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Homosexuality/LGBT collection, 1932-2011 (Bulk: 1970-1978)
9 boxes (3.75 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 395

This collection consists of printed materials that document the evolution of attitudes and approaches to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and organizations from 1932-1995 (mostly the 1970s), and documents the political struggles of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals to oppose homophobic discrimination in U.S. society. Also of interest are numerous newsletters, periodicals and leaflets that document lesbian organizing in Western Massachusetts.

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The collection is open to reseach according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

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Permission is required to cite the papers or for quotations beyond "fair use." Copyright to materials in this collection is owned by the individuals and organizations who authored them, or their heirs and assigns.

Sophia Smith Collection
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Scope and contents of the collection
Pamphlet from the collection, April 1981

Pamphlet from the collection, April 1981

The Homosexuality/LGBT Collection consists of articles, books, leaflets, newsletters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, periodicals and position papers that document the evolution of legal, medical, political, individual and public attitudes and approaches to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and organizations from 1932 to the present. There are only a few items dating from the period before Stonewall (1969), including a review of the 1932 German film "Maedchen in Uniform" from Literary Digest; psychiatrist Frank Caprio's 1954 book, Female Homosexuality: A Psychodynamic Study; and the Scottish Home Department's 1957 Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution. Without exception these publications reflect the predominant assumptions about the pathological nature of homosexual identity and behavior that characterize the period before the emergence of the gay liberation movement.

The vast majority of the items in the collection date from 1970 to 1978. These document the discursive and political struggles that surrounded the efforts of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals to oppose the medicalization and criminalization of homosexuality and to oppose homophobic discrimination at every level of U.S. society. Some of this material reflects conservatives' efforts to oppose gay liberation struggles and some demonstrates the widespread confusion and ambivalence about lesbians and gay men shared by mainstream journalists, politicians, and medical and legal professionals during the 1970s. Most of the material, however, documents lesbian, gay and bisexual efforts to raise public consciousness about same-sex sexuality and demonstrates the gradual inroads made by the gay and lesbian liberation movement during the decade of the 1970s, especially in college and university settings. Newspapers such as The Militant and The Village Voice are particularly well-represented among the newspaper clippings in the collection. Also of interest are numerous newsletters, periodicals and leaflets that document lesbian organizing in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding areas.

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Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The collection is open to reseach according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection.

Restrictions on use:

Permission is required to cite the papers or for quotations beyond "fair use." Copyright to materials in this collection is owned by the individuals and organizations who authored them, or their heirs and assigns.

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Multiple donors have contributed to this subject collection.


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Processed by Nichole Calero, 2012. Finding aid written by Kate Weigand and Nichole Calero.

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Contents List
1964-81, undated

Box 1: folder 1
General: Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts,

Box 1: folder 2
Newspaper clippings,
1932, 1965, 1971-81

Box 1: folder 3-4
Papers and pamphlets

1973-87, undated

Box 1: folder 5-7
Alice, Gordon, Debbie, and Mary, "Lesbian Separatism: An Amazon Analysis,"

Box 1: folder 8
Leana Furgeri, "The Lesbian Feminist Movement and Social Change: Female Homosociality, a New Consciousness," PhD thesis, Teacher's College, Columbia University,

Box 1: folder 9-12
"Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution," Scotland,

Box 1: folder 13

Box 1: folder 14
1975, 1978, undated

Box 1: folder 15
"Dyke Sex Calendar 1990" Dykes on the Wall Productions, Vancouver, BC,

Box 2: folder 1
Film and video,
1981-88, undated

Box 2: folder 2
1974-79, undated

Box 2: folder 3
Lesbian history


Box 2: folder 4
"Travelling Lesbians or Sisters on the Road" by Birdie MacLennon,

Box 2: folder 5

1975-78, undated

Box 2: folder 6

Box 2
1959-79, undated

Box 2: folder 7-8
"Checklist of lesbian, variant and homosexual fiction in English or available in English translation" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Gene Damon,

Box 2: folder 9
"Checklist supplement" by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Gene Damon,

Box 2: folder 10
"Astra's Tower" checklist of lesbian literature by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Special leaflet 3 and 5,
1959, 1961

Box 2: folder 11
Book stores and catalogs

1975-89, undated

Box 2: folder 12
Elysian Fields, Booksellers,

Box 2: folder 13
Independent Woman Books,
1983, undated

Box 2: folder 14
Lambda Rising, Whole Gay Catalog,

Box 3: folder 1
Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop,
1988-89, undated

Box 3: folder 2

1966-78, undated

Box 3: folder 3
Daughters of Bilitis,

[see also Periodicals]

1964-71, undated

Box 3: folder 4
Gay Flames: pamphlets 1-4, 7-13,
circa 1970s

Box 3: folder 5
Lesbian Avengers,
1993-94, undated

Box 3: folder 6
Lesbians for Lesbians,
circa 1991

Box 3: folder 7
National Gay Task Force/National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,
1974-88, undated

Box 3: folder 8
National Organization for Women,
1973-80, undated

Box 3: folder 9

Box 3: folder 10
Survey: Violence Against S/M Women Within the Lesbian Community

Box 3: folder 11
1996, undated

Box 3: folder 12
1971, undated

Box 3: folder 13

[see also oversize box and SSC Periodicals Collection]

Changes, Minneapolis, no.
17, Jul 1971

Box 3: folder 14
The Closet Door! Newsletter of the Student Homophile League of the University of Massachusetts Amherst,
1971-72, undated

Box 3: folder 15
Come Out Comix,

Box 3: folder 16
Coming Out Rage: a Feminist Journal for Lesbians/Produced by Lesbian Feminists/DOB,
May 1973

Box 3: folder 17
Dykes and Gorgons; Dyke Doings; Dynamite Damsels (comic book),
May-June 1973; Jan 1976; undated

Box 3: folder 18
Gay Activist; Gay Men's Liberation and last motive,
June 1973 and 1972

Box 3: folder 19
Gay People and Mental Health; Gossip: a Journal of Lesbian Feminist Ethics,
1973 and 1986

Box 3: folder 20
fall 1978-winter 1979

Box 3: folder 21
Lambda Rising Book Report V.1 No 5-7; Lambda Rising News,
1988 and 1984-86

Box 3: folder 22
The Leaping Lesbian V.3 No.2; Lesbian Ethics V. 4 No.1,
undated, 1990

Box 3: folder 23
A Lesbian Position; Lesbians Rising; Long Time Coming; LVA: Lesbian Visual Artists Newsletter,
1983-1986, May/Jun 1976, Apr/May 1976, spr 1995

Box 4: folder 1
Mauve Messages; Motive (lesbian/feminist issue),
Jul/Aug 1975, 1972

Box 4: folder 2
Multicultural Jewish Dyke Newsletter,

Box 4: folder 3
Old Maid; One: The Homosexual Magazine issue, "The Feminine Viewpoint"; Out in Comics,
Spring 1975, Feb 1954, 2002-2003

Box 4: folder 4
Prism Comics; Purple Rage,
2003, undated

Box 4: folder 5
The Wishing Well; Witch Dream, Matriarchal Comix, Amazon Reality Collective; Womanspace News,
spr 1978, undated, May/Jun 1986

Box 4: folder 6

Aalfs, Janet et al editors, Tuesday Night: poetry and fiction by Valley Lesbian Writers Group,

Box 5: folder 1
Brown, Rita Mae. A Plain Brown Wrapper, Diana Press,

Box 5: folder 2
Caprio, Frank S., M.D. Female Homosexuality: A Psychodynamic Study of Lesbianism, Citadel Press,

Box 5: folder 3
Chideckel, Maurice. Female Sex Perversion: The Sexually Aberrated Woman as She Is, Eugenics Publishing Co.,

Box 5: folder 4
Cottingham, Laura, lesbians are so chic…that we are not really lesbians at all,

Box 5: folder 5
Covina, Gina and Laurel Galana, editors. The Lesbian Reader: an Amazon Quarterly Anthology, Amazon Press,

Box 5: folder 6
Dykewoman, Elana. They Will Know Me By My Teeth: stories and poems of lesbian struggle, celebration, and survival, Megaera Press,

Box 5: folder 7
Gaia's Guide,

Box 6: folder 1
Gearhart, Sally. The Feminist Tarot: A View from the Dykes, Pandora's Boox,

Box 6: folder 2
Grahn, Judy. Edward the Dyke and other poems, Women's Press Collective,

Box 6: folder 3
Kissen, Rita M. The Last Closet, Heinemann,

Box 6: folder 4
Lesbians Speak Out, Women's Press Collective,

Box 6: folder 5
Louÿs, Pierre, Les Chansons de Bilitis,

Box 6: folder 6
Myron, Nancy and Charlotte Bunch. Lesbianism and the Women's Movement, Diana Press,

Box 6: folder 7
Nachman, Elana, "Riverfinger Woman: a novel": typescript,

Box 6: folder 8-10
Norday, Michael. Warped, Beacon,

Box 6: folder 11
Palm of Your Hand: a collection of writings and drawings by lesbians from Baltimore and elsewhere,

Box 6: folder 12
Portland Women's Center, Opening,

Box 6: folder 13
S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men), Woman to Woman: a book of poems and drawings by women,

Box 6: folder 14
Sue, Nelly, Dian, Carol, Billie. Country Lesbians: The Story of the Womanshare Collective, WomanShare Books,

Box 7: folder 1
Stewart-Park, Angela and Cassidy, Jules, We're Here: Conversations with Lesbian Women, Quartet Books Ltd.,

Box 7: folder 2
Thunder from the Earth, Lavender Press,

Box 7: folder 3
Vida, Ginny, editor. Our Right to Love: a lesbian resource book,

Box 7: folder 4
Oversize Materials

D.Y.K.E. (Do You Know Enough), a lesbian game compiled by Flowing (Margaret Johnson), Julia Penelope, Sue Stepanek, and Sarah Valentine, LipService, Inc.,

Box 8
Literature: Alyson Lesbian & Feminist Book Catalog,
fall-winter 1984

Box 9: folder 1
Organizations: "Read This Queers" published anonymously by Queers; "Radicalesbians/GLF Women,"

Box 9: folder 2

Lambda Rising Book Report, Vol I, no. 4,6,7,8,9,10,11

Box 9: folder 3
Wicce: A Lesbian/Feminist Newspaper, Pennsylvania,
summer 1975

Box 9: folder 4
Lesbian rights banner and poster,

Flat file dwr 3
Gay Liberation Front: poster,

Box F
Lesbian Avengers: miscellaneous,
1993-94, undated

Box F

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  • Homosexuality--Psychological aspects--History--20th century--Sources
  • Lesbian feminism--History--Sources
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