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Amherst College Alumni Biographical Files, 1821-
351 records storage boxes, 6 archives boxes, 1 half archives box (354.25 linear feet)

Biographical questionnaires; writings and correspondence by or about alumni, newspaper articles, obituaries, photographs. Also includes some materials pertaining to an entire class, such as class agent records, and copies of class resolutions or class anthologies.

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Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the Alumni Biographical Files for research use. Particularly fragile items may be restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from Alumni Biographical Files should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Alumni Biographical Files document the lives of Amherst alumni from 1821 to the present. The files contain writings and correspondence of alumni, as well as newspaper articles, photographs and objects relating to their lives and careers. Most alumni files include questionnaires submitted by alumni to the Alumni Office for inclusion in one of the Amherst College Biographical Records. There are also some items that pertain to an entire class, such as copies of class resolutions or class anthologies.

The files are arranged in chronological order by class year and within each class in alphabetical order by last name. Files of non-graduates (who are nevertheless considered members of their incoming class) are usually located in a separate alphabetical series at the end of each class group. Information on the entire class is in a folder at the beginning of each class group. Because of this collection's self-indexing arrangement, a box and folder list is omitted in this finding aid; however, there are appendixes that list unpublished manuscripts; academic class notes; and essays and orations from 1821-1889 in the Alumni Biographical Files and Class Shelves.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the Alumni Biographical Files for research use. Particularly fragile items may be restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from Alumni Biographical Files should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection:

[Identification of item], in Alumni Biographical Files [Box #, Folder #], Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College Library

History of the Collection

Undergraduate Academic Class Notes in Alumni Biographical Files

A listing of undergraduate papers dealing with academic classes at Amherst College contained in the Alumni Biographical Files and Class Shelves (1821-1889). Compiled by Deborah Applegate, 7/26/89.

Class YearNameDescription
1828 Hebbard, Story (mss) 2 Notebooks
1834 Williams, W. L. (mss) Class Notes
1835 Mandell, William (mss) Notes on Mathematics
1835Spare, John (mss) Notebook
1836 Rosewell, D. C. (mss) Notes on Chemistry
Notes on Natural History
1839 Wing, A. (mss) Class Notes
1849 Hammond, William G. (mss) Academic Papers
1849Lobdell, Henry (mss) Class Notes
1852 Lamed, Edward (mss) Notebook on Politics
1854 (Non-Grad) Ross, Joseph M. (mss) Book of Mathematical notes and problems, 2 vols.
1855 Harris, Elija Notes on Chemistry, 2 vol.
1855Washburn, George (mss) Class Notes, 2 vol.
1856 Griggs, Charles Edwin (mss) Notes on Lectures of Dr. Hitchcock
Notes on Lectures by Prof. Joseph Haven on Metaphysics (Winter term 1856)
1857 Mather, Richard Henry (mss) Notes vol. 1; possibly drafts from his Lectures in Architecture and Greek Life
Notes vol. 2; possibly drafts from his lectures in Architecture and Greek Life
Notes vol. 3; possibly drafts from his lectures in Architecture and Greek Life
1858 Twitchell, Justin Edwards (mss) Notes from Prof. Snell (Sept. 1856 - April 1857)
1860 Binney, Horace (mss) Greek Text
1860Boardrnan, Moses B. (mss) Notebook including "Answers to Prof. Tyler's questions on Biblical criticism", "Lecture from Prof. Vose" and "Lectures in Greek by Prof. Tyler"
1861 Dyer, Ebenezer P. (mss) Composition book; series of short stories or brief factual papers. "Index Scriptorum": Lord Byron, Letter from Kansas, A Snowstorm, The Solar System, Ocean Scenery, Mountain Scenery, Prarie Scenery, Our Country (Fall term - May 1855)
1861Harmon, Elijah (mss) Notes on Lectures at Amherst College, includes printed list of rules and guidelines for students
1864 Whitcomb, George H. (mss) Greek Notebook, Tutor Mather; notes on the Odyssey, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides
1866 Neill, Reman H. (tss) Notes on English Literature (Junior Winter Term 1800 -1801)
According to the Catalogue: "... from the Celtic Period to the 15th century, with lectures, Chaucer, The Prologue, The
Knight's Tale, Spenser's Faerv Queen
1866George Frederick (mss) Notes on Mental Science from Prof. J.H. Seeyle (Sept. 1865)
1867 Burgess, John William (mss) Class notes from C.L.S. Cowles course; possibly L. Clark Seelye's course in rhetoric, oratory and English Literature
Notebook #1 Rome (n.d.)
Notebook #2 Middle Ages (n.d.)
1868 Miner, Worthington Warner (mss) Class notes (Sept. 10)
Notes on Empirical Psychology taken from recitations by Prof. J.H. Seeyle
1869 Adams, Edward A. (mss) Philosophical Dictionary
1869Richardson, Henry Bullard (mss) Notes on Latin
Notes on Greek
1869Tenney, Albert F. (mss) Notes (Oct. 1, 1866)
1871 Morong, Arthur B. (mss) Notebook "Devoted to the various dictatums and lectures recieved in college course"
1871Morse, Anson Daniel (mss) 7 notebooks on Amherst College, Greyrock House and History
1874 Phalen, Charles H. (mss) Examination for Hutchins Prize (essay and exam)
1876 Howland, John (mss) Notes on Greek history
1880 McGregory, Joseph F. (mss) Notes on Chemistry v.1
Notes on Chemistry v.2 (1879)
Notes on Chemistry v.3
Printed Lecture Notes on Chemistry, with mss notes v.4
Notes on Geometry (1877)
Notes on the Greek Historians by Prof. Mather (1877)
Notes on the history of Latin Literature by Prof. Crowell
Notes on Latin
Notes on Latin language by Prof. Crowell
Notes on Minerology v.1
Notes on Minerology v.2
Notes on Organic Chemistry by Prof. E. P. Harris (1879)
Notes on Physical Education and Hygiene (1878)
Notes on Physics
Notebook XV
1881 North, Allan M. (mss) Copies of notes on Abstracts of Physics lectures given by Elihu Root (see class shelf for 1867, Root)
1883 Parsons, Edward (mss) Notes on Biology from Prof. John Tyler
Notes on General Chemistry
1883Rugg, Arthur (mss) Notes on Political Economy (Winter Term 1883)
1885 Simonds, Edward Printed notes on Biology from Prof. J.M. Tyler with mss notes (See class shelf 1873, Tyler, J.M.)
1886 Lansing, Robert (mss) Notebook while at Amherst College
1886Woods, Ira Couch Printed notes on Biology from Prof. J.M. Tyler with mss notes (see class shelf 1873, Tyler, J.M.)
1889 Esty, William (mss) Lectures and Note in Political Economy by Prof. C. A. Tuttle (Winter term 1889).

Undergraduate Essays and Orations in Alumni Biographical Files (1821-1889)

Compiled by Deborah Applegate 7/26/1989.
Note that some works listed as essays may actually be orations but were not classified as such.

Class YearNameDescription
1833 Allen, Stephen Essay: "Sublimity of the Hebrew Poets"
1848 Fisk, Samuel Commencement Oration in Latin
1849 Report of the Committee to award prizes for essays on Mental Philosophy
1849Anon. Essay for Philosophy Dept.: "Primary Truth or Fundamental Principles of Belief"
1849Anon. Essay for Philosophy Dept.: "The Fundamental Faculties of the Human Mind"
1849Hammond, William G. Oration In Latin
Dissertation: "Classification of the Mental Faculties" (winner of prize offered by Prof. Packard)
1849Herrick, Herbert Essay: "Ardor"
1849Howe, Elija Essay: "Power of History"
1849Hudson, Henry S. Essay: "Influence of the Principles of the American Revolution"
1849Kendall, Sylvanius Essay: "The Scholar's True Principle of Action"
1849Kimball, James Essay: "Imitation"
1849Lobdell, Henry Essay: "Nature and Importance of Mental Science"
Essay: "Aristocracy found in Nature"
1849Locke, Calvin Essay: The Greek Sophists"
1849Lothrop, Charles Commencement Oration: "Responsibilities of the American Schallar (sic)"
1849Palmer, William Essay: "Hope"
1849Peck, Henry Oration or Essay: "Thought: The Strength of the Orator"
1849Poland, Joseph Essay: "On Self-Reverence"
1849Root, Martin Essay: "Man as Worshipper"
1849Seymour, John A. Essay: "The True Freeman"
1849Smith, John P. Essay: "Mind Immortal"
1849Stearns, George I. Essay: "The Brotherhood of Man"
1849Stoddard, Elijah Essay: "The Puritan's Philosophy"
1849Walker, George F. Essay: "Science. A Wander and at Home"
1850 Avery, William F. Essay: "Authors and Orators"
1850Bishop, Henry W. Essay: "Men of One Idea"
1850Cory, John E. Essay: "Action. The Calling of Man"
1850Faunce, Daniel W. Essay: "Dominion"
1850Garrette, Edmund Young Oration: "The Supremacy of Reason"
1850Hodge, Leicester P. Essay: "The Great Incentive to Action"
1850Newton, Jeremiah Essay: "Love of Knowledge Instinctive"
1850Nickerson, Joseph Essay: "Political Integrity"
1850Packard, David Temple Essay: "The Philosophy of History"
1850Sawyer, Sylvester J. Essay: "Individual Effort Essential to Growth of Intellect"
1850Thompson, John H. Essay: "The Connection between Physiology and Psychology"
Essay: "The American Citizen"
1850Williston, Lyman R. Essay: "The Relation of Religion to Society"
1851 Baldwin, William 0. Essay: "Error Only Powerful When Under the Guise of Truth"
1851Bates, Edward P. Essay: "The Supremacy of Mind Over Matter"
1851Berry, Augustus Essay: "The Constitution"
1851Clark, William Essay: "Man as a Stern Hunter"
1851Cundal, Isaac N. Essay: "The Spirit of the Beautiful"
1851Doe, Franklin B. Essay: "Republican Unity" (Literary Dissertation 1st class)
1851Douglass, Ebenezer Essay: "The dignity of the Scholar"
1851Douglass, Francis Arthur Essay: "Completeness of Character"
1851Lafayette, Dudley Essay: "The Love of Liberty Protected by Law"
1851Fay, PrescottEssay: "Personality"
1851Kerr, William S. Essay: "Shadows of Partial Faith"
1851Mellish, John H. Essay: "The Hanseatic League"
1851Overton, Floyd Essay: "Obligations to the Past"
1851Rawson, Edward D. Essay: "The Tendencies of Conservatism"
1851Sanford, John E. Valedictory: "Claims of the Civil Profession"
1851Stebbins, Milan C. Oratio Salutorio
1852 Almy, John H. Essay: "The Mutability of Political Institutions"
1852Kingsbury, Charles Essay: "The Charms of Studying Nature"
1852Barnum, Herman N. Essay: "Reason and Revelation"
1852Benjamin, Theodore H. Essay: "The Divine Element in -- Human Progress"
Graduation Speech
1852Bliss, Daniel Essay: "Agitation"
1852Burgess, Ebenezer G. Essay: "Religion [sic] and the Crusades"
1852Chapin, Franklin P. Essay: "Relation of Physical Science to Religion"
1852Clark, Joseph M. Essay: "Algernon Sidney"
1852Colt, George H. Essay: "Mountains"
1852Dudley, George E. Essay: "Intellect and Emotions"
1852Fish, Elijah S. Essay: "In Equilibria"
1852Holmes, Lewis W. Essay: Comparing ideals of American founding fathers to Greek colonies and the future
1852Kingsbury, Charles W. Essay: On the values of studying nature
1852Lamed, Edward S. Essay: "American Progress"
1852Maynard, Fayette Essay: Discussing the question of control of "literary institutions" by religious denominations
1852Moore, Henry Essay: "A Church without a Bishop, a State without a King"
1852Moore, Mason Essay: "Talent Insufficient to Secure Esteem"
1852Payson, Charles H. Essay: Discussion similarities between principles of good government and God's principles.
1852Roel, Sylvanus B. Essay: "The Tendency of the Present Age to Religious Harmony"
1852Root, Henry D. Essay: "Speculative Politics"
1852Sabin, Henry Essay: "Literature Essential to a Nation's Strength"
1852 Taft, Don Carlos Essay: "What Climate Can't Do"
1852Thurston, Benjamin E. Essay: "Permanency"
1853 Anon. Essay: "The 5 Senses and the Knowledge Derived from Them"
1853Andrews, William H. Essay: "American Literature"
1853Baker, Edward P. Essay: "Revolutionary France - A Moral and Political Instructor to the World"
1853Boltwood, Henry L. Oration: "Moving the World"
1853Breed, Bowman Oration: on greatest social happiness
1853Coolidge, Amos H. Essay: "The Conquests of False Religion"
1853Griswold, Theophilus Essay: "Effort Essential to the Development of Genius"
1853Morse, Charles Essay: "Literacy and the Scientific Influence of Missions"
1853Nelson, Edwin Essay: Comparing forms of government
1853Parson, Ralph L. Essay: "The True Principle of Progress"
1853Pierce, William Essay: "The Influence of American Literature on Our National Institutions"
1853Spencer, Julius Essay: "Present Age and our Country are Proverbially an Age and a Country of Progress"
1854 Dimock, Edwin Oratio Salutatoria
1855 Washburn, George Essay: "The World"
Essay: "Sketch of the Life of Dr. Chalmers"
Essay: "Socrates and the Sophists"
Essay: Critique for Anti-Secret Society
Oration for statement of facts (for Athenian Society)
1856 Bradbury, William F. Valedictory in English
1856Cushman, Chester L. Oration: "Influence of Poetry on Character"
1857Abbi, William A. Essay: "Pleasure and Worth of Philosophy"
1857Aitken, George F. Essay on Handel
1857Biscoe, George S. Essay: "Benefits of Illustration"
1857Cobb, Elisha Oration (1st class): Eulogy for Hugh Miller
1857Crawford, William Oratio Salutatoria in Latin
1857Dodge, John W. Commencement Oration: "The Best Measure of Intellectual Power"
1857Eastman, Lucius Oration: "Milton"
1857Faust, John W. Essay: "Every Man in his Proper Sphere"
1857Frisbie, Alvah Essay: "The True Idea of Power"
1857Grassie, Thomas Essay: "American Neglect of Aesthetical Culture"
Essay: "Leaness vs. Fatness"
Essay: "Statement of Facts"
Address to class of 1861 encouraging them to join the Alexandrian Society
1857Herrick, William D. Oration: "Cleanness of Expression indispensable to the Writer"
1857Kimball, Joseph Oration: "The Relation of the Imagination in the Fine Arts to Religion"
1857Lane, James Oration: "Moral Heroism"
Essay: "The Chief Necessity"
1857Mather, Richard H. Valedictory Oration: "Athenian Culture"
1857Pepper, George Oration: "Formation of the National Character"
Oration: "Extinction the only Reform for the Theatre"
1857Essay, Matthew Essay: "Poetry"
1857Wheeler, John E. Essay: "Literature and Profession"
1857Wortman, Denis Valedictory Address in Anti-Secret Society
Essay: "Christian Poetry Superior to that of the
1858 Clapp, Andrew J. Essay: "Chrysassam"
1858Clark, Joseph B. Essay: "The Suggestive"
1858Clarke, George C. Essay: "Modern Hero Worship"
1858Delano, Henry G. Philosophical Oration in Greek
1858Fuller, Horace S. Essay: "Cycles in Philosophy"
1858Gardner, Edward P. Essay: "Symbols"
1858Grosvenor, George S. "Oratio Salutatoria a Grosvenor" in Latin
1858Hawley, Chester W. Essay: "The Utility of the Beautiful"
1858Hunt, Edwin Essay: "Arros Lawrence"
1858Hutchinson, Henry E. Essay: "Josephine"
1858Jewett, Henry S. Essay: "National Poetry"
1858Kellogg, Rufus B. Essay: "New England Versatility of Genius"
1858Lobdell, Francis Essay: "The Rational and the Material"
1858Rowland, Lyman S. "Utility of Metaphysical Study with the Valedictory Address"
1858Sayre, Edward H. Essay: "Character of Francis Xavier"
1858Sherrill, Samuel B. Essay: "Historic Associations"
1858Sprague, Havilah M. Essay: "Skepticism"
1858Stickney, Gardner P. Commencement Oration: "Scholarship and Cheerfulness"
1858Tuck, Samuel Parker Essay: "The Swiss Republic"
1858Whitehill, John Essay: "Literary Influence of the Scottish Highlanders"
1858Wilson, James D. Essay: "The Power of Mystery"
1859 Barrows, William H. Essay: "The Sophists"
1859Billings, Sanford W. Essay: "Sacred Music"
1859Bruce, Henry I. Essay: "The Influence of Platonism upon Christianity"
1859Constatine, George Oration: "The Greek Revolution"; signed "Mr. Nothing-at-all", includes instructions from the "Committee."
Oration in Greek
1859Dana, Malcom Commencement Oration: "The Revival of Labor"
1859Herrick, Samuel E. Essay: "Science, a Teacher of Religious Truth"
1859Keene, Luther Essay: "The Heroism of Humboldt"
1859Lewis, Thomas A. Commencement Oration: "Errors of the Puritans"
1859Nichols, Alpheus R. Essay: "The Origin and Progress of the Copernican System of Astronomy"
1859Pierce, Edward W. Essay: "Schiller"
1859Read, Philander Essay: "True Dignity"
1859Shattuck, Amos F. Essay: "Religious Toleration"
1859Skinner, Henry Clay Essay: "The Relation of Philosophy and Christianity"
1859Smead, George L. Essay: "The Spirit of Chivalry"
1859Smith, Judson Essay: "True Idea of History"
1859Smith, Luther Essay: "Madame Roland"
1859Spooner, Edward H. Essay: "Criticism"; discussion of the importance of literary criticism"
1859Whilldin, John S. Essay: "Military Art"
1860 Brown, William Essay: "Regularity of the Divine Laws"
1860Copp, John J. Essay: "The Laws of Improvement in Nature and Man"
1860Curtiss, George Essay: "Repose as an Element in Character"
1860Dickinson, Cornelius E. Essay: "God's Purpose, Man's Hope"
1860Esty, William Cole Essay: "Theology of Geometry"
1860Frisbee, Edward S. Essay: "Influence of Faith on Intellect"
1860Griggs, Leverett S. Essay: "Voltaire"
1860Knowlton, Ebenezer Essay: "Muscular Christianity"
1860Little, George 0. Essay: "Reserve"
1860Mighill, Nathaniel Philosophical Oration: "The Bequest of Society to Man"
1860Pettibone, Benjamin W. Essay: "De Romana in reipublicae temporibus oratioria arte"
1860Putnam, Hiram B. Essay: "The Tragedies of Racine"
1860Smith, Henry P. Essay: "Ancient Learning - an Impulse to Modern Civilization"
1860Tower, Francis E. Valedictory Address: "Education an End Not a Means"
1860Tracy, Melville M. Commencement Oration: "The Idea of History"
1860Walker, Francis A. Essay: "The Culture of Republican Institutions"
1860Williams, Horace R. Essay: "The Price and the Reward"
1861 Paine, Charles Goodell Goddard Oratio Slutatoria Amherstiae habita @ Carolo Goodell Goddard Paine quinto idus Julie
1861Richards, William A. Valedictory Oration: "The Advantage of Positive Faith"
1861Waite, George W. Essay: "An Apology for War"
1862 Biscoe, Arthur Essay: "The Nineteenth of April"
1862Dean, Benjamin A. 2nd Class Oration: "Shay's Rebellion"
1862Ebersole, Ezra C. Essay: "Hamilton not a Monarchist"
1862Goodell, Henry Hill Essay: "Christmas Holidays in the East"
1862Graves, William B. Scientific Oration: "Wealth the Basis of Civilization"
1862Lewis, Zechariah E. Essay: "The Star Chamber"
1862Maynard, Isaac H. Valedictory Address: "The English Constitution"
1862Morse, Frederick D. Essay: "American Statesmen"
1862Newcombe, Otis C. Essay: "The Problem of History"
1862Nash, James H. Commencement Oration: "A Law in History"
1862Peck, Jonas 0. Essay: "God Shapes History"
1862Pratt, Jacob L. Essay: "Power of the Spiritual"
1862Stone, Timothy P. Essay: "Locke and the French Revolution"
1863 Adams, Charles D. Valedictory Address: "Reserved Power"
1863Billings, Charles M. Essay: "Mohammedanism: its Rise and Decline"
1863Biscoe, Thomas D. Essay: "The Fixed Stars"
1863Brooks, Charles S. Commencement Oration: "Biographic Study"
1863Chapin, Edwin W. Essay: "The Eloquence of Revolution"
1863Dunham, Charles G. Essay: "Science the Friend of the Laborer"
1863Gleason, Jubal Essay: "Relations of Literature and Nationality"
1863Griggs, Clarke H. Essay: "Conservatism"
1863Hallock, Leavitt Essay: "Newspapers"
1863Hughitt, Emmons Oratio Salutatorla in Latin
1863Jones, Robert I. Commencement Oration: "The Poets Mission"
1863Merrill, James G. Essay: "The Power of Watchwords"
1863Stanton, George F. Essay: "Lessons of the Hour"
1863Stone, Baman N. Essay: "The Philosophy of Teaching"
1863Watkins, Albert B. Essay: "The Goal of the Nations"
1866Blake, Maurice B. English Oration, with the Valedictory Address
1866Bliss, Jason H. Essay: "Agriculture the Basis of our Prosperity"
1866Brayton, George Essay: "The Atheism of Secession"
1866Chandler, Charles H. Oratio Salutatoria
1866Cowan, Perez D. Essay: "Relation of Radicalism to Reform"
1866Dike, Samuel J. Essay: "American Irreverence"
1866Fairbanks, Joseph Essay: "Political Generals"
1866Moses, Vincent Essay: "The Unpaid Professor"
1866Parkhurst, Charles Essay: "The Social Tie"
1866Spear, Asa A. Essay: "Brotherhood of Nations"
1866Twichell, Erastus W. Essay: "Sectional Jealousy"
1866Weston, William Essay: "The Hoosac Tunnel"
1867 Board, Joseph Essay: "True Brotherhood"
1867Cobb, William H. Essay: "Rust"
1867Clark, Jefferson Essay: "Educated Statesmen"
1867Curtiss, Samuel I. Essay: "The Leaders in History"
1867Earle, James H. Essay: "Unseen Forces"
1867Fenner, Edward Bela Essay: "Spiritualism"
1867Flichtner, George F. Essay: "College Edifices"
1867Grosvenor, Edwin A. Salutatory Oration
1867Herrick, Dwight Stiles Essay: "Christian Lawyers"
1867Hubbard, Albert Wells Essay: "Point"
1867Lyman, Payson W. Essay: "The Demand for Moral Power"
1867Terry, Cassius Marcellus Essay: "My Secret of Political Success"
1867Terry, Nathaniel Matson Essay: "The Study of Natural History"
1867White, William Henry Essay: "Sectarianism"
1867White, William Prescott Essay: "The Allegenies"
1868 Ballantine, Henry Essay: "The Brahminical Circle"
1868Bayley, Edwin F. Essay: "Our National Unity"
1868Brooks, Charles G. Essay: "Professional Illiberality"
1868Coburn, George Essay: "Our. Danger"
1868Davis, Robert Essay: "Our Relation to China"
1868French, Harlan B. Essay: "Party Tyranny"
1868Health, Daniel C. Essay: "Our Symbol of Liberty"
1868Livermore, Albert Essay: "Expression"
1868Wells, Charles F. Essay: "The Microcosm"
1868Williams, John H. Essay: "The Work of the English People"
1870 Sterling, George Essay: "The Independence of Character"
1870Sutherland, George E. Essay: "External Reform"
1870Thurston, John B. Essay: "On Philosophy"
1870Trow, Cornelius Essay: "Liberty of the Press"
1870White, George H. Essay: "An Exercise in Grammar"
1870Winslow, Edward Essay: "The Influence of Sir Wm. Hamilton"
1871 Bailey, Sidney E. Essay: "Culture and Religion"
1871Bliss, Edwin M. Essay: "English Oratory with Valedictory Address"
1871Clarke, Selah M. English Oration: "Charles Lamb"
1871Cutting, George R. Essay: "Paris: Her Latest 'Reign of Terror'"
1871Greenwood, William Commencement Essay
1871Homer, William B. Commencement Oration: "Theology of Government"
1871Lord, Herber Gardiner Commencement Oration
1871Morong, Arthur B. Essays during Amherst Years
1871Smith, Josiah R. Essay: "Beethoven"
1871Tomblen, Charles L. Essay: "The Basis of National Strength"
1872 Adams, Herbert B. Valedictory Essay: "Pleasure or Principle"
1872Cary, Otis Essay: "A Warning from France"
1872Morse, Charles F. Commencement Oration: "Scientific Oration"
1873 Parkhurst, Howard Elsmore Essay: "Herbert Spencer's Philosophy"
1873Porter, Dwight D. Essay: "Our Jury System"
1878 Hitchcock, Edward (jr.) Notebook: "Monograph on the Homarus Vulgaris - Common Lobster" (1877)
1879 Beard, George Essay: "Notes on Vacination"
1879Bruce, Charles Essay: "Insanity in Relation to Modern Life"
1879Crowell, Edward Payson Essay: "Pulsation and Respiration"
1879Hardy, Audubon Essay: "Ventilation"
1879Hubbard, LeRoy Watkins Essay: The Bones of the Spiral Column and the Skull"
1879Kellog, Frederick D. Essay: "Respiration and Ventilation"
1879Kelly, Arthur W. Essay: "Ventilation - the End and the Means"
1879Lane, Wiley Monograph: "The Physiological , Psychological and Sociological Difference between Man and Woman"
1879Tuttle, John E. Essay: "Distinction Between Men and Women"
1879Wentz, John L. Essay: "Bones"
1880 Bemis, Albion F. Commencement Oration
1880Bemis, Edward W. Essay: "The Political Results of the Reformation"
1880Gaylord, Fred A. Essay: "Scientific Materialism"
1880Gillett, Arthur Essay: "The Robin Hood Ballads"
1880Howe, James L. Essay: "The Scientific Method of Religion"
1880Lane, Charles S. Commencement Oration Salutatory in Latin
1880Rolfe, Henry W. Essay: "Dante and Italian Unity"
1880Rogers, Noah C. Essay: "Tacitus's Tiberius"
1880Strong, George Alexander Essay: "Progress Dependent upon a Knowledge of the Divine"
1880Warren, Fred M. Commencement Oration: "Plato, The Artist and Philosopher"

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Unpublished Manuscripts in Alumni Biographical Files and Class Shelves
Class Year Name Date Description
1827Tinker, Reuben"The Life of Reuben Tinker" by W. Clark Durant (TSS)
1825Class of 1825Mss describing class
1828Bullard, AsaAccount of the Class of 1828; Correspondence
1828Hibbard, S.Volumes of autographs, short verse, diary items, divided by freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, 2 vols.
1830Tyler, William S. Correspondence
1830Merrick, James L. 1827-1856Diaries (5 vols.)
1835Dwight, JohnDiary (through 1852)
1837Bliss, Edwin E. Diaries
Diaries, 2 vols.
Diaries of Isabella Holmes Porter (Bliss), 2 vols
1839Bacon, GeorgeBill from A.C.
1839Mill, Thomas A. Diary
1839Miller, Thomas A. Diary
1839Stone, William Bill from A.C.
1839Wing, A.Diary
1840Batchelder, James L.Journal
1841Brooks, Sidney Ledger; Correspondence
1841Parker, S. J.Historical facts and remarks made by request for Alumni Record of Amherst College
1844(Non-Grad) Hubbard, WilliamExpelled from Amherst for card playing and chicken stealing (for more on chicken stealing see Amherst Sketches, 1897)
1845Lee, John S.Autobiography of John Stebbins Lee; Correspondence (dealing particularly with the poor condition of the college in the 1840s)
1849Hammond, William G. 1844-1848Journal (2 vols.)
1849Hitchcock, EdwardList of the second generation of Amherst College students ending with the year 1878 - 79
1849Lobdell, Henry Diary; Correspondence (indexed)
1849Locke, CalvinCorrespondence (describing professors and classes especially)
1849Peck, Henry Correspondence
1849Root, Martin1847- 1851Diary
1851Class of 18511848-1849Resolution of Sophomore Class disagreeing with proposal of senior class for a policing policy by undergraduate body. See papers of President E. Hitchcock.
1851Overton, Floyd1850Notes on Zoology and Geology lectures given by Prof. Charles Baker Adams and Pres. Edward Hitchcock
1851Stewart, RobertPoem: "Fellowship"
1852Class of 1852Establishment of the "Philopogonia Society" -- an agreement to ban shaving for one term among the class of 1852
1852Bliss, Daniel College expenses
1852Fish, Elija S. Ledger
1852Harrington, Brainerd T.Correspondence with his brother
1852Porter, Charles L.Poem: "The Dream"
1852Sabin, HenryPoem: "A Legend of the Mohawk"
1854Hallock, CharlesRecord of an Errant Life. Memoirs of Charles Hallock
1854Olcott, Edward B.Letter
1854Underhill, John Winn Correspondence
1855Caldwell, John C.Correspondence
1855Washburn, GeorgePersonal Recollections (tss). See also: file of his son, George Washburn (AC 1882), for correspondence between the two
1856Hand, Edwin C.1832 - 1865Civil War Papers
1857Carr, William O. 1853-1857Correspondence "The Amherst Diary of W.O.C. 1853 - 1857" (tss), includes account of the undergrad "revival" of 1855
1857Frisbie, AlvahClass Poem: "The Scholar's Mission"
1857Grassie, ThomasEssay: "Leanness vs. Fatness"; Essay: "Statement of Facts," addressed to the class of 1861 encouraging them to join the Alexandrian Society
1858Delano, Henry G. Correspondence
1858Thomas, Henry G. Correspondence
1858Ellsworth, Alfred A. 1853-1856Diary
1859Constantine, George1857-1860Journal, 3 vols.
1859Clafin, James F.Poem: "Our New England Home"
1859Dana, Malcolm1858 Jun 21Treasurer's Report to the Athenian Society, apologizing for zeal as treasurer which was interpreted as malice.
1859Hawkes, Joshua G.Essay about Hawkes: "A Massachusetts Soldier at the Siege of Port Hudson, 1863"; Essay: "Picket Duty"(accounts of his life in the army)
1860Boardman, Moses B.Poem: "Ramble to Holyoke"
1860Cannon, HoraceCorrespondence
1860Fullerton, Bradford Correspondence
1860Holmes, Henry MartynClips from college life
1860Little, Joseph B. Correspondence
1860Ward, James W.Poem: "Garibaldi"
1861Andrews, Edwin N.Poem: "Pugnae Caninae"; poem about dogfighting, an apparently popular pastime in Amherst, written for the Express
1861Apthrop, John P. Correspondence
1861Dyer, Ebenezer Porter 1852-1870Journal (1852-1857); "Life on a Plantation. A Diary" (1862 - 1870); Plantation Book, census and manuscript stories (1862)
1861Fullerton, Bradford Correspondence; Poems: "Avarice and Covetousness," "Life," "The Dead"
1861Harmon, Elija1857, n.d.Correspondence; Rhyme book (Feb. 1857)
1861Herrick, Samuel E.Correspondence and memorabilia
1861Leach, Joseph A.Civil War Correspondence
1861Sanford, ElliotCorrespondence
1862Knight, Alva A.Correspondence describing Civil War experiences
1863Bond, Thomas S.Essay: "Life in a Country Minister's Family"
1863Pennell, ChristopherCollection of personal reminiscences and correspondence from Civil War and college
1863Stearns, FrazarCivil War Correspondence
1863Wells, George Huntington Correspondence
1864Guilford, Jones1864Journal
1864Whitcomb, George H.1860-1871College expenses (1860-1871); Correspondence as a trustee
1865Bolton, Charles E. 1866Autobiography
1865Roe, Charles Diary (tss)
1865Twichell, Erastus W. Journal of Expenses
1867Burgess, JohnAutobiographical Reminiscences (tss); "How I Found Amherst and What I Found" (tss, printed in Amherst Graduates Quarterly, No. 65, Vol. XVII, Nov. 1927)
1867Cobb, William HenryReminiscences of Amherst College
1867Tilden, ArthurAutograph Book; Account Book
1868Sophomore Class UprisingAccount of the rituals of undergraduate life and conflict between the students and faculty
1867Miner, Worthington Diary
1869Hewett, Waterman T.1865-1866Diaries (2 vols.)
1870Class of 18701866-1880Cash Book for class of 1870 (entries made for 1866, '67, '69, '70, '73, '75, '80)
1870Class of 18701868History of the Class of 1870 for the Sophomore Year (published by Henry A. Davenport)
1871Class of 18711867Records of the Class of 1871
1871Morong, Arthur B.1870Diary
1873King, Henry AmasaNotebook of expenses and addresses
1876Class of 1876Student and Olio Controversies in which members of Olio and Student were censured for satirizing the faculty
1872Cary, OtisNotes on Amherst College in 1868-1872
1878Class of 1878 Description of class
1879Jameson, John F.Recollections of Amherst College
1879Marvine, WalterCorrespondence
1880Alden, EdmundEssay: "Amherst Reminiscences"
1880Chapin, SamuelRecords of his college Expenses and Financial Aid
1880McGregory, J.F.1876-1880Account book of college expenses (Sept. 1876 - July 1880); Speech Notes before class meeting filled with puns on class members' names
1880Stephenson, Robert S. 1858-1929Diaries
1881Kemp, James F. Diaries; Essays and stories
1881Murphy, Star Jocelyn Receipts from college
1881Russell, Henry B. 1879Journal
1881Spahr, Charles Barzalli Notebook, expenses
1882Burt, Enoch H. Account Book
1882Washburn, George H. Correspondence
1883Class of 1883Unidentified student diary
1883Foster, George B.Correspondence; Notebook of accounts, lists, etc.
1883Pratt, CharlesJournal
1883Roe, Charles Diary (tss)
1884Class of 18841890Amherst Memories. A Collection of Undergraduate Verse
1887Sharp, Frank C. Diary ca. 1884Diary
1889Bigelow, WilliamMusings of an Emeritus; Amherst High School Essay: "The Character of Bassinio"

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