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Nellie "Nelly" Schargo Hoyt Papers, 1943-1990
5 boxes (6.25 linear ft.)
Collection number: RG 42

Alumnae, Professor of History. Contains class materials, notes, alumnae college sessions, student projects, correspondence, writings, personal documents, and photographs.

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Restrictions on access:

The papers are open for research according to the regulations of the Smith College Archives without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on use:

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the Nelly Hoyt Papers must be requested from the Smith College Archives. Official Smith correspondence and documents are copyrighted by the Smith College Archives. Nelly Hoyt donated her papers to the Smith College Archives and transferred the copyright ownership to the same.

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Biographical Note

Nellie "Nelly" Schargo Hoyt was born January 15th, 1920, in Nicolaeff, Russia. Her parents, Simon and Vera (Rivkind) Schargo were both educated people. Her father attended Leningrad University and her mother attended St. Olga University in Kiev. Hoyt was born in the aftermath of WWI and the Russian Revolution, both of which left Russia devastated for many years. In 1922, her father made some criticisms of the local government, angered government officials, and ultimately moved his family to Berlin.

Hoyt lived in Berlin for several years, and then moved to France, for her secondary education. In Paris, she attended high school, danced with les Ballets de Jeunesse, and studied anthropology at the University of Paris. During the beginning of WWII, she worked at the Musee de l'Homme. She and her parents fled France to escape the horrors of WWII, and arrived in Staten Island, New York. In 1941, after two years at the University of Paris, Hoyt was offered the Harriet Boyd Hawes Scholarship, and attended Smith College, graduating magna cum laude in 1943.

Upon graduating from Smith College, Hoyt attended Columbia University where she was a University Fellow. She earned her MA in History in 1944, and her Ph D in 1946. During this time, she worked with such people as Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead. After graduation, Hoyt stayed in New York City where she worked as a reference analyst for the United States mission to the United Nations. While she was in New York, she met Nathaniel Deming Hoyt, a professor of education at Columbia University. They were married September 7th, 1946. They had a daughter, Susan, in 1948, and their son, Victor was born in 1958.

During a 1949 trip to Northampton to show her husband the area, Hoyt was offered a one year teaching position in the History Department of Smith College, and thus started her 40+ year career. Hoyt was an instructor in history until 1955, an assistant professor until 1960, and an associate professor until 1964, when she was made a full professor. In 1974, Hoyt was named Achilles Professor. As a professor, Hoyt enjoyed combining various fields of study for classes and Alumnae College, which she was in charge of for several years. Some of the courses she taught at Smith included "History, Historians, and Meaning in History," "Time in Space," "Intellectual History of Europe in the 18th Century," and "The Encyclopedie and the Enlightenment." She served as the chairperson of the history department between the 1977/78 and 1978/79 academic years. Hoyt was presented with the Faculty Teaching Award at Rally Day in 1989. She retired from Smith in 1990.

Nellie "Nelly" Schargo Hoyt's publications include History in the Encyclopedia,Methode et Interpretation de l'Histoire,The Family in the French Civil Code, and The Image of the Leader in Soviet Folklore.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Nellie "Nelly" Schargo Hoyt Papers span the period between 1943 and 1990, and largely concern her forty one years as a professor at Smith College. Most of the collection is made up of class materials, information about the Junior Year in Hamburg program, and notes on symposiums, Alumnae college sessions, and student projects in which she was involved. Also contained in the collection are drafts of various writings, correspondence, personal documents and photographs.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

The papers are open for research according to the regulations of the Smith College Archives without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on use:

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the Nelly Hoyt Papers must be requested from the Smith College Archives. Official Smith correspondence and documents are copyrighted by the Smith College Archives. Nelly Hoyt donated her papers to the Smith College Archives and transferred the copyright ownership to the same.

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Contents List
Series I. Symposiums, Alumnae College & Student Projects

This series contains information about Hoyt's involvement with various symposiums, Alumnae College sessions and student projects. A little less than half of this series is notes about the "Ladies of the Faculty" Project that Hoyt helped students research and prepare. The information in this series is filed chronologically. Some files in this series are in French.

"1761: The Year Revisited"
Apr-May 1961

Box 1: folder 1
"L'Année 1778"

Box 1: folder 2
"Thomas Couture and the Painting of History" 4/13-6/6 1980

Box 1: folder 3
"The Diaghilev Years"

Box 1: folder 4
Mozart Symposiums

Box 1: folder 5-6
Alumnae College Lectures

Box 1: folder 7
"An Invitation to Versailles"

Box 1: folder 8

Box 1: folder 9
Programs for Various Lectures

Box 1: folder 10
"Ladies of the Faculty"

Box 1: folder 11-17
Series II. Junior Year in Hamburg

This series is composed of notes and correspondence regarding the Junior Year in Hamburg which Hoyt was in charge for a number of years, as well as her lecture notes and student papers. Some files in this section are in German.

Junior Year Abroad

Box 1: folder 18-20
JYA General Orientation/Housing

Box 1: folder 21
Hamburg Exchange Program Corr.

Box 1: folder 22
Lectures Given in Hamburg

Box 1: folder 23-4
Copies of Lectures

Box 1: folder 25-6
Seminar: "Engländer und andere Touristen"

Box 1: folder 27
Seminar Students' Papers

Box 1: folder 28-9
Seminar Students' Papers

Box 2: folder 30
"Die Reise Nach Utopia"

Box 2: folder 31-2
Seminar: Historisches

Box 2: folder 33
Seminar Students' Papers

Box 2: folder 34-5
Miscellaneous German Papers
1985-6, n.d.

Box 2: folder 36
Preparations for Misc. Lectures

Box 2: folder 37
"Die Suche Nach der Quickseligkeit"

Box 2: folder 38
Enlightenment Bibliography

Box 2: folder 39
Copies: Article Histoire"

Box 2: folder 40
Personal Finances in Hamburg

Box 2: folder 41
Series III. Course Materials
(1956-1990, n.d.)

This series contains files with notes from classes that Hoyt taught, photocopied readings, and student papers. The files are arranged by course number. Some file in this series are in French.

HST 11

Box 2: folder 42
HST 30a: Intro to Historical Thought

Box 2: folder 43
HST 45b: Exoticism in the Encyclopedia

Box 2: folder 44
HST 100a: La Bruyère on Women

Box 2: folder 45-6
HST 100b: War & Society 1848-1914

Box 2: folder 47-8
HST 102b: Personalities in History

Box 2: folder 49-51
HST 224a: France 1559- French Rev.

Box 2: folder 52-3
HST 231a: Hist. Of France 1559-1793

Box 2: folder 54
HST 245b: Age of Monarchy & Rev.

Box 2: folder 55-8
HST 246: In Search of Happiness

Box 2: folder 59-62
HST 282a: History, Historians & Meaning

Box 2: folder 63-5
HST 328b: Problems in the French Rev.

Box 3: folder 66
HST 330a

Box 3: folder 67-8
HST 346b: Voyages Real and Imaginary

Box 3: folder 69-75
HST & SS 395: Experience of Exile

Box 3: folder 76-9
Misc. Student Papers

Box 3: folder 80-2
French History Notes

Box 3: folder 83-4
French Revolution Notes

Box 3: folder 85-6
Misc. Photocopied Readings

Box 3: folder 87-93
Series IV. Student Theses

This series is a collection of student theses that were written between 1956 and 1990. There is a broad range of topics, but almost all were dedicated to Nelly Hoyt. These files are arranged chronologically.

"Initiative and Inception..."

Box 3: folder 94
"L'Histoire Vivante and the Fronde"

Box 3: folder 95
Le Journal des Scavans, 1680-1715

Box 3: folder 96
"Attitude of French Revolutionaries..."

Box 4: folder 97
"From Nantes to Fontainebleau"

Box 4: folder 98
"Spectre of Conspiracy During French Rev."

Box 4: folder 99
"A la Gloire du Roi..."

Box 4: folder 100
"America from Catesby to Audubon..."

Box 4: folder 101
"Musical Expression..."

Box 4: folder 102
"Hannah Arendt: Citizen of the World"

Box 4: folder 103
"A Questionable Legacy..."

Box 4: folder 104
"Educational Policy of Thermidoreans..."

Box 4: folder 105
Series V. Trips with the Alumnae Association

This series documents two trips that Hoyt arranged with the Alumnae Association. One, in 1984 was titled "The Baltic World," and the other, which occurred in 1988 was entitled "Dukes of Burgundy, Kings of France." The files in this series are arranged chronologically.

The Baltic World
7/20-8/1 1984

Box 4: folder 106-10
Dukes of Burgundy, Kings of France
5/18-6/2 1988

Box 4: folder 111-13
Series VI. Interterm
(1978-1979, 1989)

This series is made up of three files containing Hoyt's notes on various interterm projects, in 1978 and 1979. In addition, there is correspondence from the 1989 interterm. The material is arranged chronologically.

Teaching of History at Smith College

Box 4: folder 114
The Exuberance of Color

Box 4: folder 115

Box 4: folder 116
Series VII. Personal

This series contains Nelly Hoyt's personal papers. This series holds a range of materials, including Hoyt's writings and research, items of special interest, family items, and photographs.

"A Brief Study of the Peasants' War..."

Box 4: folder 117
"Historical Ideas of Diderot..."

Box 4: folder 118
Karl May Material

Box 4: folder 119

Box 4: folder 120
Papers of Nicole Hanslick
c. 1990

Box 4: folder 121
Correspondence Received

Box 4: folder 122
Russian Folklore Old and New

Box 4: folder 123-4
Book Reviews

Box 4: folder 125
"18th Cen.: The Enlightenment..."

Box 4: folder 126
Europe in the 16th & 17th Centuries

Box 4: folder 127-8
Europe in the 16th & 17th Centuries

Box 4: folder 129-30
Drafts of Writings

Box 4: folder 131
Miscellaneous Papers

Box 4: folder 132
Photos of Nelly Hoyt
1937, 1941-3

Box 4: folder 133
"Albert Einstein: A Personal Memoir"

Box 4: folder 134
Poems for My Son, Victor

Box 4: folder 135
Photo of Margaret Mead

Box 4: folder 136
Book: "Lettre d'un Professeur Allemand"

Box 4: folder 137
Series VIII. Miscellaneous Materials
(1976-1990, n.d.)

This series contains miscellaneous papers. These items were placed in this series because they do not contain enough information to be placed otherwise. This section is largely made up of files about Beaumarchais, a French playwright. Some material in this series is in French.


Box 4: folder 138-52
Historian in Landscape

Box 4: folder 153
Feasts, Fools and Carnivals

Box 4: folder 154-5
Journal des Savantes

Box 4: folder 156-7
History and Legend

Box 4: folder 158
Microfiches of French Readings

Box 4: folder 159
Title Pages and Tables of Content

Box 4: folder 160
Bibliographies and Catalogs

Box 4: folder 161
Marc Blanc Information

Box 4: folder 162
Miscellaneous Papers

Box 4: folder 163
Tronchet Notes and Biographies

Box 4: folder 164

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