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YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 06. Program: Series I. Departmant, Staff, and Committees, 1870-2002
Collection number: 324_rg6_s1

Records in this series document the work of national staff and committees responsible for development of the YWCA's overall program and general program materials. Materials include minutes, reports, publications, correspondence, conference files, studies, and training materials. Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 6. Program.

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The YWCA of the USA retains copyright ownership of the records, but has authorized the Sophia Smith Collection to grant permission to publish reproductions or quotations from the records on its behalf.

Copyright to materials authored by persons other than YWCA staff may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights for permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

Organizational responsibility for development of the National Association program and program materials was especially fluid during the first twenty-five years of the YWCA of the USA. Initially, the Association divided its staff into a Home Department (concerned with work in the U.S.) and a Foreign Department (concerned with U.S. staff working abroad.) By 1909 the Association added a Department of Territorial Work to facilitate establishment of a single cohesive national organization out of the array of local, state, and regional organizations that made up the two predecessor organizations.

Though the National Association incorporated in 1907, the Home Department did not have its first meeting until November of 1909. This meeting brought together representatives of the Department's three committees--City, Student, and Association Extension-"to consider the questions of common importance." One of the first topics of discussion was a change of the Department's name to something that would better describe its responsibility for "developing and perfecting" YWCA methods. The group decided to change the its name to Department of Method at its second meeting in January 1910. Also in 1910 the Department of Territorial Work was re-christened the Department of Field Work and charged with responsibility for communication between the National Association and Community Associations on "standards, policies, finances, and work desired and contemplated." In theory, these two departments had quite separate responsibilities, but in practice, the staff seems to have been extraordinarily aware of the big picture needs of the Association and to have participated wherever and however they were needed. From its earliest staff configurations, the National Association seems to have remained unsure about whether or not it was desirable to divide responsibility for "method" and "services."

The Method Department's duties included making studies "to reveal the needs of young women in different localities and groupings," making "continuous study of the Association as a cooperative instrument of service in any community," and testing the "adaptability of its policies to different localities by a series of experiments conducted by expert secretaries." By 1913 those "expert secretaries" included specialists in city, and small town and country association work; in economics, education, physical education and hygiene, and religion; work in college and universities, Indian schools, secondary schools, church schools, "colored" schools; and work with "colored" women, girls, women in industry, and new immigrants. Method Department staff traveled the country visiting Associations and reporting on their area of expertise, but also on any other aspects of YWCA program they felt warranted comment.

The post-World War I staff reorganization and reduction placed specialist "subject" and "constituent group" staff in the newly-created Education and Research Division. The intent was for staff of the Division to act as a resource "to their colleagues at headquarters," but not to work so much with staff of local Associations. They were to carry out research; maintain the library and other resource files at headquarters (such as files on legislation and a clipping service); develop program materials and training courses on "girls as growing personalities," citizenship, general and vocational education, religious and social education, "constructive" health; and to correlate all material related to the educational work of the Association.

As the National Association's financial challenges continued, and the emphasis on national-level development of program decreased, the size of the program staff and its placement within the administrative structure changed every few years until 1960. It was sometimes part of the office responsible for services to Community Associations, sometimes explicitly part of Training, and sometimes a department of its own. Staff overseeing the National Association's public advocacy (which originally emerged from the Method Department) was often linked with program staff, but almost as often under the supervision of General Administration.

The establishment of the Bureau of Research and Program Resources in 1960 brought staff responsibility for research, program materials development, and public advocacy back together-though on a much-reduced scale. These activities remained linked, though under a succession of different names, through the end of the Twentieth century.

Administrative History
1907-09Home Department
1909-19Method Department
1919-23Research and Method Department
1923-32program staff decentralized in Field Division and Education and Research Division
1932-35Program Dept of the Laboratory Division (incl also Pubs and Lib)
1936-39Program and Research Department of the Laboratory Division
circa 1940-Program staff in Community Division; [called Subject staff 1941, Program Subjects staff 1942, Program staff 1943-44]
1945-circa 1948Program Subject Department
1950staff from former Program Subject Department listed under Training Services
1952above staff listed under Leadership Services in the Membership Resources Department
1955Leadership Services Department
1960Bureau of Research, Studies, and Program Resources
1962-71Bureau of Research and Program Resources
1972-circa75Program Development and Public Policy Unit
circa 1975-c.1984Program Unit
circa 1984-92 Program Services Division
1992-Advocacy and Research Division
1908-circa 1917Secretaries [and Special Workers]: Minutes, 1908-17
1927-? Methods Council [program approval and evaluation]
1933-39Review of Program and Budget
1939-42Program Planning
Nov 1948-Mar 1970Program and Budget Apportionment Committee
Oct 1970-Sep 1971 Program Coordinating/Coordination Core Group [interim group until Organizational Renewal Committee finished work]
Sep 1971-80?Program and Budget
Scope and contents of the collection

Forms part of the YWCA of the U.S.A. Records--Record Group 6. Program.

NOTE: For the most part, the Microfilmed Records and the Original Format Records do not duplicate each other and both should be consulted. This description covers materials in both formats. See the Contents List for a folder-level inventory of the Original Format Records. See the Microfilmed Records Reel Lists for a detailed inventory of the microfilm.

Records in this series include minutes, reports, publications, correspondence, conference files, studies, and training materials recording the work of the staff and committees overseeing development of the YWCA's overall program and general program materials.

As the home department for secretaries working on a variety of subjects and with a variety of groups, the minutes and reports (particularly those pre-1921), as well as the publications (particularly the Program Packets from the 1940s), provide an excellent overview of national program activities and the myriad of techniques used to implement them.

Publications and Resource Materials contain books, pamphlets, "work tools," forms, and kits covering techniques for planning program, for effective organization administration, a variety of political and economic subjects. They also include how-to guides on child care, running residences, space planning, and "world fellowship." The Program Series and Program Packets contain extensive suggestions for programs in all the YWCA's areas of concern. Because they cover so many different subjects, the various Program series and serials give an especially good sense of the scope of the Association's activities.

The series includes records of the Family Commission (1924-29), a group charged by Convention in 1922 to study the "character, place and significance of work in the life of women." The eventual study was expanded to include "work, marriage and divorce, and changing moral standards of today." There are also a couple of small files on other projects.

The bulk of the records date from the years of most intense National involvement in program activities, roughly 1906-39. As is true elsewhere in the records, few items have survived for the period between 1971 and 1988.

Microfilmed Records, 1884-1970 only

[see Microfilmed Records Reel List]

The Minutes and Reports are also available on paper.

  • Minutes and Reports
    • Program and Budget Committee
    • Research and Method Committee [includes Home Department and Method Department]
    • Research and Program Resources
    • Education Staff
    • Education and Research Division
    • Family Committee
    • Laboratory Division Committee
    • Leadership Services Division
    • Membership Resources Committee
    • Methods Council
    • Research and Investigation Committee
  • Subject Files
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Educational Work of the YWCA
    • Family Relations
    • Laboratory Division
    • Leadership Services
    • Membership Resources
    • National Board-Program
    • Research and Program Resources
    • YWCA--Program

Original Format Records, 1909-2000, n.d., 9 linear feet

[see Original Format Records folder list]

With the exception of some of the publications and the scrapbooks in the Miscellaneous section, most of the Original Format Records dated prior to 1971 are also on the microfilm.

The two (disassembled) scrapbooks were presumably compiled as a reference tool on structures and their uses for staff consulting with Community Associations. They contain information about YWCA buildings and buildings of similar organizations.

The original format records are arranged in nine subseries as follows:

  • General and History
  • Minutes
  • Conferences
  • Projects
  • Publications and Resource Materials
  • Reports
  • Studies
  • Training
  • Miscellaneous

Related Materials

All of the other Series in this Record Group contain information about different aspects of YWCA Program.

There is material about reorganization of YWCA work with constituent groups after World War II on the Microfilm under War Work, World War II, YWCA Constituency Groupings (reel 151).

RECORD GROUP 1. GENERAL AND HISTORY, SERIES II. REORGANIZATIONS contains records of the various consultants' reports and studies of the administrative structure and goals that helped to determine the National Association's approach to Program.

Researchers should consult RECORD GROUP 2. PREDECESSOR ORGANIZATIONS AND NATIONAL BOARD for information about program in the predecessor organizations and discussions about program in the National Board and Executive Committee minutes.

RECORD GROUP 4. NATIONAL CONVENTIONS AND CONFERENCES contains records of the development of the National Association's overall program and the related discussions and ultimate endorsement of the program.

Information about Student Program was the responsibility of the Student Department and National Student Council and can be found in RECORD GROUP 7. STUDENT WORK.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection without any additional restrictions.

Access to audiovisual materials may first require production of research copies.

Restrictions on use:

The YWCA of the USA retains copyright ownership of the records, but has authorized the Sophia Smith Collection to grant permission to publish reproductions or quotations from the records on its behalf.

Copyright to materials authored by persons other than YWCA staff may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights for permission to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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To request the microfilm from our library you will need to submit the following information to your library's Interlibrary Loan department:

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  • Notes: "Call # 689" and reel number(s) you want to borrow

Full descriptions and reel lists of the microfilm are available online.

History of the Collection

The YWCA of the U.S.A. donated a portion of its records to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1964 and the remainder in 2002 and 2003.

Processing Information

Processed by Maida Goodwin, Amy Hague, Kara McClurken, Amanda Izzo, 2008 FY 07-08

Record Groups

Additional Information
Contact Information
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4 Tyler Drive
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: (413) 585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886

Processing of the YWCA Records was made possible by the generous support of the National Historical Records and Publications Commission and the estate of Elizabeth Norris.
Contents List


This is the Contents List for the Original Format Records only. The reel lists for the Microfilmed Records are in a separate file. See Scope and Content note for more description.

General and History

Miscellaneous, 1929-2000, n.d.

Box 340: folder 1
Child Care

General and History, 1948-90

Box 340: folder 2
"Women and Children First: A Century of YWCA Services to Young Children," 1984

Box 340: folder 3
Home/Method/Research and Method Department: Policies and Program of the Department, 1909-15

Box 340: folder 4
Education and Research Division

General, 1922-30

Box 340: folder 5
International relations, 1928-29, n.d.

Box 340: folder 6
Laboratory Division

General, 1931-39

Box 340: folder 7
Suggested Program of the Work of the National Board, Nov 1931-Dec 1932

Box 340: folder 8
Proposed Program for the Biennium, 1934-36

Box 340: folder 9
Proposed Program for the National Board, 1941-42

Box 340: folder 10
Program Subject Department, 1946-47

Box 340: folder 11
Decentralized Program, 1956-61

Box 340: folder 12
Research and Program Resources, 1962-68, n.d.

Box 340: folder 13
Program Unit

General, 1979-84

Box 340: folder 14
Chronological Correspondence, Mar-Dec 1983

Box 340: folder 15-21
Resource Center on Women


Box 340: folder 22
1974-75, n.d.

Box 341: folder 1-2
Program Services Division

General, circa 1984-89

Box 341: folder 3
Chronological Correspondence, Jan 1984

Box 341: folder 4
Core Program concept, 1988-95, n.d.

Box 341: folder 5-6


Home/Method/Research and Method Department, 1909-10, 1912-21

Box 341: folder 7-14
Education and Research Division, 1921-24, 1930-31

Box 341: folder 15-19
Laboratory Division


Box 342: folder 1-2
Laboratory Division Staff meetings, 1931-36, 1938-39

Box 342: folder 3-4
Bureau of Research and Program Resources, 1963-70

Box 342: folder 5

Ad-hoc Working Group on Strengthening the Family, 1955-57

Box 342: folder 6
Counseling and Family Life Education, 1945-47

Box 342: folder 7
Economic Sub-Committee/Committee, 1914-19

Box 342: folder 8
Education Sub-Committee/Educational Staff, 1913-19

Box 342: folder 9
Family Relationships: minutes and reports, 1937-39

Box 342: folder 10
Homophobia Working Group, 1985

Box 342: folder 11
Methods Council, 1927

Box 342: folder 12
Program and Budget, Committee on Review of , 1933-39

Box 342: folder 13
Program Planning Committee, 1939-42

Box 342: folder 14
Program and Budget Apportionment Committee

Nov 1948-1952

Box 342: folder 15-19
1953-Mar 1963

Box 343: folder 1-11
May 1963-1967

Box 344: folder 1-11
1968-Mar 1970

Box 345: folder 1-4
Program Coordination Core Group, Oct 1970-Sep 1971

Box 345: folder 5
Program and Budget Committee

Sep 1971-1979

Box 345: folder 6-12

Box 346: folder 1
Program Development Committee, 1983-86

Box 346: folder 2
Research and Method Department Executive Committee, 1917-21

Box 346: folder 3-5
Research Workers/ Research Bureau/Research Group, 1919-21

Box 346: folder 6-7
Research and Education Workers/Research and Education Group, 1919-20

Box 346: folder 8-9

Women in the 1960s-Their Job World, a consultation sponsored by the National Board and the National Manpower Council, 1960

Box 346: folder 10
National Conference for YWCA Program Staff, Nov-Dec 1960

Box 346: folder 11
National Institute on Program, 1963

Box 346: folder 12
National Staff Planning Conference, May 1973

Box 346: folder 13
National Board and Staff Planning Conference, May 1974

Box 346: folder 14
Opportunity, Equity and Change: National Conference for YWCA Program Staff, Nov 1979

Box 346: folder 15
National Consultation for Programs on Domestic Violence, Dec 1980


Box 346: folder 16

Box 346: folder 17

Box 346: folder 18
National Conference for YWCA Program Staff, 1983-84

Box 346: folder 19
Consultation on Homeless Women and Children, Feb 1988

Box 347: folder 1

Miscellaneous, 1963-74

Box 347: folder 2
Family Commission

General and bibliography, 1924-25, n.d.

Box 347: folder 3
Summary of Work, 1926

Box 347: folder 4
Minutes and reports


Box 347: folder 5-8
Notes by Elizabeth Hendee, n.d.

Box 347: folder 9
"The Family in the Life of Today: Handbook for Leaders of Discussion Groups," circa 1926

Box 347: folder 10
"Is the Family Essential to Christian Civilization?" Series IV, No. 9, 1926

Box 347: folder 11
Preliminary Outline No. 2 To Discover What Women and Young Women are Thinking Today on Questions of Family Life, 1925

Box 347: folder 12
Study questionnaire: Effect of Paid Work on Married Women and Their Families, 1929

Box 347: folder 13
Women's Research Project (proposed), 1982-87

Box 347: folder 14
Publications and Resource Materials

Abortion Laws: A Study Guide, Nov 1966

Box 347: folder 15
Applying Educational Principles to the YWCA, 1930

Box 347: folder 16
Child care, miscellaneous, 1950-72

Box 347: folder 17
Clerical work, miscellaneous, 1928-29

Box 347: folder 18
Consumer Problems and Projects, 1942

Box 347: folder 19
Educational program in the YWCA, 1916, 1918

Box 347: folder 20
Evaluating the Association Program, 1933

Box 347: folder 21
Fresh Perspectives on Program Planning: A Work Tool for Testing by Community Division Staff Members, Sep 1960

Box 347: folder 22
Fresh Perspectives on Program Planning: Guide for Studying the Role of a YWCA in its Local Community, 1963

Box 348: folder 1
The Growth of Interest in International Relations in the YWCA, 1928

Box 348: folder 2
A Guide to Program in the YWCA, 1963

Box 348: folder 3
Guides for Planning Decentralized Units of Program in the YWCA, 1953 and Supplement, 1958

Box 348: folder 4
Handbook of the Association Cafeteria, Blanche Geary, 1917

Box 348: folder 5
Help the Illiterate Home Woman: A Guide to Developing Literacy Groups in a YWCA, 1967

Box 348: folder 6
"How to be Effective in Politics: 'A Do-it-Yourself' Guide to Good Citizenship," 1963

Box 348: folder 6a
In Summer, 1935

Box 348: folder 7
International Catch-All: Suggestions for the study and practice of world citizenship, 1931

Box 348: folder 8
International Threads Weaving Through YWCA Experience, 1929

Box 348: folder 9
The Job of the Program Director by Dorothy I. Height, 1951

Box 348: folder 10
Neighbors and Neighborhoods: A Housing Handbook, 1965

Box 348: folder 11
"Open Letter No. II: "Is Charm Possible for You?," Dec 1926

Box 348: folder 12
PACT: Peer Education in Sexuality and Health. YWCA of the USA Program Manual Series, 1989

Box 348: folder 13
Patriotism-What is it?: Suggestions for Discussions and Projects, Assembly Programs for Washington's or Lincoln's Birthday or Other Patriotic Occasions by Margaret Hiller and A Vesper Service "The American Dream" by Abbie Graham, 1938, 1942

Box 348: folder 14
Peaks of History: A Study and Discussion Course by Katherine Gerwick, 1922

Box 348: folder 15
Potters and Pipers by Oolooah Burner, 1924

Box 348: folder 16
A Primer of Economics by Elsie D. Harper, 1935

Box 348: folder 17
Program and Administration-Tentative Work Tool, Community Division, Feb 1949

Box 348: folder 18
Program Guide for Community Units of District and County YWCAs by Elizabeth Herring et al, 1948

Box 348: folder 19
Program Making and Record Keeping, 1931

Box 348: folder 20
Program Planning in the YWCA, 1956, 1959

Box 349: folder 1
Program Planning in the YWCA, number 8 in the series on Administration in the YWCA, "The Basic Documents of a Community YWCA," 1975

Box 349: folder 2
Program Planning Studies: A Handbook…, 1940

Box 349: folder 3
Program Resource Organizer's Kits, 2000

Box 349: folder 4
Program Suggestions for Members' Meetings, 1954

Box 349: folder 5
Programs One Way or Another: A Consideration of Techniques, 1939

Box 349: folder 6
Residences, 1939-40

Box 349: folder 7
The Social Aspects of Our Clothes: A Study and Discussion Course in 8 Lessons by Katherine Gerwick, 1923, 1925

Box 349: folder 8
Space Planning for a YWCA Building, Lab Division, 1932

Box 349: folder 9
Suggested Budget Form for YWCAs in Small Cities and Towns and for Association Branches, Lab Division, 1933

Box 349: folder 10
What's New for Women and Girls Today, reprinted from the YWCA Magazine, 1966

Box 349: folder 11
World Fellowship Suggestions for Town Associations, 1922

Box 349: folder 12

House and Home Series: An Outline Course for Use with Clubs, 1919-20

Box 349: folder 13
Program Series, 1920s

Box 349: folder 14
The Workshop Series, 1926-27

Box 349: folder 15
Discussion Outline for Study of Work with Younger Girls, Series I, Nos. 1-6, [1930s]

Box 349: folder 16
Program Book Series, 1932-33

Box 350: folder 1
Program Series


Box 350: folder 2-6
Program Papers for Today and Tomorrow, 1941

Box 350: folder 7
Program Packets

Nov 1944-Mar 1945, Sections 1-4

Box 350: folder 8-10
Sections 5-10, Mar 1945- Spring 1946

Box 351: folder 1-8
Summer 1946-Summer 1947

Box 352: folder 1-10
Fall 1947-Winter 1950

Box 353: folder 1-10
Memo to Staff/Program Memo to Staff/Program Memo


Box 353: folder 11

Box 354: folder 1-3
Program Priorities,1964-67: binder, 1965

Box 354: folder 4-6
Contemporary Programming Series Kit No. 2, "Money Talk" The Wise Consumer Kit, Consumer Protection, circa 1969

Box 354: folder 7
Contemporary Programming No. 4, Apr 1969

Box 354: folder 8
Child Care Network News and Action Alert, 1988-89

Box 354: folder 9
Program Services newsletter, Jun 1987-Apr 1988

Box 354: folder 10
Program Services Bulletin, Apr 1988- Jan(?) 1992

Box 354: folder 11-13

Home/Method/Research and Method Department 1908-23

Department, Chair, and Executive Secretary, 1907-14, 1919-20

Box 354: folder 14-16
Committee annual

Association Extension/Town Committee, 1909-12

Box 354: folder 17
City Committee, 1911-12

Box 354: folder 18
Student Committee, 1910-11

Box 354: folder 19
Convention reports, 1911, 1920

Box 355: folder 1
Architect reports (Julia Morgan, William F. Thompson), 1918-19

Box 355: folder 2
Miscellaneous, 1918-20, n.d.

Box 355: folder 3
Secretary annual, biennial, and periodic

Margaret Alton, 1920

Box 355: folder 4
Elizabeth Anselm, 1918-19

Box 355: folder 5
Vera Barger, 1919

Box 355: folder 6
Helen F. Barnes, 1908

Box 355: folder 7
Alida J. Bigelow, 1920

Box 355: folder 8
Crystal Bird, 1918-19

Box 355: folder 9
Leslie Blanchard, 1913-20

Box 355: folder 10
Marion Griswold Boalt, 1919-20 (employment)

Box 355: folder 11
Elizabeth Boies, 1911-16

Box 355: folder 12
Dorothy Dulles [Bourne], 1917-19

Box 355: folder 13
Eva D. Bowles, 1913-21

Box 355: folder 14
Edith Terry Bremer, 1913-17

Box 355: folder 15
Rachel Brooks, 1917-20

Box 355: folder 16
Anna L. Brown, 1911-20

Box 355: folder 17
Etha Louise Buchanan, 1918-20

Box 355: folder 18
Alice Standish Buell, 1920

Box 355: folder 19
Oolooah Burner, 1911-21

Box 355: folder 20
Margaret Burton, 1913-18

Box 355: folder 21
Eliza R. Butler, 1913-17

Box 355: folder 22
Mary L. Cady, 1918-20

Box 355: folder 23
Anna M. Clark, 1920

Box 355: folder 24
Jessie Clark, 1921 (employment)

Box 355: folder 25
Bertha Conde, 1913-18

Box 355: folder 26
Ethel Cutler, 1912-21

Box 355: folder 27
Edith M. Dabb, 1913-20

Box 355: folder 28
Maud S. Davis, 1920-21

Box 355: folder 29
Lorna Dietz, 1918-20

Box 355: folder 30
Marcia O. Dunham, 1911-14

Box 355: folder 31
Mabel T. Everett, 1913-15

Box 355: folder 32
Lena M. Farrar, 1919

Box 355: folder 33
Jessie Field, 1913-16

Box 355: folder 34
Blanche Geary, 1910-20

Box 355: folder 35
Katy Boyd George, 1920

Box 355: folder 36
Katherine Gerwick, 1919-21

Box 355: folder 37
Gertrude Gogin, 1917-21

Box 355: folder 38
Gertrude Griffith, 1911-16

Box 355: folder 39
Maud L. Harrison, 1920

Box 356: folder 1
Mabel Head, 1919-21

Box 356: folder 2
Almira F. Holmes, 1921

Box 356: folder 3
Louise Holmquist, 1909-19

Box 356: folder 4-5
Marion E. Hopkins, 1917-19

Box 356: folder 6
Addie W. Hunton, 1913-14

Box 356: folder 7
Reba J. Hurn, 1919

Box 356: folder 8
Imogene Ireland, 1920

Box 356: folder 9
Mary E. Jackson, 1918-20

Box 356: folder 10
Elizabeth Jenkins, 1920

Box 356: folder 11
Eleanor Larrabee Lattimore, 1919-22

Box 356: folder 12
Catharine D. Lealtad, 1918

Box 356: folder 13
Clare Lewis, 1920-21 (employment)

Box 356: folder 14
Kate Logan, 1917-18

Box 356: folder 15
Hazel MacKaye, 1918-20

Box 356: folder 16
Louise McMaster, 1919-22

Box 356: folder 17
Gertrude F. Murrell, 1920

Box 356: folder 18
Mary Musson, 1917-18

Box 356: folder 19
Amanda C. Nelson, 1920

Box 356: folder 20
Helen J. Owen, 1918-19

Box 356: folder 21
Ruth Lee Pearson, 1920

Box 356: folder 22
Lena M. Phillips, 1918-19

Box 356: folder 23
Emma Phinney, 1918-21

Box 356: folder 24
Josephine Pinyon, 1911-15

Box 356: folder 25
Margaret Swain Pratt, 1920

Box 356: folder 26
Margaret Proctor, 1917-22

Box 356: folder 27
Anna V. Rice, 1913-21

Box 356: folder 28
Clarinda Richards, 1918

Box 356: folder 29
Mary E. Rust, 1920-21

Box 356: folder 30
Anna Seaburg, 1911-20

Box 356: folder 31
Anna G. Seesholtz, 1918

Box 356: folder 32
Agnes Sharp, 1920

Box 356: folder 33
Florence Simms, 1908-20

Box 356: folder 34
Mary Sims, 1913-20

Box 356: folder 35
Lucy R. Somerville, 1920

Box 356: folder 36
Marie Lutters [Stanton], 1920

Box 356: folder 37
E. Beatrice Stearns, 1920

Box 356: folder 38
Mrs. M. C. Stevens, 1920

Box 356: folder 39
Mabel Eleanor Stone, 1918-21

Box 356: folder 40
Mary S. Stuart, 1918

Box 356: folder 41
Helen L. Thomas, 1911-17

Box 356: folder 42
Helen Peters Wallace, 1915-18

Box 357: folder 1
Margaret Williamson, 1917-18

Box 357: folder 2
Grace E. Willis, 1919

Box 357: folder 3
Marie Wilson, 1913

Box 357: folder 4
Sue Ann Wilson, 1920-21

Box 357: folder 5
Margaret Wells Wood, 1920

Box 357: folder 6
Bertha J. Woodward, 1920

Box 357: folder 7
Education and Research Division1923-32

Biennial, 1928-31

Box 357: folder 8
Oolooah Burner, 1922-23

Box 357: folder 9
Margaret E. Burton, 1922-24

Box 357: folder 10
Bertha Conde, 1923-24

Box 357: folder 11
Maud S. Davis, 1922

Box 357: folder 12
Grace A. Day, 1924

Box 357: folder 13
Katharine Gerwick, 1922

Box 357: folder 14
Almira F. Holmes, 1922-23

Box 357: folder 15
Anna V. Rice, 1922

Box 357: folder 16
Mabel Eleanor Stone, 1922

Box 357: folder 17
Program Staff [post-1932]

Program-Planning Studies

Summary Report, 1931-33

Box 357: folder 18
Report, Jan-Jun 1939

Box 357: folder 19
Work Tool for Immediate Use, 1940

Box 357: folder 20
"Program to Meet Changing Needs," 1945-46

Box 357: folder 21
Report of the Committee on Program and Budget Apportionment to the National Board, 31 Jan 1950

Box 357: folder 22
"Program in the YWCA: Findings from 150 Self-Studies of Local YWCAs," Program Study Committee, May 1951

Box 357: folder 23
YWCA Involvement in Program under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Box 357: folder 24
Special Report on the International Consultation on Sexism in the 1970s, World Council of Churches, West Berlin, Jun 1974

Box 357: folder 25

A Study of the Organization and Activities of the YWCA, circa 1919

Box 357: folder 26
The Study of a Plan for a College Dormitory or Residence, 1931

Box 357: folder 27
Study of Work with Younger Girls in the YWCA, 1932-34: report

[see also Series IV. Subseries D. Teenage Program]

Box 357: folder 28
Rural Life and the YWCA, 1934

Box 357: folder 29
Study of the Standards of Work of Association Employees Other Than Professionals, 1935-36, by Elsie D. Harper

Box 357: folder 30
The General Secretary of a Community Y.W.C.A., A Job Analysis by Margaretta Brereton, 1939-40

Box 358: folder 1
Study of Contemporary Housing Needs of Young Women Living in YWCA Residences, 1969: questionnaire only

Box 358: folder 2
Housing Questionnaire, 1971

Box 358: folder 3
YWCA Programs Serving Battered Women and Their Children: questionnaire, 1980

Box 358: folder 4
An Analysis of Child Care Programs in the YWCA, 1982-85

Box 358: folder 5

"A Program Workshop: Suggested Guide for Leaders," n.d. (1950s)

Box 358: folder 6
Workshop on Program, Nov 1953

Box 358: folder 7
Seminar for Experienced YWCA Staff, Aug-Sep 1954

Box 358: folder 8
Workshop on Program Development, Mar 1959

Box 358: folder 9

Buildings scrapbooks [disassembled]

YWCA buildings


Box 358: folder 10-15

Box 359: folder 1-5
Non-YWCA buildings, A-Z

Box 359: folder 6-14

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