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International Institute for Girls in Spain records, 1871-1993
25.25 linear feet (58 containers)
Collection number: CA.MS.00103

The International Institute for Girls in Spain evolved out of a school founded by a Protestant missionary in Santander, Spain, in 1877. The Institute was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1892 as a non-denominational Christian organization "for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an institution for the education of girls in Spain." The collection contains correspondence, memorabilia, minutes, reports, photographs, and publications.

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Biographical / Historical

The International Institute for Girls in Spain evolved out of a school founded by a Protestant missionary in Santander, Spain, in 1877. The Institute was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1892 as a non-denominational Christian organization "for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an institution for the education of girls in Spain." The following is a brief outline of the major events in the history of the IIGS. A published history of the early years of the Institute, Misioneras, feministas, educadoras: Historia del Instituto Internacional by Carmen de Zulueta (Madrid: Editorial Castalia, 1984), is available in the archives reading room. Short histories of the Institute in English and Spanish can be found within the records in Series IV - Historical Materials and Memorabilia, and in Series XI - Publications.

1871Alice Gordon Gulick and her husband William go to Spain to establish a Protestant mission under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). They settle in Santander.
1875Alice Gordon Gulick organizes a day school to teach reading and writing to sons and daughters of mission church members.
1877Alice Gordon Gulick founds a boarding school with the aim of training young Spanish women to become teachers in Protestant mission schools. The school consists of 5 pupils. The Women's Board of Missions (WBM) of the ABCFM agrees to support the school and help provide teachers.
1881The Gulicks move the school to San Sebastian where it is known as the Colegio Norteamericano. Alice Gordon Gulick starts a series of appeals for outside funds to establish a women's college in Spain along the lines of her alma mater, Mt. Holyoke.
1888Two teachers establish a school library 'to cultivate a taste for books' among the students.
1890Some students in the school begin training for university level study by preparing to pass the state exam for a secondary degree (bachillerato).
1892To secure legal right to own property and conduct a school, the International Institute for Girls in Spain is incorporated in Massachusetts.
1898-1903The International Institute moves across the French border to Biarritz during the Spanish-American War.
1902The IIGS Corporation purchases a house in Madrid (at Fortuny 53) to establish the school on a permanent basis where it can collaborate more closely with Spanish educational reformers.
1903The Institute moves to Madrid. Alice Gordon Gullck dies on September 24. The International Institute League is formed in the U.S. as an adjunct to the Corporation to continue Mrs. Gulick-'s fund-raising efforts. The Corporation and the WBM divide the school into two departments supported and administered separately. The WBM funds the Normal Department for Spanish Girls which provides the first three years of training and continues the work of the evangelical school. The Corporation provides the last three years of training in the Collegiate Department preparing its students for university-level study. A permanent fund is established for the library which is given its own room.
1904Work is begun on a building at Miguel Angel 8 to be known as Alice Gordon Gulick Memorial Hall. The Institute establishes a course to prepare students to study music in a conservatory. The Institute inaugurates a series of lectures by leading intellectuals.
1906The two departments are separated into two distinct schools. The evangelical school becomes the Colegio Internacional para Senoritas with Anna F. Webb as director and WBM funding. The university preparatory school is known as the llGS with Bertha C. Bidwell as director and funding from the IIGS Corporation and the International Institute League. William H. Gulick serves as rector for both schools.
1910Alice Gordon Gulick Memorial Hall is completed: The Colegio Internacional para Senoritas moves to Barcelona. Susan Huntington is appointed Director of the IIGS.
1916The Junta para Ampliacion de Estudios e Investigaciones Cientificas (Board for the Promotion of Historical Research and Scientific Investigation), a group established by the state to promote education, presents the Corporation with a proposal for collaboration.
1917As a war measure, the IIGS agrees to collaborate with the Junta as a 3-year experiment. The two IIGS buildings (Fortuny 53 and Miguel Angel 8) are leased to the Junta for the use of the Residencia de Senoritas (a residence and center for women university students) and the Instituto-Escuela (a co-educational elementary and secondary school founded as an experiment in modern educational methods). The IIGS supplies "a few," American instructors to teach English, physical education, and science. These instructors, paid by the Corporation, are to "continue the American influence," participate in academic policy making, run the library, and provide instruction in areas where it is otherwise unavailable in Spain. The IICS ceases to function as an autonomous entity.
1920The University of Madrid agrees to give credit for laboratory work successfully completed at the Institute under the supervision of the American instructors. Labs are set up at the IIGS because the University has no lab space for women.
1924As part of the collaboration, the libraries of the Residencia de Senoritas and IIGS are merged.
1925The International Institute League (formed 1903) disbands.
1927The building at Fortuny 53 is sold to the Junta for the use of the Residencia. A condition of the sale is that the building be used for the education of women. Library science courses are established at the Institute.
1928The Instituto-Escuela moves to its own building leaving Miguel Angel 8 to the IIGS. Institute staff continues to collaborate with the Residencia teaching classes in English and library science.
1930The IIGS agrees to rent space to Smith College's newly established junior year in Spain program.
1936-39The IIGS and the Residencia shut down during the Spanish Civil War.
1939-44World War II. Miguel Angel 8 is under the care of the U.S. Embassy. The library of the IIGS remains open and the librarians continue to teach English and library science on a small scale. There is no American staff in Madrid. Though Mary Sweeney is the board-appointed Director, Enriqueta Martin acts as the Corporation's representative in Spain. The Corporation uses its funds to subsidize schools in France and Mexico for Spanish refugee children under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee.
1944-50Afraid of losing the building and unwilling to continue to cooperate with the Franco government, the IIGS rents Miguel Angel 8 to the U.S. Embassy for the storage of Embassy documents. The embassy offers to repair the building and provide space elsewhere in Madrid for the re-establishment of IIGS programs.
1946The IIGS establishes its Foreign Scholars Program. Under this program the IIGS sponsors or helps to sponsor study in the U.S. and England for some of its most advanced students.
1947Americans resume teaching English through the Institute.
1950The IIGS moves back into Miguel Angel 8 and agrees to share the building with Colegio-Estudio, a private school established along the lines of the Instituto-Escuela. The IIGS administers its own programs in English and library science, provides English teachers for Colegio-Estudio, sponsors concerts, lectures, English-speaking teas, and exhibits, and rents space to other educational programs. A group of graduates of the library science program forms the Asociacion de Diplomados del Instituto Internacional (alumnae association). The children's library is established as a separate entity in order to serve Colegio-Estuaio's students and subsequently the general community.
1950s and 1960sThe IIGS explores a variety of programs and activities of its own while renting space to various junior year abroad and graduate study programs from American colleges and universities.
1951The Institute establishes extension courses in library science in other cities in Spain.
1952The English Program is reorganized into two courses, one concentrating on the study of the English language and American civilization and literature, the other providing training in teaching English as a second language.
1967Colegio-Estudio moves to its own building but retains offices in Miguel Angel 8.
1968A development plan is prepared and foundation support is sought for an expansion of IIGS programs. The effort is, for the most part, unsuccessful.
1971- The Institute begins litigation to reclaim Fortuny 53 which is no longer being used for the education of women (a condition of the sale of the building in 1927).
1979Faced with financial and legal problems, the Institute reduces its activities. The library science program is taken over by Spanish universities, the University of Southern California assumes administration of the English Program, and the Psychology program is reduced to a few courses.
1980The Corporation votes to cease operations in Madrid as of June 30, 1981. This decision is never carried out.
1985The University of Southern California English Program closes. The IIGS votes to re-establish its own English program. The Freshman Year Program is established to prepare Spanish students to transfer to American colleges and universities to study for an undergraduate degree.
Presidents of the Corporation
1892-1897John N. Denison
1897-1901Alice Freeman Palmer
1901-1907Samuel B. Capen
1907-1909Daniel Merriman
1909-1912Charles H. Rutan
1913Samuel C. Darling (Acting)
1913-1928Lewis Kennedy Morse
1928-1946William Allan Neilson
1946-1949Robert Granville Caldwell
1949-1969Saville Rogers Davis
1965-1969Sumner Willard ("Chancellor" sharing position with Saville Davis)
1969-1975Dorothy Nepper Marshall
1975-1982Edmund L. King
1982-Rudolfo Cardona
Corresponding Secretaries
1910-1913Amy Rowland
1913-1914Fay Howard
1914-1916Mabel Haywood
1917-1944Susan Huntington Vernon
1944-1963Mary Stedman Sweeney
1964-1968duties performed by the Liaison Committee consisting of: Isabel Conant, Phyllis Turnbull, and Charity Willard
1968-1980Carmen de Zulueta Greenebaum
1980-Alica Pollin
1877-1903Alice Gordon Gulick
1903-1907Elizabeth Gulick
1907-1910Bertha C. Bidwell
1910-1918Susan D. Huntington
1916-1918Anna F. Thompson (Acting)
*1918-1919Caroline Borden
* dates for academic year ending in June

1919-1920Louisa F. Cheever
1920-1922Mary Louise Foster
1922-1923Edith Fahnestock
1923-1924May Gardner
1924-1925Alice H. Bushee
1925-1927Helen Phipps
1927-1928Louise Sweeney
1928-1929Mary Sweeney
1929-1931Louise Sweeney
1931-1934Mary Sweeney
1934-1935Louise Sweeney
1935-1936Nellis McBroom de Roca
1939-1949Mary Sweeney (Institute activities curtailed by war)
1940-1949Enriqueta Martin (semi-official representative of Corp.)
1949-1950Edith Helman
1950-1951Lois Post
1951-1954Jean Bratton
1954-1955Frances Burlingame
1955-1958Phyllis Turnbull
1958-1961Joan Connelly
1961-1962Carol Roehm
1962-1963Joan Appel
1963-1964Miriam Holsen
1964-1978Ilene Avery
1978-1979Joan Connelly Ullman
1979-1980Valerie Shaw Herr
1980-1982Richard Predmore
1982-1983Edmund B. King
1983-1984Richard Predmore
1984-Hugh Harter
1915-1960James S. Allen
1960-1973Castle ("Bud") Reed
1971-1972Donald Wilkinson, Jr. (during illness of Reed)
1973-1980Demetrio Delgado de Torres
1980-1983Philip Van Slyck
1983-1984Edmund L. King
1984-Paul Saurel
1912-1915James S. Allen
1915-1919Cornelia Warren
1919-1923Ellor C. Ripley
1923-1930Edward Gulick
1930-1961Katherine T. Reed
1961-1966Marion Ament
1966-1971Hope Goodale
1971-1975Teresa Gilman
1975-1978Erna B. Kelley
1979-1982Angela Giral
1982-Ellen Friedman
Boston Secretary (Executive Secretary Office Secretary)
?Elizabeth Brown
c. 1922- c. 1939Ella D. (Leave) Baker
c. 1940- c. 1950Nora Sweeney
c. 1963Constance Mazlich, c. 1963
c. 1964Lois Randall, c. 1964
?Isabel O'Brien
Boston Secretary (Executive Secretary Office Secretary)
Elizabeth Brown
c. 1922- c. 1939
Ella D. (Leave) Baker
c. 1940- c. 1950
Nora Sweeney
c. 1963
Constance Mazlich, c. 1963
c. 1964
Lois Randall, c. 1964
Isabel O'Brien
Scope and Contents

The records of the International Institute for Girls in Spain consist of correspondence, memorabilia, minutes, reports, photographs, publications, and other papers (in English and Spanish) relating to the history and activities of the IIGS and its cooperation with other educational organizations in Spain and the U.S. The records are a rich source for the study of educational reform and women's education in Spain, Spanish-U.S. cooperation, and the experience of Protestant missionaries in Catholic Spain.

In the early 1970s the Corporation assigned the task of organizing the bulk of the records to retired IIGS librarian Enriqueta Martin. Left unfinished, Miss Martin's arrangement was disordered when the records were moved in the late 1970s. Her work survives in two forms: an annotated card file (Series VII - Lists) and notes attached to individual items within the records. These notes (in Spanish) describe, comment on, or refute the contents of each item and have been left in place as part of the record.

The bulk of the material consists of files maintained in this country in the Boston office of the Corporation and by long-time Corresponding Secretary Mary Sweeney. Evidence contained in the records indicates that most of the early records produced and maintained in Spain were lost or destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. However, records kept in this country such as reports and published correspondence by founders Alice Gordon Gulick and William Hooker Gulick, and early directors such as Susan Huntington give insight into the early activities and progress of the school. The work of the Institute is best documented starting in 1950 due to the extensive records kept by Corresponding Secretary Mary Sweeney.

Surviving records produced and maintained in Spain consist of correspondence files of the director (Series II), library records (Series VI), personnel files (Series IX), photographs (Series X), memorabilia (Series IV), and student papers (Series XIV). These records are most complete for the period between 1950 and the late 1970s.

This collection is organized into fifteen series:

  1. I. Academic Programs
  2. II. Correspondence
  3. III. Financial
  4. IV. Historical Materials and Memorabilia
  5. V. Legal
  6. VI. Library
  7. VII. Lists
  8. VIII. Minutes, Agendas, and Calls to Meetings
  9. IX. Personnel
  10. X. Photographs
  11. XI. Publications
  12. XII. Reports
  13. XIII. Speeches
  14. XIV. Student Papers
  15. XV. Affiliated and Related Organizations

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Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

This collection is open for use without restriction beyond the standard terms and conditions of Smith College Special Collections.

Restrictions on use:

Smith College retains copyright of materials created as part of its business operations; however, copyright in other items in this collection may be held by their respective creators. For reproductions of materials that are governed by fair use as defined under U. S. Copyright Law, no permission to cite or publish is required. For instances which may regard materials in the collection not created by Smith College, researchers are responsible for determining who may hold materials' copyrights and obtaining approval from them. Researchers do not need anything further from Smith College Special Collections to move forward with their use.

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International Institute for Girls in Spain records, Smith College Archives, CA-MS-00103, Smith College Special Collections, Northampton, Massachusetts.

History of the Collection

The International Institute For Girls in Spain records were a gift to the Smith College Archives from the IIGS Corporation. The records arrived in 3 shipments in 1980, 1984, and 1986.

Processing Information

Processed by Maida Goodwin.

Additional Information
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English and Spanish
Encoding funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Contents List

This series consists of circulars, clippings, course work, plans, proposals, syllabuses, class lists, and schedules for programs and proposed programs sponsored or administered by the IIGS. The material dates almost exclusively from 1950 through the late 1970s, when the Institute's major programs were in English, library science, and Psychology. The material is arranged alphabetically by program name.

Related material can be found in Series XII - Reports, the correspondence of the Director with the Corresponding Secretary in Series II, and in the Minutes of the Corporation and its committees in Series VIII.

English Program

1953-1978 undated

Box 1: folder 1
Course and program description
1972-77 undated

Box 1: folder 2
Exams and course work
1961-73 undated

Box 1: folder 3-4
Plans and schedules
1921-22 1961-76 undated

Box 1: folder 5-6
Teacher training course
1968-76 undated

Box 1: folder 7
1912 1967-79

Box 1: folder 8
Library Science Program (Curso de Biblioteconomia)

1952 1962-79

Box 1: folder 9
Class lists
1957-63 1970-71

Box 1: folder 10

Box 1: folder 11
University of Pittsburgh, proposed collaboration
1977-78 undated

Box 1: folder 12-13
Psychology Program (Programa de Psicologia)
1966-77 undated

Box 1: folder 14-16
Teaching English and Spanish as Second Languages (proposed collaboration with George Washington University)
l975-77 undated

Box 1: folder 17-19
Third Year Program
1957-78 undated

Box 1: folder 20

Scope and content:

This series is divided into seven subseries, Boston Secretary, Clerk, Corresponding Secretary, Director, President, Treasurer, and General.

Boston Secretary consists of the correspondence files of the Corporation's secretary in Boston, Mass. The material is primarily corporation membership record-keeping and is divided into six sections: Clerk, Corresponding Secretary, Director, President, Treasurer, and General. Correspondence with all individuals other than those holding positions in the first five sections is filed in the last section, General.

Correspondence files of the Clerk of the Corporation appear in the second subseries filed chronologically. The bulk of the material pertains to Corporation activities in the U.S.

The Corresponding Secretary (now known as "Executive Secretary") is the Corporation's main link with the staff in Spain. The correspondence contains ongoing reporting of the activities of the Institute in Madrid, extensive material on the selection of staff and scholarship students, and on arrangements for IIGS foreign scholars' study in the U.S. The files are divided into seven sections: Boston Secretary, Clerk, Director, Liaison Committee, President, Treasurer, and General. As with the Boston Secretary's files above, the 'General' section consists of correspondence with all individuals not covered in the preceding sections. The Liaison Committee section contains correspondence to members of the committee which assumed the duties of the-Corresponding Secretary for four years after the retirement of Mary Sweeney in January 1964.

The files in the fourth subseries reflect the Director's duties as head of the educational and service staff at the Institute and as the Corporation's representative in dealings with the Spanish government and the educational community in Madrid. The files also show the Director's participation in the selection of staff and scholarship recipients and her/his responsibility for the maintenance of IIGS building(s).

The subseries is divided into six sections: Clerk, Corresponding Secretary, President, Representative in Spain, Treasurer, and General. The section "Representative in Spain" contains correspondence with Enriqueta Martin who acted on the Corporation's behalf in Spain during World War II while Institute activities were curtailed. Mary Sweeney was the director appointed by the Corporation during this period but she remained in the U.S. and Enriqueta Martin represented the Institute in a semi-official capacity.

The fifth and sixth subseries contain the files of the President and the Treasurer of the Corporation each filed chronologically. The President's files contain letters written of behalf of the Corporation and the Treasurer's files are principally about Institute and Corporation finances.

The seventh subseries, General, is divided into four sections. The first, 'Miscellaneous' consists of correspondence of staff members and Corporators of the IIGS who are not in one of the six major positions in the first five subseries. The second section, 'Ilene Avery', consists of personal correspondence of one of the Institute's directors which reflects her involvement in the educational community in the U.S. and Spain, but is not directly related to Institute business. The third section is the correspondence of 'Enriqueta Martin', long-time librarian of the Institute and director of the Library Science Program. Her correspondence has been separated from the bulk of the general correspondence because of her long service and intense involvement with the Institute. The fourth section is the correspondence of 'Mary Sweeney' from the period immediately following her retirement as Corresponding Secretary on January 1, 1964. This correspondence has been isolated because she continued to perform many of the duties of the Corresponding Secretary while not actually holding the post.


Correspondence in each of these sections is arranged chronologically.

Boston Secretary


Box 1: folder 21-31
Corresponding Secretary
1922-64 undated

Box 2: folder 32-41
1921-45 1960-65

Box 2: folder 42-45
1919-39 undated

Box 2: folder 46-55

Box 2: folder 56-66
1926-50 1964

Box 3: folder 67-95
1921- 22

Box 3: folder 96-102
1922- 23

Box 4: folder 103-126
1923- 26

Box 5: folder 127-151

Box 6: folder 152-176
1932-65 undated

Box 7: folder 177-199
19l0-66 undated

Box 8: folder 200-214
Corresponding Secretary

Boston Secretary
1926-33 1963-64

Box 8: folder 215
1935-75 undated

Box 8: folder 216-17

Box 8: folder 218-223

Box 9: folder 224-250
1963-80 undated

Box 10: folder 251-255
Liaison Committee

Box 10: folder 256
1931-73 undated

Box 10: folder 257-260
1939-69 undated

Box 10: folder 261-265
1920-Sep 1951

Box 10: folder 266-281

Box 11: folder 282-308

Box 12: folder 309-333

Box 13: folder 334-359

Box 14: folder 360-384

Box 15: folder 385-411
1971-80 undated

Box 16: folder 412-424

1952 1977

Box 16: folder 425
Corresponding Secretary
1939-Mar 1955

Box 16: folder 426-439
Corresponding Secretary
Apr 1955-67

Box 17: folder 440-471
Corresponding Secretary

Box 18: folder 472-479
1939-73 undated

Box 18: folder 480
Representative in Spain
1939-43 undated

Box 18: folder 481
1935-Mar 1975

Box 18: folder 482-495
Treasurer, Apr
1975-80 undated

Box 19: folder 496-498

Box 19: folder 499-524
1962-Sep 1966

Box 20: folder 525-549

Box 21: folder 550-576
1972-86 undated

Box 22: folder 577-596
1912-80 undated

Box 22: folder 597-601

Box 22: folder 602-606
1942-80 undated

Box 23: folder 607-612

1893-1979 undated

Box 23: folder 613-621
Ilene Avery
1964-70 undated

Box 23: folder 622-627
Enriqueta Martin
1925-39 1950- 71 undated

Box 23: folder 628-634
Mary Sweeney
1963-67 undated

Box 24: folder 635-651

Scope and content:

The records in this series consist of accounts, budget summaries, annual and other forms of financial reports, and topical files on building, donations, rents, salaries, and tuition. None are complete. Some of the records were maintained in Spain by IIGS staff and others by the Treasurer in the United States and are so identified on the folder title list where possible.

In addition to covering daily operating expenses and annual budgets, the records also contain some information about policies and the IIGS financial relationship with Estudio.

Related material may be found in the Treasurer's Correspondence - Series II and in the Minutes - Series VIII.


The records are arranged alphabetically by type and then chronologically within each type.

Accounts, IIGS

Box 24: folder 652
Accounts, Spain

Box 24: folder 653
Accounts, Spain

Box 24: folder 654
Accounts, Spain, Estudio-IIGS

Box 25: folder 655-658
Accounts, US

Box 25: folder 659
Accounts, US

Box 25: folder 660-661
Accounts, US, Stocks

Box 25: folder 662-666
Annual and other Financial Reports

Box 25: folder 667-674
Annual and other Financial Reports

Box 26: folder 675-677

Box 26: folder 678
Budget, Spain

Box 26: folder 679-680
Budget Summaries
1962-66 1973-80

Box 26: folder 681-682
Building Costs
1910-50 undated

Box 26: folder 683-684
Donations and Gifts
1897-1937 1969-71

Box 26: folder 685-686

Box 26: folder 687

Box 26: folder 688
Tuition Rates

Box 26: folder 689

Scope and content:

This series is divided into four subseries: General, Biography, Reminiscences, and Memorabilia.

The General historical materials consist of clippings, pamphlets and manuscripts on the history of the Institute, endorsements of Institute activities, and appeals for funds. Biography contains clippings, tributes, memorabilia, and manuscripts by and about some of the major individuals in the history of the Institute such as founders, benefactors, staff, and alumnae. Reminiscences contains transcripts and notes on interviews with alumnae and staff, a manuscript on the Library Science Program, and a set of responses to a questionnaire sent to alumnae. Memorabilia consists of such items as floor plans, diplomas, report cards, a guestbook, invitations, programs, scrapbooks, and school songs from various periods in the Institute's history reflecting activities in Spain and the U.S.


Within each subseries the material is arranged alphabetically by subject.


Clippings, manuscripts, pamphlets
1889-l978 undated

Box 26: folder 690-694
"An Outline History of the International Institute for Girls in Spain, 1877-1980" by Joan C. Ullman

Box 26: folder 695
Articles and papers by Carmen de Zulueta
1975-76 undated

Box 26: folder 696
Activities, Spain: clippings
1888-1979 undated

Box 26: folder 697
Activities, U.S.: clippings

Box 26: folder 698
1881-1914 undated

Box 26: folder 699

Box 26: folder 700
1894-1961 undated

Box 26: folder 701

Catherine Hayden Barbour, tributes,clippings
1901-02 undated

Box 27: folder 702
Alice Gordon Gulick

Clippings and tributes
1894-1372 undated

Box 27: folder 703
Drafts and bibliography for Notable American Women, article by Mary Sweeney

Box 27: folder 704
1903 undated

Box 27: folder 705
William Hooker Gulick: clipping, tribute
1906 1912

Box 27: folder 706
Enriqueta Martin

Autobiographical sketch
1971 Jun

Box 27: folder 707
"Espana": manuscript
1972 Apr 5

Box 27: folder 708
"Excursions con el Sr. Giner,1932-33": journal
1933 Oct

Box 27: folder 709
"Recuerdos de Bibliotecas Norteamericanas:"manuscript
1961 Apr 18

Box 27: folder 710
Susan H. Vernon: clippings, tributes
1910-52 undated

Box 27: folder 711
clippings tributes 1906-61

Box 27: folder 712

Interviews with alumnae and staff: transcripts and notes
1967-75 undated

Box 27: folder 713
"Memoria del Cursillo de Bibliotecarias"

Box 27: folder 714
Questionnaire to Antiquismas Alumnas del Instituto Internacional

Box 27: folder 715


Floor and garden plans
1917 1975

Box 27: folder 716
1923 1955

Box 27: folder 717
Certificates and diplomas

Box 27: folder 718
Guest book

Box 27: folder 719
Hymns, poems, and songs
1896 1902

Box 27: folder 720
Invitations and programs

Box 27: folder 721-722
Invitations and programs
1913-75 undated

Box 28: folder 723

Box 28: folder 724
1874-1968 undated

Box 28: folder 725-726
Activities of the Corporation in US: announcements, invitations, and programs
1900-39 undated

Box 28: folder 727-728
Report cards

Box 28: folder 729
Scrapbooks, photo albums, drawings of the Institute
1893-1977 undated

Box 29
Historical Materials and Memorabilia

Box 30
Series V. LEGAL

This series consists of major legal documents in the history of the Institute arranged chronologically. Included are agreements and leases with the Spanish government and the US Department of State, material on bequests to the Institute, building sales, changes in by-laws, and personnel complaints.

Papers of incorporation of IIGS

Box 31: folder 730
Homer Lockwood bequest
1895 1915-16

Box 31: folder 731
Florence Sanborn bequest
1905 undated

Box 31: folder 732
Power of attorney, Susan Huntington

Box 31: folder 733
Agreements between the IIGS and the Junta para Ampliacion de Estudios e Investigaciones Cientficas

Box 31: folder 734
Sale of Building at Fortuny 53
1919-25 undated

Box 31: folder 735
Leases with Junta para Ampliacion de Estudios e Investigaciones Cientificas

Box 31: folder 736
Power of attorney, May Gardner

Box 31: folder 737
Instrument of Purchase and Sale for building at Fortuny 53

Box 31: folder 738
Power of attorney, Mary Sweeney

Box 31: folder 739
Contract with Instituto de Espana

Box 31: folder 740
Agreement with U.S. Department of State

Box 31: folder 741
Leases with Coleglo-Estudio

Box 31: folder 742
Agreement with US Department of State

Box 31: folder 743
Application to Ministry of Education for recognition as an educational institution

Box 31: folder 744
Power of attorney, Dorothy N. Marshall
1975 undated

Box 31: folder 745
Brief re firing of Ilene Avery

Box 31: folder 746
Opinion on complaint brought by librarians

Box 31: folder 747
Revocation of power of attorney, Ilene Avery

Box 31: folder 748
Claim on Fortuny 53
1978-79 undated

Box 31: folder 749
By-law changes

Box 31: folder 750

This series is made up of acquisitions lists and notes and miscellaneous papers pertaining to the maintenance of the IIGS library.

Acquisitions lists
1957-78 undated

Box 31: folder 751-752
Accession book

Box 31: folder 753
Ultimas Adquisiciones [published list]

Box 31: folder 754-757
Rules for the organization of the Library and Children's Library
1929 1956

Box 31: folder 758

Scope and content:

This series is made up of lists of students, staff, and corporators of the Institute filed chronologically and the card file listing of IIGS records made by Enriqueta Martin in the early 1970s.


The card file is arranged according to Martin's file (carpeta) numbers.

Miscellaneous: clippings and notes

Box 31: folder 759

Box 31: folder 760
Committees of the Corporation

Box 31: folder 761
Directors and Members of the Corporation
1913 1936-64

Box 31: folder 762-764
Directors and Members of the Corporation
1965-74 undated

Box 32: folder 765-768
Staff, yearly

Box 32: folder 769
Staff, compilation
ca.1908 1967

Box 32: folder 770
Supporters and associates
ca.1936 1967

Box 32: folder 771
Guide to Enriqueta Martin's card files

Box 32: folder 772
Card files - Membership

Special donations

Box 33
Mailing list

Box 33
Resigned and deceased

Box 33
Advisory Council

Box 33
Memorial and Life Members

Box 33

Box 33
Directors and Corporators

Box 33
Staff and Active Members

Box 33
Card files - Enriqueta Martin

Carpeta nos. 1-17

Box 34
Carpeta nos. 18-59

Box 35
Curso de 1974-75

Box 35
Alphabetical index to filing system

Box 35

Scope and content:

This series consists of incomplete sets of minutes of the major governing groups of the IIGS Corporation in the U.S., some of the Corporation's committees, and some groups of Institute staff.


The material is arranged by committee or group and filed chronologically. Within each group, where such material occurs, agendas and calls to meetings are filed in a separate chronological sequence.

Board of Directors and Corporators

Agendas and calls to meetings
1915-80 undated

Box 36: folder 773-774

Box 36: folder 775-782
1958-85 undated

Box 37: folder 783-801
Notes on minutes by Enriqueta Martin

Box 37: folder 802
Executive and Liaison Committees

Agendas and calls to meetings

Box 37: folder 803-804
Minutes, 1915-17

Box 38: folder 805-811
Discussion Group on future of IIGS

Box 38: folder 812
English Department Teachers: minutes

Box 38: folder 813-816
Estudio English Teachers: minutes

Box 38: folder 817
English Program Committee: minutes

Box 38: folder 818
Junta Asesora [Advisory Group]: minutes

Box 38: folder 819-820
Library Staff: minutes
1947 1961-78

Box 38: folder 821
Miscellaneous, committees and groups

Box 38: folder 822

Scope and content:

This series consists of forms, receipts, and certificates on personnel, plus curriculum vitae for staff, student assistants, and participants in the IIGS Foreign Scholars Program.


The forms, receipts, and certificates are arranged chronologically. The curriculum vitae are arranged alphabetically.

General: forms, receipts, certificates
1946-63 undated

Box 38: folder 823-824
Curriculum vitae, A-Z
1955-65 undated

Box 38: folder 825-826

Scope and content:

This series consists of photographs, negatives and slides, each filed separately. The photographs and negatives are divided into six parallel sections by subject: Buildings, Events, Staff, Students, Affiliated Organizations and Programs, and Miscellaneous.


The slides, which appear to have been made to accompany a talk on the history of the Institute (n.d.), are arranged chronologically.


Fortuny 53 (original in Madrid)
1901 1922

Box 39: folder 827
Miguel Angel 8 (Alice Gordon Gulick Memorial Hall)

Box 39
Exteriors, general
1910 1951-56

Box 39: folder 828-829
Exteriors, garden
1970-71 undated

Box 39: folder 830
Interiors, general
1951-59 undated

Box 39: folder 831-832
Interiors, Director's suite
1958-60 undated

Box 39: folder 833-834
Interiors, hall and staircase
1915 1951

Box 39: folder 835
Interiors, library
1912-70 undated

Box 39: folder 836-837
Interiors, children's library
1936-69 undated

Box 39: folder 838

1953-72 undated

Box 39: folder 839
Christmas Party
1950-62 undated

Box 39: folder 840
1913 1957-59

Box 39: folder 841-842

Box 39: folder 843-845
Halloween party

Box 39: folder 846-847
Party for Dorothy Marshall

Box 39: folder 848
Welcoming Party

Box 40: folder 849-851
1921-71 undated

Box 40: folder 852-853

1915-70 undated

Box 40: folder 854
1944-66 undated

Box 40: folder 855
English department
1970-72 undated

Box 40: folder 856
1934-72 undated

Box 40: folder 857
Alice Gordon Gulick, William Booker Gulick
1871 1875

Box 40: folder 858
Enriqueta Martin
1924-61 undated

Box 40: folder 859
Mary Sweeney
1932-56 undated

Box 40: folder 860
Directors and Corporators
1930-56 undated

Box 40: folder 861

1880-1933 undated

Box 40: folder 862
Classes, general
1914-15 1969-70 undated

Box 40: folder 863
Classes, English department

Box 40: folder 864
Classes, library science

Box 40: folder 865

1954 undated

Box 40: folder 866
Book of photos

Box 40: folder 867
General and unidentified

Box 40: folder 868-869
Affiliated Organizations and Programs

Antiquas Alumnas del Instituto Internacional

Box 40: folder 870
Asociacion de Diplomados del Instituto Internacional

Box 40: folder 871
Colegio Internacional para Senoritas
1915 undated

Box 40: folder 872
Colegio Estudio

1967 undated

Box 40: folder 873
1950 undated

Box 40: folder 874

Box 41: folder 875-876
Picture books

Box 41: folder 878
Colonia Pax

Box 41: folder 879
Instituto Escuela
1924 undated

Box 41: folder 880
Residencia de Senoritas
1919 1936

Box 41: folder 881
Third Year Programs
1958-62 undated

Box 41: folder 882
Slide list

Box 41: folder 883
Glass plate negatives (3)

Box 41: folder 884
Negatives, with prints

Box 41

Box 42
Events, Staff

Box 43
Students, Miscellaneous, Affiliated Organizations and Programs

Box 44
Negatives, no prints

Box 45

Box 46

Scope and content:

This series is made up of newsletters, published reports, catalogs, and historical and informational pamphlets published by staff and students of the Institute in Spain or by the Corporation in the U.S. The scrapbooks in Series IV contain issues of publications not available in this series.


The material is arranged in two sections as follows: named series are filed by title, and other items are filed by type of publication.

Annual Reports

Box 47: folder 885-889
1903-11 1968

Box 47: folder 890-892
By-Laws of the Directors
1908 1916 1952

Box 47: folder 893
English Department Bulletin

Box 47: folder 894-896
E.E.C. Mews

Box 47: folder 897
La Generacion del 78, Mar

Box 47: folder 898
Institute News

Box 47: folder 899-903
Institute News

Box 48: folder 904-905
Letter from Spain

Box 48: folder 906

Box 48: folder 907
Notes and News

Box 48: folder 908-910
Report of a Public Meeting of the Officers and Friends of the IIGS
1903 1911

Box 48: folder 911
Yellow, Red, White and Blue

Box 48: folder 912

Box 48: folder 913

Box 48: folder 914
Fund-raising pamphlets

Box 48: folder 915
Informational pamphlets and brochures

Box 48: folder 916-917

This series consists of unpublished reports prepared by Institute staff, committees, advisory and affiliated groups, directors, and corporators, filed chronologically. Reports that were clearly designated as intended for meetings of the Board or its committees, or were entered into the minutes, are filed with the minutes (Series VIII). Reports that were published are filed in Series XI - Publications. Similar material can be found throughout the files of the Corresponding Secretary in Series II.

1881-82 through 1957-58

Box 48: folder 918-933
1958-59 through 1965-66

Box 49: folder 934-954
1966-67 through 1980, n.d.

Box 50: folder 955-978

This series consists of texts of seven speeches given at Institute or Corporation gatherings.

"Behind the Headlines from Spain," Saville Davis
24 Feb 1939

Box 51: folder 979
Commencement Address

Box 51: folder 980
Commencement Address, [Joan Connelly ?]
3 Jun 1961

Box 51: folder 981
Commencement Address, Mary Sweeney
Jun 1962

Box 51: folder 982
Commencement Address, [Joan Appel ?]
8 Jun 1963

Box 51: folder 983
Service in Memory of Jean Betty Bratton,Ilene Avery
23 Oct 1973

Box 51: folder 984
"Welcome to all of you. . ."

Box 51: folder 985

This series is made up of papers in Spanish and/or English written by Institute students as part of their course work. They are arranged by title. Paper topics include: the history of the Institute, reports of IIGS activities, women's education, education in Spain, library science, and current events.

"Alice Gordon Gulick: The Pioneer," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 986
"An American Pioneer in Spain"

Box 51: folder 987
"The Arrival at the International Institute," Esther
Perez de King undated

Box 51: folder 988
"The Art Class," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 989
"Art in General Education," Maria de las Nieves Largacha
Oct 1958

Box 51: folder 990
"A Birthday Greeting," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 991
"Bodas Reales," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 992
"The Christmas Play," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 993
"Classes on Librarianship in the Provinces"

Box 51: folder 994
"Cornwall: Un Estudio Bibliotecario," Josefina R. Sanjuro Salgado

Box 51: folder 995
"Compleavos Feliz," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 996
"Curso de Verano Para Bibliotecarios en la Ciudad de Birmingham," E. Verdia Maceiros

Box 51: folder 997
"Escape," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 998
"Escuela Superior del Magisterio," Maria Rosa Urabayen

Box 51: folder 999
"Espana," Judith Brinkerhoff
Jan 1958

Box 51: folder 1000
"Friends and Neighbors,"Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1001
"La Funcion de Navidad," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1002
"The Gables," Jose Ausorus

Box 51: folder 1003

Box 51: folder 1004
"Guantes Blancos," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1005
"Habia . . ." Iva Felipe Orejon

Box 51: folder 1006
"Happy Birthday"

Box 51: folder 1007
"How She Raised Money for the Institute,"

Box 51: folder 1008
"Impressiones y Ensenanzas Obtenidas en el Viaje Realizado a Paris para Estudiar la Organizacion y Funcionamiento de Algunas Bibliotecas - Memoria," Maria Rodriguez Gomez
Oct. 7, 1956

Box 51: folder 1009
"The Institucion Libre de Ensenanza," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1010
"Llegada al Instituto," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1011
"Luncheon at the Embassy," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1012
"Luz de Mes Ojos," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1013
"Memoria," Dolores Corrons Rodriguez

Box 51: folder 1014
"La Mujer en Espana, 186C-1960,"

Box 51: folder 1015
"My Scholarship in Cambridge," Maria del Carmen Gil Fernandez
Nov 1, 1956

Box 51: folder 1016
"A Night at the Opera," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1017
"Papa Visits the Institute," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1018
"La Profesora de Frances"

Box 51: folder 1019
La Profesora de Gimnasia

Box 51: folder 1020
"La Profesora de Labores,"

Box 51: folder 1021
"El Profesor de Musica - Report," Gloria Muniz

Box 51: folder 1022
Report, Gloria Muniz

Box 51: folder 1023
"Royal Wedding" Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1024
"A Spanish Burro at the English Embassy," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1025
"The Spanish Carnival," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1026
"The Spanish Faculty," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1027
"The Story of the Instituto Escuela," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1028
"A Trip to E1 Escarral," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1029
The Tumbola

Box 51: folder 1030
"Two Months in London," Marien Rivera

Box 51: folder 1031
"University of Leicester - Vacation Course," Maria de las Nieves Largacha

Box 51: folder 1332
"Una Visita al Teatro Real," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1033
"Voyage to England," Carmen Castilla

Box 51: folder 1034
"White Gloves," Esther Perez de King

Box 51: folder 1035
Wornen's Education Outside the Institute

Box 51: folder 1036

Scope and content:

This series consists of circulars, clippings, correspondence, memorabilia, minutes, reports, and miscellaneous papers produced by organizations affiliated with but not sponsored by the Institute. Groups represented include alumnae organizations, educational groups with which the IIGS collaborated, and groups that rented space in the IIGS building (s).


The material is arranged by organization name.

Anitiguas Alumnas del Instituto Internacional: letter, list

Box 52: folder 1037
Asociacion de Diplomados del Instituto Internacional

1950-61 undated

Box 52: folder 1038
Legal: constitution, regulations
1950-56 undated

Box 52: folder 1039
Membership lists
1956-57 undated

Box 52: folder 1040

Box 52: folder 1041
1950-63 undated

Box 52: folder 1042
Scholarship: announcements
1955-64 undated

Box 52: folder 1043
Speech on the History of the Asociacion by Josefina Sanchez-Pedreno
13 May 1950

Box 52: folder 1044
Programs, announcements, clippings
1950-55 undated

Box 52: folder 1045

Ciclo Cultural Politeia

Box 53: folder 1046
Colegio Estudio
1954-66 undated

Box 53: folder 1047
Colegio Internacional
1907-86 undated

Box 53: folder 1048
Colonia Pax

Box 53: folder 1049
Instituto-Escuela de secunda ensenanza
1923-29 1978

Box 53: folder 1050
International Institute League
1903-23 undated

Box 53: folder 1051
Residencia de Senoritas
1929-65 undated

Box 53: folder 1052
Third Year programs
1958-78 undated

Box 53: folder 1053
Corresponding secretary's files

Box 54
Corresponding secretary's files

Box 55
Records kept by Angela Giral as member of the board

Box 56
Treasurer's records, A-G

Box 57
Treasurer's records, H-Z

Box 58

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