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George Salter Papers, 1920-1980
5 boxes (2901 items) (2 linear ft.)
Collection number: MS 4

German-born book designer, illustrator, calligrapher, teacher, and scenic designer who moved to the United States in the mid-1930's. Consists of books designed by George Salter and books reflecting his professional interests (704 items), together with proofs, papers, and ephemera relating to his design projects (2,901 pieces).

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The George Salter Papers are the physical property of the Mortimer Rare Book Room, Smith College. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors of works or their legal representatives.

Mortimer Rare Book Room
Smith College
Northampton, MA

Biographical Note

George Salter (1897-1967), book designer and calligrapher was born in Bremen, Germany, 5 October 1897, of Protestant Jewish origin. His father Norbert Salter, born in Austria, was a conservator of music, a cellist and an impresario. His mother, Stefanie Klein, born in Hungary, was an opera singer.

George Salter graduated from the Abitur, Helmholtz Gymnasium, in 1916, and did his military service for the German Army in 1917-1918. The following year he studied privately with Ewald Dülberg, and from 1919 to 1924, he studied graphic arts at the School of Arts and Crafts in Berlin with Harold Bengen. In 1921-1922, Salter worked with theater workshops of the Prussian State Theater with Willy Jaeckel and Klaus Richter. From 1922 to 1924 he worked first as an assistant then as a stage designer for various German theaters and opera houses, including Grosse Volksoper, Berlin (1922-1924), Städtliches Opern und Theaterhaus Barmen Elberfeld, Rhineland (1924-1926), and Städtliches Opernhaus Berlin-Charlottenburg.

In 1927 Salter turned from stage design to typography and lettering, and for six years he worked as a book designer and illustrator for more than twenty German publishing companies, including S. Fisher and Kiepenheuer.

From 1931 to 1933, Salter worked as department head of applied graphics and commercial art at Höhere Graphishe Fachschule (Berlin Graphic Arts Academy) in Berlin until he was dismissed in March 1933. Salter moved to Baden Baden after being prohibited from work, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1934. In 1935 Salter was expelled from the Reichskulturkammer (R.K.K.).

A year before Salter emigrated, in November 1933, fifty of Salter's book jackets were displayed in a show at Columbia University, arranged by Hellmuth Lehmann-Haupt. George Salter's younger brother Stefan, also a well known book designer, had already been in America for seven years before George arrived. Designer Ernst Reichl had gone to school with Stefan, knew of George's work and recommended him to Bertram Wolff, of H. Wollff Book Manufacturing Co. Mr. Wollff arranged for Salter's passage to the U.S. and employed him as a designer.

In America, Salter settled in New York as a freelance book jacket designer and illustrator. His first commission was with H. Wolff Books, New York. In 1935-1936 he taught book design and lettering at the School for Library Service of Columbia University on the recommendation of Dr. Lehmann-Haupt. In 1937-1967, he was adjunct professor at Cooper Union Art School, New York, and he also taught at New York University. In 1939-1957, Salter held the position of artistic director of Mercury Publications, New York. In 1960 Salter was the designer and artistic adviser for Atlas Magazine in New York.

Salter created jackets and book designs for many leading publishing houses including Simon & Schuster, Knopf, Basic Books, Bobbs-Merrill, Random House, Little Brown, and Viking, among others. He designed trade marks for the 20th Century Fund, Lincoln Center, and Atlas among others, and lettered a popular UNICEF Christmas card.

George Salter influenced other graphic designers in the U.S. during his 30 years of teaching, and many of his students became very successful. His work aimed at making the book jacket an integral part of the design of the book and not only a decorative element. In an interview with Publishers Weekly he said that his job as an artist was "to serve the book." His jacket art was allusive and not only literal. He explained: "If a manuscript hits me, then I let it speak in the language I can express."

Salter's book jackets won high praise for their beauty of execution and representation of the spirit and content of the books. He often designed the complete book-text, cover design, jacket and illustrations. In the book printing field, it is said that Salter influenced the trend toward offset printing. Much of his artwork was done with airbrush technique, and he favored offset lithography for faithful reproduction of his particular style.

Salter was also greatly respected for his fine calligraphy. Together with Paul Standard, he is given credit for stimulating the rebirth of calligraphy in the U.S.

Salter's work was exhibited in both individual and group exhibitions like the Artists' Guild of New York, Guild of German Book Artist (Munich, 1956), and "Fifty Books of the Year" shows of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. A coast-to-coast exhibition of his work was circulated in 1961-1962, starting at Gallery 303, New York.

Salter was the author of Book Jacket in the U.S.A. He belonged to the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Book Jacket Design Guild, the Society for Italio Handwriting of London, and the Grolier Club.

In 1942 George Salter married Agnes O'Shea, who was born in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1901. Salter retired from his teaching at Cooper Union Art School in May 1967. Three weeks after his 70th birthday he died on October 31, 1967 at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. He was survived by his wife Agnes O'Shea Salter, their daughter Janet Salter Rosenberg, and his brother Stefan Salter.

[Source: Hansen, Thomas S. Classic Book Jackets: The Design Legacy of George Salter (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2005)]

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The collection of George Salter Papers was donated to Smith College on 17 October 1989 by his daughter Jane Salter Rosenberg, Class of 1954, and Herbert Rosenberg, in honor of Agnes O'Shea Salter, Class of 1927, and George Salter.

After the death of George Salter (calligrapher, illustrator and book designer) on 31 October 1967, a large portion of Salter's material was given to the Newberry Library. Preceding the death of Salter's wife Agnes O'Shea Salter, their daughter Janet Salter Rosenberg and husband Herbert Rosenberg donated the present collection.

The collection received by the Mortimer Rare Book Room at Smith College consists of books designed by George Salter and books reflecting his professional interests (704 items), together with proofs, papers, and ephemera relating to his design projects (2,901 pieces). Additional volumes from Salter's reference library (401 items) were presented to the Hillyer Art Library at Smith College.

The books with George Salter's book jackets are cataloged in the Mortimer Rare Book Room's stacks. The proofs, papers, and ephemera are arranged in five series, including Artwork by George Salter, Personal Papers, Biographical Papers, Appendix, and Oversize.

All of the items in the collection are in good condition.

(Please note: the appendix contains additional material about the George Salter Collection)

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Restrictions on use:

The George Salter Papers are the physical property of the Mortimer Rare Book Room, Smith College. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors of works or their legal representatives.

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History of the Collection

The collection of George Salter Papers was donated to Smith College on 17 October 1989 by his daughter Jane Salter Rosenberg, Class of 1954, and Herbert Rosenberg, in honor of Agnes O'Shea Salter, Class of 1927, and George Salter.

Custodial history:

After the death of George Salter (calligrapher, illustrator and book designer) on 31 October 1967, a large portion of Salter's material was given to the Newberry Library. Preceding the death of Salter's wife Agnes O'Shea Salter, their daughter Janet Salter Rosenberg and husband Herbert Rosenberg donated the present collection.

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Contents List

Book designs (covers, book jackets, endpapers)

[See Box 4: Folder 143a for lists of Salter book jackets arranged by author, by title, by publisher, and by date]

Listing 1934-1967 : holograph

Box 1: folder 1

Box 1: folder 2

Box 1: folder 3

Box 1: folder 4

Box 1: folder 5

Box 1: folder 6
Atlas Magazine

Box 1: folder 7
Basic Books

Box 1: folder 8
Bibliographisches Institut

Box 1: folder 9

Box 1: folder 10
The Book-of-the-Month-Club
(1943-1946, n.d.)

Box 1: folder 11
George Braziller

Box 1: folder 12
Columbia University Press

Box 1: folder 13
Columbia University Press
(1965, n.d.)

Box 1: folder 14

Box 1: folder 15
Crowell publishers

Box 1: folder 16
Dial Press
(1941, n.d.)

Box 1: folder 17
Doubleday, Doran & Company

Box 1: folder 18
Duell, Sloane and Pearce-Little Brown

Box 1: folder 19

Box 1: folder 20
Engelhorn, J.

Box 1: folder 21
Farrar and Rhinehart

Box 1: folder 22
Fell, Frederick

Box 1: folder 23
Fisher, L.B.

Box 1: folder 24
Fisher, S. Verlag

Box 1: folder 25
Fisher, S. Verlag

Box 1: folder 26
Fisher, S. Verlag

Box 1: folder 27
Foreign Policy Association

Box 1: folder 28
Funk & Wagnalls

Box 1: folder 29
Grosset & Dunlap

Box 1: folder 30
Gebrüder Enoch

Box 1: folder 31
Grote, G. Verlag

Box 1: folder 32
Grote, G. Verlag, illustrations

Box 1: folder 33
Harcourt, Brace

Box 1: folder 34

Box 1: folder 35
Harper, endpapers
(1937-1942, n.d.)

Box 1: folder 36

Box 1: folder 37

Box 1: folder 38
Hillman-Curl, endpaper

Box 1: folder 39
Holiday House

Box 1: folder 40

Box 1: folder 41
Houghton Mifflin Company

Box 1: folder 42
Huntington Press

Box 1: folder 43
Kiepenheuer, Gustav, Verlag

Box 1: folder 44
Kiepenheuer, Gustav, Verlag

Box 1: folder 45
Kiepenheuer, Gustav, Verlag

Box 1: folder 46
Klinkhardt & Biermann Verlag

Box 1: folder 47
Knight Publications

Box 1: folder 48
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 1: folder 49
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 50
Knopf, Alfred A. (Includes orig. artwork of Apple in the Attic)

Box 2: folder 51
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 52
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 53
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 54
Knopf, Alfred A

Box 2: folder 55
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 56
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 57
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 58
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 59
Knopf, Alfred A

Box 2: folder 60
Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2: folder 61
Knopf, Alfred A., endpapers

Box 2: folder 62
Knopf, Alfred A.,

Box 2: folder 63
Lippincott (J.B.) Company
(1941-1953, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 64
Little Brown and Company
(1936-1946, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 65
Little Brown and Company
(1947-1951, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 66
Little Brown and Company

Box 2: folder 67
Longman's, (Living Thoughts Lib.)
(1939-1940, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 68
McDowell, Obolensky

Box 2: folder 69
Macmillan Publishing Comp.

Box 2: folder 70

Box 2: folder 71
Methuen Publishing Ltd.

Box 2: folder 72
National Home Library

Box 2: folder 73
Oxford University Press
(1937-1938, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 74

Box 2: folder 75
Penguin Books

Box 2: folder 76
Phönix-Verlag, Carl Siwinna

Box 2: folder 77
Prentice Hall Inc.

Box 2: folder 78
Pyramid Books

Box 2: folder 79
Random House
(1935-1944, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 80
Random House
(1945-1953, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 81
Random House

Box 3: folder 82
Random House, endpapers

Box 3: folder 83
Verlag Philipp Reclam

Box 3: folder 84
Dietrich Reimer Verlag

Box 3: folder 85
Eric Reiss Verlag

Box 3: folder 86
Eric Reiss Verlag

Box 3: folder 87
Verlag E.A. Seemann

Box 3: folder 88
Transmare Verlag

Box 3: folder 89
Roy Publishers
(1943-1945, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 90
Schmiede Verlag

Box 3: folder 91
Scribners and Company

Box 3: folder 92
Simon and Schuster Inc.
(1934-1936, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 93
Simon and Schuster

Box 3: folder 94
Smith and Haas
(1935-1936, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 95
Szolsnay, Paul Verlag

Box 3: folder 96
Stokes, Friedrich A.

Box 3: folder 97
Time Inc.

Box 3: folder 98
Universitas, Berlin

Box 3: folder 99
(1936-1939, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 100
Viking Press Inc.
(1935-1938, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 101
Viking Press Inc.
(1952-1966, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 102
Viking Press Inc.
(1954-1955, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 103
Whittlesey House

Box 3: folder 104
World Publishing Company

Box 3: folder 105
Wyn, A.A

Box 3: folder 106
Exhibitions, Graphic Works

Exhibitions: catalogs

Box 3: folder 107
Exhibitions, Typographic


Box 3: folder 108

Box 3: folder 109
Graphic design; announcements, advertisements

American Inst. Of Graphic Art
(1941-1944, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 110
Basic Books

Box 3: folder 111
Columbia University Press

Box 3: folder 112

Box 3: folder 113
Continental Typefounders

Box 3: folder 114
Gebruder Klingspor

Box 3: folder 115
Group Health Cooperative

Box 3: folder 116
John Peel Wiskey

Box 3: folder 117
Klangfilm G.m.b.H

Box 3: folder 118
Luria, A.N.

Box 3: folder 119
N.Y. Times Book Fair

Box 3: folder 120
Pergamon Press

Box 3: folder 121
Invitations & announcements

Invitations & Announcements
(1938-1966, n.d.)

Box 3: folder 122
Stationery designs


Box 3: folder 123
Other graphic designs


Box 3: folder 124

Unidentified designs

Box 3: folder 125


Letters to G.S. from E. Dülberg
(1920-1924, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 126
Letters from G.S. to different publishers: photocopies
(1937-1966, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 127
Postcards to G.S. (incl. explanatory letter from J. Salter Rosenberg)
(1924-1928, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 128
To/from Chiswick Bookshop

Box 4: folder 129
From G.S. to E. Jungfer, notary

Box 4: folder 130
Notes by G.S.: holograph

(1962, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 131
Articles by G.S.: typescript

7 articles, (6 in English, 1 in German)
(1942-1964, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 132
Articles by G.S.: printed

Book Production Industry & other
(1966, n.d.)

Box 4: folder 133
Cooper Union Art School

Mailing list :holograph

Box 4: folder 134
Columbia Journal of World Business (Typographical Instructions 1965): typescript

Box 4: folder 135

Articles about G.S.: typescripts

Article by M. Woods & G.K. Schauer

Box 4: folder 136
Articles about G.S.: printed

11 Articles in German & English
(1940-1984, (n.d.))

Box 4: folder 137
Correspondence to A. Salter

Box 4: folder 138
Interview with A. Salter

Interview with Agnes O'Shea Salter

Box 4: folder 139

Obituaries and letters of condolence

Box 4: folder 140

Clippings, portraits, cards etc.

Box 4: folder 141

Lists of books with jacket by G.S.

Box 4: folder 142
Lists of German books with G.S.'s jackets

Box 4: folder 143
Lists of Salter book jackets in Series I, Boxes 1-3, (arranged/searchable by title, by author, by publisher, and by date)

Box 4: folder 143a

Book designs


Box 5: folder 144
Fisher, S. Verlag

Box 5: folder 145
Knopf, Alfred A,

Box 5: folder 146

Box 5: folder 147
Random House

Box 5: folder 148
Simon and Schuster publishers

Box 5: folder 149
World publishing company

Box 5: folder 150
Glass plate

N.Y. Times Book Fair

Box 5: folder 151
Original artwork

Knopf, Alfred A., Apple in the Attic, by M. Jordan.

Box 5: folder 152

Simon and Schuster publishers

Box 5: folder 153
Woman's Day, the A&P magazine, Men of Art (1946)

Box 5: folder 154
Photographs : George Salter

Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 155
Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 156
Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 157
Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 158
Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 159
George Salter, teaching

5 Photographs, teaching, b/w.

Box 5: folder 160
7 Photographs, teaching, b/w.

Box 5: folder 161
Agnes Salter (wife)

Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 162
Jane Salter (daughter)

Portrait, printed, black/white

Box 5: folder 163
Negatives, of G.& A. Salter

Portraits, negatives

Box 5: folder 164
Additions to the Collection, 2004

Correspondence with James McCrea and Paul Standard (incl. explanatory material from James McCrea)
(1957-1963, n.d)

Box 5: folder 165
Original drawing for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Box 5: folder 166
Cloth-covered box designed for Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

Box 5: folder 167
Additions to the Collection, 2010

Note: The 5 portfolios contain only the covers George Salter designed for American Mercury, Inc. In addition, there is a dummy for an edition of Shakespeare's works (never published?) that Salter designed.

Covers for Bestseller Mysteries

Covers for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Fall 1941-1957?

Covers for Jonathan Press Mystery

Covers for Mercury Mystery

Miscellaneous covers: The American Mercury (1949); American Mercury Books; The American Mercury Reader; Bestseller Library; Bestseller Mystery Magazine; BestsellersThe Book of Wit & HumorDetective (1951); Detective Book ClubThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1950-1951); Mercury Books; The Mercury Library; Mercury Mystery Magazine; Mercury Press; Omnibook Magazine (1945); Page One Detective (1952); True Crime; Detective (1951-1953); Venture Science Fiction (1957)

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. New York: The Book Club, 1938.

Dummy for a Shakespeare edition containing a few printed pages from the beginning of Hamlet, with a few drawings and notes by Salter. Never published? Lib. has 2 copies (not identical) of this dummy



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APPENDIX: Book Covers Designed by Salter in Series I
Abandoned, TheGallico, PaulKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:55
Absalom, Absalom!Faulkner, WilliamRandom House19362:80
Adventures in Time and SpaceHealy, Raymond and McComas, J. Francis (eds.)Random House19463:81
Affair, TheKoningsberger, HansKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:61
Alfred NobelPaulia, Herta E.L.B. Fishern.d.1:24
All Aboard For AraratWells, H.G.Alliancen.d.1:2
All Honorable MenKarp, DavidKnopf, Alfred A.19562:54
American HarvestBishop, John Peale and Tate, Allen (eds.)L.B. Fishern.d.1:24
Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas, Thevon Hagen, Victor W.World Publ. Co.19603:105
Andry DustGubsky, NikolaiOxford University Press19372:74
Anthology of Famous American Stories, AnBurrell, Angus and Cerf, Bennett (eds.)Random House19533:81
Anthology of Famous British Stories, AnCerf, Bennett and Moriarty, Henry (eds.)Random House1953?3:81
Apple in the AtticJordan, MildredKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:51
Aran Islands, TheSynge, John M.Knopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:59
Arch of TriumphRemarque, Erich MariaAppleton-Centuryn.d.1:5
Art of Happiness, ThePowys, John CowperSimon and Schuster Inc.19353:93
Atlas MagazineAtlasMar-611:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasAug-611:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasMay-621:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasJun-621:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasJul-621:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasAug-621:7
Atlas MagazineAtlasOct-621:7
Atlas ShruggedRand, AynRandom House19573:83
Atoms, Men and StarsRusk, Rogers D.Knopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:51
Auf den TrummernDos Passos, JohnS. Fisher Verlagn.d.1:27
B.F.'s DaughterMarquand, John P.Little Brown and Co.19462:65
Back of TownWolff, MarittaRandom House19513:81
Balcony, TheBell, AdrianSimon and Schuster Inc.19353:94
Bang the Drum SlowlyHarris, MarkKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:53
Barbara oder die FrommigkeitWerfel, FranzPaul Szolsnay Verlagn.d.3:96
Barotique Mystery, TheCoxe, George HarmonKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.1:52
Bedside Book of Famous American StoriesBurrell, Angus and Cerf, Bennett (eds.)Random House19463:81
Bedside Book of Famous French StoriesBecker, Belle and Linscott, Robert (eds.)Random House19453:81
Bell for Adano, AHersey, JohnKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:51
Berlin DiaryShirer, William LKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:50
Best of Art Young, TheVanguard19363:100
Bestie erwacht, DieO'Flaherty, LiamS. Fisher Verlagn.d.1:25
Beware of PityZweig, StefanViking Press Inc.19393:102
Beyond TearsLitten, IrmgardAlliancen.d.1:2
Beyond This PlaceCronin, A.J.Little Brown and Co.19532:67
Big Nickelodeon, TheWolff, MarittaRandom House19563:82
Big Sky, TheGuthrie, A.B. Time Inc.19643:98
Black Symbol, TheJohnson, Annabel and EdgarHarper19581:35
Blessed are the MeekKossak, ZofiaRoy Publishers19433:90
Bond Between UsLoomis, FredericKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.1:52
Book of the Symphony, AHaggin, B.H.Methuen19372:72
Book-of-the-Month Club NewsThe Book-of-the-Month ClubApr-441:11
Book-of-the-Month Club NewsThe Book-of-the-Month ClubJun-441:11
Book-of-the-Month Club NewsThe Book-of-the-Month ClubSep-441:11
Book-of-the-Month Club NewsThe Book-of-the-Month ClubApr-461:11
Borzoi Books: Autumn 1936Knopf, Alfred A.19362:53
Borzoi Books: Autumn 1937Knopf, Alfred A.19371:52
Borzoi Books: Autumn 1937Knopf, Alfred A.19372:53
Borzoi Poe, TheKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:50
Boys and Their Mother, TheJennison, Keith W.Viking Press Inc.19553:102
Bread and WineSilone, IgnazioHarper19371:35
Breaking Into PrintSimon and Schuster Inc.19373:94
Bridge of the Brocade Sash, TheSitwell, SacheverellWorld Publ. Co.19593:105
Bridge, TheFrankau, PamelaHarper19571:35
Bright Promise, TheSherman, RichardLittle Brown and Co.19472:66
Brothers Ashkenazi, TheSinger, J.J.Knopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:51
BrucknerstrasseHerisko, IlonaMessner19642:71
Bucher Verzeich
Bucher Verzeich nis 1928Kiepenheuern.d.1:46
Bula Matari: das Leben StanleysWasserman, JakobS. Fisher Verlagn.d.1:27
Buried Land, AJones, MadisonViking Press Inc.19623:102
BuschfriegHeuser, KurtS. Fisher Bucherein.d.1:26
Byzantine EmpressDiehl, CharlesKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:58
Camberwell Beauty, TheGolding, LouisFarrar and Rhinehartn.d.1:22
Camus Notebooks 1935-1942Thody, PhilipKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:61
Camus Notebooks 1942-1951O'Brien, JustinKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:61
Caribbean: Sea of the New WorldArciniegas, GermanKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:53
CarringtonStraight, MichaelKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:59
Castle GaracMonsarrat, NicholasKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:54
Castle, TheKafka, FranzKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:54
Celluloid Asylum, TheAlexander, SidneyBobbs-Merrilln.d.1:10
Chapin Sisters, TheRowe, FynetteA.A. Wyn19453:106
Chico Goes to the WarsOrmsbee, DavidDuttonn.d.1:20
Child of Our Timedel Castillo, MichelKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:56
China CourtGodden, RumerViking Press Inc.n.d.3:102
China GeheimKisch, Egon ErwinErich Reiss Verlagn.d.3:87
Choir Invisible, TheHauser, MarianneMcDowell, Obolenskyn.d.2:69
Chords and DischordsFranko, SamViking Press Inc.19383:101
City and the Stars, TheClarke, Arthur C.Harcourt, Brace and Co.19551:34
City of Trembling Leaves, TheClark, Walter van TilburgRandom House19453:81
Cliffs of FallHazzard, ShirleyKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:56
Clouded Moon, TheSaltmarsh, MaxKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:51
Columbia Journal of World BusinessColumbia University Press19651:14
Columbia Journal of World BusinessColumbia University Pressn.d.1:14
Come Unto These Yellow SandsSchenck, EarlBobbs-Merrilln.d.1:10
Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, TheCarroll, LewisRandom House19463:81
Conduct of Life, TheEmerson, Ralph WaldoNational House Libraryn.d.2:73
Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence manMann, ThomasKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:55
Conspirators, TheProkosch, FredericHarper19421:35
Conspirators, TheProkosch, FredericHarper19421:36
Constitution Reconsidered, TheBainton, Roland, et al.Columbia University Pressn.d.1:13
Consultation RoomLoomis, FredericKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.1:52
CoronationDonoso, JoseKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:59
Corporation and the Arts, TheEells, RichardColumbia University Pressn.d.1:13
Court of Fair Maidens, TheSpeyer, WilhelmSimon and Schuster Inc.19363:93
Coward Heart, TheReiner, AnnaKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:50
Crazy Doctor, Thevan der Lugt, ArieRandom House19543:82
Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the OglalasSandoz, MariKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:50
Crestwood HeightsLoosley, E.W.; Seeley, John R. and Sim, R. Alexander Basic Booksn.d.1:8
Cross of Iron, TheHeinrich, WilliwBobbs-Merrilln.d.1:10
Crossing Point, TheCharles, GerdaKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:56
D. H. Lawrence and Susan His CowTindall, William YorkColumbia University Pressn.d.1:13
Dark RiderLara, LouisWorld Publ. Co.19593:105
Dark Star, TheCost, MarchKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.1:52
Daughter of the House: A ReminiscenceAmes, EvelynHoughton Mifflin Co.19611:42
Days of Our Yearsvan Paassen, Pierre Hillman-Curl19391:38
Days of Our Yearsvan Paassen, Pierre Hillman-Curl19391:39
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Requiem for IdolsLofts, NorahKnopf, Alfred A.n.d.2:52
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Union Now With BritainStreit, Clarence K.Harper19411:36
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