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Founding College seal

Founding College Seal window, n.d. Photographer unknown. Smith College Archives.

This list does not represent all of the collections held by the Smith College Archives. Contact the archives for more information.
Smith College Archives Finding Aids
Myers Dunn, Margaret
Margaret Myers Dunn papers, 1916 - 2003
Aaron, Daniel
Finding aid to the Daniel Aaron Papers CA.MS.00369
Abbott, Jere
Jere Abbott Papers, 1932 - 1982
Ackelsberg, Martha
Finding aid to the Martha Acklesberg Papers CA.MS.00371
Adams, Elizabeth Kemper
Finding aid to the Elizabeth Kemper Adams Papers CA.MS.00372
Ainsworth, Dorothy Sears 1874-1976
Dorothy Sears Ainsworth Papers, 1894-1976
Allen, Hart - Lester Harris
Finding aid to the Hart-Lester Harris papers CA.MS.00399
Allison, Mary Pardee
Finding aid to the Mary Pardee Allison Papers CA.MS.00373
Alumnae College
Alumnae College Records, 1933-2001
Ambrose, Alice, 1906-
Finding aid to the Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Papers CA.MS.00101
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Ancient Order of Hibernians Records, 1890-1966
Anderson, Dorothy May
Dorothy May Anderson Papers, 1930 - 1993
Anslow, Gladys Amelia
Gladys Amelia Anslow Papers,
Arvin, Newton, 1900 - 1963.
Finding aid to the Newton Arvin papers CA.MS.00036
Ashmun, Candace McKee
Finding aid to the Classes of 1941-1950 records CA.MS.01016
Association of Former Juniors in France
Association of Former Juniors in France Records 1925-1973
Athletic Association
Finding aid to the Athletic Association records CA.MS.00166
Auerswald, Adrienne
Adrienne Auerswald Papers, 1936 - 1943
Barrows, Florence Louise, 1888 - 1980.
Finding aid to the Florence Louise Barrows Papers CA.MS.00378
Bassett, John Spencer, 1867 - 1928
Finding aid to the John Spencer Bassett Papers CA.MS.00380
Baum, Charlotte, 1894 - 1989
Finding aid to the Charlotte Baum memorabilia book CA.MS.00381
Benedict, Susan Rose, 1873 - 1942
Finding aid to the Susan Rose Benedict Papers CA.MS.00383
Berenson, Senda, 1868-1954.
Finding aid to the Senda Berenson Papers CA.MS.00037
Bernstein, Ruth (Class of 1949)
Ruth Bernstein Papers, 1945 - 1949
Bernstein, Ruth M. (Class of 1949)
Ruth Bernstein Papers, 1945 - 1945
Bixler, Julius Seelye, 1894-
Finding aid to the Julius Seelye Bixler Papers CA.MS.00038
Black Students Alliance
Black Students Alliance Records, 1970-[ongoing]
Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954.
Finding aid to Albert Francis Blakeslee Papers CA.MS.00039
Bourland, Caroline Brown, 1871-
Finding aid to the Caroline Brown Bourland Papers CA.MS.00040
Bragdon, Charlotte Coffyn Wilkinson
Finding aid to the Charlotte Coffyn Wilkinson Bragdon papers CA.MS.00168
Brandt, Laura Lilian, 1906-1989
Finding aid to the Laura Lilian Brandt papers CA.MS.00303
Brigham, Dorcas.
Finding aid to the Dorcas Brigham Papers CA.MS.00041
Browne, Nina Elizabeth, 1860 - 1954
Finding aid to the Nina Elizabeth Browne Papers CA.MS.00384
Bryson, Gladys Eugenia, 1894-1952
Finding aid to the Gladys Eugenia Bryson Papers CA.MS.00338
Burnham, Jean Louise, 1916-1984
Jean Louise Burnham Papers, 1930-1992
Burton, Marion Le Roy, 1874-1925.
Office of the President Marion Le Roy Burton Files, 1910-1917
Butterfield, Patricia Parks, 1901 - 1987
Finding aid to the Patricia Parks Butterfield Papers CA.MS.00385
Byrd, Mary E. (Mary Emma), b. 1849.
Finding aid to the Mary E. Byrd Papers CA.MS.00042
Cambridge School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Cambridge School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Records, 1919-1986
Carter, Gwendolen Margaret, 1906-1991
Finding aid to the Gwendolen Margaret Carter Papers CA.MS.00341
Caverno, Julia Harwood.
Finding aid to the Julia Harwood Caverno Papers CA.MS.00043
Celebration Records, 1991-2010
Chase, Mary Ellen, 1887-1973
Finding aid to the Mary Ellen Chase Papers CA.MS.00044
Chinoy, Ely, 1921 - 1975.
Finding aid to the Ely Chinoy papers CA.MS.00386
Choate, Helen Ashurst
Helen Ashurst Choate Papers, 1908-1957
Churchill, Alfred Vance, 1864-1949.
Finding aid to the Alfred Vance Churchill Papers CA.MS.00079
Clark, Annetta Isabel, 1881-1961
Finding aid to the Annetta Isabel Clark Papers CA.MS.00048
Clark, Josephine Adelaide, 1856-1929
Finding aid to the Josephine Adelaide Clark Papers CA.MS.00139
Clark, Ruth Swan, 1887-
Finding aid to the Ruth Swan Clark Papers CA.MS.00147
Clarke, Elizabeth Lawerence, 1861 - 1951
Finding aid to the Elizabeth Crocker Lawrence papers CA.MS.00393
Cohn-Haft, Louis, 1919 - 2012
Louis Cohn-Haft
Comstock, Ada Louise.
Ada Louise Comstock Papers, 1897-1950
Conkling, Grace Hazard, 1878-1958.
Finding aid to the Grace Hazard Conkling Papers CA.MS.00046
Conway, Jill K., 1934-
Office of the President Jill Ker Conway Files, 1974-1985
Cook, Ellen Parmelee, 1865-
Ellen Parmelee Cook Papers, 1893-1947
Corwin, Virginia
Virginia Corwin Papers, 1930-1996
Cowen, Thompson Katherine, 1899 - 1980
Finding aid to the Katherine Thompson Cowen papers CA.MS.00387
Crapsey, Adelaide, 1878-1914.
Finding aid to the Adelaide Crapsey Papers CA.MS.00050
Crook, Margaret Brackenbury.
Finding aid to the Margaret Brackenbury Crook Papers CA.MS.00051
Curtiss, Mina Kirstein, 1896-
Finding aid to the Mina Kirstein Curtiss Papers CA.MS.00047
Cutler, Anna Alice, 1864-1957
Finding aid to the Anna Alice Cutler Papers CA.MS.00052
Davis, Herbert John, 1893-1967.
Finding aid to Office of the President Herbert John Davis files CA.MS.00011
Davis, Herbert John, 1893-1967.
Finding aid to Herbert John Davis Personal papers CA.MS.00010
De Schweinitz, Dorothea, 1891-
Finding aid to the Dorothea de Schweinitz papers CA.MS.00115
De Villafranca, George W., 1922 - 1977
George Warren de Villafranca papers, 1922 - 1977 (bulk 1951 - 1992)
DeRonde, Marion, 1902 - 1985
Finding aid to the Marion DeRonde papers CA.MS.00388
Deane, S.N. (Sidney Norton), 1878-1943
Finding aid to the Sidney Norton Deane Papers CA.MS.00122
Debate Society
Debate Society Records, 1901-2004
Diggs, Gladys Dingledine
Finding aid to the Gladys Dingledine Diggs Papers CA.MS.00054
Dixon-Clark family
Dixon - Clark family Papers, 1882 - 2003 (bulk 1900 - 1945)
Dodd, Marion E.
Finding aid to the Marion E. Dodd papers CA.MS.00055
Dowell, George Brendan.
Finding aid to the George Brendan Dowell Papers CA.MS.00070
Drew, Elizabeth A., 1887-1965
Finding aid to the Elizabeth A. Drew Papers CA.MS.00056
Duckett, Eleanor Shipley.
Finding aid to the Eleanor Shipley Duckett Papers CA.MS.00057
Duke, John, 1899-1984
John Duke Papers, 1913-1984
Dunn, Esther Cloudman, 1891-
Finding aid to the Esther Cloudman Dunn Papers CA.MS.00325
Dunn, Mary Maples.
Office of the President Mary Maples Dunn Files, 1985-1995
Elsmith, Dorothy Olcott, 1891-1984
Finding aid to the Dorothy Olcott Elsmith papers CA.MS.00169
Fetter, Diana Edgerton
Finding aid to the Diana Edgerton Fetter Papers CA.MS.00149
Five Colleges, Inc.
Finding aid to the Intercollegiate records CA.MS.01012
Flanagan, Hallie, 1890-1969.
Hallie Flanagan Davis Papers, 1938-1964
Fleck, George M., 1934 -
Finding aid to the George Morrison Fleck papers CA.MS.00390
Flying Club
Flying Club Records, 1934-1954
Ford, Harriet (Bliss), 1876-1964
Harriet (Bliss) Ford Papers, 1877-1964
Foster, Mary Louise, 1865-
Finding aid to the Mary Louise Foster Papers CA.MS.00100
Freeman, Ethel Hale.
Finding aid to the Ethel Hale Freeman Papers CA.MS.00058
Friends of the Smith College Libraries Oral History Project
Friends of the Smith College Libraries Oral History Project, 1977-1982
Gabel, Katherine, 1938 -
Finding aid to the Katherine Gabel papers CA.MS.00391
Gabel, Leona C. (Leona Christine), 1895-1980
Finding aid to the Leona C. Gabel Papers CA.MS.00150
Gardiner, H. Norman (Harry Norman), 1855-1927
Finding aid to the Harry Norman Gardiner papers CA.MS.00395
Garrett, Annette Marie, 1898 - 1957
Finding aid to the Annette Marie Garrett papers CA.MS.00396
Gilchrist, Marie Emilie, 1893-
Finding aid to the Marie Emilie Gilchrist Papers CA.MS.00017
Ginling College (Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, China).
Ginling College (Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, China) Records, 1920-1993
Gorokhoff, Ivan T., 1879-1949
Ivan T. Gorokhoff Papers, 1903-1991
Goss, Gertrude
Finding aid to the Gertrude Goss Papers CA.MS.00152
Gotwals, Vernon
Finding aid to the Vernon Gotwals Papers CA.MS.00360
Granddaughters' Society
Granddaughters' Society Records, 1904-1966
Grant, Elihu, 1873-1942
Finding aid to the Elihu Grant papers CA.MS.00397
Greene, Eunice Chace.
Eunice Chace Greene Papers, 1935-1975
Greene, John Morton, 1830-1919.
John Morton Greene Papers, 1853-1997
Grierson, Margaret Storrs.
Margaret Storrs Grierson Papers, ca. 1800-1998 (bulk 1918-1997)
Hale, Emily, 1891-1969
Finding aid to the Emily Hale Papers CA.MS.00344
Hankins, Frank Hamilton, 1877-
Finding aid to the Frank Hamilton Hankins Papers CA.MS.00060
Harkness, Marjory Gane, 1880 - 1974
Finding aid to the Marjory Gane papers CA.MS.00398
Hawes, Harriet Boyd, 1871-1945.
Harriet Boyd Hawes Papers, 1888-1967
Heath, Gloria W.
Finding aid to Gloria W. Heath Papers, 1941-2012 CA.MS.00304
Hellebush, Elizabeth Jane
Elizabeth Jane Hellebush Papers, 1926-1930
Hiatt, Iva Dee, 1919-1980
Iva Dee Hiatt Papers, 1937-1980
Hildt, John Coffey, 1882-1938
Finding aid to the John Coffey Hildt Papers CA.MS.00153
Hill, Edith Naomi, 1881-1975.
Finding aid to the Edith Naomi Hill Papers CA.MS.00121
Hornbeak, Katherine Gee
Katherine Gee Hornbeak Papers, 1916-1985
Howe, Louise, 1891-1973
Finding aid to the Louise Howe papers CA.MS.00354
Hoyt, Nellie "Nelly" Schargo, 1920-
Nellie "Nelly" Schargo Hoyt Papers, 1943-1990
Hunt, Agnes, 1876-1923
Finding aid to the Agnes Hunt Papers CA.MS.00155
Institute for the Coordination of Women's Interests.
Institute for the Coordination of Women's Interests Records, 1922-1931
Instituto Internacional (Madrid, Spain).
International Institute for Girls in Spain Records, 1881-1986
Janney, Helen Mary
Finding aid to the Helen Mary Janny Papers CA.MS.00364
Johnson, Frances H.
Frances H. Johnson Papers, 1885-1947
Jones, Arthur Taber, 1876-1951
Arthur Taber Jones papers
Jones, Marian, 1868-1960
Marian Jones Papers, 1894 - 1897
Jordan, Mary A. (Mary Augusta), 1855-1941
Finding aid to the Mary A. Jordan Papers CA.MS.00138
Kapp, Marie F.
Finding aid to the Marie F. Kapp Papers CA.MS.00156
Kennedy, Ruth Lee, 1895-
Ruth Lee Kennedy Papers, 1900-1988 (bulk 1930-1988)
Kierstead, Caroline Heminway
Caroline Heminway Kierstead Papers, 1923-1985
Kimball, Elizabeth McGrew
Finding aid to the Elizabeth McGrew Kimball Papers CA.MS.00158
Koffka, Elisabeth, 1896-1994
Elisabeth Koffka Papers, 1937-1943
Lee, Jennette Barbour Perry, 1860-1951.
Finding aid to the Jennette Perry Lee Papers CA.MS.00033
Leland, Marine
Finding aid to the Marine Leland Papers CA.MS.00077
Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance
Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance Records, 1976-2003
Lieder, Paul Robert
Finding aid to the Paul Robert Lieder Papers CA.MS.00159
Lindsay, Isabel, 1886-1975
Isabel Lindsay Papers, 1903-1907
Little, Nancy Toppan.
Finding aid to the Nancy Toppan Little papers CA.MS.00018
Lowenthal, Esther, 1883-
Finding aid to the Esther Lowenthal Papers CA.MS.00062
Marsh, Margaret Alexander.
Margaret Alexander Marsh Papers, 1911-1984
Marshall, Dorothy Nepper.
Dorothy Nepper Marshall Papers, 1937-1986
McClellan, Katherine Elizabeth
Katherine Elizabeth McClellan Papers, ca. 1879-ca. 1996
McCoy, Neal, 1905-2001
Neal McCoy Papers, 1921-2001
McElwain, Mary B.
Finding aid to the Mary B. McElwain Papers CA.MS.00144
Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin.
Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Personal Papers, 1910-1999
Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin.
Office of the President Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Files, 1958-1975
Morrow, Elizabeth, 1873-1955.
Finding aid to Office of the Acting President Elizabeth Morrow files CA.MS.00012
Morrow, Elizabeth, 1873-1955.
Finding aid to Elizabeth Morrow Personal Papers, 1892-1947 CA.MS.00305
Mulford, Phoebe C.
Finding aid to the Phoebe C. Mulford Papers CA.MS.00345
Neilson, William Allan, 1869-1946.
William Allan Neilson personal papers CA.MS.00120
Neilson, William Allan, 1869-1946.
Finding aid to Office of the President William Allan Neilson files CA.MS.00013
Nichols, Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. Nichols Papers, 1989-1990
Nicolson, Marjorie Hope, 1894-
Marjorie Hope Nicolson Papers, 1892-1981
Old Letters Club
Old Letters Club Records, 1926-1937
Olmsted, Janet, 1904-1997
Janet Olmsted Papers, 1920-1997
Orton, William Aylott, 1889-1952.
Finding aid to the William A. Orton Papers CA.MS.00063
Out But Not Down Club
Out But Not Down Club Records, 1952-1998
Parad, Howard J., 1923-
Finding aid to the Howard J. Parad Papers CA.MS.00343
Parshley, H. M. (Howard Madison), 1884-1953.
Finding aid to the Howard Madison Parshley Papers CA.MS.00064
Peirce, Helen J. (Helen Jeannette).
Finding aid to the Helen Jeannette Peirce Papers CA.MS.00065
Perera, Ronald.
Finding aid to the Ronald Perera Papers CA.MS.00074
Phi Kappa Psi Society.
Finding aid to the Phi Kappa Psi Society records RG 080.12.005
Pierce, Arthur Henry, 1867-1914
Finding aid to the Arthur Henry Pierce Papers CA.MS.00340
Pittman, Helen Sinclair, 1899-1991
Finding aid to the Helen Sinclair Pittman Papers CA.MS.00346
Plath, Sylvia
Finding aid to the Sylvia Plath Papers CA.MS.00142
Pro-Life Alliance
Pro-Life Alliance Records, 1990-1997
Putnam, Karl Scott, 1883-1965
Finding aid to the Karl Scott Putnam Papers CA.MS.00347
Quesnell, Quentin
Quentin Quesnell papers, 1927 - 2012 (bulk 1970 - 2000)
Radio Club and Student Radio Stations
Radio Club and Student Radio Stations Records, 1947-[ongoing]
Rice, Richard A.
Richard A. Rice Papers, 1879-1955
Richard P. Unsworth
Richard P. Unsworth Papers, 1927 -
Rood, Louise, 1910-1964
Finding aid to the Louise Rood Papers CA.MS.00322
Salvadori, Massimo.
Massimo Salvadori Papers, 1908-1992 (bulk 1952-1972)
Samantha Lyon
Samantha Lyon Papers, Class of 2008
Sampson, Myra M., 1887-1984
Finding aid to the Myra M. Sampson Papers CA.MS.00311
Sanborn, Kate, 1839-1917.
Kate Sanborn Papers, 1878-1996
Satina, Sophia, 1879-1975
Sophia Satina Papers, 1922-1978
Scales, Laura Woolsey Lord.
Laura Woolsey Lord Scales Papers, 1870-1990
Schrager, Victoria, 1919-1943
Victoria Schrager, Papers, 1930-1944
Seelye, Laurenus Clark, 1837-1924.
Finding aid to the Laurenus Clark Seelye papers CA.MS.00001
Seewoster, Marian Sage, 1907-1999.
Finding aid to the Marian Sage Seewoster papers CA.MS.00020
Shaub, Benjamin M. (Benjamin Martin).
Benjamin Martin Shaub Papers, 1922-1993
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Smith College Chapter.
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Smith College Chapter. Records 1930-ongoing
Simmons, Ruth
Finding aid to the Office of the President Ruth J. Simmons papers CA.MS.01004
Smith Club of Cambridge
Smith Club of Cambridge Records, 1939-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Hartford
Smith Club of Hartford Records, 1896-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Kansas City, MO
Smith Club of Kansas City, MO Records, 1948-[ongoing]
Smith Club of North Shore
Smith Club of North Shore Records, 1920-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Palm Beaches
Smith Club of Palm Beaches Records, 1960-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Philadelphia
Smith Club of Philadelphia Records, 1924-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Rhode Island
Smith Club of Rhode Island, 1913 - [ongoing]
Smith Club of Sarasota
Smith Club of Sarasota Records, 1947-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Seattle
Smith Club of Seattle Records, 1912-[ongoing]
Smith Club of South Shore, MA
Smith Club of South Shore, MA Records, 1937-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Washington D.C.
Smith Club of Washington D.C. Records, 1956-[ongoing]
Smith Club of Western Connecticut
Smith Club of Western Connecticut Records, 1947-[ongoing]
Smith College -- Alumni and alumnae.
Finding aid to the Alumnae Groups records CA.MS.01014
Smith College -- Students
Finding aid to the Undergraduate Life records CA.MS.01013
Smith College Archives
Finding aid to the Northampton and Local History Collection CA.MS.00002
Smith College Office of College Relations
Finding aid for Smith College web archive CA.MS.01021
Smith College Relief Unit.
Smith College Relief Unit Records, 1917-1964
Smith College--Faculty.
Finding aid to the Individual Faculty records CA.MS.01008
Smith College--Faculty.
Finding aid to the general Faculty papers CA.MS.01007
Smith College--Students.
Finding aid to the Classes of 2001-2006 records CA.MS.01029
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Distinguished Visitors Files CA.MS.00005
Smith College.
Christmas Files, 1900-[ongoing]
Smith College.
World Fairs Records, 1893-1939
Smith College.
Rally Day Files, 1885-
Smith College.
Special Days A-Z Files, 1884-[ongoing]
Smith College.
Mountain Day and Picnics Files, 1882-
Smith College.
Southern Mountain Workship Files, 1944-1960
Smith College.
Finding aid to Honorary Degree Files CA.MS.00006
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Historical Postcard Collection. CA.MS.00003
Smith College.
Dances and Recreation Files, 1881-[ongoing]
Smith College.
Campus Cat Records, 1918-1952
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Smith College Founding and Opening collection CA.MS.01000
Smith College.
Buildings Records, 1875-[ongoing]
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Smith College publications and publications records CA.MS.01006
Smith College.
Student Strike of 1970 Files, 1968-1971
Smith College.
College Hall Occupation Oral History Project, 1986
Smith College.
Student Demonstrations Files, ca. 1933-[ongoing]
Smith College.
Finding aid to Articles about Smith College collection CA.MS.01001
Smith College.
Finding aid to Celebrations and Conferences Files CA.MS.00083
Smith College.
Smith Centennial Study Oral History Project, 1970-1975
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Special Programs files CA.MS.01009
Smith College.
Dramatics Files, 1878-1949
Smith College.
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Academic Departments records CA.MS.01010
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Special Events and People collection CA.MS.01002
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Administrative Offices records CA.MS.01005
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Student Clubs and Organizations records CA.MS.00022
Smith College.
Artifacts Register, 1879-[ongoing]
Smith College.
Finding aid to the Grounds Subject files CA.MS.00137
Smith College. Alpha Society
Alpha Society Records, 1878-1968
Smith College. Ancient Studies Program.
Ancient Studies Program Records, 1980-[ongoing]
Smith College. Board of Counselors.
Finding aid to the Board of Counselors records CA.MS.00008
Smith College. Board of Trustees.
Finding aid to Board of Trustees Records CA.MS.00146
Smith College. Class of 1880.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1879-1890 records CA.MS.01023
Smith College. Class of 1891.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1891-1900 records CA.MS.01022
Smith College. Class of 1901.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1901-1910 records CA.MS.01020
Smith College. Class of 1911.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1911-1920 records CA.MS.01018
Smith College. Class of 1921.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1921-1930 records CA.MS.01019
Smith College. Class of 1931.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1931-1940 records CA.MS.01015
Smith College. Class of 1951.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1951-1960 records CA.MS.01024
Smith College. Class of 1961.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1961-1970 records CA.MS.01025
Smith College. Class of 1971.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1971-1980 records CA.MS.01026
Smith College. Class of 1981.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1981-1990 records CA.MS.01027
Smith College. Class of 1991.
Finding aid to the Classes of 1991-2000 records CA.MS.01028
Smith College. College Planning Committee.
Finding aid to Buildings and Grounds files CA.MS.01003
Smith College. Comparative Literature Program.
Comparative Literature Program Records, 1975-[ongoing]
Smith College. Department of Athletics
Finding aid to the Athletics Subject Files CA.MS.00167
Smith College. Department of Graduate Studies.
Finding aid to the Graduate Work records CA.MS.01011
Smith College. Dept. of Economics.
Department of Economics Records, 1930s-[ongoing] (bulk 1940s)
Smith College. Dept. of Engineering.
Department of Engineering Records, 1976-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Government.
Department of Government Records, ca. 1920-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of History.
Department of History Records, ca. 1900-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Mathematics.
Department of Mathematics Records, 1899-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Music.
Department of Music Records, 1918-2001
Smith College. Dept. of Psychology.
Department of Psychology Records, 1876-1997
Smith College. Dept. of Russian.
Department of Russian Records, 1920s-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Afro-American Studies.
Department of Afro-American Studies Records, 1970s-[ongoing] (bulk 1970s)
Smith College. Dept. of American Studies.
Department of American Studies Records, 1950s-[ongoing] (bulk 1990s)
Smith College. Dept. of Astronomy.
Department of Astronomy Records, 1887-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Biological Sciences.
Department of Biological Sciences Records, 1902-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Botany.
Department of Botany Records, 1892-1966
Smith College. Dept. of Computer Science.
Department of Computer Science Records, 1979-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of East Asian Studies.
Department of East Asian Studies Records, 1970s-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of English.
Department of English Records, 1912-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of French Studies.
Department of French Studies Records, ca. 1900-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of German Studies.
Department of German Studies Records, ca. 1900-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Latin American Studies.
Department of Latin American Studies Records, 1997-[ongoing]
Smith College. Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese.
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Records, ca. 1910-[ongoing]
Smith College. International Summer Institute.
Smith College International Summer Institute Records, 1996-1998
Smith College. Medal Committee.
Smith College Medal Committee Records, 1962-[ongoing]
Smith College. Staff Council.
Finding aid to the Smith College Staff Council records CA.MS.00035
Smith College. Vocational Office.
Vocational Office, 1879 - 1972
Smith College. Women's Studies Program.
Program for the Studies of Women and Gender records, 1970 - ongoing
Smith, Catherine (Kiki) Hunter, 1949-
Finding aid to the Kiki Hunter Smith papers CA.MS.00089
Smith, Frances Grace, b. 1871
Frances Grace Smith Papers, 1899-1949
Smith, Mary Bartlett ( Class of 1897)
Mary Bartlett Smith Papers, Class of 1897, 1875 - 1953
Smith, Sophia, 1795 - 1870
Finding aid to the Sophia Smith papers. CA.MS.00004
Snoek, J. Diedrick.
Jaap Diedrick Snoek Papers, 1931-1994 (bulk 1968-1993)
Sophia Smith Collection
Finding aid to the College Archives and Sophia Smith Collection records CA.MS.00408
Stahl, Dorothy
Dorothy Stahl Papers, 1915-2003
Stephens, Elizabeth, 1902-
Finding aid to the Elizabeth Stephens papers CA.MS.00019
Stephenson, Kate Mott Greene
Finding aid to the Kate Mott Greene Stephenson papers CA.MS.00170
Stockwell, Addie Genevieve
Addie Genevieve Stockwell Papers, 1904-1937
Stoddard, John Tappan, 1852-1919
John Tappan Stoddard Papers, 1877-2001
Story, Edwin Bruce, 1849-1909
Edwin Bruce Story Papers, 1877-1909
Strong, Beulah, 1866-1951
Beulah Strong Papers, 1888-1938
Student Religious Organizations 1892-[ongoing]
Student Religious Organizations Records, 1892-[ongoing]
Tucker, Charlotte (Cheever), 1858-1944
Charlotte (Cheever) Tucker Papers, 1858-1979
Tyler, Henry M. 1843-1931
Henry M. Tyler Papers, 1877-1947
United States National Student Association
United States National Student Association Records, 1947-1965
United States. Naval Reserve. Women's Reserve.
WAVES (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Services Unit) Files, 1942-1996 (bulk 1942-1945)
Van der Poel, Priscilla Paine.
Priscilla Van der Poel Papers, 1926-1994
Wallin, Madeline, 1868-1955
Madeline Wallin Papers, 1888-1991
War Service
Finding aid to the War Service collection CA.MS.00352
Wilder, Harris Hawthorne, 1864-1928.
Harris Hawthorne Wilder Papers, 1868-1975 [Bulk Dates: 1882-1928]
Wilder, Inez Whipple, 1871-1929
Inez Whipple Wilder Papers, 1886-1988
Williams, Edna Rees, 1899-
Edna Rees Williams Papers, 1937-1992
Williams, Helen Rachel, 1871-1957
Finding aid to the Helen Rachel Williams papers CA.MS.00349
Wilson, Jean S.
Jean S. Wilson, Class of 1924 Papers, 1927-1993
Wilson, Mira Bigelow
Mira Bigelow Wilson, Class of 1914 Papers, 1912-1953
Women's Resource Center
Women's Resource Center Records, 1974-[ongoing]
Women's Studies Task Force
Women's Studies Task Force Collection, 1979-80
Worcester, Laurie (Lucy Lawrence Chauncey).
Finding aid to the Laurie Worcester papers CA.MS.00069
Wright, Benjamin Fletcher, 1900-
Finding Aid for Benjamin Fletcher Wright papers CA.MS.00014
Wright, Frederick Warren, 1885-
F. Warren Wright Papers, 1890-1966
Wright, Helen
Helen Wright, Class of 1905 Papers, 1905-1975
Young, Alfred
Alfred Young Papers, 1893-1935
Young, Ruth Elizabeth
Ruth E. Young Papers, 1925-1983
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