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Katharine Edith Brand Papers, 1881-1988 (Bulk: 1965-1980)
11 boxes (4.5 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 248

Researcher, Editorial assistant, Archivist. The Katharine Brand Papers include biographical information; diaries from childhood and her Smith College years; published and unpublished writings; correspondence, and photographs. The bulk of the papers range date from the 1920s through the 1960s and focus on Brand's work with Ray Stannard Baker and in the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress, though there is also significant documentation of her personal life, especially her adolescence. Major subjects found throughout these papers include Woodrow Wilson, Ray Stannard Baker, the Library of Congress, adolescent development, and family relationships.

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Restrictions on access:

The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

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The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to Katharine Brand's unpublished works. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

Katharine Edith Brand was born on March 18, 1900 in Huron, South Dakota. She was the only child of Phebe Relief Crafts and Charles Brand, a Congregational minister and journalist. In 1901 Charles Brand left the ministry to become editor for the Congregational publishing house in Winthrop, Massachusetts. In 1908 he became manager of a fruit ranch and the family relocated to Roseburg, Oregon. Brand's parents divorced in 1909 and she moved with her mother to Oberlin, Ohio to stay with her aunt and uncle, Katharine and Earl Adams. In 1911 Brand returned to Oregon. She began high school in Portland, Oregon, then when they moved again, continued in Milford (Connecticut) High School, and finally graduated from New Haven High School. She was graduated from Smith College in 1921 with a B.A. in English and History, and then attended the Katharine Gibbs School in Boston, receiving her secretarial certificate in 1923.

Brand held several short-term secretarial positions until 1925 when Ray Stannard Baker, journalist and author, hired her as a researcher and editorial assistant. She moved to Amherst, Massachusetts where Baker was working on his multi-volume biography of Woodrow Wilson. Brand remained with Baker, doing everything from the taking care of clerical details to interviewing Wilson associates, and basically being Baker's right hand until the project's completion in 1939. For the duration of his work on the biography, Baker had the bulk of Woodrow Wilson's papers in his possession. He convinced Edith Bolling Wilson, the President's widow, to deposit the Wilson Papers in the Library of Congress in 1939. Brand was hired by Wilson to be "Special Custodian" of the Wilson Papers, and in 1944 she became an Assistant in the Division of Manuscripts, specializing in contemporary manuscripts. During her tenure she wrote bibliographies, collection inventories, and articles on archival issues. Wilson scholars frequently consulted Brand for her expertise on both Wilson and his papers. While at the Library of Congress she devised the register system for handling large collections of contemporary manuscripts. In 1950 she was promoted to Head of the Recent Manuscripts Division. Brand experienced periods of illness, and a heart attack convinced her to retire in 1956, but she continued to correspond with Wilson scholars and remained involved in organizations such as the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation among others. She was also on the editorial advisory board of the Papers of Woodrow Wilson and was active in the Friends of the Library, Vienna, Virginia.

Shortly after moving to Washington, D.C., Brand met Carol Piper, a Federal government employee, who at that time worked for the Federal Reserve Board. The two shared an apartment beginning in 1941 until 1950 when they built a home in Vienna, Virginia. They remained there until they moved to a retirement home a few years before Brand's death.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Katharine Edith Brand Papers consist of 4.5 linear feet and contain subject matter related to her professional career, her personal life, and a small amount of material about family members. Types of materials include oral histories and other biographical materials, correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, manuscripts, published writings, printed materials, and memorabilia.

The Papers date from 1881-1988, but the bulk of them range from the 1920s through the 1960s and focus on Brand's work with Ray Stannard Baker and in the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress, though there is also significant documentation of her personal life, especially her adolescence. Major subjects found throughout these papers include Woodrow Wilson, Ray Stannard Baker, the Library of Congress, adolescent development, and family relationships. Correspondence comprises a little less than half the collection, the rest being fairly evenly divided among the other series.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to Katharine Brand's unpublished works. Permission must be obtained to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

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Katharine Edith Brand Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

History of the Collection

Delight Wing Dodyk, the daughter of Brand's cousin, Phebe Wing, donated Brand's papers to the Sophia Smith Collection from 1988 to 1992. Additional materials came from Carol Piper. Jacqueline Van Voris completed oral history interviews with Wing and two friends of Brand's in 1988.

Processing Information

Processed by Amy Hague, 2005.

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Series Descriptions
.75 linear ft.

This series provides a rather fragmentary overview of Katharine Brand's career and private life. Entries for biographical directories and newspaper clippings outline the bare bones of her career, and transcripts of interviews with a co-worker and family flesh it out, as well as providing anecdotal personal information. Her autobiographical writings provide some insight into the emotional life of her childhood and adolescence. Information here about her time at Smith College and at Katharine Gibbs School is very sparse and fragmentary. There are personal documents like address books and passports, as well as papers relating to her voluntary activities, especially with the Friends of the Library, Vienna, Virginia. The family information is exclusively about her father, Charles Brand, and his parents and siblings, except for material related to her mother's death and the genealogical material which is primarily about her mother's side of the family. Of note are a few writings about reform issues by her grandmother, Juliet Brand, and information about the family's connections with Oberlin College.

(1883-1984, bulk 1930s-60s)
1.75 linear ft.

This series is organized into two subseries: Family and Friends and associates. Brand filed her correspondence with biographical materials about, and writings by, many of the individuals, and her organization has been maintained, with the additional items interspersed chronologically with the correspondence. Brand's cousin, Phebe Adams, who was the interim caretaker of the papers, sent portions of the correspondence to family and friends, so for instance, an extensive run of letters between Brand and one of her cousins is missing from these papers.

Much of the correspondence is rather sparse and consists primarily of incoming letters. The major exceptions are correspondence between Brand and the Adams branch of her family, and Ray Stannard Baker, both of which contain some outgoing letters from Brand. Besides Baker, other notable correspondents include: Jessie Baker, Millicent Todd Bingham, Josephus Daniels, Arthur Link, David Morton, and Ishbel Ross. The Baker correspondence, along with letters between Brand and colleagues during and after her time at the Library of Congress, provide an in depth look at Brand as a professional; and correspondence with the Adams branch of her family reveals her role in her extended family. There are a few folders of correspondence between Charles Brand and family members other than Katharine.

.5 linear ft.

Brand's diaries from her youth, her years in Amherst, and her travels, make up the bulk of this series. The first two diaries are in a reflective narrative form that reveals Brand's thoughts and emotions, while the travel diaries tend to be terse, of the line-a-day variety. This series also contains drafts and final versions of Brand's articles and other writings such as letters to the editor. There are several folders of correspondence about various writing projects. In addition, there are a few examples of Charles Brand's writings saved by Katharine.

1 linear ft.

The bulk of the papers in this series relate to Brand's multi-faceted employment with Ray Stannard Baker as he wrote his biography of Woodrow Wilson, and later in the Division of Manuscripts of the Library of Congress. It is divided into two subseries. Library of Congress contains records of Brand's employment there, from her years as "special custodian," to her official employment as Assistant in, and finally Head of the Division of Manuscripts, from 1939 to 1956. In the latter position, she continued to be the resident expert on the Wilson Papers, but was also in charge of all of the twentieth century manuscript collections in the Division. Subjects and organizations includes documents related to her long involvement as employee and friend of Baker (1925 until his death in 1946), as well as custodian of his and Wilson's papers. This subseries also consists of her pre- and post-retirement participation in Woodrow Wilson-related organizations.

1 linear ft.

This series contains a large number of photographs of Brand alone, with family and friends, and with colleagues at the Library of Congress; her family and other individuals; and family homes and other places. There are images from her childhood through the 1960s. The series includes photographs of friends and associates, from Smith College classmates to portraits of Ray Stannard and Jessie Baker, Millicent Bingham, and other notable friends and associates. There are also a few images of Woodrow Wilson and his first and second wives, Ellen Axson and Edith Bolling.

Contents List
.5 linear ft.


Box 1: folder 1

Box 1: folder 2
Who's Who: drafts and chronologies,
1947, 1949, 1953

Box 1: folder 3
1939-59, n.d.

Box 1: folder 4
Autobiographical writings: manuscript and typescripts,

Box 1: folder 5
Oral history interviews conducted by Jacqueline Van Voris [master and use copies of audiotapes]

Dorothy Eaton: audiotape, transcript, and correspondence,

Box 1: folder 6
Carol Piper: audiotape and transcript,

Box 1: folder 7
Phebe Adams Wing: audiotapes and transcript,
1987, n.d.

Box 1: folder 8
Address books,

Box 1: folder 9
1926, 1957, 1963

Box 1: folder 10

Box 1
Correspondence and memorabilia,
1921, 1932, n.d.

Box 1: folder 11
50th reunion: correspondence, photograph, and memorabilia,

Box 1: folder 12
Katharine Gibbs School, New York: report card,

Box 1: folder 13
Financial materials--Shelby Iron Co.: correspondence and legal documents re: estate of Phebe Livingston,

Box 1: folder 14
Volunteer activities

American Association of University Women,
circa 1944

Box 1: folder 15
Assistant Registrar, Hunter Precinct, Fairfax County (VA),

Box 1: folder 16
Congregational Christian Church of Fairfax County (VA),
1955-65, n.d.

Box 1: folder 17
Friends of the Library, Vienna, Virginia,

Box 1: folder 18


Box 2: folder 1
Writings, cartoons, and quotations saved by KEB,
1944-51, n.d.

Box 2: folder 2

1988, n.d.

Box 2: folder 3
Condolence letters,
1988, n.d.

Box 2: folder 4
List of heirs,

Box 2: folder 5

Brand, Charles (father)

Box 2
Reunion book, article, and miscellaneous writings,
1940, 1953?, n.d.

Box 2: folder 6
Scrapbook: correspondence; articles, poems, and other writings by Brand and others; and miscellaneous memorabilia,
1908-56, n.d.

Box 2: folder 7
Condolence letters,

Box 2: folder 8
Brand, Helen (aunt): "A Family Anthology,"

Box 2: folder 9
Brand, Reverend James and Juliet (grandparents),

Box 2: folder 10
Brand, James T. (uncle), Irene, and son Thomas: newspaper clippings,

Box 2: folder 11
Hannah, Edith Brand (aunt): drawings,

Box 2: folder 12
Livingston, Phebe Relief Crafts Brand (mother): obituary and condolence letters,

Box 2: folder 13
(1883-1984, bulk 1930s-60s)


Adams, Earl (cousin) and Isobel,
1931-68, n.d.

Box 2: folder 14
Adams, Jack (cousin) and Nancy,
1939-69, n.d.

Box 2: folder 15
Adams, Katharine Crafts and Earl Foote (aunt and uncle)


Box 2: folder 16-17
1954-65, n.d.

Box 3: folder 1-3
Adams family (round robin letters from KEB),
1950-60, n.d.

Box 3: folder 4
Dodyk, Delight Wing and Paul,
1960-65, n.d.

Box 3: folder 5
Dunning, Jean Adams (cousin) and Debby Dunning Neu,
1927-62, n.d.

Box 3: folder 6
Hannah, Edith Brand (aunt) and family,
1946-49, n.d.

Box 3: folder 7
Livingston, Phebe Crafts [Brand] (mother)

1926-39, n.d.

Box 3: folder 8
from KEB in England and Scotland,

Box 3: folder 9
from KEB in Mexico,

Box 3: folder 10
Rinehart, Elizabeth Crafts and family,

Box 3: folder 11
Shaver, Alice Crafts,
1950, n.d.

Box 3: folder 12
Wing, Joan Finney and family,
1959-77, n.d.

Box 3: folder 13
Wing, Phebe Adams (cousin) and Arthur Kyle, Jr.,
1931-84, n.d.

Box 3: folder 14
Third party

Brand, Charles with Helen Brand and Mary Ruggles,
1946-57, n.d.

Box 3: folder 15
Brand, James

To Charles Brand,
1887, 1889

Box 4: folder 1
To Juliet Brand,
1883, n.d.

Box 4: folder 2
Brand, James T. and family to Charles Brand,
1947-57, n.d.

Box 4: folder 3
Brand, Juliet to Mrs. Marsh,

Box 4: folder 4
Hayes, Margaret Brand (aunt) to Charles Brand, [includes newspaper clippings about James Hayes, circa 1950s]

Box 4: folder 5
Friends and associates


Box 4: folder 6

Box 4: folder 7
1946-61, n.d.

Box 4: folder 8


Box 4: folder 9-17
1940-46, n.d.

Box 5: folder 1-8
Baker, Roger and Eleanor,
1948-66, n.d.

Box 5: folder 9
Baker, Stannard,
1947-58, n.d.

Box 5: folder 10
Baker family (miscellaneous),
1948, 1950, n.d.

Box 5: folder 11
Bingham, Millicent Todd (includes estate papers),
1945-69, n.d.

Box 5: folder 12
Bingham, Ruth Williams

[see Williams, Ben A.]

Birdsall, Paul,

Box 5: folder 13
Bragdon, Henry W. and Helen,
1940-65, n.d.

Box 5: folder 14
1940-65, n.d.

Box 5: folder 15
Comer, Lucretia,
1954-66, n.d.

Box 5: folder 16
Cranston, Ruth,
1944-46, n.d.

Box 5: folder 17
1951-63, n.d.

Box 5: folder 18
Daniels, Josephus,
1936-48, n.d.

Box 5: folder 19
Dyer, Muriel and Walter,
1926-63, n.d.

Box 5: folder 20
1946-60, n.d.

Box 5: folder 21
Eaton, Dorothy and Vincent,

Box 5: folder 22
Eaton, Ken and Mildred,
1930-66, n.d.

Box 6: folder 1
1939-66, n.d.

Box 6: folder 2
Fuess, Claude M.,

Box 6: folder 3
George, Juliette,
1949-57, n.d.

Box 6: folder 4
Grimm, Charles and Edith,
1958, 1966

Box 6: folder 5
[Hill], Betty [Wanzer],
1959-66, n.d.

Box 6: folder 6
Holley, Bill and Janet,

Box 6: folder 7
Hirst, Dave and Barbara,
1963-66, n.d.

Box 6: folder 8
Hooker, Helene,

Box 6: folder 9
Hoover, Herbert,
1955, 1958

Box 6: folder 10
Hyde, Alice Baker,
1946-66, n.d.

Box 6: folder 11
Jones Library (Amherst, MA),

Box 6: folder 12

Box 6: folder 13
Le Compte, Jean Louise Sykes,
1933-38, n.d.

Box 6: folder 14
Link, Arthur,

Box 6: folder 15

Box 6: folder 16
Meneely, A. Howard,

Box 6: folder 17
Morton, David,
1927-35, 1957, n.d.

Box 6: folder 18
Napier, Rachel Baker,

Box 6: folder 19
Patrick Henry Library (Vienna, VA),

Box 6: folder 20
Renfrew, John and Agnes,
1936-47, n.d.

Box 6: folder 21
Ross, Ishbel,
1973, 1975

Box 6: folder 22

Box 6: folder 23
Turnbull, Laura and Anna,

Box 6: folder 24
Williams, Ben A. and Ella (includes Ruth Williams Bingham)
1939-64, n.d.

Box 6: folder 25
Wilson, Edith Bolling,
1939-61, n.d.

Box 6: folder 26
Yull, Katherine B.,

Box 6: folder 27
1937, 1941

Box 6: folder 28
Third party: Ray S. Baker,
1934-47, n.d.

Box 6: folder 29



Box 6

Box 7: folder 1
photocopy annotated by Phebe Adams Wing

Box 7: folder 2

Box 7: folder 3
Travel: Scotland, [1926]; Europe,
Apr-May 1963

Box 7: folder 4
Lists and bibliographies,
1946, 1948, n.d.

Box 7: folder 5

1938-73, n.d.

Box 7: folder 6
Unpublished drafts,
1943, 1950, n.d.

Box 7: folder 7
Book reviews,
1948, n.d.

Box 7: folder 8
Letters to editor,
1957, n.d.

Box 7: folder 9
Stories and poems, unpublished,
1922, circa 1940s, n.d.

Box 7: folder 10

1937, 1948

Box 7: folder 11
Alsop, Em Bowles,

Box 7: folder 12
Bolitho, Hector: re: proposed book collaboration,
[1956?]-57, n.d.

Box 7: folder 13

Library of Congress


Box 7

Box 7: folder 14
Salary record,

Box 7: folder 15
Civil service retirement,

Box 8: folder 1
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, lists, and drafts,
1944-54, n.d.

Box 8: folder 2-3
Newspaper clippings,

[see also Oversize Materials]


Box 8: folder 4
Post-retirement: correspondence, clippings, and publications,

Box 8: folder 5
Organization and subject files

1962, n.d.

Box 8: folder 6

Biographical materials: articles, newspaper clippings, quotations, obituaries and memorial service, and chronology,

[see also Oversize materials]

1929-63, n.d.

Box 8: folder 7
Papers: correspondence and notes

1950-61, n.d.

Box 8: folder 8
Princeton University Library,

Box 8: folder 9
Woodrow Wilson library: preliminary list,

Box 8: folder 10
Woodrow Wilson Papers: memoranda,

Box 8: folder 11
Writings: article and draft of preface for volume of Wilson biography,

Box 8: folder 12
Writings about: correspondence and book review,
1960, 1966

Box 8: folder 13
Wilson, Woodrow: articles, book reviews, typescripts, and notes,
1919-67, n.d.

Box 8: folder 14
Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation

Correspondence, brochures, newsletters, and other printed material,

Box 8: folder 15-16
Presentation of Wilson book collection by KEB,
1959-62, n.d.

Box 8: folder 17
Woodrow Wilson Centennial Celebration Committee (Edmund G. Gass),
1956-60, n.d.

Box 9: folder 1
Woodrow Wilson Centennial Year
1956, 1956, n.d.

Box 9: folder 2
Woodrow Wilson Foundation,
1943-48, n.d.

Box 9: folder 3
Woodrow Wilson House,
1969-76, n.d.

Box 9: folder 4
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars,
1969-75, n.d.

Box 9: folder 5
Woodrow Wilson Papers,

Box 9: folder 6-11

KEB alone,
1903-68, n.d.

Box 9: folder 12
KEB in groups,
1906-65, n.d.

Box 10: folder 1
KEB and Carol Piper,
1956-66, n.d.

Box 10: folder 2
Amherst, Mass. and trip to Mexico,[removed from photograph albums]

Box 10: folder 3
Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress,
1953, n.d.

KEB with staff

Box 10: folder 4
Staff, stacks, and reading room

Box 10: folder 5

Adams, Earl Crafts and Isabel (Izzy),
1940s, 1959

Box 10: folder 6
Adams, Earl F. and Winifred,
1962, 1965, n.d.

Box 10: folder 7
Adams, John and Nancy,
1959, n.d.

Box 10: folder 8
Brand, Charles,
1959, n.d.

Box 10: folder 9
Crafts family,

Box 10: folder 10
Dunning, Jean (Adams) and Dick,
1929, 1947, n.d.

Box 10: folder 11
1944, 1980, n.d.

Box 10: folder 12
1910-61, n.d.

Box 10: folder 13
Miscellaneous places and scenes,
1954, 1966, n.d.

Box 10: folder 14
Sculptures by KEB,

Box 10: folder 15
Friends and associates


Box 10: folder 16
Baker, Jessie,
1965, n.d.

Box 10: folder 17
Baker, Ray Stannard,
1934, 1941, n.d.

Box 10: folder 18
Bingham, Millicent Todd,

Box 10: folder 19
1923, 1959

Box 10: folder 20
Daniels, Addie and Josephus,
1937, n.d.

Box 10: folder 21
1913-67, n.d.

Box 11: folder 1
Piper, Carol,s

Box 11: folder 2
1920, 1949, n.d.

Box 11: folder 3
Wilson, Edith (Bolling), Ellen (Axson), and Woodrow,
1956, n.d.

Box 11: folder 4
Y and unidentified,
1920, n.d.

Box 11: folder 5
Amherst group,

Box 11: folder 6

Box 11: folder 7-9

Smith College diploma,

Flat File
Advertisement for Woodrow Wilson - Life and Letters by Ray S. Baker: poster,

Flat File
"Bank of Knowledge" by Carl L. Biemiller, Holiday,article about Library of Congress
Feb n.d.:

Flat File

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