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Ella Reeve Bloor

Ella Reeve Bloor (with flowers) at speaking engagement with two unidentified women, n.d. (photographer unknown). Ella Reeve Bloor Papers.

This list does not represent all of the collections held by the Sophia Smith Collection. Contact the archives for more information.
Sophia Smith Collection Finding Aids
Aalfs, Joann
Finding aid to the Joann Aalfs papers SSC.MS.00479
Abel, Barbara
Barbara Abel Papers, 1925-1989
Abortion Collection
Abortion and Birth Control Committee
Finding aid to the Abortion and Birth Control Committee records SSC.MS.00786
Ackelsberg, Martha A.
Finding aid to Martha Ackelsberg papers SSC.MS.00644
Activist Life Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00641
Adams, Marjorie, 1900-1944
Marjorie Adams Papers, 1919-1989
Adamson, Rebecca, 1949-
Rebecca Adamson Papers, 1979-2007
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935
Jane Addams Papers, 1904-1960
Alan Guttmacher Institute
Alan Guttmacher Institute records SSC.MS.00720
Alexander, Dolores, 1931-
Dolores Alexander Papers, 1945-1998
All Volunteer Clinic Escort for the Summit Women's Center
All Volunteer Clinic Escort Service for the Summit Women's Center Records, 1995-2002
Allen, Florence Ellinwood, 1884-1966
Florence Ellinwood Allen Papers, 1920-1966
Alliance Against Women's Oppression
Alliance Against Women's Oppression Records, 1980-1989
American Association of University Women
American Association of University Women Records, 1921-1983(ongoing)
American Association of University Women. Connecticut Valley Branch
American Association of University Women. Connecticut Valley Branch Records, 1925-1992 (ongoing)
American Association of University Women. Massachusetts Division
American Association of University Women. Massachusetts Division Records, 1935-1990 (ongoing)
American Association of University Women. Worcester Branch
American Association of University Women. Worcester Branch Records, 1897-1995 (ongoing)
American Council of Railroad Women
American Council of Railroad Women Records, 1944-1977
Ames family
Ames Family Papers, 1812-2012
Anderson, Eleanor Copenhaver, d. 1985
Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson Papers, 1901-1993 (bulk 1922-55)
Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993
Marian Anderson Papers, 1944-1959
Annsdatter, Barbara
Finding aid to the Woman's Collage Theater records SSC.MS.00329
Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906
Finding aid to the Susan B. Anthony papers SSC.MS.00005
Apfelbaum, Charles
Finding aid to American Red Cross world war photographs collection SSC.MS.00591
Apuzzo, Virginia
Virginia Apuzzo Papers, 1956-2012
Archbald, Mary Ann Wodrow, 1762-1841
Mary Ann Wodrow Archbald Papers, 1784-2004 (bulk 1784-1840)
Arise for Social Justice
Arise for Social Justice Records, 1956-2010 (bulk 1985-2010)
Art Collection, 1857-1988
Asetoyer, Charon
Charon Asetoyer Papers, 1985-2008
Askanasy, Anna H.
Anna H. Askanasy Papers, 1931-70
Associated Charities of Brattleboro
Associated Charities of Brattleboro Records, 1915 - 1974
Association for Women in Mathematics (U.S.)
Association for Women in Mathematics recordsSSC.MS.00796
Association of Collegiate Alumnae (U.S.)
Association of Collegiate Alumnae Records, 1882-1917?
Ausonia Club (Northampton, Mass.)
Ausonia Club Records, 1929-1993
Ausonia Club Oral History Project, 1965-1987
Avery, Byllye, 1937-
Byllye Avery papers SSC.MS.00652
Ayvazian, Andrea
Finding aid in the Andrea Ayvazian papers SSC.MS.00760
Backes, Ruth
Finding aid to the Ruth Backes papers SSC.MS.00478
Bacon, Josephine Dodge Daskam, 1876-1961
Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon Papers, 1904-1934
Bailie, Helen Tufts, 1874-1962
Helen Tufts Bailie Papers, 1886-1959
Bain, Caroline Dwight
Finding aid to the Caroline Dwight Bain papers SSC.MS.00762
Baldwin, Sidney, 1885-1978
Finding aid to the Sidney Baldwin papers SSC.MS.00010
Bannon, Charlotte, 1874-1961
Charlotte Bannon Papers, 1895-1961
Barnes, Mary Sheldon, 1850-1898
Mary Sheldon Barnes Papers, 1857-1948
Barnhouse, Ruth Tiffany, 1923-1999
Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse papers SSC.MS.00202
Barton, Clara, 1821-1912
Clara Barton Papers, 1882-1982
Bascom, Florence, 1862-1945
Finding aid to the Florence Bascom papers SSC.MS.00012
Basten, Mary Isabel Ellis, 1886-1975
Mary Isabel Ellis Basten, 1837-2004
Baum, Margaret Hays
Margaret Hays Baum, an oral history: conversations with Dorothy Wardell, January to April 1982, on the 50th anniversary of Planned Parenthood of Rochester and Monroe County, Inc.
Bauman, Batya, 1929-
Batya Bauman Papers, 1947-2005
Baumgardner, Jennifer
Finding aid to the Jennifer Baumgardner papers SSC.MS.00705
Baxter, Annette Kar, 1926-1983
Annette Kar Baxter Papers, 1905-1984
Beach, Diana Lee
Finding aid to the Diana Lee Beach papers SSC.MS.00619
Beard, Mary Ritter, 1876-1958
Mary Ritter Beard papers SSC.MS.00013
Bechdel, Alison, 1960-
Finding Aid to the Alison Bechdel papers SSC.MS.00633
Beck, Patricia, 1924-1978
Patricia Beck Papers, 1936-1986 (bulk 1940-78)
Beggs, Vera W. (Vera Wadsworth), d. 1968.
Vera Wadsworth Beggs Papers, 1932-1969
Bell, Elizabeth Heard, 1908-1998
Finding aid to the Elizabeth Heard Bell papers SSC.MS.00256
Bell, M. Kathleen
Finding aid to the Kathleen Bell papers SSC.MS.00263
Bemis, Frances, d. 1974
Frances Bemis Papers, 1921-1974
Bender, Marilyn, 1924-
Marylin Bender Papers, 1942-1999 (ongoing)
Berman, Ruth
Finding aid to the Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz papers SSC.MS.00520
Bernstein, Patricia
Finding aid to the Patricia Bernstein papers SSC.MS.00775
Betsko-Koenig Women Playwrights Collection, 1955-1990
Billings, Florence, 1879-1959
Florence Billings Papers, 1915-1959 (bulk 1919-1928)
Biography Collection, 1771-1995 (bulk 1920s-70s)
Biren, Joan E.
Joan E. Biren Papers, 1944-2011 (ongoing)
Birkby, Phyllis
Noel Phyllis Birkby Papers, 1932-1994
Birth Control Collection, 1923-2000
Black Women's Health Imperative
Black Women's Health Imperative Records, 1983-2006(ongoing)
Blake Family
Blake Family Papers, 1872-1958, n.d.
Bloor, Ella Reeve, 1862-1951
Ella Reeve Bloor Papers, 1890-1979
Bodman family
Bodman Family Papers, 1687-1980
Boughton, Florence Ada Cross, 1885-1982
Florence Ada Cross Boughton Papers, 1883-1982
Boyd, Kate Hillis, 1885-1976
Kate Hillis Boyd Papers, 1915-34, n.d. (bulk 1918-22)
Boynton, Carolyn Adelia, 1877-1960
Carolyn Adelia Boynton Papers, 1918-1936
Bradley, Gladys M., 1897-1983
Gladys M. Bradley Papers, 1957-1981
Bragdon, Helen C., 1911-1998
Finding aid to the Helen C. Bragdon papers SSC.MS.00218
Brand, Katharine Edith
Katharine Edith Brand Papers, 1881-1988 (bulk 1965-1980)
Brewer, Vivion Lenon
Finding aid to the Vivion Lenon Brewer papers SSC.MS.00020
Brewster family
Brewster Family Papers, 1882-1967
Brier, Dorothy
Finding Aid to the Dorothy Brier papers SSC.MS.00260
Briggs, Lucy Barnard
Lucy Barnard Briggs Papers, 1955-1955
Brilliant, Eleanor
Finding aid to the Eleanor Brilliant collection of research materials on women's philanthropy SSC.MS.00765
Brown, Helen Gurley
Finding aid to the Helen Gurley Brown papers SSC.MS.00022
Browning, Katherine A., 1855-1936
Finding aid to the Katherine A. Browning papers SSC.MS.00781
Brush, Dorothy Hamilton
Dorothy Hamilton Brush Papers, 1840-1969 (bulk 1936-1968)
Bryant, Louise Stevens, 1885-1956
Louise Stevens Bryant Papers, 1885-1963
Bulkley-Shelland family
Bulkley-Shelland Family Papers, 1864-1961
Bunce, Elizabeth T.
Elizabeth Thompson Bunce Papers, 1936-1986
Burnham, Linda, 1948-
Finding aid to the Linda Burnham papers SSC.MS.00736
Burr, Jane, 1882-1958
Jane Burr Papers, circa 1860s-1958
Bush-Brown Family
Bush-Brown Family Papers, 1835-1969
Butler, Jessie Haver, 1886-
Jessie Haver Butler Papers, 1920-1978
Caldicott, Helen
Finding aid to the Helen Caldicott papers SSC.MS.00223
Calkins, Gladys Gilkey
Gladys Gilkey Calkins Papers, 1895-1988
Camp Bonnie Brae (East Otis, Mass.)
Camp Bonnie Brae Records, 1917-2007 (ongoing)
Canadian American Women's Committee
Canadian American Women's Committee Records, 1941-1969
Cantow, Roberta
Finding Aid to Roberta Cantow papers SSC.MS.00559
Carey, Ernestine Gilbreth
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey Papers, 1915-2005
Carpenter, Frances, 1890-1972
Frances Carpenter Papers 1917-1972
Carpenter, Frank G. (Frank George), 1855-1924
Finding aid to the Frank G. Carpenter papers SSC.MS.00029
Casement, Frances Jennings, 1841-1920.
Frances Casement Papers, 1884-1892
Catholics for Choice
Catholics for Choice Records, 1973-2014
Catt, Carrie Chapman, 1859-1947
Carrie Chapman Catt Papers, 1880-1958
Center for the Advancement of Women
Center for the Advancement of Women Records, 1993-2010
Chase, Jessie Anderson, 1865-
Jessie Anderson Chase Papers, 1927-1936
Chatterton, Ruth, 1893-1961
Ruth Chatterton Papers, 1950-
Cheney family
Cheney Family Papers, 1836-1904
Chesler, Ellen, 1947-
Finding Aid for Cheri Appel oral history SSC.MS.00413
Chesler, Ellen, 1947-
Edris Rice-Wray oral history SSC.MS.00436
Choice USA (Washington, D.C.)
Choice USA Records, 1980s-2005 (ongoing)
Christie, Jeanne Bokina, 1944-
Jeanne Bokina Christie Papers, 1966-1983 (ongoing)
Churchill, Ruth Pierson, 1896-
Ruth Pierson Churchill Papers, 1919-1988
Citizens for Midwifery
Finding aid to the Citizens for Midwifery records SSC.MS.00727
Clark, Kate Upson, 1851-1935
Kate Upson Clark Papers, 1893-1935
Clark-Warner family
Clark-Warner Family Papers, 1834-1877
Clarke, Elizabeth Dodge Huntington, 1884-1976
Elizabeth Dodge Huntington Clarke Papers, 1915-1981
Clausen, Jan
Finding aid to the Jan Clausen papers SSC.MS.00630
Clement, Fannie F.
Fannie Clement Papers, 1912-1941
Cloward, Richard A.
Finding aid to the Richard A. Cloward papers. SSC.MS.00466
Coil, Stacey
Finding aid to the Dian Fossey papers SSC.MS.00386
Coit, Eleanor G.
Finding aid to the Eleanor Gwinnell Coit papers SSC.MS.00035
Collin, Grace Lathrop
Grace Lathrop Collin, 1894-1913
Committee of Correspondence
Committee of Correspondence Records, 1952-1989 (bulk 1952-1971)
Committee on Women, Population and the Environment
Finding aid to the Committee on Women, Population and the Environment records SSC.MS.00768
Communism, Socialism, and Left-Wing Politics Collection, 1891-1998
Consumers' League of Kentucky
Consumers' League of Kentucky Records, 1901-1951 (bulk 1901-1941)
Cook, Katsi
Katsi Cook Papers, 1977-2008
Copelon, Rhonda
Rhonda Copelon papers SSC.MS.00693
Corea, Gena
Finding aid to the Gena Corea papers SSC.MS.00242
Cornell, Katharine, 1893-1974
Katharine Cornell Papers, 1938-1960
Cosmopolitan Associates, Inc.
Cosmopolitan Associates, Inc.Records, 1938-2004
Coss, Clare
Finding aid to the Clare Coss papers SSC.MS.00494
Costello, Louisa Stuart, 1799-1870
Louisa Stuart Costello Papers, 1825-1868
Cotton, Bessie Boies, 1880-1959
Bessie Boies Cotton Papers, 1881-1983
Countries collection, 1540-2006 (bulk 1920-1970)
Cratty, Mabel, 1868-1928
Mabel Cratty Papers 1904-1928 (bulk 1913-28)
Crawford, Pauline Avery, 1890-1952
Pauline Avery Crawford Papers, 1902-1997
Crime, Prisons, and Reform Schools Collection, 1850-1977
Crowe, Frances
Finding aid to the Mary-Ann Palmieri collection of Frances Crowe interviews SSC.MS.00789
Crowe, Frances, 1919-
Finding aid to the Frances Crowe papers SSC.MS.00249
Crump, Mary Alletta, 1887-1970
Mary Alletta Crump Papers, 1916-1970
Curti, Margaret Wooster, b. 1891
Margaret Wooster Curti Papers, 1898-1963
Curtis, Edith Roelker
Edith Roelker Curtis Papers, 1916-1989
Curtis, Harriot F.
Harriot F. Curtis Papers, 1836-1963
Curtis-Iselin family
Curtis-Iselin Family Papers, 1904-2000
Curtiss, Mina Kirstein, 1896-
Mina Kirstein Curtiss Papers, 1913-2005
Cushman, Nancy Cox-McCormack, b. 1885
Nancy Cox-McCormack Cushman Papers, 1906-2000
DES Action National (Organization)
DES Action USA records, 1939-2016 (bulk 1975-2014)
DES Action, Connecticut
Finding aid for the DES Action, Connecticut records SSC.MS.00791
Daly, Mary, 1928-2010
Finding aid to the Mary Daly papers SSC.MS.00637
Damon, Olive K., 1911-2003
Olive Warner Kellog Damon Papers, 1925-2005
Daniels, Judith
Finding aid to the Judith Daniels papers SSC.MS.00744
Davies, Diana, 1938-
Diana Davies Papers, 1960s-1996 (ongoing)
De Lussan, Zélie, 1861-1949.
Finding aid to the Zelie De Lussan papers SSC.MS.00045
De Mille, Agnes
Finding aid to the Agnes De Mille papers SSC.MS.00046
De Saram, Carole
Finding aid to the Carole De Saram papers SSC.MS.00794
De Schweinitz, Dorothea, 1891-
Dorothea De Schweinitz and Louise De Schweinitz (Darrow) Papers, 1912-1997
DeForest, Charlotte B. (Charlotte Burgis), b. 1879.
Charlotte Burgis DeForest Papers, 1903-1960
Dexter, Elisabeth Anthony, b. 1887.
Finding aid to the Elisabeth Anthony Dexter papers SSC.MS.00047
Diallo, Dázon Dixon
Finding aid to Dazon Dixon Diallo papers SSC.MS.00683
Diaz, Abby Morton, 1821-1904
Abby Morton Diaz Papers, 1879-1900
Dickerson, Elizabeth, 1886-1987
Elizabeth Dickerson Papers, 1917-1987 (bulk 1917-1919)
Dieson, Eldri, 1905-1984
Eldri Dieson Papers, 1928-1986, n.d.
Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00661
Dodge, Grace H. (Grace Hoadley), 1856-1914
Grace Hoadley Dodge Papers, 1882-1995 (bulk 1882-1915)
Dodson Gray, Elizabeth
Finding aid to the Theological Opportunities Program records SSC.MS.00567
Doty, Madeleine Z. (Madeleine Zabriskie), 1877-1963
Madeleine Zabriskie Doty Papers 1880-1984
Drake, Frances
Frances Drake Papers, 1919-1925
Dreier, Ethel Eyre Valentine
Finding aid to the Ethel Eyre Valentine Dreier papers SSC.MS.00050
Drinker, Sophie Hutchinson
Finding aid to the Sophie Hutchinson Drinker papers SSC.MS.00051
Dryfoos, Joy G.
Joy Dryfoos Papers, 1960-2001 (ongoing)
Dublin, Thomas, 1946-
Finding aid to the Thomas Dublin papers SSC.MS.00689
Duganne, Phyllis, 1899-1976
Phyllis Duganne Papers, 1903-1965
Dunham family
Dunham Family Papers, 1814-1951
Dushkin, Dorothy
Dorothy Smith Dushkin Papers, 1906-1989
Dyke TV
Finding Aid to Dyke TV records SSC.MS.00656
Eastern Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
Eastern Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Records,1970-1984
Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women
Finding aid for the Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women (EAPECW) records SSC.MS.00367
Eastman-Goodale-Dayton family
Eastman-Goodale-Dayton Family Papers, 1861-2013
Economics Collection, 1858- 1990
Edes, Catharine May, 1782-
Catharine C. M. Edes Papers, 1822-1856
Elbaum, Cynthia Ellen, 1966-1994
Cynthia Ellen Elbaum Papers, 1994-2012
Eleanor Sanger papers SSC.MS.00286
Elliott, Grace Loucks, b. 1891
Grace Loucks Elliott Papers, 1918-1966
Employment Collection, 1817-1991 (bulk 1920-1976)
Engel, Katharine Asher, 1898-1957
Katharine Asher Engel Papers, 1916-1957
Equal Rights Amendment Campaign Archives Project records SSC.MS.00310
Erlanger, Alene
Alene Stern Erlanger Papers, 1942-1969
Eversmeyer, Arden
Finding aid to the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project records SSC.MS.00669
Family Diversity Projects
Finding aid to the Family Diversity Projects records SSC.MS.00698
Farley, Tucker Pamella
Finding aid to the Tucker Pamella Farley papers SSC.MS.00676
Farquharson, May, 1894-1992
May Farquharson Papers, 1937-1992
Faulkner, Mary
Mary Faulkner Papers, 1934-1982
Feldman, Yonata
Yonata Feldman Papers, 1937-1981
Fern, Fanny and Ethel Parton
Fanny Fern and Ethel Parton Papers, 1805-1982
Feustal, Polly Babcock
Polly Babcock Feustal Papers, 1933-1954
Finding aid to Fran Worden Henry papers SSC.MS.00509
Finding aid to SisterLove records SSC.MS.00684
Finding aid to the Betty Carter papers SSC.MS.00506
Finding aid to the Elfreda Ransome papers SSC.MS.00663
Finding aid to the Marietta Pritchard papers SSC.MS.00651
Finding aid to the Patricia Rusch Hyatt papers SSC.MS.00784
Fitzgerald, Portia Willis
Portia Willis Fitzgerald Papers, 1868-1966
Flanders, Annette Hoyt, 1887-1946
Annette Hoyt Flanders Papers, 1923-1991
Florence Guertin Tuttle
Florence Guertin Tuttle Papers, 1917-1948
Focus on Women Inc.
Focus on Women, Inc. Records, 1980-1986
Fonda, Jane
Jane Fonda papers SSC.MS.00477
Foo, Lora Jo
Lora Jo Foo Papers, 1980-2009
Ford, Harriet Bliss, 1876-1964
Harriet Bliss Ford Papers, 1899-1953
Fordyce, Alice, d. 1993
Alice Fordyce Papers, 1967-1991
Forward Together
Finding aid to the Forward Together records SSC.MS.00717
Fosdick family
Finding aid to the Fosdick family papers SSC.MS.00305
Frantz, Margaret G.
Margaret G. Frantz Papers,1958-2005
Frater, Lara
Finding aid to the Lara Frater research files on fat acceptance SSC.MS.00798
Frederick, Pauline
Pauline Frederick Papers, 1917-1990
Frichner, Tonya Gonnella
Tonya Gonnella Frichner Papers, 1999-2012
Fried, Marlene G.
Finding aid to the Marlene G. Fried papers SSC.MS.00636
Friedman, Sophie, 1878-
Sophie Friedman Papers, 1795, 1906-1954
Future is Female Project
Future is Female Project Records, 1979-1990
Gabel, Katherine
Finding Aid to the Katherine Gabel papers SSC.MS.00182
Gage, Carolyn
Finding aid to the Carolyn Gage papers SSC.MS.00710
Galvin, Ruth Mehrtens, 1922-2002
Finding aid to the Ruth Mehrtens Galvin papers SSC.MS.00181
Gardner, Kay
Finding aid to the Kay Gardner papers SSC.MS.00523
Garrett, Jane, 1935-
Jane Garrett Papers, 1973-2003
Garrison family
Garrison Family Papers, 1694-2005 (bulk 1830-1950)
Gartrell, Nanette
Nanette K. Gartrell Papers
Garvin, Ida Belle Gwynn
Ida Belle Gwynn Garvin Papers, 1890-2008
Gay Nurses Alliance
Finding aid to the Gay Nurses Alliance records SSC.MS.00732
Geddes, Katharine R.
Katharine Geddes Papers, 1917-1919
Genné, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Steel Genné Papers, 1952-2008
George, Virginia Heim, 1908-
Virginia Heim George Papers, 1925-1981
Germain, Carel B.
Carel Bailey Germain Papers, 1922-1998
Gilbert, Ronnie
Finding aid to the Ronnie Gilbert papers SSC.MS.00536
Gilbreth, Lillian Moller, 1878-1972
Lillian Moller Gilbreth Papers, 1860-1999
Global Campaign for Microbicides
Finding aid to the Global Campaign for Microbicides records SSC.MS.00668
Goldman, Emma
Finding aid to the Emma Goldman papers SSC.MS.00064
Gomme, Florence Cornell
Florence Cornell Gomme Papers, 1940-1941
Gould, Sara
Finding aid to the Sara K. Gould papers SSC.MS.00737
Graham, Jewel
Finding aid to the Jewel Graham papers SSC.MS.00525
Grant family
Grant Family Papers, 1778-1913
Granville, Evelyn B.
Finding aid to the Evelyn Boyd Granville papers SSC.MS.00747
Gray, Elizabeth Dodson, 1929-
Elizabeth Dodson Gray Papers, 1970s-2008
Green Street Lesbian Rooming House (Northampton, MA)
Green Street Lesbian Rooming House Records
Green, Constance McLaughlin, 1897-
Constance McLaughlin Green Papers, 1954-1959
Green, Maude Bushnell, 1887-1984
Maude Bushnell Green Papers, 1900-1978
Green, Norma Kidd
Finding aid to the Norma Kidd Green papers SSC.MS.00068
Green, Ruth Tuthill, 1895-1988
Ruth Tuthill Green Papers, 1892-1942
Greenebaum, Linda Schein
Linda Schein Greenebaum Papers, 1930-2009
Guglielmo, Jennifer, 1967-
Jennifer M. Guglielmo Papers, 1988-1990(ongoing)
Hale Family
Hale Family Papers, 1787-1988
Hale, Nancy, 1908-
Nancy Hale Papers, 1908-1989
Hamilton, Nancy
Nancy Hamilton Papers, 1862-1992
Hamilton, Saralee, 1945-2006
Saralee Hamilton Papers
Hanau, Stella, 1890-1972
Stella Bloch Hanau papers, 1890-1990
Hansen, Melissa Davis
Finding aid to the Cherry Family papers SSC.MS.00749
Hansl, Eva,vB. (Eva vom Baur)
Eva Hansl Papers, 1930-1975
Harman, Jane
Jane Harman Papers, 1960-1998 (ongoing) (bulk 1993-1998)
Harmon, Dudley, 1912-1966
Dudley Harmon Papers, 1920-1967
Harms, Valerie
Finding aid to the Valerie Harms papers SSC.MS.00288
Harris, Jean (Jean Struven)
Jean Struven Harris Papers, 1973-1993(ongoing)
Harris, Julia Collier, b. 1875
Julia Collier Harris Papers, 1921-1955
Hart, Alice Gorton, 1932-1987
Alice Gorton Hart Papers, 1948-1988
Hartman, Ann
Finding aid to the Ann Hartman papers SSC.MS.00289
Harvey, Constance Ray
Constance Ray Harvey Papers, 1930-1960
Havens, Teresina R. (Teresina Rowell)
Teresina Rowell Havens Papers, 1891-1994
Hayes, Helen, 1900-
Helen Hayes Papers, 1897-1967
Hazzard, Florence Woolsey, 1903-1992
Florence Woolsey Hazzard Papers, 1940-1950
Headmistresses Association of the East
Headmistresses Association of the East Records, 1910-1983
Height, Dorothy, I. (Dorothy Irene), 1912-2010
Dorothy I. Height Papers 1937-2005
Heilbrun, Carolyn G.
Finding aid to the Carolyn G. Heilbrun papers SSC.MS.00274
Helaine Victoria Press
Finding aid to the Helaine Victoria Press records SSC.MS.00209
Hemenway, Ruth V., 1894-1974
Ruth V. Hemenway Papers, 1924-1979
Hermance, Lorena Estelle, 1898-1995
Lorena Estelle Hermance, 1942-1985
Hernandez, Aileen C.
Aileen C. Hernandez Papers, 1926-2014
Herschberger, Ruth, 1917-
Finding aid to the Ruth Herschberger papers SSC.MS.00280
Herz, Cary
Cary Herz Papers, 1950s-2008
Hill, Ruth Lois, 1906-
Ruth Lois Hill Papers, 1952-1979
Hillman, Dorothy Woodruff, 1887-1979
Dorothy Woodruff Hillman Papers, 1916-1996
Hinderer, Eve, 1947-
Eve Hinderer Papers, 1967-2012 (ongoing)
Hiris, Lori
Lori Hiris Papers, 1962-2001
Hitchcock family
Hitchcock Family Papers, 1841-1968
Hoffman, Lynn
Lynn Hoffman Papers, 1964-2002 (ongoing)
Holbrook, Mary Angella, 1839-
Mary Angella Holbrook Papers, 1856-2003
Holden, Isabel, 1913-2007
Isabel Holden Papers, 1972-2005
Hollis, Florence and Rosemary Ross Reynolds
Florence Hollis and Rosemary Ross Reynolds Papers, 1863-1987
Holt, Margaret Goddard, 1911-2004
Margaret Goddard Holt Papers, 1814-2004 (bulk 1960-2000)
Homosexuality/LGBT Collection
Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz
Finding aid to the Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz papers. SSC.MS.00618
Houghton, Adelaide Wellington, 1867-
Adelaide Wellington Houghton diary, 1925-1929
Howell, Alice O., 1922-
Alice O. Howell Papers, 1932-2011 (ongoing)
Howland, Isabel, 1859-1942
Isabel Howland Papers, 1888-1903
Howland-Sargeant-Packard Family
Finding aid to Howland-Sargeant-Packard family papers SSC.MS.00659
Hudson family
Hudson Family Papers, 1825-1865
Hunt Family
Hunt Family Papers, 1841-1903
Hunt, Mary E.
Finding aid to the Mary E. Hunt papers SSC.MS.00531
Hunt, Swanee
Swanee Hunt Papers, 1968-2013 (ongoing)
Hutchins, Loraine
Finding Aid to the Loraine Hutchins papers SSC.MS.00701
Huyck, Heather
Finding aid to the Heather Huyck papers SSC.MS.00505
Hyde, Alice Beal Baker, 1897-1972
Alice Beal Baker Hyde, 1897-1972
Informed Homebirth/Informed Birth and Parenting
Informed Homebirth/Informed Birth and Parenting Records, 1975-1998(ongoing)
Inter-American Commission of Women
Inter-American Commission of Women Records, 1928-1976
International Alliance of Women
International Alliance of Women Records, 1906-2009 (bulk 1913-1973)
International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women
International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (U.S. branch) Records, 1967-2001 (ongoing)
International Council of Women
International Council of Women Records, 1888-1959
International Women's Tribune Centre
International Women's Tribune Centre Records, 1970-2000(ongoing)
International Women's Writing Guild
Finding aid to the International Women's Writing Guild records SSC.MS.00326
Ireys, Alice Recknagel
Alice Recknagel Ireys Papers, 1885-2001
Irwin, Robert
Finding aid to the Brigitte Jordan papers SSC.MS.00634
Italian Immigrant Women in New York City's Garment Industry Oral Histories, 1976-1978
Jackson, Ida Louise, 1902-
Overcoming barriers in education : an interview conducted by GabrielleMorris in 1984 and 1985., 1984-1985
Jacobs, Una Elizabeth, 1917-
Finding aid to the Una Elizabeth Jacobs papers SSC.MS.00082
Jacobson, Dori
Dori Jacobson's Women's Rights Portfolio, 1977-1986
Jarrett, Mary C. (Mary Cromwell)
Mary Cromwell Jarrett Papers, 1900-1966
Jean Harris Defense Fund andCommittee
Jean Harris Defense Fund and Committee Records, 1983-1993 (ongoing)
Jebb, Caroline Lane Reynolds Slemmer, Lady, 1840-1930
Lady Caroline Reynolds Jebb Papers, 1858-1930, 1960
Jenkins, Linda Walsh
Linda Walsh Jenkins Papers,1975-1987
Jennifer Abod papers SSC.MS.00513
Jewish Women Watching
Finding aid to the Jewish Women Watching records SSC.MS.00738
Jezebel Productions
Jezebel Productions records SSC.MS.00534
Johns, Ruth Elizabeth
R. Elizabeth Johns Papers, 1932-1972
Johnson, Bertha F.
Bertha F. Johnson Papers, 1879-1957
Jones, Bernie D.
Finding aid to Bernie D. Jones papers SSC.MS.00743
Jones, Minona Stearns Fitts, 1855-1926
Minona Stearns Fitts Jones Papers, 1875-2002
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion
Finding aid to the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion records SSC.MS.00726
Kandinoff, Pessa, 1904-1994
Finding aid to the Pessa Kandinoff papers SSC.MS.00215
Kansas City Womyn's Chorus
Finding aid to the Kansas City Womyn's Chorus records SSC.MS.00568
Kaufman, Bel
Bel Kaufman Papers, 1911-2004
Kaufman, Mary Metlay, 1912-1995
Mary Metlay Kaufman Papers, 1917-1994
Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky
Finding aid to the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy papers SSC.MS.00780
Kenyon, Dorothy, 1888-1972
Dorothy Kenyon Papers, 1850-1998
Kimber, Lucia C.
Women's Music Archives collection SSC.MS.00552
Kirkpatrick, Helen Paull
Helen Paull Kirkpatrick Papers, 1930-1998
Kitchelt, Florence Ledyard Cross, 1874-1961
Florence Cross Kitchelt Papers, 1900-1959
Knights, Garnet J., 1900-1985
Garnet J. Knights Papers, 1927-1986
Konecky, Edith
Edith Konecky Papers, 1957-2011
Kort, Michele
Finding aid to the Michele Kort papers SSC.MS.00769
Kriviskey, Alison F.
Finding aid to the Gertrude Feiss papers SSC.MS.00771
Kross, Anna Moscowitz, 1891-1979
Anna Moscowitz Kross Papers, 1905-1974
Kwon, Juhee
Asian American Reproductive Justice Oral History Project, 2012-2014
Lackey, Ina Ruth Hillis, 1909-1999
Ina Ruth Hillis Lackey Papers, 1909-1988
Lader, Lawrence
Finding aid to the Lawrence Lader papers SSC.MS.00704
Laird, Joan
Joan Laird Papers, 1979-2001 (ongoing)
Lamb, Martha J. (Martha Joanna), 1829-1893
Martha J. Lamb Papers, 1838-1969
Lamont family
Finding aid to the Lamont-Corliss Family papers SSC.MS.00089
Lansburgh, Therese Weil,
Therese Weil Lansburgh Papers, 1964-1977
Lauga, Agnes
Agnes Lauga Papers, 1940-1989
Laughlin, Clara E. (Clara Elizabeth), 1873-1941
Clara E. Laughlin Papers, 1903-1932
Laurie, Leslie Tarr
Finding aid to the Leslie Tarr Laurie papers SSC.MS.00735
Lavell, Martha, 1909-
Martha Lavell Papers, 1926-1981
Le Gallienne, Eva, 1899-
Eva Le Gallienne Papers, 1951-1962
Leach, Jean, 1911-
Jean Leach Papers, 1963-1983 (ongoing)
League of Women Shoppers
League of Women Shoppers Records, 1937-2001
League of Women Voters of Northampton
League of Women Voters of Northampton Records, 1922-1995(ongoing)
Lederer, Regina Berger, 1895-1988, interviewee.
From Old World to New: Omi's Stories; an oral history of Regina Lederer(1984)
Leghorn, Lisa
Lisa Leghorn Papers, 1966-1982
Leonard, Baird, d. 1941
Baird Leonard Papers, 1909-1937
Leonard, Carol
Carol Leonard Papers, 1966-2008
Lerrigo, Edith Mary
Edith M. Lerrigo Papers, 1922-1989 (bulk 1930-1981)
Lesbian Calendar
The Lesbian Calendar Records, 1985-1994
Levine, Suzanne Braun
Finding aid for Suzanne Braun Levine papers SSC.MS.00681
Lewis, Patricia Lee
Finding aid to the Patricia Lee Lewis papers SSC.MS.00502
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001
Anne Morrow Lindbergh Papers, 1892-1993
Lipman, Elinor
Finding aid to the Elinor Lipman papers SSC.MS.00746
Living U.S. Women's History Oral History Project
Livingston family
Livingston-Fulton Family Papers, 1874-1939
Lloyd, Lola Maverick, 1875-1944
Lola Maverick Lloyd Papers, 1903-1952
Lockshin, Florence Levin, 1910-1997
Florence Levin Lockshin Papers, 1924-1995
Long, Margaret, 1893-
Margaret Long Papers, 1893-1954
Louie, Miriam
Finding Aid to the Miriam Ching Yoon Louie papers SSC.MS.00719
Lucke, Elmina Rose
Elmina R. Lucke Papers, 1897-1987
Lutz, Alma
Alma Lutz Papers, 1871-1974
Lyman, Susan Elizabeth
Susan Elizabeth Lyman Papers, 1938-1976
Lyon, Sarah Scudder, 1895-1966
Sarah Scudder Lyon Papers, 1867-1966 (bulk 1923-1944)
MUSE (Choral group)
MUSE Records, 1983-2013
Maas, Nancy
Nancy Maas Papers, 1964-2013
MacDonnell, G.J. Stillson
G.J. Stillson MacDonnell Papers, 1970-1987
MacKenzie, Norman Ian and Jeanne
Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie Papers, 1935-1964
Mackey, Mary
Finding aid to the Mary Mackey papers SSC.MS.00758
Mahoney, Leslie Nell Savage, 1890-1986
Leslie Nelson Savage Mahoney Papers, 1880-1986
Mahoney, Margaret E.
Finding aid to the Margaret Mahoney papers SSC.MS.00230
Manning, Marie
Marie Manning Papers, 1901-2000
Margaret Sanger Research Bureau
Finding aid to the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau records SSC.MS.00320
Marian Storm papers SSC.MS.00156
Marsh, Dorothy, 1899-1979
Dorothy Marsh Papers, circa 1911-1973
Marsh, Margaret Breed, 1919-
Margaret Breed Marsh Papers , 1942-1946
Martinez, Luz Alvarez
Luz Alvarez Martinez Papers, 1978-2007(ongoing)
Marxist-Feminist Group
Finding aid to the Marxist-Feminist Group records. SSC.MS.00787
Massachusetts Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
Massachusetts Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for WomenRecords, 1971-2001 (ongoing)
Matteson, Rosabelle Himes, 1852-1920
Rosabelle Himes Matteson diaries, 1890-1918
Maynard, Carol Hutchings, 1895-1973
Carol Hutchings Maynard Papers, 1905-2002
McCulloch, Rhoda Elizabeth, 1884-
Rhoda Elizabeth McCulloch Papers, 1880s-1978
McDade, Carolyn
Finding aid to the Carolyn McDade papers SSC.MS.00724
Meares, Carrie Eliza
Carrie Eliza Meares Papers, 1932-1982 (bulk 1947-1963)
Medicine Collection, 1845-1920
Meisel, Marion
Marion Barnes Meisel Papers
Mellor, Ruth
Ruth Mellor Papers, 1921-1970
Mendenhall, Dorothy Reed, 1874-1964
Dorothy Reed Mendenhall Papers, 1805-2003
Merchant, Abby
Abby Shute Merchant Papers, 1882-1982
Midwifery Collection, 1972-1999
Midwifery Education Accreditation Council
Finding aid to the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council records SSC.MS.00759
Midwives' Alliance of North America
Midwives' Alliance of North America Records, 1973-1997
Millard, Betty
Finding aid for the Betty Millard papers SSC.MS.00673
Miller, Hazel Vernon
Hazel Vernon Miller papers, 1894-1958
Miller, Isabel, 1924-
Finding aid to the Isabel Miller papers SSC.MS.00572
Miller, Olive Beaupré
Olive Beaupré Miller Papers, 1864-1992
Mills, Annetta Thompson, 1853-1993
Annetta Thompson Mills Papers, 1857-1993
Mink, Patsy T.
Patsy T. Mink Papers, 1965-1982 (bulk 1965-1975)
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection, 1814-2005 (ongoing)
Miscellaneous Memorabilia Collection, 1850s-2004
Miscellaneous Organizations Collection, circa 1824-2011 (ongoing)
Miscellaneous Subjects Collection, 1856-2011
Moon Journal
Moon Journal Records, 1995-2015
Mooney, Elizabeth Comstock
Elizabeth C. Mooney Papers, 1977-1986
Moore, Elisabeth Luce
Finding aid to the Elisabeth Luce Moore papers SSC.MS.00225
Morales, Rosario, 1930-
Rosario Morales Papers, 1980-2011
Morin, Ann Miller
Finding aid to the Women Ambassadors Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00204
Morris, Clara, 1848-1925
Clara Morris Papers, 1874-1901
Morrow family
Morrow Family papers, 1839-1966
Mosbacher, Dee
Finding Aid to the Dee Mosbacher papers and Woman Vision records SSC.MS.00740
Moscrip, Lydia Bell
Lydia Bell Moscrip Papers, 1900-1920
Mossiker, Frances
Frances Mossiker Papers, 1957-1970
Motley, Constance Baker
Constance Baker Motley papers SSC.MS.00110
Ms. Foundation for Women (U.S.)
Ms. Foundation For Women Records, 1973-2008
Ms. Magazine
Finding aid to the Ms. Magazine records SSC.MS.00362
Munk, Marie, 1885-1978
Marie Munk Papers, 1901-1976
Murray, Joan, 1917-1942
Joan and Peggy Murray Papers, 1880-1969
Music Collection, 1848-2003 (bulk 1930s-1980)
Muska, Meadow
Finding aid to the Meadow Muska papers SSC.MS.00797
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum Records, 1995-2010
National Association of Manufacturers
National Association of Manufacturers, Women's Department Records, 1946-1962
National Congress of Neighborhood Women
National Congress of Neighborhood Women Records, 1974-1999
National Latina Health Organization
National Latina Health Organization Records, 1986-2003
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
Finding aid to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health records SSC.MS.00527
National Network of Abortion Funds
National Network of Abortion Funds Records, 1994-2005 (ongoing)
National Order of Women Legislators
National Order of Women Legislators Records, 1933-1988
National Organization for Women. Greater Springfield Chapter (Springfield, Mass.)
National Organization for Women. Greater Springfield Chapter Records,1976-1989
National Organization for Women. Morris County Chapter (Morris County, N.J.)
New Directions for Women Productions Records, 1994-2005
National Society of New England Women
Records of the National Society Of New England Women, 1895-1988
National Society of New England Women. New York City Colony
National Society of New England Women. New York City Colony Records,1895-1972
National Women's Health Network Records
National Women's Health Network records SSC.MS.00360
Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center Records, 1986-2011
Nelson, Marjory, 1928-
Marjory Nelson Papers, 1947-2006
Neu, Diann L., 1948-
Diann L. Neu Papers, c1977-2005 (ongoing)
New Bedford Women's Awareness Group
Finding aid to the New Bedford Women's Awareness Group records SSC.MS.00480
New England Hospital for Women and Children
New England Hospital for Women and Children Records, 1792-1994
New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (Greenfield, Mass.)
New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) Records, 1975-2001 (ongoing)
New Jersey Project
New Jersey Project Records, 1969-2006
New York City Women Community Activists Oral History Project, 2004-2006
Newborg, Agnes Morgenthau
Agnes Morgenthau Newborg Papers, 1914-1933
Newman, Ethel Smith
Ethel Smith Newman Papers, 1915-2005
Newman, Leslea
Finding aid to the Lesléa Newman papers SSC.MS.00588
Nixon, Helen Begley, 1900-1990
Helen Begley Nixon Papers, 1945-1951
Nobili, Grace, 1870-1962
Grace Nobili Papers, 1880-1953
Noble, Jeanne, L.
Jeanne L. Noble Papers, 1955-2002
Norris, Charlotte, d. 1957
Charlotte Norris diaries, 1886-1956
Norris, Elizabeth Downe, 1914-2003
Elizabeth Downe Norris Papers, 1870s-2003
Nussbaum, Hedda, 1942-
Hedda Nussbaum Papers, c1940s-2009(ongoing)
O'Connor, Jessie Lloyd, 1904-
Jessie Lloyd O'Connor Papers, 1850-1988
O'Daly, P. Lough
P. Lough O'Daly Papers, 1944-1984
O'Hara, Dorothea Warren
Finding aid to the Dorothea Warren O'Hara scrapbook SSC.MS.00293
O'Shea, Kathleen A., 1944-
Kathleen O'Shea Papers, 1910-2006
Oates, Mary J.
Finding aid to Mary J. Oates papers SSC.MS.00706
Oglesby, Carole A.
Finding aid to the Carole A. Oglesby papers SSC.MS.00492
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
Finding aid for the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change records SSC.MS.00671
Oliver, Mary
Finding aid to the Molly Malone Cook papers SSC.MS.00595
Oppenheim, Amy Schwartz, 1878-1955
Amy Schwartz Oppenheim Papers, 1915-1951
Owens, Katherine Greene
Finding aid to the Brown family papers SSC.MS.00216
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association of the U.S.A.
Pan-Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association of the U.S.A. Records
Parker-McCollester Family
Finding aid to the Parker-McCollester Family papers SSC.MS.00231
Peabody Family
Peabody Family Papers, 1820-1853
Peace Collection, 1825-1984
Pearce family
Pearce Family Papers, 1880-1962
Pearson, Tanya
Finding aid to Women of Rock Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00756
Peet, Azalia Emma, 1889-1973
Azalia Emma Peet Papers, 1902-1974
Periodicals Collection, 1784- (ongoing)
Petchesky, Rosalind
Finding aid to the Rosalind Petchesky papers SSC.MS.00639
Picker, Jean S.
Jean Sovatkin Picker papers, 1915-1988
Pilpel, Harriet F.
Harriet F. Pilpel Papers, 1913-1981
Pim, Eleanora Davis, 1918-
Eleanora Davis Pim Papers, 1962-1968
Ping, Margaret
Margaret Ping Papers, 1933-1954
Piven, Frances Fox
Frances Fox Piven Papers, 1957-2011
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Finding Aid to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America records group II (PPFA II) SSC.MS.00371a
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood Federation of America Records, 1918-1974 (PPFA I)
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, 1859-2002 (bulk 1916-1960)
Plaskow, Judith
Finding aid to the Judith Plaskow papers SSC.MS.00565
Plaut, Sally Hayes, 1920-1994
Sally Hayes Plaut Papers, 1943-1994
Pogrebin, Letty Cottin
Finding aid to the Letty Cottin Pogrebin papers SSC.MS.00294
Pond, Marie Brockway, 1862-1957
Marie Brockway Pond Papers, 1917-1919
Population Problems Collection, 1896-1979
Population and Reproductive Health Oral History Project, 1971-2006
Porritt, Annie Gertrude Webb
Annie Gertrude Webb Porritt Papers, 1898-1976
Powers, Beatrice Farnsworth
Beatrice Farnsworth Powers Papers, 1887-1969
Pratt, Annis
Annis Pratt Papers, 1954-2005
Prison Birth Project
Finding aid for the Prison Birth Project records SSC.MS.00728
ProChoice Resource Center (Port Chester, NY)
ProChoice Resource Center Records, 1991-2002
Prostitution Collection, 1834-1984
Psychology Collection, 1967-1984
Racine, Edith Mae Shaw
Finding aid to the Edith Mae Shaw Racine papers SSC.MS.00731
Rape Crisis Center (Washington, D.C.)
Finding aid to the Deb Friedman collection of DC Rape Crisis Center records SSC.MS.00795
Rapoport, Lydia
Lydia Rapoport Papers, 1960-1968
Raskin, Judith
Judith Raskin Papers, 1911-2000
Read, Helen Appleton
Helen Appleton Read Papers, 1922-1972
Reed, James, 1944-
Schlesinger-Rockefeller oral history project
Rees, Sarah Tinsley, 1882-1929
Sara Tinsley Rees Papers, 1875-1929
Reiner, Beatrice Simcox
Finding Aid to the Beatrice Simcox Reiner papers SSC.MS.00200
Religion Collection, 1734-1997 (bulk 1800-1950)
Reproductive Justice For All Conference
Reproductive Justice For All Conference Records, 2005-
Reproductive Rights National Network
Reproductive Rights National Network Records, 1970-1985
Reynolds, Bertha Capen, 1885-
Bertha C. Reynolds Papers, 1907-1994
Reynolds, Gerald W.
Finding Aid for Coalition of Indian-Controlled School Boards Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00696
Rheannon, Francesca
Francesca Rheannon Papers, 2001-2006 (ongoing)
Ribner, Susan
Finding aid to the Susan Ribner papers SSC.MS.00725
Rich, Frances
Frances Rich Papers, 1912-1980
Richards, Amy, 1970-
Amy Richards Papers, 1995-2012
Richards, Ellen H. (Ellen Henrietta), 1842-1911
Ellen Swallow Richards Papers, 1882-1910
Richardson, Anna Steese Sausser, 1865-
Anna Steese Richardson Papers, 1905-1949
Richardson, Jane DuPree
Finding Aid to the Jane Dupree Richardson papers SSC.MS.00208
Ridge, Lola, 1883-1941
Finding aid to the Lola Ridge papers SSC.MS.00131
Ritvo, Miriam Meyers, 1916-
Miriam Meyers Ritvo Papers, 1958-2003 (ongoing)
Robinson, Marianne
Finding aid to the Marianne Robinson papers SSC.MS.00754
Rodriguez, Luz
Luz Marina Rodriguez Papers, 1945-2006
Roll, Barbara Honeyman Heath, 1910-1998
Barbara Honeyman Heath RollPapers, 1920s-c1995
Rollins, Ann
Ann Rollins Papers, 1973-1988
Rose, Florence, 1903-1969
Florence Rose Papers, 1832-1970
Rosenberg, Susan (Susan Lisa), 1955-
Susan Rosenberg Papers, 1966-2002
Rosenbloom Family
Rosenbloom Family Papers, 1914-1926
Ross, Elizabeth
Finding aid to Elizabeth Healy Ross papers SSC.MS.00422
Ross, Loretta J.
Loretta J. Ross papers SSC.MS.00504
Rosser, Phyllis
Phyllis Rosser Papers, 1976-1983 (ongoing)
Roys, Mabel Milham, 1878-1956
Mabel Milham Roys Papers, 1880-1956
Rubin, Susan
Susan Rubin collection on International Women's Year and subsequent conferencesSSC.MS.00792
Rublee, Juliet Barrett
Juliet Barrett Rublee Papers, 1917-1955
Russell, Diana
Finding aid to the Diana Russell papers SSC.MS.00752
Ryan, Mary
Finding aid to the Mary Ryan papers SSC.MS.00761
Sabin, Florence Rena, 1871-1953
Florence Rena Sabin Papers, 1872-1985
Sablove, Penny
Finding aid to the Penny Sablove papers SSC.MS.00614
Sackler, Elizabeth A.
Finding aid to the Elizabeth A. Sackler papers SSC.MS.00723
Safe Passage (Northampton, Mass.)
Safe Passage Records, 1971-2000 (ongoing)
Saint Joans International Alliance, U.S. Section
Finding aid for Saint Joan's International Alliance, U.S. Section records SSC.MS.00631
Saint-Pierre, Geneviève
Geneviève Saint-Pierre Papers, 1904-1962
Sandstrom, Boden C.
Boden Sandstrom Papers
Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966
Finding Aid to the Margaret Sanger papers SSC.MS.00138
Sanville, Jean
Finding aid for Jean Sanville papers SSC.MS.00275
Satterthwaite, Adaline Pendleton
Adaline Pendleton Satterthwaite papers SSC.MS.00519
Saunders, Mildred Louise (Boie), 1907-
Mildred Louise Boie Saunders papers SSC.MS.00247
Savitz, Frieda, 1931-
Frieda Savitz Papers, 1968-1981
Schain, Josephine, 1886-1972
Josephine Schain Papers, 1907-1960
Schneider, Pat
Finding aid to Pat Schneider papers SSC.MS.00396
Schulman, Robert, -2008
Finding aid to the Robert Schulman collection of materials related to Romany Marie SSC.MS.00625
Schwartz, Hilda G.
Hilda Schwartz Papers, 1930-1994
Schwimmer, Rosika, 1877-1948
Schwimmer-Lloyd Collection, 1912-1950
Scudder, Vida Dutton, 1861-1954
Vida Dutton Scudder Papers, 1883-1979
Seitlin, Charlotte
Charlotte Seitlin Papers, 1938-1979
Seton, Cynthia Propper
Cynthia Propper Seton Papers, 1951-1982
Seton-Thompson, Grace Gallatin
Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson Papers, 1903-1940
Settlements Collection, 1883-1972
Severance, Caroline Maria Seymour, 1820-
Caroline Maria Seymour Severance Papers, 1861-1920
Shapiro, Myra
Finding aid to the Myra Shapiro papers SSC.MS.00753
Sharpley, Lilian
Lillian Sharpley Papers, 1923-1984
Sheldon, Sayre
Finding aid to the Sayre Sheldon papers SSC.MS.00645
Shelton, Christine
Finding aid to the Christine M. Shelton papers SSC.MS.00627
Shumsky, Ellen
Finding aid to the Ellen Shumsky papers SSC.MS.00493
Simon, Fannie, 1891-1980
Fannie Simon Papers, 1898-1980
Sister Singers Network
Sister Singers Network Records, 1981-2003
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
SisterSong Women of ColorReproductive Justice Collective Records, 1996-2010 (ongoing)
Sisters Inc.
Sisters Inc. Records, 1996-2008
Sivard, Susan M.
Finding aid to the Ruth Leger Sivard papers SSC.MS.00772
Sklar, Kathryn Kish
Finding aid to Kathryn Kish Sklar papers SSC.MS.00688
Slavery/Anti-Slavery Collection, 1791-1968
Slocomb, Florence Seaver, 1867-1955
Florence Seaver Slocomb Papers, 1876-1930
Smith, Grace Kellogg, 1885-1987
Grace Kellogg Smith Papers, 1885-1987
Smith, Paul
Paul Smith Papers, 1970-1999
Snyder, Margaret Hepburn, 1896-
Margaret Hepburn Snyder Papers, 1940-1984
Social Work Archives Oral History Collection, 1970-2003
Society for Women in Philosophy. Eastern Division
Society for Women in Philosophy. Eastern Division Records, 1971-2004
Sommer, Jane
Jane Sommer Papers, 1964-1966
Sophia Smith Collection
Finding Aid to the Education collection SSC.MS.00446
Sophia Smith Collection
Finding aid to the Sophia Smith Collection topical collection on women's health SSC.MS.00394
Sophia Smith Collection
Finding aid to the Sophia Smith Collection zines collection SSC.MS.00434
Sophia Smith Collection
Finding Aid to the Families collection SSC.MS.00391
Sorosis Records, 1856-1972
Southern Women, the Student YWCA, and Race (1920-1944) collection SSC.MS.00679
Southworth-Dickinson family
Southworth-Dickinson Family Papers, 1792-2005
Spofford, Grace Harriet, 1888-1974
Grace Harriet Spofford papers SSC.MS.00150
Sports Collection, 1942-2007 (ongoing)
Starr, Ellen Gates
Ellen Gates Starr Papers, 1659-1940
Staver, Nancy
Finding Aid to the Nancy Staver papers SSC.MS.00207
Steer, Margery Wells
Margery Wells Steer Papers, 1950-1986
Stein, Linda
Linda Stein Papers, 1974-2008
Steinem, Gloria
Finding Aid to the Gloria Steinem papers SSC.MS.00237
Stern, Geraldine
Geraldine Stern Papers, 1949-1987
Stetten, Alice Mayer, 1887-1972
Alice Mayer Stetten Papers, 1930-1972
Stevens, Rise, 1913-2013
Rise Stevens Papers, 1962-1975
Stevenson, Candace Thurber
Candace Thurber Stevenson Papers, 1916-1965
Stevenson, Florence B.
Finding aid to the Florence B. Stevenson papers SSC.MS.00514
Stop It Now!
Stop It Now! Records, 1993-2005 (ongoing)
Strudwick, Mary Shannon, 1908-
Mary Shannon Strudwick Papers, 1932-1994 (ongoing)
Stuart, Grace Croll, 1898-1971
Grace Stuart Papers, 1962-1964
Sturgis-Tappan Family
The Sturgis-Tappan Family Papers, 1812-1982
Suffrage Collection, 1851-2009 (bulk 1880s-1920s)
Survivors, Inc.
Survivors, Inc. Records, 1982-2011
Swackhamer, Gladys V.
Gladys Virginia Swackhamer Papers, 1881-1988
Sweeney, Odile
Odile Sweeney Papers, 1961-1982 (bulk 1982)
Tallant, Alice Weld, 1875-1958
Alice Weld Tallant Papers, 1896-1958
Tarbell, Ida M. (Ida Minerva), 1857-1944
Ida Tarbell Papers, 1896-1943
Taylor, Clara
Finding aid to the Clara Taylor papers SSC.MS.00503
Taylor, Lauren
Finding aid to the Lauren Taylor papers SSC.MS.00773
Telling, Elisabeth, 1882-1979
Elisabeth Telling Papers, 1902-1965
Temperance Collection, 1832-1987
Tennenbaum, Silvia
Silvia Tennenbaum Papers, 1944-2012
Thayer, Eleanor Wiley, 1906-1990
Eleanor Wiley Thayer Papers, 1942-1991
Theater Collection, 1870-1982
Theatre of Light and Shadow
Theatre of Light and Shadow: A Company of Women Records, 1978-1984
Third World Women's Alliance
Third World Women's Alliance Records, 1971-1980 (bulk 1971-1977)
Thomas Thompson Trust
Thomas Thompson Trust Records, 1844-2001
Thomas, Caroline Bedell
Finding aid to the Caroline Bedell Thomas papers SSC.MS.00162
Ticknor, Frances
Frances Porter Ticknor Papers, 1938-1990
Timberg, Eleanor Ernst
Eleanor Ernst Timberg Papers, 1930-2002
Timpson, Anne Burlak
Anne Burlak Timpson Papers, 1886-2003 (bulk 1912-2003)
Tinúviel, 1963-
Tinúviel Papers, 1988-2005
Tolles, Martha
Finding Aid to the Martha Tolles papers SSC.MS.00755
Toth, Susan Allen
Finding aid to the Susan Allen Toth papers SSC.MS.00553
Touré, Nkenge
Nkenge Touré Papers, circa 1968-2014
Townsend-O'Brien-Hoffheimer Family
Townsend-O'Brien-Hoffheimer Family Papers, 1878-1991
Tuttle, Ruth Dietrich, 1887-1984
Ruth Dietrich Tuttle Papers, 1889-1984
Undivided Rights Book Project Records, 1992-2002
United States. Office of High Commissioner for Germany. Women's Affairs Branch
High Commissioner for Germany. Women's Affairs Branch Records, 1949-1985
University of Massachusetts (Amherst campus). Dept. of Women's Studies
UMASS-Amherst Women's Studies Department Collection, 1960-1986
Upton family
Upton Family Papers, 1853-1937
Valley Women's Center (Northampton, Mass.)
Valley Women's Center Records, 1970-1977
Van Meter, Ruth, 1911-1992
Ruth Van Meter Papers, 1954-1973
Van Voris, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Van Voris Papers, 1944-1987
Varèse, Louise, 1890-
Louise Varèse Papers, 1910-1983
Villano, Rose and Carolina Golzio
Rose Villano and Carolina Golzio oral histories, 1983-1985
Villarreal, Jorge, 1927-2001
Jorge Villarreal Papers, 1953-2002
Violence Against Women Collection, 1967-1990
Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund
Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund Records, 1969-2012
Voegeli, Martha
Martha Voegeli Papers, 1946-1965
Voices from Inside
Finding aid to the Voices from Inside records SSC.MS.00741
Voices of American Homemakers Oral History Project
Voices of Feminism Oral History Project
Finding aid to the Voices of Feminism Oral History Project oral histories SSC.MS.00535
Voters for Choice (Washington, D.C.)
Voters for Choice Records, 1977-2002 (ongoing)
Vázquez, Carmen
Carmen Vázquez Papers, 1951-2007
WP Theater (New York, N.Y.)
Finding Aid to the WP Theater records SSC.MS.00361
Waldron, Carol Talmadge
Finding aid to the Carol Waldron diaries and legal documents SSC.MS.00483
Walker, Emma Elizabeth, 1864-
Emma Elizabeth Walker Papers, 1899-1954
Waller, Hiett Helen
Helen Hiett Waller Papers, 1838-1958
Walsh, Alida
Alida Walsh Papers, 1960-2000
Walters, Marianne
Marianne Walters Papers, 1969-2000
Ward, Emma F. (Emma France)
Emma France Ward Papers, 1922-1966
Watson, Rosalie
Rosalie Watson Papers, 1918-1953
Watters, Hyla S., 1893-1987
Hyla S. Watters Papers, 1892-1991
Watumull Foundation
Watumull Foundation Records, 1929-1992
Wead family
Finding aid to the Wead family papers SSC.MS.00171
Wells, Florence Hemenway, 1878-1967
Florence Hemenway Wells Papers, 1920-1965
West, Guida
Guida West Papers, 1946-2006
West, Sophia, 1962-1996
Finding aid to the Sophia West papers SSC.MS.00621
Weston-Allen Family
Weston-Allen Family Papers, 1848-1985
White, Jane
Jane White Papers, 1924-2001 (ongoing)
Whitton, Charlotte Elizabeth, 1896-
Charlotte Whitton Papers
Wight, Florence B.
Florence B. Wight Papers, 1941-1945
Wilder, Catharine Kerlin
Catharine Kerlin Wilder Papers, 1813-2000
Wile, Ira S. (Ira Solomon), 1877-1943
Ira Wile Papers, circa 1915-1943
Willard, Charity Cannon
Charity Cannon Willard Papers, 1891-2006
Williams, Willarena Lamar, 1932-1999
Willarena Lamar Williams Papers, 1941-2001
Winston, Mary Frances (Newson), 1869-1959
Mary Frances Winston Papers, 1889-1987
Witchcraft Collection, 1857-2007
Witmer, Helen Leland
Helen Leland Witmer Papers, 1928-1979
Woman's Legacy: Five Women Who Made a Difference (Oral History series), 1998-2003
Women and Life on Earth
Finding aid to the Women and Life on Earth records SSC.MS.00132
Women and Theatre Program of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education
Women and Theatre Program Records, 1980-1998
Women at War Oral History Project, 2006
Women in the Building Trades (Boston, Mass.)
Women in the Building Trades Records, 1977-2007
Women of Color Collection, 1903-1992
Women of Color Resource Center
Women of Color Resource Center Records, 1984-2011
Women on the Rise Telling HerStory(WORTH)
Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH) Records,2004-2010
Women's Action Alliance
Women's Action Alliance Records, 1970-1996
Women's Action for New Directions
Women's Action for New Directions Records, 1973-2008 (ongoing)
Women's Africa Committee
Women's Africa Committee Records, 1958-1978
Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual records SSC.MS.00530
Women's Art Colony Farm
Finding Aid for the Women's Art Colony Farm records SSC.MS.00381
Women's Clubs Collection, 1812-1995
Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts
Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts Records, 1997-2009 (ongoing)
Women's Interfaith Institute
Finding aid to the Women's Interfaith Institute records SSC.MS.00734
Women's International Democratic Federation
Women's International Democratic Federation Records, 1945-1979
Women's International Theatre Alliance
Women's International Theatre Alliance Records, 1978-1983
Women's Liberation Collection, 1959-2006
Women's Rights Collection, 1789-2000 (bulk 1864-1983)
Women's School of Planning and Architecture
Women's School of Planning and Architecture Records, 1974-1992
Women's Suburban Clinic (Paoli, Pa.)
Women's Suburban Clinic Records, 1973-1995
Women: A Journal of Liberation
Women: A Journal of Liberation Records, 1968-1983
Women: Position and Progress Collection, 1804-2001
WomenArts (San Francisco, Calif.)
Finding aid to the WomenArts records SSC.MS.00589
Wood, Gladys, 1893-1969
Gladys Wood Papers, circa 1930s-
Woodsmall, Ruth Frances
Ruth Frances Woodsmall Papers, 1863-1968
Working Woman Magazine
Working Woman Magazine Letters, 1979-1983
Worthy, N. Beatrice, 1913-
N. Beatrice Worthy Papers, 1954-1984
Wright, Alice Morgan
Alice Morgan Wright Papers, 1873-1994
Wright, Jane C.
Finding aid to the Jane C. Wright papers SSC.MS.00177
Wrinch, Dorothy, 1894-1976
Dorothy Wrinch Papers, 1901-1983 (bulk 1919-1975)
Wygal, Winnifred
Winnifred Crane Wygal Papers, 1918-1972 (bulk 1932-1958)
YWCA of the U.S.A.
Finding aid to Record Group 6. Program records, of the YWCA of the U.S.A. records SSC.MS.00324.RG6
YWCA of the U.S.A.
Finding aid to Record Group 2. Predecessor organizations and National Board records, of the YWCA of the U.S.A. records SSC.MS.00324.RG2
YWCA of the U.S.A.
Finding aid to Record Group 9. Photographs, of the YWCA of the U.S.A. records SSC.MS.00324.RG9
YWCA of the U.S.A.
Finding aid to Record Group 11. Microfilmed headquarters files, of the the YWCA of the U.S.A. records SSC.MS.324.RG11
Yates, Elizabeth, 1905-
Elizabeth Yates Papers, 1829-1964
Yeskel, Felice
Felice Yeskel Papers, 1953-2010
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 1. General and History
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 4. National Conventions and Conferences
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 7. Student Work
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 5. International Work
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 3. National Administrative Office
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Oversized Materials.
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 10. Audiovisual Materials
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Artifacts
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records, 1860-2002
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A.
YWCA of the U.S.A. Records. Record Group 8. Community Associations
Young, Abe Louise
Finding Aid to the Abe Louise Young papers SSC.MS.00399
Zonta Club of the Northampton Area
Zonta Club of the Northampton Area Records, 1963-1992 (ongoing)
van Kleeck, Mary
Mary van Kleeck Papers, 1849-1998
van Patten, Barbara, 1907-1975
Barbara van Patten Papers, 1932-1933
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