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Amherst College Early History Manuscripts and Pamphlets Collection, 1820-1843 (Bulk: 1821-1825)
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Correspondence, petitions, pamphlets and other printed material documenting the early history of the College. The collection was collected and arranged by Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Mellon and given to the College in 1921.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection includes administrative correspondence, petitions, pamphlets and other printed material from the first two and a half decades of Amherst College's existence (1820-1845). While this collection does not fully document the administrative activities of this period, it does contain important documentation of the atmosphere and activities of the College and its administration in its early years. Of particular interest are five letters from 1835 concerning the existence of the "Anti-Slavery Society," a student group opposed by the faculty. Other items of interest include a large amount of correspondence on student admissions, financial aid, student activities, disciplinary cases, and commencement; two letters declining the presidency of the College in 1844; and a number of items relating to the founding of the College and the granting of the charter.

Note: Item-level descriptions in the folder list in this finding aid were supplied by the donor.

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Restrictions on access:

There is no restriction on access to the Amherst College Early History Manuscripts and Pamphlets Collection for research use. Particularly fragile items are restricted for preservation purposes.

Restrictions on use:

Requests for permission to publish material from the Amherst College Early History Manuscripts and Pamphlets Collection should be directed to the Archives and Special Collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy the holders of all copyrights.

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History of the Collection

Presented to Amherst College by Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Mellon, 1921.

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Processed 2011 Dec by Mariah Sakrejda-Leavitt, Archives Project Specialist, and Miranda Marraccini 2012, Student Assistant.

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Contents List

Contemporaneous "Copy of the transactions of the Convention of Colleges at their last annual meeting," signed by Edward Everett, and sent to Rev. Zephaniah Swift Moore, then President of Williams College, and subsequently the first President of Amherst College.
1820 May 31

Box 1: folder 1
President Moore of Amherst to Editor of the Hampden Journal. In regard to the Collegiate Institution (Amherst).
1821 Jun 21

Box 1: folder 2
Names of 8 students recommended to the Directors of the American Education Society.
1821 Oct 1, Dec 12

Box 1: folder 3
From Boston. Rev. Asa Eaton, Clerk of the American Education Society, to President Moore, in regard to financial assistance for certain students.
1821 Oct 12

Box 1: folder 4
President Moore of the "Collegiate Institution" to the "Preceptors and Prudential Committee of Amherst Academy." In regard to the ill conduct of 5 students (including Edward Dickinson) caught drinking cherry rum and gin immoderately after an oyster supper.
1821 Nov 10

Box 1: folder 5
Carefully drawn diagram of rooms in South College, Amherst, erected in 1821, with numbers and occupants given. There were 32 rooms all of which were occupied by students (including Edward Dickinson), except three - two of which may have been reserved for administrative purposes, and No. 24 which was occupied by one of the Professors. The paper is endorsed: "Location, &c 1821-2."

Box 1: folder 6
The members of the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Classes, (names not given), to President Moore expressing dissatisfaction with Mr. Lucius Field as a tutor in the institution.
1822 Feb 25

Box 1: folder 7
Professor Levi Hodge to President Moore. Re: Convention of the Colleges.
1822 May 15

Box 1: folder 7a
From Thetford, Vt. Reverend Asa Burton to President Moore. Asks the President's advice in regard to the publication of his proposed book, and invokes his assistance in securing subscriptions. The book, entitled "Essays on some of the First Principles of Metaphysics, Ethics and Theology," was published in Portland in 1824.
1823 Jan 6

Box 1: folder 8
From Charleston, SC, A. Boies (?) to President Moore. Introducing John B. Van Dyke of Charleston, (Class of 1826), as a young man desiring to enter the institution.
1823 Mar 23

Box 1: folder 9
From Charleston, SC, C.P. Grovesnor to President Moore. Is on a mission to the South to obtain money for the proposed College, and is almost discouraged. Speaks of Southern students for Amherst, and expresses his astonishment that the state of Mass. had refused to grant Amherst a charter. (It was finally chartered in 1825).
1823 Mar 25

Box 1: folder 10
From Charleston SC, Rev. Dr. Benjamin M. Palmer to President Moore. Letter introducing John Van Dyke. Describes his excellent character and commends him as worthy to receive, as a student in Amherst, the financial aid of the Institution.
1823 Mar 26

Box 1: folder 11
Petition of nine persons from Holliston, Mass. To the Senate and House of Reps. of Mass. Praying for the incorporation of the Institution. On the same sheet is a letter from Rev. Josephus Wheaton, D.D., of Holliston, Mass.
1823 May 18

Box 1: folder 12
From Detroit. G. Hopkins to President Moore. Cannot return to Amherst at once on account of ill health, but hopes to do so later. Will pay his bill for the last term soon.
1823 Jan 7

Box 1: folder 13
Dr. Oliver S. Taylor, of Hadley, to the "President and Professors of the Collegiate Institution." Introducing Giles Lymon as worthy of being admitted as a student to the Institution.
1823 Aug 19

Box 1: folder 14
From Ashfield. Thomas Shepard to the Faculty of the "Amherst Collegiate Institute." Introducing Edmond P. Sherwin for same purpose as last.
1823 Aug 20

Box 1: folder 15
"Appointments for the Exhibition of the Junior Class on the day of Commencement August 27, 1823." Professor C.U. Shepard, one of the appointees.
1823 Aug 27

Box 1: folder 16
Judah Ely, of Westfield, Chatauque Co., NY to "the Students of Amherst Collegiate Institution." Proposes, as a memorial to the late President Moore, that a fund of $200, or $300, or more be raised, the income of which should be devoted, as an "honorary premium," by the Trustees, for an essay, "biennially and alternately," on the two following subjects: "The importance of Christianity to national prosperity and happiness," and "The evils and dangers of slavery in this country and the best means of removing them." The writer offers $10 towards the fund which is to be called the "Moore fund" and the essay, the "Moore Prize Essay." The letter is directed to the "Alumni of the Amherst Collegiate Institute."
1824 Mar 1

Box 1: folder 17
From Dudley, Mass. Jepthah Bacon to President Heman Humphrey, asking that his son, Peter C. Bacon, who until lately had been a student in Brown University, might become a student in the Institution in Amherst, and giving his reasons, including that he can no longer afford the cost of attendance at Brown.
1824 Mar 16

Box 1: folder 18
Appointments for Junior Exhibition.
1824 Mar 30

Box 1: folder 19
President Humphrey to Henry C. Towner, at Williamstown, Mass. Concerning a severe case of discipline. Towner allegedly fathered a child by a maid (Eliza) in Amherst. The letter declares that he will not be allowed to return to Amherst unless he can prove his innocence.
1824 Mar 31

Box 1: folder 20
From Boston. Dr. J. G. Coffin, (1770-1829), to President Humphrey. Praises the part of the President's address that treated of "Physical Education," and expresses his own views of the subject. A long and highly interesting letter.
1824 Apr 14

Box 1: folder 21
From New Bedford. S. Holmes to President Humphrey. Introducing S. Atwood and H. Bryant for entrance as students in the institution at Amherst. "A deep interest is felt by some in this region in the Institution over which you preside. If we have no money we can pray for you and send you our sons. I think the difficulties you have encountered have raised the Institution more rapidly than it could have advanced without powerful opposition. I hope your petition will be kept before the Legislature for a century to come if they reject it so long. I do think nothing could have been done for you more for your prosperity than the opposition of enemies and the prayers of friends."
1824 Apr 16

Box 1: folder 22
Action of the Trustees of the "Amherst Collegiate Institute" in view of President Humphrey's "declining state of health," it was "Resolved that the Board earnestly and affectionately recommend to him to disengage himself without delay from the cares of College, and spend the time between this and close of the ensuing vacation in using means to restore his health, and that the Vice President be requested to present to him an attested copy of this vote." Attested as a "true copy" by R. Graves, Secretary.
1824 Apr 21

Box 1: folder 23
From Boston. John B. Davis, editor of <title render="italic">The Patriot </title>("the leading Republican newspaper in New England"), to President Humphrey. Offers his services to secure the incorporation of the Institution at Amherst as a college, etc.. Highly interesting letter.
1824 Apr 28

Box 1: folder 24
From Washington D.C. Hon. E. H. Mills, U.S. Senator from Mass., to President Humphrey. He fears that certain circumstances (not reaching home before the end of the session) will prevent his complying with the wish of the Trustees of the Amherst Collegiate Institution to secure his professional services before a Committee of the Legislature of Mass., in the matter of securing a College Charter.
1824 May 3

Box 1: folder 25
From Middleborough, Mass. Zach. Eddy to President Humphrey. In regards to the entrance of J. O. Standish and John L. Holmes, as students in the Intuition at Amherst, and financial assistance for them.
1824 May 4

Box 1: folder 26
Commendatory action of the Amherst faculty, signed by President Humphrey, upon the "general appearance of the Freshman class at its examination," especially in Roman Antiquities and the languages.
1824 May 10

Box 1: folder 27
Action of the Faculty of the "Collegiate Institution" stating that at the late examination, the Senior Class had given "good satisfaction," and requesting the President to communicate this fact to the class. The paper was signed by the President and is wholly in his writing.
1824 May 10

Box 1: folder 28
Substantially the same as last, respecting the Sophomore class. Signed by President Humphrey. (Qualified with "better in some of their studies than others.")
1824 May 10

Box 1: folder 29
Substantially the same as the last, respecting the Junior Class. Signed by President Humphrey.
1824 May 10

Box 1: folder 30
From Albany W.A. Duer, subsequently President of Columbia College, NY, to President Humphrey. Enclosing a report made to the Regents of the University of the State of NY, on the applications of the "Ithaca and Geneva Colleges for charters of incorporation."
1824 Jun 12

Box 1: folder 31
From Plainfield, NH. Rev. Dana Clayes, Pastor of Presbyterian Church, to President Humphrey. Writes in behalf of Daniel Blood, a "beneficiary of the Academy at this place," to inquire about the expenses in the Institution at Amherst, and the prospect of his receiving financial assistance.
1824 Jun 21

Box 1: folder 32
"Amherst Collegiate Institution." A matter of discipline. In writing of President Humphrey, and signed by Ephraim Eveleth. Restores Eveleth to his former standing after he left Amherst for "disrespectful treatment of Faculty," includes his retraction.
1824 Jun 28

Box 1: folder 33
A matter of discipline. In writing of President Humphrey. Suspends Joseph Goffe for going out of town without permission.
1824 Jul 16

Box 1: folder 34
Favorable action of the faculty on the examination of the Senior class. In handwriting of President Humphrey and signed by him.
1824 Jul 21

Box 1: folder 35
Committee representing the Senior Class present a touching memorial to President Humphrey.
1824 Aug 17

Box 1: folder 36
Commendatory action of the Faculty on the Examination of the Sophomore Class. Signed by President Humphrey.
1824 Aug 23

Box 1: folder 37
Ditto of the Freshman class.
1824 Aug 23

Box 1: folder 38
Ditto of the Junior class.
1824 Aug 23

Box 1: folder 39
Commencement. Remarks by President Humphrey on presentation of diplomas to Senior class. In handwriting of President Humphrey. Exceedingly interesting address.

Box 1: folder 40
Dismissal of Samuel Partridge (AC 1827) from Yale on account of ill health. Written and signed by President Jeremiah Day.
1825 Dec 17

Box 1: folder 41
Honorable dismissal of Dan Weed (a Sophomore) from the College. Written and signed by President Humphrey.
1830 Dec 17

Box 1: folder 42
Reply, signed by Edward Hitchcock, by direction of the Faculty, to the request of a large number of the appointees for the "approaching exhibition" to be excused from performing their parts. (Interesting). The objection seems to relate to refreshments for a band, including liquor.
1832 Apr 15

Box 1: folder 43
"The monotorial System, as adopted Nov 6th 1833." Given in full.
1833 Nov 6

Box 1: folder 44
Constitution of the College Choir adopted Dec. 3rd 1833. Amherst, Mass." Five beautifully written quarto pages. It was approved by the Faculty which promised to appropriate $50 annually, "provided the constitution be strictly followed, and the reports submitted to, and approved by the College President.
1833 Dec 3

Box 1: folder 45
Contemporary copy of communication of President Humphrey in behalf of the faculty to the "Social Union," on the hurtful tendency of anonymous compositions in the three great literary societies in College, and the duty and responsibility of the faculty in reference thereto. "It must from this time be entirely given up by the Social Union - as it has been already by the vote of constitution majorities by the Alexandrian and Athenian." (very interesting paper.)
1834 Jan 1

Box 1: folder 46
Committee of the Anti-Slavery Society of Amherst College, composed of John Farwell, Leander Thompson, Joseph Haven, Jr., William George Howard, Henry G. Pendleton, and Ezra Adams, Jr., to the faculty of Amherst College declining to comply with the request of the faculty that the Society be abolished, with reasons, etc. Beautifully written letter of about 1708 words. One of the signers, Joseph Haven, Jr., was professor or Mental and Moral Philosopher at Amherst from 1850 till 1858; of Systematic Theology in the Chicago Theological Seminary from 1858-1870; and of Mental and Moral Philosophy from 1873 until his death the following year. There are no papers in this collection of more intense interest and historical importance than this, and the four immediately following it, showing as they do, the prevailing sentiment at that time, not only in Amherst College, but also, incidentally, in Massachusetts, and elsewhere in the Northern States at that period. As historical documents, therefore, these papers are of the highest importance.
1834 Oct 21

Box 1: folder 47
Action of the Amherst Faculty, in a communication addressed to the committee named above, expressing the belief that the best interests of both the College and the petitioners would be promoted by the "voluntary disbanding" of the society. The Faculty, however, agreed to permit the society to remain in existence, subject to four very strict "regulations," which are given in full.
1834 Nov 26

Box 1: folder 48
Copy made by William George Howard (one of the above committee) of letter signed by himself, Joseph Haven, Jr., and Leander Thompson, to the editor of one of the public prints, expressing regrets (with reasons) that he had printed the "memorial" they had recently addressed to the faculty of Amherst. The "memorial" had not been prepared with permission or authorized for publication by the faculty.
1835 Jan 23

Box 1: folder 49
Copy made by William George Howard (one of the above committee) of letter signed by himself, David Andrews and Edward C. Pritchett, in behalf of the above society, communicating to the faculty the following resolution unanimously passed by the society: "Resolved: that this society, on due and careful deliberation, are convinced that their duty as men and Christians forbids a compliance with the conditions of existence submitted in the document lately received from their instructors."
1835 Jan

Box 1: folder 50
President Humphrey to the Committee of the "Anti-Slavery Society in Amherst College." Very courteous letter, entirely in the Presidents handwriting, and signed by him, stating that "your society must cease to exist," with extended explanations.
1835 Feb 17

Box 1: folder 51
Petition of five college students (original signatures) to the faculty for permission to organize a band (to be called the "Amherst College Band"). Constitution of the band given in full. Endorsed: "Not granted."
1836 Mar

Box 1: folder 52
Thirty-nine members of the senior class (all in town) original signatures - to the College faculty. "Learning with much regret that, owing to the feeble health of the President, we shall probably be deprived of his valuable instruction during the remainder of the present term - or at least that we cannot enjoy them without hazarding the entire loss of his health and the consequent sacrifice of the important interests depending upon it, we therefore respectfully petition your honorable body to add the remainder of the term to the senior vacation, except so much as may be necessary for the senior examination." At the end of the paper President Humphrey wrote: "The class was informed that the President hoped to hear them as usual, and they went on without any interruption to the end of their term."
1837 Jul

Box 1: folder 53
From Springfield. Hon. W. B. Calhoun, M.C., to Hon. David Mack, Jr., Amherst. "The trustees of the College at their last meeting directed me to examine into the representation made by the overseers of the Charity Fund as to the security for the loans made to Messrs. Sweetser, Boltwood and Dr. Brown... I make this statement to you that you may consult with Dr. Humphrey as to the proper course to be pursed."
1838 Sep 18

Box 1: folder 54
Rev. D. M. Worcester, D.D., of Salem, Mass., tutor in Amherst, 1823-25; Professor, 1825-34, to Hon. Edward Dickinson, Treasurer of Amherst College, Member of Congress, son of Samuel Fowler Dickinson, one of the founders of the College. In reference to a note Worcester had endorsed for a student named Smith ("a poor fellow, honest, explary") to pay for or to assist in paying for his education at Amherst. Smith having died, Worcester acknowledges his liability, and offers to pay the note. At the end of the letter President Humphrey wrote: "Prudential Committee voted not to exact the money Aug 1839."
1839 Feb 15

Box 1: folder 55
Professor Joseph Alden, of Williams College, to President Humphrey, recommending Rev. H. N. Brinsmade of Pittsfield, Mass. For the Honorary Degree of D.D.
1839 Aug 9

Box 1: folder 56
Copy, attested by Luke Sweetser, secretary of the proceedings of the prudential committee - various important items of business - among others, recommending to trustees to grant the petition of the Alexandria Society to remit the rent of their room, as was done for the Athenian Society; and recommending "the Trustees to raise the salary of Professor Tyler to an equality with the other Professors."
1839 Aug 13

Box 1: folder 57
From Andover Theological Seminary. Edward A. Park (Professor in Amherst in 1835, and in 1836 became professor at above seminary) to the Trustees of Amherst. Highly interesting letter, signed by Professor Park, declining the Presidency of Amherst to which he was elected on the 19th instant, and stating his reasons. On parts of pages 3 and 4 is a personal letter written and signed by Professor Park on the same subject, and addressed to President Humphrey.
1844 Jun 28

Box 1: folder 58
From Philadelphia. Rev. Dr. Albert Barnes to President Humphrey, declining the Presidency of Amherst, and giving reasons. Very important and interesting. Contains a high personal tribute to President Humphrey.
1844 Oct 8

Box 1: folder 59
From Boston. David Sears, founder of the "Sears Fund" of Amherst College, to President Humphrey. Highly important about the foundation of the above fund. Intends to send to the College some Greek and Latin books.
1844 Dec 4

Box 1: folder 60
Most items undated.

Case of discipline. Vindication of the student.

Box 1: folder 61
Greek commencement oration.

Box 1: folder 62
Case of discipline. A part of no. 7 in this calendar. Among the charges were that the student "dressed in a frock and with a party of others... was noisy - general conduct indicative of a spirit of insubordination."

Box 1: folder 63
Case of discipline. Decision of the faculty in the case of no. 7 of this calendar, strongly condemnatory of the action of the students.

Box 1: folder 64
Modification of the last.

Box 1: folder 65
Business to be laid before the Trustees of Amherst College, August." Written by President Humphrey. Among the items of business (23) were these: "Report of the committee appointed at the last meeting to prepare a code of Laws." "Committee to form a church in College." "Shall there be any inaugural ceremonies at the beginning of the term.

Box 1: folder 66
Letter in connection with a case of discipline. Relates to No. 33 of this calendar.

Box 1: folder 67
Nathan Lord, President of Dartmouth College, to Rev. Harvey Wilbur, of Newburyport, Mass. In reference to the latter's son, Harvey B. Wilbur, then a freshman in Dartmouth College. "Altho' his habits of study have been somewhat exceptionable, the faculty of the College would throw no obstruction in the way of his admission to another Institution." Harvey B. Wilbur went to Amherst, whence he was graduated in 1838, and subsequently became one of the most distinguished philanthropists in the country, dying in 1883, at the age of 63.
1835 Jun 23

Box 1: folder 68
Unsigned draft of commendatory letter addressed to the directors of the American Education Society, evidently from the College authorities, in behalf of Christopher Leffingwell Lathrop of Norwich, Conn., aged 19.

Box 1: folder 69
Twenty-five members of the Freshman of Amherst (Henry Ward Beecher being one of them), promise to abstain wholly from the use of wine, ardent spirits, tobacco and opium while connected with the College, (except as medicine), in consideration of a condition made by a "Gentleman" (name unknown) who promised to give $500 to be appropriated for a philosophical apparatus. (Original signatures). See Tyler's History, page 206.

Box 1: folder 70
Rough draft of speakers for Commencement orators, (1824).

Box 1: folder 71
In the matter of the discipline of Charles Upham Shepard of the Senior Class, 1824, subsequently the distinguished Professor and Scientist of Amherst College; and also of Samuel Partridge. For his "very serious offence he (C.U.S.) shall be admonished by the President in presence of the faculty, and the fact that he has been so admonished shall be stated to the students in the chapel." Three quarto pages in the handwriting of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 72
Case of discipline.

Box 1: folder 73
Ten members of the Sophomore Class promise (original signatures) to work three days each, at 10 cents per hour, "on the College hill" under certain conditions, one of which is that "no refreshments shall be provided, either on the ground of elsewhere." The body of the paper is in the handwriting of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 74
A hymn - one verse for a trio, with a chorus; and one verse for a solo, with a chorus. On the third page: "Amherst Col. Inst. Monday morning. The following words are set to the music whill be performed by the Lutheran Sac. Mus. Soc. This day, during the exercises in the meeting house."

Box 1: folder 75
English oration, by George Shepard, probably a commencement oration. George Shepard was of the class of 1824.

Box 1: folder 76
Williams College. Memoranda for Trustees. Names of candidates for A.M. and D.D. degrees, etc.

Box 1: folder 77

Williams College. Commencement Program, with names of 11 candidates for degree of A.M., one for Hon. A.B. and two for Hon. D.D.

Box 1: folder 78
Form for Graduation Testimonial. Signed by President Moore.

Box 1: folder 79
Memorandum for the conferring on degrees. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 80
Rough draft of appointments. Probably written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 81
Commencement Program. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 82
Memorandum for the conferring of degrees. Probably written by same.

Box 1: folder 83
Memorandum for the conferring of degrees. Ditto.

Box 1: folder 84
Memorandum for the conferring of degrees. Ditto.

Box 1: folder 85
Commencement Program. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 86
Commencement Program.

Box 1: folder 87
Memorandum for the conferring of degrees. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 88
Memorandum for the conferring of degrees. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 89
Commencement address of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 90
Commencement address of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 91
Commencement address of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 92
Commencement address of President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 93
"Form of a testimonial given to those who have finished a classical education at the Collegiate Institution at Amherst."

Box 1: folder 94
Form for the conferring of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. Written by President Humphrey.

Box 1: folder 95

"A Plea for a Miserable World" delivered at the laying of the cornerstone of South College, 1820 Aug 9.
1820 Aug 9

Box 1: folder 96
"Amherst Collegiate Institution. May 31, 1824" (8pp. Contains a List of Trustees, Faculty, concerning buildings, funds, legacies, etc., etc.)
1824 May 31

Box 1: folder 97
"Commonwealth of Massachusetts.... Report on the Petitions for the incorporation of Amherst College" (Read and accepted in Senate, June 3, 1824. 4 pp.)
1824 Jun 3

Box 1: folder 98
"A statement of the affairs of the Amherst Institution, on the fourth of October, 1824. Compiled from evidence exhibition to the Committee of Investigation, with affidavits, etc. Pittsfield; printed by Phineas Allen. December, 1824." (36pp.)
1824 Dec

Box 1: folder 99
"Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into facts relative to the Amherst Collegiate Institution, January 8, 1825." (15pp. Mass. House of Reps.)
1825 Jan 8

Box 1: folder 100
"The Substance of two reports of the faculty of Amherst College, to the Board of Trustees, with the doings of the Board thereon, Amherst, Carter and Adams. Printers." (22 pp.)

Box 1: folder 101
Order of Exercises at Amherst Commencement. 4pp.
1836 Aug 24

Box 1: folder 102
Order of Exercises at Amherst Commencement. 4pp.
1838 Aug 22

Box 1: folder 103
Order of Exercises at Amherst Commencement. 4pp.
1839 Aug 28

Box 1: folder 104
Order of Exercises at Amherst Commencement. 4pp.
1840 Aug 26

Box 1: folder 105
Order of Exercises at Amherst Commencement. 4pp.
1841 Jul 22

Box 1: folder 106
Large (Quarto) circular of Amherst College, with fine cut of college buildings. Script. Lithograph. Not dated but old.

Box 1: folder 107
"Dr. Moore," an extract from the sermon of Rev. T. Snell at the funeral of Zephaniah Swift Moore.

Box 1: folder 108
Original collection listing "Calendar of Manuscripts, Pamphlets, etc. relating to the Early History of Amherst College."

Box 1: folder 109

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