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College Row, Amherst College

Alexander Jackson Davis (1803-1892). College Row, Amherst College, with a view toward the town of Amherst, Mass., 1828. Engraved by J. Archer for J. H. Hinton's History and Topography of the United States of North America (Boston: Samuel Walker, 1834).

This list does not represent all of the collections held by the Amherst College Archives & Special Collections. Contact the archives for more information.
Amherst College Archives & Special Collections Finding Aids
Birdseye, Clarence, 1886-1956.
Clarence Birdseye (AC 1910) Journals Collection, 1910-1916
Hamilton, Howard B.
Howard B. Hamilton Japanese Theater Papers
Admission Office
Admission Office. Annual Reports to Secondary SchoolsMA.00335
Afro-American Society/Black Students' Union Collection MA.01025
Aldridge, Abigail
Richard (AC 1952) and Josephine Haskell Aldridge Papers
Aldridge, Richard, 1930-
Richard Aldridge (AC 1952) "Poetry Amherst" Papers, 1971-1972
Allman, T.D.
Timothy D. Allman Papers, 1969-1970
Alumni Office Public Records, MA.46
Amherst College
New Year Greeting Cards Collection, 1921-ongoing
Amherst College
Moratoria Papers, 1969-1970
Amherst College
Amherst College Weather Station Records, 1835-1924, 1948-1998Finding Aid MA.00003
Amherst College
Amherst College Committee Records, 1826-2013
Amherst College
Amherst Summer School Records, 1878-1906
Amherst College
Posters Collection, 1830-2009 (bulk 1870-1905)
Amherst College
Amherst College Kennedy Convocation Collection Finding Aid MA.00121
Amherst College
Amherst College Fire Department Records, 1942-1948, 1997
Amherst College
News Clippings Concerning the Resignation of President Alexander Meiklejohn, 1923-1924
Amherst College
Amherst College Record Books, 1801-1967 (bulk 1825-1908)Finding Aid MA.00208
Amherst College
Amherst College Women's and Gender Center Records, 1968-2001 (bulk 1975-2000) MA.00246
Amherst College
Amherst College News Bureau News Releases, 1948-1984
Amherst College
Amherst College Alumni Biographical Files, 1821-
Amherst College
Reunion Trophy Material, 1873-1955
Amherst College
Degrees and Honors Collection, 1825-
Amherst College
Amherst College Curriculum Reports Collection, 1938-ongoing (bulk 1938-1984)
Amherst College
Amherst College War Materials Collection
Amherst College
Amherst College Inaugurations Collection, 1821-present
Amherst College
Salutations Collection, ca. 1920-ongoing
Amherst College
Athletics Collection, 1865-2009
Amherst College Administrative Publications Collection
Amherst College Centennial Collection, 1919-1921
Amherst College Class Albums Collection, 1853-1909 MA.00103
Amherst College Commencement CollectionMA.00097
Amherst College Dramatic Activities CollectionMA.00146
Amherst College Early History Collection, 1815-1891 (bulk 1815-1849) MA.00055
Amherst College Early History Manuscripts and Pamphlets Collection, 1820-1843 (bulk 1821-1825)
Amherst College Olio
Amherst College Olio, 1928, Photographs and Papers, 1925-1928
Amherst College Oral History Project Records, 1978-1982
Amherst College Student and Alumni Publications Collection, 1829-2017Finding Aid MA.00230a MA.00230
Amherst College Women
Amherst College Women (Ladies of Amherst College) Records, 1912-1976
Amherst College. College Photographer
Amherst College Photographer Negatives, 1960-2005 (bulk 1962-2005)
Amherst College. Academic Computer Center.
Amherst College. Academic Computer Center Records, 1970-1998 (bulk 1972-1985)
Amherst College. Affirmative Action Committee.
Affirmative Action Committee Records, 1972-1997
Amherst College. Alumni Office
Alumni Office Historical Records, 1848-1955Finding Aid MA.00047
Amherst College. Association of Amherst Students
Association of Amherst Students Records, 1987-2008
Amherst College. Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Records. Meeting Minutes. RG 001.01
Amherst College. Botany Department.
Botany Department Papers, 1930-1936
Amherst College. Class of 1902
Class of 1902 Papers, 1932-1967
Amherst College. Department of Hygiene and Physical Education
Department of Hygiene and Physical Education Records MA.00251
Amherst College. Dept. of English.
English Department Records, 1879-1977 (bulk 1930s-1960s)
Amherst College. Dept. of Neuroscience.
Amherst College Dept. of Neuroscience Records, 1971-2011
Amherst College. Gilbert Museum
Catalogue of the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics 1903-2015 Finding Aid MA.00017
Amherst College. Library.
Amherst College Library History Collection, 1850-1987 (bulk 1850-1965)
Amherst College. Library.
Amherst College Library Bookplates Collection, 1828-1989
Amherst College. Library.
Amherst College Library Records, 1833-1977 (bulk 1876-1933)
Amherst College. Library. Friends.
Friends of the Amherst College Library Records, 1938-
Amherst College. Office of Public Affairs
Amherst College Office of Public Affairs Slide Images, 1980-1990
Amherst College. President's Office.
Amherst College President's Office Public Records, ca. 1934-1976
Amherst College. Queer Resource Center
Guide to the Amherst College Queer Resource Center Records MA.00275
Amherst College. Student Council.
Amherst College. Student Council. Records, 1917-1975
Amherst College. Treasurer's Office.
Guide to Amherst College Financial Records, 1875-1975
Amherst College. Treasurer's Office.
Guide to Amherst College Financial Records, ca. 1830-1952 (bulk: ca. 1860-1921)
Amherst College. Trustees.
Materials Concerning President Alexander Meiklejohn, 1923-1948 MA.00086
Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797
Jeffery Amherst Collection MA.00196
Amherst, William Pitt, Earl Amherst of Arracan, 1773-1857
William Pitt and Sarah Archer Amherst Family Collection MA.00295
Amiel, Joseph, 1937-
Joseph Amiel (AC 1959) Papers, 1956-2004
Armstrong, John H., 1932-1959
John H. Armstrong Papers, 1932-1974 (bulk 1950-1960)
Bagg, Robert
Robert Bagg (AC 1957) Papers, 1822-2007 (bulk 1953-2007)
Bain, George W. (George William), 1901-1991
George W. Bain Papers MA.00254
Baird, Theodore
Baker, Ingham C., 1896-1985
Ingham C. Baker Collection, 1916-1919
Ball Family
Ball Family Papers, ca. 1869-1931
Barnes, Lincoln Wade
Lincoln Wade Barnes Photographic Negatives Collection
Barton, William E. (William Eleazar), 1861-1930
William E. Barton Collection of Walt Whitman Materials MA.01012
Bellows, George, 1882-1925
George Wesley Bellows Papers, 1899-1962 (bulk 1905-1929)Finding Aid MA.00117
Benson, Bruce B. (Bruce Buzzell)
Bruce B. Benson (AC 1943) Papers MA.01016
Benítez Rojo, Antonio, 1931-
Antonio Benítez-Rojo Papers, 1957-2002
Bigelow, Donald N. (Donald Nevius)
Donald N. Bigelow (AC 1939) Papers, 1860-2009 (bulk 1935-2004)
Bigelow, William P.
William P. Bigelow (AC 1889) Papers, 1867-1941
Billings, Osmond Jesse
Rev. Osmond Jesse Billings (AC 1900) Sermons, 1906-ca. 1960
Blackmer, Walter R.
Walter R. Blackmer (AC 1897) Sermons, 1898-1956
Bliss Family
Bliss Family Papers 1850-1981 (bulk 1856-1922)
Bloom, Marshall, 1944-1969
Marshall Bloom Papers, 1950-1999 (bulk 1962-1969)
Bloom, Marshall, 1944-1969
Bloom (AC 1966) Alternative Press Collection, ca. 1967-1992
Board of Trustees Records. Secretary of the BoardRG 001.02
Bogan, Louise, 1897-1970
Louise Bogan Papers, 1930-1970
Boughton, Walter, d. 1988
Walter Boughton Papers, 1950-1986
Boyden, Frank L. (Frank Learoyd), 1879-1972
Frank Learoyd Boyden (AC 1902) Papers, ca. 1910-1970
Boynton, Henry Walcott, 1869-1947
Henry Walcott Boynton Papers 1897-1939
Briscoe, Margaret Sutton
Margaret Sutton Briscoe Papers MA.01019
Brooks, Sidney, 1813-1887 (AC 1841)
Sidney Brooks (AC 1841) PapersFinding Aid MA.00329
Brown, Bailey Lefevre
Bailey LeFevre Brown (AC 1924) Papers, 1930-1964
Brownell, W.C. (William Crary), 1851-1928
William Crary Brownell (AC 1871) Papers 1867-1936 (Bulk 1870-1927)
Butts, Frederic Marsena, 1887-1960
Frederic Marsena Butts (AC 1909) Papers, 1909-1949 (bulk 1909-1910)
Byrd, Margaret Blaisdell
Margaret Blaisdell Byrd, New York City Music, Opera and Theatre Scrapbooks, 1899-1962
Canfield, Curtis, 1903-
F. Curtis Canfield (AC 1925) Papers, 1929-1981
Cartotto, Ercole
Ercole Cartotto Portrait Drawings of Selected Amherst College Alumni, Faculty and Administration, ca. 1930
Chambers, Cornelia Williams
Williams-Chambers-Seelye-Franck Family Papers MA.00313
Chambers, William Nesbitt, 1853-1934
Williams-Chambers-Blaisdell Family Papers MA.00270
Chapin, Samuel Austin, 1858-1959
Chapin-Kiley Manuscript Collection, ca. 1820-1900 (bulk 1880-1890)
Charles Drew House
Charles Drew House "Family Albums," 1986-2010
Charles E. Merrill Trust
Charles E. Merrill Trust Collection
Church of Christ in Amherst College
Amherst College Church and Chapel Records MA.00252
Churchill, George Bosworth, 1866-1925
George Bosworth Churchill Papers, 1883-1925
Cisneros, Sandra
Sandra Cisneros Collection, 1984-2001
Clamurro, William H. (AC 1967)
William H. Clamurro (AC 1967) PapersMA.00366
Clark Family
John Bates Clark (AC 1872) and Alden Hyde Clark (AC 1900) Family Papers, 1847-2003 (bulk: 1900-1940)
Clark, Evans
Evans Clark Papers, 1910-1970
Clubs and Societies Collection, 1821-present
Cobb, Charles W. (Charles Wiggins), 1875-1949 (AC 1897)
Charles Wiggins Cobb (AC 1897) PapersMA.00354
Cody, Morrill, 1901-
Morrill Cody (AC 1921) Papers, 1930-1969 (bulk 1958-1962)
Cody, Sherwin, 1868-1959
Sherwin Cody (AC 1889) Correspondence, 1893-1916
Coeducation Collection, 1870-1997
Cohen, Jerry
Jerry Cohen (AC 1963) Papers, 1960-2009
Cole, Charles Woolsey, 1906-
Charles W. Cole (AC 1927) Papers
Cole, Joseph Gerald ((AC 1915))
Joseph Gerald Cole (AC 1915) Papers MA.00271
Coles, John D. (AC 1980)
John D. Coles (AC 1980) Papers MA.01008
College and University Intramural Athletic Handbooks Collection, ca. 1948
Commager, Henry Steele, 1902-1998
Henry Steele Commager Papers, 1920-1998 (bulk 1945-1985)
Cuéllar Vizcaíno, Manuel.
Manuel Cuéllar Vizcaíno Collection
Davenport, Butler
Benjamin Butler Davenport Papers, 1884-1959
Davidow, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Davidow Papers, 1993-2003
Day, Florence E.
Dean of Faculty. Public Minutes RG 002.01
Debevoise, Eli Whitney
Eli Whitney Debvoise Papers, 1949-1962
Delatour, Beeckman Jousseaum
Beeckman Jousseaum Delatour (AC 1911) Collection MA.00320
Detroit Publishing Company
Detroit Publishing Company. William Henry Jackson Photochrom Collection, 1898-1908
Dickinson family
Daniel and Tammy Dickinson Family Papers, 1818-1901 (bulk 1850-1880)
Dickinson, E. Porter
E. Porter Dickinson Papers, 1900-1991
Dickinson, Emily
Emily Dickinson Collection
Dickinson-Related Materials Collection, 1866-2007
Dolbeare, Louis P.
Louis P. Dolbeare (AC 1940) Papers, 1934-1998 (bulk 1934-1965)
Doshisha University Collection, 1914-present
Dower, John W.
John W. Dower (AC 1959) Papers, 1850-2010 (bulk 1941-2010)
Dramatic Activities Collection, 1826-ongoing
Drew, Raymond Totman, 1923-1981
Raymond T. Drew (AC 1949) Papers, 1943-1982 (bulk 1943-1972)
Dwight, Harrison Griswold, 1875-
Harrison Griswold Dwight (AC 1898) Papers, 1890-1959
Dyer, Walter A. (Walter Alden), 1878-1943
Walter Alden Dyer (AC 1900) Papers, 1862-1944 (bulk 1910-1944)
Eastman, Clarence Willis, 1873-
Clarence Willis Eastman Papers, ca. 1925-1955
Eastman, Joseph B. (Joseph Bartlett), 1882-1944
Joseph B. Eastman (AC 1904) Papers, 1837-1960 (bulk 1904-1944)
Ely, Alfred, 1778-1866
Alfred Ely (1778-1866) CorrespondenceMA.00316
Emerson, Benjamin Kendall, b. 1843
Benjamin Kendall Emerson Papers ca. 1837-1928
Emerson, Margaret Randolph Hitchcock, 1899-1985
Margaret Hitchcock Emerson (1899-1985) PapersFinding Aid MA.01006
Erskine, John, 1879-1951
John Erskine Papers, 1909-1950
Espada, Martin (b. 1957)
Martin Espada Papers, 1957-2006
Esty, William, 1868-1928
William Esty (1889) Papers, 1878-1905
Faculty Club of Amherst College.
Faculty Club Records, 1891-1962Finding Aid MA.00098
Fairbank, John B., and his Family
John B. Fairbank (AC 1867) Family Papers, 1817-1922
Fayerweather, Daniel B.
Daniel B. Fayerweather Will Papers, 1890-1948
Fels, Thomas Weston
Thomas Weston Fels (AC 1967) Papers
First Congregational Church (Amherst, Mass.)
First Congregational Church in Amherst Records, 1829-1959 (bulk 1829-1939)
Fiske, N. W. (Nathan Welby), 1798-1847
Nathan Welby Fiske Papers, 1824-1847
Fitch, Clyde, 1865-1909 (AC 1886)
W. Clyde Fitch (AC 1886) Collection, 1867-1986 (bulk 1883-1909)Finding Aid MA.00116
Flanagan, Thomas, 1923-
Thomas Flanagan (AC 1945) Papers, 1866-2002 (bulk 1946-2001)
Fraternities Collection, 1830-2014 (bulk 1830s-1984)
French, Reginald F.
Reginald French Papers, 1930-1977
Friendly, Alfred (1911-1983)
Alfred Friendly (AC 1933) Papers, 1911-1983 (Bulk 1927-1982)
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
Robert Frost Collection, 1887-2008 (bulk 1920-1963)
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
Lawrence H. Conrad Collection of Vachel Lindsay and Robert Frost Material MA.01014
Fuess, Claude Moore, 1885-1963
Claude Moore Fuess (AC 1905) Material for a Biography of Frank Waterman Stearns (AC 1878), 1868-1941 (bulk 1915-1941)
G. & C. Merriam Company
G. & C. Merriam Company Collection
Garman, Charles Edward, 1850-1907
Charles E. Garman and Eliza Miner Garman Family Papers 1862-1932
Gibbs, Julian H.
Julian H. Gibbs (AC 1947) Papers, 1954-1985 and n.d.
Gibney, Katrin (Janecke)
Katrin Janecke Gibney Papers MA.00306
Gibney, Sheridan
Sheridan Gibney (AC 1925) Papers, 1920-1992 (bulk 1922-1985)
Gillett family.
Gillett Family Papers, 1848-ca. 1920
Gold, Martin David
Gold Family PapersMA.00381
Goodrich, Samuel G.
Samuel G. Goodrich Collection, 1812-1972 (bulk 1820-1860)
Gordon, Ronald
Ronald Gordon (AC 1965) Oliphant Press Materials, 1965-2009
Greene, Theodore, P., 1921-
Theodore P. Greene (AC 1943) Papers, 1940-2006
Gundersheimer, Werner L.
Werner L. Gundersheimer (AC 1959) Papers, 1940-2004
Hagstrom, Jack W. C.
Jack W.C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Dana Gioia Bibliography Papers, 1966-2002
Hagstrom, Jack W. C., MD, 1933- (AC 1955)
Jack W.C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Thom Gunn Bibliography Papers, 1940-2006Finding Aid MA.00265
Hagstrom, Jack W. C., MD, 1933- (AC 1955)
Jack W. C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Literary Correspondence with or about Donald Hall, Marianne Moore, Dave Smith and Richard Wilbur, 1958-2002Finding Aid MA.00235
Haldeman-Julius Company
Haldeman-Julius "Little Blue Book" Collection, 1919-1947
Halpern, Joel Martin.
Joel M. Halpern Research Materials and News Reports on the Former Yugoslavia, 1953-1997
Harbor Press.
Harbor Press Ephemera Collection, 1924-2006 (bulk 1925-1941)
Harrison, Fosdick Beach
Fosdick Beach Harrison (AC 1890) Papers MA.00333
Hartin, William Gooding, 1874-1969
William Gooding Hartin (AC 1909) Student Papers, 1907-1909
Hashimoto, Marika Joyce.
Marika Joyce Hashimoto (AC 2006) Papers from Doshisha Fellowship, 2006-2007
Hawkins, Hugh
Hugh Hawkins Papers, 1914-2012 (bulk 1950-1990)Finding Aid MA.00232
Hayford, James
James Hayford (AC 1935) Papers, 1933-1972
Hickok, Laurens P. (Laurens Perseus), 1798-1888
Laurens Perseus Hickok Papers, 1822-1875 (bulk 1830-1845)
Hills Family Legal Papers, 1826-1900
Hills Family Papers 1785-1957 (bulk 1853-1910)
Historical Manuscripts Collection, 1821-1909
Hitchcock, Edward (AC 1849)
Edward and Orra White Hitchcock Papers, ca. 1811-1864Finding Aid MA.00027
Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864
President's Office Records. Edward Hitchcock RG 003.003
Hitchcock, Edward, 1828-1911
Edward (AC 1849) and Mary Judson Hitchcock Family Papers, 1840-1962 (bulk 1850-1911)
Hitchcock, Orra White, 1796-1863
Orra White Hitchcock Classroom DrawingsMA.01020
Hopkins, Arthur John, b. 1864
Arthur John Hopkins (AC 1885) Papers, 1846-1939
Howell, Luther Clark, 1835-1866
Luther Clark Howell Papers, 1855-1874
Hubbard Family
Hubbard Family Papers, 1864-1909
Humphrey, Heman, 1779-1861
President's Office Records. Heman HumphreyRG 003.002
Humphrey, Heman, 1779-1861.
Heman Humphrey Sermons, 1813-1861
Humphries, Rolfe
Rolfe Humphries (AC 1915) Papers, 1896-1992 (Bulk 1915-1969)
James, William, 1797-1868
James Family Papers and Sermons, 1808-1888
Jamis, Fayad.
Fayad Jamis Collection, 1959-1987
Jebb, Richard Claverhouse, Sir, 1841-1905.
Richard Claverhouse Jebb Papers, 1859-1917 (bulk 1882-1905)
Jeffries, John, 1745-1819
John Jeffries Air-Mail Letter Collection, 1784-1961
Jenkins, James Alan, 1903-1971
Alan Jenkins (AC 1924) Carl Sandburg Collection, ca. 1938-1970
John P. Cushing (AC 1882) World War I Poster Collection MA.00300
John Robert Sitlington and Josephine Quarrier Sterrett Family PapersMA.00361
Jones, Bruce W.
Bruce W. Jones (AC 1956) Letters to Family, 1952-1956
Kades, Charles L.
Charles L. Kades Papers, 1913-1997 (bulk 1945-1996)
Kennick, W. E.
William E. Kennick Papers, 1947-2009
Kerr, David
David Kerr Research Materials on Liberation News Service and the Alternative Press
Kiley, Marcus Philip, 1897-1981
Marcus P. Kiley (AC 1919) Papers, 1917-1977
King, Stanley, 1883-1951
Stanley King (AC 1903) Papers, 1895-1967
La Causa of Amherst College ([1963] - )
La Causa/Chicano Caucus Collection MA.00337
Lindsay, Vachel, 1879-1931
Vachel Lindsay Collection, 1924-1933 (bulk 1924-1925)
Loewenstein, Karl, 1891-1973
Karl Loewenstein Papers, 1822-1977 (bulk 1908-1973)
Loomis, Frederic Brewster, 1873-1937 (AC 1896)
Frederic Brewster Loomis (AC 1896) Papers
Manthey-Zorn, Otto
Otto Manthey-Zorn Papers, 1906-1959 MA.00126
March, Joseph Moncure
Joseph Moncure March (AC 1920) Papers, 1896-1999 (bulk 1917-1977)
Marsh, Allison Wilson (AC 1913)
A. W. Marsh (AC 1913) Physical Education Department Records MA.00302
Marsh, Allison Wilson.
Allison W. "Eli" Marsh (AC 1913) Papers, 1915-1979
Marsh, Dexter
Dexter Marsh Papers, 1830-1853
McCloy, John J. (John Jay), 1895-1989 (AC 1916)
John J. McCloy Papers 1897-1989 (bulk 1940-1979)Finding Aid MA.00035
Mead Art Museum (Amherst College)
Mead Art Museum Records, 1874-present (bulk 1946-present)
Mead, William Rutherford, 1846-1928
William Rutherford Mead (AC 1867) and Olga Kilyeni Mead Papers, 1840-2001 (bulk 1846-1950)
Meiklejohn, Alexander, 1872-1964
Alexander Meiklejohn Papers, 1894-1924 (bulk 1912-1923)
Merrill, James, 1926-1995
James I. Merrill (AC 1947)-William S. Burford (AC 1949) Correspondence, 1945-1980 (bulk 1946-1947)
Merrill-Magowan Family
Merrill-Magowan Family Papers, 1884-2002 (bulk 1926-1975)
Merson, John C.
John Merson (AC 1966) Papers, 1960-1968
Miller, Ivor
Ivor L. Miller Papers
Milliken, Don, 1941-
Don Milliken Collection of Correspondence Art and Related Materials, 1965-1990
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972
Marianne Moore Correspondence with Jack W.C. Hagstrom (AC 1955), 1958-1966
Moore, Zephaniah Swift, 1770-1823
President's Office Records. Zephaniah Swift MooreRG 003.001
Morgan, Charles H. (Charles Hill), 1902-
Charles H. Morgan Papers on George W. Bellows, 1882-1979 (bulk 1960-1975)
Morgan, Charles H. (Charles Hill), 1902-
Charles H. Morgan Papers on Greece, 1935-1941
Morgan, Charles H. (Charles Hill), 1902-
Charles H. Morgan Papers on Michelangelo, ca. 1960
Morrow, Dwight W. (Dwight Whitney) (AC 1895)
Dwight W. Morrow Papers, 1877-1978 (bulk 1900-1931)Finding Aid MA.00028
Morrow, Dwight W. (Dwight Whitney), 1873-1931
Dwight W. Morrow Papers Microfilm, 1877-1933 (bulk 1900-1931)
Morrow, James E.
James E. Morrow Letters, 1863-1864
Morse, Anson D. (Anson Daniel), 1846-1916
Anson D. Morse (AC 1871) Papers, ca. 1870-1916
Mount Pleasant Classical Institution (Amherst, Mass.)
Mount Pleasant Classical Institution and Mount Pleasant Institute Collection Finding Aid MA.00061
Mount, Wadsworth W., 1907-1985.
Wadsworth W. Mount (AC 1928) Papers, 1907-ca. 1985
Murphy, Cullen, (AC 1974)
Cullen Murphy (AC 1974) Prince Valiant Comic Collection MA 1000
Music at Amherst Collection, 1833- (bulk 1890-1965)Finding Aid MA.00063
Nelson Family Juvenilia Collection of Pamela Russell and Murray McClellan
Niijima, Jō, 1843-1890 (AC 1870)
Joseph Hardy Neesima (AC 1870) CollectionMA.00355
Olds, George Daniel, 1853-1931
George D. Olds Papers, ca. 1870-1915
Parsons, Donald S.
Donald S. Parsons (AC 1955) Collection of 19th Century Music Books and Scores, 1822-1900
Parsons, Edward Smith, 1863-
Edward Smith Parsons (AC 1883) Papers, 1883-1943 (bulk 1916-1921)
Patton, Cornelius H. (Cornelius Howard), 1860-1939, (AC 1883)
Cornelius Patton (AC 1883) William Wordsworth Manuscript Collection
Pease, Arthur Stanley, 1881-
Arthur Stanley Pease Letters to Frederick Tuckerman, 1915-1928
Perkins, Justin, 1805-1869 (AC 1829)
Justin Perkins (AC 1829) Papers MA.00153
Phonograph Collection of Poetry and Spoken Word Recordings
Photograph Albums of The Great Nobi (1891) and Kanto (1923) Earthquakes
Pitkin, Donald S. (Donald Stevenson), 1922-2012
Donald Pitkin Papers MA.00305
Plimpton, Calvin Hastings, 1918-
Calvin H. Plimpton (AC 1939) Speeches, 1960-1971
Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936.
Plimpton Collection of French and Indian War Items, 1670-1934 (bulk 1730-1815)
Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936.
George A. Plimpton (AC 1876) Materials related to the Dedication of the Amherst Building at Doshisha University, 1935
Plough, Harold H., 1892-
Anthropology and Evolution Courses Collection (Harold H. Plough Papers), 1939-1958
Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family
Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers, 1698-1968 (bulk 1800-1950)
Portraits and Signatures Collection, ca. 1825-1900
Pratt Museum of Natural History
Pratt Museum of Natural History. Records, 1866-2000Finding Aid MA.00019
Pratt, George D. ((AC 1893))
George D. Pratt (AC 1893) Papers MA.00231
Price, Hugh B. (AC 1963)
Hugh B. Price (AC 1963) PapersMA.00325
Ravi D. Goel Collection of George Hibbert Driver (AC 1900) MaterialsMA.00315
Robert Allen (AC 1995) Amherst College Course Notebooks MA.00323
Romer, Alfred Sherwood,1894-
Alfred Sherwood Romer (AC 1917) Papers, 1913-1977
Roseboro', Viola
Gertrude Hall Brownell Collection of Viola Roseboro' CorrespondenceMA.00358
Rozwenc, Edwin Charles, 1915-
Edwin Charles Rozwenc (AC 1937) Papers, 1952-1972
Sabrina Collection, ca. 1860-2006Finding Aid MA.00172
Saglio, Hugo T.
Hugo Saglio (AC 1931) Correspondence, 1929-1968
Samuel French, Inc
Samuel French Company Theater Collection MA.01009
Sanford, John, Rev., 1788-1866
John Elliot Sanford (AC 1851) Correspondence Collection
Schiffer, Eva
Eva Schiffer Materials Related to Editing the Thomas Mann-Karl Loewenstein Correspondence, ca. 1977-1983
Schotté, Oscar.
Oscar Schotté Biology Research Materials, 1949-1957
Schubert, David
David Schubert (AC 1933) Collection MA.00314
Scrapbooks Collection, 1834-1983Finding Aid MA.00099
Seelye, Julius H. (Julius Hawley), 1824-1895
Julius Hawley Seelye (AC 1849) Papers
Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886
Charles Upham Shepard (AC 1824) Papers, 1826-1881
Sherman, D. George (AC 1969)
D. George Sherman (AC 1969) Papers, ca. 1965-1992
Small Press Ephemera Collection, ca. 1926-1982
Snail's Pace Press
Snail's Pace Press Ephemera Collection, 1922-1963 (bulk 1924-1957)
Snell family
Snell Family Papers 1793-1940
Socolar, Ethel "Sandy" (Beach), 1916-
Ethel "Sandy" (Beach) Socolar Family Papers
Sprague family
Sprague Family Papers, 1890-2005 (bulk 1920-2005)
Springfield Amherst Summer Academy (SASA)
Springfield Amherst Summer Academy (SASA) Collection, 1969-1976
Statham, Michael
Dicken-Statham Family Papers, 1828-2014
Stavans, Ilan
Videotapes of "Conversations with Ilan Stavans," 2001-(ongoing)
Stearns, William A. (William Augustus), 1805-1876
William Augustus Stearns Papers, 1801-1875
Taylor, James
Reverend James Taylor Papers, 1808-1832
Thorp, Willard Long, 1899-1992
Willard L. (AC 1920) and Clarice Brows Thorp Papers, 1857-1994 (bulk 1920-1967)
Throckmorton, William R.
William R. Throckmorton (AC 1941) Research Materials on Amherst College Alumni in World War II, 1994-2001
Town of Amherst Collection, ca. 1828 - present (bulk: 1920 - 1959) MA.00124
Townsend, Kim
Kim Townsend Papers, 1985-1998
Trapp, Frank
Frank Trapp Papers, 1944-2003 (bulk 1944-1987)
Trask, Israel Elliot, 1773-1835
Israel E. Trask PapersMA.00339
Tuckerman, Edward, 1817-1886
Edward Tuckerman Materials MA.01028
Tuckerman, Edward, 1817-1886
Edward Tuckerman Botanical Papers, 1816-1886 MA.00043
Tuckerman, Frederick Goddard
Tuckerman-Clark Family Papers MA.01026
Tufts, James Hayden
James Hayden Tufts (AC 1884) Papers, 1764-1940 (bulk 1900-1940)
Tyler, John M. (John Mason ), 1851-1929
John Mason Tyler (AC 1873) Papers, 1875-1929
Tyler, W.S. (William Seymour), 1810-1897
William Seymour Tyler (AC 1830) Papers, 1800-1902
U.S. Army Ambulance Service, Section 539
U.S. Army Ambulance Service, Section 539 Records, 1917-1941
Uchimura Kanzō (AC 1887) CollectionMA.00356
United Farm Workers
United Farm Workers Printed Matter Collection, 1970-1979
Van Nostrand, M. Abbott (Morris Abbott), collector
The M. Abbott Van Nostrand (AC 1934) Theatre Collection Music Holdings, ca. 1900-1950
Van Nostrand, M. Abbott (Morris Abbott), collector
The M. Abbott Van Nostrand (AC 1934) Theatre Collection, Samuel French Company Theatre Scrapbooks, 1885-1947
Van-Lennep, Henry J. (Henry John), 1815-1889.
Henry J. Van Lennep (AC 1837) Sketches and Papers, 1834-1879
WAMH (Radio station: Amherst, Mass.)
Ward, Dora Judd
Dora Judd Mattoon Ward Papers, 1883-1979 (bulk 1911-1932)
Ward, Edwin St. John, 1880-1951
Edwin St. John Ward (AC 1900) Papers, 1897-1986 (bulk 1915-1918)
Ward, John William, 1922-
John William Ward Papers, 1952-1985
Ward, Paul Langdon, 1911-2005
Paul Langdon Ward (AC 1933) PapersMA.00327
Ward, William Earl Dodge, 1884-1977
William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers, 1791-1977 (bulk 1870-1935)
Webster, Noah, 1758-1843
Noah Webster Family Papers, 1810-1917
Weeden, Charles Foster, Jr. (AC 1916)
Charles Foster Weeden, Jr. (AC 1916) Papers
Whicher Family
Whicher Family Papers, 1874-1949
Whicher, George Meason, 1860-1937
George Meason Whicher CorrespondenceMA.00375
Wickenden, Dan
Leonard Daniel Wickenden (AC 1935) Papers, 1921-1989 (bulk 1953-1979)
Wilbur, Richard, 1921-
Richard P. Wilbur (AC 1942) Papers
Wilcox, Thomas W.
Thomas W. Wilcox (AC 1942) Papers
Willard, Emma, 1787-1870
Emma Hart Willard Family Papers, 1756-1988 (bulk 1820-1920)
Williams, Samuel Robinson (1879-1955)
Samuel Robinson Williams Papers, 1877-1956 (bulk 1904-1955)
Williams, William Frederic, 1818-1871
Williams-Chambers-Seelye Family Papers (circa 1832-1985) MA.00321
Wolf, Howard Robert, 1936-
Howard R. Wolf (AC 1958) Papers, 1971-2009
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