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Dorothy Dushkin papers, 1906-1989
15 boxes (9 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 243

Composer and co-founder of music schools. Musical scores and recordings make up a large portion of the collection. Dushkin's diaries, kept from age 15 to 84, are highly detailed and personal and reflect a dual life as professional composer and family caretaker. Winnetka and Kinhaven music schools are documented by correspondence, writings, and photographs. Correspondents include Jessie Lloyd O'Connor, Caroline Bedell Thomas, and musician Nadia Boulanger.

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The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

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The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to unpublished works of Dorothy Dushkin. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Sophia Smith Collection
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Biographical Note

Dorothy Brewster Smith was born in Chicago in 1903. She attended public schools in Glencoe and Winnetka, Illinois, and Bradford Academy in Massachusetts. She was graduated from Smith College with honors in music in 1925. A year later she went to Paris to study composition with Nadia Boulanger, where she met her future husband, David Dushkin, another Boulanger student.

David Dushkin was born in 1898 in a part of Russia that is now part of Poland. He emigrated to New York City with his family as a young child and grew up helping his father to run a kosher butcher shop. He spent one year at City College of New York and served in the army medical corps.

After returning to the United States from Paris, Dorothy Smith and David Dushkin both taught music in the Chicago area. They married in 1930.

In 1931 the Dushkins founded the School of Musical Arts and Crafts in Winnetka with the intention of using experimental teaching methods to stimulate creativity. Students made instruments in a shop, played in ensembles, and did ear training through games and puzzles. The Dushkins built a school/residence in 1934. During their tenure, the school was renamed the Dushkin School of Music, and finally, the Winnetka School of Music. After their departure, the school was taken over by the parents and operated as the Music Center of the North Shore.

In 1952, the Dushkin family, which by then included four children (Lelah, Nadia, David Alex, and Amanda), moved to Weston, Vermont. There Dorothy and David began the Kinhaven School of Music, a summer school devoted to chamber, orchestral, and choral music for musically gifted young people. At Kinhaven, the Dushkins continued to experiment with and adapt the basics of music education, shaping an intensive seven-week musical experience. In 1962 the school became a non-profit corporation with an elected board of trustees.

Dorothy Dushkin composed intermittently throughout her adult life. Her musical drama, "Poltarnees," was performed at her Smith College commencement. While teaching and helping to run the music schools in Illinois and Vermont, she composed many works for a wide variety of ensembles, instrumental and vocal, often tailoring her compositions to the needs of young novices. These works have been performed regularly at Kinhaven and all over the United States.

David Dushkin died in 1986. Dorothy Dushkin moved to Manchester, Vermont, in 1987 and later to Amherst, Massachusetts. Dorothy Dushkin died on March 3, 1992.

Scope and contents of the collection

The Dorothy Dushkin Papers occupy nine linear feet of shelf space and consist of correspondence; diaries and other writings; scrapbooks; photographs; memorabilia; scores; tape and disc recordings; and miscellaneous papers. The material documents Dorothy's life from the time she began her diary at age 15. David Dushkin's papers are primarily related to his post-marriage life.

While the bulk of these papers belong to Dorothy Smith Dushkin, a substantial portion were generated by David Dushkin, and especially in Series V, "Professional Activities," their papers are somewhat intertwined, as were their professional lives. Series I through IV contain largely personal papers, but to the extent that the Dushkins' professional and personal lives overlapped, this distinction is somewhat artificial. For instance, Dorothy's diaries are a highly personal account of her emotional life in which she writes of her dual identities as composer and family caretaker. The diaries, kept faithfully from age 15 to 84, are exceptionally introspective and reflect a lifelong tension between these identities. They reveal a passionate woman coping with, among other things, the worry and strain of many commitments, the untimely death of a daughter from cancer, and the health challenges of aging. The carefree girl of 1919 becomes a sometimes frustrated woman trying simultaneously to satisfy her creative urges and maintain her many responsibilities.

The personal correspondence is indicative of the ways in which music was a large part of each of the Dushkins' lives. The bulk of the family correspondence consists of letters received by Dorothy and David, though a significant number were written by them. Of special interest is the correspondence between David and his brother, Alex, and sister, Eva Kassan, living in Israel during the 1960s and 1970s. These letters and a number of others were apparently selected by Dorothy from "masses of family correspondence [from which she] saved just a random pile to represent extended family." Correspondence with friends and associates includes many of Dorothy's Smith College friends and professors, notably Jessie Lloyd O'Connor '25, Caroline Bedell Thomas '25, Ross Lee Finney, and Werner Josten. The most famous Dushkin correspondent was Nadia Boulanger, who wrote 14 letters and notes between 1926 and 1976. The family memorabilia and photograph collection is extensive, providing especially thorough documentation of the Dushkin children's activities. The discs, which recorded family events from baby noises to musical performances, are the equivalent of home movies. The scrapbooks also contain material related to the Dushkins' early teaching careers and activities at the Winnetka school.

The bulk of professional papers relate to Dorothy's composing. She kept much of her correspondence with publishers and a special file of programs, clippings and correspondence related to performances of her work. This material reflects her unstinting efforts to get her work the attention it deserved, sometimes successfully, but often with discouraging results. The scores of orchestral, chamber, solo, and other works constitute Dorothy Dushkin's major output as a composer. Most of the tape recordings are of performances of her work, many of which took place at Kinhaven Music School. Both Dushkins were interested in recorder manufacture and repertory, but the correspondence reflects David's more active involvement in this aspect of their professional lives. Dorothy and David participated equally in the founding and running of the two music schools, though it appears from the papers that David's role was more prominent while Dorothy did more work behind-the-scenes.

The general correspondence concerns miscellaneous professional activities of both Dushkins, such as their early teaching careers and the wide-ranging musical interests they shared with former colleagues, students, and parents of students. Throughout the correspondence there is evidence of the influence of the Dushkins' innovative educational theories on many of the people who came in contact with them professionally. There is also a substantial amount of Dorothy's correspondence negotiating potential performances of her work.

Organization of the collection

This collection is organized into five series:

  • I. Biography
  • II. Personal Correspondence
  • III. Diaries and Other Writings
  • IV. Memorabilia and Photographs
  • V. Professional Activities
Organization of the collection

Series I is arranged alphabetically. The personal correspondence (Series II) is alphabetical within the subseries "family" and "friends and associates." (Professional correspondence is located in Series V., Professional Activities.) Within series III, the diaries are arranged chronologically. There are separate folders for Dorothy's other writings and David's poems and miscellaneous writings. Series IV is divided into the following subseries: miscellaneous memorabilia; scrapbooks; photographs; and discs. The photographs are arranged according to individual family members, family or other groups, other individuals, and places. The documentary and audiovisual materials in series V are divided into the following subseries: composing; recorder repertory and manufacture; Winnetka School of Music; Kinhaven Music School; miscellaneous; recordings; and scores.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The papers are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

The Sophia Smith Collection owns copyright to unpublished works of Dorothy Dushkin. Copyright to materials created by others may be owned by those individuals or their heirs or assigns. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights. Permission must be obtained from the Sophia Smith Collection to publish reproductions or quotations beyond "fair use."

Preferred Citation

Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection:

Dorothy Smith Dushkin Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, MA

History of the Collection

Dorothy Dushkin donated her papers to the Sophia Smith Collection in 1988. Her daughter, Lelah Dushkin, donated additional papers in 1991.


Periodic additions to collection are expected.

Processing Information

Processed by Amy Hague, 1991.

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Contents List

Amanda Dushkin: teacher's evaluation, eulogy, and memorial scholarship

Box 1: folder 1
David Dushkin: obituaries, memorial booklet, and other biographical information
1986, undated

Box 1: folder 2
Dorothy Smith Dushkin: letter of recommendation

Box 1: folder 3
Lelah, Nadia, and David Alex Dushkin: clippings
1969, 1980, undated

Box 1: folder 4
Samuel Dushkin: obituary

Box 1: folder 4a
Gertrude Parker Smith: obituary

Box 1: folder 4b
Gertrude Judd Smith
1899, undated

Box 1: folder 4c


Alex and Julia Dushkin to Dorothy and David Dushkin
1958-73, undated

Box 1: folder 5
Amanda Dushkin to parents
1959-60, undated

Box 1: folder 6
David Dushkin to family

Alex and Julia Dushkin

Box 1: folder 7
David Alex and Valerie Dushkin (includes letter to grandson, Peter Dushkin)
1950-71, undated

Box 1: folder 8
Dorothy Smith

Box 1: folder 9
Dorothy Smith Dushkin

Box 1: folder 10
Dorothy Smith Dushkin

Box 1: folder 11
Lelah Dushkin

Box 1: folder 12
Nadia (Dushkin) and Carey McIntosh

Box 1: folder 13
Sam and Louise Dushkin

Box 1: folder 14
Eva (Dushkin) and Shalom Kassan

Box 1: folder 15
Gertrude Smith

Box 1: folder 16
Miscellaneous family

Box 1: folder 17
David Alex "Vadi" Dushkin to family

First year at Cambridge School)

Box 1: folder 18
1958-61, undated

Box 1: folder 19
1948, 1954, undated

Box 1: folder 19a
David Alex and Valerie Dushkin to David and Dorothy Dushkin
1968-71, undated

Box 1: folder 20
Dorothy Smith Dushkin to family

1919-54, undated

Box 1: folder 21-21a
David Dushkin

Box 1: folder 22
David Dushkin
1938-71, undated

Box 1: folder 23
Nadia Dushkin

Box 1: folder 24
Gertrude Smith
1921-65, undated

Box 1: folder 25
Lelah Dushkin to family

While at Smith College

Box 1a: folder 1
1964-69, undated

Box 1a: folder 2
1948-59, undated

Box 1a: folder 3
Sam and Louise Dushkin to David and Dorothy Dushkin

Box 1a: folder 4
Eva (Dushkin) and Shalom Kassan to David and Dorothy Dushkin

Box 2: folder 1
Nadia Dushkin [McIntosh] to family

Box 2: folder 2
Nadia Duskin to Nanna
1950, undated

Box 2: folder 2a
Nadia (Dushkin) and Carey McIntosh to Dorothy and David Dushkin
1961-64, undated

Box 2: folder 3
Gertrude (Judd) and Henry T. Smith to Dorothy Smith Dushkin
1920-47, undated

Box 2: folder 4
Gertrude "Trudle" Smith to Dorothy and David Dushkin
1930-69, undated

Box 2: folder 5
1923-29, undated

Box 2: folder 6
Friends and associates

Dorothy and David Dushkin to friends and associates

Box 2: folder 7
Dorothy Bolle to Dorothy and David Dushkin
1961-84, undated

Box 2: folder 8
Nadia Boulanger to Dorothy (Smith) and David Dushkin
1926-76, undated

Box 2: folder 9
Josephine Crisfield Connerat to Dorothy Smith Dushkin

Box 2: folder 10
Ross Lee Finney to Dorothy Smith Dushkin, (includes letter from Carrie M. Finney)

Box 2: folder 11
Foster Parents Plan for War Children, Inc. to Dorothy Dushkin (includes letters from foster children)

Box 2: folder 12
Malin Guettler to Dorothy Smith
1926-27, undated

Box 2: folder 13
Betty and Barbara "Bobby" Ickes to Dorothy Dushkin

Box 2: folder 14
Werner Josten to Dorothy Smith
1925-29, undated

Box 2: folder 15
Amanda Bryan Kane to Dorothy Smith Dushkin

Box 2: folder 16
Mary Norris Lloyd to Dorothy Dushkin
1977-84, undated

Box 2: folder 17
Jessie Lloyd O'Connor to Dorothy Smith Dushkin

Box 2: folder 18
Smith College

Box 2: folder 19
Susan Stockhammer to Dorothy and David Dushkin

Box 2: folder 20
Thomas Whitney Surette to Dorothy Smith

Box 2: folder 21
Geraldine Clark Mandell Sylvester to Dorothy Smith Dushkin
1928-85, undated

Box 2: folder 22
Alice and Fay Taylor to Dorothy and David Dushkin

Box 2: folder 23
Caroline Bedell Thomas to Dorothy Smith Dushkin
1925-85, undated

Box 2: folder 24
Miscellaneous friends and associates of Dorothy (Smith) and David Dushkin

Box 2: folder 25
Letters and cards to Dorothy Dushkin following David Dushkin's death

Box 2: folder 26
1926-58, undated

Box 2: folder 27

Diaries of Dorothy Smith Dushkin,

19 Jun 1919-14 Jul 1926

Box 3: folder 1
12 Aug 1926-23 Jan 1936

Box 3: folder 2
26 Jan 1936-20 May 1945

Box 3: folder 3
Jan 1947-5 Dec 1966

Box 3: folder 4
1 Jan 1967-11 Dec 1973

Box 3: folder 5
14 Jan 1974-31 Dec 1981

Box 3: folder 6
4 Jan 1982-4 Sep 1987

Box 3: folder 7
4 Sep 1987-10 Jul 1988

Box 3: folder 8

"Data on Diabetes,"and record of garden
1982-89 1957-86

Box 3a: folder 1
Poems, lecture, and articles
1973, undated

Box 3a: folder 2
"The Glassy Interval" (manuscript of diary excerpts)

Box 3a: folder 3
Correspondence re: publication of "The Glassy Interval"
1986-87, undated

Box 3a: folder 4
David Dushkin: Poems and miscellaneous
1956-57, undated

Box 3a: folder 5

Miscellaneous memorabilia


Box 4: folder 1
David and Dorothy Smith Dushkin: Programs, passports, flyers, and other miscellaneous memorabilia

Box 4: folder 2
Dushkin children: Baby records, school reports, programs, flyer
1932-79, undated

Box 4: folder 3

Photographs and memorabilia

Box 4
Photographs and memorabilia

Box 5

Box 5

Dorothy Smith Dushkin
1917-67, undated

Box 6: folder 1
David Dushkin
1920s, undated

Box 6: folder 2
Dorothy and David Dushkin
1949-50, undated

Box 6: folder 3
Amanda Dushkin
1948-49, undated

Box 6: folder 4
David Alex Dushkin
ca. 1937, undated

Box 6: folder 5
Lelah Dushkin
1933-67, undated

Box 6: folder 6
Nadia Dushkin
ca. 1938, undated

Box 6: folder 7
Dushkin family groups
ca. 1932-1960s, undated

Box 6: folder 8
Gertrude "Trudle" Smith
1928, undated

Box 6: folder 9
Smith family
ca. 1906-1960s, undated

Box 6: folder 10
Dushkin family with friends

Box 6: folder 11
Miscellaneous family, friends, and associates (includes portrait of Igor Stravinsky)
1926, undated

Box 6: folder 12
Homes, schools, and miscellaneous scenes
1908-42, undated

Box 6: folder 13

Dorothy Smith Dushkin singing "Les Roses d'Ispahan" ; Mrs. Jent singing Mrs. Reed's song

Box 7: folder 1
Clair de Lune,"; Gertrude Smith playing "Kreisleriana

Box 7: folder 2
Dushkin children

Box 7: folder 3-15
Swami, Vishwananda, visit to Dushkin home
ca. 1940

Box 7: folder 16
Lelah Dushkin

Box 7: folder 17
David Alex Dushkin [?]

Box 7: folder 18
"Test recording of clarison improvisation" and Lelah Dushkin

Box 7: folder 19
Dorothy Dushkin, "Trial recording of Handel Recorder Sonata in F"

Box 7: folder 20
Saint-Saens [?]: Dorothy Smith Dushkin, voice; Gertrude Smith, piano

Box 7: folder 21
"Dushkin family ensembles"

Box 7: folder 22
Dorothy Smith Dushkin, "voice--Faure," accompanied by Gertrude Smith

Box 7: folder 23
Dorothy Smith Dushkin, "German songs"

Box 7: folder 24
Kinhaven performances

Box 7: folder 25


Performances of Dorothy Dushkin compositions: Programs, clippings, and correspondence


Box 8: folder 1

Box 8: folder 2
Newsletters, clippings, and brochures
1986-87, undated

Box 8: folder 3
Copyright applications

Box 8: folder 4
Correspondence with publishers

Carl Fischer, Inc.

Box 8: folder 5
Galaxy Music Corporation

Box 8: folder 6
Musica Rara

Box 8: folder 7
Shawnee Press, Inc.

Box 8: folder 8
The Valley Music Press (Smith College)

Box 8: folder 9

Box 8: folder 10
Recorder music and manufacture

General correspondence

Box 8: folder 11
Requests for music

Box 8: folder 12
Dushkin Recorder Co. publicity

Box 8: folder 13
Proposal for book about recorders by David Dushkin: grant application and correspondence

Box 8: folder 14
Winnetka School of Music

General correspondence

Box 8: folder 15
Property sale correspondence and legal documents

Box 8: folder 16
Writings by Dushkins and others
1928-44, undated

Box 8: folder 17
Programs, brochures, and clippings

Box 8: folder 18

Box 9: folder 1
Kinhaven Music School

General correspondence

Box 9: folder 2

Box 9: folder 3
"Camp memos (diary)" by David Dushkin
28 Nov 1965-12 Sep 1967

Box 9: folder 4
Writings and memorabilia

Box 9: folder 5
Scrapbook: "In Celebration of the First Thirty Years of Kinhaven Music School the Alumni Collect and Present this Album to David and Dorothy Dushkin "
August 23, 1981

Box 9: folder 6
Book of greetings to the Dushkin's on Dorothy's birthday
26 July 1985

Box 9: folder 7


Box 9: folder 8
David Dushkin: Contracts with publishers

Box 9: folder 9
General correspondence


Box 9: folder 10

Box 9: folder 11

Box 9: folder 12

Box 9: folder 13
Leopold and Evangeline Stokowski

Box 9: folder 14
Millicent Taylor (Christian Science Monitor)
1936-55, undated

Box 9: folder 15

Cassettes of Dorothy Smith Dushkin compositions (some tapes include other composers)

"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" and "Sonata for Horn and Piano"

Box 10: folder 1
"Eight Voices": student orchestra, University of Western Ontario, Jeff Stokes, conductor (includes pieces by other composers)

Box 10: folder 2
"Fantasy for Three": The Pone Ensemble
9 Feb 1988

Box 10: folder 3
"Quartet in D Minor" for four recorders: student recital, Kalamazoo, Michigan
13 Jun 1982

Box 10: folder 4
"Septet for Brass," and "Sonata for Horn and Piano,"
25 May 1982

Box 10: folder 5
"Sonata for Flute and Piano" (1972): Robin Hendrich, flute, Philip Kraft, piano, Boston
1 May 1986

Box 10: folder 6
"Sonata for Flute and Piano," "Pour S'Amuser" for marimba quartet, "Quintet for Horns," and "Sonata for Two Cellos and Piano"

Box 10: folder 7
"Ten Poems in a Filagree for Women's Choir"

Box 10: folder 8
"Ten Poems in a Filigree for Women's Choir," sung by Lehigh University Choir, J. Bidlack, conductor

Box 10: folder 8a
"The Light of Man"

Box 10: folder 8b
Other and unknown composers

David Dushkin Memorial Concert, Kinhaven
18 Jul 1987

Box 10: folder 9
Focus on Women in the Arts, alumnae concert, Smith College
5 May 1982

Box 10: folder 10
Vytas J. Baksys, Master of Music piano recital, SUNY-Stony Brook
22 Nov 1983

Box 10: folder 11
Vytas J. Baksys and Terry Kowal, piano duo recital
25 April 1985

Box 10: folder 12
Lawrence Willingham performances

Box 10: folder 13-14
Reel-to-reel recordings of Dorothy Smith Dushkin compositions (some tapes include other composers)

"Canaan Bound"

Box 11: folder 1
"Canaan Bound" ("Not as good as original," D.D.)

Box 11: folder 2
"Canaan Bound" (master tape forrecord)

Box 11: folder 3
Pieces by Dvorak and Stravinsky

Box 11
"Claviquint III": Lisa Hardaway, flute; Peter Reit, horn; Gilda Joffe, violin; Karl Parens, cello; Vytas Baksys, piano; Kinhaven
Jul 1974

Box 11: folder 4
"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra": Leslie Spotz, piano; Kinhaven Chamber Orchestra, Jerry Bidlack, conductor;
2 Aug 1980

Box 11: folder 5
"Pour S'Amuser," suite for marimba and woodwinds in five movements
9 Aug 1980

Box 11
"Episode No. 2": Daniel Maki, flute; Joe Contino, clarinet; Bob Moore, bassoon

Box 11: folder 6
"Episode No. 3": Daniel Maki, flute; Joe Contino, clarinet; Bob Moore, bassoon

Box 11: folder 7
"Interlude for Horn and Strings," Kinhaven

Box 11: folder 7a
"Retrospective," Kinhaven

Box 11
"Interpretations" (copy from Kinhaven master)
22 Oct 1981

Box 11: folder 8
"Interpretations" cantata, Kinhaven
16 Aug 1981

Box 11: folder 9
"Kinhaven Concerto" for orchestra: The Kinhaven Orchestra, Jerry T. Bidlack, conductor, Kinhaven ("Not good recording, uneven balances")

Box 11: folder 10
"Percussion Plus": The Kinhaven Percussion Ensemble, Randall Edson, Director; Diane Rudolph, flute; Ben Parker, string bass

Box 11: folder 11
"Percussion Suite No. 2," Kinhaven
3 Jul 1972

Box 11: folder 12
"Time Out," Kinhaven
3 Jul 1972

Box 11
"Precision Patterns": [Kinhaven Percussion Ensemble?], Randall Edson, director; Kinhaven
Summer 1971

Box 11: folder 13
"Quartet Opus 44" (two movements), and pieces by other composers, Kinhaven staff concert
8 Aug 1981

Box 11: folder 14
"Quartet Opus 44 for piano, flute, clarinet, and bassoon, performed by K. Moore, D. Melle, E. Marks, R. Moore, BGSU College of Musical Arts, Bryan Hall
25 Apr 1981

Box 11: folder 15
"Quintet for Amanda" for oboe and string quartet: Roy Lawrence, oboe; Mary Jane Metcalf, violin I; Colin Murdoch, violin II; Kathy Jelson, viola; Marti Kanir, cello; Kinhaven
Jul 1974

Box 11: folder 16
"Quintet for Flute and Strings" (1962), recorded
14 Jul 1979

Box 11: folder 17
"Quintet for Horn and Strings": Dennis Behm, french horn; Colin Murdoch, violin I; Marcia Edson, violin II; Kathy Jelson, viola; Marti Kanir, cello Kinhaven
July 1974

Box 11: folder 18
"Septet for Brass"

Box 11: folder 19
"Pour S'Amuser": Randall Edson, marimba; Daniel Maki, flute; Mark Perchanok, oboe; Joseph Contino, clarinet; Robert Moore, bassoon

Box 11
"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra": Kay Moore, pianist; Kinhaven Orchestra
Summer 1974

Box 11
"Sonata for Bassoon and Piano": Kay Moore, piano; Bob Moore, bassoon

Box 11: folder 20
"Sonata for Horn": Dennis Behm, horn; Charles Hamlen, piano; ("first movement played too fast both times")

Box 11
"Sonata for Flute and Piano": Peter Schultz, flute; Randall Edson and Kay Moore, piano (original tape, uncut)
15 Aug 1978

Box 11: folder 21
"Sonata for Flute and Piano" (edited copy)

Box 11: folder 22
"Sonata for Two Violincelli": Nancy Bidlack, cello; James Kennedy, cello; Jerry Bidlack, piano

Box 11: folder 23
"Songs of the Bards of Bengal": Chamber Singers, Daisietta Kim, conductor; Kinhaven
Aug 1972

Box 11: folder 24
"Tapestry: Suite for String Orchestra and Percussion": The Kinhaven Orchestra, Jerry Bidlack, conductor;
23 Jul 1978

Box 11: folder 25
"Ten Poems in a Filagree": Lehigh Women's Choir, Jerry Bidlack, conductor, with flute, string quartet, and piano; Bicentennial Concert
28 Mar 1976

Box 11: folder 26
"Ten Poems in a Filagree": (same as #26)

Box 11: folder 27
"Theme and Variations for Piano and Chamber Orchestra,"
summer 1982

Box 11: folder 27a
"Trio" for piano, violin, and cello (also includes pieces by other composers), fourth staff concert
24 Jul 1976

Box 11: folder 28
Twelfth student concert (pieces by other composers)
14 Aug 1976

Box 11
"Trio Sonata for Viola, Cello, and Piano": M. J. [Metcalf?], Nancy [Bidlack?], Charles [?]

Box 11: folder 29
Pieces by other composers

"Triptych": Kinhaven Orchestra, Jerry Bidlack, conductor
Jul 1979

Box 11: folder 30
"Quintet for Flute and Strings": Peter, Diana, Marcia, M. J., Nancy;
14 Jul 1979

Box 11: folder 31
Claviquint No. 1," student performance
29 Jul 1979

Box 11
Special Concert ("Fantasy for Three"; "Sonata for Two Celli and Piano," movement 1; "Retrospective"; "Diversion for Four Hands and Percussion)
14 Aug 1979

Box 11

Box 11: folder 32
Allen Shawn, "Cabaret Music" and "Movements for Violin and Piano"

Box 11: folder 33


[For more detailed information about scores, see the supplemental list prepared by Thomas G. MacCracken]

Orchestral works

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra," (manuscript); "Piano Concerto: Reduced Score Sketch

Box 12: folder 1
"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra": full score

Box 12: folder 2
"Concerto for Piano and Orchestra": parts

Box 12: folder 3
"Kinhaven Concerto"

Box 12: folder 4
"Salutation Fanfare"

Box 12: folder 4a
"Tapestry: Suite for String Orchestra"

Box 12: folder 5
"Theme and Variations for Piano and Chamber Orchestra"

Box 12: folder 6
"Three Patterns in C, or Holiday Suite" for the younger orchestra

Box 12: folder 7

Box 12: folder 8
Chamber music

"Antiphonal Chorale" for brass choirs

Box 12: folder 9
"April Quintet" for woodwinds and piano

Box 13: folder 1
"Brass and Piano Quartet" for trumpet, horn, trombone, and piano

Box 13: folder 2
"Claviquint No. I" for woodwinds and piano

Box 13: folder 3
"Claviquint No. II" for woodwinds and piano

Box 13: folder 4
"Claviquint No. III" for flute, horn, strings, and piano

Box 13: folder 5
"Diversion" for piano four hands and percussion

Box 13: folder 6
"Dushkajinks" for two pianos, flute, recorder, violin and cello ("played at family concert in Winnetka about 1946-47")
circa 1946-47

Box 13: folder 7
"Eight Voices"

Box 13: folder 7a
"Episode No. I" for flute, violin, and piano

Box 13: folder 8
"Episode Nos. II and III" for flute, clarinet, and bassoon

Box 13: folder 9
"Episode No. IV" for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon

Box 13: folder 10
"Fantasy for Three" for flute, marimba, and double bass

Box 13: folder 11
"47 Measures for 1107"

Box 13: folder 11a
"Four Plus Four" for strings and winds

Box 13: folder 12
"Gaelic Fantasy" for recorders, strings, and piano (manuscript)

Box 13: folder 13
"Gaelic Fantasy" for recorders, strings, and piano (transparency)

Box 13: folder 14
"Impromptu for Two Pianos" (written for Alice and Fay Taylor)

Box 14: folder 1
"Morris Dance Fantasy" for strings and winds

Box 14: folder 2
"Octet" for woodwinds

Box 14: folder 3
"Percussion Plus: Suite" for flute, bass, and percussion

Box 14: folder 4
"Pour s'amuser: Suite" for marimba, flute, oboe, clarinet, and basoon

Box 14: folder 5
"Precision Patterns: Suite for Percussion Ensemble," dedicated to Randall Edson

Box 14: folder 6
"Quartet Opus 44" for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and piano

Box 14: folder 7
"Quick-step" for flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon

Box 14: folder 8
"Quintet for Amanda" for oboe and string quartet

Box 14: folder 9
"Quintet for Flute and String Quartet"

Box 14: folder 10
"Quintet for Horn and Strings"

Box 14: folder 11
"Quintet" in four movements for flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano

Box 14: folder 12
"Recorder Quartet in D Minor,"

Box 14: folder 13
"Retrospective" for five winds and piano (manuscript)

Box 15: folder 1
"Retrospective" for five winds and piano (transparency)

Box 15: folder 2
"Septet for Brass"

Box 15: folder 3
"Sonata for Two Harpsichords"

Box 15: folder 4
"Sonata for Two Violincelli and Piano"

Box 15: folder 5
"Suite for Six" for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and harpsichord

Box 15: folder 6
"Suite for Three" for two recorders and clarinet, or two flutes and viola

Box 15: folder 7
"Suite for Two Alto Recorders"

Box 15: folder 8
"A ThanCare Piece" for violin and piano

Box 15: folder 9
"Three Short Flights for Four Flutes, dedicated to Susan Stockhammer

Box 15: folder 10
"Time Out" for percussion and piano

Box 15: folder 11
"Trio" for piano, violin and cello, dedicated to Mary Jane Metcalf

Box 15: folder 12
"Trio Sonata" for viola, cello, and piano

Box 15: folder 13
Solo pieces

"Berceuse for Nadia" for violin and piano

Box 15: folder 14
"For Lelah" for cello and piano

Box 15: folder 15
"A Gay Set: Piano Pieces for Second or Third Year of Study"

Box 15: folder 16
"Inconsequential for David Alex" for flute and piano

Box 15: folder 17
"A Method of Study for the Alto Recorder"

Box 15: folder 18
"Nine Piano Pieces" for about third year study

Box 15: folder 19
"A Short Piece for Virginal and Piano" (written for Fay and Alice Taylor)

Box 15: folder 20
"Sonata for Bassoon and Piano," dedicated to Bob and Kay Moore

Box 15: folder 21
"Sonata for Flute and Piano"

Box 15: folder 22
"Sonata for Horn and Piano," dedicated to Dennis Behm

Box 15: folder 23
"Suite for Solo Marimba"

Box 15: folder 24
"Three Moods" for flute and piano

Box 15: folder 25
Choral works

"Canaan Bound: Cantata" for chorus and orchestra rev. 1964

Box 16: folder 1
"Canaan Bound: Cantata" for chorus and orchestra, piano reduction

Box 16: folder 2
"The Flower" for women's chorus and woodwinds

Box 16: folder 3
"Interpretations: Cantata" for mixed chorus and orchestra

Box 16: folder 4
"Interpretations: Cantata" for mixed chorus and orchestra

Box 16: folder 5
"The Light of Man" from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, for mixed chorus, woodwinds, and piano (manuscript)

Box 16: folder 6
"The Light of Man" from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, for mixed chorus and orchestra: full score and parts

Box 16: folder 7
"On Paumonok Shore" for women's chorus, reader, flute, and piano: full score and vocal parts (manuscript and transparency)

Box 16: folder 8
"Songs of the Bards of Bengal" for women's chorus, flute, strings, and piano: full score and parts

Box 16: folder 9
"Ten Poems in a Filagree" for women's chorus, flute, piano, and string quartet: full score and parts

Box 16: folder 10
"Tensions" for mixed chorus

Box 16: folder 11
"Three Madrigals" for mixed chorus

Box 16: folder 12
Three Songs for Women's Voices: The Old Soldier, Prince of Sleep, and Ship of Rio

Box 16: folder 13

"Etude" for piano

Box 17: folder 1
"French Suite" for piano

Box 17: folder 2
"An Irish Courtship" for piano

Box 17: folder 3
"A Joke" for piano

Box 17: folder 4
"Poltarnees" for piano (manuscript)

Box 17: folder 5
"Poltarnees, Beholder of Oceans," a musical pantomime for piano, published by Smith College Clef Club

Box 17: folder 6
"Prelude" for piano

Box 17: folder 7
Smith College exercises

Box 17: folder 8
"Sonatine for Violin and Piano,"

Box 17: folder 9
"Toccata" for piano

Box 17: folder 10
Miscellaneous (arrangements; transcriptions; and pieces by Gertrude Smith and unidentified)

"Christmas Round"

Box 17: folder 11
"Song in the Songless" for contralto, clarinet, and piano

Box 17: folder 12
"Trudle's Lighter Moment" for piano and voice [by D.S.D.?]

Box 17: folder 13
"Americana Collection": manuscript and mimeograph scores of American song arrangements

Box 17: folder 14
"Collection of First Songs for Children": songs by others [to be arranged?]

Box 17: folder 15
J.S. Bach, "Chorale and Aria" from "Cantata No. 153," transcribed for orchestra; and "From Cantata No. 4" (arranged by D.S.D.)

Box 17: folder 16
Brahms, "Romanze" for chamber orchestra: full score and parts (arranged by D.S.D.)

Box 17: folder 17
Fischer, "Six Fugues" transcribed for horns, trumpet, and trombone [arranged by D.S.D.?]

Box 17: folder 18
Grieg, "Norwegian Suite" for orchestra and piano (arranged by D.S.D.)

Box 17: folder 19
Marais, "Five Old French Dances" for winds and strings, or recorders and strings (arranged by D.S.D.)

Box 17: folder 20
Mozart, "Divertimento I" and "Divertimento II" (cello part only) [arranged by D.S.D.?]

Box 17: folder 21
Mozart, "Tempo di Menuetto": orchestral parts (arranged by D.S.D.]

Box 17: folder 22
Pachelbel and J.S. Bach, "Four Fugues" transcribed for winds and brass [by D.S.D?]

Box 17: folder 23
"Chuckatuck, Walla Walla," piece for speaking chorus

Box 17: folder 24
"We Wish a Happy Birthday"

Box 17: folder 25
"Three songs for Women's Voices with Wind Instruments"

Box 17: folder 26

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