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Diana Davies papers, 1960s-1996 (ongoing)
57 boxes (17 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 309

Musician; Photographer; Artist; Theater worker. Papers consist primarily of Davies' photographs of individuals and groups, musicians, artists, political activists in the civil rights, peace, anti-poverty, and feminist events (marches, demonstrations, conferences, etc.); celebrities, musicians, politicians, and street people. Included is material related to her publication Photojourney: Photographs; fliers, broadsides; memorabilia; and artwork.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

This collection has not been fully processed and therefore may be difficult to use.

Restrictions on use:

All rights are owned by Diana Davies and the Sophia Smith Collection. Permission is required for publication beyond "fair use." All reproduction and publication of photographs must credit Diana Davies and the Sophia Smith Collection. Davies stipulates that the SSC must receive a copy of any publications featuring her work.

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

Musician, theatre worker, and photographer Diana Davies became a photojournalist in the 1960s. One of the principal documentarians of the second-wave women's movement the U.S., she also photographed in Africa, Central America, the Middle East, and Europe. She documented the civil rights and peace movements, poor people's and welfare rights movements, and farmworkers' struggles. Throughout her career, Davies has photographed various creators and performers of cultural expression, including musicians, writers, craftspersons, dancers, circus and theatre people, potters, and artists. Her photographs of individuals run the gamut, from obscure street people to well-known public figures. Davies' work has been published in books, journals, newspapers, and magazines, and is included in collections at the New York Public Library, the Smithsonian Institution, Howard University, and the Swarthmore Peace Collection. Her book Photojourney : photographs was published in 1989.

In the 1990s, Davies abandoned her career in photography (except for photographs of friends) in order to work as a graphic artist, painter and illustrator, with an emphasis on the subject of social change. Davies writes plays with social justice themes, having throughout her life participated in and supported all aspects of "people's theatre." As a committed peace and social justice activist she also works with organizations promoting social change, and helps feed and clothe the needy in her community.

Scope and contents of the collection

The Diana Davies Papers consist primarily of her photographs of individuals and groups, musicians, artists, political activists in the civil rights, peace and feminist movements; celebrities and politicians; women's events (marches, demonstrations, conferences, etc.); and images of a variety of people and events from Broadway actors to New York City street people. As a photojournalist at the height of the Women's Liberation movement, Davies documented many of the important players and events in the movement in New York City in the 1960s and 1970s. The photographs are also a rich source of images of women musicians and "Women's Music." Also included is material related to her publication Photojourney: photographs (1989); exhibit materials; fliers, broadsides, and other printed matter; memorabilia; an audio recording of "Twelve O'Clock Girl in a Nine O'Clock Town," by Davies; and an oral history.

Oversized prints are filed in a separate box at the end of the series. Acid-free photocopies of the oversize photographs are filed in the applicable folder in boxes 1 and 2. In cases where contact sheets contain photographs of more than one subject, acid-free photocopies of the contact sheet are filed in all applicable folders.

Negatives include negatives of the prints above, as well as some negatives for which the SSC does not own prints. Negatives are filed in numerical order. In cases where the Sophia Smith Collection owns the negative for a photograph, the corresponding negative number is written on the reverse side of the print.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized as follows:

  • Biographical material
  • Published Material
  • Sistervision exhibit, March 2000
  • "Diana's Place"
  • Women's Movement - Women's Lives
  • PhotoJourney
  • Poverty-Poor Folk
  • Northampton State Hospital Squat (1996) and Squatters-Housing Rights movement
  • Welfare Rights and Economic Human Rights Struggle
  • "Poor People's Campaign" (a.k.a. Poor People's March), 1968
  • Civil Rights Movement, 1960s (and African-American History)
  • People's Struggles: The State of Society and the World
  • Common Stock - a worker's collective
  • Labor History
  • Prison Issues and Prisoner's Rights
  • Theatre and Public Art
  • Dance
  • Street Artists, Musicians, Buskers and Craftspeople
  • Women and Music: The Soundwomen
  • Women's Music
  • Artists, Craftspeople, Architects, Sculptors, Photographers, Video people, Filmmakers, Actors (film)
  • Writers
  • The Railroads, Hoboes and Subways
  • Western Mass. Women; Western Mass Community Groups
  • Women's Zines and Publications
  • Street Kids Project, Maine
  • Mexico, Cuba, Portugal, Spain (and related U.S. scenes)
  • Israel - Palestine (and related material from New York City)
  • Animals - Creatures (and more best friends)
  • Nature and Farms and Coastal Maine (1960s-90s)
  • The Miscellany Box
  • Artwork and Design
  • Videotapes
  • Additional Material
  • Oversize prints
  • Oversize published material and posters
  • Oversize and odd objects: Found and created goods
  • Negatives

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

This collection has not been fully processed and therefore may be difficult to use.

Restrictions on use:

All rights are owned by Diana Davies and the Sophia Smith Collection. Permission is required for publication beyond "fair use." All reproduction and publication of photographs must credit Diana Davies and the Sophia Smith Collection. Davies stipulates that the SSC must receive a copy of any publications featuring her work.

Preferred Citation

Please credit images as follows: "Copyright Diana Davies," and cite the collection as: "Diana Davies Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass."

History of the Collection

Diana Davies began donating her papers to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1997.


Periodic additions to collection are expected and may not be reflected in this record.

Processing Information

This collection was arranged and listed by Diana Davies in 2000.

Additional Information
Contact Information
Smith College Special Collections
Young Library
4 Tyler Drive
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: (413) 585-2970
Fax: (413) 585-2886


Contents List
Biographical materials

Oral history: transcript and CD,

Box 1
Published Material

[See also Oversized materials]

Press passes, biog. stuff, flyers, some show info

Box 1: folder 1
Exhibit : show material

Box 1: folder 2
Copy of book Photojourney

Box 1: folder 3
Press releases, flyers, and reviews of Photojourney

Box 1: folder 4
Sound recordings (music) by Diana Davies

Box 1: folder 5
Copies of work done for Broadside magazine, early

Box 1: folder 6
Newspaper articles on street kids art show. coastal Maine, Diana Davies curator,

Box 2: folder 1
Letters relating to photo work

Box 2: folder 2-3
Photos of Diana Davies by various people; drawings and photos by Kady (of D.D.), some biog. material

Box 2: folder 4
Work done for Women's Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, NY,photos,

Box 2: folder 5
Work done for Women's Rights National Historical Park and some of their info flyers

Box 2: folder 6
"Tear Sheets": work done for various publications and organizations - published and printed material

[Note: "Tear Sheets" are newspaper, book, magazine, journal, and poster copies and clippings of published work]

Box 2: folder 7-12
"Tear Sheets" - on the Middle East - Israel/Palestine

Box 2: folder 13
Writing: play script; The War Machine. Produced for theater. Flyers, miscellaneous material,

Box 2: folder 14
Writings: Work zine. "Street Arts Manifesto," "Community Center," by DJD

Box 2: folder 15
"Sistervision" exhibit, Sophia Smith Collection, March - June

Photos of the exhibit (SSC has negatives)

[see also binders in SSC Reading Room]

Box 3: folder 1
Flyers, designs, publicity, production material, memos

Box 3: folder 2
Newspaper articles, press coverage, calendar listings

Box 3: folder 3
Guest book

Box 3: folder 4
Photos of working on material at SSC for exhibit

Box 3: folder 5
Typed caption sheets

Box 3: folder 6
Duplicate copy: caption sheets for photo show

Box 3: folder 7
Large caption sheets. Titles for show

Box 3: folder 8
Bibliography/computer print out for books by women in Sistervision - "Read"

Box 3: folder 9
"Diana's Place": Matilda Joslin Gage Historical Society-- meeting place, Women's Creative Space, gallery, library, café, used goods and books shop, Northampton, MA,

Interior views and storefront "Diana's Place" photos, flyers, info (includes Diana, Kady, Pat Styer)

Box 4: folder 1
The Alley Cats that hung out at the space

Box 4: folder 2
Laura Kaye's art show at the space and flyers for this

Box 4: folder 3
Photos and info and designs and letterheads, letters. Signs from Diana's Place (includes Pat Styer and Jay Goldspinner - storyteller)

Box 4: folder 4
Women's Movement - Women's Lives

Women's signs, banners, stickers, graffiti, and designs

Women's graffiti "Siembren Flores" NYC,

Box 5: folder 1
"She is sad" "She is silly" sidewalk chalk graffiti, Northampton, MA,

Box 5: folder 2
"The Outlaw Witches," etc., Women's graffiti, Portland, ME,

Box 5: folder 3
Chalk graffiti, Smith College- "Good Morning," etc.,

Box 5: folder 4
"She lives in a world of her own" and "Lesbians unite," etc., miscellaneous women's graffiti- slides and prints

Box 5: folder 5
"A women was raped here. Fight back." sidewalk stencil. Cambridge, MA,

Box 5: folder 6
Labyris, Northampton, MA

Box 5
"We were the first. We will be the last" and Labrys - graffiti, Northampton, MA,

Box 5: folder 7
"Women" sign - at a demo, NYC. Woman holding sign between profiles of others' faces,

Box 5: folder 8
"Together we are sisters," banner, Seelye, Smith College,

Box 5: folder 9
Designs and drawings - Women's movement - by Diana Davies

Box 5: folder 10
"Unite It's ours" and "Sisterhood is powerful" graffiti - stencils,

Box 5: folder 11
"Tip over Patriarchy" - Kady's car, bumpersticker, and cat. Northampton,

Box 5: folder 12
"All Women are Beautiful" Beauty contest action, NY state (includes Kady, Barbara Deming, Yvonne Matthews Klein),

Box 5: folder 13
"Christina the VW Bus,"

Box 5: folder 14
Women's stickers graffiti, NY state (includes Kady, Dorothy Allison, Morgan Gwenwald, others)

Box 5
"Christina the V.W. Bus" - close up print of women's words, NY state,

Box 5: folder 15
"Conspicuous Woman" graffiti. Portland, ME,

Box 5: folder 16
Angry words in public places: women's sticker art - protests - "This insults women" NY,

Box 5: folder 17
"Beware - Traditional Roles at Work" Northampton, MA,

Box 5: folder 17
Transcripts of women's restroom graffiti - truck stops, diners, bars, etc. Various dates

Box 5: folder 18
Women's Groups

Women of the sticks (group), South Jersey,

Box 5: folder 19
Boston-Cambridge area (Mass.) women activists

Box 5: folder 20
Western mass groups-feminist activists

The Feminist University (includes Sonia Johnson, Elizabeth Lambert), mid- early 1990s

Box 5: folder 21
The Feminist U, The Real Reel, The Who-Ha's, (includes Kady, Pat Styer, Laura Pattison, and others),s

Box 5: folder 22
The Feminist U., The Who-Ha's: Kady, Marian Wagner, Pat Styer, and others., mid

Box 5: folder 23

Kady and women from the Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice, NY State,

Box 5: folder 24
Kady on steps at Pulaski Park with Pat Styer on grass at Smith College,

Box 5: folder 25
Kady and Pat Styer and Eileen Pagan, Western Mass,

Box 5: folder 26
Kady, book cover photo. Wash. Square Park, NYC,

Box 5: folder 27
Kady book cover photo at "Hold Hands" demo, NY and NJ- with Women's Symbol banner,

Box 5: folder 28
Pat Styer, Western Mass,

Box 5: folder 29
Pat Styer - Community and dialogue organizer, Western Mass,

Box 5: folder 31
Sonia Johnson Campaign (Feminist U women),

Feminist U. on the road and lake Champlain ferry (includes Kady, Pat Styer, Marian Wagner, Camille Norton, etc.)

Box 5: folder 32
Meetings in Western Mass and Amherst College. Jacket designs and posters

Box 5: folder 33
Meeting at Nancy Kelly's, N. Leverett

Box 5: folder 34
Feminist U. women weaving webs and working at old Cambridge Baptist Church rally (includes Kady, Pat Styer, Euen Sperling, Laura Pattison)

Box 5: folder 35
Meeting at Leah Fritz house, NYC (includes Flo Kennedy, Sonia, Grace Paley, Phyllis Chesler, Ynestra King, Karla Jay, and others)

Box 5: folder 36
Women's Work

Color slides - Miscellaneous color from "Women's Work" series - various dates

Box 6: folder 1
Prints from the slides - Women's Work - (includes Yvonne Corbett Sweat Equity" Apt. builder,

Box 6: folder 2
Laura Pattison, Women's Café founder, activist, librarian

Box 6
Tractor driver and info, Cuba,

Box 6: folder 3
Jackie Ball, teacher in "El Barrio," NYC,

Box 6: folder 4
"Friends at Market" and the basket shop. Public market in Libson, Portugal,

Box 6: folder 5
Women at flea market, NYC,

Box 6: folder 6
UFW - Strawberry pickers and supporters and 5-college groups demo, Hadley, Mass. (includes Daisy Rooks, Gretchen Purser - Union organizers, UFW and SLAC)

Box 6: folder 7
Freema the Boathaulter and Lisa Garrison and May William's Boatyard,Maine - "Women at Sea"

Box 6: folder 8
Ellen Barrett - One of the first U.S. women Episcopal priests, at a Women's Rights demo, NYC,
circa 1970

Box 6: folder 9
"Healer of Broken Dolls" - "Esperanza" and her shop. Havana, Cuba,

Box 6: folder 10
Kady - crafts woman with her work - wooden and metal double-axes, Forestburgh, NY,

Box 6: folder 11
"The Fish Cabin" old shack Kady worked on/fixed-up, NY state,

Box 6: folder 12
Building/working-on Kady's "Pole-Barn" house, NY state (includes Kady, others)-- "Women Build,"

Box 6: folder 13
"Emma's Snack Bar," Western Mass, "Dot's God Deals," Maine,

Box 6: folder 14
"Adrienne's Hot Dogs" - Woman's Lunch Wagon, Coastal Maine,

Box 6: folder 15
"Beetle's Lunch" Alliston, Mass (includes Laura Pattison, Sheila Pepe and video-theatre women Michelle Baxter and Michelle Gisser),

Box 6: folder 16
"Beetle's Lunch" (includes Laura Pattison, Ellen Sperling), Alliston, Mass,

Box 6: folder 17
Mary Hynes, craftswoman, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 18
Carol Clement, Filmmaker and artist, NY State,

Box 6: folder 19
Bea Kreloff, artist, NY,

Box 6: folder 20
Women and Dance

Box 6: folder 21
Cathi Finney, puppetmaker, puppet and theatre woman, Maine,

Box 6: folder 22
Sherry Mestel, clown, social worker, activist, writer, publisher, NJ,

Box 6: folder 23
Elizabeth Nutting, artist, street theatre woman, sea-faring woman, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 24
Theatre and dance woman, Imogene,NYC

Box 6: folder 25
Theatre - video women Michelle Baxter and Michelle Gabow, Alliston, MA,

Box 6: folder 26
Zoë Lewis, musician,at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Box 6: folder 27
Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, blues singer,

Box 6: folder 28
"Bougainvillea" - a women's jazz band, UMass, Amherst (includes Jeannette Muzima),

Box 6: folder 29
Jana Byrdd-Howes, jazz musician/saxophonist, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 30
Musicians Amy Greene and Aimee Swift, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 31
"Flower Thief" Women's rock band, Western Mass (includes Christine Geisler-Andrews, Catherine McRae, Jen Gallahorn),

Box 6: folder 32
Writings (miscellaneous) on women's work

Box 6: folder 33
Women's Play

Girl playing in window - dancing and laughing - NYCand street murals, Lower East side,

Box 6: folder 34
Little girl at a street festival - Street theatre event (with bicycles), Maine,

Box 6: folder 35
Little girl with streamers at street festival, Maine,

Box 6: folder 36
Girls and grandmother, Chinatown

Box 6: folder 37
Hopscotch design - chalk on sidewalk, Western Mass "Queen of the Hopscotch,"

Box 6: folder 38
"Skate sisters" - sister skaters, W. 72nd St., NYC,

Box 6: folder 39
"The Skateboard Sisters," Pulaski Park, Northampton, MA,

Box 6: folder 40
The Lesbian and Women's Café. Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) Firehouse, NYC,

Box 6: folder 41
"Amanda Hits the Road"--little girl at street fair, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 42
"Soul Sister #1" --Women singing together at Street rally - African American songs, Washington D.C.,

Box 6: folder 43
The little girl with the cat, NYC streets,

Box 6: folder 44
Miscellaneous: women travelers cooking out, little girl drawing on sidewalk, women "piggy-back" riding, etc.

Box 6: folder 45
Women's Friendship

Bessie Jones and Leola Polite Harris, at L.P.H's farm, Georgia Sea Islands and farm animals,

Box 6: folder 46
"Three Life Long Friends," NYC, Parish Hall(3 older women),

Box 6: folder 47
Friends on a porch, Memphis, TN (2 older women and 2 little girls),

Box 6: folder 48
Writers Sybil Clairbourne and Grace Paley, with bicycles, NYC,

Box 6: folder 49
Kady with Alice Miller and Margaret Lorick - older women's music festival, friends,

Box 6: folder 50
3 older women at Shelburne Falls senior center tag sale event, Western Mass,

Box 6: folder 51
Women's Best Friends (animal friends)

Kady and Billy the cat, W. Burke, VT,

Box 6: folder 52
Kady and her dog friend "George" and Billie Jean cat, NY State,

Box 6: folder 53
Kady and dog friend "George," NY State,

Box 6: folder 54
Best friend "Gertrude" (dog), NYC,

Box 6: folder 55
Cat friend "Max" in window, NYC,

Box 6: folder 56
Woman and dog at picnic in Central Park, NYC,

Box 6: folder 57
Women's Worlds (scenes from our lives)

Miscellaneous color slides and prints from slides

Box 6: folder 58
"Women's Worlds" - miscellaneous b&w scenes

Box 6: folder 59
Woman on subway, NYC,

Box 6: folder 60

Volleyball game, NYC,

Box 6: folder 61
Softball game, Hurleyville, NY,

Box 6: folder 62
CR Groups (consciousness-raising), NY state (includes Kady, Barbara Deming, others),

Box 6: folder 63
Sagaris: The Feminist Institute (includes Diane Adler, Ti-Grace Atkinson, Bonnie Bluh, Blanche McCary Boyd, Margaret Fiedler, March Hoffman {Artemis March}, Martha Kearns, Kathryn Kilgore, Cheryl Muzio, Grace Paley, Joan Peters, Roberta Schine, Susan Sherman, Alix Kates Shulman, Shoshana, Margaret Sloan, and Barbara Seaman), Lyndonville, VT,

Box 6: folder 64-65
Feminist Writer's meeting and reading at Sagaris (includes Kady, Yvonne Matthews Klein, Margaret Fielder, Jessie Taras),

Box 6: folder 66
Women and Social Justice

Miscellaneous: b&w

Box 7: folder 1
Sarah Hodak, Youth Rights worker and community organizer and hobo Northampton, MA,

Box 7: folder 2
Fannie Lou Hamer, civil rights organizer,
circa 1965

Box 7: folder 3
Angela Yvonne Davis, writer, historian, social justice activist, professor, NYC,

Box 7: folder 4
Marian Wagner, feminist activist, social justice worker, teacher, VT,

Box 7: folder 5
Vilette Brewer's house, with "Better Housing," etc. sign--poor people's campaign. Tent city, Washington D.C.,

Box 7: folder 6
Dorothy Day-Catholic worker and peace movement work,

Box 7: folder 7
Demo at NYU for students' rights and gay rights and social justice, NYC "All Power to the People,"

Box 7: folder 8
"Justice for Janitors" at Women and Civil Rights conference, Atlanta, GA (includes Myles Horton, Rosa Parks),

Box 7: folder 9
Toward Dawn by DJD: writing about Dawn Levy, So. African human rights activist,

Box 7: folder 10
"Agents for Social Change": conference material and photos, Sophia Smith Collection,

Box 7: folder 11
Women and Peace

Kady and her "Eliminate the Military" sewn banner, Western Mass,

Box 7: folder 12
Susan Sontag reading at "Angry Arts Against the War in Vietnam," NYC (includes Paul Blackburn, poet) a week long/all day-night event,

Box 7: folder 13
Nuns at an anti-war rally, NYC,

Box 7: folder 14
"Nighttime Peace March and Dump Nixon Demo" NYC; "Vietnam Death Toll Sign" held by old woman,

Box 7: folder 15
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) members with sign. Peace march, NYC and right wing hecklers,

Box 7: folder 16
Women participants and musicians "The Penny Whistlers" at a peace march, NYC (includes Ethel Raim, musicologist),

Box 7: folder 17
Jailed and arrested war tax resisters - Kady in the Pokey. Marian Wagner and Juanita Nelson arrested, Colrain and Greenfield, MA,

Box 7: folder 18
Action to stop selective service registration, Northampton HS, Western Mass (includes Kady, AFSC, RAY, and other groups),

Box 7: folder 19
Stop the war against Iraq demo, Federal building, Springfield, Mass (includes Kady with "No War" sign),

Box 7: folder 20
Women activists in "the Tombs" jail, at "Stop the Draft Week," NYC,

Box 7: folder 21
Girls with "Vietnam Moratoruim" sign, NYC,

Box 7: folder 22
Miscellaneous color slides of "Women and Peace"

Box 7: folder 23
Jeannette Rankin Brigade anti-Vietnam war demo and march, Washington D.C.(includes Jeannette Rakin, Ella Baker, Judy Collins, Barbara Deming, Coretta Scott King, Denise Levertov, Viveca Lindfors, Toshi Alline Seeger),

Box 7: folder 24
Miscellaneous peace movement (b&w )

Box 7: folder 25
Women march for world disarmament, Northampton, Mass (includes Frances Crowe, Kathryn Kirk, Laura Kaye, Mary Hynes), late

Box 7: folder 26
Woman with sign "Just Send our Sons Home" anti-war demo, Union Square, NYC,

Box 7: folder 27
Women against Nukes, various events Western Mass (includes Kady) Street theatre, etc.,

Box 7: folder 28
Women's movement miscellaneous

Theatre groups: "How to make a Woman Theatre"; members of NY Now and Radicalesbians; Leah Fritz book signing (includes Kady, Leah Fritz, Andrea Dworkin, Jill Johnson, Karla Jay, Marquita Rivera, others); class at Hunter College, 1972),

Box 7: folder 29
Conferences and women's play produced by "It's All Right to be a Woman Theatre" company. "Conference of the Beguines" includes filmmakers Carol Clement and Ariel Dougherty; musician Jeriann "Jeritree" Hilderely, Kady, others. Conference - Queens College (NY) - speakers includes Jill Johnson. Performance of "Lavender Jane" music group with Kay Gardner, Alex Dobkin, Patches Atom, New Paltz, NY, 1973

Box 7: folder 30
Phyllis Birkby, activist, architect and others (includes June Arnold of Daughters pub.), Plainfield, VT,

Box 7: folder 31
Women's march press conference and women's march, NY (includes Jill Johnson, Martha Shelley, NY Radical Feminists, Motorcycle Women, "Lesbian - Feminist Take Over"),

Box 7: folder 32
Women picket the Playboy Club (NYC),

Box 7
Women's Rights march and in support of Kate Millett; press conference for event and meeting to draft petition (includes K. Millett, Ivy Bottini, Flo Kennedy, Betty Friedan, March Hoffman, Ti-Grace Atkinson, Gloria Steinem, Barnard Women's Lib., Columbia U. Women's Liberation, etc.),
circa 1970

Box 7: folder 33
Women's strike march, Fifth Ave., NYC (Thousands, and patriarchal hecklers),
26 Aug, 1970

Box 7: folder 34
Women's strike march, Rochester, NY, and march to home of Susan B. Anthony,
26 Aug., 1970

Box 7: folder 35
Women's social and economic justice march and rally. Garment district, NYC (includes Kady, Susanna Shepard Shannon) Labor groups, Lesbians Unite! group, NY Radical Feminists, and angry cop and onlookers,
Fall 1972

Box 7: folder 36
Guerrilla Girls posters, NYC,

Box 7: folder 37
Anti-porn street theatre, local women's feminist capers, Western Mass - Amherst (includes Kady),

Box 7: folder 38
Mary Daly reading at Amherst College (includes Sheila Pepe, Laura Pattison, Nancy Kelly, Pat Styer),

Box 7: folder 39
Drawings/poster and postcards feminist art - portraits by Diana Davies

Box 7: folder 40
Portraits - photos - miscellaneous of feminist activists (includes Tower press - women's print shop. Z. Budapest)

Box 7: folder 41
Portraits - miscellaneous feminist activists (includes Marchoff, "Sahm and Ann - mini feminist," Jess Klatzker) collages of photos

Box 7: folder 42
Portraits - Harriet Desmoines, Ellen Berger, and Catherine Nicholson, co- founders - Sinister Wisdom journal. Western Mass,
1985 and 1991

Box 7: folder 43
NY Now and Radical Lesbian members (includes Donna Gottschalk, K. Millett, Jan Barber ,Ellen Shumsky, Arlene Kisner, others),

Box 7: folder 44
Bella Abzug, NYC,

Box 7: folder 45
Jill Johnson, NYC; portrait and feminist activist Arlene Kisner; portrait and Gay soup kitchen and poster,
circa 1969

Box 7: folder 46
Rita Mae Brown reading, NYC,

Box 7: folder 47
Ti-Grace Atkinson,Woodstock Women's Center, NY State

Box 7: folder 48
Fighting violence against women

"An Appeal to our Neighborhood" sign in window denouncing woman's murder. Lower East side, NY,

Box 7: folder 49
"Stop Snuff Movies" protests, NY city and state (includes Kady, Barbara Deming, others),
1974 and 1976

Box 7: folder 50
Conference to stop sexual slavery. UMass Amherst (includes Alerte Balance and Ninotchka Rosca - Feminist-human rights activists),

Box 7: folder 51-53
Clothesline project - t-shirts in support of women who are victims of battering and murder. Smith College,

Box 7: folder 54
"Witness to Violence" public art work against violence against women, Artspace, Greenfield, MA,

Box 7: folder 55
Violence against women - ads, signs, graffiti. Boston and NY,

Box 7: folder 56
Times Square porn theatre marquee and man with sandwich board "Jesus Saves," NYC,

Box 7: folder 57
Miscellaneous published work - tear sheets of feminist material (DJD)

Box 7: folder 58
Un-published work, "Womanbeing" - a book that never was by DJD,

Box 7: folder 59


"How to Use This Material" and copy of book, Photojourney by Diana Davies

Box 8: folder 1
Reviews of Photojourney

Box 8: folder 2
Extra Loose (unbound) pages of Photojourney: 150-line screen - suitable for reproduction, all media - print right from pages (acid free)

Box 8: folder 3
Info on miscellaneous color conversion and copy negatives for photos in book

Box 8: folder 4
Miscellaneous b&w copy slides of photos of women in the book

Box 8: folder 5

Book cover - Bessie who lives in Central Park, NYC,

Box 9: folder 1
Woman with umbrella (NY),

Box 9: folder 2
"Just Call me Robin Hood" - "The Street Jester,"
circa 1969

Box 9: folder 3
Gypsy children - Romany kids

Box 9: folder 4
Shopping bag woman- "Irish Lace,"

Box 9: folder 5
"Street Man - Street Flower" The Bowery, NY,

Box 9: folder 6
Woman crying, sitting on a carton (a "working girl" - prostitute) NYC,

Box 9: folder 7
Street singer (old man with accordion) Philadelphia,

Box 9: folder 8
Children of Paradise - kids in slum playground, NYC, early

Box 9: folder 9
Homeless woman on mattress, NYC,

Box 9: folder 10
Homeless man in his living room, lateNYC

Box 9: folder 11
Two old women (legs of) with old cat. Lower East Side,

Box 9: folder 12
"Street Opera Singer"

Box 9
Street scenes: "Kill Hippies" graffiti, Bodega (grocery) Store, and storefront and kid "Marta"

Box 9
"The Bowery Boys" homeless men and Catholic worker, NY,

Box 9: folder 13
Mary Lou Williams, Jazz musician,

Box 9: folder 14
Charles Azanavour, musician,

Box 9: folder 15
Bessie Jones, folklorist, folksinger; Georgia Sea Islands,

Box 9: folder 16
Gertrude Gough, seamstress,

Box 9: folder 17
Muhammad Ali, boxer, African-American rights activist,

Box 9: folder 18
Alexander Calder, sculptor, artist; and Benjamin Spock, doctor and peace activist,

Box 9: folder 19
Mississippi John Hurt, folksinger; Barbara Dane, folksinger, folklorist; Mike Bloomfield, guitarist,

Box 9: folder 20
Francine Winham, photographer and filmmaker,

Box 9: folder 21
Lotte Jacobi, photographer (and info),

Box 9: folder 22
"The Hippies" (woman dancing) NY at a "Be-In,"

Box 9: folder 23
Monkey (animal), Washington Square Park, NY,

Box 9: folder 24
Jane Gapen, artist-writer and chicken, NY State,

Box 9: folder 25
David Amram, jazzman, composer; and Ray Barreto, drummer, Latino music,

Box 9: folder 26
Kay Gardner, musician, composer, conductor,

Box 9: folder 27
Golda Meir, Israel,

Box 9: folder 28
Old man (Chinese), Chinatown, NY,

Box 9: folder 29
Victoria Spivey, blues musician,

Box 9: folder 30
Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, blues musician,

Box 9: folder 31
Consuelo "Connie" Kanaga, photographer,

Box 9: folder 32
Ethel Merman, singer, performer in "Hello Dolly," Broadway,

Box 9: folder 33
Leontyne Price, opera singer at the "Old Met" Opera, NY,

Box 9: folder 34
Odetta, the folksinger,

Box 9: folder 35
B.B. King, blues musician, Newport Folk Festival,

Box 9: folder 36
Henry Crow Dog - Lakota ("Sioux") medicine man- speaking tour on Native American culture,

Box 9: folder 37
(Old woman) at the bus stop. Tel Aviv, Israel,

Box 9: folder 38
May Sarton, poet/writer (and info),

Box 9: folder 39
Alberta Hunter, jazz-blues singer, NYC café performer,

Box 9: folder 40
"Gertrude," best friend (dog)

Box 9: folder 41
Children playing in Lower East side fire hydrants, NYC

Box 9
Eileen Pagan, writer,

Box 9: folder 42
Sheila Pepe, artist. Ashfield, MA,

Box 9: folder 43
Dorothy Donegan, musician, jazz woman. Newton, MA,

Box 9: folder 44
"Aunt Alice" the storyteller and herbalist. Viola, TN,

Box 9: folder 45
"Friends, Lower East side," (includes "Anna", who works in the Laundromat). They are doing tenants rights work

Box 9: folder 46
Neo-Nazi's (US) and Right wing creeps with "Kill a commie for Christ" sign at pro-war demo, NYC,

Box 9: folder 47
Nighttime peace march, the old woman with Vietnam war victims' sign, and "Dump Nixon Demo," NYC,

Box 9: folder 48
Pro-war demo, Union Square, NYC,

Box 9: folder 49
Gen. William Westmoreland, "The Commander of US Troops in Vietnam," ; and a protest of his speaking tour, NYC, 1967
April 1967

Box 10: folder 1
"The Grenade Lesson"-- Soldier and instruction poser,

Box 10: folder 2
Draft card burning, Central Park NY. Massive protest of draft and war in Vietnam,

Box 10: folder 3
Hand, with draft card burning. Sit-in protest by thousands at the Pentagon, Washington D.C.,

Box 10: folder 4
Veterans for Peace (US capital building) Washington D.C., Vietnam veterans against the war (VVAW), thousands participated,

Box 10: folder 5
"We Want Peace Now", boys with sign, NYC. Part of nation-wide moratorium against Vietnam War,

Box 10: folder 6
War-wounded children in Biafra (W. Africa),
circa 1969

Box 10: folder 7
Barbara Demig, writer, activist at Women's conference, NY State,

Box 10: folder 8
Campesinas, United Farm Workers (UFW), on tour to gain support for union,

Box 10: folder 9
A.J. Muste, pacifist organizer, NYC,

Box 10: folder 10
Dom Helder [Pessoa Camra], called "Dom Helder" Brazilian human rights activist,

Box 10: folder 11
Rigoberta Menchu, human rights activist, speaking in Springfield, MA,

Box 10: folder 12
Agnes "Sis" Cunningham, folksinger, co-founder Broadside magazine. People's music activist,

Box 10: folder 13
Margaret Hold, "US Out of Central America" demo, Western Mass,

Box 10: folder 14
Kady, craftswoman, writer, at Michigan Women's Music Festival, with her traveling show of feminist silver crafts,

Box 10: folder 15
Joan Baez, folksinger, songwriter, pacifist activist, PA,

Box 10: folder 16
"Freedom Now" Harlem supports the Sema (Alabama) Civil Rights Movement. Massive demo, NY,

Box 10: folder 17
"Oh, Wallace, you never can jail us all" racist supporters of Alabama, Gov. George Wallace,

Box 10: folder 18
Ella Baker, civil rights and human rights activist, at a peace
march, 1968

Box 10: folder 19
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist, Atlanta, GA,

Box 10: folder 20
Civil rights worker, man with "SNCC" button on hat,

Box 10: folder 21
One day after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., NY (woman weeping, memorial rally),

Box 10: folder 22
Fannie Lou Hamer, civil rights organizer, co-founder Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party,
1965 and 1966

Box 10: folder 23
Bernice Johnson Reagon, civil rights organizer, song leader, historian African American culture, founder "Sweet Honey in the Rock" song group,

Box 10: folder 24
"I have a dream" civil rights rally and support for striking African-American sanitation workers. Memphis, TN,

Box 10: folder 25
"Do not cross…" Harlem supports the Alabama Civil Rights Movement. (Woman with flag), NY,

Box 10: folder 26
Dorothy Day, poor people's rights activist, pacifist activist,

Box 10: folder 27
Malvina Reynolds, songwriter, folksinger, people's songs activist,

Box 10: folder 28
[Woman] singer at a rally for poor people, Washington D.C.,

Box 10: folder 29
James Bevel, civil rights organizer,

Box 10: folder 30
Two women (profiles) on the poor people's march in U.S. South Caravan,

Box 10: folder 31
Buffy Sainte-Marie, folksinger -also- Jean Richie and Mable Hillery, folksingers,

Box 10: folder 32
Arlo Guthrie, folksinger or 1967)

Box 10: folder 33
Andrea Dworkin, Woodstock (NY) Women's Center or 1976)

Box 10: folder 34
Kate Millett, NY State (at her farm),

Box 10: folder 35
Teresa Trull (and dog), musician,

Box 10: folder 36
Sonia Johnson, on her Presidential campaign tour. Cambridge, MA,

Box 10: folder 37
"Dismember Patriarchy" Kady with sign at "Stop Snuff Movies" demo. NYC and woman with "--End the war against women" sign and cops,

Box 10: folder 38
New England Women's Symphony (news) rehearsal, Sanders Theatre, Harvard U.,

Box 10: folder 39
Prisoners' rights demo at NYC women's house of detention, "House of D."; Women with signs "our sisters will be treated like human beings,"

Box 10: folder 40
Woman with "Women" sign (surrounded by women's profiles) NYC demonstration (includes Kate Millett and Betty Friedan and demonstrators in support of K. Millett),

Box 10: folder 41
"Sisterhood is powerful", women's strike march. Rochester, NY. Women demonstrators go by sneering men,
26 Aug., 1970

Box 10: folder 42
Women and children refugees at a refugee center in Biafra (W. Africa) during the war,

Box 10: folder 43
Three lifelong friends. 3-old women with stories and hats. In a parish hall (Gertie, Sadie, Mary),

Box 10: folder 44
Catfriends (cats on table) Catskill Mtns., NY State,

Box 10: folder 45
Refugee settlements (with donkey in street), Jericho,

Box 10: folder 46
Weeping woman, São Tomé Island, off the coast of Africa,

Box 10: folder 47
Seagull and seagulls and tugboats, Coastal Maine,

Box 10: folder 48
Friends, Lower East side, NY--graffiti reads, "Eddie" - boys in window,

Box 10: folder 49
Friends at market, "The Basket Shop" public market, Libson, Portugal,

Box 10: folder 50
Friends on porch (2 girls and 2 older women, mostly African-American neighborhood) Memphis, TN,

Box 10: folder 51
Healer of broken dolls (Esperanza) Havana, Cuba and her shop and friends and cat,

Box 10: folder 52
Child with clay vessel, Israel,

Box 10: folder 53
Country fair, Maryland (with "4-H" sign and beef cattle),

Box 10: folder 54
Two women with pottery water vases. East Jerusalem,

Box 10: folder 55
Two women (generations), Washington D.C.; also - dumb racist cop with name tag removed from uniform; also - civil rights rally,

Box 10: folder 56
Janis Joplin (back cover of book),

Box 10: folder 57
Poverty - Poor Folk

Graffiti and Signs

"Gentrification is war" Northampton, Mass., late 80s early 90s

Box 11: folder 1
Tenants' Rights Banner and "Sienbren Flores" graffiti. Lower East side, NY,

Box 11: folder 2
"Please keep off the flowers" sign and community gardens,NYC

Box 11: folder 3
"There are a lot of hate on you" graffiti and squatters' rights sign, miscellaneous graffiti wall,and old woman in window, 2nd Ave., Lower East side

Box 11: folder 4
"Soul" graffiti wall. "Stinks" written on public school wall,and bocce players, Lower East side

Box 11: folder 5
"Bomb the Suburbs" graffiti, Lower East side,

Box 11: folder 6
Community Organizing and Actions

Community organizers,Peggy Terry (ex-Appalachia) from Chicago. Myles Horton, Highlander Folk School, TN. Haskell Wexler filmmaker

Box 11: folder 7
"Mary" on the poor people's "Doc" (with beard) poor folk getting tear-gassed by D.C. cops tyring to drive them out of tent city, Washington D.C.
march, 1968.

Box 11: folder 8
Sit-in at the dept. of agriculture, for food stamps and good food for poor people,Washington D.C.

Box 11: folder 9
Workers on the poor peoples campaign board bus for east Coast Caravan,NYC

Box 11: folder 10
"Love not hate" and girls with sign on poor people's march, NJ,

Box 11: folder 11
"Mother poor, father too. But sister is going to change and so are you" woman with sign,Baltimore, MD

Box 11: folder 12
"I care" - woman with sign march against poverty, NJ,

Box 11: folder 13
Living wage campaign,Western Mass., "Anarchist community' banner carried by community organizers

Box 11: folder 14
Tenants' Rights, Housing, Rent Strikes

Miscellaneous housing, homeless tenants' rights,on

Box 11: folder 15
Tenants' rights organization: Kady and rent strike,88 East 3rd St, NYC - huge banner, Lower East side

Box 11: folder 16
"Huelga de Renta" Kady and rent strike banner - making,Tenant community organizers, Lower East side, NY

Box 11: folder 17
"Rent strike against the city for decent housing"Kady and community organizers and tenants of city-owned buildings, Lower East side and info - poster

Box 11: folder 18
Kady and Frances Goldin work with tenants on strike. Street meetingLower East side

Box 11: folder 19
Tenants' rights demo,Kady and Larry Davis, organizers picket line, NY

Box 11: folder 20
Esther Rand, East side tenants' council organizer and Larry Daivs, strike organizer,Kady and tenants' rights workers and info. Lower East side

Box 11: folder 21
City signs: "Go hang out someplace else" and "No Dumping" Brooklyn, NY,Vacant lots

Box 11: folder 22
"The Automat" - where poor folk hang out, sometimes all night,(there were several in NYC, now, no more)

Box 11: folder 23
Joanie Ross, organizer and helper of poor women. 15th St. Quaker meeting,NYC

Box 11: folder 24
Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Food and Clothing Services

"No more hunger" sign and people on poor people's campaign,Washington D.C. and older woman and little girl, at rally

Box 11: folder 25
"Bread - Free Forever" - community bakers, baked hundreds of loaves each day and gave these away, Washington D.C.,poor peoples campaign and "Hunger's Wall" graffiti from the community ("Sissisters of Watts for Human Dignity" is written on wall) and bread recipe from bakers

Box 11: folder 26
Catholic Worker Movement, "House of Hospitality"and homeless men. The Bowery, NYC

Box 11: folder 27
Soup kitchens, food pantries, survival centers, clothing services, miscellaneous varied dates. Dumpster diving, streets survival

Box 11: folder 28
Food Not Bombs

Western Mass and Philadelphia, latefree community food distribution and meals

Box 11: folder 29
Food sharing, Pulaski Park, Northampton, Mass.,

Box 11: folder 30
Info, flyers, menus, etc. Western Mass and US info

Box 11: folder 31
Soup kitchens and food pantries, Coastal Maine,Chris Greene, community organizer for poor people

Box 11: folder 32
Yorkville Common: Pantry, NYC,

Box 11: folder 33
Restrictions on use:

[Restricted: only they have the right to reproduce images in this folder]

Info on community services for poor folk (miscellaneous)

Box 11: folder 34
Homeless People/Street People

Poor people, NYC. Miscellaneous,

Box 11: folder 35
Bessie-who-lives-in-Central Park, NYC,Homeless woman and her lean-to in the park

Box 11: folder 36
Poverty and poor folk, homeless people, slums,on, color slides

Box 11: folder 37
Homeless men, fire in trash can for warmth. Graffiti on wal, NYC,Color slide and print

Box 11: folder 38
Homeless, in NYC. Miscellaneous,and early 1990s. People living on the street, bus station, in doorways
1960s and 1980s

Box 11: folder 39
Homeless man passed out in street, kids playing in vacant lot, vacant building and eviction "No Loitering" sign, murals. NYC,

Box 11: folder 40
Homeless person in doorway, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Evicted people's belongings, Portland, ME. Graffiti and stickers Central Square, Cambridge, Mass.,

Box 11: folder 41
Homeless man eating sandwich near curbside next to police cars. African- American celebration flags carried downtown, Philadelphia,

Box 11: folder 42
Homeless people,sleeping in doorways, various locations, NYC

Box 11: folder 43
Graffiti - "Homeless R. Human 2" on railroad trestle, Northampton, MA.
April 2001

Box 11: folder 44
Kentucky Mtn. woman living in Washington D.C.,-n 33 years old, 3 kids, husband an injured minor on poor people's march and poster design by DJD

Box 12: folder 1
Poster designs by Diana Davies. Poor folks to pics

Box 12: folder 2
Smokey Joe. A hobo and his dog, on the road in W. Virginiaand clothing donation for the poor W. Virginia

Box 12: folder 3
Old street men: "John", with Pete Kozlowski, Main St. Northampton, MA,

Box 12: folder 4
Homeless woman and child get temporary shelter in a rent-strike apt. in NY,

Box 12: folder 5
Man with backpack next to stretch limo, NY,

Box 12: folder 6
Poor Kids

Poor kids' playgrounds (the uses of rubble) and children playing in street, on rooftops, in vacant lots, girl playing with wheels, on stairs of building. Lower East side,s

Box 12: folder 7
"Love is all we need", graffiti in vacant lot. Kids playing in lot, street scenes "Young Lords' Party" and Pureto Rican Liberation signs, old man in graveyard. Lower East side,

Box 12: folder 8
"The Playground", East 3rd Str. vacant lot. Kids playing in lot and boy dragging tricycle

Box 12: folder 9
Puerto Rican child in street, "Chelsea" section, NYC. Old woman sitting outside building delivery man with parcels on street, NYC,or 1964

Box 12: folder 10
The paper bag seller, Harlem, NY,

Box 12: folder 11
Graffiti, clothes dummy on street, man being arrested: Lower East side,

Box 12: folder 12

"The new Immigrants" - central American family in tenement,Lower East side, NY and Kady and Evan who are organizing this building's tenants

Box 12: folder 13
Poor farmers/sharecroppers and their wagon. Viola, TN,

Box 12: folder 14
Miscellaneous writings and some published material on poor folk and drawings

Box 12: folder 15
Miscellaneous poor folk photos, U.S., and some info

Box 12: folder 16
Northampton State Hospital Squat and Squatters Housing Rights Material

The "Squat Book": photos and info. Contents of a touring scrapbook which traveled about with talks and exhibits on poor people and housing rights - "Book Project" (some of the photos are from the next bunch of folders)

Box 13: folder 1
Northampton State Hospital squat,

Box 13: folder 2-5
Inside the buildings (interior) Northampton State Hospital

Box 13: folder 6
Squat support rally, Pulaski Park and in front of Memorial hall and next to Unitarian Church, theatre, speakers,

Box 13: folder 7
"House the Homeless" banner-making by Kady, Linda Vannoni and Frances Crowe and demo for housing rights and to support the people who worked in the squats. Northampton,

Box 13: folder 8
The squatters' house at 251 Pleasant St., Northampton-10 or so people lived here and ran the building which had been abandoned,

Box 13: folder 9
"The Not-Squat" - a former squat, now owned by the ex-squatters. Philadelphia,

Box 13: folder 10
Miscellaneous flyers, clippings, pamphlets - Western Mass squatters and homelessness

Box 13: folder 11
Miscellaneous flyers, clippings, on Western Mass squatters shelters, homelessness

Box 13: folder 12
A squatters' zine from Philadelphia--"Squat Beautiful",

Box 13: folder 13
Miscellaneous flyers, clippings, pamphlets - US and world wide squatters, squats, and homelessness

Box 13: folder 14
Welfare Rights and Economic Human Rights Struggle

"Stop Welfare Reform"demo. Various groups (AFSC, Pioneer Valley Welfare Rights Coalition, etc.), Northampton, MA

Box 14: folder 1
"Welfare Moms" purple heart badge and info, Western Mass.,

Box 14: folder 2
Arise for Social Justice (ARISE) of Springfield, Mass.- an intro,

Box 14: folder 3
Arise - economic human rights demo,Springfield, Mass and rally, march workers

Box 14: folder 4-6
(Springfield, Mass., to NYC) Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU) and Arise - bus caravan, march on the UN and all day testimony and cultural event at the UN church center,

Box 14: folder 7
KWRU and Arise - march on the UN, NYC, cont., workers, speakers, etc.,

Box 14: folder 8-12
Beulah Sanders of the National Welfare Rights Organization,at a peace march, NYC

Box 14: folder 13
Child at a civil rights rally - "Welfare Rights Now!" button on coat, NYC,

Box 14: folder 14
Vietnam Vet (ex-medic), at a huge anti-war rally, Washington D.C., has "Welfare Rights Now!" button on jacket,

Box 14: folder 15
Info, flyers, statistics, etc. from welfare rights groups and events in this series

Box 14: folder 16
Poor People's Campaign,

In "tent city," Washington D.C. community

Box 15: folder 1
Organizing march, Northeast caravan. Queens to NYC (Manhattan) and rally in Central Park

Box 15: folder 2
On-the-road. Various bus caravans - Northeast cities to Washington D.C., NY, NJ, Baltimore, Delaware, D.C.

Box 15: folder 3
Tent city, Washington D.C.

Box 15: folder 4
Miscellaneous prints

Box 15: folder 5
Civil Rights Movement and African-American History

Portraits, civil rights movement activists (includes Fannie Lou Hamer, Coretta Scott King, Afeni Shakur, Angela Yvonne Davis, Ella Baker, Bernice Johnson Reagon)

Box 16: folder 1
Marches and demonstrations, miscellaneous prints, and some cross-referenced material

Box 16: folder 2
Stokely Carmichael - Kwame Toure, speaks in honor of Malcolm X, Audubon Ballroom, NYC,

Box 16: folder 3
Mississippi cops and people, waiting for civil rights march, Marks, Mississippi,

Box 16: folder 4
Civil rights and poor people's organizing, near Baltimore, MD, James Orange, speaker,

Box 16: folder 5
Harlem marches with the Selma (Alabama) civil rights movement, NYC,

Box 16: folder 6
Harlem, NYC: street scenes, Apollo theatre, Frederic Douglass Bookstore, etc.,

Box 16: folder 7
"Let there be peace on earth for all black men" graffiti, and a woman's face, subway, NYC,

Box 16: folder 8
Women with "Black is beautiful" etc. sign, NYC; and "Welcome to Mississippi" sign from bus window,

Box 16: folder 9
Queen Mother Moore, leader in African-American rights and cultural history movement, NYC; parade in memory of Malcolm X, and black Muslims,

Box 16: folder 10
"Black Power" demo and civil rights march and poor people's rights organizing, Mississippi,

Box 16: folder 11
Black Panther Party (NY) and "Free the Panther 21" demo at criminal court building, NYC,
Dec. 1969

Box 16: folder 12
Black Panther Party (NY) and "Free the Panther 21" rally at Columbia Univ., NYC,

Box 16: folder 13
March in memory of Martin Luther King Jr., NYC, to city hall,

Box 16: folder 14
People's rally in memory of Martin Luther King Jr., NYC (includes Ossie Davis, Pete Seeger, Benjamin Spock),

Box 16: folder 15
Memorial service/rallies for Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights and poor people's organizing, Lorraine Motel and Masonic Temple, Memphis,

Box 16: folder 16
NYC - official Government rally in memory of Martin Luther King Jr., Central Park,

Box 16: folder 17
Published material and miscellaneous printed matter on civil rights movement

Box 16: folder 18
People's Struggles: The State of Society and the World

The Biafran War: Photos from the war zone; West Africa; refugees, refugee camps, bombing the targets, men with guns, relief work, etc.,
1969 and 1970

Box 17: folder 1
Buffalo Creek Dam Disaster: West Virginia: Kady's text and DJD photos,

Box 17: folder 2
Veterans in the U.S., , miscellaneous situations, various dates

Box 17: folder 3
Native-American Rights Movement

Lakotak ("Sioux") women with "Indian Power" sign, Washington D.C.,

Box 17: folder 4
Protest at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Washington D.C.,

Box 17: folder 5
Lakotas ("Sioux") at a massive anti-war march, NYC,

Box 17: folder 6
Student Protests: Columbia Univ., CCNY/CUNY,

Box 17: folder 7
Aging, Old age, Very-old people

"Thrift shop to benefit Armenian old age home" and portraits (of various cross-referenced subjects)

Box 17: folder 8
A nursing home in NJ,(location, by agreement, not to be revealed)

Box 17: folder 9
Children: Youngish people, miscellaneous environments, activities, b&w , cross- referenced material, slides

Box 17: folder 10
US Culture - Non-culture: the bingo hall,and middle/muddle American culture (?) (non-culture), Coastal Maine

Box 17: folder 11
Hate Crimes: Fighting hate crimes in Greenfield, Mass. - local people protest the defacing of a Synagogue,- "Never Again"

Box 17: folder 12
The Human Rights Movement

American Sosa, Rigoberta Menchu, Dom Helder, and others (cross-referenced material also),on

Box 17: folder 13
Human rights activists (includes Danilo Docci (Italy) and Joan Baez (US) speaking on non-violent organizing of communities,

Box 17: folder 14
Irish Nationalism: "England out of Ireland" in St. Patrick's Day parade, NYC,

Box 17: folder 15
"The Hippies" Series

Miscellaneous portraits,NYC and San Francisco drummers, dancers, flowers, painted cars and bodies, etc. Color slides and b&w

Box 17: folder 16
Hippies, psychedelic cultural event (includes Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, others) Theatre, NYC,

Box 17: folder 17
Hippie "be-in" gathering, Central Park, NY,

Box 17: folder 18
Alternative community church service, Glide Memorial Church,San Francisco

Box 17: folder 19
Politicians and Politics

Shirley Chisholm, Jimmy Breslin, Bella Abzug, Ted Kennedy, John Lindsay, various dates, locals, NYC,s

Box 17: folder 20
Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, Jesse Jackson - all

Box 17: folder 21
Gun Control - Gun Violence: ban - hand guns movement. Rally and memorial of empty (1000) pairs of shoes of those killed by hand guns. Springfield, MA,

Box 17: folder 22
The Right Wing

"God, guns, guts made America, etc." - bumper sticker on pickup. Old veteran, Memorial Day, bingo hall,Coastal Maine

Box 17: folder 23
Miscellaneous color slides - hard hats, flags, National Rifle Association decal in car window, etc.

Box 17: folder 24
Pro-war faction and various racist and right-wing groups picket against a peace march, NYC,

Box 17: folder 25
Pro-war in Vietnam march William F. Buckley and a variety of blockheads,NYC

Box 17: folder 26
Neo-Nazi, Washington D.C.,

Box 17: folder 27
Right-wing woman with flags. Pro-war NY
march, 1966,

Box 17: folder 28
Miscellaneous prints and subjects. Woman with "Bomb Hanoi" sign, etc. and info

Box 17: folder 29
Swastika graffiti on a dumpster, NYC. Lower East side,

Box 17: folder 30
Common Stock - a workers' collective

Common Stock restaurant and workers, Brookline, Mass. (includes Beatrice Hawley, Constance "Connie" Trowbridge, Kate Albrecht)

Box 18: folder 1
Building the space --Women Working! (includes Gene -woman- Albrecht, Matt Albrecht),

Box 18
Café performance by Joanie Schwartz - folksinger; Nancy Moniz - community activist, artist, and co-worker

Box 18: folder 2
Lisa Pontoppidan - co-worker, musician, filmmaker and activist

Box 18: folder 3
Co-workers working in kitchen and restaurant (includes Jill Rosencrantz - harpist and cook; Jeffrey Comer - Boston gay rights activist and community organizer)

Box 18: folder 4
Co-workers in kitchen and restaurant

Box 18: folder 5
Info, posters, leaflets, letters, recipes

Box 18: folder 6
Labor History

Abandoned factory and rubble, Holyoke, Mass. --"No bread and no roses either…" (includes Kady exploring in rubble),

Box 18: folder 7
Miscellaneous color and b&w and cross-referenced material, includes graffiti and "Justice for Janitors" jacket logo

Box 18: folder 8
Several examples of IWW graffiti, various locations NYC,

Box 18: folder 9
IWW printed matter, photos, designs, silkscreen by DJD, songbook, Diana's wobbly papers

Box 18: folder 10
Photos, info, designs - published material by DJD for various labor organizations

Box 18: folder 11
Union photos and statement from Frank Gough - Gandy Dancer (railroad track layer), riveter, high-iron worker, union organizer - DJD's grandfather, early

Box 18: folder 12
Working women's songbook, copy of book by Evelyn Alloy - New England Free Press,

Box 18: folder 13
UFW - United Farm Workers

United Farm Workers on the road,(includes Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez)

Box 18: folder 14
UFW picket at Bread and Circus, Hadley, MA. UFW speaking out at Smith College (includes SLAC - Student Labor Action Coalition and Nosotras - Smith College organizations; Daisy Rooks and Gretchen Purser, labor organizers),

Box 18: folder 15
UFW benefit concert program (DJD worked on project and concert),

Box 18: folder 16
UFW - grape strike support demo, NYC,

Box 18: folder 17
Photos and published info on Feigel Yudin- textile worker, labor organizer from the earlyon, 1970s

Box 18: folder 18
Work - a zine by DJD,

Box 18: folder 19
Prison Issues and Prisoner's Rights

Miscellaneous: includes cross-referenced material, "Free Huey" graffiti,
circa 1970

Box 18: folder 20
NYC: Women's prison vigils and prisoner waving at demonstrators, NYC,
1969 and 1970

Box 18
Cops in various locations

Box 18
Afeni Shakur, Black Panther Party member, speaking at a "Free the Panther 21" rally, NYC,

Box 18: folder 21
Man harassed by cop in NY subway,

Box 18: folder 22
Margaret Holt

At a "US out of Latin America" and "CIA off campus (UMass)" demo, Northampton, Mass.,

Box 18: folder 23
"Free Mumia" (Abu-Jamal) vigils (several) Amherst, Mass. (includes Kady, Margaret Holt, Frances Crowe, Anna Megyesi (AFSC), others),

Box 18: folder 24
Social Justice activist at a party for her (includes, Kady, Jeanie Maland, Shanta Rao, others),

Box 18: folder 25
Correspondence from and flyers from, sent to DJD

Box 18: folder 26
Frances Crowe

Photos and drawing, miscellaneous papers and cross-referenced material

Box 18: folder 27
Mass protest to support and free Mumia Abu-Jamal and to protest "the contract on America," Burlington, VT (includes Kady),

Box 18: folder 28
Jeanine Maland and Kady - design, make, use a huge, street wide banner "Free Mumia," Amherst, Mass., and Philadelphia, PA,

Box 18: folder 29
Prisoners' rights demo and vigil. State house, Boston. Protesting Forced relocation of Massachusetts prisoners to Texas and the Walpole prison lockdown (includes - Kady, Jeanine Maland, David Kastor - prisoners rights activists),

Box 18: folder 30
"Stop Police Brutality" event - theatre vigil, march to police station. Amherst, MA,

Box 18: folder 31
Boston/Eastern Mass prison walk - Norfolk to Walpole prisons (includes Kady),

Box 18: folder 32
"No Justice!" graffiti on Hampshire County Courthouse, Northampton, MA and "Skateboarding is not a crime" graffiti on street sign,

Box 18: folder 33
"Mothers in prison/children in crisis" campaign-- info, theatre, speakers, first churches, Northampton, MA,

Box 18: folder 34
Published material and printed matter on prison issues

Box 18: folder 35
Theatre and Public Art

The Theatre Book (from a series of traveling notebooks) and Info, intro, how to use this…

Box 19: folder 0
The Living Theatre, Theatre of the Angry Arts, Bread and Puppet Theater, El Teatro Campesino, Pageant Players, It's All Right to be a Woman Theatre, How to Make a Woman Theatre, The Gargoyles Theatre Event, Carol "Kali" Grosberg - Theatre woman and "Apple, the cat", the San Francisco Mime Troupe

Box 19: folder 1
Radical Arts Theater (RAT), poster The War Machine. Play by DJD and photos from show, flywheel community arts space theatre events

Box 19: folder 2
The Lockup -Lockdown Prison Theatre piece 1, 1997. The Hat Caper by Kady, Pat, Diana. "Big Eyes/Bug Eyes" strange Theatre thing, State Hospital Squatters Theatre

Box 19: folder 3
"Emily the Cow" and "The Fool Who Lost Her Sense of Humour" theatre pieces by DJD and flyer from Flywheel performance and "I Hate to see the Flowers Go" by DJD

Box 19: folder 4
Anna's Story" theatre piece by DJD - part performed at "Crank-It-Out," Thornes Market. Crank-It-Out flyers and photos, "Bring on the Dancing Girls" silkscreen design. Handouts for "weeds" and "Suspicious Activities" street improv dance and theatre group, folk dancers, Cuba. "The Funeral Procession for Public Art" theatre piece by DJD, "Landmines not Lunches" theatre piece by DJD. "Blood Money" from anti-world trade org., theatre piece - DJD as "Global CEO from the World Greed Org

Box 19: folder 5
"Theatre of the 6 Dragons," article by Kady and photos by DJD. "Street Artists' Guild" Boston) info and photos of Stephen Baird, founder. Kady's "Trouser Design" pocket blueprint - good for travelers, clowns, performers

Box 19: folder 6
Guerrilla Girls, Neil Alan "Mr N.K. Lean Young's "Movie Shoot," Smoddy Puppet Theatre Company" flyers and photos. "Nick and Sam" Street Theatre boys,

Box 19: folder 7
Silver Fist or Justice Theatre, "Clowns - Against - Nukes," Street Theatre and Rte. 2 Anti-Nuke Waste Theatre parade. Waffles-the-clown, Colrain, MA; R.A.Y., Columbus Day Street Theatre protest, Western Mass,

Box 19: folder 8
"National Day Against Police Brutality" theatre event and script. "Living Wage and Economic Human Rights" day street theatre and "Not-so-funny Money," R.A.Y. "Uncommon Carnival" info and flyers,Mary Weaver's "Mythweavers' Theatre" parade, Coastal Maine, 1993
1996 and 1997.

Box 19: folder 9
Production material, photos, script samples, photos of company, tickets, etc. from "The Witch Papers" a collage-play by DJD,Touring show by Big Hags Theatre Company (includes - Susie Chancey, Hillary Kay, Pat Styer, DJD, Kate O'Connell, Beatrice Hawley, Nan H. Wasburn, Jamie Cancey, Michelle Baxter, Michelle Gabow)

Box 19: folder 10
"Sankofa" People's Multi-cultural arts festival,Maine: dancers, drummers, kids w/ makeup-paint and streamers, anti-beauty contest theatre and demo, 1974, NY state. Clowns, miscellaneous (including DJD, Ringling Bros. - Barnum and Bailey, Laurie Krauth, Sherry Mestel). Old Vaudeville Theatre building and props, Greenfield, MA, 1993. Circus Smirkus, on tour, 1994 (includes Molly Pelley, clown)

Box 19: folder 11
Pat Styer's Character,"Clara Audience" Northampton, MA. Rovin Theatre person. Linda Garson - Smith actor, "Belfast Maskers Theatre" 1993, Maine. Belfaast Maskers Theatre - various productions, 1990's, Fertile Mind Kids' Makeup and face painting workshop, 1993, Maine. Prisoners' Rights and Economic Justice Theatre Production at "Mothers in Prison Children in Crisis" program, Northampton, MA, 1998. Kids Dancing, various locations. "Trevor - the Games Man" 1994, Western Mass.,A hippie woman, dancing, 1966, NY. Drawings by DJD. Street theatre and man on unicycle, 1971, Lower East side. Felicia Thomas, court jester and human rights activist, Maine, 1993. Felicia's cat (Whoops - kitten) 1993

Box 19: folder 12
Bern Porter's 80th Birthday Celebration Coastal Maine - various theatre events, parades. Imogene - theatre woman, dancer, choreographer and gay bar worker, 1970, NYC. Dancer in fountain, Lincoln Center, NY, 196_, "Revolution, Make it in Mass" graffiti, Western Mass, 1987. The dog - design by Kady - prop, scenery, a mask: multi- purpose thing 1990s. Miscellaneous graffiti and chalk designs, various location, dates. "Hoopoe the clowne" - Chris Yerlig - mime, clown, actor, Western Mass, 1990s. "The Crazy Theatre Piece," Western Mass, RR bridge. Street theatre parade, Lower East side, 1960s. Boy watching outdoor theatre from tree, 1960s, NY state. Program, flyers, photos from the ten-dollar Movie Co… (includes Jane Picard, Filmmaker, theatre woman; Pat Styer, theatre woman and play producer) working out of Boston area, 1980s. The Mysterious clown and friends: Meredith of the Iguana Son performance and Artspace, Maine. People from an all-night traveling theatre group (all friends with Meredith) Coastal Maine, 1993. Puppets and theatre by Michelle Wilde, assisted by Kay Halm, from The "BLO - Boobie Liberation Organization," 1999, Western Mass, flyer * news clipping about street theatre by fired Iron Horse Musician Hall employees, 1997, Western Mass

Box 19: folder 13
Info, Intro, how to use this

Box 20: folder 0
Graffiti and More

Miscellaneous theatre color slides and b&w cross-referenced material (includes street theatre, graffiti)

Box 20: folder 1
Animal chalk drawings - graffiti in Pulaski park and miscellaneous graffiti on buildings, Northampton, MA

Box 20: folder 2
"Nick and Sam" - street theatre boys and graffiti, miscellaneous

Box 20: folder 3
"Revolution - make it happen in Mass"Northampton RR trestle (color slide)

Box 20: folder 4
Bicycle mural, Houston St., NYC,

Box 20: folder 5
"Northampton Needs a Community Center" by DJD,Theatre and Public Art

Box 20: folder 6

Little girl and streamers at street theatre and community festival,Maine and dancers, drumming, face painting

Box 20: folder 7
The Big Tent and street festival,Belfast, Maine. 2 older women participants

Box 20: folder 8
Little girl with bicycles - at a street theatre and community festival, Maine,

Box 20: folder 9
Street festival of San Gennaro "Little Italy," NYC,

Box 20: folder 10
Street theatre - Man on a unicycle and installation "Hand on Alarm" Lower East side, NY,

Box 20: folder 11
"The Sweet Shop Flower Folk" with Fafnir, Neil N.K. Lean Young, Susanna, and Amie - The Bearded Lady,at "Sweeties Candy Store," Northampton, MA

Box 20: folder 12
"The Crazy Theatre Piece" with Kady, Pat Styer, Diana Davies, Northampton, Mass.,

Box 20: folder 13
"The Hat Caper" with Kady, Pat, DianaNorthampton, MA

Box 20: folder 14
"Big Eyes - Bug Eyes" - the Strange Eyes theatre thing,with Kady, Pat, Diana. Western Mass

Box 20: folder 15
Kady in the Flea Market Mirror,the Dead Mall, Hadley, MA, "Make a Portable Funhouse" and flea market participants

Box 20: folder 16
Kady - street theatre - hands, foot, and sidewalk sgraffito,NYC

Box 20: folder 17
The Living theatre - street entrance to performance space. 14th St., NYC,-color slides

Box 20: folder 18
El Teatro Campesino - (The Farm workers' Theatre) on tour in(includes Luis Valdez, playwright and founder)

Box 20: folder 19
The Pageant Players, NYC, lateSusie and Rob, company members

Box 20: folder 20
The Pageant Players, NYC,Street theater performances, audiences

Box 20: folder 21
"We Regret to Inform you…" - Anti war play,(?), The Pageant Players

Box 20: folder 22
Poster and 8x10 neg. for poster print by DJD for Theatre of the Angry Arts,NYC

Box 20: folder 23
Theatre of the 6 Dragons,
1971, Washington D.C

Daytime theatre piece, in fountain

Box 20: folder 24
Nighttime theatre piece and "How We Painted Pennsylvania Ave.with the Theater of the 6 Dragons" (includes Kady Burns draft card). "Gay May Day" and Kady with "Beware the Lavender Menace" signs, gay theatre

Box 20: folder 25
The Bread and Puppet Theater

Washington D.C., huge peace march (includes Peter Schumann, founder - director; Amy and Andy Trompetter, actors)
April 1971,

Box 20: folder 26
"The Bach Cantata" NYC,at The Village Theatre

Box 20: folder 27
In protest at St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC (anti-war street theatre)

Box 20: folder 28
With huge puppets at huge anti-war NYC (includes Peter Schumann)
march, 1966,

Box 20: folder 29
On tour - at the Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI,

Box 20: folder 30
On tour,at the Newport Folk Festival - little girl with large horn

Box 20: folder 31
War tax resistance day at the Greenfield, Mass., Post office.
15 April, 1998

Box 20: folder 32
On tour, Burlington, VT,At huge rally, protest march "Against the Contract on America" and to "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal"

Box 20: folder 33
Ridiculous Theatrical Co.,NYC (includes Charles Ludlam - well known "gay" playwright, founder, director, playwright; Lee Stone - poet and actors)

Box 20: folder 34
"Death of Gargoyles" street and storefront performance,NYC (includes Jane Lourie, filmmaker; Michaela Griffo, artist; little girl with flowers)

Box 20: folder 35
Man dancing in fountain at Lincoln Center, NYC,

Box 20: folder 36
Underground theatre and nightlife,"Washington Square Theatre Co." (includes Imogene, Dancer, choreographer, theatre woman, dancers)

Box 20: folder 37
"It's All Right to be a Woman Theatre Co." at SUNY, NY State. Women's conference - performance

Box 20: folder 38
"How to Make a Woman Theatre Co." Judson Memorial Church, NYC,

Box 20: folder 39
Theatre women and theatre girls, Boston Women's theatre festival,- (includes Lynn Conroy, Melanie Conroy, Cherie Jimenez, Noelle Jimenez - mother-daughter theatre people)

Box 20: folder 40
Big Hags Theatre Company, Jamaica Plains, MA,(includes Susie Chancey, Kate O'Connell, Jane Picard, Ellen Sperling)

Box 20: folder 41
Big Hags Theatre Co. on tour,Forestburgh, NY (includes Pat Styer, Susie Chancey, Jane Picard)

Box 20: folder 42
Pat Styer of big Hags Theatre Co. in Provincetown, MA,

Box 20: folder 43
Theatre to "Stop the Shipment of Yankee Rowe Nuke Plant Waste"- theatre and procession up Rte. 2 (includes Kady)

Box 20: folder 44
"Lockup - Lockdown Prison piece - Theatre Thing"with Diana Davies, street performance, Northampton, MA

Box 20: folder 45
"Silver Fist of Justice Theatre" economic justice performance piece, Northampton, MA,

Box 20: folder 46
Hillary Kay - theatre woman, busker, poet - en route to CA. Boston,

Box 20: folder 47
Sky Halm - theatre woman; Elizabeth Nutting - painter and theatre woman; Brendon Rule - theatre person, actor, musician - portraits

Box 20: folder 48
"Waffles - the clown" Social justice street theatre person,Western Mass

Box 20: folder 49
Guerrilla Girls "No Newt" Action,(?)

Box 20: folder 50
"Iguana Sun" Theatre and People's Space - Meredith, founder, Maine,and Iguana Sun all-around Town Theatre Event

Box 20: folder 51
"Fertile Mind" kids mask and makeup and face paint workshop, Coastal Maine,

Box 20: folder 52
Diana Davies at "Mythweaver's Theatre" event,Maine. Photo by "Tammy"

Box 20: folder 53
"Trevor the Games Man" performer, "play-organizer" and stilt-walker. Northampton, MA,

Box 20: folder 54
Printed matter - cool theatre info

Box 20: folder 55
The San Francisco Mime Troupe, NYC - on tour, mid

Box 20: folder 56
"Comedians against Nukes" (CAN) street theatre (with large imitation nuclear waste-container vehicle)Northampton, MA

Box 20: folder 57
Revolutionary Anarchist Youth (RAY) theatre action "Anti-Columbus Day"Northampton, MA

Box 21: folder 1
Dance Theatre

Crank-it-out improv. dance theatre at Thornes Market performance space. Letter to Johanna Walker, founder of the Dance Theatre Co. info,Northampton, MA, DJD has performed with them

Box 21: folder 2
Puppet People

Cathi Finney, puppetmaker, puppeteer, theatre woman, activist. Coastal Maine,

Box 21: folder 3
Puppet theatre by Michelle S. Wilde, Women's Rights and Spirituality issues. Also "BLO" - "Boobie Liberation Organization" member - about Women's Right to not wear shirts,at Third Wave Bookstore, Northampton, Mass. (includes Sky Halm, theatre woman)

Box 21: folder 4
Clowns, Mimes

Sherry Mestel - clown, social justice activist, social worker, theatre woman, editor, publisher, New Brunswick, NY,

Box 21: folder 5
Laurie (Louise) Krauth - clown at Sagaris Feminist Institute,Lyndonville, VT

Box 21: folder 6
Chris Yerlig "Hoopoe the Clowne" mime and street theatre and show performer, Northampton, MA,

Box 21: folder 7
Chris Yerlig, "Hoopoe the Clowne" street performance, Northampton, MA,

Box 21: folder 8
Theatre People and Performance Artists

Theatre woman and Social Justice Activist Carol "Kali" Grosberg, and "Apple" the cat,NY state

Box 21: folder 9
Bern Porter - writer, publisher, performance artist-80th birthday celebration theater event,Maine

Box 21: folder 10
Pat Styer - theatre woman and street busker. Victoria theatre - old Vaudville palace - Greenfield, MA,Vaudville props display

Box 21: folder 11
Stephen Baird, street theatre, busker, founder - street artists' guild, Mass,

Box 21: folder 12
Neil Alan - "Mr. NK Lean Young" theatre and film shoot,Northampton, MA

Box 21: folder 13
Linda Garson-Smith, actor, teacher, Belfast Maskers' Theatre performance,

Box 21: folder 14
Diana Sands, actor,Town Hall, NYC

Box 21: folder 15
Sidney Poitier, France Nuyen, Robert Culp, actors,- at the poor people's march

Box 21: folder 16
Viveca Lindfors, actor,- on the Jeannette Rankin Brigade peace march, Washington DC

Box 21: folder 17

Molly Pelley, clown, at Circus Smirkus, Putney VT,on tour

Box 21: folder 18
Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros. Circus on tour, NY state,- girls watching tigers in cage

Box 21: folder 19
Miscellaneous color slides - circus, street festivals, theatre, fairs, carnivals, clowns, various locations and dates

Box 21: folder 20
Coney Island (NY) circus theatre sideshow,

Box 21: folder 21
Play Script and Papers

The War Machine - a play by Diana Davies - script and production notes, flyers - Radical Arts Theatre (RAT)

Box 21: folder 22
A Riot of Colour For Manny Shirazia play by Diana Davies - script and production notes, flyers

Box 21: folder 23
The Soup-Tin Gardena tiny play by Diana Davies - script, production notes, flyers

Box 21: folder 24

The Dance Book. Miscellaneous bits from an info scrapbook on things moving

Box 22: folder 1
From the Dance Center at East. St., Hadley, MA, Performances by The Dance Generators - with Amie Dowling, founder and choreographer - dancer
Jan. 2000.

Box 22: folder 2
Crank-it-out: Dance theatre performances (annual) by this divers group. This one,(includes Jennifer Polins, Maggie Shollenberger, Lani Nahele (Lisa Schmidt), Johanna Walker, Francis Savage Saliq and Jeff Bliss) (ongoing events) Northampton, MA

Box 22: folder 3
Capoeira Angola. Dance and Martial arts form, at a theatre and street festival, Belfast, Maine,

Box 22: folder 4
Dancers at "Sankofa" street festival. Belfast, Maine,

Box 22: folder 5
Women's Flamenco and archaic dance form class. Boston, early

Box 22: folder 6
Cuban folk dancers, Havana, Cuba,

Box 22: folder 7
Girls dancing in a park at outdoor music festival,Washington DC

Box 22: folder 8
"Circle Dance," men dancing around fountain, Washington Square Park, NYC,

Box 22: folder 9
Man dancing in fountain, Lincoln Center, NYC,

Box 22: folder 10
Graffiti - "If I can't dance, then I don't want to be part of yr revolution" on Railroad trestle. Northampton MA, (Emma Goldman Quote)
Apr. 2001

Box 22: folder 11
Street Artists, Musicians and Buskers and Craftspeople: The Busker Book (a travelling scrapbook of Buskers)

Street performers,NYC, Philadelphia, Boston
1960s and 1970s,

Box 23: folder 1
Buskers, Western Mass and Portland, Maine, Coastal Maine,current

Box 23: folder 2
Buskers, Portland, Maine and Western Mass.,on

Box 23: folder 3
Mimes and musicians, Western Mass,

Box 23: folder 4
Info and article, "The War Against Street Artists" by Diana Davies, performers' licenses, song, clippings,on

Box 23: folder 5
Miscellaneous color slides of street artists and miscellaneous info and cross-referenced b&w

Box 24: folder 1
Diana Davies, Pat Styer, and Kady playing street music,Northampton, MA. Photos by Amy Greene

Box 24: folder 2
Diana Davies and Kady playing music on the streetNorthampton, MA. Photos by Pat Styer

Box 24: folder 3
Heather Kahn, Fiddler and onlookers, old port area. Karl Bergdahl, harmonica. Portland, ME,

Box 24: folder 4
Blind Buskers in subway and streets, NYC,And children, market, miscellaneous street scenes

Box 24: folder 5
"Big WAH Scratch Band" Street musicians - Jug band type - Shelburne Falls - Buckland, Mass,

Box 24: folder 6
Street poet, NYC,

Box 24: folder 7
Man with flute, on stoop, Lower East side, NY,Musicians on Sixth Ave.

Box 24: folder 8
The Street Opera Singer, Lower East Side, NYC,

Box 24: folder 9
Old man with saxophone and old man with Mandolin - middle of 75th St., West Side, NYC

Box 24: folder 10
Traveling jazz musicians with sculpture and "love" graffiti. Cooper Sq, NYC,(in street)

Box 24: folder 11
Jazz trio, Main Street, Northampton, Mass,

Box 24: folder 12
Rockin' Dave Morash, Cajun Accordianist,Northampton, Mass.

Box 24: folder 13
"B.C." street busker and jugglers, Pulaski Park, Northampton,

Box 24: folder 14
Woman street fiddler,Northampton, MA

Box 24: folder 15
Mummers,Northampton, Mass
1999, winter.

Box 24: folder 16
Margaret Garrett, street busker from Boston, playing on Northampton Main St.,- being chased away by cop

Box 24: folder 17
"The Drunk Stuntmen"-playing on street. Northampton, Mass playing

Box 24: folder 18
Diane Sanabria, banjo player and singer - songwriterNorthampton, Mass, street

Box 24: folder 19
Steel drum player Mentos Alwyn, Northampton, Mass street,

Box 24: folder 20
Gerard Evans, Saxophonist, in Harvard Sq., Cambridge, Mass,

Box 24: folder 21
Salamander crossing - Bluegrass/Blues/Rock/Folk Band,Amherst, Mass street (includes Rani Arbo)

Box 24: folder 22
Street drummers,Portland, Maine

Box 24: folder 23
Street artists and craftspersons,Washington Square and Greenwich Village, NYC

Box 24: folder 24
Kady, craftswoman, selling her silver work on the street,Various locations

Box 24: folder 25
Musicians Tom Strum and Ned Masengill. Northampton, MA,

Box 24: folder 26
David Bartlett, fiddle. Mark Weinstein, one-man-band, Northampton, MA,

Box 24: folder 27
Lyndon Engle, Steve Robillard, Kip Morris - blues and folk music - Northampton St,

Box 24: folder 28
Jeremy Keith, from Ireland, playing Bouzouki with his Irish music,Northampton, MA

Box 24: folder 29
Bus station bass player,Springfield, MA

Box 24: folder 30
African - American, street drummers,Philadelphia

Box 24: folder 31
Musicians: Ar Adler and Linda Webb,Sixth Ave, New York City

Box 24: folder 32
Printed matter on street musicians, miscellaneous

Box 24: folder 33
Women and Music

Women musicians, miscellaneous (includes cross-reference material)

Box 25: folder 1
Betty Carter, jazz singer and arranger,

Box 25: folder 2
Carmen McRae, jazz singer, Village Gate, NYC,

Box 25: folder 3
Dorothy Donegan, jazz musician,Boston area

Box 25: folder 4
Bougainvillea. A women's jazz band and Dorothy Donegan (band includes Jeannette Muzima, vibes player and composer)

Box 25: folder 5
Lena Horne,- singer - in NYC (no negatives)

Box 25: folder 6
Juanita Hall - jazz, blues, Broadway show singer,

Box 25: folder 7
Alberta Hunter,- blues-jazz singer, at NYC Cabaret: "The Cookery" (and poster of her)

Box 25: folder 8
Nancy Wilson, pop and jazz singer,at NYC Cabaret: "Royal Box"

Box 25: folder 9
Rashida Shah, jazz singer, Boston, Mass,

Box 25: folder 10
Barbara Streisand,NYC. Opening night of "Funny Girl" singer, actress, movie producer

Box 25: folder 11
Joan Armatrading - rock musician, songwriter,in Portland, Maine

Box 25: folder 12
Joan Baez - musician, songwriter, activist, various dates

Box 25: folder 13
Joan Jett - rock-punk musician,Northampton, Mass

Box 25: folder 14
The Indigo Girls and Mary Chapin Carpenter, Newport Folk Festival,

Box 25: folder 15
Micki Metts - rock bassist, songwriter, musician, with band "Diabolix"in Portland, Maine (one of the few African-American "punk" or "metal" musicians)

Box 25: folder 16
Barbara Keith - musician, rock songwriterWestern Mass

Box 25: folder 17
"Grrrls Rock" the loud festival, Northampton, Mass,(includes "The Brood, Shiva Speedway, Lori Martin)

Box 25: folder 18
Zoë Lewis and Kate Wolf (NOT the folksinger with same name) - "The Rubber Band"Green River Café, Greenfield, Mass.

Box 25: folder 19
Zoë Lewis at "The Taste of Northampton" at Smith College, and Iron Horse Music Hall,

Box 25: folder 20
Aimee Swift and Zoë Lewis - musicians, at Hampshire College Women's "Wow" music festival,

Box 25: folder 21
Aimee Swift and Amy Greene - rock musicians, songwriters, record company founders, band members, "Pirate Jenny" band. "Red Hot Records" Record Co.,Western Mass, photos, recording, and info

Box 25: folder 22
Amy Greene - musician, band member, flutist, songwriter, arranger, composer,at Smith College

Box 25: folder 23
Lyn Haney - songwriter, musician, NYC

Box 25: folder 24
Judy Ricardi, Worcester, MassProducer of Women's Rock music shows, radio broadcasts and events. Also: music critic, D.J. and publisher

Box 25: folder 25
Michelle Shocked - musician, songwriter, at the Northampton Brewery,

Box 25: folder 26
Cindy Bow - musician, songwriter,Western Mass

Box 25: folder 27
"Women Rock" - musicians - Jen Gallahorn, Aimee Swift, Cindy Bow and "Ellen James Society" band,

Box 25: folder 28
Women musicians - Jamming with friends. Miscellaneous, varied dates

Box 25: folder 29
Rock for Choice - benefit rock show for Women's rights group, Portland, Maine,(Women's Rock bands playing for this National org.)

Box 25: folder 30
Mimi Verlaine,Musician, guitarist, NY State

Box 25: folder 31
Gospel singer, Rhode Island, mid-

Box 25: folder 32
Sara Pirtle - folk musician, and performer and storyteller for children, writer,Benefit for "Swords into Plowshares" the Western Mass pacifist org. (Includes Pete Seeger, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, in background) Northfield - Mt Hermon

Box 25: folder 33
Diana Davies, miscellaneous Music matter. Flyers, posters, songs, photos, what-not- music by - and- as played by Diana Jo

Box 25: folder 34
Women's Music

Musicians and women's music scene, miscellaneous includes - Teresa Trull Willie Tyson (1977), Martha Siegel (cellist, 1976), and some printed - published material

Box 26: folder 1
Marilyn Ries - one of the first women sound engineers
1975 and 1977

Box 26: folder 2
Boston Women's Music Festival, Sanders Theatre, Harvard Univ. Includes - Mary Watkins, Hazel Dickens, C.T. and
April, 1976

Box 26: folder 3
"Allegra" women's music production co., Boston Mass,

Box 26: folder 4
Miscellaneous color slides, includes - Margie Adam, Meg Christian, Willie Tyson, "Isis" Rock Band, Alix Dobkin, Holly Near, Kay Gardner

Box 26: folder 5
New England Women's Symphony (NEWS), Boston,includes - Kay Gardner, Nan H. Washburn

Box 26: folder 6
New England Women's Symphony (NEWS) (includes K. Gardner),

Box 26: folder 7
Kay Gardner - rehearsals and recording session. Photos for her "Emerging" album,Revere, Mass

Box 26: folder 8
Antonia Brico, the conductor, NYC and U of Illinois,

Box 26: folder 9
Kay Gardner, Betty MacDonald, Gwen Avery, Robin Fre, Robin Flower, Mary Watkins-Performances and jams

Box 26: folder 10
"Mojo" flute player, performer and feminist-activist. Teddy Hold (a woman) - musician and songwriter,

Box 26: folder 11
Michigan Women's Music Festival,(includes Gwen Avery, Kady - selling crafts, Betty MacDonald, Holly Near, Teresa Trull, audience, Baba Yaga Jazz Band, Margie Adam, Ginni Clemons, Willie Tyson, Marilyn Ries)
1976 and 1977

Box 26: folder 12
Women's Music, miscellaneous (includes Meg Christian, Ginni Clemons, Barbara Cobb, Eileen Kane, Betty McDonald, June Millington, Holly Near, Teresa Trull, Trish Williams, Chris Williamson),
1975-76, undated

Box 26: folder 13
Michigan Women's Music Festival (includes Margie Adam, Baba Yaga, Meg Christian, Carol Clement, Ginni Clemons, Maxine Feldman, Jerene Jackson, Holly Near, Linda Tillery, Teresa Trull, Willie Tyson, Andrea Weltman),

Box 26: folder 14
Michigan Women's Music Festival (includes Margie Adam, Gwen Avery, Ginni Clemons, Casse Culver, Robin Flower, Kay Gardner, Betty McDonald, Jan Oxenberg, Sally Piano, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Teresa Trull, Willie Tyson),

Box 26: folder 15
National Women's Music Festival, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (includes Antonia Brico, Roberta Kosse, Linda Tillery, Jeannie G. Pool, Kay Gardner, Sharon Isbin, Bessie Jones, Ginni Clemons, and jugglers; rehearsals and performances

Box 26: folder 16
Artists, Craftspeople, Architects, Photographers, Videographers, Filmmakers, Actors (film)

Artists - Craftspeople

Kady - arts and crafts studios. Various locations-(includes filmmaker-artists Carol Clement and Ariel Dougherty)

Box 27: folder 1
Artist-activist Constance "Connie" Trowbridge,Cambridge, Mass (includes Diana Davies)

Box 27: folder 2
Artists Bea Kreloff,NYC

Box 27: folder 3
Artist Ellen Sperling and her soft-fabric sculpture,Boston area

Box 27: folder 4
Mary Hynes, artist-craftswoman and her loom and cat,Wendell, Mass (includes Kady and Pat Styer)

Box 27: folder 5
Laura Kaye, painter, Western Mass,
1985 and 1992

Box 27: folder 6
Paula Gottlieb, artist, Western Mass

Box 27: folder 7
Cybèle Collins, artist,Western Mass

Box 27: folder 8
Deidre Scherer, fabric artist,Springfield Museum of Art show, Western Mass

Box 27: folder 9
Alison Berard-Rector,painter, Maine

Box 27: folder 10
Lucy Carver, artist,Maine

Box 27: folder 11
Michaela Griffo, artist, NYC,

Box 27: folder 12
Sheila Pepe, artist,Western Mass and her soft sculpture
1980s and 1990s.

Box 27: folder 13
Alexander Calder, sculptor,NYC

Box 27: folder 14
Artists assorted: Fumio Yoshimura, Wolfgang Flor, Eli Ilan, Kate Sorensen, artistPhilly
. 1995,

Box 27: folder 15

Randal Korman, architect and sculptor,NYC

Box 27: folder 16

Jill Freedman, photographer,NYC

Box 27: folder 17
Consuelo "Connie" Kanaga, photographer, NY State,

Box 27: folder 18
Iris Greenberg, photographer,NY State

Box 27: folder 19
Photographers, miscellaneous (includes Heather Curtis, Tia Cross, Jeanne Garrison, Nancy Flowers, Heidi Reijm, Peggy McKenna, Joe Alper, John Goodwin, Jaques Charlas, Minoru ("Mickey") Aoki, Jonathan Gaines.), various dates/locations

Box 27: folder 20
Photographer - filmmaker

Francine Winham, photographer and filmmaker, London,

Box 27: folder 21

Jane Lourie, filmmaker, NYC
1969 and 1970s

Box 27: folder 22
Jane Picard, filmmaker and actor,Boston and Western Mass

Box 27: folder 23
Michelle Gisser, video artist and filmmaker,Western Mass (includes Jeannette Muzima, jazz musician)

Box 27: folder 24
Filmmakers, miscellaneous - cross-reference file and info

Box 27: folder 25
Film Stills

Still photos for "Artemesia" a film by Carol Clement and Ariel Dougherty,(includes photos of filmmakers) and info, "Women Make Movies" organization

Box 27: folder 26
Film stills and work by Diana Davies. Various dates

Box 27: folder 27
Actors, film

Marlon Brando, actor, supporting Native American rights movement,Washington D.C.

Box 27: folder 28
Actors and Rita Tushyingham, Sophia Loren, Omar Sharif. Director, David Lean,NYC

Box 27: folder 29
Actor, comic, filmmaker - Woody Allen,

Box 27: folder 30
Actors, film, television: Hal Holbrook, Michael J. Pollard, Michael Caine, Martha Raye, and cross-referenced matter

Box 27: folder 31

Video woman Phyllis of Amherst (public access) cable TV, Amherst, Mass.
April 2001,

Box 27: folder 32

Gwendolyn Brooks, poet at Smith College, Neilson Library,

Box 28: folder 1
Barbara Deming,NY State (includes Jane Gapen Verlaine, artist and Consuelo Kanaga, photographer)
1970s and 1980s,

Box 28: folder 2
Barbara Deming,NY State, NYC (includes Kady, artist-activist- craftswoman) and info

Box 28: folder 3
Beatrice Hawley, poet, activist, co-founder Alice James Press and Common Stock Café. Boston area,

Box 28: folder 4
Barbara Smith, writer, editor, essayist,Boson (includes Tia Cross, photographer)

Box 28: folder 5
Women writers read and meet at Sagaris Feminist Institute , Vermont,(includes Kady, Yvonne Matthews Klein, Margaret Fiedler, Joan Peters)

Box 28: folder 6
Women writers reading for social justice = Grace Paley, Marge Piercy, Denise Levertov, Karen Lindsey,Cambridge, Mass, at old Cambridge Baptist Church (OCBC)

Box 28: folder 7
Kady and Pat Styer, working on and reading their feminist writings,Western Mass

Box 28: folder 8
Writers - miscellaneous color slides, includes Adrienne Rich, Robin Morgan, Leah Fritz, Blanche McCary Boyd, Honor Moore, NYC,

Box 28: folder 9
Grace Paley at "Stop the Draft" rally, NY,

Box 28: folder 10
Grace Paley and writer Sybil Claibourne,NY State

Box 28: folder 11
Grace Paley and Dragon Puppet at peace march, NYC,

Box 28: folder 12
Grace Paley with writers Bob Nichols and Paul Johnson,Vermont

Box 28: folder 13
Grace Paley and writer Robert Nichols (her husband) reading at the Green River Café, Greenfield, Mass,

Box 28: folder 14
Denise Levertov, cross-referenced miscellaneous material
. 1967 and 1980

Box 28: folder 15
Frances "Fran" Goldin, radical literary agent and people's rights activist,(cross-referenced material)

Box 28: folder 16
Elena Poniatowska - writer, historian, human rights activist from Mexico. Reading-speaking at Mt. Holyoke College,

Box 28: folder 17
Nancy Kelly - writer, editor, professor, feminist literary historian - activist. Western Mass,
July 1991

Box 28: folder 18
Nancy Kelly and Elizabeth Lambert, writers, editors, women's literary historians. Western Mass,
July 1991

Box 28: folder 19
Nancy Kelly and Mary Daly,Northampton, Mass.

Box 28: folder 20
Mary Daly - speaking/reading. Various dates, NY State and Western Mass

Box 28: folder 21
Mary Daly and her cat friends - "Familiars"Western Mass.

Box 28: folder 22
May Sarton,NYC. Reading and book signing

Box 28: folder 23
Susan Sontag and writer Paul Blackburn - Angry Arts against the war in Vietnam readingNYC
. 1967,

Box 28: folder 24
Alma Routsong (a.k.a. "Isabel Miller") writer,NYC

Box 28: folder 25
Sue Grafton - mystery novelist, at Odyssey Books. So. Hadley, Mass,

Box 28: folder 26
Kate Millett,Various locations

Box 28: folder 27
Lucy Parsons Books - radical independent collectively owned bookstore and community space. Central Sq., Cambridge, Mass.,

Box 28: folder 28
Writers, miscellaneous: Marty Jezer, Benjamin Spock, David Halberstam, Jean Genet- color slides
. 1960s-1970s

Box 28: folder 29
Chinva Achebe - Biafran (now Nigeria) writer. Harvey Swados, writer and essayist,

Box 28: folder 30
Herbert ("Herb") Gold,

Box 28: folder 31
Dwight MacDonald, Robert Lowell, Stanley Diamond at "End the War Against Biafra,"U.N. Plaza, NYC

Box 28: folder 32
Writers, miscellaneous: Benjamin Spock, Robert Nichols, Jimmy Breslin, Paul Krassner, various dates

Box 28: folder 33
Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky - poets at an anti-war rally,NYC

Box 28: folder 34
Allen Ginsberg reading anti-war poems and chanting. NYC,

Box 28: folder 35
Allen Ginsberg at a theatre and music event, NYC,

Box 28: folder 36
Norman Mailer ["How-to-attack-your-wife-and-be-praised-as-a-famous-writer-old boys-club"] NYC,

Box 28: folder 37
Jean Genet - French playwright and writer,NYC

Box 28: folder 38
Leslie Fiedler,

Box 28: folder 39
The Railroads, Hoboes and Subways


Hoboes, and the World of Freight Hoppers Unlimited: photos, letters, info, drawings

Box 29: folder 1
The Railroads

Trains in Western Mass,Cabooses on siding. "Scabs Rule", "Save the Railroads - STRR" - graffiti

Box 29: folder 2
Tracks with snow. Northampton, Mass,Weeds near tracks

Box 29: folder 3
Depot and tracks,Northampton, Mass.

Box 29: folder 4
R.R. Station and tracks. Northampton, Mass,

Box 29: folder 5
Train depot, Belfast and Moosehead (a.k.a. RR, Maine,- accordian player in station (B and ML RR)

Box 29: folder 6
B and ML RR, Maine,Yard and caboose

Box 29: folder 7
Waldo Station,B and ML RR, Maine

Box 29: folder 8
Belfast Station, B and ML RR,Maine

Box 29: folder 9
B and ML RR train yard and equipment

Box 29: folder 10
B and ML RR train yard,Round house, cabooses, cars, parts

Box 29: folder 11
B and ML RR, color slides. Tracks, station. Trains and interiors, passengers

Box 29: folder 12
Penn Central Tracks,NYC - color slides

Box 29: folder 13
South Station, Boston,Dancing and band in station, passengers, commuters

Box 29: folder 14
Boston "T" subway,"Red Line" kids playing on floor

Box 29: folder 15
Subway series, NYC- a whole lotta underground stuff (most were published)

Box 29: folder 16
NYC from "The El" - elevated subway line, early

Box 29: folder 17
Western Mass Women and Community Groups

Lesbian-Gay Pride march, Northampton, Mass. (includes Paula Gottlieb, Molly Babize, Trina Hope, Alice Barrett, Laura Kaye, Susan Levine),

Box 30: folder 1
Interfaith pilgrimage on the route of the third passage,Northampton support rally - includes Athena Stylos, artist and Mary Hynes, weaver

Box 30: folder 2
Mary Hynes, artist and craftswoman and social justice activist,Wendell, Mass

Box 30: folder 3
Paula Gottlieb art show at Lunaria Books, lateNorthampton, Mass

Box 30: folder 4
Lunaria Bookstore,Includes - co-founder Madeline Zadik; guests - Crystal Chemris, Kady and Madeline's dog

Box 30: folder 5
Artist-activist Laura Kaye and visitors at her home in Wendell,

Box 30: folder 6
"Dor" - Dorthee, a craftswoman, activist,Leverett, Mass.

Box 30: folder 7
Mary Hynes, Dor, Kady,- playing marbles, planting trees. Wendell

Box 30: folder 8
JoAnn Aalfs, community activist,Northampton

Box 30: folder 9
Activist Kathryn Wetzel, earlyat her tag sale, Northampton

Box 30: folder 10
Monster, org.

Flyers, info from Monster. Western Mass Anarcha - feminist group. Late

Box 30: folder 11
Revolutionary Anarchist Youth (RAY)

Photos, papers, flyers, publications. Includes - photos of Caitlin Kiely and Nicole Byer with banner, etc. on living wage day, Northampton

Box 30: folder 12
RAY activists/organizers. Includes - Ruby Bottlerocket, Morgan Kennedy, Nicole Byer, Dada Welch, Northampton,

Box 30: folder 13
RAY organizers. Includes - Heidi Reijm, Steve Theberge, Ben Tyler, Dana Welch, Jess Klatzker, Cybèle Collins, Cat Bohannon, Jeff

Box 30: folder 14
Info and flyers

Box 30: folder 15
Info and flyers

Box 30: folder 16
Zines, published by RAY (D. Davies, contributor)

Box 30: folder 17
Valley Arts and Music Alliance (VAMA) and Flywheel

Valley Arts and Music Alliance (VAMA) and Flywheel Arts Space Collectively organized and run community gallery, infoshop, performance space, café. Photos, papers and designs by Diana Jo, for Flywheel-VAMA,-

Box 30: folder 18
Youth Rights

The Youth Summit at Hampshire College,Youth Rights conference - U.S. and international representation and participation in workshops and events by social justice and youth rights activists (includes Marta, organizer)

Box 30: folder 19
The Youth Summit info, publications and flyers

Box 30: folder 20
Women's Zines and Publications

Ella: a journal of women in music, Western Mass,(DJD contributor)

Box 31: folder 1
Earth Rites - a Zine/journal edited by Sherry Mestel,(DJD contributor)
1978 and 1980

Box 31: folder 2
Riot Grrrl - Zines and posters, early(DJD and local contributors)

Box 31: folder 3
Women's Zines, miscellaneous, includes - Thirteen Zine, Death and Tortillas, Sister Suberter, Spectacular Times, Gun Moll, Feminist Action, Hey Angel, Boingo, Buffy Meets Fire Kitten, No Longer Silent, Discombobulated Triagathoid, Madwoman, Shut up and Listen, Lucky Starr

Box 31: folder 4
Street Kids Project, Maine,

The Street Kids Book: "Art Underground and Beyond…" These 6 folders contain material from a large notebook which documented the struggle(s) of street kids fighting a curfew act against kids under 18 years old. Kids organized, held meetings, put out flyers and petitions, got the ACLU to help, put on a huge multi-media art show. This is also a story of their working together, and tells and shows us about the art show. It is a story of community and organizing. It is a story of human rights

Box 32: folder 1-6
Sketchbook: "Draw or write in here, please…" sketchbook from the kids' art show

Box 32: folder 7
Story-article: "Survive the Night - A Curfew Story" by Diana Davies - article

Box 32: folder 8
Small photos of street kids project

Box 32: folder 9-10
Clippings, info, letters, published material, addresses, art show organizing material

Box 32: folder 11
Street kids, supporters

Street kids' supporter, artist Ollie Nuse

Box 32: folder 12
Stone soup kitchen a friend and food have for the street folk

Box 32: folder 13
Backstage at the gallery - supporters and the art show (includes artists Heather Curtis and A.J. Dutch)

Box 32: folder 14
Supporters Claire, Jocey, and Felicia and their 2nd-hand store

Box 32: folder 15
Supporters of Youth Rights at Felicia and Leticia's house

Box 32: folder 16
The Curfew

Signs, on buildings, calling for fight against curfew

Box 32: folder 17
Kids on bicycles protest the curfew

Box 32: folder 18
Street kids' supporters and the chief of police, Belfast, Maine

Box 32: folder 19
Street kids and supporters playing hacky-sack and music in the streets

Box 32: folder 20
Street kids and supporters playing music, talking, etc

Box 32: folder 21
Street kids - "Charley" and supporters

Box 32: folder 22
All-ages Space

A "Chem-free", all ages club in Portland, kids welcome

Box 32: folder 23
Youth Rights supporters

Box 32: folder 24
Street kids and supporters truck

Box 32: folder 25
Extra "8x10" prints

Box 32: folder 26
Mexico, Cuba, Portugal, Spain, late
1960s, early 1970s and 1990s

Mexico - Radical politics

Support for EZLN and radical social justice in Chiapa, Mexico. - Demonstration in Northampton, Mass - by five colleges (Includes Nosotras, Smith College Latina group)

Box 33: folder 1
Zapatista - EZLN representative Cecelia Rodriguez speaks at Smith College,

Box 33: folder 2
Elena Poniatowska, radical Mexican historian, journalist, writer speaks and reads at Mt. Holyoke College,and copies of "Tlatelolco" painting done for E. Poniatowska - by Diana Davies, 1998

Box 33: folder 3
Mexico city - color slides,- miscellaneous street scenes

Box 33: folder 4

Fidel Castro,- at 2 events - rally and arts reception. Havana, Cuba

Box 33: folder 5
Dancers at community center, near Havana

Box 33: folder 6
Havana,Miscellaneous street scenes and street festival - celebration

Box 33: folder 7
Havana,Color slides - street scenes, mental institution with women inmates, Havana greenbelt, street rally, signs

Box 33: folder 8

Miscellaneous color slides, LisbonWomen working and going to public market, women working in street, "street urchins" street scene
1969 and 1970.

Box 33: folder 9
Public arts festival,Lisbon - folk arts performances and audience

Box 33: folder 10

Madrid, Spain-street scenes

Box 33: folder 11
Israel - Palestine (and related material from NYC)

Golda Meir in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and NYC,(color and b&w )
1967 and 1970

Box 34: folder 1
Israel - Palestine. MiscellaneousArab and Israeli culture and political and social scenes. Old city, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Israeli army, craftspeople, market scenes, sports event, wailing wall, U.N. vehicles (includes Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Yigal Allon)
1969 and 1970,

Box 34: folder 2
Israel/PalestineJerusalem, Kidron Valley, Jericho

Box 34: folder 3
Journal excerpts and on-the-road flashbacks and published material

Box 34: folder 4
Color slides,Arab and Israeli culture (mostly Jerusalem and old city)
1969 and 1970.

Box 34: folder 5
Color slides - Israeli army and military. Irrigated land/agricultural projects, Landscapes, Hebrew Univ., Archaeological digs, Jaffa Arts and Crafts, sports (and - pro-Israeli demo in NYC during "6-day war"Kibbutzim

Box 34: folder 6
Animals - Creatures (and more "best-friends")

Max the cat, in window,Lower East side, NYC

Box 35: folder 1
Gertrude (dog), Max (cat) and visiting small cat, Lower East side,

Box 35: folder 2
Gertrude (dog), George (dog), Max (cat),NY State

Box 35: folder 3
Gertrude (dog), Max (cat), Roxbury, Mass,

Box 35: folder 4
Billie Jean cat woman and the other barn catsNY State
. 1974,

Box 35: folder 5
Billie Jean and Max (cats),NY State (close-ups) ("The Cat Under the Stool")

Box 35: folder 6
Billie Jean (cat), Gertrude (dog),Catskill Mtns., NY State

Box 35: folder 7
Billie Jean (cat), George (dog), Max (cat) and the basket houseNY State
. 1976,

Box 35: folder 8
Max (big cat) and Hawk and Richard (small cats) and Kady. NY State,

Box 35: folder 9
Barnyard - farm cats at birdfeeders. Forestburgh (Catskill Mtns.) NY State,

Box 35: folder 10
"Tillie" the dog and "Millie" (theFord Mustang) on the road, 1977. And Tillie and the house

Box 35: folder 11
Gertrude (dog) in "The Blizzard of '78" Boston, Mass,

Box 35: folder 12
Billie Jean cat woman and the piano ("The Cat on the Piano"Jamacia Plain, Mass.

Box 35: folder 13
Jessie (dog) - Pat Styer's dog,Northampton, Mass

Box 35: folder 14
Gertrude (dog), Jesse (dog),Woodstock, NY

Box 35: folder 15
The two singing (howling?) dogs. Coastal Maine,In parking lot, in car

Box 35: folder 16
The gargoyle dogs at the Zertgeist Gargoyle ShopPortland, Maine
. 1993,

Box 35: folder 17
"Animals on the Job" - "Bum" - the garage dogNY State
. 1966 and 1967,

Box 35: folder 18
"The Ghost Cat" in storefront window. Market St., Northampton, Mass.,

Box 35: folder 19
"Sammy" - the orange cat. Northampton, Mass(a jazz band's cat)

Box 35: folder 20
Alley cats who live behind "Joe's Café" (pizza joint)Northampton, Mass

Box 35: folder 21
Alley cats, Amherst, Mass.,

Box 35: folder 22
Old dog on porch, rural slum neighborhood. Costal Maine,(and weeds and textures)

Box 35: folder 23
"Harlequin" - the two-tone dog. Northampton, Mass.,

Box 35: folder 24
2 "orange" dogs on Main St. Northampton, Mass(and flowers and crocuses)

Box 35: folder 25
"Patchwork" dog and shadow on Main St. Northampton, Mass

Box 35: folder 26
"Apple" the cat (Barbara Deming's cat friend)NY State

Box 35: folder 27
Cat in second story window. Coastal Maine, Rte.
1, 1988

Box 35: folder 28
Cats and dogs. Prints from color slides in this file, miscellaneous

Box 35: folder 29
Cats and dogs - color slides, miscellaneous

Box 35: folder 30
Bird next and eggs (print and color slide)NY State

Box 35: folder 31
Assorted creatures - color slides. Frogs, possums, farm animals, camel, ducks, lizards, birds, etc

Box 35: folder 32
"Cow Friendship" (2 cows) - series. Western Mass,(the cow series)

Box 35: folder 33
Longhorned cows. Rural Maine (the cow series),

Box 35: folder 34
Molly the woodchuck and her children, Coastal Maine,

Box 35: folder 35
The possum in the shed(possum squats in storage shed) Catskill Mtns., NY State
. 1974

Box 35: folder 36
The grasshopper in the thistle. Catskill Mtns.,

Box 35: folder 37
Snake on rocks, flowers, moths, weeds, garden (includes Kady and Marian Wagner)Catskill Mtns

Box 35: folder 38
Huge snake (pit viper)Catskill Mtns., NY State (in back of Kady's house)

Box 35: folder 39
Spider webs. Catskill Mtns. Forestburgh, NY State,

Box 35: folder 40
The red-headed bird, Western Mass,

Box 35: folder 41
Bird tracks, Boston,

Box 35: folder 42
Flying bird viewed through picket fence and opera house. Coastal Maine and "Blizzard of '78", Boston,

Box 35: folder 43
Ducks in a pondoff Rte. 202, New Hampshire
. 1990

Box 35: folder 44
The three geese -or- ducksCatskill Mtns., NY State
. 1986.

Box 35: folder 45
The white and speckled horse in the dirty-white barnNorthampton, Mass fairgrounds
. 1994.

Box 35: folder 46
Horse - in pasture and dog, "Dali" - in record store. Off rte. 1, Coastal Maine,

Box 35: folder 47
Raccoon, Woodstock, NY-Catskill Mtns.,

Box 35: folder 48
Farmyard, NY State. Catskill Mtns., early- Mule, chickens, goat

Box 35: folder 49
Cats and dogs watch deer through windowCatskill Mtns., Forestburgh, NY
. 1976,

Box 35: folder 50
The deer series - snowscapes and deer-Catskill Mtns.,NY State (color)

Box 35: folder 51
The deer series - grazing spring.,(b&w )

Box 35: folder 52
The deer series - miscellaneous color slides and printsCatskill Mtns., NY State
. 1970s,

Box 35: folder 53
Nature and Farms

Trees, miscellaneous - prints from slides in this file box

Box 36: folder 1
Trees - tree bark, roots, leaves, plants, textures, miscellaneous color slides

Box 36: folder 2
Trees - tree bark, roots, plants, textures, miscellaneous color slides

Box 36: folder 3
Trees, plants, textures, color internegs from slides in this box

Box 36: folder 4
Tree roots and stream,Ashfield, Mass.

Box 36: folder 5
"Lie on your back in the grass and take a picture of a tree…" (an assignment to myself)Catskill Mtns., NY State

Box 36: folder 6
Trees and vines. Trees and sunset,Catskill Mtns., NY State

Box 36: folder 7
Tree - "Dogwood" and plants (Jack in the Pulpit)NY State

Box 36: folder 8
Olive trees and bark. Gethsemane Garden Jerusalem,or 1970 (b&w and color)

Box 36: folder 9
Ice breaking-up in river. Tree stump and roots - "The Forest Wall"Coastal Maine

Box 36: folder 10
Textures, plants, shoots, twiggy-things, rocks, bricksHadley, Mass
. 1995

Box 36: folder 11
Textures - weeds, wood, rocks, ice. Coastal Maine

Box 36: folder 12
Flowers, weeds, wood, stream. Western Mass,and textures

Box 36: folder 13
Textures - pond, rocks, weeds and trailers!!! New Hampshire - off Rte. 202,

Box 36: folder 14
Rocks, textures. Near Beach, Newport, RI,

Box 36: folder 15
The ice storm. Northampton, Mass.
March 1995,

Box 36: folder 16
"The Beach Rubble Series" Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass.,(from a traveling exhibit and notebook)

Box 36: folder 17
Mushrooms - toadstools, NY State,

Box 36: folder 18

"Still-life" - daffodils and plant. Daffodils in the Blue Garden,(the blue-tone print experiment)

Box 36: folder 19
Wildflowers and berries,Catskill Mtns., NY State

Box 36: folder 20
Sunflower, tree bark and fungus. Catskill Mtns., NY State,

Box 36: folder 21
Flowers on "The Bridge of Flowers" Shelburne Falls, Mass.,

Box 36: folder 22
Flowers, miscellaneous prints from slides in this file box

Box 36: folder 23
Flowers, miscellaneous color slides

Box 36: folder 24
Flowers, miscellaneous color slides

Box 36: folder 25
Western Mass

Green tomatoes. Western Mass farms, wildflowers, weeds,

Box 37: folder 1
Tomatoes, ripe. Western Mass farms. Summer squash,

Box 37: folder 2
Old cucumber-picking vehicle, farmlands, surreal tress. Greenfield,

Box 37: folder 3
Cummington Fair, Rural farmlife, agriculture, animals, theatre, etc.
Aug. 1994.

Box 37: folder 4
Old sled,Northampton, Western Mass

Box 37: folder 5
Farmland, Green river, ducks, old car. Rte.
2, 1992

Box 37: folder 6
Skies, milkweed pods, weeds, vines, Western Mass

Box 37: folder 7
Skies, sunflowers, veggies, rocks, chimpmunk,

Box 37: folder 8
Icicles on bush,Greenfield

Box 37: folder 9
Pat's purple crocuses,Northampton

Box 37: folder 10
Horizontal icicles,Northampton

Box 37: folder 11
Trees and textures (miscellaneous),Northampton

Box 37: folder 12
. 1992,

Box 37: folder 13
Fields and flowers - sticks and stones - Bay Rd. to So. Hadley - on foot
. 1987

Box 37: folder 14
Weeds, sunflowers, seed pods, tree stumps and textures. Near Turners Falls and Wendell,

Box 37: folder 15
Streambed, roses, weeds. Walking along Rte. 116, Ashfield

Box 37: folder 16
Double-rainbow near Greenfield,

Box 37: folder 17
Sweet gum tree seed pods,

Box 37: folder 18
Tree branches and vines,

Box 37: folder 19
Rte. 116, landscapes

Box 37: folder 20
"October Roses" roses growing outdoors in Northampton
Oct. 1986.

Box 37: folder 21
Streambed, rocks. Off Rte.
9, 1982

Box 37: folder 22
Winter, 1987,

Box 37: folder 23
New York State

Farmscapes - slides from Catskill Mtn. Farms,

Box 37: folder 24
Old apple orchard and stained glass,Forestburgh, NY - print from slide in this box

Box 37: folder 25
Apples, dragonflies, pond plants, thistles,Forestburgh, NY

Box 37: folder 26
Winter at Squirrels Corners,(includes Kady) (series) color (Forestburgh, NY)

Box 37: folder 27
Winter at Squirrels Corners - series, cont. color

Box 37: folder 28
Winter at Squirrels Corners - series, cont. color

Box 37: folder 29
Country Squirrels Corners. Forestburgh, NY
winter, 1973.

Box 37: folder 30
Old shale (road rock) crushing machine,Forestburgh

Box 37: folder 31
Rural color - barns, sleds, tress - Kady with her dog (George). Old man Arthur and the house he was born in,

Box 37: folder 32
Trees, stumps, laurel, clover, new trees,

Box 37: folder 33
Ice storm, Squirrels Corners,Forestburgh

Box 37: folder 34

North on Rtes.
5 and 91, 1985

Box 37: folder 35
Coast - Maine

Gulf of Maine by boat,Beach plums, seagull in flight

Box 38: folder 1
Wildflowers off Rte. 1. Coastal,

Box 38: folder 2
Old farm hay machine and fall leaves. Coast,

Box 38: folder 3
Pier, rocks, rowboats. Coast off Rte. 1-1989

Box 38: folder 4
Weeds, trees, harbor, "Blue Goose Café", Coastal, Rtes.
1 and 3

Box 38: folder 5
Weeds, seed pods and such, Coastaloff Rte. 15
. 1987

Box 38: folder 6
Country road, winter off Rte. 1. Harbor, old house, textures, tress, farmland

Box 38: folder 7
Bar Harbor: shoreline water, firs. land - seascapes

Box 38: folder 8
Bar Harbor: shoreline, land-seascapes, seagulls, dinghy, harbor

Box 38: folder 9
Bar Harbor: shoreline, tress, tree roots,

Box 38: folder 10
Bar Harbor: Acadia National Park - color slides,

Box 38: folder 11
Coast, off rte. 1 Driftwood, rocks, weeds, woodchuck

Box 38: folder 12
Belfast Harbor off rte. Beach Plum, rosehips, wharf boats
1, 1988.

Box 38: folder 13
Weeds, fences, barbedwire, tree, harbor scenes, "Island Girl" boat, coast off rte.
1, 1987

Box 38: folder 14
Winter N.E., rte. 1 Coast, Trailers!, coves, trees, dog in pickup truck, rural scenes

Box 38: folder 15
Winter NE coastal, rte. 1. Snowdrifts, leaves, ice on river, etc.

Box 38: folder 16
Winter NE coastal, rte. 1. Harbor scenes, textures

Box 38: folder 17
Apples orchard, leaves on ground, bare branches, old shed (part 1)

Box 38: folder 18
"Renovated" old shed (part 2) summer, early Rte 187, off rte 1
fall 1988.

Box 38: folder 19
Flotsam and jetsam, crab, boatyard, houses, wharf, lobster pots, etc., rocks, seaweed. Stonington,

Box 38: folder 20
Laundry line, lobster pots, harbor, lobster shack, Stonington

Box 38: folder 21
Boats, seaweed, lobsterpots, boatyard, harbor, seagull on toy boatStonington and Burnt Cove
. 1976-1977

Box 38: folder 22
Harbor scenes, miscellaneous coastal. Rte 15, various dates

Box 38: folder 23
Snowperson and barn. Maine central train, weeds
. 1987

Box 38: folder 24
Camden, Lincolnville Beach-Harbor scenes, beach, vines, seed pods, snow,Coastal, rte. 1

Box 38: folder 25
Textures, vines, pods, feather, fence, leaf. Camden,

Box 38: folder 26
Coastal scenes, cattails, bushes, "Red's Eats" café, pond. Fall colors,

Box 38: folder 27
End winter - begin springRte. 1 coast, textures, rocks, harbor
. 1989.

Box 38: folder 28
Upper Maine coast, rtes. After "a small hurricane," 1989. Stuff washed up on beaches (includes Kady, exploring debris)
1 and 15.

Box 38: folder 29
The Miscellany Box


People in the thick of the job - workplace miscellaneous various dates/locations

Box 39: folder 1
Fishing industry, Cape Cod

Box 39: folder 2
Places, Sight

South Street Seaport, NY City,

Box 39: folder 3
NY City street scenes

Box 39: folder 4
NY Harbor from Staten Island ferry and 5 cent fare booths for ferry,

Box 39: folder 5
East river from FDR Drive (and harbor)

Box 39: folder 6
Artwork and Design by Diana Jo Davies

"How to…" notebook -designs and info- (and tips or suggestions) and a book-in-progress

Box 40: folder 1
Burnett Gallery sow,"The Portrait Show" at Jones Library, Amherst. Info, designs, published material

Box 40: folder 2
Silkscreened patches

Box 40: folder 3
Shows/workshops organized or curated by DJD

Box 40: folder 4
Colrain war tax resistance,Jailed protesters in the Franklin County Courthouse. Greenfield, Mass.

Box 40: folder 5
Designs for Food Not Bombs organization,

Box 40: folder 6
Portraits and poster and card designs - "Radical Women" series -

Box 40: folder 7
Work done for AFSC - American Friends Service Committee

Box 40: folder 8
Posters and illustrations - radical social justice themes and logos

Box 40: folder 9
Illustrations and designs "Women" - varied portraits

Box 40: folder 10
Pool-hall women. Drawings of girls who play the game

Box 40: folder 11
"Women and Music" - illustrations and designs

Box 40: folder 12
Miscellaneous themes and portraits - designs and drawings

Box 40: folder 13
Miscellaneous themes and portraits - designs and drawings

Box 40: folder 14
Videotapes by Diana Jo Davies

Box 41
Additional Material

Oral history of Diana Davies, interviewed by Aimee Brown and Laura Finkel: CD and transcript,

Box 41: folder 1
Oversize prints - various themes (some are duplicates of smaller prints in the regular files)

Women's Movement and Women's Lives

Women in public market, Portugal
circa 1970

Box 43: folder 1
Three lifelong friends (3 older women in Parish hall)

Box 43
"Woman" African-Amer. woman holding sigh, surrounded by 2 profiles

Box 43
Shirley Chisholm, Andrea Dworkin, Bella Abzug, Kate Millett

Box 43
Tower press. women's printshop, NY

Box 43
Men picket theWomen's Strike march, NY

Box 43
2 collages of women's faces (photos)

Box 43
Labor History: Dolores Huerta Chicanas from UFW, Cesar Chavez

Box 43: folder 2
Native American Rights: Three older women with "Indian Power Sigh" Miscellaneous portraits, demos

Box 43: folder 3

Choreographer and dancer - "Imogene" NY City,

Box 43: folder 4
Man dancing in fountain, NY CityLincoln Center

Box 43
Dancer in a Bowery Bar,

Box 43
Artists and Craftspeople - photographers, filmmakers, actors (film)

Francine Winham-- filmmaker/photographer. London

Box 43: folder 5
Alexander Calder, sculptorNY City; Gina Lollabrigida, actor (film) 1960s
. 1960s

Box 43
Peace movement

Various demonstrations,

Box 43: folder 6
Women protesters in "the tombs" jail, NYC

Box 43
Stop the Draft Week

Box 43
Poverty/Poor folk

Portraits, demos, street scenes, homeless people

Box 43: folder 7
Buffalo Creek Hollow Damn disaster,; W. Virginia - survivors, ruin

Box 43: folder 8

Jimmy Breslin

Box 43: folder 9
Norman Mailer

Box 43
Jean Genet

Box 43
Street scenes - hither and yon

Portraits, street scenes, miscellaneous

Box 43: folder 10
Old woman leaning against storefront, NY City (anon.),

Box 43
Children : Miscellaneous portraits

Box 43: folder 11
Civil Rights Movement/ African-American History

Afeni Shakur,(Black painter)

Box 43: folder 12
Coretta Scott King,

Box 43

Janis Joplin,

Box 43: folder 13
Leontyne Price,

Box 43
Ethel Merman

Box 43
John Lennon,

Box 43
Politics/Politicians: Eugene McCarthy,

Box 43: folder 14


Box 43: folder 15
"Death of Gargoyles" performer,

Box 43
The Right Wing: Pro-war in Vietnam demos, Anti-Communits, U.S. Nazis,

Box 43: folder 16
Animals/creatures: Cat, "Max," in window

Box 43: folder 17
Photojourney (from the book)

Bessie who lives in Central park, NY City,

Box 43: folder 18
2 women, poor people's march- on the road,

Box 43
The Bowery Boys, NY,

Box 43
"Oversize" published material and posters (from portfolios and files), work done for:

The program in Black American Culture and Smithsonian Performing Arts - Smithsonian Institution

Box 44
Win Magazine

Box 44
World Outlook Magazine

Box 44
The New York Times

Box 44
Fawcett/Premier Books

Box 44
Epoca Magazine (Italy)

Box 44
The Christian Science Monitor

Box 44
Photography Annual

Box 44
The Village Voice

Box 44
Panorama Magazine (Italy)

Box 44
Dateline Magazine - Overseas Press Club of America

Box 44

Box 44
NY Times Magazine

Box 44
The Boston Globe

Box 44
The Daily News (NY)

Box 44
Women's Rights National Historical Park

Box 44
The Waldo Independent

Box 44
New Society Publishers

Box 44
Love It Like a Fool - video stills - film about Malvina Reynolds

Box 44
Photojourney - photos by Diana Davies (book)

Box 44
Pure Lust, Beacon Press - author photo of Mary Daly

Box 44
Dirty Linen, the Journal of Folk and World Music

Box 44
Univ. of Georgia Press

Box 44
Heart and Soul, film and production stills

Box 44
Life Magazine

Box 44
Liberation Magazine

Box 44
Newsweek Magazine

Box 44
Die Zeit, newspaper, Germany

Box 44
Tilbury House Publishers

Box 44
Macmillan Co. (publishers)

Box 44
Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Box 44
Rutgers Univ. Press

Box 44
Surviva, film and productions stills - for Women Make Movies

Box 44
Greene County Council on the Arts News

Box 44
Mammy, a third world women's publication, published by RAT Magazine

Box 44
Tenant, published by the Metropolitan Council on Housing, NY City

Box 44
Thomas Y. Crowell and Co. Publishers

Box 44
The Power of the People (book)

Box 44
Oak Publications

Box 44
The NY Times Scool Weekly

Box 44
World Magazine

Box 44
13th Moon - journal

Box 44
Sing Out! The Folk Music Magazine

Box 44
AMSCO Music Publishing Co.

Box 44
Smithsonian Magazine

Box 44
Ms. magazine

Box 44
Heresies - journal

Box 44
Alfred A. Knopf, publishers, NY

Box 44
Transaction - Social Science journal

Box 44
Anchor/Doubleday Publishers

Box 44
Ginn Publishers

Box 44
Smithsonian - folkways recordings

Box 44
Syracuse Univ. Press

Box 44
Fatos e Fatos (Brasil) Magazine

Box 44
Artcetera (journal)

Box 44
Saturday Review

Box 44
The Washington Post

Box 44
Dell Publishers

Box 44
Art Underground…and Beyond, Artfellows Gallery, Maine

Box 45
The Maine Progressive (Newspaper)

Box 45
Portrait exhibition poster, Beetle's lunch

Box 45
Debbie Fier Music poster

Box 45
Sonia Johnson presidential campaign poster (photo for poster)

Box 45
"It Cheers me to pretend I'm playing music" - Kady poster - photo

Box 45
Diana Davies and Big Red Lucy - Music poster "An Almost-April Fools show" (Flywheel Arts)

Box 45
Sistervision Exhibition poster,(SSC, Smith College)

Box 45
Arlo Guthrie poster

Box 45
Muhammad Ali poster

Box 45
Frances Crowe poster

Box 45
ABC/with FIST (Anarchist Black Cross - prisoners' rights group)

Box 45
"War kills. Stop the war" - anti-Gulf war poster design

Box 45
"Free Mumia" pencil design for silk screen t-shirts

Box 45
G.E.O. - solidarity is our strength (G.E.O., UMass, Amherst,

Box 45
Food Not Bombs - several poster designs

Box 45
Uncommon Carnival - poster and silkscreen for t-shirt designs (R.A.Y. -Revolutionary Anarchist Youth)

Box 45
Labor history living wage event poster and program design (AFSC)

Box 45
Jobs and living wage campaign comic strip - "Poor Folk Funny Papers"

Box 45
The Baker Dreams of the Farm - poster for Annette Rubino - Buckley,

Box 45
Flywheel - logo design,

Box 45
"The Work Walk" drawings by DJD - collage poster for AFSC

Box 45
"Tierra y Libertad - Emiliano Zapata" design for poster and t-shirt silkscreen,

Box 45
Some newspaper clippings and posters for Diana Davies music shows

Box 45
Found and created goods (oversize and odd objects)


T-shirts I've made

Box 46
Tote-bag, "Grrrls Rock"

Box 46
Political buttons

Box 46

Negs # 1 through 106

Box 47
Negs # 107 through 203

Box 48
Negs # 204 through 324

Box 49
Negs # 325 through 423

Box 50
Negs # 424 through 516

Box 51
Negs # 517 through 612

Box 52
Negs # 613 through 720

Box 53
Negs # 721 through 822

Box 54
Negs # 823 through 942

Box 55
Negs # 943 through 1065

Box 56
Negs --2 ¼ x 2 ¼ (various numbers)

Box 57

Search Terms
The following terms represent persons, organizations, and topics documented in this collection. Use these headings to search for additional materials on this web site, in the Five College Library Catalog, or in other library catalogs and databases.

  • New York (N.Y.)--Photographs
  • Abzug, Bella S., 1920- --Photographs
  • Breslin, Jimmy--Photographs
  • Brooks, Gwendolyn 1917- --Photographs
  • Chavez, Cesar 1927- --Photographs
  • Chisholm, Shirley, 1924- --Photographs
  • Daly, Mary, 1928- --Photographs
  • Davies, Diana, 1938-
  • Davis, Angela Yvonne, 1944- --Photographs
  • Dayan, Moshe, 1915-1981--Photographs
  • Deming, Barbara,, 1917- --Photographs
  • Dworkin, Andrea--Photographs
  • Feminists--United States--Photographs
  • Friedan, Betty--Photographs
  • Holbrook, Hal--Photographs
  • Jacobi, Lotte--Photographs
  • Jay, Karla--Photographs
  • Johnson, Sonia--Photographs
  • Joplin, Janis--Photographs
  • Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932- --Photographs
  • Kennedy, Florynce, 1916- --Photographs
  • Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968--Photographs
  • Lesbians--United States--History--20th century--Photographs
  • Millett, Kate--Photographs
  • Northampton (Mass.)--History--Sources
  • Photojourney : photographs / by Diana Davies.
  • Price, Leontine--Photographs
  • Rankin, Jeanette--Photographs
  • Raye, Martha--Photographs
  • Sarton, May, 1912- --Photographs
  • Sontag, Susan, 1933- --Photographs
  • Women musicians--Photographs
  • Women photographers--United States--Biography--Sources
  • Women's music--Photographs
  • Women's rights--New York (State)--New York--Photographs

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