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Amherst College Oral History Project Records, 1978-1982
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31 typed transcriptions of recorded interviews with Amherst College professors emeriti, staff members, and other notable members of the Amherst community. All of the interviews were conducted between 1977 and 1982. The collection also includes 42 audiocassettes of the interview recordings. Some transcripts lack the original audio recordings.

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Historical Note

The Amherst College Oral History Project was an initiative of the Public Relations Department of the College in the late 1970s. Horace W. Hewlett, Director of Public Relations of the College from 1947 to 1958 and Secretary of the College and Director of Publications from 1958 to 1977, conducted all 31 interviews. Each appears as a typed transcript in this collection.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

31 typed transcriptions of recorded interviews with Amherst College professors emeriti, staff members, and other notable members of the Amherst community. All of the interviews were conducted between 1977 and 1982. The collection also includes 42 audiocassettes of the interview recordings. Some transcripts lack the original audio recordings.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

Access to some of the material in this collection is restricted. Availability will be determined upon request.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Contents List

Robert B. Whitney, George H. Corey Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus.
Subject coverage: education and early interest in chemistry, comments on Professor Doughty and Hopkins; predecessors in the Chemistry Department, Origins of scientific research at Amherst; hired by President Pease, research grants by President Meiklejohn and from outside, Staffing the Department, The 1947 Curriculum and Chemistry, Pre-medical students; collaboration with other departments, Four- and Five-College Cooperation, Four College Lecture Series; Mount Holyoke's Preeminence in chemistry, Choices of universities for graduate study, Decision to pursue teaching more than research, Collaboration in the Physics department, B. K. Emerson's Helix Chemica, Attitudes of Amherst presidents toward chemistry, strengths of Amherst Chemistry department, Faculty self-improvement programs (Tape #OH-14)
1977 Dec 13

Box 1: folder 1
Theodore Baird, Professor of English, Emeritus: "Reflections on Amherst and English 1"
Subject coverage: Coming to Amherst; the English Department in 1927, Professors Whicher, Elliott, and Morton, On teaching English 1 in the early years, Efforts to organize a common Freshman English course, criticisms of English Department teaching, beginnings of English 1, Early English 1 staff, Appointment of Reuben Brower; introduction of English 21, Contributions of Armour Craig to English 1, Description of English 1-2 given to freshmen, World War II years, Staffing English 1, Approach to teaching English 1; establishing a conversation, Making assignments, Satisfaction in teaching English 1, Reading list for teachers and students; assignments never repeated, Attitudes of students toward the course, Presumed origins of English 1, "In the best Amherst tradition" (Tape #OH-25; 2 audiocassettes)
1978 Mar 10-13

Box 1: folder 2
George W. Bain, Samuel A. Hitchcock Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Benjamin Kendall Emerson '65; as a student, joins Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, Desire to study in Germany, Travels with George D. Pratt '93, Difference in faculty: 1926 and 1970's, Reasons for Professor Bain's coming to Amherst College, Origin of Geology as a subject of study, Graduate study in Geology, Edward Hitchcock; as a pioneer geologist, field trips, collecting reptilian tracks, as savior of the college, Frederic Brewster Loomis '96; Interest in fossil vertebrates, field trips and their financial support, George W. Bain's activities; Field work in Ontario and with the Vermont Marble Company, Newfoundland project, beginning of interest in atomic materials, desire to conduct field work in Africa, knowledge of African resources, Association with the Atomic Energy Commission, teaching under five Amherst presidents, Students entering careers in Geology, comments on 1947 "New Curriculum", B. K. Emerson's retirement (Tape #OH-18)
1977 Dec 22

Box 1: folder 3
George Rogers Taylor, George Daniel Olds Professor of Economics, Emeritus
subject coverage: Early years and education, Meets Meiklejohn in Chicago, Comments on Paul Douglas, Amherst Economics Faculty in 1924 (Date of GRT's arrival in Amherst), Economics courses in early years on Faculty, Faculty attitudes concerning Meiklejohn, Comments on "Problems in American Civilization", American Studies at Amherst and elsewhere, As a student at the University of Chicago, Professional interests and studies, Recollections of former economics students, Reminiscences on Stanley King's Administration, Reminiscences on Charles W. Cole's Administration, Reminiscences on Calvin H. Plimpton's Administration, Further comments on Stanley King, Relationship with Amherst trustees, World War II activities and Government work, Comments on Economics colleagues (Tape #OH-10; 2 audiocassettes)
1978 May 19

Box 1: folder 4
Newton F. McKeon, Professor of English and Director of the Robert Frost Library, Emeritus
subject coverage: Efforts by Fremont Rider to establish regional library service, subsequent meetings to discuss regional library service, six college libraries involved, Early cooperative efforts by Mount Holyoke, Smith , and Amherst, Post-war attempts to cooperate, Incorporate of HILC, First location at Mount Holyoke, Messenger service established, Funding of HILC, Building the HILC collection, Handling of periodical subscriptions, Move to large quarters at Mount Holyoke, Transfer of HILC to University of Massachusetts, Hampshire College and Forbes Library join HILC, reasons for 1957 survey by Keyes Metcalf, Interest in HILC at Williams and Trinity Colleges, Faculty attitudes toward HILC, Directors of HILC, Coordinators' attitudes towards HILC, Comments about Flora Belle Ludington, Effects of technology on library operations (Tape #OH-24; 2 audiocassettes)
1977 Dec 2

Box 1: folder 5
J. Seelye Bixler (AC 1916)
Subject coverage: Childhood in Amherst: Julius Seelye (grandfather) in his retirement, "Bessie" Seelye, Amherst Presidential Inaugurations; George Harris, Prexy Meiklejohn, George D. Olds, Pease, Stanley King, Charlie Cole, Cal Plimpton, Bill Ward, Student opinion of Meiklejohn, Opinion of Garman's Administration, on obtaining his M.A., Amherst Town in the 1920's, Fraternities and Alpha Delta Phi; friends, initiation, goat, literary exercises, Friends outside of Alpha Delta Phi, Chi Psi, Phi Kappa Psi, John Mason Tyler, The faculty at Amherst, Glee Club and other musical groups; Gene Stinson, Required Chapel, Student debates and speakers in the chapel on the subject of the war, Robert Frost's visits to Amherst and Commencement speech, Calvin Coolidge's visits, Fred Griffin (Tape #OH-20)
1976 Jan-May

Box 1: folder 6
Admissions Panel Discussion: Abraham H. Lass, Principal, Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, New York; Eugene S. Wilson, Dean of Admissions, Emeritus, Amherst College
Subject coverage: Adolescence and pressure; "self-destructive generation", conceptions of learning, the responsibilities of being a principal, On writing and teaching writing; the connection between the college requirement of a writing sample and the quality of writing taught in high schools, The scores of the College Entrance Board, Reminiscences on Abraham Lincoln High School, National Vocational Guidance Association and Eastern College Personnel Officers Association; creating a record of college admissions, On interviewing students, on reading students' essays, Test scores, experience as Dean of Freshmen, grade inflation, the benefits and downfalls of counselor recommendations, on Early acceptance, Tuition and affordability (Tape #OH-22; 2 audiocassettes)
1978 Jan 25

Box 1: folder 7
Eugene S. Wilson, Dean of Admissions Emeritus, Amherst College
Subject coverage: Coming to Amherst as Alumni Secretary in 1939, Teaching English during World War II, Director of Admission in 1946, "Oversized" class of 1950, Also Dean of Freshmen, Increase in Jewish Applicants, Shift from private to public school predominance, Start of Annual Report to secondary schools, Effect of "New Curriculum" on admission, Professor Arons' Impact on Science 1-2, Opposed to advance placement, Gradual fading of "New Curriculum", Reliance on school counselors in admission, Efforts to increase black applicants, Relations with alumni and schools in admission, Attempts to refine factors of selection, Early decision program introduced, Comments on certain schools and community colleges, Additional comments on Annual Report to schools, Introduction of uniform financial aid application, Activities with educational organizations, Interest in occupational guidance, Attempts to contact overseas alumni in World War II, work as Conscientious Objector in World War II, Reflections on life and career at Amherst (Tape #OH-21, 3 audiocassettes)
1979 Jan 17-18

Box 1: folder 8
Colston E. Warne, Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Biographical data, Economists influential in shaping career, Economics Department on arrival at Amherst, Present departmental offerings compared to 30's, Form jail to Amherst; reasons for leaving Pittsburgh, Comments on department members and former economics students, Comments on Amherst College administrations, Brushes with House Unamerican Activities Committee; vacation field trips to New York City and Washington, Origins of Consumers Union from strike at Consumers research and early days, Consumers Union's present activities, International Organization of Consumers Union formed, Additional Consumers Union publications and services; growth of government interest in consumerism, Refusal to sign Loyalty Oath as member of Nourse Committee under President Truman, Present Expansion of Consumers Union (Tape #OH-13)
1978 Nov 8

Box 1: folder 9
Ralph A. Beebe, Massachusetts Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Reasons for entering Amherst College as a student, Graduate study at Princeton and service in the Student Army Training Corps, Deciding on Chemistry as a career, Amherst's Chemistry faculty in the 1920's, Research at end arrangements with Bristol University, Students who later distinguished themselves in chemistry, Amherst's record in the research by Faculty and graduates; effect of facilities on performance, Effect of 1947 Curriculum on Chemistry Department, Efforts to create an interdisciplinary course with professor Soller of the Physics Department, Comments on the 1947 curriculum's first year science course, Reasons for growth of the Chemistry Department, The Pre-World War II Science Club. (Tape #OH-05)
1978 Jan 4

Box 1: folder 10
Harold H. Plough, Harkness Professor of Biology, Emeritus
subject coverage: Former professors and teaching spans at Amherst, Comments on Professors Frederic B. Loomis and John Mason Tyler, The college's biological facilities in early 1900s, Black Biology students at Amherst, The place of research and teaching in biological studies, Initial grant from Rockefeller Foundation in mid-1930s, Undergraduate research at the College, Development of the teaching of science at Amherst, Effects of the 1947 core curriculum, Need for investigation in teaching the sciences, Leading universities in biological studies, Comments on Amherst administrations, Prof. David Todd as an astronomer; present five-college Astronomy Department, The Neuro-Science Program, Activities with the Atomic Energy Commission, Forthcoming book: The Sea Squirts of the Atlantic Continental Shelf (Tape #OH-11)
1977 Nov 21-22

Box 1: folder 11
Theodore Soller, Professor of Physics, Emeritus
subject coverage: Coming to Amherst, Recollections of undergraduate students, War-time activities at the M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory, Early years at Amherst, Research as part of undergraduate teaching, Beginnings of research in low-temperature physics, Comments on Prof. William Fairbank, Shift from low-temperature to oceanographic research, Post-war collaborative teaching efforts in science, Bringing in Prof. Arnold Arons to head science 102 course, The Ebenezer Strong Snell Museum of Physics, Comments on construction of the Merrill Science Center, Recollections of former colleagues, Comments on Amherst College administrations, Relationships with trustees and alumni, Alumni Visiting Committees, On deciding to make physics a career (Tape #OH-17)
1978 May 7

Box 1: folder 12
Charles H. Morgan, William R. Mead Professor of Art Emeritus
Subject coverage: Graduate background at Harvard and in Europe, Opposition to studio art at Amherst, Efforts to gain recognition for the Humanities at Amherst, Art collections and teaching spread around the campus, Growth of Fine Arts Department, Beginnings of American art instruction at Amherst, Size of facility and collection should reflect size of institution, Comments on contributions of Curator Margaret Toole, Seeking pieces of art and funds to buy others, Early attitude toward museum or institutional career, Amherst graduates in the art field, Recruiting art department faculty, Association with American School of Classical Studies in Athens; restoration of the Angora; approaches to John D. Rockefeller, A.V. Davis, Louise Taft Semple, Building and dedication of the Stoa of Attalos, Interest in excavation of the Angora at Corinth, Reasons for writing book on Michelangelo, Biography of George Bellows; problems over papers with his daughter, Amherst as a background for a student interested in art as a career, Women as artists, Arts and the "New (1947) Curriculum" (Tape #OH-01)
1978 Dec 7

Box 1: folder 13
Mrs. Alice Felt Tyler
Subject coverage: William Seymour Tyler's offspring and family, The old Tyler houses in Amherst, Ainsworth and Greene family connections, Recollections of Martha Dickinson Bianchi, Comments on Meiklejohn, Mrs. Olds, and the Grosvenors, Mrs. Tyler's background and activities in American History at the University of Minnesota, Tyler family correspondence and memorabilia given to Amherst College, Review of Amherst names, John Mason Tyler and origins of the Jones Library, Recollections of Mrs. John Mason Tyler (Tape #OH-12)
1979 May 14

Box 1: folder 14
G. Armour Craig ("Reminiscences of Robert Frost"), Samuel Williston Professor of English
Subject coverage: Robert Frost as a teacher, Personal relationship with Frost and his wife, Robert and Eleanor Frost's relationship, The classes Frost taught, The first Frost Fellowship student, Frost's relationship with Professor Ted Baird, Robert Frost's reactions to student opinion, Dinner with Lord Amherst, his collected works and stance on book signing, Why frost left Amherst, how he came back in 1949 (Tape #OH-19)
1979 Jun 21

Box 1: folder 15
F. Curtis Canfield, Formerly Stanley King Professor of Dramatic Arts
Subject coverage: Entering Amherst College and undergraduate experience, Extracurricular activities in the theatre, Begins career in repertory theatre in Northampton, Invited by President Olds to coach and teach at Amherst, Named instructor in Dramatic arts, Stanley King's interest in theatre, Physical handicaps of College Hall, Building of Kirby Theatre, Masquers performances in Vienna, Burgess Meredith's audition as a freshman and early career, Other students who worked in theatre as alumni, Former student actors who excelled in other professions, Faculty wives served as costume-makers, The liberal arts as background for professional theatre, 1947 Curriculum had no effect on the Dramatic Arts, As Dean of Veterans after World War II, Experiences in television with NBC, (Anne Jackson and Julie Harris candidates for Kirby role in 1948), Maquers television performance of "Julius Caesar" at the Folger Library, Growth of Dramatic Arts at Amherst College, Humanities course offered with Charles and Vincent Morgan (Tape #OH-23; 2 audiocassettes)
1979 Feb 12

Box 1: folder 16
Ralph C. McGoun Jr., Professor of Dramatic Arts, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Early interest in theater, Undergraduate experience in dramatics, Producing plays in College Hall, Construction of Kirby Theater; switch from Biology to Dramatic Arts, Army experience in World War II, Presenting "Julius Caesar" at the Folger Library, Faculty wives as costume-makers, outstanding stage designs at Kirby Theater, 1947 Curriculum effected no changes in Dramatic Arts, Intercollegiate cooperation in casting female roles, Further comments on College Hall inadequacies, Continuing adequacy of Kirby Theater, Working with Kirby Theater directors, Gift of theater collections to Harvard and Williston-Northampton School, Differences in attitudes of Amherst Administrations, Economics of Dramatic Arts activities, Producing "the Belle of Amherst" (Tape #OH-16)
1979 Mar 9

Box 1: folder 17
Margaret Pinckney (Mrs. Stanley) King
Subject coverage: First learning of Amherst; Attorney General William B. '88, Judge Stearns Charles F. '89), George Arthur Plimpton, Being a trustee's wife, Rara Arithmetica (his index of his books on arithmetic), Relationship with Dwight Morrow, Plimpton as chairman of the Board, The Moores, Plimpton's fund-raising efforts and early career as a book salesman, the collection at the Lord Jeffery Inn, The rivalry between Plimpton and Mr. Morgan, Changes to the President's House, an attempt by Williams students to steal the Sabrina Statue, A gate for the College. (Audiotape not available)
1963 Sep

Box 2: folder 18
Willard L. Thorp, Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Career preferences from a variety of experiences, Early years of teaching at Amherst College, Memories of Richard Henry Tawney, Reasons for selecting Economics as a career, Graduate study at Columbia and initial work with the Federal Government, Association with Dun's Review, A Trustee of Associated Gas and Electric, Return to the Economics Department at Amherst College, Political aspects of working for the government, Service with the Departmental of state, Comments on secretaries of stateâ¦, ⦠and President Truman and John J. McCloy, Posts in Yugoslavia, Cyprus, and Bolivia, Comments on Amherst College Presidents; Alexander Meiklejohn, George Daniel Olds, Arthur Stanley Pease, Stanley King, Charles Woolsey Cole, Origins and operation of the Merrill center for Economics, Closing of Merrill Center and return to Amherst College, Comments on Charles E. Merrill, Undergraduate days at Amherst College (Tape #OH-09, 4 audiocassettes)
1978 Mar 23-28

Box 2: folder 19
John William Ward, Former President of the College
Subject coverage: On coming to Amherst, Started professional career in English; reasons for switching to History, Demands of presidency preempt ability to maintain scholarly study, Opportunities, as president, to meet variety of people, Reaction on being invited to become president, Effect of coming to the post from the faculty, Some pleasant aspects of being president, Reflections on proposing the admission of women, Effects of coeducation on the College, some disadvantages of being president, Comments of sitting in at Westover, Relationship with the Board of Trustees, Greatest satisfaction was handling of question of coeducation, On maintaining the quality of the faculty, Consideration of tenure criteria, On the faculty's teaching load, Faculty relationship to discipline and the institution, Comments on liberal education and the curriculum, Liberal education and "teaching" morality, Amherst and Five-College Cooperation, Amherst's connections with Doshisha and the Folger, Discussion of relationship with the faculty, Comments on relationship with campus minority groups, Future plans uncertain (Tape #OH-26; 2 audiocassettes)
1979 Jun 19

Box 2: folder 20

See also: Tape OH-32, John William Ward, WAMH interview, n.d. (no transcript available)

J. Seelye Bixler, Trustee, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Distinguished Amherst College Trustees, Comments on John McCloy '16 and on Lewis W. Douglas '16, Atmosphere of Amherst College Board meetings as compared to other institutional boards, Problems of ethnicity and minority groups, Student-centered vs. subject-centered curriculum, Changes in faculty attitudes toward Amherst College, Faculty and students as members of trustee boards, Geographical representation on trustee boards, Undergraduate fraternity experience and dilemma of decision on fraternities after World War II, Rendition of 1882 Amherst song medley, Preference for teaching; construction of new campus at Colby college, reluctance to see Amherst accept women students, Science courses taken as a student: recollections of Prof. John Mason Tyler, Strength of Amherst is its smallness (Tape #OH-20)
1979 Dec 5

Box 2: folder 21
Rose R. Olver, Professor of Psychology
Subject coverage: Review of women faculty members at Amherst College, Women faculty members at other institutions, Professor Olver's Appointment at Amherst, Initial problems as a woman teacher at Amherst, Joining the Faculty Club, Student reactions to a woman teacher, Comments on Amherst becoming a college for men and women, Thoughts on fraternities, Influence on Five- and Twelve-College exchange on women in the classroom, Effects of increased presence of women in the Valley, Treatment of women faculty members at Amherst, Differences in teaching styles and techniques, Greater difficulty for women to earn a doctorate, Efforts to recruit women teachers in various departments, Desire of some women students to transfer elsewhere, Amherst more diverse than a decade ago, Career aspirations of women and men students, Amherst's preparations to admit women, Comments on previous two administrations, Service as Chair of Dukakis's Commission on the Status of Women, Women's views not exclusive from those of men (Tape #OH-02)
1979 Oct 3

Box 2: folder 22
F. King Turgeon, Professor of French, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Earlier education and appointment to teaching position, Comments on George Olds and the aftermath of Meiklejohn, The faculty of the French Department, The French Department course offerings and the New Curriculum, "Chatterers" Assistants in the French Department and native speakers from Lévy-Despas Fellows, The Language Lab, The Effect of the New Curriculum on the French Department, On conducting foreign language classes in a foreign language, The Effect of the war on students' ability in French, the decision to remove language ability from graduation requirements, his leave in 1928-29; gaining his Ph.D., on the position of assistant professor, Tom Esty, Croc Thompson, the fine arts committee, Professors of Art and Art History, B.K. Emerson, Comments on the Faculty of the time, the pastimes of Fobes, on his experience at the time of World War II (Tape #OH-33)
1979 Oct 30

Box 2: folder 23
J. Alfred Guest, Secretary of the Amherst Alumni Council and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Amherst College, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Reasons for leaving a legal career to return to Amherst, Changes at Amherst between 1946 and 1971, General areas of the Alumni Secretary's responsibilities: fund-raising, career counseling, Amherst Holiday, Alumni College, charter flights, Alumni Visiting Committees, Special Projects: Frank Lay and the Alumni House, President Kennedy's visit to Amherst, college New Year card, Parent's Day, Alumni Address List and Biographical Record, Tinker Hill Ski Area, Special reunion gifts and need for greater Alumni Fund, Working with alumni volunteers; work as Secretary of the Committee on Deferred Gifts and Banquests, Comments on Helen Blanchard and alumni publications, Formation of the New England Colleges Fund, James and Davis Dinners, Senior class dinners, "This is Amherst" weekends for alumni, Role as secretary of the Board of Trustees, Major Trustee decisions affecting the College, Comments on Board Chairmen: Alfred E. Stearns, Richmond Mayo-Smith, Arthur F. Ells, John J. McCloy, Oliver B. Merrill, Attendance at Board Meetings, Outstanding Trustees, On setting age limit for trustees, Faculty membership on the Board, Geographical representation on the board, Rewarding-- and not so rewarding-memories of Amherst (Tape #OH-06; 2 audiocassettes)
1980 Jan 18, 22

Box 2: folder 24
Alfred F. Havighurst, Professor of History, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Enrollment in History 1, Courses taught by Prof. Laurence B. Packard, Growth of History Department, Professor Havighurst joins Department, Comments on Prof. Herbert Percival Gallinger, The Junior Honors Course beginnings, Department meetings, Prof. Charles Sherman joins Department, Professors Sidney Fey and Sidney Packhard join Department, Relationshps of Professors L. Packard, S. Packard, and Newhall, Background of Berkshire History Series, Packard's reaction to 1947 "New Curriculum", Pre-War shortage of office space, lack of secretarial help, Packard and his faculty colleagues, Reading and essay requirements for History 1, Packard's "outside" speaking; reasons for his coming to Amherst, Packard's activities in the American Historical Association, An evening at the Packards' home (Tape #OH-08)
1980 Apr 2

Box 2: folder 25
William A. Mueller, Director of Physical Plant and Services
Subject coverage: Background of Physical Plant and Services, Changes in staff size, Physical Plant and Services' portion of College Budget, housing for faculty and administration, Maintenance of fraternities; property owned by College, Relationship with the Lord Jeffery Inn, Dormitories and Vandalism, History of the tunnel system, Staff hiring and makeup, Union voted down,; hiring of students, Women students and campus security, Extending campus electrical system, Jump in oil costs, Comparison of oil and coal costs; alternative heating possibilities, Rise in electricity costs, Relations with residents in college housing, Seasonal weather problems; contracted maintenance, Meeting unanticipated problems; provisions for the handicapped, student response to and maintenance of new dormitories, Use of the Infirmary; plans for old heating plant, Maintenance at Amherst and at other colleges, Department's greatest needs; future mechanization (Tape #OH-07)
1980 Jan 23

Box 2: folder 26
Mrs. Kendall B. DeBevoise, Curator, Emily Dickinson Homestead
Subject coverage: The renovation of the building, The history of the house; built by Samuel Fowler Dickenson, Comments on having house open to the public: which parts of the house are open, requests to see the house out of visiting hours, strange visiting requests; filming for a Japanese television show, the variety of visitors, the experience of different tour guides, scheduling tour guides, the College's relationship with the house, cooperation with the Historical Society and the Library Board, Visit from Julie Harris, Professor Sewell of Yale, Ralph Franklin (Dickenson Scholar), Relationship with Mrs. Hampson, Marriages at the house, benefits and challenges of the position (Tape #OH-03)
1981 Mar 20

Box 2: folder 27
E. Dwight Salmon, Winkley Professor of History, Emeritus
Subject coverage: Early interest in science and career, Coming to Amherst College, Other faculty in the History Department at the time, the ceremony of faculty meetings, Professor Frink, An incident in which Dave Morton assaulted a police officer, Chapel (and the regulation of chapel cuts), George Whicher, Comments on Mme. Bianchi (Martha Dickinson), Robert Frost and Mrs. Frost's death, fellow faculty members at Amherst, reminiscences about President Stanley King by Eugene S. Wilson (Tape #OH-15; 2 audiocassettes)
1979 Summer

Box 2: folder 28
Mrs. Theodore Soller
Subject coverage: Mrs. Bess Tyler; 8 Tyler Place, Houses in Amherst, the Manthey-Zorns, the Garrisons, the Ploughs, The Bigelows, The Olds House, the Loan System, Margie (wife of Professor Arthur Hopkins), Mr. Bangs and Buildings and Grounds, The Ladies of Amherst College, Mrs. Pease, Geoff Atkinson (dean), Marietta Thompson (wife of Frederic Lincoln Thompson), George and Anne Bain, Gail Kennedy, Henry DeForest Smith, Clarence Eastman, the Tolls, Warren Kimball Greeen, Scott Porter, George Rodgers Taylor, Charlie Cobb, the Masquers (Tape #OH-04)
1980 May 21

Box 2: folder 29
William M. Golding, Manager and Walter R. Lucas, Assistant Manager of Valentine Dining Hall
Subject coverage: How both came to Amherst, The opening of Valentine, student attitudes towards the opening, Stanley King's plans with the fraternities, freshmen requirement, an incident in which Gordon Bridges was hung in effigy, the draft, Ray Frost, table service, printed menus, concerns about getting the students to come to Valentine, Five-College Cooperation, the growing enrollment, Staffing, How the war contributed to Valentine, Faculty use of Valentine, Student workers; pay and hours, College Presidents who used to work at Val; Julian Gibbs, and George May, special meals and ethnic meals, Eric Walgren, The old snack bar, Plates with a pattern of Frenchmen and Indians, catering, Voting out a union, How the admission of women changed the way Valentine operates, Fraternities in Val, Relationship with the residential floor of Valentine, the renovation of the kitchen and storage area, loss of glasses and silverware (Tape #OH-27; 2 audiocassettes)
1981 Feb 4

Box 2: folder 30
Herman A. Greenberg, Reminiscences on Professor [Herbert] Friedman (at Amherst College 1927-1929)
Subject coverage: Friedman's travels and earlier career, Professor Otto C. Glaser (Chairman of the Biology Department), Dean Frederick Woodbridge, Jewish representation at Amherst College, The exclusion of Jews from fraternities, Mr. Tilford and his time after Amherst, the S.S. Soufley, black students at Amherst, the residential situation for non-fraternity students, Harvard Law School, Bull Warren, interactions with Harvard undergraduates. (Audiotape not available)
1982 May 6

Box 2: folder 31

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