of Life: An Easter Pageant" by Esther Willard Bates, TWP, 1922

Box 645: folder 15
"The Triumph of Spring: a Festival of Old World Songs and Ceremonial Customs" by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, TWP, 1923

Box 645: folder 16
"The Trouble That Is In It" adapted from Eleanor's Enterprise by G. A. Birmingham, TWP, 1919

Box 645: folder 17
"Two Indian Legends" dramatized for children by Frances Densmore, TWP, 1926

Box 645: folder 18
"Two Water Pageants for Swimming Classes in Association, Camp, or School" by Lucy South Proudfoot, TWP, 1924

Box 645: folder 19
"The Two-Way Street or Mr. Brass Tacks in Charge of Facts" by Mabel Alice Tuggle, 1961

Box 645: folder 20
"Two Weeks With Pay: A Midsummer Day-Dream" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1924

Box 645: folder 21
"United We Stand: A Festival of the Nation" by Josephine Thorp, TWP, 1919

Box 645: folder 22
"Venus: A Dance Drama" by Edith Roeder Jacobs, TWP, 1926, 1942

Box 645: folder 23
"The Victory of Light: A Masque" by Helen L. Willcox, TWP, 1926

Box 645: folder 24
"The Vision of the Blue Crusaders: A Pageant" by Sue Ann Wilson, TWP, 1919

Box 645: folder 25
"Voices" by Harriet C. (Mrs. George B.) Ford, given at the Cause and Cure of War Conference, 1931, TWP, 1931, 1937

Box 645: folder 26
"Voices, Women's Voices…" by Emma Christie Smith Stephens for the 125th Birthday Celebration of the YWCA, 1984

Box 645: folder 27
"Void if Detached: A YWCA Membership Skit in One Act" by Barbara Abel, n.d.

Box 645: folder 28
"A Wage Controversy (A Mock Trial" written by the Denver Industrial Group, TWP, 1930

Box 646: folder 1
"The Wayside Piper" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, 1923

Box 646: folder 2
"What a Relief! for finance workers, committees and all those who must appear before the public on behalf of the YWCA yearly budget" by Barbara Abel, TWP, 1935

Box 646: folder 3
"What the Moon Lady Sees: an International Harvest Festival" by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, TWP, 1929

Box 646: folder 4
"Where Do We Go From Here?" by Barbara Abel, The Woman's Press, Apr 1949

Box 646: folder 5
"Which Way Out? A Program for a China Evening" by Florence Wells, TWP, 1919

Box 646: folder 6
"Who Knows Mrs. Powers?" by Barbara Kay Davidson, an American Theatre Wing Community Play written and produced for the YWCA of the USA with specially written discussion leads, 1958

Box 646: folder 7
"Who'll Buy Democracy?" by Barbara Abel, The Womans Press, Jul-Aug 1939

Box 646: folder 8
"Why-Phyllis Wheatley? A Ceremonial Interpretation" by Dorothy C. Guinn, TWP program series no. XVIII, 1924

Box 646: folder 9
"Widening Our Reach: Student-Industrial Play" TWP program series XXII, 1924

Box 646: folder 10
"The Wise and the Foolish Virgins" a dramatization of the parable as found in the 25th chapter of Saint Matthew by Marjorie Lacey-Baker, TWP program series XIX, 1923

Box 646: folder 11
"Within the Four Seas: a presentation of the foreign program of the YWCA" and "A St. John's Eve Celebration" by Jean Grigsby Paxton, TWP Program Series no. 5, 1926

Box 646: folder 12
"The Wohpe Festival: being an all-day celebration, consisting of ceremonials, games, dances and songs, in honor of Wohpe, one of the four Superior Gods of the Dakota pagan religion, and Goddess of nature and Patroness of games, of adornment, and of little children" arranged especially for schools and summer camps by Ella Cara Deloria (Yahn-ka) of the Yankton Band of Dakota Sioux, TWP, 1932

Box 646: folder 13
"The Woman's Press Skit" by Margot Gayle, n.d.

Box 646: folder 14
"Wonderland of the Y's World" by Alison Harrison, TWP, 1939

Box 646: folder 15
"Wooings and Witches: A Shakespearean Medley" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1925

Box 646: folder 16
"A Word to the Y's" a stunt for annual meetings, banquets and membership nights to present the work of the Association by Barbara Abel, TWP program series XI, 1924

Box 646: folder 17
"The World Circle" by Mary L. Carr and "Wide Open Windows" by Emma Knauss and Frances Perry, TWP program series no. XIII, 1924

Box 646: folder 18
"X.B.M. Revue (All Star Cast-offs)" by Mary Booth, 1958

Box 646: folder 19
Yelenka the Wise and Other Folk Tales in Dramatic Form by Anne Charlotte Darlington, TWP, 1926

Box 646: folder 20
"Y-olanthe: A Co-operative Opera" adapted from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Iolanthe" to meet the crying demands of YWCA-YMCA Cooperation. Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan, Words by Barbara Abel, 1929

Box 646: folder 21-22
"The YWCA Budget and Community Chest Hearing," skit used at Regional Conferences, 1948

Box 646: folder 23
"The YWCA Herstory," 1976

Box 646: folder 24
"The YWCA is on the March," Mid-Peninsula YWCA, 1967

Box 646: folder 25
"YWCA Staff Report to the Board," Allentown, PA, skit, 1970

Box 646: folder 26
"YWCA Treasure Chest," TWP program series no. 46, 1927

Box 646: folder 27
Christmas Scripts

"Big Sister's Christmas Dream: A Holiday Play for Girls" by Dorothy Powell, 1919

Box 646: folder 28
"The Brightness of His Rising: A Christmas Miracle Play" by Margaret Lynch Conger, TWP, 1924

Box 646: folder 29
"Bringers of Gifts" by Era Betzner, TWP Program Series no. XX, 1924

Box 646: folder 30
"Christ is Born in Bethlehem: A Play of the Nativity" by Vida R. Sutton, TWP, 1928, 1942

Box 646: folder 31
"A Christmas Book: A Christmas Playlet for Children" by May E. Phipps and Marjorie Van Horn, TWP, 1925

Box 647: folder 1
"Christmas Carols" by Margaret Parsons, TWP, 1929

Box 647: folder 2
"A Christmas Dilemma" Lancaster (PA) Association, TWP, 1920

Box 647: folder 3
"The Christmas Message" adapted by Lucy T. Bartlett from the play in "Red Letter Day Plays" by Margaret Getchell Parsons, TWP 1927

Box 647: folder 4
"A Christmas Miracle Play" by Doris Gundry, TWP, 1931

Box 647: folder 5
"The Christmas of the Little Pines: A Holiday Playlet with Songs" by Emma Mauritz Larson, music by Margaret Hicks, TWP, 1931

Box 647: folder 6
"Christmas Scenes in Other Lands: Pantomimes with Songs and Carols" by Julia Phillips Ruopp, TWP, 1937

Box 647: folder 7
"The Christmas Sheaf" by Emma Mauritz Larson, TWP, 1931

Box 647: folder 8
"The Christmas Story: a Group of Tableaux" by Jane Taylor Miller, 1915, TWP, 1926

Box 647: folder 9
"The Christmas Tree Bluebird" by Mary S. Edgar, TWP, 1920

Box 647: folder 10
"A Christmas Trilogy" by Ellen Dunwoody Nester, TWP, 1938

Box 647: folder 11
"Chug's Challenge" by Emma Mauritz Larson, TWP, 1931

Box 647: folder 12
"The First Nowell: A play for Christmas-tide, in three scenes, which are adapted from the Mediaeval Nativity plays, and with a prologue and epilogue" by Claudine E. Clement, TWP, 1928, 1942

Box 647: folder 13
"Guiding Light: A Nativity Play" by Ivy Bolton, TWP, 1927

Box 647: folder 14
"The Journey of the Three Wise Men" by Anna R. Kennedy, TWP, 1937

Box 647: folder 15
"The Least of These: A Christmas Play" by Ella M. Wilson and Anna W. Field, TWP, 1923, 1928, 1943

Box 647: folder 16
"The Little Princess Who Traveled Far to Worship the King" by Dorothy R. Schenk, 5th printing 1942

Box 647: folder 17
"The Man Who Gave Us Christmas" by Edith Newlin and others, TWP, 1941

Box 647: folder 18
"Marcus: A Story in Pantomime for Christmas" by Edith K. Olson, TWP, 1936

Box 647: folder 19
"The Miser's Mill" by Ednah Proctor Clarke with incidental music by Julia Proctor White, TWP, 1919

Box 647: folder 20
"The Nativity of the Manger: A Christmas Tableaux" by Helen Durham, TWP, 1928

Box 647: folder 21
"The News That Came to Nazareth: A Mystery Play" by Ivy Bolton, TWP 1936

Box 647: folder 22
"The Pearl Merchant: A Christmas Play" by Anna R. Kennedy, TWP, 1941

Box 647: folder 23
"St. Francis of Assisi: A Christmas masque in one act" by Margaret Lynch Conger, TWP, 1924

Box 647: folder 24
"The Spirit of Christmas" by Grace E. Craig, TWP, 1920

Box 647: folder 25
"Such Loving Kindness! A Christmas Story in Three Parts" by Annie B. Kerr, TWP, 1940

Box 647: folder 26
"Then Deck the Halls" by Miriam Rightmire Epps, TWP, 1938

Box 647: folder 27
"This Side of Heaven" by Martha French, n.d.

Box 647: folder 28
"Told in All Tongues: The American Christmas" by Lucy Schulte, TWP, 1941

Box 647: folder 29
"To Whom Christ Came: A Play of the Nativity in Three Scenes" by Mary B. Jones, TWP, 1931

Box 647: folder 30
"Three Christmas Wishes" by Caroline deF. Penniman, TWP 1926

Box 647: folder 31
"A Traditional Christmas: A One-Act Play for High School Girls" by Ruth S. Gibson, TWP, 1942

Box 647: folder 32
"The Transfiguration of the Gifts" by Frances Cavanah, TWP 1923

Box 647: folder 33
"The Waif: A Christmas Morality of the Twentieth Century" by Elizabeth B. Grimball, TWP, n.d.

Box 647: folder 34
"Yuletide in Other Lands: A Christmas Pageant" by Mary W. Hillyer and "The Hanging of the Greens: A Fantasy to Precede the Holiday Season" by Mrs. Arthur Withington, TWP, 1927

Box 647: folder 35
"Yuletide Wakes, Yuletide Breaks: A Holiday Revel of Many Lands" by Dorothy Gladys Spicer, TWP, 1927

Box 647: folder 36
Subseries E. Religion

General and History: the YWCA as a Christian organization

General, 1913-87

Box 648: folder 1-3
"The Relationship between the Theological Position of the Y.W.C.A. and Its Position on Social Issues between 1906 and 1949," Margaret Cuenod, paper, 1949

Box 648: folder 4
"The Social Gospel" by Frances James, paper, 1974

Box 648: folder 5
Catholic Church: reports, histories, printed material, press releases, 1947-68, n.d.

[see also Committee on Protestant-Catholic relations]

Box 648: folder 6
Discussion Guides, 1920s-43

Box 648: folder 7
Commission to Study the YWCA as a Christian Movement

Meeting reports, 1964-65

Box 648: folder 8-9
Guide, 1965-67

Box 648: folder 10
Reports, recommendations, and pamphlets, 1966-67

Box 648: folder 11
Study of the [Christian] "Purpose"

Meeting materials, 1972-75

Box 648: folder 12
Reference materials, 1958-75, n.d.

Box 648: folder 13
Practices Regarding Religion in 52 Community YWCAs in the Eastern Region, Data and Statistics department report, 1957

Box 648: folder 14

Joint Committee on Religious Program of the Department of Method, 1916

Box 649: folder 1
Council/Committee on Religion

General: bulletin, charter, speech, 1942-44

Box 649: folder 2
Minutes, 1929-44

Box 649: folder 3
Religious education: minutes, reports, and bibliography, 1915-20

Box 649: folder 4
Religious work committee: minutes, 1917-20

Box 649: folder 5
Protestant-Catholic Relations: minutes and reports, 1941-43

Box 649: folder 6
New Society and Its Christian Basis: minutes, reports, and conference materials, 1942-43

Box 649: folder 7
Religious Resources Group: clipping and report, 1962-68

Box 649: folder 8
Liberation task force

General: correspondence, minutes, 1971-76

Box 649: folder 9
Bicentennial Conference on Religious Liberty: minutes and correspondence, 1974

Box 649: folder 10
Committee to Study the Purpose

Meeting materials, 1989

Box 649: folder 11
Ballots and discussion guide, 1991

Box 649: folder 12
Leader/Facilitator instructions and guidelines for YWCA Purpose videotape, "The Purpose Study Session," 1990

Box 649: folder 13
Organizations [outside Y]: Committee on War and Religious Outlook, pamphlets, 1919-20

Box 649: folder 14
Reference material

Bibliographies and reviews, 1928, 1989

Box 649: folder 15
Printed material, 1919-80, n.d.

Box 649: folder 16-17
Publications and Resource Materials


The Bible and Human Rights by Kathleen W. MacArthur, 1948; revised edition, 1949

Box 649: folder 18
The Christian Approach to Social Morality by Richard C. Cabot, 1913

Box 650: folder 1
Christian Citizenship for Girls by Helen Thoburn, 1924

Box 650: folder 2
The Christian Faith and My Job report and study guide on the International Study Conference, 1957

Box 650: folder 3
Christian Faith and Social Action by Rose Terlin, 1940

Box 650: folder 4
Christian Fundamentals by Oolooah Burner, 1921

Box 650: folder 5
The Christmas Guest by Annie B. Kerr, 1944

Box 650: folder 6
The Democracy We Defend edited by Elizabeth B. Herring, 1942

Box 650: folder 7
Eternal Life Begins Now by Kathleen W. MacArthur, 1942

Box 650: folder 8
Faith for Reconstruction by Rose Terlin, 1941

Box 650: folder 9
The Faiths of Mankind by Edmund Davison Soper, 1918

Box 650: folder 10
Ferment of Freedom by Letty M. Russell, 1972

Box 650: folder 11
Girlhood and Character by Mary E. Moxcey, 1916

Box 650: folder 12
God by J.E. Boodin, 1930

Box 650: folder 13
The Good Life-A Discipline by Winnifred Wygal, 1941

Box 650: folder 14
Handbook for Ministers' Wives by Welthy Honsinger Fisher, 1950

Box 651: folder 1
How Christian Is the Church? by Dorothy Height and Winnifred Wygal, 1937

Box 651: folder 2
The Human Element in the Making of a Christian: Studies in Personal Evangelism by Bertha Conde, 1917

Box 651: folder 3
"I Believe in God..." by Anna V. Rice, 1934

Box 651: folder 4
Jesus' Way with People by Alexander C. Purdy, 1926

Box 651: folder 5
Jewish Holidays-Do You Know Them? by Elise F. Moller, 1946

Box 651: folder 6
Lady in the Pulpit by Laura Kerr, 1951

Box 651: folder 7
Life Is Commitment, 1955

Box 651: folder 8
Life that Is Life Indeed by Harold Cooke Phillips, 1928

Box 651: folder 9
The Meaning of the Evolutionary Process: The Divine Problem as Seen by a Christian Theist by Edmund B. Chaffee, 1927

Box 652: folder 1
New Frontiers for Faith by Charles W. Gilkey, 1927

Box 652: folder 2
On, to the City of God by Richard Roberts, 1921

Box 652: folder 3
Opportunity for Religion by Harry F. Ward, 1919

Box 652: folder 4
Our Religious Vocabulary by Winnifred Wygal1939

Box 652: folder 5
Pathways to God by Alexander Purdy, 1922

Box 652: folder 6
Patriotism and the Christian Life by Wilfrid A. Rowell, 1918

Box 652: folder 7
The Philosophy of Missions by Rev. G.A. Johnstron Ross, 1908

Box 652: folder 8
Potters and Pipers by Oolooah Burner, 1924

Box 652: folder 9
A Present Day Definition of Christianity by Laura H. Wild, 1920

Box 652: folder 10
Primer for Protestants by James Hastings Nichols, 1947

Box 652: folder 11
Questions and Answers about You by Tirzah Anderson and Winnifred Wygal, 1945

Box 653: folder 1
The Religious Way by Gregory Vlastos, 1934

Box 653: folder 2
Saints and Ladies by Clarissa Spencer, 1925

Box 653: folder 3
So Gracious Is the Time by Annie B. Kerr, 1938

Box 653: folder 4
Songs of Creation by Marion Cuthbert, 1949

Box 653: folder 5
Stop, Think, and Do! by Elizabeth Palmer, Janet Fowler Nelson, and Winnifred Wygal, 1941

Box 653: folder 6
Studies in the Life of Christ in Art by Marie Louise Slack, 1909

Box 653: folder 7
The Superb Adventure by Winnifred Wygal, 1934

Box 653: folder 8
Supply Lines for Morale by Kathleen MacArthur, 1942

Box 653: folder 9
Such Loving Kindness! by Annie B. Kerr, 1940

Box 653: folder 10
Things that Cannot Be Shaken by Charlotte H. Adams, 1918

Box 653: folder 11
Three Studies for Discussion and Reflection: The Nature of Religion by Winnifred Wygal, 1936

Box 653: folder 12
The Ultimate Quest: Discovering God in His World by Katherine Gerwick, 1920

Box 653: folder 13
What's Best Worth Saying, by Rev. Richard Roberts, 1922

Box 653: folder 14
Wings for the Commonplace, volumes I-IV, by Oolooah Burner, 1942

Box 653: folder 15
Youth Asks about Religion by Jack Finegan, 1949

Box 654: folder 1
Youth Searching by B.B.T., 1928

Box 654: folder 2
YWCA religious program

Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1907-17, 1947-62

Box 654: folder 3
The Association as a Religious Movement in the World Today by Anna V. Rice, 1930

Box 654: folder 4
Barrier-Breaking Love: A Plan for Member YWCAs to Study the Mission of the YWCA of the U.S.A., 1983

Box 654: folder 5
Biblical Insights on the YWCA Purpose: A Leader's Guide for Use with Study-Discussion Groups, 1964

Box 654: folder 6
Church and Association Cooperation by Augustus Nash, 1907

Box 654: folder 7
Decision Making by Grace Loucks Elliott, 1958 [2nd ed. 1964]

Box 654: folder 8
Faith for the Job by Kathleen W. MacArthur, 1946

Box 654: folder 9
From Deep Roots: The Story of the YWCA's Religious Dimensions by Frances Helen Mains and Grace Loucks Elliott, 1974

Box 654: folder 10
From Faith to Action in the YWCA by Kathleen W. MacArthur, 1946

Box 654: folder 11
Leadership Papers on Religion, 1957

Box 654: folder 12
Life that Is Life Indeed by Harold Cooke Phillips, 1928

Box 654: folder 13
Our Faith and Ourselves Today by Dr. Rollo May and Dr. John C. Bennett, 1955

Box 654: folder 14
Our Heritage as Christians by Grace Loucks Elliott, 1958

Box 654: folder 15
Principles of Religious Practice in the Community Association Program by Winnifred Wygal, 1938

Box 654: folder 16
The Religion of A Growing Person by Marie Russ, 1939

Box 655: folder 1
Security in Crisis: Business Girls Seek Creative Religion by Alison H. Currie, 1942

Box 655: folder 2
Testing a High School Girl's Belief , 1923

Box 655: folder 3
The Touchstone: Christian Faith and the YWCA by Kathleen W. MacArthur, 1946

Box 655: folder 4
"The YWCA: Our Faith," by Kathleen MacArthur, typescript, 1945

Box 655: folder 5
YWCA Purpose: Lodestar of the Movement by Edith M. Lerrigo, 1974

Box 655: folder 6
Biblical study and exegesis

Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1908-19

Box 655: folder 7
The Bible as a Community Book by Arthur E. Holt, 1920

Box 655: folder 8
Brief Studies for Personal Workers by Elizabeth A. Labaree, 1917

Box 655: folder 9
The Drama of Esther by the class in Religious Pedagogy at the National Training School, 1919

Box 655: folder 10
Early Portraits of Jesus by Katharine L. Richards Rockwell, 1937

Box 655: folder 11
Fundamentals for Daily Living by Robert Seneca Smith, 1921

Box 655: folder 12
The Golden Word: Some Adventures in the Bible by Katharine L. Richards, 1919

Box 655: folder 13
How to Study the Bible by F.C. Eiselen, 1912

Box 655: folder 14
How to Use the Bible by L. Wendell Fifield, 1920

Box 655: folder 15
Jesus among His Friends by Ethel Cutler, 1915

Box 655: folder 16
Jesus' Teachings about Life: An Outline Study by Sara S. Kirk

Box 655: folder 17
Jesus the Man of Galilee by Elvira J. Slack, 1916

Box 655: folder 18
Knowing Jesus as a Friend by Bertha Eckert, 1920

Box 656: folder 1
Lessons in the Gospel of John by Charlotte H. Adams, 1912

Box 656: folder 2
The Man who Gave Us Christmas by Winifred Kirkland, 1940

Box 656: folder 3
The Manhood of the Master by Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1920

Box 656: folder 4
The Message of the Earlier Prophets to Israel by Margaret G. Brooke, 1908-1912 [hand dated]

Box 656: folder 5
The Mind of the Messiah by Charlotte H. Adams, 1914

Box 656: folder 6
Morning Times: Five Meditations on the Book of Ruth for Personal or Group Use, 1976

Box 656: folder 7
My Friendship with Jesus Christ by Maud S. Davis, 1920

Box 656: folder 8
On Openness by Grace Loucks Elliott and Jean Elliott Johnson, 1967

Box 656: folder 9
One People among Many by Ethel Cutler, 1942

Box 656: folder 10
One Prophet and Another by Ethel Cutler, 1941

Box 656: folder 11
Out-of-Doors in the Bible by Ethel Cutler, 1913

Box 657: folder 1
The Parables of Jesus by Elbert Russell, 1912

Box 657: folder 2
Paul the Conqueror by Mary Redington Ely, 1919

Box 657: folder 3
Resources for Bible Study and Prayer for Groups of Different Christian Backgrounds by Grace Loucks Elliott, 1961

Box 657: folder 4
The Servant of the Lord by Adelaide Teague Case, 1940

Box 657: folder 5
Short Meditations on Spiritual Resources by Charlotte H. Adams, 1933

Box 657: folder 6
The Shorter Bible: The New Testament by Charles Foster Kent, 1918

Box 657: folder 7
The Social Message of Jesus by Edward S. Parsons, 1912

Box 657: folder 8
The Social Message of the Book of Revelation by Raymond Calkins, 1920

Box 657: folder 9
Songs of Out of Doors: A Study Course by Adelaide P. Bostick, 1925

Box 657: folder 10
The Story of Jesus as Mark Told It by Sara S. Kirk, 1916

Box 657: folder 11
Studies in Knowing Jesus Christ by Helen Thoburn, 1919

Box 657: folder 12
Studies in the Way of Jesus by Helen Thoburn, 1919

Box 657: folder 13
The Supreme Gospel: A Study of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Hugh Thomson Kerr, 1918

Box 658: folder 1
Take Your Choice by Charles Stafford Brown, 1935

Box 658: folder 2
Ten Commandments in the Twentieth Century by Oolooah Burner, 1920

Box 658: folder 3
They Told about Jesus by Ethel Cutler, 1943

Box 658: folder 4
Towards a New Way of Life, 1920

Box 658: folder 5
The Untried Door by Richard Roberts, 1921

Box 658: folder 6
The Way of Christ by Alexander C. Purdy, 1918

Box 658: folder 7
The Way of Jesus by Almira F. Holmes: 1923, three volumes, The Way of Jesus with His Friends, The Way of Jesus with His Father, and The Way of Jesus with the People Women of Ancient Israel by Charlotte H. Adams, 1912

Box 658: folder 8-9
Women's Liberation in a Biblical Perspective by Letty Mandeville Russell, 1971

Box 658: folder 10
Prayers and hymns

Miscellaneous, 1914-67, n.d.

Box 658: folder 11
A Book of Prayers by Helen Wright Mahon, 1952, 1960

Box 659: folder 1
Fellowship Prayers by Sarah Truslow Dickinson, 1918 and 1921 editions; rev. ed., 1928

Box 659: folder 2
A Little Book of Weeks, 1919

Box 659: folder 3
Match Us to This Hour by Lilace Reid Barnes, 1964

Box 659: folder 4
The Meaning of Prayer by Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1919

Box 659: folder 5
Prayers for a Busy Day by Mary Chapin White, 1938

Box 659: folder 6
Prayers of the Free Spirit edited by Stephen Hole Fritchman, 1945

Box 659: folder 7
Prayers…Timely and Timeless, 1944, 1953

Box 659: folder 8
Watch and Pray by the National Student Council, 1941

Box 659: folder 9
Worship Services

Miscellaneous programs, 1912-86, n.d.

Box 659: folder 10
A Book of Services for Group Worship, 1929

Box 659: folder 11
Certain Spiritual Practices by Anne Seesholtz, 1930

Box 659: folder 12
The Chalice and the Cup by Mary S. Edgar, 1920

Box 659: folder 13
Christmas Preparatory Services by Belle C. Morrill and Laura Huber, 1924

Box 659: folder 14
Come Let Us Worship by Kathleen W. MacArthur, n.d.

Box 659: folder 15
Explorers: A Camp Project by Marion Dudley, 1926

Box 659: folder 16
Four Services for Associations by Abbie Graham, 1927

Box 660: folder 1
How to Make Group Devotions Vital by Oolooah Burner, 1932

Box 660: folder 2
How to Plan Informal Worship by Winnifred Wygal, 1960

Box 660: folder 3
How to Prepare Services of Worship: For Use in Clubs by Helen McCandless, 1940

Box 660: folder 4
In Spirit and in Truth: A Convocation Service for the Young Women's Christian Association by Hazel MacKaye, 1920

Box 660: folder 5
No Man unto Himself: Services of Worship on Interdependence by Rose Terlin, 1942

Box 660: folder 6
One Father of All: A Vesper Service by Pearl Forsyth and Martha Race, 1921

Box 660: folder 7
Planning Services of Worship by Ruth Perkins, 1931

Box 660: folder 8
Reflections of the Spirit by Winnifred Wygal, 1948

Box 660: folder 9
A Service for Grace Dodge Day, 1925

Box 660: folder 10
A Service of Thanksgiving and Rededication, 1948

Box 660: folder 11
Services for Special Needs by Lucy T. Bartlett, 1941

Box 660: folder 12
Seven Psalms by Adelaide Teague Case, 1935

Box 660: folder 13
Suggestions for Worship for Use at Board Meetings by Mrs. Frank C. Atherton, 1938

Box 660: folder 14
These Things Shall Be, Brooks Spivy, 1939

Box 660: folder 15
Three Services for Industrial Groups, 1927

Box 660: folder 16
Three Vesper Services, 1924

Box 660: folder 17
Twelve Services for Use by the Young Women's Christian Association, 1924

Box 660: folder 18
Two World Fellowship Vesper Services, 1921

Box 660: folder 19
We Plan Our Own Worship Services by Winnifred Wygal, 1940

Box 660: folder 20
We Worship Together by Helen Wright Mahon, 1952

Box 660: folder 21
Yet in One Voice We Give Thee Thanks, 1955

Box 660: folder 22

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