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Harbor Press Ephemera Collection, 1924-2006 (Bulk: 1925-1941)
archive boxes, 2 half archive boxes, 2 object storage boxes (3.75 linear ft.)

Printed ephemera produced by the Harbor Press, a commercial printing and design firm in New York City from 1925 to 1942. The collection includes broadsides, invitations, announcements, cards, brochures, programs, menus, bookplates, keepsakes, memorial tributes, letterheads, certificates, advertisements, etc., produced for the Press's mostly New York City clientele, and sometimes for itself.

Terms of Access and Use:

Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the Harbor Press Ephemera Collection for research use. Particularly fragile items are restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Historical Note

The Harbor Press, a fine press printer and publisher in New York City that operated from 1925 to 1942, was founded by John Fass and Roland Wood (AC 1920), together with his wife Elizabeth Wyandt Wood. The two men had formerly worked together at the printing and publishing house of William Edwin Rudge of Mount Vernon, New York. While at Rudge, they had worked alongside renowned book designer Bruce Rogers, and it is clear that Rogers' modernist yet classical design sensibility had a significant influence on the consistently precise, elegant, and finely crafted ornamental style for which the Harbor Press became famous. As president of the firm, Roland Wood brought in the clients; Fass, as vice-president, was mainly responsible for the design and oversaw the shop; and Elizabeth Wood, the secretary, treasurer and office manager, oversaw day-to-day operations.

The Harbor Press was famous for its logo featuring a seahorse, which appeared in dozens of variations on many Harbor Press productions. It was first located on East 34th Street and it developed its business based largely on a New York City clientele - although since several of its clients were New York advertising firms, their work appeared nationwide. It also designed and printed works for New York's most influential bibliophiles, such as the members of the Grolier Club and the Typophiles. The majority of the Press's work, however, was not in book publishing but in a wide variety of commercial job printing.

Sometime after 1930, the Press moved to East 45th Street. Owing mainly to Fass's poor health the Harbor Press closed in 1939. Roland and Elizabeth Wood initially moved to the Marchbanks Press; a year later, the Harbor Press was revived as an imprint, apparently still in close association with the Marchbanks Press. In 1942, when Roland Wood re-entered the military (he had also served in World War I), Marchbanks took over the Harbor Press completely.

Roland Wood returned to his first love, the theater, and went on to have a successful career in acting, on Broadway and later in live television theater. Meanwhile, Fass (his health recovered) continued working as a book designer for leading American publishers as well as a graphic designer specializing in typography for advertising.

New York City Locations of the Harbor Press:

The Harbor Press changed locations several times over the course of its existence. Based on evidence in the ephemera, correspondence and other sources, the following locations have been documented:

  • late 1925 - no later than June 1928: 158 East 34th St., between Lexington and Third
  • no later than June 1928 - late 1930: 142 East 32nd St., between Lexington and Third
  • late 1930 - January 1938: 305 East 45th St., between Second and First
  • January 1938 - May 1942: 114 East 13th St., between Fourth and Third (just off Union Square) [Printing being done by Marchbanks Press. Correspondence during this period has been seen on both Marchbanks and Harbor letterheads.]
Scope and Contents of the Collection

The collection consists of a wide variety of printed ephemera produced by the Harbor Press, a commercial printing and design firm in New York City from 1925 to 1942. It includes broadsides, invitations, announcements, cards, brochures, programs, menus, bookplates, keepsakes, memorial tributes, letterheads, certificates, advertisements, etc., which the Press produced for its mostly New York City clientele, and sometimes for itself. The Press's commercial clients included clubs, publishers, galleries, museums, businesses, churches, colleges and universities, and booksellers; it also did much work for private individuals. Among those individuals, there are two with whom the Harbor Press was especially closely associated: Bella C. Landauer, a collector of ephemera, sheet music, and manufacturing trade cards who also became a self-taught historian of commercial art and printing, many of whose catalogs were printed by the Press and are present in the collection; and Louis How, a poet/lyricist whose works (such as Nursery Rhymes of New York City, Pan and The Other Don Juan) were privately printed in special illustrated editions by the Harbor Press, and are likewise in the collection.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the Harbor Press Ephemera Collection for research use. Particularly fragile items are restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from the collection should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

Preferred Citation

Please use the following format when citing materials from this collection: [Identification of item], in Harbor Press Ephemera Collection [Box #, Folder #], Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College Library.

History of the Collection

Gift of Roland Wood (AC 1920).

Processing Information

Material was organized and listed by John Lancaster, ca. 2006; additional processing was done in 2014 by Peter A. Nelson.

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Contents List

Consists of material documenting the Harbor Press, its founders John Fass and Roland Wood (AC 1920), and a small number of its more prominent authors whose work appeared in Harbor Press editions. It includes photographs, checklists, and clippings.

Miscellaneous checklists of Harbor Press publications
ca. 1943-1954

Box 1: folder 1
Photographs of interior of Harbor Press at 142 East 32nd St.
ca. 1928-1930

Box 1: folder 2
At auction: Printing machinery & equipment of the Harbor Press, Inc. Tuesday, January 18, 1938. New York: Samuel T. Freeman & Co., auctioneers, 1938. "The owners of the Harbor Press, Inc., having decided to discontinue the operation of their plant, have instructed us to sell it at auction."

Box 1: folder 3
Louis How: Ms. copy of the "Who's Who" entry on How, on 2 sheets of Harbor Press memo sheets (with printed heading).

Box 1: folder 4
Envelope containing clippings from newspapers of poems by How, labeled "Red 4/13/47 - duplicates from L.H.'s files."

Box 1: folder 4
Photograph of Louis How (2 copies)

Box 1: folder 4
Information about Bella Landauer (see box 4, folder 9)

Box 1: folder 5
Christmas greeting: "Life temporal." Gabriel Wells. "Arranged by Bruce Rogers. Printed by William Edwin Rudge."

Box 1: folder 6
List of staff of the advertising firm of Kenyon & Eckhardt, including John Fass, who is described as "Operated own printing service, 1925-1938"

Box OS-1: folder 6
Printed keepsake: "Some seahorses of the Harbor Press | New York, 1925-1941 | 100 copies printed as a keepsake for | the Caxton Club, February 15, 2006" by Daria D'Arienzo and John Lancaster

Box 1: folder 7


This series organizes the material by type:
a. Bookplates, Trade Cards, Labels
b. Memorials, Testimonials, Certificates
c. Stationery, Bill Heads, etc.

SUBSERIES: Bookplates, trade cards, labels

Amherst College Library bookplates:
The Wordsworth Collection presented by Cornelius H. Patton of the Class of 1883 (4 copies on 2 different papers)
From the Library of George Hamilton Washburn, Amherst College, 1882. Presented by his son George Edward Washburn of the Class of 1914. (44 copies [43 in a pack])
The Lord Jeffery Amherst Club, Amherst College
The Library of the Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Amherst College (2 copies)
South College Library. Gift of James Turner 1880
Converse Memorial Library. Amherst College (4 copies on 3 different papers)
North College Library. Given in memory of Henry A. King, (73 (2 copies)
George Daniel Olds Library of Mathematics. Gift of his wife and children [equation] (2 versions, with different settings of the equation; 2 copies of one version)
Converse Memorial Library. Amherst College. Purchased from the income of the Henry P. Field bequest. (8 variant proofs plus the final printed plate; accompanied by a letter from Roland Wood to Newton F. McKeon, May 24, 1938, discussing the proofs; Wood's pencil notes on the back of each proof)
Bookplate of Bruce Rogers, with 2 ms. notes that may or may not related to the bookplate; ms. signature at lower right (Arthur Lewis?); may not be a Harbor Press production

Box 2: folder 1
Other bookplates:
Ex libris Edith Noyes (text and image a wood engraving by J. J. Lankes, signed with his initial and dated 1935 [#918 in the Lankes woodcut record, dated 12/16/35]; printed in dark green)
Ex libris Dorothy Bedell (text and image a wood engraving by J. J. Lankes, signed with his initial [#911 in the Lankes woodcut record, dated 12/04/35]; printed in dark green)
Ex libris Gertrude Morgan Hawley (text and image a wood engraving by J. J. Lankes, signed with his initial and dated 1930 [#700 in the Lankes woodcut record; dated 9/26/30])
From the library of the Research Laboratories of Interchemical Corporation (printed in red and black on gray paper, with the company logo; see also mailing labels; stationery)
Ex libris Langhorne Gibson (with motto "Der Abendtag"; unsigned wood engraving of wrecked destroyers)
New York University Library, Washington Square. Gift of Ormond Gerald Smith, Member of the Council
Ex libris Scarsdale Woman's Club (with motto "walk with kings nor lose the common touch"; woodcut of a tree signed "RFB")
Library of the Art Students' League of New York (with an octagonal medallion, printed in blue and black, bearing the motto "nulla dies sine linea" and the date "1875")
Ex libris Emily O(Neill Davies (text and image a wood engraving, unsigned)
New York University. Office of the Comptroller.
This autographed copy of The Story of Nylic is especially dedicated to [blank space] in recognition of distinguished service in the Old Home Contest, April, May, June, 1928 (See the book in AC stacks)
A shipman [long quotation] everett de milt (printed in orange and black on gray paper)
Carola Terwilliger (printed in yellow, orange, blue, and black)
E R M (printed in light blue on vellum-like paper)
Ex libris Rosalie M. & Harold O. Voorhis (with a much larger label bearing extended text about the value of a book and its ownership)
From the library of William Reydel (2 copies) (see also box 5, folder 5)
Hovey House, Land's End (9 proofs, of 3 different designs; one design includes a house, tree, and the sea, with no initials; the other two are typographic, 4 proofs each in different colors, and incorporate the initials "H P"; one proof of each design shows two colors, the central color being a mounted piece, one of which has come loose; the proofs were originally mounted on black paper, but have come loose). There are also 13 copies of the illustrated design with the intials "J F" (presumably John Fass)
Elizabeth & Roland Wood: 2 different sizes (14 copies of the smaller; 7 copies of the larger; one copy of the larger has the names set in swash type)
"Ex libris the Harbor Press, New York"
Phi Chapter (Amherst College) of Chi Phi fraternity; reproduced from a drawing signed "Wood '20." Mounted on yellow paper.

Box 2: folder 1
Mailing labels:
Lyddon & Hanford Company, 110 East Forty Second Street, New York
Japan Society, 36 West 44th Street, New York City
The Research Laboratories of Interchemical Corporation, 432 West 45th Street, New York (see also bookplates; stationery)
T. Spencer Hutson, Publisher, 17 East 14th Street, New York City (with a wood engraving of a printing press)
Lewis Hatch and Company, Bookseller & Publishers, 143 East Fifty-Seventh Street, New York (2 copies on different papers; see also billheads)
Harmon & Irwin, Inc., Bookbinders, 21-23 East 4th Street, New York
The Murdock Studio, Murdock Building, Wichita, Kansas
Boreghese. From Niepolds' Inc., 307 Seventh St. SW, Washington, D.C. (with 9 versions, on different papers, of a label apparently intended to be affixed to art work, photographs, or the like; below the heading "Borghese," as on the mailing label, there are spaces for "Subject," "Artist," "Original," "Number," and "Panel No.")

Box 2: folder 1
Trade cards:
Mr. Lewis Hatch desires to announce that, owing to his inability to renew his lease, he is discontinuing his shop for the present. All communications should be addressed to him at Falls Village, Connecticut. October 1, 1928.
Christmas gifts. F.W. Drewes, Three Maiden Lane, New York City (folder)
I should appreciate the privilege of seeing you when I am in your city on [blank spaces] Benrus Watch Company, New York City
Richard Kingsbury. Illustrations for advertising. Eighteen East Forty First Street, New York City
Reginald Wright Kauffman announces that he no longer has any connection with The Financial Observer or The Observer Publishing Company. His addresses are 435 West 23rd Street, New York City, and "Rockytop," Sebasco Estates, Maine. March 15, 1937
Specimen of advertising prepared in Manhattan by Lyddon & Hanford Co. at 110 East Forty Second Street, New York (label folded at top to be clipped over the specimen)
Hommann, Tarcher & Cornell, Inc. Advertising and Marketing. 25 West 45 Street, New York. Herein are listed the accounts we serve. (folder)
Gerth and Gerth. Design and layout for advertising. Design for manufacturer's products. 307 East 44 Street, New York
Sidney A. Storer, artists representative. 480 Lexington Avenue, New York
Minerva Beveridge Co., 59 West 71st Street, New York. Advertising & publicity (see also letterheads and box 5, folder 1)
Mme Henriette Vittu will make dresses in your home for eight dollars a day.... East Northport, Long Island
Bringing New York to you | Mary Moncure Miller, personal shopper. 342 Madison Avenue, New York City (folder) (see also box 5, folder 1)
Roland A. Wood, Harbor Press (2 different cards; one has written on the back by Wood: "To Ah Lee for a Happy, Happy Easter. 1929. Ro.")

Box 2: folder 1
Labels for book spines or boxes:
Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides. Isham Collection. The Viking Press. (presumably for the 1936 limited edition) See AC copies
Thoughts upon Hunting Kit by Eugene S. Reynal, M.H. (presumably for the 1934 work printed by Harbor Press) (See AC copies)
The story of Gio (presumably for the 1935 edition printed by the Harbor Press for the Japan Society; printed in orange, blue, and black) See AC copy
The Travel Diary of an Angler, By Henry Van Dyke (presumably for the 1929 Derrydale Press edition; printed in blue on gold paper) See AC copy)
Conversation at Midnight, by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Limited edition, copy number [blank space]. Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London (presumably for the box enclosing the book) (See AC copy.)

Box 2: folder 1
Wine bottle label: Chateau Haut-Rien. Clos de Tartarin. 1930 (printed in maroon and black; apparently a spoof)
The Old Print Shop, Harry Shaw Newman. 150 Lexington Ave. at 30th St., New York (with additional text; to be affixed to prints, etc., sold by the shop; 2 labels, one very small) (see also Art. Miscellanous)
[Two blank labels, large and small, with an orange double rule border; in an envelope labeled "Harbor Press for Univ. Club Library"]
Your friends at the factory send best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. [facsimile signature:] R A Holmes (the building depicted has a sign on it reading "The C & K Shop | Soft Hats | Derbies ...")
Announcing | Nancy Cartmel Jones. October 19, 1927. Mary Olive Jones, Stanley Jones, 40 West 11th Street
ca. 1927-1930

Box 2: folder 1
SUBSERIES: Memorials, Testimonials, Certificates

1. Absence: to my wife Anne Lamont Flagler, a promise. January 1940 (a poem by Frances Anne Kemble; French fold, in unprinted French fold wrappers of the same paper)
2. A salute to George Bolmer (by George M. LaMonte; dated December 10, 1926; folder)
3. In memory of Phebe Hart Vail, 1857-1941. Lydia S. Doughty. 1942 (pamphlet)
4. Josephine Roberts Ober (folder in cover; address at her funeral, November 30, 1931)
5. Russell Aubra Hibbs. September 1, 1869 - September 16, 1931. New York, MCMXXXII (obituary, "courtesy of the New York Times," by Karl Vogel; frontispiece portrait; pamphlet)
6. Linda Nolte Nichols. March 27, 1876-March 19, 1938 (French fold, in cover; by Iran Lee Holt; with a duotone [?] photograph)
7. Testimonial banquet tendered to Edward Thomas Bedford by the citizens of Norwalk and vicinity. Wednesday evening, June sixth, nineteen-twenty-eight, Royal James Hotel, Norwalk, Connecticut (menu and program)
8. [blank space] has been enrolled in the Fellowship of Founders whose appreciation and support has facilitated the production of the new 14th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (printed with a gold seal, and facsimile signatures in blue; broadside)
9. William T. Hastings in memoriam. Floor Covering Manufacturers Round Table Group (folder; died December 15, 1935)
10. Charter in the International Library of Visual Aids, Radio City, New York. Film Membership (certificate with blanks; broadside)
11. At the Harvard Club. A dinner tendered to Mr. René Léon ... May 10, 1933 (menu, list of attendees, excerpts from his writing; in an elaborate cover with foil lining)
12. Martha Charlotte Milton. Born July 22, 1851. Died September 6, 1928. A poem [Beyond, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox] read at the services ... September 8, 1928 ... Brooklyn, New York (folder)
13. William Lyman Cowles, 1856-1926. Amherst, Massachusetts, 1927.
ca. 1926-1940

Box 2: folder 2
SUBSERIES: Stationery, Bill Heads, etc.
Note: All are letterheads unless otherwise noted.

1. Stoneleigh College, Rye, N.H. Office of the President, Richard D. Currier.
2. Victor Keppler, 307 East 44th Street, New York City
3. [billhead] Lewis Hatch and Company, Booksellers & Publishers, 143 East Fifty-Seventh Street, New York (see also mailing labels)
4. Richard W. Ellis, designer of books. New York City.
5. [job ticket] Richard Brooks, 10 East 40 Street, New York.
6. Charles H. Blodgett, 85 Barrow Street, New York City.
7. [billhead] Stephen Van Zandt, Inc. Formerly New Jersey Home Builders, Inc. General contractors. 89 Gordonhurst Avenue, Montclair, N.J.
8. Hoyt Case Inc. Rare Books. 24 East 58th Street, New York City.
9. Cornelis Hugh deWitt
10. Philip Sands Graham, Architect. Westport, Connecticut.
11. Harry A. Grace, 6836 Fleet Street, Forest Hills, New York.
12. [Quotation form] Fullerton & Son, Rare Books. 598 Madison Avenue, New York City.
13. Freericks and Christie, 285 Madison Avenue, New York City.
14. Harold Gillum, Fine Flies. Ridgefield, Connecticut.
15. The Artists Guild, Graybar Building, 420 Lexington Ave., New York.
16. B. F. Brown Paper Company, 220 West 18th Street, New York. (with a note about the paper the letterhead is printed on)
17. The Paul Cornell Company, Inc. Advertising & marketing. 28 West 44th Street, New York.
18. Arthur Swann, rare books, autographs, appraisements. 598 Madison Avenue, New York.
19. Continental Typefounders Association, Inc. 248 West 40th Street, New York. (with a note that the letterhead is set in Frederic W. Goudy's new type face, Deepdene, and ordering information for the type)
20. The Chaucer Head, Inc. First editions of standard authors in contemporary bindings; private press and Haslewood books. 32 W. 47 St., New York. (with a portrait of Chaucer)
21. Thomas N. Fairbanks Company, Inc. 373 Fourth Avenue, New York, N.Y. (see also its announcement in box 4, folder 3)
22. Crosby Gaige, Publisher. 229 West 42nd Street, New York. (with a billhead for the firm)
23. The Research Laboratories of Interchemical Corporation, 432 West 45th Street, New York (see also mailing labels; bookplates)
24. News Flashes. Confidential information distributed by the Educational Commission of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, 461 Eighth Avenue, New York.
25. The Limited Editions Club, Inc. 551 Fifth Avenue, New York.
26. Minerva Beveridge Company, Fifty-Nine West Seventy-First Street, New York City. (see also trade cards and box 5, folder 1)
27. The National Society of Mural Painters. 115 East 40th Street.
28. Plaut, Dworkin Company, Inc. Customs brokers and freight forwarders. 44 Whitehall Street, New York.
29. Laymen's Committee of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., No. 469 Fifth Avenue, New York.
30. Red Gate Kennels and Game Farm. Yaphank, Long Island, N.Y.
31. H. B. Sharman, Studio House, at Pebble Beach in California.
32. Society for the Prevention of Crime, 270 Broadway, New York City.
33. Studio of Walter Steinhilber, 140 East 40th St.
34. Studio of Walter Steinhilber, 18 West 49th St.
35. Storer Films, Grand Central Terminal, New York City.
36. The Lord Jeffery, Amherst, Mass. (2 versions, one with a picture of Jeffery Amherst)

Box 2: folder 3


This series organizes the material by types of clients, with miscellaneous or unidentified material at the end.

  • a. Printing for Art (Exhibits, dealers, etc.)
  • b. Printing for Booksellers
  • c. Printing for Churches
  • d. Printing for Clubs and Societies
  • e. Printing for Colleges, Universities, and Schools
  • f. Printing for Commerce and Industry
  • g. Miscellaneous and Unidentified

SUBSERIES: Printing for Art (Exhibits, dealers, etc.)

Art Alliance of America - Art Center
ca. 1927-1930

Box 2: folder 4
NOTE: The Art Alliance is one of seven societies who together operated the Art Center; it seems to have been the principal one; at least, it had its headquarters in the Art Center.
1. Opportunity Gallery: descriptive pamphlet and catalogues for first (only?) two years' shows
2. Competition for living room furniture design
3. News v. 1, no. 2 (May 1927) and unnumbered (April 1928)
4. Invitation to dinner in honor of the first president of the Art Center, Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock, (May 7, 1930; 10th anniversary of the founding of the Center)
5. Catalogue of sculpture exhibition of Fausta Vittoria Mengarini, Nov. 1928, with invitation
6. Catalogue of sculpture exhibition of Nina Saemundson
7. Four items relating to exhibitions of the Léonie Gilmour collection (oriental stones and Japanese prints), one for an exhibition at the Sarah Ireland Studio (apparently just before the Art Center exhibition)
8. Annual report, April 24, 1929
9. Invitation to a memorial exhibition for Edward Penfield, former president of the Society of Illustrators
10. Invitation to an exhibition of contemporary decorative art, with a talk by Paul T. Frankl, Feb. 25, 1927
11. Invitation to a dinner dance
12. Announcements of the annual exhibition of Christmas and greeting cards, for five years including 1927
13. Invitation to the opening of the lounge, decorated by Mrs. John Blanchard

Box 2: folder 4
Art - Miscellaneous
1. Wildenstein & Co. Paintings by John Young-Hunter. Jan.-Feb. 1936
2. Wildenstein & Co. Memorial exhibition for Hilda Kristina Lascari. May 1937
3. Wildenstein & Co. Loan exhibition of paintings by Edouard Manet.
4. Wildenstein & Co. Exhibition of paintings by A. Muller-Ury. April-May 1937
5. Wildenstein & Co. Society of Arts and Crafts loan exhibition of French paintings
6. M. A. McDonald. Wenceslaus Hollar: an exhibition of etchings. Nov. 1941
7. M. A. McDonald. William Hogarth: an exhibition of engravings. Feb. 1941
8. M. A. McDonald. The elder Peter Breugel: an exhibition of engravings. Jan.-Feb. 1940
9. Grand Central Art Galleries. Imaginative paintings by Paget-Fredericks. Nov. 1927 (2 copies)
10. M. Knoedler & Co. Invitation to an exhibition of color and sporting prints. Dec. 1925-Jan. 1926
11. The Old Print Shop. Invitation to an exhibition of Currier & Ives. (See also Labels: Miscellanous)
12. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Invitation to display at the 10th annual exhibition of American industrial art. Dec. 1926-Jan. 1927
13. National Academy of Design. Invitation to the 111th annual exhibition
14. The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia. Currier & Ives exhibition from the Old Print Shop (see above)
15. The Playhouse, Litchfield, Conn. Currier & Ives exhibition from the Old Print Shop (see above)
16. The Old Print Shop. Announcement that Harry Shaw Newman will continue the business. Nov. 1, 1928
17. Georgette Passedoit. Sculpture exhibition
18. Artist Color Proof Associates. Catalogue of an exhibition of proofs at the Charles L. Morgan Galleries, and a pamphlet about the technique by Morgan
19. Charles L. Morgan Galleries. Jean Charlot exhibition. Nov. 193
20. Kennedy and Co. An exhibition of etchings and lithographs by Alfred Hutty. Feb. 1929
21. Jacques Seligmann & Co. Picasso exhibition
22. Jacques Seligmann & Co. Courbet to Seurat. March-April 1937.
ca. 1925-1941

Box 2: folder 5
SUBSERIES: Printing for Booksellers

Holliday Bookshop:
1. Christmas list, 1927
2. Cat. 1, Oct. 1929
3. Cat. 2, spring 1930
4. Cat. 3, spring 1931
5. Christmas lists for 1933, 1934, 1936, and 1937
6. 100 Good Books (undated)
ca. 1927-1937

Box 2: folder 6
Miscellaneous Booksellers:
1. American Booksellers Association. Two circulars about assembling and presenting a "Home Library for the White House." Presented April 1930.
2. Blue Faun Bookshop. Subscription form for a limited edition publication of Achilles Tatius, The Most Delectable and Pleasant Historie of Clitiphon and Leucippe. [NOTE: this edition was published with a title-page date of 1923, with a colophon indicating that 104 copies were for sale in the U.S.; therefore, this may not be a Harbor Press item as it was not in existence that early. U.S. publisher of record was B. G. Guerney.]
3. The Book Shop, Boston. Prospectus for Robert Hillyer's A Letter to Robert Frost [published 1937].
4. Britannica Book Shop. Catalogue of an exhibition: American clipper ships, dry points by Carl Wingate.
5. Channel Bookshop. 2 issues of Channel Soundings, Feb. & Dec. 1927.
6. Hoyt Case. Catalogues 6 and 7.
7. Duttons, Inc. Prospectus for Edward Lear on My Shelves.
8. Fullerton & Son. Catalogue. Jan. 1930.
9. Laurence Gomme, consulting bookseller. Announcement.
10. Hampshire Bookshop, Northampton, Mass. Bookmark.
11. House of Books. Announcement of an exhibition of books, etc., printed at the Harbor Press. Feb. 1931.
12. Little Book Store. Announcement.
13. Maggs Bros., London. Invitation to an exhibition in St. Louis, March 1929.
14. Ernest Dressel North. Catalogue 109. 1931.
15. Ernest Dressel North. Announcement of an exhibition of drawings. Dec. 1931.
16. Ernest Dressel North. Advertisement.
17. Edgar H. Wells & Co. Christmas list, 1934.
18. Edgar H. Wells & Co. New and forthcoming books, late spring and summer 1928.
19. Walden Book Shop, Chicago. Bibliographical notes on Ernest Hemingway. Oct. 1930.
20. Walden Book Shop, Chicago. Catalogue, autumn 1929.
21. Walden Book Shop, Chicago. Catalogue, undated.
ca. 1923-1937

Box 2: folder 7
SUBSERIES: Printing for Churches

Catholic Church:
1. The Way of the Cross, by Morton C. Stone. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1933.
2. Program for dinner in honor of C. C. Clifford, Jan. 30, 1934; with an insert illustrating the gold medal he received.
3. Advertisements for the Liturgical Arts Society; Christmas card from them; insert about mosaics published in their journal; announcement of a course of lectures, 1934-35; invitation to a Small Church exhibition, May-June 1933; reports for 1932, presented Feb. 1933
4. Advertisement for National Circuit (a Catholic motion picture distributor)
5. Petition of the Saint Paul Guild
6. Catholic Thought Association. Advertisement, [1937?]
7. Catholic Boys' Clubs of New York: concert announcement
8. Folder with a cardinal's arms on cover in color
9. 3 bookmarks with illustration and Latin text
ca. 1933-1937

Box 2: folder 8
Miscellaneous churches:
1. Huguenot Church House, Pelham, N.Y. Pamphlet, with insert of floor plans, 1929. Invitation.
2. Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Laymen's Committee. Fund raising leaflet (2 copies). List of members. Newsletter, The Laymen's Reminder (no. 1, March 1926)
3. Brick Church. Flyer.
4. St. Bartholomew's Church. Request for funds for a bust of Robert Norwood, by Elizabeth Randolph Gardner.
5. Church of the Holy Communion, South Orange, N.J. Broadside resolution on departure of George A. Hanna.
ca. 1926-1929

Box 2: folder 9
SUBSERIES: Printing for Clubs and Societies

American Institute of Graphic Arts:
1. Printed note thanking the Harbor Press for printing Extracts from the Diary of Roger Payne, the 33rd keepsake of a series; mentions Wood, Fass, and David W. Taylor. Oct. 1928. (2 copies)
2. Fifty Books of the Year: material relating to the exhibitions of 1929, 1930, 1935, and 1936; also Fifty Prints of the Year, Oct. 1928; and Fifty British Books, 1930
3. Printing for Commerce: material relating to the exhibitions of 1927, 1929, 1931, and 1933
4. 2nd Annual Gala Book Auction: 4 items relating to the 1934 auction
5. Program for dinner for Francis Meynell, London, and W. D. [sic] Dwiggins, 1929 [another copy is in folder below: The Crows]
6. Special meeting, Dec. 1931, to view exhibition of modern graphic art from Offenbach-am-Main
7. Invitation to annual meeting, May 23, 1928 (2 copies)
8. Change of address card
9. Golden Days in the Graphic Arts (1929?)
10. An Exhibition of the Work of Rudolph Ruzicka, 1935 (cover only; the text was printed elsewhere). See AC copy of book.
ca. 1927-1936

Box 2: folder 10
Grolier Club:
1. [after 1924] Folder about a memorial to Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue
2. [1925?] List of subjects under consideration for exhibitions
3. 1926 March. Philip Ashton Rollins on the exhibition of books of the Middle West (with guest invitation card)
4. 1926 Nov. Catalogue of type specimen books on exhibition, with invitation to a talk by Carl Purington Rollins
5. 1926 Nov. Announcement of Saturday luncheons (2 copies)
6. 1926 Dec. George Parker Winship on Cruikshank exhibition (2 copies, one with guest invitation card)
7. 1927 Feb. Etchings by Jacques Beurdeley (with guest invitation card; also 2 copies of unfolded sheet)
8. 1927 March. John Mulholland on books on magic.
9. 1927 April. Henry Watson Kent on "The Montgomery Monument"
10. 1927 [September?] Announcement of the year's program, 1927-28
11. 1927 Oct. Invitation to dinner at the Knickerbocker Club
12. 1927 Nov. George F. Kunz on books on jewels
13. 1927 Dec. Geofroy Tory and his Champ fleury
14. 1928 Jan. Auction of Grolier Club publications
15. 1928 Feb. Publications by Book Clubs
16. 1928 Oct. Annual dinner
17. 1929 Jan. Report of the treasurer
18. 1929 Jan. Auction of Grolier Club publications
19. 1929 Nov. Harry T. Peters on Currier & Ives
20. 1929 Dec. Invitation to meeting
21. 1930 Feb. Seymour de Ricci on 18th-century French illustrated books
22. 1931 Nov. Dixon Ryan Fox on George Washington
23. 1932 Feb. Howard Duffield on Edwin Drood
24. 1932 Nov. Roger Bigelow Merriman on Spanish books
25. 1932 Dec. Philip Hofer on Spanish books
26. 1933 Jan. Spanish books exhibition continues
27. 1933 Feb. William M. Ivins, Jr., on Daumier
28. 1933 March. Edmund Pearson on crime
29. 1933. Publication announcement of Haebler's The Study of Incunabula, translated by Lucy Eugenia Osborne (with, apparently, an early sample title page and page)
30. 1933 Dec. Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., on Winslow Homer
31. 1933 Dec. Invitation to 50th anniversary dinner
32. [1934 Jan.?] Nominations for Council class of 1937
33. 1934 Jan. Menu for 50th anniversary dinner
34. 1934 Jan. Announcement of 50th annual meeting
35. 1934 Nov. Frank Weitenkampf on Alois Senefelder
36. 1934 Dec. Announcement of dinner
37. [1935?] March. Dan Fellows Platt on Italian drawings
38. 1936 March. Clarence Saunders Brigham on Paul Revere
39. 1936 Nov. Seymour de Ricci on book collectors of the past
40. 1936 Dec. Lucius Wilmerding on Jean Grolier
41. 1937 Feb. E. P. Goldschmidt on Geofroy Tory and Oronce Finé
42. 1937 Dec. Publication of Robert W. Henderson, Early American Sport

Box 2: folder 11
Lotos Club:
1. Menu
2. Wine list
3. Dinner honoring Lewis W. Douglas, Nov. 1935
4. Dinner honoring the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, Nov. 1936
5. Dinner honoring Alexander Woollcott, Feb. 1937
6. Dinner honoring Dorothy Thompson, Nov. 1937
7. Second notice [about the following:]
8. Chez nous, March 1936
9. Lotos Mondays
10. Final notice, Aviation luncheon commemorating the flight of Charles A. Lindbergh, May 1937
11. Announcement of a dinner in honor of Harry Woodburn Chase, Jan. 1937
ca. 1935-1937

Box 3: folder 1
Symphony Society of New York:
1. Program for a benefit performance by Rudolf Serkin et al. at a private home
[The remainder relate to the 50th anniversary season, 1927-28]
2. "Fifty years of the New York Symphony Orchestra," by Richard Aldrich
3. Program notes, March 3, 1928
4. President's report at the annual meeting, May 14, 1928
5. Program for the 50th anniversary concert, Feb. 10, 1928
6. Preliminary prospectus 1927-1928 [front cover of a folder only; interior and back blank]
ca. 1927-1928

Box 3: folder 2
Trinity Audit Ale Association:
NOTE: See also oversize material, box OS-1, folder 7.
1. Another issue, different in content, of the periodical is present as three long sheets stapled at top. 2 versions, one (c)1937, the other undated, with slight variations in setting of small portions.
2. A third issue, headed "Broadside edition," is a single sheet, (c)1937.
3. "Certificate of issue," with blanks for case number and recipient, for "Brew number one maturing autumn 1936."
4. Label for a bottle, "Contents 26 fluid ounces."
5. Label (for a case?)
ca. 1936-1937

Box 3: folder 3
[Note: only the first of these appears to be a Typophiles production.]
1. BaRnacles from many bottoms. "BR" refers to Bruce Rogers. Apparently the title page and verso only, with blank conjugate leaf; with a card apparently to accompany copies of the book, stating "Here's yours." [The book was printed by the Harbor Press.]
2. The Ampersand in Schoolroom Song & Barroom. Colophon: Written by Charles M. Adams. Designed by John Fass. Set into types at the Harbor Press. Printed by John Archer. 1934 or later (a footnote cites a book published in 1934). [No apparent Typophile connection.]
3. "A special luncheon of the Stowaways will be held on Wednesday, July 20, 1927...." [A note by N. F. McKeon references the New Colophon II.6, p. 144.]
4. "Lord help poor sea horses on a day like this!" [No apparent Typophile connection.]
ca. 1927-1934

Box 3: folder 4
Miscellaneous Associations:
1. Roosevelt Memorial Association
a. Dinner, 1926; medal presented to William Sowden Sims, Albert J. Beveridge, and Daniel Carter Beard
b. Dinner, 1927; medal presented to Herbert Hoover, John Bassett Moore, and John J. Pershing
c. Dinner, 1928; medal presented to Charles Evans Hughes, Frank M. Chapman, and Charles A. Lindbergh
d. Dinner, 1932; medal presented to Robert Andrews Millikan (with a copy of the invitation)
e. Dinner, 1934; medal presented to Samuel Seabury and William Allen White
f. Dinner, 1935; medal presented to William Hallock Park
g. Dinner, 1936; no medal presented
h. Invitation to the 1937 dinner; medal to be presented to Helen Keller and James Hardy Dillard
i. Fund-raising pamphlet (23, [1] pp.) about the Association
2. American Chemical Industries
a. Tercentenary pamphlet, 1935: The Library and Learning of John Winthrop the Younger.
3. Kosciuszko Foundation
a. Presentation slip ("With the compliments of ...")
b. Announcement of a volume containing testimonials to Ignace Paderewski, to be published [Harbor Press did not print this; copies at Smith and AC/Music]
4. New York Library Club
a. Program of a "Visit to New York City of the foreign delegates to the American Library Association conference," 1926
5. National Association of Book Publishers
a. Menu for ninth annual luncheon, 1929; speakers: Will James, Arthur E. Bostwick, and Will Rogers
b. Agenda for ninth annual meeting, preceding the luncheon, 1929
c. Menu for eleventh annual luncheon, 1931; speakers: Maurice Hindus and George S. Chappell
d. Menu for twelfth annual luncheon, 1932; speakers: Robert Lynd and Inez Haynes Irwin
e. Menu for fourteenth annual luncheon, 1934; speakers: Stuart Chase, Marc Connelly, Cedric Crowell, and Ely Culbertson
f. Pamphlet of "High school projects for Book Week, November 11th to 17th, 1928"
g. Pamphlet of "Grade school projects for Book Week, November 11 to 17, 1928"
ca. 1926-1936

Box 3: folder 5
Miscellaneous Clubs and Societies:
1. Angler's Club of New York
a. Menu for 24th annual dinner, 1930
b. Menu for 25th annual dinner, 1931
c. Invitation to 28th annual dinner, 1934
2. Art Commission Associates
a. Menu for 14th annual dinner, 1927
3. Century Club: An Exhibition of Some American Trade Books Published after 1922, and of Stages in the Design and Technique of Bookmaking. 1932. Introduction by Royal Cortissoz.
4. Calvert Associates: Program for the 10th annual celebration of the founding of Maryland, 1932.
5. National Society of Mural Painters
a. Announcement of an exhibition arranged by the Mural Painters Society; before 1936 (name changed Jan. 1936)
b. Constitution and by-laws (announcing name change from (Mural Painters Society( in January 1936); with a slip laid in giving officers for 1936-37
6. The Garden Club of Bound Brook
a. Program 1926-1927
b. Program 1927-1928
c. Program 1928-1929
7. The Carteret Book Club, Newark, N.J.
a. Announcement of The Pageant of Newark-on-Trent, by L. H. Patterson, printed by the Harbor Press
8. The Crows [Not apparent how connected with the Harbor Press.]
a. Invitation to dinner with Stanley Morison. 2 versions, one preliminary ("Our guest is now upon the high seas..."). With a place card for Roland A. Wood, giving the date as 1933 and the place as the Amherst Club; also a final invitation with reply slip and reply envelope
b. Program for dinner for Francis Meynell, London, and W. D. [sic] Dwiggins, 1929. 2 copies; one is Roland Wood's copy, with his name circled in red. With a typed list of attendees. [Another copy is in box 2, folder 10: American Institute of Graphic Arts]
c. Invitation to dinner for Oliver Simon
d. Letterhead; address is 239 West 43d Street
e. Invitation to dinner with Willy Wiegand
9. Japan Society
a. Title page and frontispiece for The Story of Gio, 1935 (apparently removed from a sewn copy); printed by the Harbor Press. With a copy of the label for cover (another copy of the label is in folder 1 above), and an untrimmed copy (proof?) of p. 1
10. The Woman's Civic Club, Inc., of Katonah, N.Y.: Announcement of a series of lectures by Ida Wright Bowman, 1927
11. Ye National Societie of ye Colonial Dames of ye State of New York
a. Chap book, 1927
b. Announcement of a "partie," 1927
12. The Cap and Gown Club of Princeton University: Resolution on the resignation of William Hamilton English, 1932 (2 copies)
13. Double Crown Club, London: Presentation leaflet for extra copies of "a recently published monograph by Frederic Warde" courtesy of the Harvard University Press (2 copies, one signed by Bruce Rogers)
14. Building Trades Club: Craftsmen's News, vol. VIII, no. X, Dec. 1931 (2 copies)
15. Rowfant Club, Cleveland
a. Yearbook, 1935 (first gathering only)
b. Yearbook, 1936 (first gathering only)
16. Rutland Country Club: Menu for the Men's Dinner, 1927
17. Shakespeare Club: Announcement of 30th anniversary celebration, 1934
18. Shorehaven Golf Club, South Norwalk, Conn.
a. Dance schedule, 1930
b. Dinner dance invitation, no date
19. LXIVmos
a. News-Letter, no. 1, November 1, 1927
20. The Society of Arts and Sciences: Menu for O. Henry Memorial annual prize story dinner, 1928
21. Sorosis: Menu for 69th anniversary breakfast, 1937
22. Union League Club
a. Catalogue of an exhibition of paintings lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1935
b. Catalogue of an exhibition of paintings by eminent American artists, 1936
c. Catalogue of an exhibition of American paintings from the Chester Dale collection, 1937
23. Yale Club of New York
a. Second annual amateur art show, 1936
b. First inter-club amateur art show, 1937
24. Siwanoy Council, Boy Scouts (2 copies)
a. Fund-raising pamphlet for a new camp
ca. 1926-1937

Box 3: folder 6
SUBSERIES: Printing for Colleges, Universities, and Schools

Amherst Association of New York:
1. Letterhead
2. Announcement of annual dinner, 1924 [Presumably not printed by the Harbor Press]
3. Announcement, reminder (2 copies), and menu (3 copies) for annual dinner, 1926
4. Invitation to annual dinner, 1927, with menu, response card (2 copies) for a gift to retiring president George Daniel Olds, and printed letters of appreciation for the gift from Olds and his wife (4 copies of the invitation leaflet, 2 folded, 2 flat; 3 copies of the letters)
5. Announcement (4 copies) and response card for annual dinner, 1928
6. Announcement (3 copies), postcard announcement (2 copies), reply slip, admission ticket, and menu (2 copies) for the annual dinner, 1929
7. Announcement (3 copies), reply slip, blank dues notice, and menu (3 copies) for annual dinner, 1930
8. Announcement (2 copies), two different postcard announcements, reply slip, admission ticket, and menu for annual dinner, 1931
9. Announcements (folder, card, and postcard) and menu for annual dinner, 1937 (2 copies of each)
10. Dues notice (undated but after formation of the Amherst Club of New York
ca. 1924-1937

Box 3: folder 7
Amherst Club of New York:
NOTE: See also a placecard under The Crows above.
NOTE: See also oversize Announcements in box OS-1, folder 6.
1. The Amherst Club News. Vol. 1, nos. 3 (March 1934), 6 (June 1934), 8 (May 1935; 2 copies)
2. Letterhead (2 copies)
3. Form letter about monthly Sing, March 1926
4. Form letter seeking new members, December 1926 (2 copies)
5. Form letter about spring reunion, May 1927 (2 copies)
6. Form letter asking members to use the Club's dining facilities for private parties, Dec. 1934
7. Form letter about planned renovations, December 1935
8. Announcement of Amherst College Musical Clubs annual concert and dance, 1926 (2 copies), with 6 admission tickets and one door pass
9. Program (3 copies) and announcements (sheet [3 copies], postcard [2 copies], and card [4 copies]) of Amherst College Musical Clubs 4th annual concert and dance, 1927, with 2 admission tickets
10. Program (2 copies) and announcements (sheet [3 copies] and postcard) of Amherst College Musical Clubs 6th annual concert and dance, 1929, with two different admission tickets (for different prices)
11. Program (2 copies) and 3 admission tickets for Amherst College Musical Clubs annual concert and dance, 1930
12. Notice of annual meeting, 1926 (2 copies)
13. Notice of annual meeting, 1927 (4 copies)
14. Announcements of events, April (2 copies), Sept. (2 copies), and Oct. 1927
15. Breakfast menus (2 different: one a folder, one a single card; 2 copies of the latter)
16. Postcard invitation for a class supper, Class of 1916
17. Postcard invitation for a class dinner, Class of 1902
18. Postcard invitation for class group dinners, with blanks for class years and date of dinner
19. Postcard invitation to a radio broadcast of the Amherst-Williams football game
20. Postcard invitation to a direct wire connection for the Amherst-Wesleyan football game
21. Postcard invitations to a direct wire connection for the Amherst-Williams football game (two different games)
22. Invitation to a direct wire connection for the Amherst-Williams football game (different from above), with a map of the Club's location on the verso
23. Postcard invitation for a Haverford-Amherst joint smoker
24. Postcard invitation for a talk on the Bermuda Yacht Race by John Atwater, Class of 1915
25. Postcard invitation for a special coach trip to the Amherst-Princeton football game (2 copies)
26. Menu for Amherst Football Dinner, 1926 (2 copies)
27. Menu/place card for Amherst Football Dinner, Nov. 23, 1927 (4 copies)
28. Menu for Amherst Freshman Football Dinner, Dec. 10, 1927 (3 copies)
29. Menu for swimming team dinner (Little Three champions), 1929 (2 copies)
30. Menu for Amherst Football Dinner, 1929 (2 copies)
31. Invitation to a "sub-freshman" smoker for the Class of 1938, on Sept. 13; presumably this would be Sept. 1934 (4 copies)
32. "To Amherst Lady Jeffreyettes" about the Club's facilities for ladies (3 copies)
33. "Please read these important notes" about Club activities (4 copies)
34. Calendars of events for Feb. and March (2 copies), 1926
35. Menu for Richard W. Clarke's bachelor dinner, 1927 (3 copies)
36. Invitation to 1926 golf tournament and sub-freshman smoker
37. Double postcard: announcement and reply card for annual spring reunion
38. Double postcard: announcement and reply card for class dinner (specific class not indicated)
39. Wine list
40. Spirits list (2 copies)
41. Invitation to a dinner, 1928
42. Requests for contributions to the Christmas fund for employees (3 different ones)
43. Thank-you card for contributions to the Christmas fund (2 copies)
44. Pamphlet about the Club, with photos (3 copies; another copy removed for Archives and Special Collections)
45. Menu for dinner in honor of Lewis W. Douglas, Class of 1916; 1935 (3 copies)
46. Advertisement for private dining rooms
47. Membership solicitation (2 copies)
48. Request for prompt payment of dues (4 copies)
49. Advertisement for dining in the garden (3 different ones; 2 copies of one)
50. Announcement of new Governor's Room for parties, receptions, etc.
51. Membership application form
52. Guest card
53. "The first Amherst etching": an invitation to reserve copies of the etching of Johnson Chapel by Chester B. Price (3 copies) (reproduced on the 1935 New Year's card; see box 4, folder 2, no. 12)
54. Program and menu for the Fordham University Law School Moot Court, 1926, at the Amherst Club; the main event is "Burns vs. Taft" [other copies, with tickets, in nos. 22 and 26 below]
55. "Looking forward" (about the Club's financial difficulties), 1935
ca. 1926-1935

Box 3: folder 8
Amherst College:
1. Program for the dedication of the Folger Shakespeare Library, 1932 (2 copies), with invitation (2 copies), admission card, and notice of limited seating
2. Letterhead (half sheet) for Converse Memorial Library, Robert S. Fletcher, Librarian
3. Blank acknowledgment slip for gifts to Converse Memorial Library, with spaces for name of donor and description of gift
4. Blank admission certificates for the classes of 1939, 1940, and 1941 (2 copies of the first and last)
5. Blank certificate of award of the John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship in Theology (2 copies)
6. Blank certificate of award of the Forris Jewett Moore Fellowship in Philosophy (2 copies)
7. Memorial Rooms at Amherst College (3 copies)
8. Invitations to various luncheons with honorary degree recipients (2 copies for June 21; 1 copy for June 16; 1 copy for June 20)
9. Invitation to Commencement week exercises (2 copies)
10. Commencement admission ticket (2 copies)
11. Program for inauguration of Stanley King, 1932 (2 copies)
12. Invitation to the inauguration of Stanley King, 1932
13. Acknowledgment slips for gifts to the Alumni Fund (3 copies of one generic version; 3 copies of a different generic version; 2 copies of a version with blanks for name and amount)
14. Slip "With the compliments of the Trustees of Amherst College" (3 copies)
15. Letterhead for the Lord Jeffery Inn, with list of 5 directors headed by A. C. James (2 copies, one with "Office of the Treasurer" added at upper right)
16. Letterhead for the Lord Jeffery Inn, with list of 7 directors headed by F. L. Babbott (2 copies)
17. Letterhead for the Lord Jeffery Inn, with no list of directors and a thick-thin rule border
18. Menu and program for the initiation banquet for Phi Delta Theta, 1928 (2 copies)
ca. 1928-1937

Box 4: folder 1
Amherst College Alumni Council:
1. Solicitation for subscriptions to the Graduates' Quarterly, with printed signature of Roland Wood, chairman of the Committee on Graduates' Quarterly
2. Program and menu for the Fordham University Law School Moot Court, 1926, at the Amherst Club; the main event is "Burns vs. Taft" (with ticket) [other copies in box 2, folder 8; and box 3, folder 6]
3. New Year's card, 1926 (3 copies)
4. New Year's card, 1927 (3 copies, with 2 proofs of the block)
5. New Year's card, 1928 (3 copies)
6. New Year's card, 1929 (4 copies)
7. New Year's card, 1930 (3 copies)
8. New Year's card, 1931 (2 copies)
9. New Year's card, 1932 (3 copies)
10. New Year's card, 1933 (3 copies)
11. New Year's card, 1934 (4 copies)
12. New Year's card, 1935 (3 copies) (with reproduction of the etching of Johnson Chapel by Chester B. Price; see also box 2, folder 8, no. 53)
13. New Year's card, 1936 (3 copies)
14. New Year's card, 1937 (2 copies)
15. New Year's card, 1938 (3 copies)
16. New Year's card, 1939
17. Calendar of events, 1926
18. Mailing label

Box 4: folder 2
Amherst College Classes:
1. Class of 1897: Announcement of "first annual ninety seven spring reunion at Amherst," 1928 (2 copies)
2. Class of 1908: The Come Across, v. 4, no. 14; v. 5, no. 10 (2 copies); v. 6, no. 3 (3 copies)
3. Class of 1919: Gab-let, Feb. 1928 (2 copies)
4. Class of 1920: The Cud, no. 5 (sexquicentennial [sic] reunion number [i.e. for 1926]) (2 copies);
Sexennial reunion letterhead (2 copies);
Sexennial reunion letterhead with mimeographed (?) text (2 copies);
Tenth reunion letterhead
ca. 1926-1930

Box 4: folder 3
Columbia University:
1. Announcement of Barnard summer school, 1927
2. Exhibition announcement/poster and catalogue of an exhibition from the Montgomery Library of Accountancy, 1937
3. Catalogue of an exhibition illustrating the life and work of Edward MacDowell, 1861-1908
4. Program for exercises commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain's birth
5. Card listing dining hall hours
6. Announcement of a private exhibition of early English news-pamphlets and newspapers, lent to Columbia and displayed at the Waldord-Astoria
7. Program for a dinner of welcome, Men's Faculty Club, 1936

Box 4: folder 4
New York University:
NOTE: see also box OS-1, folder 9.
1. Posters announcing evening courses (3, one dated 1936, one dated 1938)
2. Poster for the School of Education, fall term 1937
3. Announcement of School of Architecture summer session, 1937
4. Announcement of graduate courses in the History of Art Dept., 1932
5. Announcement of graduate courses in the Music Dept., 1937-38
6. Announcement of lecture courses on illuminated manuscripts by Charles Morey and Erwin Panofsky at the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1934-35
7. Announcement of college preparatory courses (2 versions, one general, one dated 1937-38
8. Invitation to the dedication of the Elmer Ellsworth Brown House for English Studies
9. Menu for dinner honoring John W. Withers, 1936
10. Invitation to a conference on the relation of law and business, with specific emphasis on the anti-trust statutes, 1931
11. Program for the dedication of NYU Nassau College-Hofstra Memorial, Hempstead, L.I., 1935
12. Pamphlet listing opportunities for the study of foreign languages and their teaching, 1936-37
13. Invitation to a reception and tea at the recently opened Fine Arts Graduate Center
14. Presentation label for something presented to alumni at the 100th anniversary dinner, 1936
15. Folder listing lecturers available through a "Community Lecture Service"
16. Listing of courses in graphic arts, spring 1932
17. Listing of classes in the Music Dept., 1936-37
18. Listing of classes in the Music Dept., 1937-38
ca. 1931-1937

Box 4: folder 5
Miscellaneous Colleges, Universities, and Schools:
1. New Jersey Law School: Program for the 25th anniversary exercises, 1934
2. Pratt Institute: Menu and program for the 50th anniversary dinner, 1937
3. Williams College: "Ten years after," for the 10th reunion of the Class of 1925
4. Pratt Institute Free Library: Catalogue of an exhibition of fifty books selected from the ten A.I.G.A. "fifty books" exhibitions, 1923-1932; on the 20th anniversary, 1934; Program for opening night of "Fifty Books of the Year" and "Printing for Commerce," 1933
5. Fordham University Law School: Program and menu for the Fordham University Law School Moot Court, 1926, at the Amherst Club; the main event is "Burns vs. Taft" (with ticket) [other copies in nos. 20 and 22 above]
6. Solebury School: Pamphlet about the school, 1928
7. Miss Chapin's School: Annual report of the alumnae association, 1928-28
8. Fordham University: Announcement of a lecture on Spain by Arnold Lunn, 1937
ca. 1926-1937

Box 4: folder 6
SUBSERIES: Printing for Commerce and Industry

Crofut & Knapp
1. "The distribution of C & K products" including Knapp-Felt hats, Cavanagh-Edge hats, Dobbs hats, Disney hats, Chase hats, and hats for women
2. "Breaking into New York with a Jimmy"; advertising pamphlet, 1927
3. "Sometimes!"; advertisement to the trade
4. Invitation to advance viewing (with color illustration)
5. "A New Year's resolution"; advertisement
6. "Your hat factory"; advertisement
7. "Something new in Chicago!"; announcing opening of a Chicago showroom
8. The First Reader: Being the second of a series of text books describing the methods used in the production of Hodshon-Berg hats for women
9. The Second Reader: Being number three of the series of text books for the use of dealers in hats for women
10. "It's the Dobbs!"; invitation to a dinner, 1929
11. Directory of the Dobbs shops in New York
12. "An invitation from Dobbs Fifth Avenue"
13. "Things you should know about Dobbs shirts"
14. "Dobbs Day" announcements from various stores: Sidney West, Inc.; Hatton's; Sakowitz Bros.; Arthur Frank; Boyd's; and Burkhardt's
15. "From rags to richness"; advertisement for O'Melia, Inc., the exclusive Dobbs shop in Philadelphia
16. Poster for Dobbs opera hats
17. Poster for Knapp-Felt hats for women
18. Folder in Spanish for Casa Tow, about Dobbs hats in Buenos Aires
19. Card for the Andrew Jackson Shop (Knapp-Felt hats)
20. Card touting Knapp-Felt hats
ca. 1927-1929

Box 4: folder 7
1. Letterhead (2 copies, on different paper)
2. La Gazette des Fleurs de Guerlain: issues for May, Sept., and Nov. 1931; April, Sept., and Dec. 1932; April, July, and Dec. 1933; April and May 1934
3. Folder for Shalimar powder by Guerlain, with illustration by Darcy
ca. 1931-1934

Box 4: folder 8
Japan Paper Co.:
NOTE: See also box OS-1, folder 15.
1. Holland, a sturdy Dutch paper
2. Folder, apparently to hold menus or dinner invitations, with motto "Let each guest bring himself and he brings the best dish"
3. Folder on Arnold Handmade: "Making paper by hand"
4. Advertising folder on Etruria
5. Map showing company locations in Manhattan, on Aurelius
6. Advertising card on Suruga
7. Wood engraving by John W. Evans, on a folder printed on Kitakata no. 3966
8. Woodcut by J. J. Lankes, printed on two folders on two different papers, Soya B-no. 9 and Mabuki no. 3933

Box 4: folder 9
Miscellaneous Commerce and Industry: (folder 1 of 4):
1. Lockwood Barr
2. L. J. Ansbacher, LJA on LJA; advertising pamphlet, 1933
3. James S. Barstow and associate tutors; advertisement
4. The Bettmann Archive; advertising folder
5. Baker Crowell Inc. (real estate)
6. Atlantic National Bank of Boston; advertising folder
7. American Gas Products Corp.
8. Second National Bank of Boston; advertising folder
9. H. K. Brewer & Co.; folder listing addresses since 1835, with map showing Manhattan locations
10. Claire Bruce; flyer advertising her services as stenographer/artist's apprentice
11. Batten, Trask & Hart, interior decoration; advertising folder
12. Old Colony Trust Co.; advertising folder

Box 4: folder 10
Miscellaneous Commerce and Industry (folder 2 of 4):
1. Camp Walden, Denmark, Maine; brochure, 1937
2. Adolf Gobel, Inc.
3. John Cavanagh Ltd. (hatter); advertising brochure
4. Dana C. Clarke (insurance); advertising folder
5. Paul Cornell Co. (advertising); advertising folder
6. Culver Associates, Inc. (real estate); advertising card
7. Thomas N. Fairbanks Co. (see also letterhead in box 1, folder 6)
8. Ford Hardware Co.
9. S. B. and E. V. I. Darling (real estate); advertising folder listing farms for family weekends
10. O. W. Jaquish, designer
11. General Motors
12. Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. (engineers); advertising folder
13. Golf News (v. 1, no. 3; July 31, 1928)
14. Granville B. Jacobs; sheet with a quotation from Lincoln
15. The Holiday Shop, Wilton, Conn.; announcement
16. Indiana Limestone Co., Bedford, Indiana; announcement of opening San Francisco office
17. Interwoven (socks); description of a painting done for the company
18. Walter M. Westervelt, designer and photographer
19. Worthy Paper Co., Springfield, Mass.
ca. 1928-1937

Box 4: folder 11
Miscellaneous Commerce and Industry (folder 3 of 4):
1. Kathleen, Inc. (clothes)
2. George Jensen Silver; announcement of affiliation with Royal Copenhagen Porcelains
3. Emile Long & Sons (jewelry and watches); advertising folder
4. MM Importing Co.
5. Mary Moncure Miller, personal shopper; advertising folder (see also trade cards in box 2, folder 1)
6. McCutcheon; flyer for complete trousseaus at various prices
7. Hettie Rhoda Mead (interiors); advertising folder
8. Mercer-Allied Corp.; advertising card
9. Mergenthaler Linotype Corp.; advertising folder
10. Minerva Beveridge Co.; advertising folder (see also trade cards and letterheads in box 2, folder 3)
11. Monticello (restaurant)
12. First National Bank and Trust Co. of Montclair; advertising folder
13. Bankers Trust Co.; advertising folder
14. Chase National Bank; advertising folder
15. Essex County Trust Co.; advertising folder
16. Onondaga County Savings Bank
17. Ovington's (furniture); advertising folder
18. Parbury Schmidt (insurance); advertising folder
19. RCA
20. Isabel Chilton Scott (interiors); advertising folder

Box 5: folder 1
Miscellaneous Commerce and Industry (folder 4 of 4):
1. Weston Dodson and Co. (coal mining); advertising folder
2. Butler Ward Co. 25th anniversary pamphlet
3. The Shop (furniture); poster
4. Waldorf-Astoria: the Towers; pamphlet
5. Mrs. George Talmey and Georgia Talmey (gifts); advertising folder
6. George L. Welp and associates; advertising folder announcing representation of Frank Bensing
7. Walter Dorwin Teague; announcement of association with Martin Dodge
8. Cynthia Wiley, landscape architect; announcement of establishing an office
9. Whitehead & Alliger Co. (papers) - 7 items. (See also box 4, folder 8)
10. Storrs & Bement Co., Boston (papers)
11. Worthy Paper Co. - 2 items (see also box 4, folder 3)
12. Storrs & Bement Company

Box 5: folder 2
Amherst College Alumni:
1. Richard B. Scandrett
2. Robert Walter Leavitt
3. Walter Dyer
4. John B. Brainerd, Jr.
5. Walter Belknap
6. Roland Wood

Box 5: folder 3
Philip G. Cole:
1. Williston Fish. The Last Will and Testament of Charles Lounsbury. New York: Privately printed, 1928. Unbound; unopened. The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1928.
2. Map of the neighborhood of "Zeeview," drawn by Stacy H. Wood. The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1930.
3. Old Doctor Cole's Family Almanac for 1932. The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1931.
4. Old Doctor Cole's Family Almanac for 1934. The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1933.
5. Comic map of the U.S., drawn by Stacy H. Wood. The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1936.
6. "Is there a Santa Claus?" The Coles' Christmas greeting, 1937.
7. Map of Forest Hills Gardens, drawn by Stacy H. Wood. The Coles' Christmas greeting, undated.
8. Indian Campaigns History: from original telegrams, military orders and newspaper clippings. Sergeant John Ryan's story of the Custer fight. Facts on the life of Charles A. Reynolds, Custer's chief of scouts. From the collection of Dr. Philip G. Cole. Tarrytown-on-Hudson, New York, 1933. Apparently the title page and introduction to a scrapbook; the introduction ends: "Presented by E. A. Brininstool to Dr. Philip G. Cole...." Includes several additional title pages, some with text, documenting individual items in the scrapbook: "Some corrections of Custer's My Life on the Plains by General W. B. Hazen"; "Sergeant Martin's Story of the Custer Fight"; "General George A. Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn, by Edward S. Godfrey"; "The Battle of the Little Big Horn (Custer's last fight), by Lieut.-Colonel W. A. Graham"; "The letters of General F. W. Benteen ... to his wife immediately following the battle of the Little Big Horn"; and "The Reno court of inquiry as recorded in the Chicago Times."
ca. 1928-1937

Box 5: folder 4
Christmas Cards, etc.:
1. Illustrations of a collection of historical relics of my Porter kin. Privately printed for Julia Porter Block, Christmas 1935. Title leaf and second leaf only; a plate is called for on the second leaf
2. Christmas greetings from Hallam Fordham, 1936
3. Alfred Frankfurter, undated
4. Elsie and Thomas Nast Fairbanks, 1931 and 1935
5. "Songs for a little house"; poetry by Christopher Morley, for Margaret and William Reydel, 1933 (see also bookplates in box 1 folder 1) (2 copies)
6. The Melchers of Montclair, 1933
7. "Poems of childhood"; poetry by Eugene Field, for Margaret and William Reydel, 1934 (see also bookplates in box 1 folder 1)
8. Laura & Lewis Alliger, 1931 (2 different ones) and 1933, and 2 undated (one of the last using the same design as one for Scandrett; see box 5, folder 3) (see also box 4, folder 5, Whitehead and Alliger Co.)
9. Helen and Joe Johnston, 1931
10. EG, undated
11. Tom, Elisabeth and Betsy Morrow, undated (possibly not Christmas, but just a note card)
12. Jessie Ash Arndt, 1936
13. "Song"; Sue and Fred Main, 1934
14. "A Christmas carol"; Sue and Fred Main, 1937
15. "The common ground"; L. L. Bingham, New Year, 1930
16. "An old French prayer"; undated (possibly not Christmas)
17. "A magic gate"; undated (possibly not Christmas)
18. Marriage announcement of Margaret Krenzler and Israel S. Soifer
19. "The straphanger's carol"; Mary and Burton Emmett, 1927
20. Mae B. Boenau, undated
21. Mr. and Mrs. Ledoux, 2 undated (with Japanese prints)
22. Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Lambert, 2 undated (one using the same design as one of the Alligers( above, the other the same design as the Boenau, above)
23. John and Marion Cotton, undated
24. Frederick S. Duncan, undated
25. Joseph Reydel, Jr., undated
26. Thomas L. Raymond, 1926
27. Willowwood Farm, Gladstone, N.J., undated
28. Caroline Hazard, 1927
29. Philip and Frances Hofer, undated (wood engraving, in color, signed "R" (Ruzicka?)
30. Dorothy Waugh, 1937
31. Horace Toy, undated
32. Mr. Kent, New Year 1932
33. Robert and Sara Green, 1928
34. The Taylors, New Year, undated
35. Mildred and James Yates, undated
36. Roland and Marjorie Young, 1931
37. Elizabeth and Roland Wood, 3 undated (one with envelope)
38. Walter and Millicent Bingham, 1927
39. John Fass, 3 (2 copies of one; one dated 1924)
ca. 1924-1937

Box 5: folder 5
Miscellaneous Private Individuals:
1. Two linoleum blocks by Wanda Gag. Printed through the courtesy of Elizabeth Wood at the Harbor Press.
2. 1935 Annual advertising awards: Gold medal award to William H. Johns. Certificate, with space for jury's signatures
3. "A letter in verse" to Paul [Bennett]. "Fifty copies printed ... on Hand and Arrows paper furnished by Whitehead & Alliger."
4. K. W. C. "Spring comes to Crow's Nest." 1924
5. Acknowledgment of correspondence to Mrs. Cowles, by Margaret E. Williams
6. Bella C. Landauer. Chalking the Hat. Title page gathering only; book printed by Harbor Press. 1930.
7. Louis How. Four Minute Love Poems. New York: The Harbor Press, (c)1928 (2 copies)
8. "A retrospective horoscope": for Joseph with love from Leonie
9. "From Mrs. William Lyman Cowles, Amherst, Massachusetts" (2 copies on a single sheet)
10. Bella C. Landauer. Some Alcoholic Americana. Title page gathering only; book printed by Harbor Press. 1932
11. Bella C. Landauer. Some Early Vermont Invitations. Title page gathering only; book printed by Harbor Press. 1930
12. Louis How. Pan: Three sonnets. New York: The Harbor Press, 1928 (2 copies)
13. Bella C. Landauer. Some Ephemeral Portraits of Lincoln and Franklin. Title page gathering only; book printed by Harbor Press. 1935
14. Bella C. Landauer. Some Early American Lottery Items. Title page gathering only; book printed by Harbor Press. 1932
15. Helen Hotchkiss Mason. Four Poems. 1931. 23 copies printed (this copy unnumbered)
16. Nicholas Roosevelt invitation to a sherry flip party to meet his niece, Mrs. Robert J. Bulkley, Jr.
17. Benjamin R. C. Low. Turn of the Road. (c)1933
18. Benjamin R. C. Low. Perdition vs. United States. (c)1935
19. Poems from Peggy. 1934
20. Barrett H. Clark. "An open letter to Mr. St. John Ervine." 1929. 2 copies.
21. Bella C. Landauer. "Ladies and gentlemen, the printer's boy wishes you a Happy New Year," 1938
ca. 1924-1938

Box 5: folder 6
The Colophon:
Chiefly the fascicles printed by the Harbor Press for inclusion in various issues of The Colophon.
1. Prospectus for the first year, 1930, with sheet describing projected contents and subscription form
2. Prospectus for second year, 1931
3. William McFee, "Getting into print." Oct. 3, 1929. (See also oversize second copy bound in marbled paper, with the Woods' bookplate, box OS-1, folder 10.)
4. Carl F. Schreiber, "Mr. Poe at his conjurations again." 1930.
5. Lloyd H. Chandler, "A Kipling problem." Dec. 1930.
6. J. Delancy Ferguson, "The Reid miniature of Robert Burns." Part VI.
7. Charles G. Poore, "Benjamin Gomez, bookseller." December 1931.
8. R. W. G. Vail, "A curtain call for Benjamin Gomez." Part IX.
9. Harry B. Smith, "Me and Napoleon." Part Eleven.
10. Frank Monaghan, "Benjamin Harris, printer, bookseller, and the first American journalist." Part Twelve.
11. Alfred Stanford, "Blunt's Coast Pilot." Part Fourteen.
12. Earle F. Walbridge, "Incense and praise, and whim, and glory: real people in poetry." Part Sixteen.
13. Vincent Starrett, "The dead man;s chest: a Stevensonian research." Part Seventeen.
14. Mark Holstein, "The unfortunate Dr. Dodd." Part Eighteen.
15. Althea Bass, "A classmate of Emily Dickinson." Part Nineteen.
16. Earnest Elmo Calkins, "Salt water books." Part Twenty.
17. Facsimile of an annotated page proof of one page of a Hemingway book (not clear if this is a Colophon item)
ca. 1929-1931

Box 5: folder 7
Derrydale Press:
1. Books (prospectuses, etc.)
2. Grasslands International Steeplechase. Pamphlet, with colored illustrations and a plan of the route.
3. Derrydale sporting scraps: a series of hand coloured lithographs. Prospectus.
4. Announcement of The Open Door as St. Louis distributor for Derrydale books.
5. Announcement of a showing of Derrydale books at Himebaugh and Browne in Palm Beach.
6. Invitation to attend "The Launching of a Duck Decoy" at the Derrydale Press.
7. Mailing label.
8. Order slip, to be inserted in Derrydale publications.

Box 5: folder 8
Georgian Press:
NOTE 1: It is unclear to what extent the Harbor Press printed for the Georgian Press. Some of the Georgian Press imprints certainly appear from the statements in them to have actually been printed by Richard Ellis; others are more ambiguous. Accompanied by correspondence and photocopies from Thomas Whitehead of the Temple University library, where Ellis's papers are housed, not resolving the issue.
NOTE 2: See also oversize item in box OS-1, folder 11.
1. Invitation to a gathering in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Tomlinson and Miss Dorothy Tomlinson, at the Georgian Press, Westport, Conn.
2. "Therefore, when we build let us think that we build forever." John Ruskin. "Forty-seven copies have been done into print at the Georgian Press, the private press of Richard W. Ellis, for Samuel Yellin, Philadelphia, June MCMXXVI."
3. Voltaire, Zadig. Prospectus. Imprint: New York: Rimington & Hooper, 1929. "...designed and printed by Richard W. Ellis at the Georgian Press." [Copy at Smith.]
4. A dinner, to the pilots of the Harbor Press ... at the Georgian Press ... Westport, Connecticut ... mcmxxviij." The presswork is noticeably crude.
5. "To the Georgian Press, an appreciation." Thank-you for the dinner. 2 copies, one with red rules on front and back. Type and presswork appears similar to the dinner piece.
6. Letterhead of Ellis, "designer of books," New York.
7. Letterhead of the Georgian Press, "the private press of Richard W. Ellis," New York.
8. List of Georgian Press books, one "to be ready in the early part of September 1926"; another "issued in July 1926."
9. Card announcing that "Richard W. Ellis will issue from time to time limited editions of books and sundry printed things from his private press at 522 Fifth Avenue, New York."
10. "A note on the Georgian Press. June MCMXXVIII." Describes a full printing shop, in Westport, Conn.
11. "Two pages from A Christmas Carol, one of the fifty books of the year. Produced by Richard W. Ellis, designer of books, New York." The title page reproduced here has the imprint "Muncie, Indiana"; the back of the folder states that the book "was privately printed for the Ball Brothers Company."
12. Order form for An Academy for Grown Horsemen. 2 copies, on with the address of the Georgian Press, the other with that of E. P. Dutton & Co.
ca. 1926-1929

Box 5: folder 9
Huntington-Gosden Sporting Gallery:
1. Prospectus for As Hounds Ran (to be printed by D. B. Updike, The Merrymount Press)
2. Take Off, by W. Starling Burgess. 1933. Perhaps a spoof; touts a "foreword by Orville Wright." Title page and dedication only.
3. Prospectus for Further Fox-Hunting Recollections, 1935. Book was printed by the Harbor Press.
4. Prospectus for Trollope's Hunting Sketches, 1933. Book was printed by the Harbor Press.
5. Prospectus for Herbert Hoover's A Remedy for Disappearing Game Fishes, 1930; with another version having a statement that 2,000 copies were printed for the Worthy Paper Co. on Worthy Hand and Arrows paper; and with a copy of the first gathering of the book. Book was printed by the Harbor Press.
6. The First Catalogue of Huntington Press. Fall 1930.
7. Prospectus for A Descriptive Catalogue of the Marine Collection to Be Found at India House, 1935. Book was printed by the Harbor Press.
8. Announcement that as of March 1, 1932, the Huntington Press sporting book dept. will be a separate entity.
9. Catalogue no. 4 of The Sporting Gallery and Bookshop, undated (late 1930s?)
10. "The Sportsman's Miscellany," undated (early 1940s?)
11. Prospectus for H. S. Edwards, Eneas Africanus, 1932. Book was printed at the Ashlar Press.
12. Ad for 12 plates depicting breeds of American sporting dogs
13. "New Fall Sporting Books," undated (late 1930s?)
14. "Exhibition of new water-colours by Aiden Lassell Ripley," 1937
15. "Exhibition of new water-colours by Ogden M. Pleissner," 1937
16. "New angling prints, etchings and books...," [1937?]
17. "The superb sporting art of A. B. Frost," [1933]; for the Derrydale Press; prospectus for book by Henry W. Lanier, A. B. Frost, 1933, and prints by Frost. (See also oversize item in box OS-1, folder 12)
ca. 1930-1941

Box 5: folder 10
Publishers and Presses, Miscellaneous:
1. Prospectus for Norman Douglas, In the Beginning, [1928].
2. Two folder prospectuses for Douglas, In the Beginning, [1928]. One with return address of James Book Store, Cincinnati; the other Des Forges & Co., Milwaukeel
3. First gathering of Millay's Wine from these Grapes, 1934 (2 vols.; printed by Harbor Press)
4. Subscription prospectus for Alfred M. Frankfurter, Italian Renaissance Sculpture in America, 1936. Apparently never published.
5. The Heritage Press. Announcement, 1935.
6. Prospectus for Joseph Pijoan, An Outline History of Art, 1938.
7. Aldous Huxley, Arabia Infelix, 1929: title page, on a folder as a sample of Linweave Text; also the first signature, and two additional bifolia. Book printed by Harbor Press.
8. Menu for a dinner in honor of Henry Hoyns on the occasion of 50 years' connection with Harper & Brothers.
9. Flyer: "Kinkultabil, high priest of Yaxchilan. Lester Baines." With an illustration signed "Geo. W. Bass." No relevant published work has been found. 2 copies, on different paper.
10. Prospectus for the History of the State of New York, 1933. With separate order form.
11. Prospectus for Hugh L. Hamilton, A Second Constitution for the United States of America, [1938].
12. Prospectus for Charles Forrest Moore, Comradeship, 1926; book printed by Rudge. Printed two-up. [Prospectus also by Rudge?]
13. "A list of books published by the Bowling Green Press"; with a Philadelphia address for ordering.
14. Prospectus for A Mother's Letters to a Schoolmaster, Knopf, popular edition.
15. Leonie Adams, This Measure, no. 7 of the Borzoi Chap Books; printed by the Harbor Press.
16. Bernard Shaw, The Art of Rehearsal, undated.
17. "Home portraiture: children photographed at play. Inquire within." Imprint: The Garrett Press, Inc. Photographic division.
18. Advertisement for the Garrett Press, noting publication of West Made East by W. K. Vanderbilt.
19. Card of Edmund Garrett, president, the Garrett Press.
20. Order form for Somervile, The Chace, Doubleday.
21. Prospectus for Frederic Thompson, In Infinite Variety, 1933; book printed by the Harbor Press.
22. Prospectus for the collected novels and stories of Guy de Maupassant, Knopf.
23. Prospectus card for Borzoi books for young people.
24. Slip, perhaps to accompany the preceding, from Dorothy Waugh, editor of Books for young people.
25. Ashlar Press announcement, 1933.
26. Prospectus for Julius A. Bewer, rev. ed. of The Literature of the Old Testament.
27. Prospectus for In Dixie Land, 1926; book printed at the Harbor Press.
28. Book mark ad for the preceding, listing an abridged edition at half price.
ca. 1926-1938

Box 6: folder 1
Publishers and Presses, Miscellaneous:
1. Dust jacket for John Farrow, Damien the Leper.
2. Folder listing current New York quotations for limited editions (out of print) distributed by Random House, March 30, 1929.
3. Prospectus for the Random House 1930 edition of Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, with Donald McKay illustrations.
4. Prospectus for The R. B. Adam Library relating to Dr. Samuel Johnson and His Era, undated.
5. Prospectus for The Amazing Benjamin Franklin.
6. The Monthly Letter of the Limited Editions Club, no. 5, October 1929.
7. Title page and p. 24 of The Collected Poems of Elinor Wylie, Knopf, 1931. But the book appears to have eventually been published in 1932.
8. Prospectus for Louis Henry Cohn, Galsworthiana, 1929.
9. Title page only for William Faulkner, Idyll in the Desert, 1931. Book printed by the /hp.
10. Announcement of the Reader's Digest $5000 prize contest.
11. Prospectus (?) for the Limited Editions Club Typee, 1935.
12. Certificate awarding a subscription to Reader's Digest to class valedictorians.
13. "What do you read?" An ad for the Oxford reading course.
14. Acknowledgment card for contributions to Reader's Digest.
15. Card rejecting submission to the Reader's Digest prize contest.
16. Folder about the Braille edition of Reader's Digest.
17. Announcement of an exhibition of Clarendon Press publications, 1932.
18. Sample gathering of a Bible, Thomas Nelson, undated.
19. Invitation from Viking Press to meet Frau Gina Kaus.
20. "A check list of books of American literature in the Modern Library."
21. "A check list of plays in the Modern Library."
22. Invitation to meet authors and artists of Viking Junior Books, 1933.
ca. 1929-1935

Box 6: folder 2
SUBSERIES: Miscellaneous and Unidentified

1. "Two linoleum blocks by Wanda Gág"; "Printed through the courtesy of Elizabeth Wood at the Harbor Press."
2. "A dinner to W. Whitehead." 2 copies.
3. "A leafe purporting to be from ye diary of the proprietor of the Little Nellie Mine...." Dinner invitation, 1928, for an unnamed group.
4. Menu for the "Eighth annual eating of the pickled fish," 1931.
5. "He stood alone"; campaign flyer for one Roberts, undated.
6. "Third annual competition for the Drama Cup," Riverdale Tennis Club, 1926.
7. "An important group of historical relics pertaining to Horse Racing & Fox Hunting in America in the 18th Century. From the collection of the late Governor Benjamin B. Odell." For an auction?
8. "The Living Age"; flyer/poster for the magazine, 1929.
9. "Christmas scenes from Dickens"; "A woodcut specially executed for The Bookman by Rowland C. Ellis." Printed 2(up on a single sheet.
10. "From the speech of President W. L. Jones, September 10, 1927."
11. "The Chaucerian programs of Gordon Brinley."
12. "Mary Hagedorn, dancer."
13. Menu for "Hapsburg. Opening night."
14. Invitation to "A masquerade Hallowe'en party," 2036 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, 1927.
15. "Hound list, season, 1937-38."
16. "Ernest Clegg requests the pleasure of your company at a private view of his recently completed map of the Blue Grass Region ... at the studio of Edith Diehl...."
17. Invitation to an exhibition of Ship Models & Miniature Airplanes.
18. "Royal Cortissoz on drawings" in his book Personalities in Art" ..." 1925.
19. "Note. This is a reprint of a piece of house advertising produced independently by one of the leading Boston presses."
20. "So's your old man!" 3 different announcements of this musical revue.
21. Jones Library, Amherst, Mass. Announcement of opening hours (2 different versions), and a plain advertisement.
22. "The Caroline M. Hewins scholarship for children's librarians." 1928?
23. Announcement of a series of informal discussions on appreciation of printing by Harry L. Gage, Montclair (N.J.) Library.
24. Invitation to the opening of the new building of the New York Society Library.
25. Invitation to an exhibition of bookbindings by Alfred De Sauty, Lakeside Press, at the Plaza Hotel.
26. "Edith Diehl announces an exhibition of her pupils' hand-bound books...."
27. Invitation to an exhibition "representing the intellectual expansion of modern Italian culture," works by Giulio Aristide Sartorio, Anderson Galleries, 1927.
28. "A salute to George Bolmer" by George M. La Monte, Bound Brook, N.J. 1926.
29. "Loan exhibition on view. Library corridors - fourth floor. Unusual wood-gravures of Yale University by the late Macowin Tuttle."
30. "A Picadilly flower vendor, from an engraving by Laboureur (courtesy of Kennedy & Company)."
31. "George Washington and the curious anecdote." Folder, with imprint: (New York: James A. Anderson, printer, February 22, 1927.
32. "A Christmas sonnet, for one in doubt. By Edwin Arlington Robinson." On back: Printed December 29, 1928, by Hobart O. Skofield.

Box 6: folder 3

This series includes announcements, greetings, advertisement, forms, brochures and specimens related to the work of the Harbor Press. See also Series 1.

Harbor Press: Advertisements, Forms, etc.:
1. Letterhead, 305 East 45th St. (cursive type; seahorse in green; Vanderbilt phone numbers)
2. Letterhead, 305 East 45th St. (address in small caps; name in frame of fleurons in green; Murray Hill phone numbers)
3. Letterhead, 305 East 45th St. (name and address in triple-rule frame in gray-green; Murray Hill phone numbers)
4. Broadside: "Robert Herrick - his cavalier." 3 copies; two on a light Japanese paper, unnamed; two on "Linweave Japan, ivory halftone"
5. Folder version of "Robert Herrick - his cavalier." 3 copies (305 East 45th St.)
6. Broadside: "Theodore Roosevelt," by Hermann Hagedorn. 2 copies. [removed to box OS-1, folder 1]
7. Much smaller version of "Theodore Roosevelt."
8. "Guest book of the Harbor Press, New York City." Title page?
9. "Moving" to 142 East 32nd St.; Lexington phone numbers. 3 copies
10. Advertising folder beginning "George Cruikshank pictures the month of March ..." (158 East 34th St.). 2 copies
11. Advertising folder beginning "With roasted beef and mincéd pies ..." (158 East 34th St.). 2 copies
12. Announcement of moving; address given as 305 East 45th St. (presumably the new address). 2 copies
13. "A poem to my wooden press" 1927 (142 East 32nd St.). 2 copies
14. Prospectus for Extracts from the Diary of Roger Payne, 1928. (142 East 32nd St.)
15. Billhead, with typed charges for 175 slips "in account with Poor Old 1920," Sept. 24, 1927; press name and address in small caps. (142 East 32nd St.)
16. Billhead, with typed charges for postcards for the Class of 1920, April 28, 1930. (142 East 32nd St.)
17. Mailing label (sent to Amherst College). (305 East 45th St.)
18. Advertising folder, apparently from the early days of the press. (158 East 34th St.)
19. "Bookplates" - folder illustrating 4 different plates; with an order slip. (158 East 34th St.)
20. "A list of books printed at the Harbor Press, 142 East 32nd Street"; presumably early 1929, as Frost's A Way Out, published that year, is listed as "ready in May"
21. Alfred B. Stanford, "Lullaby for a young sea horse"; broadside version. 5 copies (158 East 34th St.)
22. Alfred B. Stanford, "Lullaby for a young sea horse"; folder version. 4 copies (158 East 34th St.)
23. Prospectus for Washington Irving, The Angler, 1933; a larger version of the one noted below, box 6, folder 5, no. 18.
24. Broadside: George Arnold, "Beer" 2 copies. (305 East 45th St.)
25. Order form for books for sale (305 East 45th St.)
26. "List of borders" in wrappers. 2 copies. (305 East 45th St.)
27. "Books suitable for Christmas"; includes books issued in 1926 and 1928. 2 copies (142 East 32nd St.)
28. "A specimen of the types in use at the Harbor Press ...". Unbound copy; undated.
29. "St. Valentine's Day 1928," a folder, with the names of Elizabeth and Roland Wood; no mention of the Harbor Press. 2 copies.
30. "St. Valentine's"; folder, advertising the press (158 East 34th St.)
31. New Year's card (folder), 1927
32. Advertising folder, for summer. (158 East 34th St.)
33. Advertising folder, bull in print shop. (158 East 34th St.)
34. Advertising folder for Christmas printing. (158 East 34th St.)
35. "Umbrella depot" ad. (158 East 34th St.)
36. Ad for fall. (158 East 34th St.)
37. Ad for May. 2 copies. (158 East 34th St.)
38. Ad "heaps of hay." (158 East 34th St.)
39. Thomas Hardy, "The Oxen," Christmas 1927. 2 copies.
40. Milton on books. 2 copies. (142 East 32nd St.)
41. "A list of books ..." 1931. Loose leaf inserted listing two 1930 books. (305 East 45th St.)
42. "A list of books ..." undated. 2 copies, one with the same loose leaf inserted. (142 East 32nd St.)
43. "A list of books ..." undated. Similar to the previous, but without the loose leaf, and without A Way Out, and with the press device in red, in a border. 2 copies. (142 East 32nd St.)
44. "A list of books ..." undated, but one copy with date stamp 1930. 4 copies. (142 East 32nd St.)
45. Quotation from Phillips Brooks. (158 East 34th St.)
46. "Success". 3 copies, one on gray paper. (158 East 34th St.)
47. New Year's greeting: "Trite though it may be ..." 2 copies. (142 East 32nd St.)
48. Christmas ad, 1925. (158 East 34th St.)
49. "St. Valentine." Harbor Press ad. "And may your love for fine printing grow even more ardent." 2 copies. (158 East 34th St.)
50. Bookmark: "Books are the legacies ..." (158 East 34th St.)
51. New address for the Woods.
52. "The good printer knows ..." (142 East 32nd St.)
53. Slip accompanying a nursery rhyme and citing The American Printer for September. (142 East 32nd St.)
54. "What's in a name?" 2 copies. (305 East 45th St.)
55. House of Books exhibition, 1931.
56. "According to custom." Valentine greeting. (305 East 45th St.)
57. Economic allegory ad. (305 East 45th St.)
58. Mailing label. (142 East 32nd St.)
59. Another different one. (142 East 32nd St.)
60. Mailing label. (305 East 45th St.)
61. Mailing label. (158 East 34th St.)
62. Another different one. 2 copies. (158 East 34th St.)
63. Notepad sheets (7 sheets; adhesive showing on top edges). 114 East13th St.
64. New address. 2 copies. (305 East 45th St.)
65. New telephone number. (142 East 32nd St.)
66. Bookplate of the Press (apparently removed from a book).
67. Slip announcing that "This book has been selected ... as one of the 50 books of the year."
68. Announcement of move to 114 East 13th St. (one copy dated in ms. "Jan. 1939"). 2 copies.
69. Announcement that the work of the Harbor Press will be produced under the direction of Roland Wood by the Marchbanks Press, 114 East 13th St. 2 copies.
70. Announcement that while Wood is serving in the Army for the duration of the war, the Marchbanks Press will handle the work of the Harbor Press.
71. "Some of the initial letters used by the Harbor Press, New York." Cover folder only. 1934
ca. 1927-1939

Box 6: folder 4
Harbor Press Publications: Brochures, Specimens, etc.:
1. "Maiden Lane" by Louis How. Broadside headed "Nursery rhymes of New York City"; note at foot: "From a series of folders issued monthly by the Harbor Press, New York City. Wood engraving with color by Ilse Bischoff. Verse reprinted with the permission of Alfred A. Knopf from Nursery rhymes of New York City by Louis How."
2. Prospectus for The Silver Bridge, 1937, described as "Nura's new venture"; Nura is the author.
3. Prospectuses (2 different sizes) for Louis How's An Evening with Ninon, 1941.
4. Folder prospectus of Louis How's The Other Don Juan, 1932, with order form on p. [3]; also sample of title and p. 50; also first gathering.
5. First gathering of John Saffin His Book (1665-1708), 1928.
6. Announcement of an exhibition by the Old Print Shop in conjunction with the Harbor Press publication of Francesco Arese's A Trip to the Prairies, 1934; the exhibition is of contemporary prints showing the various towns and areas along Arese's route; with the first gathering of the book, and a prospectus for it. Poster and prospectus with a map by Stacy H. Wood.
7. Prospectus for Joan Ramsay's Horns in Velvet, 1930; winner of the Harbor Press poetry contest.
8. Prosepectus for Louis How's Regional Rhymes of New York City, 1937, with separate order form.
9. Prospectus for Louis How's translation of Dante's Inferno, 1934; with a copy of the first gathering.
10. Prospectus for Louis How's Narcissus, and two other poems, 1928 (2 copies, both with separate order form, one with a separate sheet of critical praise, headed 'One of the Fifty Books'"); with 4 bifolia from the book.
11. Prospectus for Louis How's Nursery Rhymes of New York City (with Additions), 1931; with five gatherings from the book, and a separate bifolium of "Riverside Drive," with a colophon: "This signature is printed by letterpress on Linweave Text, 25 x 38-80 (160M) Ivory, Laid Antique Finish, from 'Nursery Rhymes of New York City,' by Louis How. Woodblock illustrations by Ilse Bischoff. The Harbor Press." (perhaps for insertion in some gathering of printing; possible for use as a paper sample)
12. Prospectus for Robert Frost's A Way Out, 1929, with a separate order form.
13. "Preface dedicatory" to George Moore's play, The Making of an Immortal; the volume has a colophon stating that it was printed at the printing house of William Edwin Rudge; Roland Wood connection?
14. Harbor Press label (or bookplate?), mounted on black paper; another blank piece of black paper also present.
15. Prospectus for Extracts from the Diary of Roger Payne, 1928; with the first gathering.
16. Prospectus for The Last Will and Testament of Charles Lounsbury, probably for the 1926 edition.
17. Prospectus for The Cherry Tree Carol, 1926.
18. Prospectus for Washington Irving's The Angler, 1933; a smaller version of the one noted above, box 4, folder 2, no. 23.
19. Prospectus for The Cries of New-York, 1931 (2 versions, one on textured paper, with a separate order form; the other on smooth paper, without order form, with the price on p. [4] overprinted with a single rule, and a new price printed below the Harbor Press address, and at bottom the address of Schulte's Book Store)
20. "From Wharf Angel to Prairie Flower, or a trip to the prairies in 1934, by E. W. W. [i.e. Elizabeth Wyandt Wood] with an introduction by R. A. W. [i.e. Roland A. Wood] together with road maps. New York: The Harbor Press, 193-"; a spoof, taking off on the Arese book published that year by the press. 2 copies, one in a wrapper with printed label on front, in an envelope addressed to Wood, c/o Mr. C. C. Wyandt, Abilene, Kansas (EWW's father?).
21. Three different specimens, of very different design, of Chapter 20 of an unidentified work [this is identified in the Harbor Press correspondence folder; letter of N.F. McKeon]

Box 6: folder 5
Harbor Press - Advertisements in Series:
1. The Cries of New-York
a. Prospectus for the 1931 edition. 4 copies, one with separate order form.
b. "Strawberries"; June 1928. With an inserted slip stating that it and some 30 others are "shortly to be incorporated in book form."
c. "Cherries"; July 1928
d. "Oysters"; September 1928
e. "Rusk"; October 1928. 3 copies.
f. "Grinder"; November 1928
g. "Oranges"; February 1929. With an inserted advertising leaf.
h. "Clams"; March 1929. With the same inserted leaf as "Strawberries" above.
i. "Mint water"; April 1929. 3 copies.
j. "Rags and Old Rope"; May 1929
2. Nursery Rhymes of New York City, by Louis How
a. Advertisement, listing it as one of the Fifty Books
b. Incomplete set of 12 with colored illustrations by Ilse Bischoff, lacking nos. 1 and 7; several with inserted advertising leaf; in an envelope of the press addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dyer, Amherst
c. Incomplete set, lacking nos. 2-3 (no. 1 illustration not colored); also with some inserted advertising leaves.
d. Incomplete set, lacking no. 1 (2 copies of no. 9), inserted in hard cover.
e. Complete set of 12, each with an advertising leaf inserted.
ca. 1928-1931

Box 6: folder 6

This series consists of broadsides, unfolded signatures, etc. Many of these items were removed from folders in Series 3, and are so indicated in the list.

Broadside: "Theodore Roosevelt," by Hermann Hagedorn. 2 copies.
"A course on book collecting" to be given by Philip Hofer, 1932-33 [From box 4, folder 4, Columbia University].
Title page (only) for L. Adams Beck, The Ghost-Plays of Japan, 1933. [From box 3, folder 6, Misc. Clubs: 9. Japan Society] [Apparently not printed by the Harbor Press; see AC copy].

Box OS-1: folder 1
American Institute of Graphic Arts, News-Letter, no. 23 (March 22, 1929); no. 24 (April 1930); no. 26 (Dec. 1930); no. 45 (Oct. 1937). [From box 2, folder 10]

Box OS-1: folder 2
3 sheets of Latin ritual [?]. June, Aug., Sept. 1936, with imprimatur of Patrick Cardinal Hayes; those of June and August reprinted, December 1941, with imprimatur of Francis J. Spellman.
Illustration of birth of Christ with Latin text; initialed "FD 34" [All from box 2, folder 8, Catholic Church]

Box OS-1: folder 3
"The American Printer presents this certificate of award to [blank space] in recognition of the fact that the design submitted by [blank space] a student in the school's printing classes, was awarded [blank space] in its prize competition for printing students." (with spaces for signatures of the judges; dated at end "May 1, 1933"; broadside). [From box 2, folder 2, Memorials, etc.]
Grolier Club, Announcement of November 1937 meeting, Paul Ganz on Hans Holbein. [From folder 12,]

Box OS-1: folder 4
In remembrance of Charles Roswell Erwin, be it resolved by the Executive Board of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, in its quarterly session January 18, 1927 ... (broadside; 2 copies)
Henry Thompson Sloane in memoriam. W. & J. Sloane. (pamphlet; died September 18, 1937)
Edwin L. Blabon in memoriam. Sloan-Blabon Corporation. (folder; died July 29, 1934)
Herbert G. Golding in memoriam. Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Company. (folder; died September 18, 1937).
William Sloane Coffin in memoriam.
In memoriam Henry M. Poole. September 23, 1870-August 25, 1935.
A poem by Lizzie Clark Hardy read as part of a prayer at the funeral of the late Irving B. Terpenning who died on May the first, 1928 (broadside; 3 copies).
[All from box 2, folder 2, Memorials, etc.]

Box OS-1: folder 5
Amherst Club of New York: announcements.
1927 Sep-Oct

Box OS-1: folder 6
Trinity Audit Ale: The Assize of Ale. "A periodical published occasionally to improve the State of Wassail in the Nation." New York, 1936. Large pamphlet, sewn. 3 copies: two have the statement "First edition. Christmas issue limited to 300 copies. This is number"; one is no. 143, with a presentation slip mounted at front, conveying a present of the ale (this copy not filled in); one is no. 152, with the inscription "For the Harbor Press from James G. Blair with many thanks for your craftsmanship too." The two numbered copies have an order form mounted at the end. The third copy has no limitation statement, no presentation slip, and no order form, but appears otherwise identical.

Box OS-1: folder 7
Rouken Glen Inc., residential colony developed by Mr. C. W. Moody, Larchmont, NY (2 versions)

Box OS-1: folder 8
New York University. Announcement of a conference on "The Obligation of Universities to the Social Order," with formal invitation and menu/program for the dinner session.

Box OS-1: folder 9
William McFee, "Getting into print," The Colophon , with marbled boards (See also box 5, folder 7.).
1929 Oct 3

Box OS-1: folder 10
Georgian Press:
NOTE: See also box 5, folder 9.
"An appreciation extended to Edmund G. Gress" [...] "Done into type and printed by hand in honour of ye occasion by Richard W. Ellis at his Private Press which is at no. 522 Fifth Avenue, New York. This is no. [blank] of five copies. March Mcmxxvi."

Box OS-1: folder 11
Derrydale Press: Henry W. Lanier, "A. B. Frost: The American Sportsman's Artist."(See also box 5, folder 10)

Box OS-1: folder 12
"An announcement and an invitation." From several paper companies to a talk about printing inks by Frank Wagner of S. D. Warren Co.

Box OS-1: folder 13
Phantom Falls: a Tale of the Adirondacks. First signature, unfolded.

Box OS-1: folder 14
Japan Paper Co.: Perusia. A handmade paper from Fabriano, Italy. (See also box 4, folder 9)

Box OS-1: folder 15
Bacchus Club: Prospectus for Wine Making for the Amateur (Bacchus Club). Announces "Type set by Carl Purington Rollins."

Box OS-1: folder 16
George Hamilton Cook, Civil War letters. With a portrait.

Box OS-1: folder 17
"The herb garden" Broadside. Text from "My Garden" by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde.

Box OS-1: folder 18
Joan Ramsay, broadside poem with the first line "The uncommunicative Seahorse." 3 copies: one with printed signature at foot, two signed by Ramsay in ms.

Box OS-1: folder 19

This series consists of one box of original metal type and printing blocks used by the Harbor Press; an embosser for the corporate seal; and two wooden seahorses (pin and carving).

Seahorse pin, orange

Box 7: folder 19
Seahorse carving, wood, 1.5" x 3.75". (Gift of Herman Cohen, 1986)

Box 7: folder 19
Embosser: "THE HARBOR PRESS, INC." | "CORPORATE SEAL" | "1925 NEW YORK" (acc. #2005-100)

Box 7: folder 19
Specimens of a variety of letterpress type and printing blocks

Box 8: folder 19

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