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Authors Collection, 1845-1986
12 boxes; 4 volumes (4.75 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 443

The Authors Collection contains small amounts of material on a number of women writers from the U.S. and abroad. Types of materials include biographical writings, articles, reviews, newspaper clippings, and other printed materials. There are also some letters, manuscripts and photographs. A large portion of the collection relates to author Margaret Mitchell, and her book and the movie, Gone With the Wind. Other authors represented include Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Willa Cather, Doris Lilly, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Tillie Olsen, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Virginia Woolf.

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Restrictions on access:

The collection is open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

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Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Scope and Contents of the Collection
Gertrude Stein, ca. 1900

Gertrude Stein, ca. 1900

The Authors Collection is comprised of bibliographies of women writers, both from the U.S. and abroad; general files on women authors by country; and files on individual authors and poets. In a few cases there are typescripts of an author's works, photographs, biographical information, newspaper clippings, and some reviews. The collection dates approximately from 1845 to 1976. Individual authors represented include Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Willa Cather, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Tillie Olsen, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Virginia Woolf, among others. There is one complete manuscript, How to Make Love to a Man in Five Languages, by Doris Lilly. A substantial section on Margaret Mitchell includes newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and correspondence about Mitchell, the publication of Gone With the Wind, the release of the movie, and efforts of the Atlanta Smith Club to raise money for Margaret Mitchell scholarships to send Georgia women to Smith. Correspondence includes letters from Mitchell to Julia Collier Harris and her husband Julian Harris (circa 1936-47), both newspaper editors who, together, received the Pulitzer Prize in journalism for their editorials in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer-Sun against the Ku Klux Klan.

This collection is organized into four series:

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Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The collection is open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

Permission to publish quotations for publication beyond "fair use" must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection.

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History of the Collection

Materials in this subject collection were either purchased or given to the Sophia Smith Collection by various donors. Portions of the Margaret Mitchell materials were purchased and presented to the Sophia Smith Collection by Frank Neely and Rachel Schlesinger Neely (Smith class 1907).


Periodic additions to the collection are expected and may not be reflected in this finding aid..

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Contents List


"Women Writers"

Box 1: folder 1
"Neglected American Women Writers"

Box 1: folder 2
"Women and Literature"

Box 1: folder 3
Digging Out: Lost Voice of New England Women Writers (New England Women Writers Project)

Box 1: folder 4
Miscellaneous articles and fliers on women authors

Box 1: folder 4

General: clippings

Box 1: folder 5

Box 1a: folder 1


Box 1a: folder 2
Berners, Dame Juliana

Box 1a: folder 3
Carroll, Lewis: "The Real Alice"

Box 1a: folder 4

Beauvoir, Simone de

Box 1a: folder 5
de Staël, Madame

Box 1a: folder 6
Collette, Sidonie Gabrielle

Box 1a: folder 7
Sand, George

Box 1a: folder 8

Box 1a: folder 9

Box 1a: folder 10

Box 1a: folder 11

Box 1a: folder 12

Box 1a: folder 13
Portugal: Margarida Ofelia Avelar de Carvalho

Box 1a: folder 14

Box 1a: folder 15
Sweden: Selma Lagerlöf

Box 1a: folder 16

Adams, Hannah

Box 2: folder 1
Alcott, Louisa May


Box 2: folder 2
Louisa M. Alcott, Her Life, Letters and Journals, edited by Ednah D. Cheney

Box 2: folder 2
Alexander, Francesca

Box 2: folder 3
Allinson, Anne C.E.

Box 2: folder 4
Baldwin, Faith

Box 2: folder 5
Barr, Amelia E.

Box 2: folder 6
Bates, Katherine Lee

Box 2: folder 7
Bottome, Phyllis

Box 2: folder 8
Bowen, Catherine Drinker

Box 2: folder 9
Brachen, Peg

Box 2: folder 10
Bradstreet, Anne

Box 2: folder 11
Brontë;, Charlotte and family

Box 2: folder 12
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett and Penini (son)

Box 2: folder 13
Buck, Pearl S.

Box 2: folder 14
Burnett, Constance Buell

Box 2: folder 15
Cary, Alice and Phoebe

Box 2a: folder 1
Cather, Willa S.

General and photograph

Box 2a: folder 2
Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial Newsletters

Box 2a: folder 2a
Cheney, Ednah Dow

Box 2a: folder 3
Child, Lydia Maria: correspondence, clippings, and Letters from New York

Box 2a: folder 4
Cleghorn, Sarah N.

Box 2a: folder 5
Converse, Florence

Box 2a: folder 6
Creevey, Caroline Althea

Box 2a: folder 6a
d'Arona, Florence Roosevelt: photograph

Box 3: folder 1
De la Ramée, Louisa

Box 3: folder 2
Dickinson, Emily

Box 3: folder 3-4
Diver, Maud


Box 3: folder 5

Box 3: folder 6
Illustration for Royal India

Box 3: folder 7
Dodge, Mary Mapes

Box 3: folder 8
Dorr, Julia Caroline Ripley

Box 3: folder 9
Elliot, George

Box 3: folder 10

Box 3: folder 11
Fairfield, Genevra

Box 3: folder 12
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

Box 3: folder 13
Fry, Anne

Box 3: folder 14
Fuller, Carol: typed copy of Vestal Flame

Box 3: folder 15
Fuller, Margaret

Box 3: folder 16
Gale, Zona

Box 3: folder 17
Gardener, Helen Hamilton (Alice Chenowith Day)

Box 3: folder 18
Gardner, Isabella Stewart

Box 3: folder 19
Genlis, Felicite Ducrest Contesse de

Box 3: folder 20
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell

Box 3: folder 21
Hall, Evelyn Beatrice

Box 3: folder 22
Hamilton, Edith

Box 3: folder 23
Harper, Frances E.W.

Box 3: folder 24
Hobart, Alice Tisdale

Box 3: folder 25
Lilly, Doris: How to Make Love in Five Different Languages (manuscript)

Box 4: folder 1
Jackson, Helen Hunt

Box 5: folder 1
Jewett, Sarah Orne

Box 5: folder 2
Larcom, Lucy


Box 5: folder 3
A New England Girlhood

Box 5: folder 3a
Lazarus, Emma

Box 5: folder 4
Leitch, Mary Sinton

Box 5: folder 5
Lerner, Gerda

Box 5: folder 6
Levertov, Denise

Box 5: folder 7
Lilly, Doris

[see box 4]

Lorde, Audre

[see box 10]

Lowell, Amy

Box 5: folder 8
Macaulay, Catharine

Box 5: folder 9
Macaulay, Rose: letter to M. Nicolson

Box 5: folder 10
Martineau, Harriet

Box 5: folder 11
Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Box 5: folder 12
Mitchell, Margaret

[see box 9]

Mitchison, Naomi

Box 5: folder 13
Mitford, Mary Russel

Box 5: folder 14
Moore, Julia A.

Box 5: folder 15
Norris, Kathleen

Box 5: folder 16
O'Conner, Flannery

Box 5: folder 17
Olsen, Tillie

Box 5: folder 18
Ostenso, Martha

Box 5: folder 19
Prairie Bird, pseud.

Box 5: folder 20
Pratt, Annies

Box 5: folder 21
Rand, Ayn

Box 5: folder 22
Randall, Margaret

Box 5: folder 23
Resse, Elizabeth Phelps, Countess

Box 5: folder 24
Richards, Laura

Box 5: folder 25
Sachs, Emanie

Box 6: folder 1
Sampter, Jessie E.

Box 6: folder 2
Sayers, Dorothy L.: letter to M. Nicolson

Box 6: folder 3
Schreiner, Olive

Box 6: folder 4
Sitwell, Edith

Box 6: folder 5
Stein, Gertrude

Box 6: folder 6
Stephens, Ann Sophia

Box 6: folder 7
Sterling, Dorothy

Box 6: folder 8
Stern, G.B.: letter to M. Nicolson

Box 6: folder 9
Stowe, Harriet Beecher

Box 7: folder 1
Susann, Jacqueline: Every Night, Josephine

Box 7: folder 2
Swenson, May

Box 7: folder 3
Teasdale, Sara

Box 7: folder 4
Todd, Mabel Loomis

Box 7: folder 5
Todd, Mary Ives

Box 7: folder 6
Ward, Elizabeth Stuart

Box 7: folder 7
Wells, Carolyn: verse

Box 7: folder 8
Wharton, Edith Newbold

Box 7: folder 9
Wheatley, Phillis

Box 7: folder 10
Whitman, Walt: letter to Mary (Smith) Costelloe Berenson (photostat)

Box 7: folder 11
Wiggin, Kate Douglas

Box 7: folder 12
Woolf, Virginia

Box 7: folder 13
Zangwill, Israel

Box 7: folder 14
Ziegler, Marianne

Box 7: folder 15

General; poetry reviews

Box 8: folder 1-4
Margaret Mitchell

University of Georgia Libraries: information on Mitchell collection

Box 9: folder 1
Letter from Mildred Thompson to Margaret Storrs Grierson

Box 9: folder 1
Smith College Libraries Annual Report: description of Mitchell Collection

Box 9: folder 1
Clippings about Gone With the Wind

Box 9: folder 2
Clippings about Margaret Mitchell

Box 9: folder 3
Gone With the Wind: articles and pamphlets

Box 9: folder 4
Smith College Scholarship Fund

Box 9: folder 5
Photographs: Smith College, publicity, and miscellaneous

Box 9: folder 6
Correspondence (to and from Margaret Mitchell)

Clark, Annetta and Mary
1936, 1939

Box 9: folder 7
Dick, Jackson P. (including review of Gone With The Wind)

Box 9: folder 8
Draper, Jesse: letters written during WWII to friend, describing life in wartime Atlanta

Box 9: folder 9-10
Dunn, Harris A.

Box 9: folder 11
Grierson, Margaret Storrs

Box 9: folder 12
Harris, Julia Collier
1936, 1947

Box 9: folder 13
Harris, Julian

Box 9: folder 14
Thompson, Mildred

Box 9: folder 15
Plattner, Gladys (Lee)
1936, 1940

Box 9: folder 16
Hill, Edith (Editor of Smith Alumnae Quarterly)

Box 9: folder 17
Neely, Rachel S.

Box 9: folder 18
Hungarian movie magazine
circa 1937

Box 9: folder 19
Rachel Schlesinger Neely to her daughter Rachel Neely Parker about Margaret Mitchell

Box 9: folder 20
Gone With the Wind (Motion Picture Edition)

Box 9: folder 20
Lorde, Audre: conversation between Audre Lorde and James Baldwin (orginally recorded for Essence magazine, December 1984 issue): audio recording, transcript, correspondence, and notes

Box 10
Restrictions on access:

[Original audio tapes closed - use copies on CD]

Books on Shelf

Anne Evans, Poems and Music

Sarah Josepha Hale, Biography of Distinguished Women; Or, Woman's Record, From the Creation to A.D. 1869

Margaret Mitchell Commemorative Stamps (US Post Office)

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