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William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers, 1791-1977 (Bulk: 1870-1935)
3 records storage boxes, 3 archives boxes, 2 oversize boxes (8 linear ft.)

The William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers document the personal and professional lives of multiple generations of Ward and Bliss family members, dating from 1791 to 1977. Family correspondence makes up the largest portion of the material, supplemented with work records, diaries, memorabilia, photographs, writings, genealogical materials, and newspaper clippings.

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There is no restriction on access to the William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers for research use. Particularly fragile items may be restricted for preservation purposes.

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Requests for permission to publish material from the William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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Biographical Note

Son, grandson, brother, husband, nephew, uncle, and cousin of missionaries, William Earl Dodge Ward was born in Newton Center, Massachusetts in 1884 to Langdon Storer Ward, Treasurer of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and Laura Arixene Bliss Ward, herself a missionary at a young age. Ward, known to family and friends as Earl, spent the first twenty-two years of his life in Massachusetts. His father died in 1895 when Earl was not quite 11 years old, leaving Laura Ward with seven children (an eighth having died earlier) to raise on a small income. Laura Ward had made a commitment to her husband to educate the children - all of them, including the girls - and she followed through on the promise, sending Earl and his brothers to Amherst College (Earl and his twin Mark Hopkins Ward were graduates in the Class of 1906) and daughters Mary, Ruth, and Laura to Mt. Holyoke College. Laura herself moved to Amherst to be near her children.

All but one of the close-knit Ward children became missionaries. When Earl's turn came, he went first to the mission station in Harpoot, Turkey in 1909, serving as treasurer of Euphrates College and the Harpoot mission. As his letters home testify, the position was not a good match, and Earl returned to the U.S. in 1913. In 1915 he married missionary Dora (or Doreen) Judd Mattoon (1883-1979), whom he had met while in Harpoot, where Doreen taught in schools and was a touring missionary (supervising native Bible women) in the area until her marriage in 1915.

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) next posted Earl and Dora to India, which seems to have been a happier match. The couple worked in Calcutta from 1916-1922 and again from 1930-1932, and in Bombay from 1922-1929. In 1932 Earl and Dora were posted for six months in Egypt before being recalled to the U.S. due to funding problems during the Great Depression. Upon his return to the U.S., Earl then worked for the YMCA in New Hampshire. After his retirement in 1952 he moved back to Amherst and became involved with alumni affairs at Amherst College as a devoted and active member of the Class of 1906.

One of Earl Ward's hobbies was photography, and the collection includes several hundred photographs documenting his work and surroundings in both Turkey and India.

Earl Ward died in 1977, and Dora Ward in 1979.

Other members of the Ward family represented in the collection include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Earl's father Langdon Storer Ward (1828-1895), treasurer of the ABCFM for 29 years, and mother, Laura Arixene Bliss (1846-1914). Laura Ward's parents Isabella Holmes Porter Bliss (1819-1897) and Edwin Elisha Bliss (1817-1892, AC 1837) missionaries in Turkey, are also well represented in the collection.
  • Earl's twin, Mark Hopkins Ward (1884-1952), a physician and administrator involved in overseeing medical work, in Turkey, Syria, China, France, and India. Immediately after WWI, Mark Ward was stationed in Harpoot, Turkey, providing relief to the refugees of war until the Turks expelled him. He then returned to the U.S. and helped raise funds for Near East relief. After leaving work abroad, he served as medical secretary for the ABCFM until his death in 1952.
  • Edwin St. John (1880-1951, AC 1900), Earl's older brother, was a surgeon in Turkey and Syria (1907-1911; 1947-1948), and dean of the Medical School of the American University of Beirut, and afterward a surgeon in Massachusetts hospitals and institutions. Edwin and his brother Mark also performed relief work for the Red Cross in Constantinople (Istanbul) during WWI.
  • Sisters Laura Dwight Ward (1887-1972), Ruth Porter Ward Beach (1881-1933), and Mary Isabella Ward (1874-1961) were all graduates of Mt. Holyoke College and became missionaries in China (Laura, from 1914-1950, and Ruth, from 1911-1933) and Turkey (Mary, from 1900-1944).
  • Paul Theodore Bliss Ward (1878-1910; AC 1899) taught at Robert College in Turkey for three years (1899-1902) and then returned to work in the U.S. for the Samuel Ward Co. until his early death in 1910.

Box 4, folder 4 contains a useful letter (April 21, 1968) from Earl Ward to a younger family member outlining the lives and careers of his parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The collection encompasses the papers of W.E.D. Ward and several of his family members in the Ward and Bliss lines.

The W.E.D. Ward (AC 1906) Papers consist of Earl Ward's correspondence, diaries, notes, photographs, printed materials and memorabilia. The bulk of this material is correspondence to and from various family members. Of particular interest are the letters Ward wrote home from his various overseas posts, beginning with those from his trip to Turkey in 1909. In addition to these letters, the collection contains various photographs, especially of Turkey and India; W.E.D. Ward's biographical documents such as birth certificate, passports, etc.; and miscellaneous material related to both his work and his personal life.

The papers also include correspondence, diaries, photographs and other memorabilia relating to several members of the Ward family. There is an assortment of general genealogical material, such as family trees, correspondence with inquiries into the Ward genealogy, etc., which was collected by various members of the family.

There is also a series of letters between Edwin Elisha and Isabella Holmes Porter Bliss, writing from Constantinople, and their children William H. P. Bliss, Isabella Dwight and Laura A. Ward, living in the United States. The letters span the years 1876-1896 and are organized in a single chronological set.

Information on Use
Terms of Access and Use
Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers for research use. Particularly fragile items may be restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from the William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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[Identification of item], in William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers [Box #, Folder #], Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College Library.

History of the Collection

Gift of Earl Ward to Amherst College in the early 1970s.

Processing Information

The papers were minimally processed and made available in the 1980s; reprocessed in 2009 and 2013 by Margaret R. Dakin, Archives Specialist, and Kimberly Gianfrancesco (AC 2010), Archives Assistant.

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Contents List
Series 1: Ward-King-Storer-Fairfield Family Papers

Series 1 includes correspondence, diaries, personal notes, documents, photographs, printed material and other memorabilia relating to Earl Ward's paternal line, which was based in Maine and active in the political and economic affairs of the state. There is genealogical material, such as notes about family trees and correspondence about the family's genealogy. The bulk of this series covers the Ward line approximately until Langdon Ward married Laura Bliss in 1873.

Folder one contains papers from small brown leather pocketbook now in Box OS1 belonging to Lauriston Ward (father of Langdon S. Ward): Section of legal document regarding William and Ruth Baston with Gideon Hatch. Signed by John Storer, Justice of the Peace (January 3, 1871)

Box 1: folder 1
Photocopy of fragment of record for house and land valuation in the 12th assessment district of the 2nd division in Massachusetts, signed by John Storer, Principal Assessor (original document in Box OS1)
1799 Dec 31

Box 1: folder 1
Writ of Elisha Hatch against James Boothby, both of Wells, Maine, for non-payment of debt: John Storer commands the sheriff of the County of York to respond within sixty days
1815 Jul 31

Box 1: folder 1
Signature of John Storer, with handwritten note on verso from [Latham] Clark
1820 Apr 1

Box 1: folder 1
Lauriston Ward's calling cards

Box 1: folder 1
Miscellaneous Ward family material: 1799 John Storer document (see Box 1, Folder 1 for description; 2 undated, unidentified plans for Vernon Street/Park Street properties; 1871 passport for Langdon Storer Ward; grave rubbing ca. 1915 for Deacon Joseph Ward (d. 1784; Newton Cemetery); red leather wallet belonging to Lauriston Ward (ca. 1850); handmade crewel-work purse (n.d.)

Box OS1: folder 1
Partial legal document leasing to John Fairfield half a lot and tenement formerly belonging to Cyrus King (d. 1817), to be used in common with the owner or occupant of the other half; Lauriston Ward's name visible on top edge (Lauriston Ward married King's daughter Olive)
ca. 1820

Box 1: folder 2
Description of lot of land set off for Hannah King of Saco, Maine; copy (attested by Lauriston Ward) of the original record
1822 Jun

Box 1: folder 2
Daybook of Lauriston Ward: accounts of Ward's work in Saco for townspeople of the region from Feb 2, 1827 to Dec 31, 1829

Box 1: folder 3
Letter regarding politics (local and national) to Lauriston Ward from Ethen Shepley of Bangor, Maine
1834 Apr

Box 1: folder 4
Notebook of Lauriston Ward: contains quotations and extracts from famous men in Ward's fine handwriting
1837 Feb

Box 1: folder 5
"Message of my son Lauriston [Cook] Ward [1825-1846] to his brother Langdon S. Ward," deathbed report by Lauriston Ward, religious content
1846 Jul

Box 1: folder 6
Map of Maine [removed for conservation]
[ca. 1850]

Box 1: folder 7
Hannah King to daughter Olive Storer Ward, describing what Hannah wishes to do for Olive's sister Elizabeth to be sure that she has "incum enough to pay her board…as it is not expected that she will ever be married"; her mother wishes to be sure Elizabeth will have some independence if she does not marry
1850 Jan

Box 1: folder 8
Hannah King to Olive Storer Ward, asking her to visit with Mr. Ward so that she might consult him on business, which she describes at length
1850 Jun

Box 1: folder 8
Notebook containing Olive Storer Ward's notes on the sickness and death (Dec, 1851) of her husband, Lauriston Ward; also contains copied poetry from (perhaps) an earlier date
1852 Feb

Box 1: folder 9
Account by Olive Storer Ward of her husband's life and death. Includes letter from her to Mr. F. [Duran] replying to an inquiry from him about the family, with more detail about Lauriston (letter is continued on scrap with asterisk); another asterisked half-sheet with similar information (recipient unclear); and a letter from Josiah Calef (Jul 14, 1852) responding to Olive's request for information about his early acquaintance with Lauriston
1852 Jul

Box 1: folder 10
Letter signed by the five daughters of Hannah Storer King regarding their agreement to the equitable division of her estate; letter signed by Mary C. Hale, Ann F. K. Bridge, Olive S. Ward, Elizabeth P. King, and Hannah K. Heywood
1853 May

Box 1: folder 11
Handwritten note signed by Mary C. Hale and Hannah K. Heywood authorizing Olive Ward and Elizabeth King to collect rents and pay debts from their mother's estate; note by Olive Ward on verso
1853 May

Box 1: folder 11
Correspondence between Langdon S. Ward and his half-sister Caroline Elizabeth Ward Evans (1843-1877), including a copy of letter from "Mrs. Folwell" to "Mrs. Douglas" describing Caroline Evans' last days and the shipment of her remains to Saco, Maine

Box 1: folder 12
Two sketches by Langdon S. Ward of the monuments (including full inscriptions) for Dea. Enoch Ward (d. Oct. 13, 1789; Langdon's grandfather) and Dea. Joseph Ward (d. Dec. 23, 1784; Langdon's great-grandfather)
1855 Jun

Box 1: folder 13
Lauriston S. Ward's copy of a reply to him about the plans of the Guyandotte Land Co. for river navigation, coal mining, and investment in their company
1856 Jan

Box 1: folder 14
Newspaper column by "LSW" re the ship "Morning Star" (missionary ship) in a storm at Cape Cod; newspaper column regarding a voyage of the "Star" in 1866 and mentioning Alpheus Hardy and Langdon S. Ward, then Treasurer of the ABCFM; both suggest some of Ward's earliest missionary work (digitized)
[1856 Dec]

Box 1: folder 15
Carte de visite of "Mary Elizabeth Cutts of Saco, Me."; photograph by Elias O. Wormell of Portland, Maine (digitized)
ca. 1860

Box 1: folder 16
Agreement for purchase of a pew in Saco's new Congregational Church, signed by Thomas Cutts, Olive S. K. Ward, Elizabeth P. King, and Mary E. Cutts
1863 Jul, Aug

Box 1: folder 17
Property plans (3) from 1867 by Amos R. Binney for Henry Blaney property on Vernon Street in Boston;

Box OS1: folder 17
Probate court document signed by George F. Choate (Judge of Probate Court) appointing Langdon S. Ward as executor for the estate of his stepmother, Olive Storer Ward and later (1879) note by Lauriston Ward, "Distribution of Property bequeathed to L. S. Ward by Mrs. O. S. Ward, Saco"
1871, 1879

Box 1: folder 18
Typescript of 5 pages from Langdon S. Ward's diary from trip to Egypt (pdf available); contract between Langdon S. Ward (et al.) and Abraham Samuel Lyons, Dragoman, for a trip to Bethlehem in April (including Lyons' signed acknowledgement of payments received), and Charter Oak Life Insurance Company contract (Dec, 1871) for Ward's life insurance during the entire trip to Palestine, Egypt, and Turkey (contract digitized)
1872 Mar-Apr

Box 1: folder 19
Lines copied from sampler worked by grandmother "Elizabeth Fairfield, daughter of Rev. John Fairfield of Saco, Maine…at the age of twelve years when attending school in Boston in [1777]" (note in Langdon S. Ward's hand )
1889 Jun

Box 1: folder 20
Earl Ward's lists, "Papers of Lauriston Ward Sr." and "Lauriston Ward" (typescript chronology)
[ca. 1972]

Box 1: folder 21
Earl Ward's handwritten early notes for his chronology of Ward papers
[ca. 1972]

Box 1: folder 22
Envelopes (ca. 1850-1920) separated from original contents, including one anti-slavery envelope (item digitized)

Box 1: folder 23
Series 2: Edwin E. and Isabella H.P. Bliss Family Papers

Series 2 contains material about Earl Ward's maternal line.

Sub-series A: General

Sub-series A, General, includes materials from Ward's mother's (Laura A. Bliss) youth in Turkey as a child of missionaries, and correspondence to and from the other Bliss children (William, Mary, and Isabella) and their parents, as well as from Bliss family friends and colleagues. This series is structured to contain materials relating to Bliss family members, and while the materials date well into the range of Series 3 (chronicling the union of the Bliss and Ward families in 1873 with the marriage of Langdon and Laura Ward), the materials after 1873 are still from, to, or about Bliss family members

Laura Arixene Bliss (1846-1914): outgoing correspondence and drafts regarding her childhood and early missionary work in Turkey; one draft is on the back of a letter from "MABD" (Mary A. Bliss Dwight, Laura's sister) requesting dressmaking goods

Box 1: folder 24
Emily Bird Van Lennep (third wife of Henry Van Lennep [AC 1837]) to ten-year-old Laura A. Bliss, a birthday letter extolling the blessings of "eternal youth" enjoyed by those who died young and encouraging Laura to "be ye also ready" and "write and tell Auntie about it" (transcription included)
1857 Oct

Box 1: folder 25
Laura A. Bliss, two journals written while living in Turkey and studying Armenian and French (age 13)
1859 Jul-Dec

Box 1: folder 26
Laura A. Bliss, outgoing correspondence to her parents while she was at the Rockford Seminary (Illinois)

Box 1: folder 27
Laura A. Bliss to her uncle Isaac Grout Bliss (AC 1844), letter from Candalli (central Turkey) describing her work with the "Bible women" (digitized)
1866 Sep

Box 1: folder 28
Eight letters from Laura A. Bliss to her family while traveling in Brusa, Turkey (1867); Rustchuk, Bulgaria (1869); Smyrna and Bebek (Turkey) (1870) (See also Box 1 Folder 31)

Box 1: folder 29
Draft of a letter from Laura A. Bliss to "Mrs. Bowker" [Mrs. Albert Bowker] regarding the difficulties of her missionary work in Turkey (transcription included)
[ca. 1868]

Box 1: folder 30
Laura A. Bliss to her mother, Isabella H.P. Bliss, on verso of note from brother William Dwight Porter Bliss written from "Fort Donnelson" (possibly his own designation for a club, not Fort Donnelson in Tennessee, as he seems to be in Turkey, possibly in school at Robert College in Rumeli Hisar)
1870 Sep

Box 1: folder 31
Eleven letters from Laura A. Bliss to her mother and sisters Mary and Isabella, written during trip with other missionaries to Aïntap (Gaziantep), Turkey
1872 Sep-Nov

Box 1: folder 32
Newspapers (4) from 1872 in Turkish, Armenian, and Greco-Turkish; sheet of Arabic letters, ca. 1870s; 1884 Arabic telegram sent to Bliss Bible House, Constantinople by William Dwight Porter Bliss announcing his marriage
1872, 1884

Box OS1: folder 32
Letter in Armenian [by Laura A. Ward?]

Box 1: folder 33
Hand-drawn map of Scutari neighborhood, showing houses of Edwin and Isaac Bliss, Henry Otis Dwight, et al.
[ca. 1878]

Box 1: folder 33
W.D.P. Bliss to his sister Laura A. Ward regarding infant nephew [Paul] Ward (typed copy)
[1878] Jul

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward: Thanksgiving greetings (typed copy)
1878 Nov

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward, from Scutari ("home"), with many details of harrowing boat trip from U.S. to Constantinople; everyday life for missionary families; meeting up with Cornelia Williams (daughter of William Frederick Williams - see Williams-Chambers-Seelye Papers in the Archives and Special Collections)
1879 Aug

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward, written from the Hartford Theological Seminary, describes preaching in Windham [Conn] and his activities at the seminary (typed copy)
1882 Jan

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward, from Hartford Theological Seminary, regarding religious condition of Amherst College (typed copy)
1882 Feb

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward, announcing his marriage to Mary Pangalo ("Eta"); wedding announcement, Jun 30, 1884; photocopy of telegram in Arabic to his parents in Turkey (original in OS Box 1; digitized)
1884 Jul

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward, about the death of his infant daughter, Zoe, and the funeral plans for her
1893 May

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss, "A Christmas Song for Some Who Are Heavy of Heart," written the year of his daughter's death
1893 Dec

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Isabella H.P. Bliss, regarding a trip in the U.S.; mentions Uncle Marshall Bliss
[ca. 1897] Feb

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward regarding inscriptions for the monument in the family lot (the Harvey Bliss lot) in Peabody Cemetery; related paperwork
[1904] Sept

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to niece Laura D. Ward regarding Laura's commencement at Mt. Holyoke College
1908 Jun

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss to Laura A. Ward regarding family matters
[ca. 1910]

Box 1: folder 34
W.D.P. Bliss: miscellaneous documents regarding his preaching, publications, etc.; obituary
[ca. 1880-1926]

Box 1: folder 35
Isabella H.P. Bliss to "Mrs. Gardiner," an old friend to whom she reflects on her life as a missionary and describes her current work
1883 Feb

Box 1: folder 36
Isabella Stoddard Bliss to her sister Laura A. Ward on the Isabella's wedding day (she married Henry Otis Dwight - his third marriage, her first; he was first married to their sister Mary Abigail Bliss, who d. 1872)
1887 Feb

Box 1: folder 37
[Mary] Carrie Clark ["Aunt"] to Laura A. Ward
1890 May

Box 1: folder 37
To Laura A. Ward, incomplete, with later note "signed Eta" [sister-in-law Mary Pangalo Bliss]
[ca . 1890]

Box 1: folder 37
Mugderdich G. Alexanian to [Isabella H.P. Bliss] soliciting help for his schooling in the U.S. (copy); writes from Pera, Turkey
1891 Apr

Box 1: folder 38
Pressed fern "taken from the wreath sent by the Armenian printer with whom Father [Edwin Bliss] had worked"
1892 Dec

Box OS1: folder 38
Missionary George W. Wood to Laura A. Ward remembering Edwin E. Bliss; additional fragment regarding [Langdon Ward], ca. 1895
1893 Feb

Box 1: folder 39
Isabella Stoddard Dwight (d. 1894) to Laura A. Ward (sister) regarding their mother (fragment)
[ca. 1893]

Box 1: folder 39
Eta [Pangalo Bliss] to [Laura A. Ward], "Langdon asked about you all. He says Mark always makes him laugh" (fragment)
1895 Oct

Box 1: folder 39
Letter from "Esther" (possibly a Porter family connection) to a family member and subsequently passed along to Laura A. Ward regarding the illness of Isabella H.P. Bliss
[1896 Nov]

Box 1: folder 39
Cyrus Hamlin to Isabella H.P. Bliss reminiscing on their work in Turkey and informing her of his current plans; "…when I die I shall pray My Lord to send me back to Turkey if there be any service that disembodied speech may perform & if so I will take Mother Bliss with me"

Box 1: folder 40
Elias Riggs (AC 1829) to Isabella H.P. Bliss, writing from Scutari and reminiscing about their missionary work and noting his progress on translating religious works into Bulgarian
1897 Mar

Box 1: folder 41
Henry Otis Dwight to his sister-in-law Laura A. Ward regarding the death of Isabella H.P. Bliss; detailed reminiscence of Isabella's life and work
1897 Apr

Box 1: folder 42
Aunt Eunice Day Bliss (wife of Isaac Bliss) to her niece Laura A. Ward
1897 May

Box 1: folder 42
Aunt Eunice Day Bliss to Laura A. Ward recounting the illness of Isaac Bliss in 1850 that forced him to leave Erzeroom (Erzurum), Turkey and missionary work there for several years
[1897] Aug

Box 1: folder 42
Mary Carrie H. Clark to Laura A. Ward regarding Martha G. Tyler (Mrs. Matthew H. Buckham), daughter of Rev. Josiah Tyler (missionary and author of "Forty Years among the Zulus") and reminiscing about Clark's early acquaintance with the Tyler family
1897 Sep

Box 1: folder 42
[Dr. G. E. White] regarding correspondence from Edwin E. Bliss to White's father (fragment)
1900 Apr

Box 1: folder 42
Aunt Eunice Day Bliss to Laura A. Ward reminiscing about the early years in Erzeroom
1905 May

Box 1: folder 42
Invitation to wedding of Lucia Wadsworth Longfellow (m. Franklin R. Barrett), daughter of Isabella's sister Elizabeth

Box 1: folder 42
Henry Otis Dwight to Laura A. Ward regarding whether he still has Bliss family objects and their disposition; mentions his children, including Harrison Griswold Dwight (AC 1898)
1903 Feb

Box 1: folder 42
Cornelia Sutphen White to Laura A. Ward reminiscing about her young brother, Rev. Joseph W. Sutphen (Hamilton College, Class of 1847), who died of disease shortly after reaching Turkey in 1852 and whose death was carefully reported to the Sutphen family by Edwin E. Bliss
1906 Jun

Box 1: folder 42
Isabella C. Harmon [Mrs. Charles Harmon] to Laura A. Ward reminiscing about her mother, who knew Isabella H.P. Bliss and "led [her] to Christ just 63 years ago…in 1844" (fragment)

Box 1: folder 42
Sub-series B: Letters of Edwin E. Bliss and Isabella H.P. Bliss to Laura and Langdon Ward, and William and Eta Bliss

Sub-series B, Letters of Edwin E. Bliss and Isabella H.P. Bliss, contains correspondence from the couple to their children from 1876-1896, arranged chronologically. The Bliss parents were stationed in Scutari, Turkey for most of the years covered in the letters, and their letters contain detailed descriptions of their home, their work, their colleagues, the people they missionized (mostly Armenians), and the political events of the times. The bulk of the letters are from Isabella Bliss, although there are many from her husband. The letters were generally intended to be circulated among the family members at home, between the Bliss children as well as Isabella's Porter family members. Responses to the letters are limited and are found mostly in typed excerpts from Laura A. Ward to her parents in Series 3, Box 2.

Hundreds of letters to family members in the United States from Edwin Elisha and Isabella Holmes Porter Bliss, written mostly from Scutari during their decades in the region, containing detailed descriptions of their home and work lives and mentioning many missionary colleagues and friends (Riggs, Dwight, Williams, Daniel Bliss families and many others - see list of missionaries in Turkey in first folder of the letters); occasional letters from other family members (Isabella S. Dwight and her daughters Susan and Isabel, etc.); at least one transcribed letter from a student (Anthony George C. in 1879, described as "more weak than wicked") and one letter (1885) from friend Ellen E. Pettibone; 1883 folder contains mimeographed copies of "The Tattler," a handwritten newsletter for missionaries [possibly by Henry Otis Dwight, who, according to IHPB, owned a hectograph]

Box 1: folder 43-62
Edwin Elisha and Isabella Holmes Porter Bliss letters, continued, regarding events and people of the times including descriptions of the 1894 earthquake in Turkey; the "Hamidian massacre" (1895); the conditions among the missionaries (by Mrs. William Chambers; digitized); the living conditions of [J. Camilla] Golaz, a governess for the "dethroned khedive of Egypt," [Ishmael Pasha]; photographs (whereabouts unknown) taken by Henry Otis Dwight, [William Thomas] Orniston, and [Mellingen] of Robert College of an underground prison (1894), etc.

Box 1: folder 63-74
Henry Otis Dwight to Isabella H.P. Bliss after her departure from Turkey, where he remained until about 1901
1896 Aug-Oct

Box 1: folder 75
Miscellaneous genealogical documents for Ward line

Box 1: folder 76
Genealogical materials - photographs (landmarks, graves)

Box 1: folder 77
Miscellaneous genealogical documents for Bliss line

Box 1: folder 78
Series 3: Langdon S. and Laura A. Ward Family Papers

Series 3 covers the Bliss-Ward family from the time of Langdon and Laura's marriage in 1873 to their son Earl's inventories from the 1960s and 1970s of the family materials (the bulk of the material in this series is from about 1873 to 1900)

Sub-series A: Bliss-Ward General Biographical Materials and Correspondence

Includes early letters (engagement and newly married) between the Ward parents; Laura's responses to her mother's letters from Turkey; letters from other missionaries; and documentation of the family's growth (including the children's education and their early missionary work), of Langdon Ward's early death in 1895, and of his widow's struggles to raise their children. This series also contains several folders containing widow Laura Ward's letters from a trip "home" to Turkey in 1904-1905, when she revisited the places and people she knew as a girl.

Langdon S. Ward to Isabella H.P. Bliss regarding his engagement to her daughter Laura
1873 Sep

Box 2: folder 1
Wedding invitation and calling cards for Langdon and Laura Ward

Box 2: folder 2
Langdon S. Ward to Laura A. Bliss, letters from the period of their engagement
1873 Aug-Nov

Box 2: folder 3
Laura A. Bliss to Langdon S. Ward, letters from the period of their engagement
1873 Aug-Nov

Box 2: folder 4
Ellen ("Nellie") S. Ward (Langdon's daughter from first marriage) to new step-mother Laura A. Ward
1873 Dec

Box 2: folder 5
Carrie Webber to Laura A. Bliss congratulating her on her forthcoming marriage: "when you marry Dr. Ward you will lose all your bliss whatever else you gain"

Box 2: folder 5
Documents for Maine and Massachusetts properties (See also OS Box 1)

Box 2: folder 6
Laura A. Ward to her parents, before and after her marriage in Dec, 1873 (fragments)

Box 2: folder 7
Laura A. Ward to her mother: typed inventory [1962] by Earl Ward of Mary Ward's longer extracts (See also Box 2, Folder 12); original letters destroyed; pdf of inventory available)

Box 2: folder 8
Langdon S. Ward to Laura A. Ward

Box 2: folder 9
Laura A. Ward and children to Langdon S. Ward, written while he was away at ABCFM meetings (sections clipped by Mary I. Ward from her mother's letters)

Box 2: folder 10
Miscellaneous publications: "Manual of the First Church, Newton" (1876); "Old Orchard, Maine" (Graves Locke & Co., 1879); "Harvard Church, Brookline, Mass." (1879); "Program for Annual Meeting of the American Board" (Oct, 1906); "Centennial Day at Williamstown" (1906); "Some of the Older Houses and Other Historic Spots in Newton" (1955)

Box OS1: folder 10
Langdon S. Ward to Edwin E. Bliss regarding publication "Places of Evangelical Worship"; a revival then in progress reported at length; mentions Alpheus Hardy (merchant in the East India and Mediterranean trade, banker, and trustee of Amherst College) and Dwight Moody (Christian evangelist, founder of Northfield Mt. Hermon School, and publisher; see also Box 2, Folder 37 regarding Langdon Ward's influence on him)
1877 Mar

Box 2: folder 11
Laura A. Ward to her mother: extracts selected and typed by Mary I. Ward [1962] (pdf available); these letters complement Isabella's in Series 2, Sub-series B

Box 2: folder 12
Typed copy of "Theodore Samuel" (Paul) Ward's first letter to his grandparents
1878 Aug

Box 2: folder 13
J. A. Clarkson [Virginia A. Clarkson] to Laura A. Ward regarding her missionary work in Kobe, Japan
1879 Dec

Box 2: folder 14
Ward family: small assortment of photographs of family (ca. 1912), friends, and places
ca. 1881-1968

Box 2: folder 15
Langdon Ward to daughters Mabel (Mary I.) and Daisy (Martha S.) asking them to be good and help Lucy [servant] while he and Laura are away (Oct 4); "Nellie" [Ellen S. Ward, Langdon's daughter by his first marriage), regarding suggested names for Nellie's nephew Lauriston Ward (Langdon's grandson, b. 1882) (fragment, n.d.)

Box 2: folder 16
Isaac Grout Bliss to Laura A. Ward about his traveling arrangements in the U.S.
1883 Aug

Box 2: folder 17
Mary I. Ward's "birth day album", "A Chaplet of Flowers," with names of family and friends and their respective birthdates
[ca. 1884]

Box 2: folder 18
Langdon S. and Laura A. Ward to Edwin E. and Isabella H.P. Bliss regarding the birth of twins Mark and Earl Ward

Box 2: folder 19
Locks of hair from Mark and Earl Ward
1884, 1886

Box 2: folder 20
Langdon S. Ward to family

Box 2: folder 21
Laura A. Ward draft letter to classmates from Rockford Seminary marking their twentieth anniversary (See also 1905 letter from classmate Frances [Wiswell] in Box 2, Folder 55)
1884 May

Box 2: folder 22
Share certificate to "William E. Dodge Ward" for two shares in the "Children's Morning Star Mission" (Langdon S. Ward, Treasurer; see also Box 1 Folder 15 for information regarding earlier "Morning Star" voyages)

Box 2: folder 23
Jessie Louise Thurston [former neighbor] to Laura A. Ward
[ca. 1885-1895]

Box 2: folder 24
Langdon S. Ward's notes for Sabbath School at Newton Centre (1885) and list of sermons (1889-1890)
1885, 1889

Box 2: folder 25
Materials from the "Desert Palm Society" (children's missionary society; Margaret J. Cushman, Treasurer, and Mary F. Cushman, Secretary, respectively), including the "Desert Palm Treasurer's Report" for 1886 and many receipts to the Wards for donations, all signed by Margaret J. Cushman (m. George B. Haven)

Box 2: folder 26
Martha Storer Ward (age 9) to her mother, Laura A. Ward, while Martha was on a trip to Egypt: only known letter from Martha, who died in 1889 "of peritonitis"
1886 Apr

Box 2: folder 27
[Eliza] A. Ostrander (Eliza Allan Ostrander/Mrs. Luther A. Ostrander) to Laura A. Ward on the Ostranders' health, anticipating their fifteenth anniversary, and recalling that Laura was her bridesmaid in 1871 (fragment)
1886 Apr

Box 2: folder 28
To Laura A. Ward from Jessie [Symes, a cousin on her mother's side?], anticipating a visit
1887 Sep

Box 2: folder 28
Notes, genealogical and statistical, by Langdon S. Ward
[ca. 1887]

Box 2: folder 29
Photographs of Laura Dwight Ward

Box 2: folder 30
Report by Arthur W. Tufts (ABCFM) on Langdon S. Ward's work as Treasurer of the ABCFM; "The Administration of the American Board," section from The Congregationalist, Mar 14, 1895, describing the work of Langdon and his colleagues in the ABCFM administration
1890, 1895

Box 2: folder 31
Laura A. Ward to daughter Laura D. Ward

Box 2: folder 32
Laura A. Ward, draft letter to a fellow church member admonishing him or her for card playing: "Is attendance at Whist parties the best way of using your strength and time?"; mentions father Edwin Bliss and how he fell prey to chess playing at Amherst College
[ca. 1894 Nov]

Box 2: folder 33
Langdon S. Ward: cash accounts (notes); small notebook containing miscellaneous notes as well as a section in his handwriting [and Laura's?] detailing his last days and hours

Box 2: folder 34
Laura Dwight Ward, mementos: autograph booklet from school chums (1894-99); list of sermons heard (1894-95); Amherst High School recital programme (1900) and graduation exercises programme (1904); "Girls Improvement Society" (handwritten playbill for 1904 Amherst H.S. performance); ABCFM certificate for one share in a missionary vessel for Micronesia
[ca. 1894], 1904

Box 2: folder 35
"Address given at the funeral services of Langdon S. Ward" and "Our Treasurer, Mr. Ward," the ABCFM's announcement of Ward's death
1895 Mar, May

Box 2: folder 36
Dwight Lyman Moody, letter regarding Langdon S. Ward's influence on him (original letter and associated material)
1895 Apr

Box 2: folder 37
Last letters to Langdon S. Ward (ca. Mar, 1895); condolences to his family on his death; resolutions and minutes concerning Ward (contents of a brown, cloth-covered folder now in Box 2, Folder 76

Box 2: folder 38
Ellen A. Winslow to Laura A. Ward during Landgon's illness and after his death, the first including Winslow's cure for insomnia
1895 Mar, Jun

Box 2: folder 39
Boston Latin School: "The Nineteen Hundred," with piece by Lauriston Ward (b. 1882; son of Kate Proctor and Langdon Lauriston Ward, and Langdon Ward's grandson)
1895 Jun

Box 2: folder 40
Laura A. Ward, draft letter to the ABCFM requesting financial help for her family, reminding them of Langdon Ward's long, devoted service
[1895 Jun]

Box 2: folder 41
Mrs. John Haven, an "unknown friend," to Laura A. Ward wishing her well and consoling her on the loss of her husband (Laura and her children were moving to Amherst about this time)
1896 Mar

Box 2: folder 42
Cyrus Hamlin (a founder and first president of Robert College in Istanbul, and later president of Middlebury College) to Laura A. Ward expressing regret for loss of Langdon S. Ward and anticipating a visit
1896 Apr

Box 2: folder 42
Wedding invitation for Laura Ada Theodora Wanless (named Laura after Laura A. Ward) and George A. Clotfelter, M.D.
1896 May

Box 2: folder 42
Exchange between Amherst neighbors Mrs. Charles Shore and widow Laura A. Ward regarding a report that Earl and Mark had been heard swearing: Laura writes to apologize for it, saying that she feels "utterly unequal to the care and training of my seven children"; Mrs. Shore responds with a description of the swearing event and her regret that she repeated it to her daughter, who repeated it to Laura's daughter, who then reported to her mother
1896 Aug-Sep

Box 2: folder 43
"French Spoilation Claims": legal and personal correspondence (the latter from Ward cousin Annie Healey) to Laura A. Ward regarding her claim through Langdon's mother, Martha Storer Ward, "against France as a result of attacks and captures of American vessels and cargoes by French privateers and other ships of war after 1793" (see Henry B. Cox article, enclosed)

Box 2: folder 44
W.E.D. Ward's Amherst High School report cards

Box 2: folder 45
Laura Dwight Ward, 1896, 1900 and 1904 diaries; 1947-1950 account book
1896-1904, 1947

Box 2: folder 46
Elizabeth L. Smith to Laura A. Ward regarding Mary I. Ward's entering missionary work and Langdon's legacy to her
[1900] Aug

Box 2: folder 47
Myra P. Tracy (wife of Charles C. Tracy, of Marsovan, Turkey), to Laura A. Ward regarding Laura's children Paul and Mary, who are in Turkey; also regarding the Lacys' missionary work (incomplete)
1901 Jul

Box 2: folder 47
Hattie Powers to Laura A. Ward, on letterhead of "American College for Girls, Constantinople" (fragment, incl. "do the twins still fight over the cat?")
1902 May

Box 2: folder 47
W.E.D. Ward: records from Amherst College

Box 2: folder 48
Lauriston Ward (b. 1882; Harvard 1903, son of Kate W. Proctor and Laura's stepson Langdon Lauriston Ward AC 1879) to Laura A. Ward, thanking her for a visit to Amherst but still preferring Harvard; genealogical notes; obituary for him from the Harvard University Gazette, Oct 29, 1960
[ca. 1902]

Box 2: folder 49
Laura A. Ward's journal/circular letters to her family from the [Minnesota Conference of Congregational Churches in Northfield, MN]

Box 2: folder 50
Laura A. Ward's journal/circular letters to her family from a trip "home" to Turkey from about mid-1904 to early 1905 (this folder 1904; see next two folders for additional letters from same trip)

Box 2: folder 51
Laura A. Ward to daughter Laura D. Ward, from her mid-1904 through mid-1905 trip to Turkey; includes one from August, shortly after her return

Box 2: folder 52
Laura A. Ward's journal/circular letters to her family from her 1904-1905 trip to Turkey (this folder 1905)

Box 2: folder 53
Laura D. Ward to W.E.D. Ward
1904-1906, 1951

Box 2: folder 54
Frances Wiswell of Janesville, Wisc. to Laura A. Ward, who has written her from Turkey; Frances reminisces about their school days at Rockford Seminary and comments about the state of the world and Laura's work in Turkey
1905 Mar

Box 2: folder 55
W.E.D. Ward in Amherst to sister Laura in NYC
1905 Dec

Box 2: folder 56
Laura D. Ward from: sister Mary I. Ward (Apr 13, 1907); George E. Cary (AC 1907, son of Otis Cary, AC 1872) after a successful date (May 7 and 10, 1906 or 1907); young niece Eleanor B. Ward (daughter of Laura's brother Edwin, AC 1900) writing from Beirut ("the days out here are nearly as hot as Africa now," Jun, 1923) where her father is in missionary work; postcard from "Hazel" sent from Egypt (1928); Wilhelmson Lines postcard from "Elsie, Zela, & Margaret" [1951]; letter from Helen and Marion Mather (Jan, 1956) with genealogical content about her father, Sylvester Bliss, who was a brother of Laura's grandfather Edwin Elisha Bliss

Box 2: folder 57
Laura A. Ward to daughter Mary I. Ward: "one of Mother's last letters"
1907 Oct

Box 2: folder 58
Laura D. Ward to brother Edwin (black and white postcard showing Foochow Street; dated Jul 20, 1915 with numerous cancellations), and group letter from China (Sep 5, 1927) recounting an experience lasting several days with Chinese pirates on the voyage from Shanghai to Foochow
1915, 1927

Box 2: folder 59
Mary I. Ward writing family about a genealogical trip to Maine; many connections and names mentioned
1916 Feb

Box 2: folder 60
Three letters to [Mary I. Ward] regarding genealogy: "Cousin Annie" [Healy; see also material on French Spoilation claim in Box 2, Folder 44]; distant cousin Clara Denny Ward (Feb 21, 1916); and Edith Scamman (Jul 19, 1916), a relative on the Ward side

Box 2: folder 61
Four letters from Ellen Spalding Ward to her half-sister Mary I. Ward ("Maybelle"); genealogical content

Box 2: folder 62
Five sheets from a photograph album showing the Ward siblings, wives, children

Box 2: folder 63
Montgomery Webster (a Bliss cousin) to Laura D. and Mary I. Ward regarding genealogy
1925, 1944

Box 2: folder 64
Pamphlet for "Mountain Rest," a summer home for missionaries (founded 1901, 65 acres in Lithia [Goshen], Mass, managed by The International Medical Missionary Society); a list in WEDW's hand of family members' visits and a Jun 4, 1906 letter from founder George Dowkontt about reservations for members of the Ward family
[ca. 1946]

Box 2: folder 65
Prayer card, draft of will and obituary for Mary I. Ward
1937, [1960]

Box 2: folder 66
Mary I. Ward from Charles [T.] Riggs (son or grandson of Elias Riggs, AC 1829), re missionaries in Turkey and elsewhere, mentioning many people they both knew, including the family of William Frederic Williams (See also Williams-Chambers-Seelye Papers): good letter for a sense of the intimacy of the missionary world and the language they spoke among themselves
1947 Jan

Box 2: folder 67
Ellen Spalding Ward (1861-1948), probate court estate notice (proof slip from the Daily Record) mailed to WEDW (Ellen's half-brother)
1948 May

Box 2: folder 68
"Edwin St. John Ward, 1880 to 1951," typescript essay about ESJW (AC 1900), probably written by WEDW shortly after ESJW's death on Jul 31, 1951
ca. 1951 Aug

Box 2: folder 69
[Paul L. Ward (AC 1933), son of ESJW] to son John Chapman Ward (AC 1966): detailed letter (typescript) about Ward family life when John's grandfather was a boy (pdf available)
1956 Mar

Box 2: folder 70
Elinor Andrews writing to Amherst neighbor WEDW: reminiscences of the Ward family in Brookline, where their mothers knew each other, and WEDW's reply
1960 Nov, Dec

Box 2: folder 71
Charlotte Allen Ward (ESJW's widow) to [WEDW], an update about her branch of the Ward-Allen family
[ca. 1962]

Box 2: folder 72
WEDW's lists of family members who attended Amherst College; list of some of the Bliss-Ward material given to the College (pdf available)

Box 2: folder 73
WEDW's typed extracts from the letters and journals of his grandparents Edwin and Isabella Bliss from 1840 to their deaths, and summaries about lives of other family members (pdf available; original journals on Class Shelves in ASC)
1969 Feb

Box 2: folder 74
WEDW's lists: "Inventory of archives" (including a typed list of information in a small notebook given to WEDW by his sister Mary and included in the folder); "Items in picturing our family life from 1876 to 1896"; line-a-year "Papers of the Ward family, 1873 on"

Box 2: folder 75
Homemade brown cotton cloth book cover with "Magazine" printed on front cover and "B" on verso, perhaps made by Laura A. Bliss as a young girl and repurposed by her adult children to house the letters about Langdon Storer Ward's illness and death in spring of 1895 (now in Box 2, Folder 38)

Box 2: folder 76
Sub-series B: Personal Correspondence of W.E.D. Ward with Ward family members

Contains primarily the correspondence between Earl Ward and his mother, Laura A. Ward, and between Earl and his sister Laura D. Ward up to the time of his engagement to Dora Judd Mattoon, with some later correspondence between Earl and his sister from the 1950s. This series also contains important letters from Earl's first trip to Harpoot, Turkey from 1909-1913. OS Box 2 contains a photograph album documenting the trip

Laura A. Ward letters to W.E.D. Ward, including a few from her 1904-1905 trip to Turkey

Box 3: folder 1
Laura A. Ward letters to W.E.D. Ward, the first few from Turkey

Box 3: folder 2
Laura A. Ward to W.E.D. Ward

Box 3: folder 3
Laura A. Ward to W.E.D. Ward

Box 3: folder 4
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward

Box 3: folder 5
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward

Box 3: folder 6
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward

Box 3: folder 7
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward and family: from this point many of his letters in this sub-series are typed

Box 3: folder 8
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward and family: in April he begins to write from Turkey, where he was stationed from 1909-1913 (See also sub-series E, Box OS2, "Photographs," for album documenting the trip)

Box 3: folder 9
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward and family, from Turkey; May 11, 1910 regarding the death of his brother Paul

Box 3: folder 10
W.E.D. Ward to Laura A. Ward and family, from Turkey

Box 3: folder 11
W.E.D. Ward to family, from Turkey

Box 3: folder 12
W.E.D. Ward to family, departure from Turkey and trip to Syria

Box 3: folder 13
W.E.D. Ward to family, from his home in Massachusetts

Box 3: folder 14
W.E.D. and Laura D. Ward (WED's sister) to each other

Box 3: folder 15
W.E.D. and Laura D. Ward to each other

Box 3: folder 16
Series 4: Earl and Dora J.M. Ward Family Papers

Series 4 is divided into four sub-series and contains materials from Earl and Dora Ward's life together, beginning with letters announcing their engagement and ending with their obituaries. Series 4 should be considered along with the Dora Judd Mattoon Ward Papers, a separate collection containing material that substantially augments Series 4.

Sub-series A: Earl and Dora Ward's Personal Correspondence

Includes early correspondence about their engagement and wedding, as well as later correspondence from them to family covering several decades.

Letters regarding engagement of W.E.D. Ward and Dora J. Mattoon

Box 4: folder 1
W.E.D. and D.J.M. Ward wedding invitation

Box 4: folder 2
W.E.D. and DJM Ward to each other

Box 4: folder 3
W.E.D. and DJM Ward to family, including a detailed summary of missionary service of family members (see photocopy of Apr 21, 1968 letter from Earl Ward to his nephew Robert Theodore Ward (AC 1953) and Nina deCreeft Ward)

Box 4: folder 4
W.E.D. and DJM Ward: Christmas letters to family

Box 4: folder 5
Notes, documents, obituaries, etc. related to Earl's retirement and death

Box 4: folder 6
W.E.D. Ward 90th birthday book (text only)

Box 4: folder 7
W.E.D. Ward funeral guestbook

Box 4: folder 8
List of Ward and Mattoon family members; lists of Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, 1911-1976
ca. 1976

Box 4: folder 9
Notes and printed materials related to Earl's involvement with Amherst College after his retirement

Box 4: folder 10
Sub-series B: Professional Correspondence and Documents

Contains Earl Ward's correspondence with the ABCFM (especially James L. Barton, Foreign Secretary of the ABCFM) documenting his difficulties at the Harpoot mission station; accounting records of the Harpoot station; and documentation of Earl's work for the YMCA in India.

Correspondence with James L. Barton and Enoch Bell, Secretary and Associate Secretary respectively of the Foreign Board of the ABCFM chronicling Ward's difficulties at the Harpoot station; Mar 9, 1912 from Edwin S. J. Ward writing from Beirut to Barton regarding Earl's unhappiness in Harpoot; Oct 17, 1912 Ward to Barton regarding Ward's engagement to Dora Mattoon; Jul 11, 1913 Ward to Frank H. Wiggin, Treasurer of the ABCFM

Box 4: folder 11
Dora J. Mattoon to Kate Lamson (Women's Board of the ABCFM) regarding her engagement; Herbert E. Blase from the ABCFM to Earl Ward regarding engagement and missionary work at Harpoot
1912 Oct, Nov

Box 4: folder 12
Harpoot, Turkey: accounting records (1909-13); map of the Turkey Mission of the ABCFM (ca. 1910); "Statement about Turkey" (Apr, 1911, by Arthur Edwin Harper, English teacher at Euphrates College in Harpoot 1909-1911); group letter (1929) from Luther Fowle of the ABCFM re reimbursement for possessions lost during war in Turkey

Box 4: folder 13
YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) missionary certificates and paperwork; miscellaneous biographical documents, identification cards, copy of birth certificate

Box 4: folder 14
YMCA in India: publications, including pamphlets, articles, map, blueprint

Box 4: folder 15
W.E.D. and Dora Ward passports
1921, 1924, 1929

Box 4: folder 16
Invitations to social functions in India
ca. 1921-30

Box 4: folder 17
Correspondence and records from Bombay YMCA work

Box 4: folder 18
"Report of Study of Using the Printed Page to Reach the Constituency of Foreign Mission Boards & Business Firms"

Box 4: folder 19
Miscellaneous education certificates
1923, 1929, 1953

Box 4: folder 20
"Statement of Social Welfare Work in Bombay": detailed report of the Wards' work

Box 4: folder 21
Angus Dispensary, Bengal, Annual Report: dispensary report and statistics with original photographs (many digitized)

Box 4: folder 22
Correspondence and records for Calcutta YMCA work

Box 4: folder 23
Sub-series C: Cash Accounts and Record Books

Earl Ward's personal accounts as well as personal lists of possessions, books to read, etc.

W.E.D. Ward cash book

Box 4: folder 24
W.E.D. Ward cash book

Box 4: folder 25
W.E.D. Ward cash book

Box 4: folder 26
W.E.D. Ward record books (lists of books to read, things to remember, etc.)

Box 4: folder 27
W.E.D. Ward notebooks
[ca. 1930s]

Box 4: folder 28
Sub-series D: W. E. D. Ward Diaries

Scope and content:

Diaries (mostly line-a-day) covering many decades.


See also Dora Judd Mattoon Ward Papers for additional WEDW diaries and reports

W.E.D. Ward diaries

Box 5: folder 1
W.E.D. Ward diaries
1906-07, 1913

Box 5: folder 2
W.E.D. Ward diaries

Box 5: folder 3
W.E.D. Ward diary and appointment notebook

Box 5: folder 4
W.E.D. Ward diaries

Box 5: folder 5
W.E.D. Ward diaries
1943, 1976-77

Box 5: folder 6
Sub-series E: Photographs and Postcards

Photographs documenting Earl's trip to Turkey, 1909-1913, as well as many photographs from his work in India. There are also blank postcards of miscellaneous locations, ca. 1920s-30s

WEDW's album from his first trip to Harpoot, Turkey in 1909, with some photographs probably from a later date (he was in Turkey until mid-1913)
ca. 1909-1913

Box OS2: folder 6
Miscellaneous photographs, including some from Turkey ca. 1909-1913

Box 6: folder 1
Brockton, Mass. YMCA photograph album

Box 6: folder 2
Photographs and negatives of India

Box 6: folder 3
Photographs and negatives of India

Box 6: folder 4
Photographs of India

Box 6: folder 5
Photograph albums of Boys Clubs in Bombay

Box 6: folder 6
Blank Postcards of India

Box 6: folder 7
Photograph album of YMCA in Bombay

Box 6: folder 8
Blank postcards, miscellaneous locations (Provincetown, Cape Cod, Japan, Jerusalem, ca. 1920s; India, ca. 1928)

Box 6: folder 9

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  • Beach, Ruth Porter Ward, 1881-1933
  • Bliss, Edwin Elisha, 1817-1892
  • Bliss, Isabella Holmes Porter, 1819-1897
  • Bliss, William Dwight Porter, 1856-1926
  • Dwight, Harrison Griswold, 1875-1959
  • Dwight, Henry Otis, 1843-1917
  • King, Olive Storer, 1802-1871
  • Storer, John, 1750-1826
  • Ward, Charlotte Allen, 1880-1973
  • Ward, Dora Mattoon, 1883-1979
  • Ward, Edwin St. John, 1880-1951
  • Ward, Langdon Storer, 1828-1895
  • Ward, Laura Arixene Bliss, 1846-1914
  • Ward, Laura Dwight, 1887-1972
  • Ward, Lauriston, 1786-1851
  • Ward, Mark Hopkins, 1884-1952
  • Ward, Martha Storer, 1876-1887
  • Ward, Mary Isabella, 1874-1961
  • Ward, Paul Theodore Bliss, 1878-1910

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