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Aldus stained glass window

Aldus stained glass window.

This list does not represent all of the collections held by the Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections. Contact the archives for more information.
Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections Finding Aids
Adams, Philip.
Marriage license : Portsmouth, N.H., between Philip Adams and Mary Hunten, 1756 June 24.
Library books which I have read, 1800-1803.
Application or petition to a ducenarius from a native of Memphis, Egypt, between 276 and 282 A.D.
Baker, Helen C. (Helen Craig), 1888-1990
Baker Papers, 1906-1990 (bulk 1906-1910)
Bardwell, Elisabeth M. (Elisabeth Miller), 1831-1899.
Papers, 1881-1899.
Barnes, Viola Florence, 1885-1979.
Barnes papers. 1902-1976
Bayley, Priscilla Beals Shaw, 1844-1924.
Bayley diary, 1863 Jan. 1-Sept. 10.
Beardsley, Aubrey, 1872-1898.
Letter : Spread Eagle Hotel, Epsom, England, to Leonard Smithers, 1896 Aug. 16.
Bell, Rosamund Purdy, 1920-
Rosamund Purdy Bell Papers, 1940-1945, 1950 1941-1942
Brewer, Alice Van Ess, 1919-2006
Alice Van Ess Brewer Papers, 1937-2006
Bridges, Jeannette Bickford, 1896-1986.
Bridges papers, 1914-1986.
Brown, Janet, 1930-
Janet Brown Papers, 1946-1949.
Brown, Mary Ella, 1851-1946.
Brown papers, the autobiography of a country girl : typescript, [ca. 1940] / by Mary Ella Brown. 1872-1946.
Brownell, Gladys M., 1904-1985,
Collection of papers by Bloomsbury authors, 1913-1959.
Brugger, Florence, 1901-1988.
Brugger papers, ca. 1918-[ongoing]
Buckland Female School (Buckland, Mass.)
Buckland Female School records, 1826-1830.
Cary, James, 1750-1826.
Records of the estate of Capt. James Cary, 1826-1827
Catholic Church.
[Proclamation requesting information on the theft of a mule], Lima, Peru, 14 Mar. 1657.
Chapin, Margaret L. (Margaret Learned), 1904-1961.
Chapin papers, 1921-1925.
Clooney, Faith M. (Faith Miltmore), 1916-1998.
Clooney papers, 1933-1937, 1998.
Cobleigh family.
Cobleigh family papers, 1847-1908 (bulk 1847-1865)
Comstock, Alzada (Alzada Peckham), 1888-1960.
Comstock papers, 1912-1969.
Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802
Letter : to Dr. William Withering, 14 May 1775
Dole, Mary Phylinda, 1862-1947.
Dole papers, 1885-1947.
Dudley, Mary E. Augur
Dudley Papers, 1858-1924 (bulk 1858-1895)
Edling, Leila Childs, 1895-1976.
Edling correspondence, 1918-1960 (bulk 1921-1924)
Entretiens de Pontigny collection, 1942-present
Entretiens de Pontigny.
Entretiens de Pontigny records, 1942-1945.
Farnsworth, Alice H. (Alice Hall), 1893-1960.
Farnsworth papers, 1901-1962.
Field, Eugene, 1850-1895.
Field letter, Buena Park, Illinois, to W.I. Way, 1894 Nov. 17.
Frame, Alice Browne (Alice Seymour), 1878-1941.
Frame papers, 1896-1942.
Fraterna di S. Nicolo delli Marineri (Venice, Italy)
Records, 1572-1736.
Fuqua, John H.
Receipt for purchase of a Negro slave, Lynchburg, Virginia, 7 March 1863.
Gates, Elizabeth Welch, 1895-1983.
Gates correspondence, 1914-1921.
Grant, Abigail Fidelia (Cowles), 1820-1881.
Grant Papers, 1844-1848 (bulk 1846)
Grossholtz, Jean
MS 0881
Jean Grossholtz Papers, circa 1946-1999
Hamilton, Gail, 1833-1896.
Hamilton correspondence, 1849-1893.
Hankey, J. A. (John Alexander)
Letter : Balcombe Place, Tuckfield, to Mark Antony Lower, 1861 Jan. 3.
Hawley, Lucy, ca. 1824-1878.
Hawley Diary, 1841-1842.
Haynes, Frances E., 1870-1958.
Haynes papers, 1894-1958.
Herzig, Helene, 1927-
Herzig papers, 1945-1949, 1986 (bulk 1945-1949)
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859.
Irving letter, Sunnyside, New York, to Julia Sanders, 1854 April 3.
Jackson, Elisabeth Averill, 1909-1991.
Jackson papers, [ca. 1928]-1991.
Jones, Amy Roberts, 1876-1944.
Jones papers, 1896-1900, 1944.
Kalinovitch, Konstantin.
The song of songs : the most beautiful of songs / by Solomon ; illustration, calligraphy and binding by Konstanin Kalinovich
Kormos, Elizabeth A.
Kormos Films, 1968-1973
Lang, Malvina Stanton, 1826-1919.
Lang Papers, ca. 1840s-1919. (bulk 1846-1852).
Lee, Elizabeth M.
Lee papers, ca. 1910-1990
Lee, Evelyn Anderson, 1914-1996.
Lee papers, ca. 1935-1996 (bulk 1936-1937)
Letters to Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Bird, 1822-1835.
Liskow, Molly J. (Molly Judson), 1958-
Molly J. Liskow Papers, 1958-1985
Locke family.
Locke family papers, 1856-1951.
Lower, Mark Antony, 1813-1876.
Two lectures on the Bayeux tapestry, 1857.
Marks, Jeannette Augustus, 1875-1964.
Marks papers, 1901-1947.
Mayer, Ann Margaret, 1938-
Ann M. Mayer Papers, 1956-1978 (bulk 1956-1960)
Montgomery, Charlotte Nichols, 1904-1994
Charlotte Nichols Montgomery Papers, 1912-1986
Morgan, Donald G. (Donald Grant), 1911-1985.
Morgan papers, 1931-1985.
Morgan, John A.
Letter : New York, 1834 Oct. 30.
Moulton, Anna Y. (Anna Young), 1891-1965.
Moulton papers, 1908-1965 (bulk 1912-1916)
Mount Holyoke College. Board of Trustees. Committee of Nine
Committee of Nine Records, 1933-1937
Mount Holyoke College. Board of Trustees. Committee on Education
Committee on Education Records, 1963-1993
Mount Holyoke College. Board of Trustees. Committee on Religion
Committee on Religion Records, 1958-1960
Mount Holyoke College. Board of Trustees. Conference Committee
Conference Committee Records, 1942-1955, 1967-1969, 1985-1993
Mount Holyoke College. Academic Departments and Programs
Physiology Department Records
Mount Holyoke College. Academic Departments and Programs
Biblical History and Literature Department Records
African and African-American Studies Records
Astronomy Department Records
Biological Sciences Department Records
Black Studies Department Records
Botany Department Records
Classics Department Records
Dance Department Records
Economics Department Records
Education Department Records
English Department Records
French Department Records
Geography and Geology Department Records
German Language and Literature Department Records
Greek Department Records
History Department Records
Intercollegiate Courses/Seminars Records
Italian Language and Literature Department Records
Latin Department Records
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department Records
Music Department Records
Philosophy Department Records
Philosophy and Psychology Department
Physics Department Records
Plant Science Department Records
Politics Department Records
Psychology and Education Department Records
Religion Department Records
Romance Languages and Literatures Department Records
Russian Department Records
Sociology and Anthropology Department Records
Spanish Department Records
Spanish and Italian Department Records
Speech Department Records
Theater Arts Department Records
Zoology Department Records
Mount Holyoke College. Administrative Offices
Dean of Studies , Records 1960-1994
Department of Public Safety Records, 1924-1996
Development Office Records, 1887-1990
Health Services Records, 1841
Master Plan Office Records, 1988
Office Services Records, 1930-1970
Office for Educational and Academic Affairs Records
Office of Admissions Records, 1920-1996
Office of Institutional Research
Office of Internship Programs Records, 1950-1988
Office of Public Relations Records, 1915
Office of Sponsored Research
Office of Student Employment Records, 1982-1996
Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Provost Records, 1927-1995
Office of the Registrar Records, 1897-1991
Parking Coordinator Records, July 1, 1988
Secretary of the College Records, 1935
Mount Holyoke College. Auxillary Services
Central Services Records, 1987
Chapel Records, 1899
Equestrian Center Records, 1985
Friends of Athletics Records, 1992
Friends of Development Committee Records, 1991-1992
Friends of Horticulture Records, 1984
Friends of Music Records, 1986-1987
Gorse Child Study Center Records, 1973-
Learning Development Center
Library Information Technology Services, Records 1855
Mount Holyoke Day Care Center
Willits-Hallowell Center Records, 1975
Writing Center
Mount Holyoke College. Faculty Governance
Ad Hoc Committee on College Weekend Activities Records, 1966
Ad Hoc Committee on Personnel Policies Records, 1988
Ad Hoc Committee on Revision of the American Culture Major Records, 1962
Ad Hoc Committee on Student Affairs Records, 1968
Ad Hoc Committee on Student Facilities Records, 1969-1971
Handbooks Records, 1904
Academic Administrative Board Records, 1975-1978
Ad Hoc Committee on International Internships Records, 1977-1981
Ad Hoc Committee on the Skinner Museum Records, 1977-1978
Mount Holyoke College. Finance and Administration
Office of the Comptroller Records, 1923-1992
Office of the Comptroller Records, 1923-1992
Mount Holyoke College. Office of Financial Services
Office of the Treasurer Records
Mount Holyoke College. Office of the President
Elizabeth Blanchard Records, 1856-1891
Elizabeth Storrs Billings Mead Records, 1893-1912
Elizabeth Topham Kennan Records, 1959-1992
Mount Holyoke College. Prizes and Awards
Ada L. F. Snell Poetry Prize
Mount Holyoke College. Prizes and Honors
Helen Blyth Hazen Music Prizes Records, 1972-1973
Janet F. Brooks Memorial Prize Records, 1953
Jean Renneisen Toub Memorial Prize Records, 1973
John Martyn Warbeke Prize Records, 1951
Kathryn F. Stein Award Records, 1972
Kathryn Gray McFarland Award Records, 1970
Kneeland Prize Records, 1939-1941
Louisa Stone Stevenson Prizes Records, 1945-1977
Mount Holyoke College Community Service Award Records, 1985-
Pangynaskeia Mount Holyoke Community Award Records, 1981-1983
Paul Saintonge Prize in French Records, 1970
Student Service and Leadership Award Records, 1982-1994
Wilma J. Pugh Award Records, 1996
Anne Singer Memorial Award Records, 1971-1973
Barbara Benson Prize Records, 1943
Bennett Prize Records, 1973
Bernice Maclean Awards Records, 1947
Charlotte D'Evelyn Book Award Records, 1960-1962
Clio-Melpomere Prize Records, 1994
Cornelia Catlin Coulter Scholar in Classics Records, 1952
Edeltraut Barrett Memorial Prize Records, 1976
Ella T. Grasso Pangynaskeia Award Records, 1982-1985
Florence Purington Prize Records, 1920-1950
Frances Harriet Williams Award Records, 1982
Frances L. Haven Prize in Chemistry Records, 1952-1953
French Government Book Prizes Records, 1959
Genesee Valley Sculpture Award Records, 1954
Genevieve Schmich Award Records, 1955-1970
Gertrude Clayor Award of the Academy of American Poets Records, 1960-1970
Gertrude Dudley Scholarship Records, 1947
Helen Warren Smith Award Records, 1978-1983
Karen Snyder Sullivan Memorial Travel Award Records, 1985-1994
Margaret Davis Stitt Prize Records, 1958
Maurice L. Rabbino Award Records, 1977
Merrill Prize for Significant Progress in Freshmen English Records, 1944
Minnie Ryan Dwight Prize Records, 1952-1974
Phoebe Tulma Perlman Prize Records, 1973
Sarah Williston Prizes Records, 1939-1975
Susan Reynolds Prize Records, 1970-1988
Sydney Robertson Mclean Short Story Prize Records, 1969-1972
Mount Holyoke College. Prizes and Honors
Kathryn Irene Glascock Poetry Prize Records, 1923
Mount Holyoke College. Special Programs for non-MHC Students
Latino Scholars Club Records, 1994
Magnet Middle School (Holyoke, Mass.) Records, 1989-1994
Mount Herman School Summer Program Records, 1963-1967
Mount Holyoke Children's Choir Records, 1988-1990
Musicordia Records, 1987
Partnerships Advancing the Learning in Mathematics and Science (PALMS) Records, 1994
Planned Learning Achievement for Youth Camp Records, 1995-1996
Reach for the Future Records, 1994-1995
Reading and Study Clinic Records, 1947-1955
Speed Reading Clinic Records, 1948-1957
Summer Program for Academically Disadvantaged Students Records, 1968-1969
Summer Riding Camp for Girls Records, 1990
SummerMath Records, 1981-
The Next Step
Women in Science Program
EF Foundation Records, 1992
GTE Focus Program Records, 1987
German Summer School Records, 1927-1931
Kids to College Records, 1994
Row as One Camp Records, 1995-
Mount Holyoke College. Undergraduate Programs
Ford-Mellon Research Scholar Program for Minority Scholars Records, 1989-1991
Frances Perkins Program Records, 1978-
Internships Records, 1954
Mount Holyoke Summer Research Fellowship Program Records, 1990
Two-Unit Plan Records, 1935-1948
Munsell, Hazel E. (Hazel Edith), 1891-1989.
Munsell papers, 1914-1979.
Murrow, Edward R., 1908-1965.
Murrow papers, [ca. 1860-ongoing]
Ogle, Fanny
Fanny Ogle Diary, 1845-1846
Padin, Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen Padin Papers, 1943-(present) (bulk 1943-1947)
Pascin, Jules, 1885-1930.
Pascin correspondence, [19--]
Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965
Frances Perkins Collection, ca. 1933- (bulk 1976-)
Pesquet family.
Pesquet family papers, 1623-1828.
Philips, Frances Hurrey, 1909-1971.
Philips papers, 1927-1935 (bulk 1927-1931)
Plowman, William, fl. 1682.
Indenture : Yorkshire, England between William Plowman and John Jackson, 1682 Dec. 16.
Potter, Harrison, 1891-1984.
Potter papers, 1900-1984 (bulk 1910-1957)
Prince, Henrietta, ca. 1835-ca. 1869.
Prince letters, 1853-1861.
Purington, Florence, 1862-1950.
Purington correspondence, 1926-1927.
Radcliffe, George, 1593-1657.
Racliffe letter, London, England to Margaret Radcliffe, 1616 Oct. 18.
Rafferty, Ruth S. (Ruth Sherburne)
Ruth S. Rafferty papers, circa 1905-1926
Reisner, Gena L. (Gena Lee), 1943-
Gena L. Reisner correspondence, 1964-1966.
Ridgway, Ida C., 1905-1927.
Ridgway Papers, 1922-1926.
Rogers, Elizabeth Slater, 1865-1918.
Elizabeth Slater Rogers correspondence, 1893-1895.
Rops, FĂ©licien, 1833-1898.
Rops Corespondence, [18--]
Rowell, Elizabeth L. (Elizabeth Lathrop), 1882-1985.
Rowell papers, 1899-1985 (bulk 1899-1904)
Royce, Harriette A. Wells
Harriette A. Wells Royce Journals, 1845-1849
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900.
Letter : Brantwood, to Joan Severn Brantwood, Coniston, Lancashire, to Joan Severn, [18--]
Letter : Mrs. John Simon, to Mrs. John Simon, [18--]
Ruth, Margaret Stallman
Ruth Papers, 1928-2001
Schelkunoff, Jean Kennedy, 1901-1979.
Schelkunoff papers, ca. 1904-[ongoing]
Scudder, Jane, ca. 1828-1906.
Scudder Correspondence, 1844-1846.
Sleigh, James B.
James Sleigh Travel Journal, 1861
Smith family.
Smith family papers, 1862-1954.
Smith, Christianna
Smith Papers, 1903-1984 (bulk 1920-1984)
Somes, Gertrude E.,
Somes Correspondence, 1888-1889 (bulk 1888)
Soule, Annah May, 1861-1905.
Soule Papers, 1896-1907.
South Hadley (Mass. : Town)
State election returns, 1799, 1810, 1812
Sperry, Adeline Stone, 1887-1941.
Sperry Papers, 1904-1907.
Stafford, Cynthia M., 1835-1863.
Stafford correspondence, 1859-1863.
Stow, Sarah D. Locke, 1836-1927.
Stow papers, 1852-1927.
Teall, John L. (John Leland), 1926-1979.
Teall papers, 1951-1980.
Teasdale, Sara, 1884-1933.
Teasdale correspondence, 1909-1930.
Thomson, Hugh, 1860-1920
Hugh Thomson Sketches, 1913, 1919
Turner, Abby H. (Abby Howe), 1875-1957.
Turner papers, ca. 1896-1960.
Ulmer, Marion Davis, 1935-
Ulmer papers, 1952-1956, ca.1970-1975 (bulk ca. 1952-1956)
Warbeke, John M. (John Martyn), 1879-1950.
Warbeke papers, 1898-1965.
Ward, Charlotte A. (Charlotte Allen), 1880-1973.
Ward papers, ca. 1899-1973.
Ward, Laura D. (Laura Dwight), 1887-1972.
Ward Papers, 1905-1972.
Ward, Mary Caroline, b. ca. 1835.
Ward Papers. 1852-1986 (bulk 1853)
Ward, Mary I. (Mary Isabella), 1874-1961.
M. Ward papers, 1893-1960.
Ward, Sandra Nichols, 1943-
Sandra Nichols Ward correspondence, 1961-1965.
Weld, Theodore Dwight 1803-1895
Letter : Walnut Hills, Ohio, to Lewis Weld, 1834 August 13
White, Ruth Parker, 1895-1989.
White papers, 1908-1989.
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892.
Letter : Center Harbor, N.H., to Lucy Larcom. Centre Harbor, N.H., to Lucy Larcom, 11 Aug. [between 1884 and 1892]
Woodworth, Lydia Sessions, 1833-1912.
Woodworth Papers, 1847-1994 (bulk 1847-1856)
World War I images in France : effects of the war [slide]
Young, S. Blanche (Susan Blanche), 1879-1971.
Young papers, ca. 1896-1902, 1921.
Youngblood, Sarah, 1928-1980.
Youngblood papers, 1955-1987.
Yuan, Irene H.
Irene H. Yuan An unfinished story : 1982 Oct. 21 /
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